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Wednesday 19th October 2016


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Noah’s Ark students enjoy day out at the airport

NUKU’ALOFA (Nuku’alofa Times): The students of the Noah’a Ark Kindergarten at Fanga ‘o Pilolevu here on Tontatapu had a field day last Thursday – when they visited the Fua’amotu airport facilities. Accompanied by

their parents, caregivers and teachers, the students visited the Fua’amotu Airport Fire Station, on the international airport area, and the Real Tonga hangar at the domestic airport. Close to 50 students were part of the educa-

tional tour, which was arranged by the teachers. The school management said the tour was meant to help their students learn about the fire service and the service provided by Real Tonga as a domestic airline.

Brittany McKinney

this because I know I have so much knowledge to share,” she said. In Tonga, her hope is to improve education and to begin her quest of setting up a library for the community. McKinney said her well-rounded education from GCU has prepared her to take on any life-changing experience — even if it means leaving her mother, Paula, and their two cats for the first time. Once her service is completed, McKinney plans to earn her graduate degree in deaf education from Boston University.

Peace Corps recruit

ARIZONA (GCU): Brittany McKinney came to GCU to become an elementary special education teacher, but that changed at a job fair when she walked up to a Peace Corps recruiter sitting at an empty booth and learned that she could take her skills overseas. McKinney, who graduated in April, has joined 24 other recruits to teach English in Tonga, located in the South Pacific east of Australia, for the next two years. The 21-year-old is excited to represent Arizona and her alma mater. “I am so passionate about

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