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Durban Poison is a F1 cross of a Sativa strain from a secret garden located just outside Durban, South Africa and a potent, early Dutch Skunk. This strain grows tall with huge leaves. Long, tight buds have a sweet earthy flavour that has a hint of anise. Famous for its trippy up high Hailing from an unknown garden, Durban Poison is an exclusively inbred South African sativa crossed with a F1 cross. Considered 100% sativa. Typically an outdoor plant due to its ability to grow quite tall with large leaves, Durban Poison can essentially flourish in both inside and out since it does so well under artificial light as well. Durban Poison usually flowers typically after about eight or nine weeks. The buds are long, fat and tight with plenty of resin. These solid nugs are resilient and strong against molds and other diseases, making Durban Poison a strain that can be grown even in non-harvesting seasons making it one of the easier to grow strains available. The plant produces a Thai-like aniseed smell similar to licorice. A husky, earthy taste pleasant to the smoker. Durban Poison is well known for it’s “up” high that produces an energetic, trip effect. 100% SATIVA / GREAT BREAKFAST BUD 20% THC POTENCY (HIGH)





Available at Herbal Connections Denver

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Friendly and outgoing, dispensary girl Bryana Shea Mitchell is a twenty-year-old Colorado resident living in Breckenridge. She has been working in the registered nugsource nugget 2010 Frisco dispensary, Medical Marijuana of the Rockies, since September of 2009. She began volunteering there after getting her own medical marijuana (MMJ) card earlier that month. After learning the ropes, she became a paid bud-tender of the ‘spense. Although her hourly rate is not much, she doesn’t mind since she is working for the MMJ cause. She loves helping people and enjoys the fact that the patients always leave the dispensary with a smile. SheBryana likes gettingShea to knowMitchell individual patients strives to remember their names so that she can resident make a positive living impact on each is and a twenty-year-old Colorado inperson. Brecken-

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ridge. She has been woring in the Medical Marijuana of the since Getting intoFrisco the medicaldispensary, aspect of cannabis has been a valuable experience for Bryana. “I justRockies, really like being able to September help people. I haveof been like 2009. She began volunteering there after getting her own medical marijuana that since this big,” she said while raising her hand about knee - high. Raised to embrace community service and to always give back, Bryana puts (MMJ) card earlier that month. After learning the ropes, she became a paid budhertender own spin onof her childhood teachings byAlthough applying these values to the cannabis cause. of a much, controversialshe issue,doesn’t but I’m definitely in full the ‘spense. her hourly rate“It’s iskind not mind support of it,”she she said. She went on to for say that,the “Cannabis recently has beenShe a really big parthelping of my life.” Topeople help with the pain enjoys of her accident and to since is working MMJ cause. loves and the unwind a little at night, Bryana turns to medical marijuana enjoying tinctures and the with edibles. Also, she has She been saving to buy a Volcano fact that the patients always leave thethedispensary a smile. likesupgetting to know individual patients and strives to remember their names so that she vaporizer. She is trying to stay as healthy as she can and said, “smoking is one of those things that you can easily omit and still have the samecan effects make a positive impact on each person. and even better.” Although not a big smoker, Bryana did admit to being a “blunt girl” on occasion. Getting into the medical aspect of cannabis has been a valuable experience for Needless to say,“Iattending Colorado Mountain full-time working twopeople. jobs, is keeping Bryana super A vegetarian to become a Bryana. just really like College being ableand to help I have been thatstriving since vegan, shebig,” is studying small-business management and culinary Bryana’sabout goal is to become a vegan chef,Raised either personal community based, and this she said while raising herarts. hand knee-high. to orembrace shecommunity said, “I don’t think people are unhealthy choice. I think itgive is just ignorance.” That’s whyputs she feelsher it is important show on peopleher the “how-to” service and by to always back, Bryana own to spin childhood behind eating healthy. teachings by applying these values to the cannabis cause. “It’s kind of a controversial issue, but I’m definitely in full support of it,” she said. She went on to say that, “Cannabis recently has been a really big part of my life.” To help It was refreshing to hear a bright, bubbly young MMJ patient with such inspiring thoughts and ideas. Not only is she cute, but she has brains behind with the pain of her accident and to unwind a little at night, Bryana turns to hermedical beauty. With amarijuana pretty face and a enjoying head full of ambition, Shea Mitchelland is a name thatedibles. you just mightAlso, be hearingshe againhas down been the road.savAnd if theBryana tinctures the youing can’t up wait that visit her at Medical Marijuana of the Rockies she is to sure tostay greet as you with her beautiful, smile.and to long, buythen a go Volcano vaporizer. She is where trying healthy as welcoming she can said, “smoking is one of those things that you can easily omit and still have the same effects and even better.” Although not a big smoker, Bryana did admit to being a “blunt girl” on occasion.

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Herbal Connections...continued from page 13

These guys back up their philosophy with a huge stash of incredible edibles! In fact, I have never seen a spread of this magnitude before. And it is all well organized in their rotating display. They have a huge variety of cookies, cakes, brownies, muffins, pies, chocolates, bars, candies (both sugar free and regular) and so much more all made with high grade medical marijuana. Not a sweet tooth? No worries with their selection of sauces, dressings, butters, and even hummus. They also have Chai tea for the thirsty. But, it’s back to the chocolates for this sweet tooth. All hand-dipped and made from scratch! The peanut butter top that I tried was honestly the best PB cup I’ve ever eaten. Absolutely delicious! And, each item is labeled with not only its natural ingredients, but also the amount in grams of actual medicine it contains. In addition to edibles, Herbal Connection also has a nice selection of balms and tinctures. The balms come in two strengths so that you can choose between either the 3 gram or 6 gram dosages. Sandra said that, “It is an amazing topical application. They work so well it’s insane!” The balms contain other beneficial essential oils as well. The tinctures come in a variety of flavors such as the owner’s favorite Gliss Bliss. And they have infused tinctures, which have an array of vitamins added to them. So, what exactly can you do with a tincture? This form of medication can be added one drop at a time to hot teas, juices or other beverages. Plus, don’t forget about the hash and hash oils too. I would like to spend a moment on their bud selection. How could I not? Their smokeables cover three different categories - listed backwards with “C” being the highest quality. When I asked her why “A” was not at the top, she informed me that she wanted to leave room for improvement. Although “C” is their top quality at the moment, maybe someday we will get all the way to “Z”! That is a mind-blowing thought, especially since the “C” category was looking so great already! Within the three grades they had: Bubblegum, Grapefruit, Gods Gift, Cheese Dogg, African, Maui Wowie, White Widow, Cat Piss, C-Salad, Sour Diesel, Skunk #1, Hawaiian, and the S.H.I.T. (Super Hydroponic Indoor Treatment), just to name a few. As an added bonus, their daily “menu” board lists the strain of the day. These selections have a special patient price tag of only $250 an ounce! You must be a registered patient of Herbal Connections to score this phenomenal deal and need to have that set-up in advance of your purchase. Be sure to ask for details on this one. During my visit, the nugs du jour were the Blueberry and Pez. Nice! Every strain of marijuana that they carry is Colorado grown. The difference is easy to tell when you compare their buds to others that traveled 100s of miles to get to Colorado. It’s all about the freshness and they have it at HC. And, they employ only experienced local caregivers. Their meds are grown and cured the right way. I’m talking about more than just drying out bud here. They cure their marijuana for a minimum of three weeks. As for the highest quality, you just can’t produce it if you skimp on the curing time and process. Glad to see that they have the patience and knowledge to allow for a proper cure. It is that difference that you will see and taste in the cannabis carried at Herbal Connections. Other services from HC include a doctor day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Talk about all- inclusive! You can get it all done here from doctor visit to prescription pick up and everything in between. They even sell glass pipes and grinders so you don’t have to make that extra stop on the way home. And, even if you have questions about your patient rights, you will leave there with the answers you seek. I think that the NORML poster above Sandra’s desk says a lot. The owners are more than just business folk. They know information that covers a broad spectrum of medical marijuana topics and which runs much deeper than just the products and services of HC. If you are a new patient with a lot of questions and are planning your first trip to a dispensary, then you will be well taken care of here. No rush when you are in there, just take your time and soak it all up.

Herbal Connections, Denver

go check it out and Get Connected (720) 999-6295

Herbal Connections is located at 2209 West 32nd Avenue in Denver. Inside you will find a positive atmosphere and intelligent conversations. Sandra acknowledges the patients as the enablers of their business. She feels that it is an honor to serve as caregiver for all of them. Sandra said, “I love what I do�. This attitude shines through to every patient that walks into HC.

