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Malo e lelei and welcome to another edition of the Tonga Holiday tourism newspaper Welcome to all our visitors here in Tonga.

Hon. Semisi Kioa Lafu Sika Minister of Tourism & Infrastructure

The past month was a busy one and I believe the month of December will be a busier one as we come to the end of another year. Tourism is a major money earner for Tonga and as such we, all stakeholders, need to focus on what we can do to help improve what we have so that more tourists can come and visit us. On our part, the Tourism Ministry and the Tonga Tourism Association, are working on ensuring that facilities and infrastructure are improved. We now have a new-look and safer viewing deck at the Blow Holes in Houma. Work is ongoing in the plan to renovate toilet facilities at both the Houma Blow Holes and the Ha’amonga in Niutoua. There are plans to renovate and improve the Tourism offices in Ha’apai and Vava’u.

These are things that are being done to help ensure that we can offer our visitors the best of facilities and service when they come to Tonga, wherever that maybe. On another note, we are excited to hear about plans to have another airline here in Tonga, offering domestic air service. When that happens it will mean we will have more seats available for tourists who want to travel between the mainland and the outer islands. At the same time the competition will be good for clients because we can then expect airfares to drop as well. December is the holiday season and as you enjoy Tonga and what we have to offer, I would like to extend my and my staff’s best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for visiting us and please do come again and again.

It’s the Christmas season December will be over sooner than we will ever remember. This is our second edition of the Tonga Holiday and the fact that it is coming out on the 1st of December practically means that we are in the “time to be happy” mode. This month will see us celebrating Christmas and New Year. But at the same time it will be a time for us to share the message of goodwill. Tourism in Tonga and the region continues to grow. And work continues to be done on developing areas that need to be developed so that we are able to offer our visitors the best of facilities and service. It is heartening to note that the new Tanoa Dateline Hotel is making strides in the local market. The fact that they are opened means that competition for the best service will be upped. This month’s edition of the tourism newspaper see us featuring the New Zealand owned Scenic Hotel in Fua’amotu. The Scenic is close to the airport and is located out there - closer also to some of the Kingdom’s best tourism spots and attraction. They too are upping their service because they know that the Tanoa is in town to challenge for a fair share of the tourism market. The Christmas season is a joyous one and we hope that we can all extend that spirit to our visitors who visit us. We need to play our own part in making our visitors feel at home. They need to see and taste the real Tonga behind the smile. As our neighbours continue to make strides in securing more and more tourism numbers, we here in Tonga can not sit on our laurels and expect the same to happen. We have to make it happen. And if we can use the spirit of Christmas to guide us over the coming weeks we should be in good stead to face 2017 and whatever it offers for our tourism industry in general. In saying that, we also would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Kingdom of Tonga

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