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social media... simplified!

Finally! Some easy answers to your Social Media Marketing questions! OK, so we all know we need to be engaging with our customers via social media- but how? You just know there has to be more to social media marketing than just throwing out silly tidbits on Twitter or inane postings on Facebook. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, BlogSpot, push marketing (or is it 'pull'?) ...sometimes it seems that everything is constantly changing, and moving so fast that it seems so overwhelming!

Well, it doesn't have to be. Despite what all the so-called 'Social Media Masters' would have you believe, the fact is that if you are in business, the essence of what you do has not changed. That is, you must still get your product or service in front of your potential and existing customers. Social Media is just another tool for doing that. The important thing is to have a clear goal and an organized campaign strategy that ties all of your Social Media marketing efforts together- along with your other web-centric marketing. SoSoSuite provides the answers to your Social Media questions by the following: 1. Removing the 'mystery' from the process. 2. Teaching you how to set up your Social Media presence. 3. Teaching you how to run an effective, results oriented marketing campaign. 4. Giving you a platform of tools to effectively manage all of your Social Media Marketing Campaigns, and properly tie it together with all of your other internet marketing efforts.

the suite | explained • ALL of these incredible features for one great low monthly rate •

the dashboard The SoSoSuite Dashboard allows you to completely manage, monitor and analyze all of your Social media campaigns, strategies and reputation.Our Dashboard is an analytics solution that tracks your social networks, websites & blogs, and allows you to schedule posts in advance, taking control of your social media efforts The SoSoSuite Dashboard is a social analytics solution that allows you to track your social network accounts just the same way you would track the performance of your websites. The Dashboard offers a range of tools to help with reporting, marketing campaigns, conversion tracking as well as with semantic analysis of your social data. Who is it for? The SoSoSuite Dashboard lets you see and analyze your data in an entirely new way. Whether it's for yourself, on behalf of your membership, congregation, or inside a larger organization, The Dashboard makes you more aware of your social space, its demographics, sentiment, location and behavioral patterns. How does it work? All you have to do is add your social network accounts to the Dashboard. We track all relevant activity within your network, update your Dashboard, and offer insightful reporting.

email marketer

Included is a full service email marketing platform that allows you to send unlimited emails to your database. As you successfully build your email list, you use this tool to send beautiful, professional looking emails and newsletters to all of your clients, members, students, congregation... The SoSosuite Email Marketer comes with dozens of completely customizable templates so that you can make beautiful and professional email newsletters, postcards etc. Change the layouts, colors, photos, text...anything and everything. It also includes complete analytic tools so you can measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns; how many emails were opened, by whom, what links did they click on etc...It's designed to be a complete Email Marketing Solution!

custom website creator Yes, with this tool, you can build beautiful a beautiful website by yourself! (The website was built using this same program!) Include videos, blogs, slideshows, contact signup sheets- pretty much anything you need. Even if you already have a company website, use this to make a custom website for your special projects or events! It's so easy, you won't need to rely on a web geek to have a great looking website, and you can make changes, updates and even complete redesigns instantly and at any time! Ecommerce, photo slideshows, video, downloadable forms...whatever you need on your website, the SoSoSuite Custom Website Creator can handle it, and handle it easily. Build your company's main website with it, or just build special events site for a customer open house! It's so easy and professional, you'll be looking for reasons to use it!

the suite | explained • ALL of these incredible features for one great low monthly rate •

custom fanpage builder Facebook allows you to customize your Fan Page to enhance your image and promote your company through special timeline tabs featuring special events, newsletter signups and more. Our Fanpage Builder gives you everything you need to take advantage of this! You can offer special discounts, membership signup sheets, volunteer signups, product information brochures and more! It's like having mini websites right on your Facebook Fanpage! With one of our app features, you can even embed your actual website into your Facebook Fanpage!

run contests & sweepstakes! With our Custom Fanpage Builder, you can also run sweepstakes and contests to generate sales leads and generate excitement among your target base. The app will let you design a beautiful and professional contest page like the one shown here and it will collect whatever information you request from the registrants (email addresses, names, phone numbers etc..) and it will even randomly determine the winner for you! Plus, you can download the code for the fan page so that you can then embed it within your website so you can promote the contest across all of your platforms to ensure the best results. it's a great example of how to tie all of your digital marketing efforts together toward a common goal.

website ranking analysis report This amazing website analysis tool will help you to understand and improve your website. We will send you a complete analysis of of any website you choose- (we can send you this report as often as once per month). This report will tell you how your website looks to the search engines so that you can get more traffic & maximize your web results. With the information gleaned here, you can continue to tweak your website and maintain a steady drive higher and higher in the search engine rankings.

unlimited computer backup With all of the effort, time and expense that goes into a comprehensive marketing strategy, the last thing you want is to lose your data. Computers crash, get stolen, suffer power surges...the list is endless. An onsite backup in the form of a secondary hard drive is nice, but it is just as vulnerable as your main computer to such things as theft, water damage, fire whatever. The only truly secure backup plan is an offsite, remote backup. Also, it needs to be something that you can set up and forget about until the day you need it. That's why we teamed up with one of the world's largest computer backup companies to bring you a completely automatic and unlimited computer backup program as part of the SoSoSuite Platform.

the suite | explained the sosuite coach This is what ties it all together. Our newsletter will keep you on track, with tips and strategies on how to make the most of all the software tools included in the entire SosoSuite platform. We share ideas on running different marketing campaigns, online contests, branding techniques & more. The latest in website trends, email techniques etc. We help you sort out the fluff from the real, results oriented methods. We'll also steer you through the maze of Social Media, explain how different tools may or may not be of benefit to your type of business. We also bring you tips and tricks to get more and more out of the platform so you can continue to benefit.

to sum it all up... Custom Website Builder

Custom Fanpage Manager

Unlimited Computer Backup

Contest/ Sweepstakes Manager

Social Media Dashboard

Website Analyzer

Email Campaign Manager

All of these tools are included in the SoSoSuite Platform- and all for one low monthly price of Just $79.00 per month! WAIT! For a limited time, we are offering the entire SoSoSuite platform for only $49.00/mo!!!! Media Kit  

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