By Amy Heiden

On Saturday November 21, 2009, Mishawaka hosted the 2nd annual Colorado Medical Marijuana Harvest Cup. The evening’s festivities included a guest speaker, raffle, silent auction and a musical performance all in addition to the Harvest Cup awards ceremony. The proceeds from this year’s event went to Sensible Colorado. The Harvest Cup made it possible for Colorado’s medical marijuana caregivers to be recognized for their tremendous effort in providing for our state’s medicinal marijuana patients. The entrants came not only from the Fort Collins and Denver areas, but also from all around our great state. With all the above activities and so many medical marijuana supporters in attendance, a good time was had by all. But it’s not just about good times, as Harvest Cup co-founder Tim Gordon pointed out. Tim is the proprietor of the Fort Collins’ dispensary, Medicinal Gardens of Colorado. He pointed out that the goal of this event is to allow patients access to the specific medications that they need to alleviate their symptoms. Through the Harvest Cup, patients were able to test each entry strain and provide feedback to caregivers. This feedback will allow us to understand what strain-specific medications we can administer to patients with certain ailments, such as MS or ocular diseases. The evening started with guest speaker Brian Vicente, from Sensible Colorado. Sensible Colorado is a non-profit organization that advocates an effective drug policy for our state. By educating the public through speaking at events, such as the Harvest Cup and other engagements, Sensible Colorado envisions “a system where drug use becomes a health issue, not a crime issue”. Want to know more about Sensible Colorado? Check out their website: Brian touched on many key points pertaining to Colorado’s Marijuana initiative. He brought the audience up to date with all the current events surrounding our fight to reform not only our state’s medical marijuana laws, but laws at a federal level as well. Brian spoke of the recent announcement from the American Medical Association (AMA) that they will be taking a second look at where marijuana is scheduled federally. Currently, marijuana is a Schedule 1 under the Controlled Substance Act. This puts marijuana in a tightly restricted category of drugs including heroin and LSD, which have been deemed to have no medical value. Brian appropriately used the word “absurd” to describe the comparison of marijuana to other Schedule 1 drugs, such as heroin. Brian did point out that “The fact that we have the most prestigious, largest medical association in the country saying publicly that they want to take a second look at this shows that we are on the winning side of this battle”. On the local front, Brian told us about the recent legalization of marijuana in Breckenridge. Sensible Colorado led the campaign there, and by an overwhelming 71% margin the town of Breckenridge voted to legalize adult possession of one ounce of marijuana. Now that we have a Sensible Breckenridge, the organization has plans to create other “Sensible” communities throughout our state of Colorado. An informative Q & A session followed Brian’s speech, whereby the audience voiced their questions and concerns. After the guest speaker and a few other enjoyable events, the night progressed into the much awaited awards ceremony. And now, the envelope continue to page 26

Harvest Cup 2010...continued from page 25 please … The first place winner of the 2009 Colorado Medical Marijuana Harvest Cup was Biodiesel, from grower Adam Johnson, representing Denver Relief. Adam is a partner in Denver Relief along with Kayvan S.T. Khalabari and Ian Seed. I was able to speak with Kayvan regarding Biodiesel. He informed me that Biodiesel is a cross between Sensi Star (Indica) and Sour Diesel (Sativa). This makes the Biodiesel a pretty even Indica/Sativa blend. Kayvan called Biodiesel an “all encompassing medicine”. This means that by controlling the dosage a patient can reap the benefits of both the sativa and indica properties of the strain. For example, at a small dosage, the strain will exhibit the Sativa properties, which allows the patient to maintain functionality in a daytime setting. But, if a higher dosage is used, the Indica properties will come into play and it will take the patient into the “couch stage”. Biodiesel is exclusive to Denver Relief. As for Denver Relief, Kayvan referred to it as a wellness center. The center has set the prospective opening date for around December 15th. In the mean time, Denver Relief is providing delivery services to their patients. Once opened, the center has big plans to incorporate many wellness services into their caregiving regime in addition to providing quality medications to their patients. Anticipated services include acupuncture, chiropractic, counseling, massage and yoga. Additionally, after speaking with Ian Seed, I learned that a community liaison will be available in person for patients to address their concerns. This is just one of many patient resources that will be accessible through Denver Relief. They are doing a lot more for their patients than just medicating. The second place 2009 Harvest Cup winner was Mother’s Finest from grower Donna Lawson. Mother’s Finest is a mostly Sativa hybrid. It’s a cross between Haze, Jack Herer and a secret strain rumored to be a Juicy Fruit relative. The third place 2009 Harvest Cup winner was Flo, from Jesse Irizarry representing The Healing Center in Westminster. Jesse is co-owner of The Healing Center along with Debra Schultz. Flo is a strain from DJ Short, which is an Indica/Sativa cross being slightly Indica-dominant at 60/40. Jesse stated that this particular strain seems to be helpful for ailments such as nausea and depression. He said that Flo is a good daytime strain, which allows a patient to participate in their daily activities. Jesse feels that Flo is not too over-powering. This is crucial for patients that must maintain a high level of functionality throughout the day. After the awards, Reggae artist Pato Banton kicked up the party with a smooth rhyme about marijuana legalization. Wow! This was a powerful way to express an important message to the people. Some of my favorite lines were: “To call sensi a drug is very absurd, so much diseases sensi has cured” and “Some say it is the best stress reliever, God knows I am a believer”. However, this next passage brought the message home:

We want legalization, Decriminalization, An emancipation For those sentenced To incarceration For participation With the healing of the nationÓ Pato Banton sang a variety of songs about marijuana law reform, which is a fantastic example of how to get the message out creatively. In fact, the entire Harvest Cup was a multi-faceted tool for delivering the messages we need about medical marijuana and its laws. This important public resource brings much needed medical marijuana research to light that just isn’t available anywhere else. The cup is a patient-focused event that provided a wealth of information to all in attendance. The evening was a balance of fun and fact. It served as a forum for both patients and caregivers alike. Our Colorado caregivers brought their finest to the table to fulfill the needs our medical marijuana patients. By allowing patients access to the caregivers directly, we will be able to deeply understand how specific-strains can help for different medical uses. And that is what the Harvest Cup is all about.

The Basics of Colorado Marijuana Law By Sean T. MacAllister,, Esq. McAllister Law Officew, P.C.

Anyone involved with medical marijuana needs to know the basics of Colorado marijuana law. First, the bad news: non-medical marijuana is a byzantine world of harsh punishments. That’s why it is so important to get legal and stay legal with medical marijuana. Possession of any amount of marijuana for non-medical purposes is a crime. Yes, even in towns like Denver and Breckenridge that have removed criminal penalties for simple possession, state law still criminalizes the possession, cultivation, or distribution of any amount of marijuana. Here are the possible penalties for non-medical marijuana: 1. Possession of drug paraphernalia = a petty offense with a maximum penalty of $100 fine, no possible jail. 2. Possession of less than one ounce of marijuana buds, leaves, or seeds = a petty offense with a maximum penalty of $100 fine, no possible jail. 3. Possession of 1-8 ounces of marijuana bud, leaves, or seeds = a class 1 misdemeanor punishable with up to 24 months in the county jail in aggravated circumstances. 4. Possession of more than 8 ounces of marijuana = a class 5 felony, punishable with 1-3 years in the Department of Corrections (DOC). 5. Possession any amount of marijuana concentrate (hash, butter, etc) = a class 5 felony, punishable with 1-3 years in DOC. 6. Cultivation of any amount of marijuana plants = a class 4 felony punishable with 2-6 years in DOC.

7. Distribution of less than one ounce of marijuana without compensation (essentially sharing) = a petty offense punishable with a maximum of a $100 fine, no possible jail. 8. Distribution of any amount of marijuana for compensation = a class 4 felony punishable with 2-6 years in DOC. 9. Transfer of any amount of marijuana to a minor = a class 4 felony punishable with 2-6 years in DOC. 10. Transportation of more than 100 pounds = the equivalent of a class 2 felony punishable with 8-24 years in DOC. 11. Sale of marijuana within 1000 feet of a school = the equivalent of a class 2 felony punishable with 8-24 years in DOC. 12. Commission of any marijuana felony (cultivation, possession of more than 8 ounces) when you have a gun “available for use (does not have to be used)” = the equivalent of a class 2 felony punishable with 8-24 years in DOC.

Medical marijuana patients with a recommendation from their doctor have a defense to these marijuana penalties. Those patients and caregivers who go the extra mile and get a state medical marijuana registry license have a complete exemption from the state criminal laws listed above if they possess equal to or less than 6 plants (3 flowering and 3 vegetating) and 2 ounces of usable loose marijuana. That is why getting the card is so much better than just a recommendation. Possession of quantities greater than 6 plants and 2 ounces may still allow the patient to present a defense to a jury if the patient can at least make some initial showing the increased amounts are medically necessary. Possession of marijuana concentrate is allowed under the medical marijuana law; however, it is still subject to the 2 ounce limit for a full bar to prosecution or as much as is medically necessary. There are several lessons from the recreational penalties on marijuana that a medical patient or provider should notice. First, the cultivation of one extra plant for a patient could be considered a felony. Of course, as noted, increased amounts over the 6 plant/2 ounce limit may still entitle the patient to a defense, but you will not be barred from prosecution. The lesson is that if you want to stay out of court, do your best to stay strictly within the 6 plant/2 ounce limit. continue to page 28

The Basics of Colorado Marijuana Law...continued from page 27

Next, possession of any amount of hash for non-medical purposes is a felony in Colorado. If a patient goes over the 2 ounce limit with a combination of hash and/or loose marijuana, that patient could be prosecuted for felony marijuana concentrate possession. The lesson is that if you are going to possess hash, you need to leave room under your 2 ounces per card limit. Third, if caregivers are going to sell to patients who have not listed that caregiver on the patient’s card, you may still have a defense to prosecution, but you do not have an exemption from state criminal law. Therefore, in these cases, it is safest to sell less than an ounce at a time and any money you receive should be considered a donation or payment for your time/expenses. Giving less than one ounce of marijuana away is a petty offense with no jail possibility. Finally, don’t sell medical marijuana within 1000 feet of a school and don’t possess guns and medical marijuana. It’s not worth the risk. Even if your transactions should be considered 100% legal, a bad DA may decide to try to make an example out of you. If you are charged with one of these crimes and convicted at trial, the judge has to send you to prison for a minimum of 8 years even if you are Mother Teresa. You should not give the DA’s this opportunity. Keep you medical marijuana transactions away from schools and don’t possess guns with marijuana. If you have a family gun or prized gun you can’t get rid of, keep it in a separate house/building away from your medical marijuana. This a great time to get involved with medical marijuana. It is a relatively new industry with plenty of opportunity for growth (pun intended). However, participants should know the risks and adjust their behavior accordingly to minimize criminal liability. Most importantly, anyone considering being involved with medical marijuana should consult with an attorney before getting seriously involved. Going on your instincts, or the word on the street, is a recipe for disaster.

