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Number 9 for studio equipment rentals, audio recording course and much more

You got it right- audio recording demands skill and also a few professional recording equipments to carry your mission to the next plane of success. And perhaps you know this; Recording Equipment Rentals now stands as a reality to help you in accomplishing your mission without breaking your bank, whatsoever. Number 9 for studio equipment rentals, audio recording course and much more Number 9 Recording Studio is famous for music, narration, post production and ad production with complimentary departments in recording schools/courses, CD duplication, DVD duplication, DVD authoring, graphic design, web design, video production, audio and video transfers and pro audio rentals. Number 9 Recording Studios Toronto has been providing professional audio services since 1981. Audio has always been the foundation of our Toronto recording studio.

A quarter-century of industry experience has allowed them to hone their craft and develop versatile methods to properly serve anyone who steps into their recording studio in Toronto. Our Toronto Recording studio houses two live floors, one more useful as a "general purpose" space and the other custom-built for our beautiful 9 foot grand piano. What’s more? Well they also offer state of the art audio recording course to take care of your need. It is not that complicated at all to get the desired sound quality and if you have the right type of skill and talent and if you are equipped with the essential recording equipment rentals available today, you would be able to produce professional quality sound without burning a hole into your wallet.

If all you need is a quick edit and you don’t require a full-scale recording studio, Number 9 fit the bill without running it up. With a client list that includes the Barenaked Ladies, Rush, Amanda Marshall, K-os, Van Morrison and The Rolling Stones, you can be assured that Number 9 will deliver the highest quality finished product for your recording project. Let’s not deny, in the world of sound and entertainment, studio indeed plays an important role because this is the place where precision and perfection of sound makes the music even melodious.

Studio Equipment Rentals