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PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE T.A. Colgate University, Hamilton, New York, USA August 2013 – present (10 months) Lecturing and teaching Spanish language and culture in classes and providing personal tutoring T.A. CEU San Pablo University, Madrid, Spain December 2012 – July 2013 (8 months) Researching with professor Pablo Campos Calvo-Sotelo and teaching Composition and History of Architecture (SXX) October 19th 1987 Toledo, Spain Marital status: single Spanish +1 646 409 2839(USA) +34 618 645 836 (ES) +358 841 481 5355 (FIN) Spanish/English

MAIN SKILLS Hardworker Committed Creative Thinker Effective Organized Willing to improve Patient

Collaborator Krokfors Architects, Helsinki, Finland July – November 2012 (5 months) Collaborating with Karin and her team in several architecture competitions (Satamalahti urban design, Mikkeli, Finland - honorable mention; Aalto University Campus, Otaniemi, Espoo; Aurinkokivi kindergarten in Vantaa, Espoo) Student intern PES Architects, Helsinki, Finland June – August 2011 (3 months)

 Precision model making (elaborated final scale models),

 Project documetnation (floorplans, elevations, sections)

 Traineeship CEU San Pablo University, Madrid, Spain September 2009 – June 2010 (10 months) Designing University posters and giving assistance for our school printing facilities EDUCATION

Landscape architecture Urban planning Sustainability Education + research Product design Psychology + perception

Masters in Architecture – February 2014 Master Thesis: Post earthquake modular revitalization of the city of Lorca “Creative urbanism to rescue a damaged town” · Alma Mater San Pablo CEU Univeristy Madrid, Spain Specialized in Museology and Educational spaces · Year Abroad Aalto University Helsinki, Finland Specialized in Urban Planning Museum landscapes Workshop – June 2012 . Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China


2003 – 2005 Alfonso VIII High School, Cuenca, Spain 2001 – 2002 Royal Hospital School, Ipswich, England


Autocad Illustrator Photoshop InDesign Rhino FinalCut

ONLINE All my online activity is done under the pseudonym of Nuki Nuk

PROFESSIONAL INTERESTS Architecture competitions Development of urban strategies Sustainability and hybrid building. Construction + design. REFERENCES · Lourdes Rojas-Paiewonsky +1 315 228 7093 Chair of ROLA department, Colgate University, NY, USA · Karin Krokfors +358 4 05040442

ark@karinkrokfors.fi Chief at Krokfors Architects, Architect SAFA, Helsinki, Finland

MASTERS THESIS ABOUT The summary of my Masters in Architecture is concentrated in this project, which I developed receiving advice from my Spanish teachers in Madrid. A jury of 9 architects analized it, and graded it in Madrid, Spain, the 14th of February of 2014.

DESCRIPTION Lorca is a small town that was partially demolished due to the damages of an earthquake. My proposition is building a park with a unique geometry, to both refresh the public space and recycle the leftovers of the demolition. In addition to this park, I





 architectures that can be build and dissasemble using the scaffolding that was used in other areas of the city to reconstruct the damaged buildings. The architectures are combinable



 due to the modularity of the scaffolding. The project contemplates 20 combinations, including urban furniture, which can be set for either a day or several months depending on the demand of the neighbors.

TEAM Fully produced by Ana Mombiedro Advisors: Aurora Herrera (concept) Andrés Perea (sustainability) Santiago Pérez (structures) Juan Echeberría (facilities) Cris Villamil (construction)

19 A1 + 450 pages Thesis February 2014



MASTERS THESIS WHY? MetaProject Breaking the paradigm of the public space, the proposal aims to involve the users to modify and



 architecture from their experience


 whatever project is needed. This is a project of projects, therefore the name.

DETAILS The proposal shows in detail





 typologies with different programs that can, and have to, be combined to give social sense to the urban space. A place to relax and focus (study, meditate, pray...) a place for joy and activity (eating, dancing, chatting...) a place for privacy (shower, nurse...) are the main serving architectures, that will be complemented by: A storage hub, an energy tower and a waste disposal. All the possible architectures are built with the same components, all of them already in the town. This project is a fusion of sustainability, sociology, engineering and functionalism.