DISCLAIMER: This information in this article is intended for educational purposes only. No reliance, expressed or implied, may be made on the information on this page or on any of its links. Any persons considering applying for a medical marijuana card in the State of Colorado should consult an attorney first. This author does not advocate that anyone violate state or federal law. The author is not responsible for any damages incurred as a result of your reliance on the educational information in this article.

Which Way To Meidicate?

a patient’s guide to help you “weed” through the many options

By Amy Heiden With all the different products containing medical marijuana these days, it can get a bit confusing to determine which method of medicating is right for you. The following guide can help direct you to which products are beneficial for patients with a variety of ailments. But before we dive in, I would like to mention that my primary source for this article was Brett “Panzaverde”, proprietor of GreenBelly Co-Op located in Eldorado Springs. When thinking about different MMJ products, Brett pointed out that, “They (the medical community) are not only looking at the THC, but at the different cannabinoids and the different ratios, proportions, and percentages between them; they are what is going to really stimulate the medicinal effect. They are finding that medicinal effect is less related to THC and more related to cannabinoids”. With that said, let’s go through some of the many cannabis products that can be used for holistic healing. TincTures: A tincture can be thought of as an “extract”. This liquid can be taken sublingually (sub = under, lingua = tongue) or added to other liquids, such as water, juice or tea. Due to capillaries beneath the tongue, sublingual application is often faster acting than many other methods and allows for quick delivery of medicine into the bloodstream. Tinctures are available in both alcohol and glycerin based forms, but some prefer the glycerin-based tinctures for taste and other reasons. Let’s pass the microphone to Brett. He said, “Originally folks said, hey we can make a really potent extraction with alcohol. But, to get an extraction you have to use pure grain alcohol. So, that obviously is a bit harsh on the back of the throat. Putting alcohol in there is not preferable”. However, to a patient that can’t ingest fats, alcohol based tinctures are a good alternative. Sub-lingual application of tinctures is ideal for some ailments including nausea, MS, lupus, and arthritis. Look for tinctures made from bud versus those made with just trim. GreenBelly carries local-made “Best Bud” tinctures that are made from different strains of bud, such as Trainwreck or Maui. Strong hash tinctures, which are even more potent, are also available. Teas made with tincture can be used to achieve a long-term mellowing and calming effect helpful for anxiety conditions. Topicals: You can find massage oil, salves, balms, lotions, creams, and ointments. This is not a new use for marijuana. Before “processed” medicines became available, marijuana could be made into a poultice by soaking leaves in alcohol. Patients can use topicals as relief for deep muscle and joint pain as well as for their anti-inflammatory properties. Topical administration of marijuana can provide local relief directly to the spot where pain is occurring. Salves are beneficial for lesions, scars, burns, and other open wounds. continue to page 30

Rocky Mountain Caregivers Inc 285 South Pearl Street Denver, Colorado (720) 746-9655 Review of RMC By Amy Heiden

With all the new dispensaries opening up these days, it is nice to see a business taking things to a higher level. I was eager to go down

to Rocky Mountain Caregivers (RMC) at 285 Pearl Street in Denver to check out their brand new dispensary and join in the grand opening festivities. I met with owners Chris, Sean, Kyle, and Kevin to discuss their new business. Immediately, I could sense that the vibe there is a positive one. Not only is the location ideal, but the building itself is a beautiful house built in 1896. Plus, all the owners are very friendly and hospitable. All of these elements came together to paint a beautiful picture of Rocky Mountain Caregivers.

I was curious as to why these four young men got together to form this dispensary. Chris said that it’s all about marijuana being useful as a medication. The purpose of RMC is to supply needed medications to patients, and some people just do not know where to get it. Through the dispensary, patients do not have to attempt to buy medication on the street where the safety of both the medication and the situation itself may be questionable. They are there to provide not only meds, but also valuable information to help patients make informed decisions about their medication regimes. A group consisting of native and long-time Colorado residents, the owners bring a local flavor to their business. Being growers themselves, they have the first-hand knowledge necessary to answer patient questions about strains. By providing many of the dispensary’s marijuana strains themselves, they are able to control quality at the highest level. This means that when they tell you that there are no pesticides used on their strains, you can take this as truth since you are getting the information straight from the growers. And even if they did not grow a particular strain themselves, the owners know where the buds are coming from and how they are being grown. Sean told me that a lot of the sweet smells I experienced come from the use of organic soil as a growing medium. In fact, I was able to get a lot of great info on their products. Let’s dive into some details! One of the first things about RMC I noted was the great selection. Twenty different strains of medical marijuana were at the counter on their opening day. These 20 strains covered three categories which have three different price tags: 1) Indoor, 2) Greenhouse, and 3) Outdoor. The indoor category included a nice variety of Colorado grown Indicas, Sativas and blends. When I browsed through the indoor section I saw: Black Domina, Pineapple, Lemon G, Skunk/Bubblegum, Blueberry, Juicyfruit, Headband, Skunk #1, Romulan, Toothache, Maui and S.A.G.E. I would love to give details on every strain as they all looked wonderful, but you will have to go visit yourself to really take it all in.

I will take a little time to review just a few of my favorites from the indoor category. I must start out by saying that the Skunk/Bubblegum is a real treat. The nugs have a deliciously sweet bubblegum smell and taste. This herb produced a nice smooth smoke. Being a hybrid of Sativa and Indica, this strain offers the beneficial properties from both sides of the family. As for taste and smell, I rate both characteristics very highly with the Skunk/Bubblegum. Also, the Pineapple and Lemon G had amazing sweet and fruity smells. The Pineapple could be called “Pine-Apple” since it has a sweet piney taste. Yummy! The delicious taste experience of this strain was attributed to the extra-long curing time the grower allowed. Lemon G is an energetic Sativa with a strong lemon aroma and after-taste. And, if you are looking for color, they also have the Skunk #1 that has some wicked purple in it. This one is gorgeous with its purple color and a heavy amount of trichomes. It looks like purple ice and it’s tasty too. Their Skunk #1 is a work of art and well rounded to boot. In addition to looks, the strain has a top-notch smell, taste and potency to back it up. Also the Toothache, which is another Indica/Sativa blend but from a Hawaiian and Sweet Tooth cross, was one more strain that wowed me with its sweet taste and smell.

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An Introduction to MMJ Products...continued from page 29

edibles: We have all heard of “pot brownies”, but some are unaware of the complete universe of MMJ edibles that has become available to patients. Not only sweets, but also savory meals containing medication can provide a healthier alternative to smoking. In fact, smoking must be avoided for many conditions including respiratory illnesses and edibles are a safe, delicious option. An added benefit of MMJ consumption is the ability to normalize peristalsis in the digestive tract, meaning that it aids in the movement of food through the digestive system. Almost any food you can think of can be made with medical marijuana. Again, nothing new here, cannabis foods have been around since ancient times. It is important to note that it can take up to two hours after ingesting marijuana before full effect is reached, although this can vary greatly from patient to patient. The effects from edibles will generally last longer than smoking and take effect much faster when taken on an empty stomach. Edibles do not harm the respiratory system like smoke can. Also, consuming marijuana is ideal in places where smoking is frowned upon. It is important to keep the best interest of the ailment in mind when selecting edibles; diabetics should not start eating sweets to help with other symptoms of diabetes since it will interfere with blood sugar, etc. And, you can look for foods that will be of especial benefit to the ailment to augment the effects of MMJ. Just as you would in the supermarket, read the ingredients on the packaging to be sure that all-natural, and preferably organic, ingredients are used. bud and smokable concenTraTes (hash, hash oil, kief, eTc.): The effects from smoking cannabis are usually felt within minutes, which makes it especially useful for nausea, loss of appetite, and other ailments including pain, which require an immediate medicinal effect. Vaporizers are best from a good health perspective, but can be a bit pricey. In some conditions, the vascular exposure to the medicine is important in treatment. As mentioned above, smoking is usually not recommended for those with respiratory illnesses. Those on oxygen must not smoke to avoid both the danger of explosion and the obvious heath concerns. But, some who have developed problems from smoking tobacco can be helped from Cannabis. In cases of stroke, heart attack, and many other conditions, some patients are forced to quit smoking tobacco. Since they already have an affinity towards smoking, cannabis can be used as a substitute for tobacco, and will also provide the patient with the medical benefits they need. Usually, the patient will not smoke nearly as many joints in a day as the number of tobacco cigarettes, thus lowering the amount of smoke they inhale considerably over time. Please remember another factor when you reach for your lighter; butane is very unhealthy to inhale. You can get B-Lines, which are wax coated hemp strings and are similar to a candlewick, at GreenBelly. Try this healthier alternative method when you fire up your next bowl. This is just an introduction to the vast world of cannabis products. There is an explosion in this market right now, and undoubtedly many new products are on the horizon. When purchasing MMJ products, it is important to consider the source from which you are making the purchase. Brett put it so well when speaking of GreenBelly: “ (We are) Trying to fuse our values around food and around our cannabis into our shop culture here and the products that we carry”. Try to choose a dispensary with these values and you will gain the peace of mind that comes with supporting sustainable natural products in addition to scoring top quality meds. Let’s end with a quote from Brett: “We need to be able not only to look at the extractions of the specifics for the high medical necessity but also be able to understand and test our raw medicines…” As more information comes to light about raw marijuana medicines, we will be able to take a deeper look into all the health benefits that it can provide to patients.

Available at Herbal Connections Denver


Available at Herbal Connections Denver

Green Medical Referrals By Amy Heiden hen I visited Green Medicals in Northglenn, I found a lot more than just green walls, green rugs and green doors. This W place has it all! From doctor to dank, patients can get it done at Green Meds. And with several convenient locations, things just couldn’t get any easier! Their smart and sociable staff is there around the clock to answer questions and guide patients down the path to obtaining their medical marijuana card and finding the proper medications. If you feel like there are too many unanswered questions in your way, then let Green Meds clear things up for you.

