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This Op was a total success and a complete Blast! A big thanks to Crisp for organizing the event, And for Steadi/Nuke being great C.O's. Recapping the events that took place on my end: First Scenario. (Good job Tan, we really dominated the field on the first half) First half of the first scenario was rather uneventful. After establishing the first checkpoint (observation point) up on the hill near the quarry and continuing to unload our "supplies" at at our FOB 6/10th of a mile or so northeast. Our force, the Military Police, got separated from the truck that we were supposed to be providing security....error on our part. We are sorry for the lack of support on the drive back up to the staging area to pick up the second batch of supplies. We were in the tree line back at our FOB, keeping our eyes open for an enemy flanking maneuver which never came, and didn't know the truck had left us. So after witnessing task force Raiu Clearing out some greens near the Creek, we followed the road back to the Observation point where we met Steadi and talked for a bit until the truck began to make its second round. We met back up with the bulk force and were given the job of establishing a second checkpoint (Erika i believe) further north. Again, we made it up thee road with little or no contest back to the FOB, Placed Erika at that small trailer not too far south of our FOB, and started Heading back for a third round of supplies. This is when Most of the action started to take place. Green had Occupied the Junkyard and the deer blind in our absence, and I must say, we did a pretty good job pushing them back. After clearing out the deer blind, thee Mps joined the push. I shot the last two with my pistol, who were in cover behind a blue car. Afterward I am having trouble remembering, but I think we called it lunch break after returning the truck to the staging area the third time Second Scenario (Green Really stepped up their game here, implementing a lot more guerrilla tactics) After a small contact near the Creek, we proceeded with the truck to the junkyard. It seemed that the Junkyard was clear.....But NukeDoc, being the Ninja that he is, Popped up out of one of the truckbeds and shot (Good job Nuke). After being bandaged by the MP Medic, we proceeded to attack the enemy flag which was located up on a hill near the blind. Had a small engagement which again we handled quite well and were able to take the hill. From what I hear, The truck was Hit with several IEDs the second half as well. Our next push into thee junk yard was initiated after we learned of the stunt that the Wehrwolf team pulled. Apparently they had dressed up in Tan uniforms to impersonate the enemy, and were successful in capturing our C.O Steadi. I was resting at the observation point for majority of the battle in the junkyard but joined back up with The 98the MP's and the rest of tan in a push to Liberate Steadi from his captors....well it would have worked if he wasn't shot by one of his own men in the process. The game was indexed not too long afterward. The remaining of my day at quarry was spend helping Crisp load up the supplies at thee FOB

and talking about our experiences. Again, It was definitely a lot of fun. and sportsmanship was top notch. the players were kind and i didn't notice any issues with hit shrugging. All in all, a great day! So that’s the breakdown of the experiences that the 98th and i went through during this Op. Post your experiences in response.

Bazz AAR for Op Wehrwolf (Tan)  

Tan side AAR from Military Police

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