RESULT The jury appreciated the research effort regarding the program development processes and building materials. The result is a coherent research and a clear balance between its many small actions and the real needs of


 context. GRADING: 70/100

AURINKOKIVI ABOUT This international competition was asking for the design of an educational hub, from kindergarden to high school, in a new urban area in Vantaa, Northern Helsinki.

DESCRIPTION The proposal was a compact building completely open to the landscape that combined the individual movement of the students and school staff with several playgrounds, harvest areas and common spaces that would enrich the


experience. Orthogonal volumes are




 advantage of common facilities. The project was planned in two phases so the urban landscape would not change dramatically.

TEAM Original idea: Karin Krokfors Matúš Pajor Assistants: Ana Mombiedro Heikki Myllyniemi

July 2012



WHY? Keidas In Finnish, Oasis, the project aims to be a break for the urban experience,


 different atmospheres for the students. Introducing a pond and many trees in the playground, this oasis is a very livable place for young students.

DETAILS The whole project was planned to be developed in two phases,



 in the diagrams. The phases wiould be built acording to the growth of the kids. The kindergarden program contemplates, a nursery, kindergarden, primary school and high school. Every group of students would have their own circulations to avoid



 and their playgrounds are separated as well. The





 the design was solving both the topography and respecting the


 roads. The kindergarden area is





 up to nine combinations for the classrooms.

RESULT No feedback from the jury. Winning proposal by Playa architects. (Helsinki Finland)

Phase 1 (blue) Gross - 8252 sqm Usable area - 5540 sqm Volume - 36840 cbm Phase 2 (red) Gross - 4675 sqm Usable area - 3280 sqm Volume - 21030 cbm



This open international architectural design competition for Otaniemi central campus of Aalto University was held in Helsinki during the summer of the year 2012.

DESCRIPTION The original idea, developed by Karin Krokfors and Sari Nieminien, consisted on 4 fused volumes located on the opposite side of the main building, designed by Alvar Aalto in 1950. The proposal worked both in summer and winter due to the multiple spaces created in the cellar level that would help to connect the existing





TEAM Original idea: Karin Krokfors Saari Nieminen Assistants: Matúš Pajor Ana Mombiedro Heikki Myllyniemi Inés Wartiainen June 2012


WHY? Fuse Future goes towards fusion, therefore the idea of the new building was to merge all the technical disciplines to increase the interaction among students and enrich the university



With a very contrasted geometry, the Aalto Campus Square, as the hart of the proposal, articulates the surrounding buildings thanks to a unique treatment of the landscape. Slight slopes, glass façades and green surfaces in the square create a human scaled space, contrasted with the brick façades that face north, protecting the building from the cold winter and lack of sun. Is this lack of sun the reason for introducing glass surfaces both in the building and the park, to let light in the cellar level, where the students and professors hang out.

RESULT No feedback from the jury. Winning proposal by ALA architects. (Helsinki, Finland)

SATAMALAHTI ABOUT The city of Mikkeli, which is located in the south east of Finland, organized a public international two stage architecture ideas competition for the area of Satamalahti.

DESCRIPTION The purpose of the competition is to increase the density of Mikkeli’s city structure by designing a new model area for ecological construction,


 the city centre to the Lake Saimaa shoreline. The competition will help to create a new image and brand of Mikkeli as a city on the shore of Lake Saimaa,




 strategic aim of being a “Growth centre for modern services on the shore of Lake Saimaa”.

TEAM Original idea: Karin Krokfors Matúš Pajor Assistants: Ana Mombiedro Heikki Myllyniemi

August 2012



WHY? Saimaanrannan Laulu It is the title of a traditional kids song from Finland. The whole proposal was treated as a musical theme in which all the components were in harmony sewing the public space.

DETAILS The meandering block structure opening out to the bay at Satamaranta forms a wall-like but at the same vibrant structure in the landscape. The shore zone is designed in free-form style in terms of residential blocks, leaving plenty of space for a public park on the shore. The variation of the built shore and gently designed park shorelines creates a varied shoreline landscape, particularly emphasising the urban nature of the harbour and the square on the lakeside.

RESULT HONORABLE MENTION Harmonious and skillfully created proposal which an overall solution sits naturally in its environment. The different subareas have their onw identities, emphasising the connection to the lake and on theis onw scale.

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Resume 2014 Portfolio Recommendation Letters

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