Green Medicals consists of both Green Medical Referrals and their dispensary, Green Door Wellness Center, which are located right next to each other at their 10781 North Washington location. Patients can begin their medical marijuana (MMJ) licensing process by seeing the in-house doctor on any day of the week. In fact, on busy days Green Meds provides two doctors to cut your waiting time down to a minimum. The doctors are there to help patients make informed choices regarding MMJ and how it pertains to their ailment. No medical records? No problem. For a small additional fee of $10, the doctor will provide you with a more extensive exam. Plus, if you decide to list Green Medicals as your caregiver, then the $10 fee will be waived and you will get a price break on the entire visit. Their doctors are compassionate and work to find solutions through the natural method of MMJ. And, if you don’t qualify, then the cost of your visit will be refunded. Even if you work odd hours, Green Meds can still get you in. Just call. For preliminary patient questions and more, Green Meds provides 24-hour customer service via their main phone line at (303) 495-5000. Someone is always there to answer your questions at any hour. If a patient does not know if they qualify for a MMJ card, then a simple phone call to Green Meds will provide the answer. I spoke with Scott, their Director of Advertising, and he shared a personal story with me about his journey with MMJ. He herniated four discs in his neck and required two different fusion surgeries. During that time he was on a menagerie of many different pharmaceutical drugs. He was miserable and the drugs were having a negative impact on his life. Since using a MMJ tincture for the last three months, he has had no spasms and very few sleepless nights. “It’s a much happier way”, said Scott about his current MMJ treatment. Scott was able to stop the use of all the pharmaceuticals after he became a medical marijuana patient. Another great resource from Green Meds is their monthly open house. On the 2nd Tuesday of each month, patients can come in and join the fun. Coupons for a free 1/8th may be the first thing that motivates you to go to their open house, but check this out – you can talk to attorneys and caregivers while you scarf on Chef Scott’s delicious sandwiches! You can get some grow tips while you grub down. And that’s not all! Each month there will be a featured speaker. Knowledge is power folks and Green Meds wants to back you up with all the facts you need to make the best choices about your care. And if your brain is still craving more info, they are starting up some grow classes so that patients that are interested can begin to grow their own medication. If you don’t have a ride, no worries because Green Meds will pick you up. Just hop on the Canna-Bus Gus! That’s right, Green Meds has a bus that will be picking up patients at a different location each Saturday. And, they will be running dispensary tours too. So if you don’t have a car or just don’t know where the ‘spenses are, Green Meds can help you. continue to page 38

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ow talk about easy breezy, I walked out the door of Green Medicals and just a few steps later I was walking into the N Green Door Wellness Center. This is when things started getting even greener! I’m talking about their top shelf nug selection – Lemon Wreck, Hawaiian Purple, Grape Ape, Blue Tooth, Blueberry, Euphoria Unlimited, The Mist and Trainwreck are

just the beginning. They have different grades of MMJ available for different budgets. And, if Green Medicals is your caregiver, then you can get a discount on your medication. That is $55 for 1/8 ounce of top quality buds with VIP pricing. Speaking of top buds, please allow me to fill you in on the details. Their Hawaiian Purple was a treat for the senses. The first thing I noticed was the vibrant intense purple coloring in the buds. Then, I found that the nugs were dense and sticky which told me that this product has not been sitting on the shelf long. Now that my mouth was watering I took things one-step further. After trying their Purp, I can say that this one has the potency to back up its enticing appearance. And, although the name says purple, which means an Indica is in play, I felt a lot of the Sativa qualities coming through. I thought that the Hawaiian Purple would be a great way to start the day. It was a nice blend of body and mind effects, which would be perfect for pain management on a busy day so you can get things done. The Lemon Wreck is a sweet smelling Trainwreck cross. I thought that the lemony aroma was nice and light and did not smell fake or overpowering. The same goes for the taste, which I found to be smooth and light. ‘On the other hand, the Grape Ape nearly knocked me over with the intense grape smell that wafted out of the nug jar. If you are big on smells, then make sure to stick your face inside the jar of Grape Ape. Its scent is de-lish and the taste is nice and sweet. This Granddaddy Purple relative brings out a surprisingly energetic quality along with the pain relieving properties that you would expect from an Indica. The spread of edibles at Green Door is definitely worth a gander. The first thing that caught my eye in this department was their technicolor Rice Krispie Treats. A rainbow of colors and triple strength medication for only $8! Made in-house, their Krispie Treats are available in three flavors: fruity, chocolate and regular. They also have a large selection of biscotti and other cookies, cheesecake, sugar-free and regular candy, chocolates, breads, muffins, brownies and more. These goodies cover a range from single to triple strength. They also have many vegan options, including their Vegan Love Cups. And can you believe that they carry medicinal gummy worms? All these edibles can provide patients with a discrete way to medicate. Patients may decide not to tell onlookers that their lollipop actually contains medical marijuana. These types of meds allow patients to maintain their privacy. Also at Green Door you can find both ice hash and regular hash for sale by the gram. Wondering what ice hash is? Think bubble hash but with ice involved in the creation process. And, they have keef for sale by the gram as well. Tinctures are available in both sugar-free and regular. You can even buy your clones right there if you are interested in caregiving. With all of the above to choose from, you may find yourself making more than just one purchase. Don’t forget to use your frequent buyer punch card! After ten punches you will be able to redeem your card for medication or merchandise. And, this is not some throw away, easy to damage paper card. You will get a plastic card that you can keep safely in your wallet. Also, your can register to link to your patient paperwork to a swipe card so that you don’t have to dig around for your papers every time that you want to go to through that Green Door. This is a no hassle way to access your information when you don’t have your license in hand. And, cards are good at any Green Medicals location. Their new South Denver clinic is located at 4201 East Yale. This location is conveniently located just off of I-25. And their Northglenn center is just minutes away from I-25 as well. They plan to have ten dispensary locations by the end of January 2010. With ten sites to choose from, patients will be able to select the Green Medicals location that is most convenient for them. It is nice to know that their ‘spenses are easy to find and you won’t have to waste time getting lost in some unfamiliar neighborhood. If you want to work with a reliable clinic and dispensary that is open 7 days a week and is available to you 24 hours a day, then go with Green Medicals. These guys do more doctor referrals than anyone in town. And, with late and early business hours, you are sure to find the right time that fits your busy schedule. Even on a Saturday morning they are open early at 8am. Not a morning person? Get there by 6pm and you can check out their late Monday hours. They will work with patients to make sure that a doctor can see them during a time that is convenient to the patient. So are you or someone you know thinking of getting a doctor referral for medical marijuana? Then think Green Meds.

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ome of the owner’s favorites are the Romulan, Headband, S.A.G.E., and Maui. I am going to have to agree because all four of these were on my favorite list as well. The Romulan is an Indica with nice purple hues in it. Next, the Headband was very distinct in its smell and taste. It is a Sour Diesel x OG Kush hybrid. The buds were in small clusters, which I like to call popcorn buds. This is a nice Sativa/Indica blend with a good amount of uplift to it. Now onto the Sativa dominant strains...Both the S.A.G.E. and Maui were packed with trichomes. Rocky Mountain Caregivers has a lens that fits right on top of the glass jars for just the right amount of magnification and without having to handle the nugs to get a closer look. And what an impressive view it was of these Sativas! The S.A.G.E. has a high potency level and an aroma of wild Colorado sage. Very nice! It is said to have a 20% THC content. And what does the acronym stand for? The answer is Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium. So, that means that it is not a pure Sativa, but I thought that the alertness from the Sativa really came through with this one. Lastly, the Maui has a refreshingly pure and clean taste to it. Now this is a truly inspiring Sativa. The indoor category is extensive and contains only the highest quality medication. However, the greenhouse selections also look really good and are tasty too! For less of a cost, you can buy high quality green from this category for $14/gram, as well as the outdoor strains at only $11/gram (member pricing)! If you are on a budget for your meds, you can easily find a strain to fit your needs among the outdoor strains. They call them Earth, Wind, Fire & Water. The potency is still there, although the trichome count may be lower. Just think of all the power and energy these plants get from natural sunlight. And, this category brought a wonderful sweet earthy flavor to the table. I have just scratched the surface of their large selection of bud. But, what else does RMC have to offer? As I mentioned above, the house was built in 1896 and comes complete with all the charm and detail of that era. There is a cozy waiting area with a fireplace for you to relax and kick up your feet while you wait for the staff to provide you with one-on-one customer service. Upstairs you can find their medication lounge, which accommodates patients with vaporizers and a comfortable place to medicate. Downstairs, the med room itself is set-up well with two stools at the counter so you can sit down while you examine and select the nugs that are right for you. Most importantly, the staff is both very knowledgeable and helpful. They are there to guide you through your journey to finding what medication will best fit your needs. Both new and veteran patients alike will benefit from the high quality customer service that you will find at RMC. And, you can rest easy knowing that this business will be giving back to the community. RMC plans to give 5% of its income to charity. The charities selected will be ones that would benefit from our medical marijuana community, such as organizations for sarcoma, HIV and MS. One more thing that adds to peace of mind is that RMC is a secure and safe place to hang out. If you don’t smoke but are looking for edibles, then RMC has you covered as well. They have a chef prepared menu of edibles, so you will be able to order the amount of baked goods or other foods that you need. This is a convenient way to stock up on meds without being at the mercy of how many brownies you can find behind the counter on any given day. Made to order? I say right on. Also, there is bubble hash and honey oil (hash oil) available. They have a variety of different medication types to cover many patient needs. With such a broad selection already, the owners spoke of future plans to increase the number of strains behind the counter to a whopping 50. Some strains to come include Kali Black, Chemdawg and all 4 of the owner’s #1 favorite: Grape Ape. They also mentioned a Grand Opening party that we can look forward to around New Years. RMC offers discount member pricing if you care to join. And, if you bring in a copy of this article, everyone can enjoy the member prices! That’s $54 for 1/8th of an ounce of indoor and $36 for 1/8th of outdoor. But that’s not all folks! When you make a purchase of $100 or more you will get a raffle ticket entering you to win one free ounce of indoor grown bud. This raffle will be held at the end of every month, so be sure to stop by and get entered. Rocky Mountain Caregivers is conveniently located at the NW corner of Pearl and Alameda in Denver. It is an easy to find location, even if you are not familiar with Denver. And, they are just minutes away from Wash Park. The getting there is easy and once you get inside, you will feel right at home. They are there to guide you through your journey to finding what medication will best fit your needs.

