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"express yourself"

yourself will only

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confirm the positivity within you My curiosity always gets the better of me. Where did the popular, oftrepeated phrase, “Express Yourself,” originate? And what did it mean? My first personal association with the phrase was from Madonna’s 1989 hit song titled “Express Yourself” with its message to demand that your lover professes (expresses) his love for you. (Love this! Amen, sister!) But even more intriguing to me is understanding what “express yourself” means now; what is its definition thirty years later? I would argue it is a synonym for authenticity. "Express yourself” has come to mean telling the world who you are, revealing the consistent and unalterable core of you that determines how you feel, what you think, what you value, your quirks, your strengths, your personality; the true one-of-a-kind you, in freeflow. Easy enough, right?  How hard can it possibly be to BE you? It seems as though it is something that should come inherently, as simple and easy as learning to walk or speak. Cultural, familial, societal and even religious programming, along with learning that validation from others is something to aspire to, interferes with and cripples our ability to be our true selves. Instead of being empowered to “express yourself” we get sucked into “second-guess yourself.”  For

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