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Introduction Daylight is a design strategy that involves making the best possible use of natural sunlight in the home. The idea behide the daylight is to decreases the dependency on electricity and other energy source to produce the lighting needed for tasks in workspaces as well as around in the house. Daylight observation is the Environment and Lighting assignment. On this assignment I have to observe the daylight in the day time from 6 oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; clock in the morning till 6 oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;clock in the evening. In each hour I have to capture the different room of my house such as living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and toilet. The obejectives to do this assignment is to know how daylight in the day come through the interior building. And till when do we have to use an artificial light. After I immersed in to daylight throghout the day in my house, I recognized, as in the early morning the sunlight has not distributed enough light into the interior space of my house. But throughout the day, in my interior space get enough light especially in living room, but some of the room like bedroom and barthroom have not get enough sunlight and need more artrificial light.

8 AM.


The observation of the daylight in living room between 6 AM. to 6 PM.

8 AM.


The observation of the daylight in kitchen between 6 AM. to 6 PM.

8 AM.


The observation of the daylight in dining room between 6 AM. to 6 PM.

12 AM.


The observation of the daylight in bedroom between 6 AM. to 6 PM.

14.00 PM.


The observation of the daylight in bathroom room between 6 AM. to 6 PM.

Daylight is a vibrant natural resource that significantly improve the environment within any building. Daylight is one of the most unique and location-specific types of place. It is an essential natural asset. Our experience of place and our sense of place is based on light and shadow. It is difficult to live without vision of sky, sunny, and foggy. Light throughout of the day, is depend on the weather and the season. The architecture was controlled by the aim of crossing wide spaces and creating opening large enough to distributed daylight to building interior. The aim of room daylight are to sufficiently light visual tasks, to create an attractive visaul environtment and to save electrical energy.


How daylight distribute the light throughout the day?