I enjoyed every minute I spent there ...and do look forward to making a return visit.

saving susie Q By Louie Hernandez Edited by Amy Heiden

This is a story about a young woman who has battled a very rare disease for many years and is reaching out to educate people about her disease and the treatments she’s taking to win her battle! This young woman would like to keep her identity concealed so her young son isn’t exploited. We will call her “Susie Q”! Susie Q was diagnosed seven years ago with Chondrosarcoma, which is a very rare disease, especially among children. Chondrosarcoma, a type of cancer, attacks the cartilage and soft tissue of the joints and lymph nodes. This is a very rare and more aggressive disease among children and does not pose as much of a threat to adults, however our Susie Q is an exception to this disease. As a child, the disease was contained and conquered quite easily for Susie Q. Unfortunately, today her disease has become extremely aggressive and a very fast-spreading disease! In September 2003, Susie Q, then only 15 years old, walked into her doctor’s office to have her left knee examined because she was having extensive knee pain. As a result, her doctor ordered an MRI, which lead to the diagnosis of Chondrosarcoma. The doctors were shocked by the extent of the disease, and five days later Susie Q underwent her first surgery. The doctors removed nine grams of sarcoma filled cartilage and over half of her meniscus (the cartilage pad found in the knee joint). She underwent two rounds of chemotherapy and a round of radiation. In June 2005, at almost 17 years old, Susie Q was deemed cancer free! However, in May 2009 Susie Q relapsed. The doctors believed the disease came back due to the stress from the death of her daughter. The chondrosarcoma had moved into the cartilage of her ankle as well as completely filling and engulfing her left leg. Since the illness has returned, she’s underwent two more rounds of chemotherapy with little to no effect on the cancer. In December 2009, Susie Q began taking weekly injections of Rooster Comb to help with the effects that the disease had on her knee. Rooster Comb is exactly what you think it is; it’s a rooster’s comb liquefied and injected into the knee to help with the effects of having cartilage removed. It is said to surround the cancer cells in the hope of containing the disease and preventing it from spreading further. Susie Q is going to undergo an alternative treatment. She will be using hash oil medication to help cure her disease. One pound of dry buds can produce about two ounces of high-grade hash oil. “This amount of oil will cure most serious cancers; the average person can ingest this amount in about three months,” writes Rick Simpson, who was crowned the Freedom Fighter of the Year 2009 at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam for his work with hash oil. The oil is very potent, so one must begin treatment with a very small dose. High quality hash oil is said to stop pain even when morphine is not effective, and can be applied to external injuries for pain relief in minutes. Also, no one has ever died from the use of cannaboid based medicine. Furthermore, Simpson states, “It is non-addictive, harmless and effective for practically any medical condition.” Additional information on hash oil and hemp politics can be found at Rick Simpson’s website: continue to page 43

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Susiz Q is a single mother of a beautiful little boy. This little boy lost his baby sister almost a year ago and needs his mother as much as she needs him. Her appeal for help and support follows:

1 lb.

of dry buds can produce about two ounces of high-grade hash oil. “This amount of medicine may cure some serious cancers; the average person can ingest this amount in about three months,” writes rick simpson, who was crowned the freedom fighter of the Year 2009 at the cannabis cup in amsterdam for his work with cannabis oil.

“I, ‘Susie Q’ am coming to you today asking for your prayers and your help to beat this disease! I’ve been fighting this for seven years and it’s taking a toll on my body, my spirit, and is financially taking it’s toll on my ability to give my son the life he so very much deserves! I do NOT however want anyone’s pity because I was given this path to walk by God for a reason and I’ve finally figured out why! If this treatment does have positive effects on my disease, imagine the lives it could save! I’m reaching out and asking for you support and asking you to please help “Save Susie Q!” I am 22 years old and have so much I’ve yet to do in life, and I want nothing more than to watch my son grow up as any mother would! I lost the privilege of watching my daughter grow up and I refuse to lose the chance to watch my son grow up!” The Suzie Q Project is important to me because it’s a chance to make a difference in ONE PERSON’S LIFE that could potentially affect hundreds of thousands of other people due to its outcome. There are many unknown variables with this procedure, as it has only been tested on brain cancer. Knowing that it had positive effects on brain cancer gave me the ambition to organize and fund this project. It has given my patient an overwhelming surge of strength to fight and be strong. In the last month and a half, we have surrounded her with great people who support her and keep her active. At this point, she believes there is nothing that she can’t overcome; she is ready to fight, aware of the path of travel, and the obstacles she still needs to conquer. We have provided her a sound support group and positive attitudes. It’s my determination to make a difference in this community by changing one life at a time. It’s all possible if you know The Secret. Thanks to Natures Medicine for their fundraising support and Locals Emporium for Alternative Farms (LEAF) for doctor assistance and project support and Louie Hernandez, owner, What’s Growin’ On Colorado To find out how you can get involved and help save Susie Q, please email Louie Hernandez at

Fa C T

A chondrosarcoma is a type of cancer of




is a cartilage-based tumor and is in a category of cancers called sarcomas. About 25% of primary bone cancers (meaning those which start in the bone) are chondrosarcomas. This disease can affect people or animals of any age, although it is more common among older people than among children.

Chondrosarcoma (images and definition from wikipedia)

Meet Jerry A dude and his dispensary By Amy Heiden


you have been searching for high quality medicine in the mountains, then look no further. You can find it at Medical Marijuana of the Rockies (MMR) located in beautiful Frisco. Multiple flower strains, edibles, concentrates, clones, merchandise and more can all be found inside their top-notch shop. They are conveniently located and a have a staff that is sure to please. Alternative health therapy, massage and patient doctor referrals are also available through MMR. Medical Marijuana of the Rockies is a gem in the mountains. They are available to patients seven days a week. Call them at 970-668-MEDS (6337) I sat down with the owner, Jerry, and asked him what his motivation was for creating Medical Marijuana of the Rockies. He replied, “I’ve gone through a lot of medical problems from ulcerative colitis and diabetes to chronic liver failure twice due to primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) and hence two liver transplants.” Jerry went through the ulcerative colitis originally at age 18 and was dealing with a lot of medical problems. He told me that he could not take anything for relief because he feared that pharmaceutical drugs would destroy his liver. The Grateful Dead and Rasta cultures turned Jerry on to cannabis. He pointed out that these cultures have vast knowledge on the medicinal uses of marijuana that is based on an ancient knowledge. These cultures consist of many people, both young and old, that study naturopathic medicine, ethnopharmacology and biology. Jerry discovered medical marijuana through the guidance of those who know cannabis best. Medical marijuana is a perfect fit for Jerry. He said “Cannabis is great because its healing properties don’t function within the immune system like a lot of other plant medicines do.” This is of particular importance to a patient after an organ transplant, which is a time when the immune system has been especially taxed. Jerry has learned such a tremendous amount of information during his own fight. He said that, “I want to share this knowledge with other cultures. I want to help the dying and I want to do it by educating the rest that are ignorant.” It is a beautiful thing that all the useful information about medical marijuana is finally getting heard. Jerry’s mission is to share courage, love and knowledge of this medicine to develop unity in our communities. It is hard to believe that just one year ago Jerry was in the hospital and unable to work. I saw a smile on Jerry’s face the entire time that I was at MMR. It was so contagious that I found myself smiling too. I really liked the vibe of the dispensary. There is a comfortable hang out area complete with couch where you can relax while waiting to go to the med room. While you wait you can check out the selection of one of a kind, locally made glass pipes. Some of these outstanding pieces of workmanship contain opal or other crystals inside the glass. They have some creative glass belt buckle bowls and high quality ornate paperless blunts. And, they are all made in the Frisco and Leadville mountain areas. On your way to the med room, take a minute look at their large stock of clones available to those patients who are interested in growing their own medicine. Jerry informed me that the clones at MMR are all 1st or 2nd generation clones. This way, genetics can be traced back more accurately and it takes the guesswork out of verifying the flower strain. In fact, you can take a look at the mother plant that the clones came from. Or, if you prefer to grow from seed, then you can purchase seeds in a packet a five at MMR as well. continue to page 46

