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3oz MARTINIS all of our martinis are based on 3oz drinks. House specialty Fresh Fruit Martini *ask for our martini of the day


Cosmopolitan Premium vodka, couintreau, cranberry juice and fresh lime.


Classic 3oz Vodka-tini Premium vodka, dry vermouth, olive or twist (or make it dirty with olive juice or Scotch dry)


Allison’s Perfect Bombay Sapphire Gin-tini Gin, Dry Vermouth, olive or twist


French Martini Premium Vodka, Chambord, pineapple juice, fresh lime, shaken with ice and served in a cold glass, straight up.


Strawberry Basil Martini (or mint) Premium Vodka, fresh strawberry and fresh basil or mint, muddled and strained splash of Grand Marnier and shaken with ice.


Espresso-tini Premium Vodka, fresh espresso coffee, Khalua and Baily’s, shaken with ice.


COCKTAILS all shots are based on 2oz Manhattan Perfect blend of whiskey, sweet Vermouth and bitters, over ice.


Rusty Nail Scotch and Drambuie over ice


Old Fashioned Whiskey and bitters soaked sugar cube, over ice with a splash of soda, a cherry and an orange slice.


Gimlet Gin and fresh lime with a dash of sweet syrup with a splash of soda.


Mojito Light rum, limes and fresh mint muddled with sugar, served over ice with splash of soda.


Margarita Classic or fresh fruit (ask your waiter) Tequila, Contreau and fresh lime juice, served on the rocks or spun frozen, served with or without salt. Bloody Caesar Premium Vodka, Clamato juice, horseradish, spiced just right, served over ice with a celery stick.



Negroni Gin, Campari, sweet Vermouth with a splash of soda on the rocks with an orange slice.


Long Island Iced Tea (Watch out for this one!) Premium Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Triple sec, a splash of coca cola and lemon wedge.


Fruit Daiquiri (classic or fresh fruit, ask for your favorite) Rum, lime juice, banana liquor for sweetness, blended with ice, served frozen.


Piña Colada Bacardi and Coconut Rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream, blended with ice, served frozen.


Tequila Sunrise Tequila mixed with orange juice and splash of grenadine.


Three rum punch Bacardi white rum and Malibu Coconut Rum, orange juice, pineapple juice topped off with Bacardi Añejo and grenadine.


SHOTS Ron/ Rum Bacardi White Bacardi Añejo Appleton Estate Havana Añejo Especial 7 años Malibu Coconut

55 60 70 80 60

Bourbon & Tennessee Whiskey Jack Daniel’s Maker’s Mark

70 95

Vodka Absolu Blue, Citron, Orange Tanquerray Sterling Grey Goose

90 80 105

Gin Tanquerray Bombay Sapphire Beefeater

90 80 70

Scotch & Irish whiskey Buchanan’s Chivas Regal Johnnie Walker Red Johnnie Walker Black Glenfidich 12 años J&B Jameson

Mexican Coffee Tequila and coffee liquor, fresh brewed coffee, sugar, lime and chili dipped rim topped with real whipped cream.

100 90 70 100 110 70 65

Cerveza/ Beer Corona Corona Light Negra Modelo Modelo Cristal O’Douls non alcohol beer

35 35 35 35 25

Soft Drinks / Bebidas Sin Alcohol Coca cola, coca Light, sprite, sprite 0, ciel, fresca.


Brandy Torres 10 Presidente

60 50

Cognac Martel VS Martel VSOP Remy Martin VSOP

80 140 100

Rye whiskey Crown Royal Canadian Club

80 70

Liqueurs/ licores Khalua Sambuca Negro/ Blanco Licor 43 Bailey’s Irish Cream Cointreau Drambuie Frangelico Grand Marnier Jagermeister (frozen) Grappa Amaretto Di Saronno Dry Sack Sherry Sandeman Port Home made Limoncello

50 70 70 60 70 80 90 85 60 70 65 60 60 50

Aperitivos/ Aperitif Cinzano Campari Dubonnet

60 70 50

SPECIALTY COFFEE Irish Coffee Irish Whiskey, Bailey’s, fresh brewed coffee, topped off with real whipped cream, sugar and lemon rim. Spanish Coffee Brandy and coffee liquor, fresh brewed coffee, sugar and lemon dipped rim topped with real whipped cream.




Jugos / Juice Naranja / Fresh squeezed orange juice Arandano / Cranberry Tomate / Tomato Toronja / Grapefruit


Té Helado / Ice Tea


Limonada / Lemon squash Fresh lime juice and mineral water with a touch of sugar.


Naranjada / Orange squash fresh orange juice and mineral water


Agua Embotellada / bottle natural water


The BEST ORGANIC Chiapas coffee, french roasted locally. American style coffee Espresso Cappuccino Té varios / Tea (various flavors).

30 30 35 30

TEQUILAS Tesoro Don Felipe Blanco Reposado A単ejo

65 75 85

Don Julio Blanco Reposado

70 80

Herradura Blanco Reposado Antiguo

70 80 85

Tradicional Reposado (chilled/congelado)


Centenario Reposado A単ejo

55 85

Cazadores Blanco Reposado

50 55

7 Leguas Blanco Reposado A単ejo

65 75 90

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Cocktail Menu  

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