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Big thanks to Crisp and Cranky! This Op was a great one. A bit from the Green Team side: The tense moments of waiting for the heavily protected truck to come around while hearing flankers all around made very memorable moments for me. Every ambush was intense and we got alot of trigger time. Today I am physically exhausted. Carrying my SAW up and down the hills wore me out. Nukedoc had us on the move quite a bit. I feel his leadership (and IED attacks) are what kept us close in this game. Great Op, great players, overall great day. I brought my buddy Boxer311 out, and he is hooked. I hope this Op turned out a good fundraising for Lofton's family. R.I.P. Lofton. Thanks again to Crisp and everyone else that made this possible.

OP Wehrwolf AAR  

Another AAR

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