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“I want to help the dying and I want to do it by educating the rest that are ignorant.” - Jerry, owner, Medical Marijuana of the Rockies (MMR) Time to go into the med room. Almost twenty different strains of medical marijuana lined the counter. I saw New York Sour Diesel, Summit Sweet Skunk, G13 Haze, Bubbleberry, SAGE, Strawberry Kush, Hong Kong, Juicy Fruit and Grape Ape which were all looking really good as was every other strain they carry. What a nice selection! And, all strains are very high quality. You will not feel like you have to settle for sub-par nugs. Each and every glass jar was filled with top-notch buds and boy were they big! Forget the bottom of the barrel shake purchases you have made in times of desperation. You will have your pick of the litter here! Upon trying to decide which strain I liked best, I realized that they are all the best at Medical Marijuana of the Rockies. Finally, high quality medicine available in a variety of different flower strains! That is nice to see. More than just a few varieties at MMR really caught my eye. The Hong Kong has such a unique and strong smell, which is exotic yet in some ways reminiscent of diesel. It has a lightly spicy taste and a good potency. Although this strain is a low producer, the buds are of the highest quality. The Summit Sweet Skunk is grown organically and locally in the mountains. These nugs are dense and packed with trichomes. That, plus a nice bright floral smell and taste, is what makes this local strain really special. Other local mountain stains include a delicious Strawberry Kush. This one has the most mouth-watering smell that reminds me of strawberry taffy or cotton candy. And back to organics, the SAGE is another impressive jar of buds. This organic dirt-grown SAGE smells amazing and pure. The G13 Haze is organic too! If you are into organically grown weed, then also look for the Silver Haze and Shark strains coming soon. If you are heading to the slopes after you stop in at MMR, your meds will be well protected on the mountain in one of their small glass nug jars. Or you can buy a pre-rolled joint if you are good enough to keep from falling on it. Hey, we’ve all pulled that crooked bent joint out of our pocket halfway through a ski day. Nothing beats that. Both joints and glass med jars allow patients to stay active while they medicate. And, with prices that won’t break the bank you can afford to buy your meds and still have enough money left for a lift ticket. Still fifty cents short? MMR is doing their part to encourage recycling by giving patients 50 cents back when they bring back their empty medicine containers. Something that really knocked my socks of was their selection of medical hash. When I visited they had four different types of hash to choose from. Other concentrates MMR carries include kief and in-house made tinctures. They had a great variety of medical marijuana edibles including cookies, zucchini bread, lollipops and other candies, Rice Krispie treats dipped in ganja chocolate, apple butter jelly, chocolate coins and even ice cream. If you are not into sweets then check out their medicinal meals. They have potato bacon soup, chillin’ turkey chili and pesto tortellini, which all look incredible. Their most tempting treat may be the high dosage Kitchen Sink Cookie by The Medicinal Gourmet that, as you probably guessed, has everything in it but the kitchen sink. They even have gluten-free cookies and sugar-free chocolate to suit those with special dietary needs. Each edible is labeled with the amount of cannabis butter or tincture it contains so there won’t be any surprises. The dispensary staff is knowledgeable and can provide patients with a wealth of information from strain specifics to clone care. Jerry completed a training program on medical marijuana and modern extraction sciences at Cannabis University. He is your man if you have questions about hash. But not only that, the owner and other staff members bring personal experience to the table, which gives MMR a deeper understanding of patient needs. Being patients themselves, the staff is there to help new patients fully understand the medical marijuana licensing process and beyond Medical Marijuana of the Rockies provides meds from compassionate licensed caregivers to our state’s legal patients. Their top quality buds ensure that you don’t have to settle for second-class green. Even the connoisseur can find nugs to meet their expectations here. To top it all off you will find a fun staff that can fully answer your questions. You can feel the love. At MMR you can find authentic medical marijuana patients and caregivers helping other patients. Now that is a thing of beauty.

Available at Herbal Connections, Denver

Wow, What a year!!! Can you believe what exciting times medical cannabis proponents and drug policy reform advocates are experiencing here in Colorado? The state Medical Marijuana registry has soared from around 4,000 patients at the first of the year, to over 14,000 on the Department of Health and Environment report in August, and who knows how many now? I’ve heard reports of over 400 new patient applications per day to the registry, so are we looking at 20,000 or 30,000 patients at the Dec 31 report? For sure, at least one area of the state economy is not in a recession and registry workers should feel secure in their jobs. The progress is not all in the area of medical cannabis. Here in Colorado we have the two cities in the whole country with the most progressive marijuana laws. In Nov 2007 voters overwhelmingly approved Denver’s Initiated Question-100 which made adult private use and possession marijuana by persons 21 years of age and older the city’s lowest enforcement priority. In November 2009, Breckenridge voters passed its initiative 2F with a whopping 71% approval making possession of under an ounce of marijuana, and marijuana paraphernalia, legal for adults 21 and older under city law. Who could have imagined this ten years ago, and where are we going to be a few short years from now? A lot of it depends on YOU. Let me introduce myself. I’m Bob Wiley, a retired military and commercial airline pilot who has been active in drug policy reform for the past fifteen years. I had the good fortune to get connected with Sensible Colorado several years ago and am thrilled to be associated with its mission. Sensible Colorado, is the state’s leading drug policy reform organization which has had an impressive record of success in helping to shape the landscape of reform here in Colorado to include the victories mentioned above. In the medical marijuana arena, Sensible Colorado and Americans for Safe Access have joined on a shared project: Colorado Campaign for Safe Access to provide information and resources for Colorado’s medical marijuana patients, caregivers, compassion clubs, and dispensaries. Please check out the extensive resources dealing with all aspects of Colorado’s medical marijuana program at http:// This web segment covers everything from how to become a registered patient, how to discuss medical cannabis with your physician to include informative booklets from Americans for Safe Access that describe the benefits of cannabis in treatment of numerous medical conditions. Patients need to be the strongest advocates for their own medical care and these booklets are excellent material to share with a physician on how medical cannabis can improve your medical condition. Included in the Campaign for Safe Access is a guide to preparing a legal defense in the rare case that some infraction is alleged by law enforcement. This short three page guide provides bullet point steps that must be taken to protect patient rights and bring support from advocates who have successfully defended similar cases on a number of occasions. Regardless of the situation, one of the initial actions should be to contact Sensible Colorado and engage community awareness. A parallel effort for Sensible Colorado is their Colorado Marijuana Initiative , an ongoing project dedicated to educating Coloradoans about the cost of marijuana prohibition and developing new municipal and state policies that saves tax dollars, protect our youth, and increases drug abuse treatment and education programs. “Now why, you might ask, do we need to know about all these resources from Sensible Colorado?” Well, there will be many changes to cannabis policy here in the next year and we as responsible citizens need to be a part of the process. Patients, their families, caregivers, dispensary employees, growers, physicians and myriad other affected people need to become involved in advocating for policies that will protect a patient’s access to his medicine. Cities, counties and municipalities are currently wrestling with how they will manage, restrict, tax or otherwise attempt to prohibit operations which support a patient’s constitutional right to medical cannabis. The legislature will be debating these same issues and we can expect a fair amount of “Reefer Madness” thinking from folks who simply have not been educated regarding the medical efficacy of cannabis. We need for everyone to become involved, subscribe to Sensible Colorado’s email alert to learn of important events and generate a public response when appropriate. If possible donate a few dollars to the movement. Become educated on the issues and respectfully share your knowledge with decision makers in your community. Cannabis patients are voters, tax payers, parents, school board members, teachers, attorneys and regular folks in just about every industry in the state. If legislators do not hear from us, the new Colorado statutes regulating medical marijuana could significantly impair a patient’s access to his medicine. The outcome is up to YOU. Be well, be safe, be legal. Cheers, Bob Send questions or comments to Bob at


ar Ye, Hear Ye!

The first annual Western Slope Cannabis Crown will be held at the Gant in Aspen on April 17th and 18th, 2010. Available activities will include raffles, massages, informative guest speakers, live reggae music, movies, and much more. You can even hit the hot tub if you are in the mood. General admission tickets can be purchased at participating dispensaries for $25. And, you do not have to be a medical marijuana cardholder to attend. Of course, there will be certain areas for patients only, such as the judging area.

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aking at the very first m e h t n i y tor s i h f o t r a p

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This year’s speakers will include Rick Cusick, associate publisher of High Times Magazine, and

Anita Thompson, wife

of Hunter S. Thompson

There will be doctors speaking at the Crown as well, and they will be available to answer both patient and non-patient questions. Additional information can be found at dispensary booths, set-ups from medicinal edibles companies, and even movies including Reefer Madness. Also participating in the event will be Aspen country doctor, Wendy Zaharko, MD. She will be at the Crown to certify qualifying patients for MMJ and to answer their medical questions and concerns. Dr. Zaharko said that she is “happy to be a part of the movement”. Also, she would love to see the medical marijuana community become tobacco free. Her advice: “Take a toke rather than a smoke”.

Already twenty-two dispensaries have entered to find out if their medicine is worthy of winning the Cannabis Crown. Entrants include Gods Gift and Green Light of Grand Junction, Peaceful Warrior of Glenwood Springs, and Alternative Medical Solutions of Aspen. Think you have the best meds? For $200, you can enter your nugs into the competition. This price includes a two-bedroom condo at the Gant, so it pays for itself. Entrants will bring their showcase bud to display as well as an ounce for judging by Golden Ticket members. And, the winner gets an all expenses paid trip to Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup. Nice.


sted at T he Ga nt n e p in A s continue to page 54

Raffle tickets will be available at the Cannabis Crown. I must mention one of the killer raffle prizes: A complete grow set-up! This could be yours by simply purchasing a raffle ticket. With a $1,250 value, this prize will enable one lucky patient to grow their own medicine. And, you will be happy to hear that the raffle is non-profit and all proceeds will be going to help the disaster victims in Haiti. The promotional poster for the Crown was created by our very own Bart Gunderson of Nugsource. You can check out his artwork in the February issue of High Times as well as right here in our first Nugsource issue. Come to Aspen this April and have a blast while learning as much as possible from all the great resources that will be available at the first annual Western Slope Cannabis Crown. You can learn more about the Crown at: www. or

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Are you looking to experience a better life through alternative healing? ...Th

