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Wednesday 19th October 2016

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Mind-controlled robotic hand gives paralysed US man the gift of touch PENNSYLVANIA (AP): A paralysed man is regaining a sense of touch while using a mind-controlled robotic hand, feeling subtle pressure in his own fingers when the artificial ones are touched. The experiment is an early step in the quest to create prosthetics that can feel. How it works: tiny chips implanted in Nathan

US President Barack Obama meets Nathan Copeland during testing of his mind-controlled robotic hand. Picture: AP

The man who made the mobile phone possible

TEXAS (Sky News): John Goodenough’s work led to the invention of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is part of almost every portable electronic device. Now 94-years-old and professor of engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, Goodenough talks to the Today programme’s John Humphrys about Samsung’s problems with batteries catching fire, why he has never won a Nobel Prize and why he dislikes the mobile phone.

Copeland’s brain are bypassing his broken spinal cord, relaying electrical signals that govern movement and sensation to and from that robotic arm. Mr Copeland broke his neck in a car accident on a rainy night more than 10 years ago, rendering him unable to move or feel his lower arms or legs.

When University of Pittsburgh researchers blindfolded Copeland, he could correctly identify which robotic finger they touched 84 per cent of the time. “The majority of them, it felt like a pressure or a tingling” in his own corresponding finger, said Copeland, 30, of Dunbar, Pennsylvania.

Samsung S7 adds features from doomed Note 7

SOUTH KOREA (BBC): The first changes have been made to the “always-on screen” feature, which has been updated to more closely match the functionality of the Note 7. The “always-on screen” can display photographs, a clock and notifications while the phone is idle. “We have issued a software update delivering certain feature enhance-

ments to the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which offer a more convenient and customisable mobile experience,” said Samsung in a statement. “The Note 7 had a stylus and an iris scanner for unlocking the device. They might manage to add some software features to other Samsung phones but not everything will be possible.”

ROTOMOULD (PACIFIC) LTD Manufacturers of Polyethylene Water Tanks, Bio Septic Tanks & Industrial Bins

John Goodenough. Credit: University of Texas at Austin)

Cameras for UK Police

500 LTR (111 gal) H-800mm x 1.1m


1000 LTR (222 gal) H-1.4m x 1.1m


2000 LTR (444 gal) H-1.95m x 1.3m


Kayak with paddle 10000 LTR

300 LTR

and more....

LONDON (BBC): More than 22,000 police officers in London will be issued body cameras by summer 2017. The wide-scale deployment of the devices follows years of trials and evaluations, with the UK’s police force claiming that the cameras will help deliver “speedier justice for

victims.” The cameras are built by Taser, worn on the front of an officer’s uniform, and activated manually. Police have to inform members of the public when they turn the camera on “as soon as practical,” with a red light on the front of the device turning on when in

use. When returned to its charging dock, the camera automatically uploads its footage to a police server. If police don’t expressly ask to retain the footage for evidence then it’s deleted in 31 days. Anyone can request to see footage taken of them by the cameras under data protection laws.

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