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APRIL 2012

NEWTOWN FAIR NUHS once again had a stall at the annual Newtown Street Fair on 4 March, surviving the blasts of wind and the squalls of rain. It was good to be seen (and heard!) as part of the Newtown community.



Hundreds of balloons were given out, and entries in a draw for a free basket of fruit and vegetables attracted people to the stall, where we promoted health screening – breast, cervical and heart checks. Thanks to Kellie Poutu and Louise Beckingsale from WellHealth, and Lesley Shaw, Cindy Schmidt and Bryony Hales from NUHS. Areta from Strathmore won the fruit and vegetables. See you next year! THANKS ANZAC! Last March Anzac came to the clinic for his 4 year old immunization injections. Sometimes these appointments can be quite upsetting and kids get offered something to take home like a sticker or an occasionally a small toy. A few weeks later Anzac returned with his Mum to donate a bag of toys to NUHS, Anzac had gone home and found some of his toys to gift. He also thought he didn’t have many ‘girl’ type toys to gift. His mum said he made her go to the $2 shop with him to purchase some ‘girl toys’ before they came and dropped them off. A huge Thank You to Anzac for being so caring. The SENDAM Orchestra, a health initative exploring spontaneous and composed music and mental well-being every Friday at the Clubhouse in Newtown, performs at the closing of the adventurous music venue FRED’S in the Wellington inner city.


Ua o gatasi le futia ma le umele. We must be of one mind in the undertaking. While the fisherman swings the rod, the others must assist by paddling hard.

MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING In each issue of The NUHSpaper a different team from NUHS will be introduced to the communtiy, and identify some of the jobs they do. In this issue the Mental Health(MH) team is under the spotlight. The MH Team centres around nurses Cindy Schmidt and Kieran Monaghan, and doctors Pauline Horrill and Jonathan Kennedy. Monitoring a register of almost 400 people, the team works to help people with past and present experiences of significant mental illness access the appropriate care for both physical and mental health. A lot of attention is given to physical health and wellbeing, as the consequences of some of the medications prescribed can be increased risk of developing diabetes and increased weight gain for example. Outreach clinic’s are held at The Hope Centre and The Clubhouse, to improve access to health care to this population.


Dr Paul French, a psychiatrist from the South Community Mental Health Team, visits NUHS twice a month to hold clinic appointments, assessment and medication reviews. This is an effective way to help people manage in the community, in the familiarity of the NUHS clinic, and maintain continuity of care with the clinic’s clinicians. The MH Team works alongside many other services: housing, speciality health, emergency and justice, advocacy, exercise and employment services and more.

A public communtiy meeting is to be held at the Newtown School, the proposed date is Thursday 3 May. The focus of this meeting will be to discuss the change to service fees and cut’s to services. Local MP Annette King will be present at the discussion. DATE AND VENUE TO BE CONFIRMED.


March has been a busy month! Since the last newsletter the Capital & Coast DHB have notified NUHS they will not be renewing one of our funding contracts to the value of $273,949. The impact of this is we have to reduce services to patients and we will be increasing patient charges from 1 May 2012. Currently the service is looking to see what services we will have to reduce or stop to cover this cost. We are holding a public community meeting (Proposed date: Thursday 3 May at 5:30 - to be confirmed. It will be propmoted in the media and waiting room) where we will present more information and the community will have an opportunity to


The NUHS Community Advisory Group NUHS is facing major challenges and changes. It is vital the community we serve is kept informed and people have their say. The Community Advisory Group was set up and at the recent Annual General Meeting all NUHS registered members were able to register their interest in joining this group.

ask questions. As a community not-for-profit organisation we value your support and input to the service so look forward to seeing and meeting you at this meeting. We will be advertising this meeting (and the patient charges) with more details over the next couple of weeks so please look for these details in the local paper and waiting room of the NUHS clinic sites in Newtown and Broadway, Strathmore. Fiona Osten

The Advisory Group is open to all services members and the NUHS Policy Board hope it will represent the wide and diverse population we serve. Already 15 people have put their names forward, and the first meeting will be on Tuesday April 3 where discussion will focus on the proposed fee changes at NUHS. A report from this meeting will appear in the next NUHSpaper. The newly elected Policy Board held its first meeting on Thursday 29 March and appointed Glen Baron as Chairperson, Linda Hobman as deputy Chair, James Sleep in the Human Resources role, with the position of Treasurer yet to be filled.

FOOD, FITNESS AND FUN Our local community dietitian, Louise Beckingsale, is running a 10 week Healthy Eating and Exercise programme every Wednesday for the Newtown Community in term 2 (starting on 1st May.) The programme is FREE for anyone who has diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol or high blood pressure and wants to learn more about healthy eating. Each week a different part of healthy eating will be discussed including ways to include more fruit and vegetables, portion sizes and ways to include your favourite foods. The programme is fun and practical and participants will learn affordable ways to cook and stay healthy over winter months. Each week an exercise instructor will demonstrate ways to keep fit while also having fun. Family, whanau and friends are also invited to attend free. The programme starts on Wednesday 1st May, 10am

Learning to make a healthy boil up will be part of the programme. at the Daniell Street Hall in Newtown. Please call Louise on 380 2422 to book your FREE place or leave a message on the answer phone.


Keep an eye on the NUHS notice boards for dates of Flu Clinics in the first two weeks of April. If you miss these times for the Flu shot, you will still be able to book into one of the nurse clinics for the vaccine, please ask one of the staff about this. There is a charge of $20 for the Flu vaccine. However, for those with certain health conditions, such as Diabetes or severe respiratory illness, this cost may be able to be covered by government funding.


We welcome Dr Victoria Scobie, who will be working at Pacific Health Centre and NUHS as locum for Andy O’Grady.

Louise Beckingsale

NUHS continues to provide educational placements for nursing and medical students, you may notice new faces around the building from time to time.

NUHSpaper, Issue 2, Vol 1, April 2012:  

The second edition of the Newtown Union Health Service news letter, the NUHSpaper. Published monthly, this publication aims to inform the co...

NUHSpaper, Issue 2, Vol 1, April 2012:  

The second edition of the Newtown Union Health Service news letter, the NUHSpaper. Published monthly, this publication aims to inform the co...