Review of Natures Medicine By Amy Heiden

Are you looking to experience a better life through alternative healing? Then check out Natures Medicine – the name says a lot. This alternative wellness center has holistic healing covered from acupuncture to vitamins, and everything in between. Medical marijuana, Chinese herbs and other supplements complement their wellness services to provide a complete package of care to their patients. And, with so many different services, medicines and products available Natures Medicine is truly a one-stop shop. Here, they have knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicines. Integrating East and West, Natures Medicine specializes in finding the holistic solutions that are the right fit for each individual patient. At Natures Medicine they have taken caregiving to another level. Owners Rich Present and Drew McNeil started their first Natures Medicine (NM) in Loveland only seven months ago and now have seven more locations including their Northern Colorado delivery service. You can find NM in Grand Junction, Durango, Pagosa Springs, Longmont, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins. Two more NMs will be opening in the Denver area very soon, so no matter where you live in Colorado, you can find Natures Medicine. You can check out for location details. The downtown Denver location opening later this January will be run by three women, putting a female perspective on care into play. Both ladies and gentlemen will benefit from such a valuable resource, which will offer a list of prospective services including yoga. Rich and Drew created Natures Medicine to provide safe and affordable holistic healing services to patients. The owners wanted to change the reality that patients were once forced to go to “hole in the wall” dispensaries to get their medicine. Every patient deserves the right to choose a secure and comfortable place to shop for meds. And that is what Natures Medicine brings to the table: a place where patients can relax and feel at ease. Never “sketchy”, NM provides an environment in which patients need not question the security of the location. This way, patients can focus on getting questions answered and finding the care regime that is right for them. Some of the alternative medicine techniques offered at NM include Hot Stone, Reiki, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Herbal Supplements, Vitamins, Cannabis, Edibles, Tinctures, Oils, and much more. And can you believe that massage costs just $25/hr for patients and $35/hr for non-patients? Wow! This just goes to show that going holistic doesn’t have to break the bank. NM compensates for the fact that most insurance plans do not cover many holistic services by charging these ultra-low rates. This way, patients on every budget can afford to go green with their medical care and explore the options that they thought were out of their price range. Back to the Chinese herbs, I must mention that NM carries 17th generation organic teas from China. This type of tea is available only with a prescription in China, where they take the healing powers of herbal tea very seriously. NM can tailor a program of teas and herbs to fit the specific needs of a patient. A true wellness center, NM uses these teas in conjunction with medical marijuana and other herbs, supplements and services to create a structured profile for patient care.

hen check out Natures Medicine – the name says a lot... A place where patients can ... Ticker Taper provided by

That’s not all that NM has in store.For starters, they are open to the public, which means that non-patients are allowed inside. There is nothing to hide in here! All are welcome to come in and get educated about medical marijuana and have access to the teas, supplements and merchandise Of course, you must have your MMJ license to gain access to the secure Bud Bar. Did someone say bud bar? I checked out their website to find out what was on the menu. I found over 35 different strains from a combination of the “A”,“B” and “C” grades. And with their special pricing for primary patients, 1/8 of an ounce is just $50 for their top “A” quality nugs. Plus if you bring in your own jar, you will save another five bucks - what a deal! I browsed the “A” category and some of the harder to find strains that caught my eye included: DJ Short Blue, Ogeezel, Snow Dog, Short Bus, Papaya and Master Fuzz. Checking out their daily deals can save you even more money. These guys are constantly lowering their prices to give back to their customers. Finally a business that is all about the patients. Also in the bud bar you can find their edible selection, which includes some mad munchies that I have never seen before! They carry cannabutter covered marshmallows with nuts and coconut. Yum! And they have old-fasion fudge and popcorn balls too. Additionally, you can find many other medicinal edibles including brownies, muffins, chocolates, candies, cookies, krispys, majik bars, and more. They even offer a free edible to first timers! Nice. Natures Medicine has the different concentrates that you have been searching for all in one place. Bud oil can be purchased for only $5/gram, which is yet another sweet deal from Natures Medicine. Tinctures are made in-house and are said to be the best around. They have hash available and other concentrates as well. Making it possible to find everything you need in one place makes NM very convenient. I learned something else extraordinary about Natures Medicine. Owners Drew and Rich created a spin-off radio station called GreeneRadio, a non-profit organization that keeps listeners up to date on the GREEN movement. There is a live webcast on weekdays at 4:20, broadcasted right out of Loveland. On-line folks can tune in at for MMJ news and updates, crop reports, health info, education on green politics and more. Check their forum page to chat about hot topics such as environmental issues, cannabis laws, and going GREEN. With a radio station and a prospected 15 locations, NM is doing even more than helping patients; they are helping our economy. Real estate, retail and other markets are all healing with the income from the MMJ industry. Finally, all the positives of medical marijuana are coming to light. As Rich Present so eloquently put it, “The stereotypical world of marijuana is coming to an end.” NM wants to see marijuana patients coming out into the open. There should be nothing uncomfortable about going to a wellness center or dispensary. The staff at Natures Medicine is there to provide both knowledge and comfort in hopes that every patient leaves with a smile. Their goal is for patients to leave feeling like they got the most possible out of Natures Medicine. Natures Medicine is changing the view of the dispensary by providing care on all levels. The wellness center is an all–in-one place to find affordable holistic healing services and products. The employees love people and bring compassion and knowledge into the ‘spense. Plus, in the secure and safe environment they created at NM, patients can feel comfortable and confident while making the important decisions about their care. And by integrating medical marijuana with other natural methods and herbs, patients can reap the full benefit of alternative medicine. Finally Colorado residents have access to a program that can meet all their holistic healing needs, so if you have been considering “going green” with your care, now you can do it and still stay within your budget. Holistic healing is now available to everyone, which, of course, is the way it’s meant to be.

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EasyÊ PotentÊ PotÊ Brownies YouÊ willÊ needÊ oneÊ boxÊ ofÊ brownieÊ mix Ê( IÊg otÊb ettyÊcro ckerÕ sÊw ithÊrea lÊch ocolateÊs yrup) 1/2Ê cupÊ vegtableÊ oilÊ (orÊw hateverÊa mountÊi tÊr equiresÊo nÊy ourÊb oxÊo fÊb rownieÊm ix) 2Ê eggsÊ( orÊw hateverÊa mountÊo fÊeg gsÊreq uiredÊo nÊy ourÊb ox) 3/4--1Ê fullÊ ozÊ ofÊ shakeÊ( anyÊq ualityÊw illÊd o) 1Ê cupÊ nutsÊ ofÊ yourÊ choiceÊ( optional)

YouÊw illÊn eedÊto Êg rindÊu pÊy ourÊs hakeÊi ntoÊa Êp owder,Êy ouÊc anÊu seÊa Êb lenderÊa ndÊg rindÊi t,Êo rÊa Êc offeeÊg rinder,Êo nceÊi tsÊa Ên iceÊp owder,Ê setÊi tÊa side. NextÊy ouÊw illÊn eedÊa Ês killetÊl ikeÊp anÊo rÊj ustÊa Êm edÊs izeÊp ot,Êp utÊt heÊr equiredÊo ilÊf orÊy ourÊb rowniesÊi nÊt heÊp anÊa ndÊh eatÊt heÊo ilÊo nÊa Ê med-lowÊh eat,Êa ddÊy ourÊs hakeÊp owderÊa ndÊc ontinueÊt oÊs tirÊi tÊc onstantlyÊf orÊa boutÊ5- 7Êm inutes,Êo nceÊi tÊh asÊa Ên iceÊs mellÊi tÕ sÊd one,Ê ifÊi tÊsm ellsÊÒ hotÓ Ê youÊm ightÊh aveÊc ookedÊi tÊt ooÊl ong,Êy ouÊa reÊg oingÊf orÊa Ên ice,Êk indaÊn utty-toastyÊs mell.ÊO nceÊy ouÕ veÊa chievedÊt hatÊ aromaÊrem oveÊf romÊh eatÊa ndÊl etÊc ool. ThenÊm ixÊa llÊi ngredientsÊt ogetherÊi nÊa Êm ixingÊb owlÊ( rememberÊt oÊl etÊt heÊo il/shakeÊm ixtureÊc oolÊo rÊy ourÊe ggsÊm ightÊt urnÊ scrambled,Ên otÊy ummy.) ThenÊi nÊa Êg reased,Ên oÊl essÊt hanÊ9Ó ,Ês quareÊp anÊa ddÊy ourÊm ixtureÊa ndÊb akeÊi nÊa Êp reheatedÊo venÊo fÊa roundÊ325Êd egreesÊf orÊ20- 40Ê minutesÊ( dependingÊo nÊy ourÊb oxÊo fÊb rownies). OneÊb oxÊo fÊb rownieÊm ixÊs houldÊy ieldÊa boutÊ18Êg ood-sizedÊb rownies. ThereÊy ouÊg o,Êea sy,Êp otentÊb rownies,Êw hichÊn otÊo nlyÊw ork,Êb urÊt asteÊd amnÊg ood!ÊB ecauseÊw eÊt urnedÊt heÊs hakeÊi ntoÊa Êp owderÊ youÊsh ouldÊn otÊb eÊa bleÊt oÊt asteÊa nyÊm arijuana,Êo rÊg etÊa nyÊu npleasantÊc hunks. TryÊt hisÊr ecipeÊa ndÊl etÊm eÊk nowÊh owÊi tÊw orkedÊf orÊy ou.

