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WELCOME TO NUI GALWAY MEDSOC 2015/16! Welcome to MedSoc’s introductory mini newsletter for 2015/16! Here, you’ll find all you need to know for the months ahead, whether you’re preparing to start another year of your studies, or just after accepting your offer to come study at NUI Galway. MedSoc is looking forward to an extremely exciting year ahead, with many new projects in the pipeline! With the launch of our new website, keeping updated on all the goings on in your course throughout the year has never been easier! Our main aim is to make sure the student experience is an enjoyeble one, with as little stress as possible. Thanks to our new “Survival Guide to Medicine”; a student’s perspective on studying Medicine here at NUI Galway, you’ll glide through college with ease! Along with branching out on social media, we will be making sure to do our utmost to promote a charitable atmosphere throughout the School of Medicine, with many great events to come. As well as carrying on the amazing work and events pioneered by the previous MedSoc committees, we hope to bring you some fun new events too, such as our first EVER Med Day! As ever, we here at MedSoc encourage a spirit of working together and inclusion throughout all years, so make sure to get involved in any of our events as much as possible! Read on through this issue to find out how you can contribute to any of our projects, we would be only too delighted to have you. With that, I hope you enjoy reading this issue, it’s only a taster of what we hope will be our best year yet! Conor Murphy MedSoc Newsletter Editor


Harry Economos Co-Auditor

Christine Condon Secretary

Alison Duffy Co-Auditor

Ciara Tarpey Mel Corbett Treasurer Sem 1 Treasurer Sem 2

Amy Rolston Entertainment Officer

Conor Murphy Newsletter Editor

Katie St. John Education Officer

Aoife Cunningham AMSI Rep

Caolan Coleman P.R.O

Lorcรกn ร“ Maoileannaigh Outreach Officer

Kevin Mc Mahon AMSI Rep

Dara Jones Sports Officer

Sonja Moore Diarmaid Joyce Alternate Member Jenny Fitzgibbon OCM Conor Costigan OCM Alternate Member

CALENDAR OF EVENTS SEPTEMBER 2015 September brings the return of all you gorgeous medheads to Galway, not to mention the big move for all you newbies to the medium-sized smoke. Check out all MedSoc has to offer for our first month back!* 31 Aug



Term begins for 3rd & 4th Meds 7 Term








Socs Fun Fair (Aras na Mac Leinn) 2-7pm 8

begins for Premeds, 1st & 2nd meds



Socs Day!

MedSoc Welcome Back Party!















NUIG’S MED DAY 2015!! 28



*Final med students return August 25th


We are excited to announce the launch of MedSoc’s new website! All your medicine-related needs are now just a click away! Visit www.nuigmedicalsociety.com, where you’ll find all the information you need to know about MedSoc as a society, our sponsors and charity events throughout the year, as well as studying Medicine in NUI Galway and student life itself. The brainchild of our very own Fourth Med/Public Relations Officer Caolan Coleman, the new site is bursting with content, from profiles on the new MedSoc committee and news on the latest trips, to the first ever Survival Guide to Medicine! In the guide is the lowdown on each year of the medicine course, from pre-med to final med, passed on from students who have just completed that year. If you’re looking for tips on which tricky module to look out for or what books to buy, we’ve got you covered. Combined with the MedSoc Newsletter and our new accounts on Instagram and Snapchat, there’s no way you’ll miss out on any of our incredible events throughout the coming year! Visit us online and tell us what you think!

NUIG Medical Society



NUIG’S MED DAY: Small Change for Big Change! MedSoc will be hosting its first ever “Med Day” on September 23rd! Throughout the day, we will aim to raise as much money as possible for this year’s chosen charities through bucket collections, bag packing and busking throughout Galway City. Our aim is to set the stage for an annual event, which will hopefully only get bigger and bigger with every year! We can’t do it without your help though, so here’s where you come in! We are looking for volunteers from all years (especially pre-med, first med and second med) to help out whenever they can on the day. There will be prizes for the groups that raise the most money throughout the day (and who doesn’t love prizes?). We’ll have more info coming soon; to find out about our chosen charities and how to get involved, check out our website or email us at medsoc@socs.nuigalway.ie

If you’re interested in getting involved in any of NUIG MedSoc’s events, all you need to do is talk to us! Come along to any MedSoc event (we’re very friendly) and chat with a committee member, or contact us via: www.facebook.com/NUIGMedSoc medsoc@socs.nuigalway.ie We are always looking for budding writers to contribute to our newsletter. If there’s something you’d like to see here, or something you’d like to write about, let us know! Email our editor, Conor, at c.murphy41@nuigalway.ie


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MedSoc Mini Newsletter Aug/Sep 2015  

MedSoc's first publication of the 2015/16 academic year is here!

MedSoc Mini Newsletter Aug/Sep 2015  

MedSoc's first publication of the 2015/16 academic year is here!