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Review of

Ganja Gourmet By Amy Heiden

Please allow me to introduce America’s first medical marijuana restaurant, Ganja Gourmet. At Ganja Gourmet you will find a medical marijuana dispensary with a tasty twist. Positive energy and a chill atmosphere can be found within their beautifully decorated space. Even the exterior of the building looks spectacular with a wicked cool mural painted by their very own chef. Senses rejoice from sight, sound, smell and taste. This is a place to not only find an amazing selection of delicious foods and quality meds, but also to find new friends sitting around the bud bar. I walked into Ganja Gourmet and was immediately greeted by their super friendly and caring staff. I sat at the bud bar counter, which was colorfully tiled in mosaics and pictures of nugs and pot brownies. Behind the bar, the budtender was eagerly waiting to show off their top quality bud and concentrates. Quickly, an appetizer of ganjanade (ganja tapenade) with homemade fogata bread was placed in front of me and at no charge.That’s right – I said free food! And, in GG’s effort to go green they are serving on recycled containers. You can start to munch down on the absolutely delicious garlic-packed ganjanade while you’re still reading the menu and it is free to everyone that walks in the door. And oh what an amazing menu it is! Ganja Gourmet (GG) has everything from appetizers and salads to entrees and onto desserts. You can make a full meal with some Green Greens (salad), meat or vegetable LaGanja (lasagna) and a piece of creamy cheesecake. Their impressive cheesecakes are available in chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple or cherry for $12 a piece. If you are in the mood for pizza you can grab a $12 slice for there or to go. GG makes creative Panama Red Pizza with only premium toppings including feta and goat cheeses. New York comes to mind when you get pizza of this quality, so it comes as no surprise that owner Steve Horwitz is from NYC. And, with menu items like almond horns you know you are getting the real deal. I haven’t seen an almond horn since I left Jersey. As you can read on the menu, the almond horns are a “must try, its an east coast thing”. It’s hard enough to find New York quality eats out here in Colorado, let alone medicated foods made in small batches with fresh ingredients and love. Check out this list of desserts: giant Killer Kandies (double dose candy cups available in peanut butter, almond or owner Steve Weed’s favorite chocolate coffee bean), brownies, new space cakes (super strong!), vegan peanut butter drops, diabetic blondies, low-fat apple & almond muffins, low-fat dark chocolate cranberry walnut granola bars, ganja chocolate covered gummy bears for $10, and more. About his fave Killer Kandie, Steve said, “The reason I like that product is that the sugar, caffeine, chocolate and the weed make it a very powerful hyper awake alert buzz. So they’re really fun.” His favorite thing to do on a powder day is to eat them at 7:30 in the morning on the way to the chair lift. Good times. Back to those brownies, I heard the patients at the bud bar raving about them before I even tried one and boy were they right. You can get them in four delicious flavors: Chocolate Lovers, Sweet Raspberry, Coconut and American Heath Bar. The coconut brownie was my favorite; think German chocolate cake. A deliciously potent chocolate brownie topped with sweet icing and coconut. It packs a punch! And don’t worry, this edible wasn’t sitting around on a shelf all wrapped up for ages. All their deserts are made fresh restaurant style and your taste buds will know the difference. Single strength brownies are only $8 and $15 for double dose. And, check out their hand-made entrees including an authentic garlic hummus and baba ghanoush platter called Ganja Ghanoush, one of their stronger entrees that comes complete with pita for dipping. Steve clearly had his New York home in mind when creating the menu at Ganja Gourmet. Growing up in the New York restaurant industry, Steve’s parents were in the restaurant design business. This influence can be seen in the beautiful artwork displayed throughout GG. In fact, Ganja Gourmet’s chef Jenny is an artist on the canvas as well as in the kitchen. She contributed to GG’s décor with some of her gorgeous and unique paintings. I was glad to see that Bob Marley is well represented on the spense walls as well. What a cool space. I could hang out at the Ganja Gourmet for hours! And I did.

In chatting with Steve, I learned some fun facts about the man behind the munchies. Lovingly nicknamed “Captain ADD”, Steve spoke of his childhood experiences with hyperactivity. “Being 51 years old, nobody really diagnosed ADD when I was a kid in school.” Of course, back then ADD was not as widely known as it is today. Steve felt that he didn’t fit in and had a lot of trouble in school. He realized at a young age that mainstream culture was not the right fit for him. Marijuana culture welcomed him and he soon found that smoking could calm down his ADD. Not long thereafter, he got motivated and started his first business, a restaurant magazine, by the age of 21. This young entrepreneur didn’t stop there. Steve took his ambition all the way to Colorado where he fell in love with the state on a ski vacation 24 years ago. Six years later he gave up his NY business and moved to Colorado. When it was time to start up a new business, Steve started Magnet Man, later renamed Magnets & More. He went from selling ski country knick-knacks to promotional products for realtors and hospitals. Due to a suppressed economy and the resulting spending freezes it was time once again for Steve to come up with a new business idea. Soon, Ganja Gourmet was born. Why a dispensary and restaurant? Steve answered, “The reason I decided to open up a dispensary is because I am passionate about smoking marijuana but I am much more passionate about eating it.” Steve saw a void in the marketplace for fresh gourmet medicinal edibles. His personal experience with ADD and the relief he found from marijuana created the desire within him to help other people discover the benefits of MMJ. The first point in GG’s mission statement reads, “To fulfill each patient’s medical needs, by providing the largest selection of the best quality strains to heal what ails them.” The best quality strains; let’s examine that in more detail. Organic Sour Diesel, White Rhino, Western Slope Thunder, Jack Herer, Trainwreck and Skunk #1 highlighted a long list of impressive buds. I must say that the Skunk #1 was some dank with the stank! You don’t even need to stick your face in the jar! By the time the lid was off, that yummy skunk smell had put a smile on my face. No surprise that the Skunk #1 is the staff favorite at Ganja Gourmet. The Western Slope Thunder is a hard to find 100% sativa strain that you don’t want to miss. You can feel free to take a medicating bong hit right at the bar. And, all of these top shelf nugs can be yours for only $50 an 1/8th, with tax included. GG figures, why should patients pay more than street pricing? Right on. It is so lax and convenient being able to medicate right at the dispensary. If the powers that be are able to see the positives of allowing people to medicate in a dispensary, then we can enjoy the experience not only now but also in days to come. Steve said, “It’s nice for the patients that have a tough life and don’t like to hang out in bars and don’t know people.” At Ganja gourmet you can meet and med with other patients that you have something in common with. “That’s a very important thing. As an ADD un-mainstream person who doesn’t fit in anywhere and hates cigarette smoke and doesn’t hang out in bars I can absolutely tell you that it is making a tremendous difference in peoples lives, being able to hang out and meet people”, said Steve. A funny thing happened while I sat with Steve. A phone call came in from a patient asking if they had any Purple Kush in stock. Steve puts them on hold a sec, leaves the room and comes back with 5 large glass nug jars in his arms. He gets back on the call and tells the patient, “not only do we have Purple Kush we also have Bubba Kush, Orange Kush, Original Kush and Zandi Kush.” I found this to be hilarious and it shows that these guys are more than just “foodies” but pot connoisseurs as well. Plus they know their concentrates. Budtender Joe, “the weed man”, educated me on the process of making hash oil and gave me a demo on how to easily and neatly get the tiny drop of oil onto your bud using a paper clip. Their hash oil is made with top quality ChemDog and contains 80% THC. Also, they have rare lemon kief, regular kief, hash and in-house made tinctures. They even sell “Dope on a Rope” hemp seed oil soap. “Don’t smoke it… soak it”, reads the label. Where can you find all these wonders that I speak of? They are located at 1800 South Broadway just three blocks north of Evans and next to a hookah bar. You know, it is the neighborhood also known as Reefer Row, Broadsterdam or the Green Mile. Ganja Gourmet is open seven days a week from 11am – 9pm, so you can get a hunk of LaGanja any day of the week. I would like to sum things up with one last point from the Ganja Gourmet mission statement. It reads, “To make all of our customers and employees lives better, by providing them with a cool place to chill, feel comfortable and meet new people.” Before I left GG, Joe came back and told Steve that a cool guy at the bar bought another patient a slice of pizza because he wanted her to experience it too. Steve smiled and said, “And that’s what we are trying to create here, a buzz where people meet people and help each other.” Mission accomplished. At Ganja Gourmet they are making a difference in people’s lives and in their stomachs too.

Chem Dawg Diesel & it’s hybrids are known for both their high potencies and especially for their distinctive flavor Diesel co-originated from a colorado indica called chem/dawg as a bag/seed female obtained at a Grateful Dead show. then a dozen seeds from that with an unkown father wound up in massachusetts. it’s possible that the original female was an hermaphrodite and self pollinated. Clones from the second batch changed hands when two friends met at a Phish concert. the new grower from NYC didn’t like the chem/dawg name and called it diesel. Chem/ Dawg 85% sativa 15% Indica 15-20% THC Potency

Medicinal attributes Great functional affect (if used sparingly) Intense body affect (if used liberally) Great as a sleep aid Mood lift, euphoria, laughter Relaxation, stress reduction Creative, philosophical or deep thinking : ideas flow more easily Increased awareness of senses. (eating, drinking, smell) Increase in body/mind connection. Pain relief Reduced nausea, increased appetite

available at...

Herbal Connections Denver (720) 999-6295

LA Kush Stoney High The Kush strain family which is named after it’s birth place, the Hindu Kush region of the Himalayan Mountains in Afghanistan (ex. Hindu Kush, OG Kush, Master Kush, Bubba Kush, Purple Kush, etc). Kush is usually a Indica dominated strain with a very stoney high This lady forms a short squat bush with very dense intermodes and huge fan leaves, staying in the 2-3 foot height range indoors. With topping or pinching she will be at least as wide as she is tall. Purple Kush’s foliage exhibits a classic indica growth pattern: a sturdy bush with dark green hues and hints of purple toward ripeness. Kush is versatile, performing well for both indoor and outdoor growers. She does very well in a screen of green (SCROG) setup. Kush buds form tight chunky nuggets with hints of purple in the tips of the calyxes, as well as the soft pine bouquet and a sweet, taste on an earthy foundation. her very frosty veneer of glands will please both the connoisseur of indica potency and the hashish fan. The L.A. Kush high is strong, deep stone 100% INDICA./ GREAT BED-TIME 18-20% THC Potency The indica highs are most often described as a pleasant body buzz. Indicas are great for relaxation, stress relief, and for an overall sense of calm and serenity. Marijuana indicas are also very effective for overall body pain relief, and often used in the treatment of insomnia. They are the late - evening choice of many smokers as an all - night sleep aid. A few pure indica strains are very potent in THC, and will cause the “couchlock” effect, enabling the smoker to simply sit still and enjoy the experience of the smoke.

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