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Zibarita by Caroline embraces a lifestyle of pleasure

through gourmet food, wine and the fine art of entertaining. Our goal is to make these pleasures accessible and simple to create for you and your guests. The idea of this name comes from Sibari, a little provence in the region of Calabria, Italy. The name originated from an old greek Colony, named Sibaris. Sibaris, was one of the most important colonies in the “Magna Grecia”, in 720 a.c, becoming a very famous place for it’s fertile soil and because of it’s people, “the Sibaritas” known for their dedication to enjoy the beauty of life and luxury. This term, has now become famous around the world to describe those people in love with life and the pleasures that it offers. Sibari, is a mystical place, an old city..... A legend..... The Sibaritas have an extraordinary culture with a long history, that left a legacy. And today all of us have a little bit of that magic inside the pleasure to share, with the people that we love. Zibarita, now with a name of it’s own,  is ours, a place to meet, our “3.14”   to celebrate the feast of life, where new stories will be born, with all the ingredients to create unforgettable experiences.... Maybe magic, that one day will become legend...

We invite you to enjoy fine wines and luxurious appetizers that are specially prepared by our select products at Zibarita. We have prepared a few simple and flavorful recipes, all based on the ingredients and products we carry. It is our pleasure to share these dishes and our recipes with you and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we do. There is no need to spend endless hours preparing gourmet cuisine for your guests when you can have the convenience of these ingredients already prepared for you or available to blend with a few other key products for a more sophisticated recipe. And the best part is that you don’t even need to leave your home to find these products as we will deliver everything to your home. All of our products are available for delivery through our webstore or by purchasing in our store at 3.14 Plaza (Nuevo Vallarta) or over the phone at (322)297.0295. Orders placed before 12:00pm will be delivered same day for items in-stock. We welcome you to enjoy the pleasures of the Zibarita lifestyle…… all the convenience, luxury and simplicity to master the art of entertaining.

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The Annual Membership Fee is $800 pesos. This membership provides the following benefits:

Zibarita offers an extensive wine list through our store at 3.14 Plaza (Nuevo Vallarta) and webstore to select your premium wines for weekly or monthly delivery.

•10% Discount on all bottles of wine ordered on-line or in-store.

If you are looking for something that is not on our list than let us know and we will order it for you. Become a Member of the Zibarita Wine Club and you will receive special pricing and discounts on wines and additional discounts on your product orders in-store or on-line throughout the year. As a Zibarita Wine Club Member you will enjoy the many rewards waiting for you!

•Wine will be delivered to your home same day or within 24 hours (in-stock). •Special offers and discounts sent via email throughout the year, introducing new products and ideas for entertaining. •Set up your Membership on-line at and select your wine orders, frequency of delivery (set date, weekly, monthly or auto-ship) and your wine will be delivered as often as you prefer. Repeat your orders or try new wines with each order!

Zibarita Catering Services

Contact us to cater your next brunch, lunch, dinner or cocktail party and we will take care of all of your entertaining needs. Zibarita will prepare a special menu for your event. Send us your request on-line at or call us at 322-297-0295 and we will prepare a menu and quote for your review. If this is a service you will use frequently than inquire about our Zibarita Catering Club Partnership to receive special pricing and custom menu options for you or your Clients.

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Need a gift for a friend or party you are attending but you don’t have time to go shopping? Place an order on-line at by selecting your products and putting them into the basket. Upon check-out you will be able to select a shipping address and date for delivery. Pay through our secure transaction system and your order will be placed! It can be delivered directly same day (orders placed before 12:00pm) or available for in-store pick-up. All gift baskets are also available for purchase in our store so stop by and create a custom basket for your next celebration. If you work for a service industry and you would like to reward or congratulate multiple clients with gift baskets, than inquire about our Gift Basket Club to receive special pricing and delivery benefits: Real Estate Agents – Congratulations for new home buyers – Property Managers/Rental Managers – Welcome gifts Hotel Concierge/Event Planners – Special gift for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, etc Flowers and other items not shown in-store or on-line can also be included in your gift baskets. Please allow additional time for these requests. Special Orders In addition to the products you will find in our store and on our website we can order anything upon special request. Don’t hesitate to call us and order products that are not available in most markets or grocery stores, such as specialty or imported meats, herbs, or produce as we will find the provider with the best quality products for you. There is no limit when entertaining your guests so let us help you find the ingredients for your special recipes. Call us at 322-297-0295 or send a request to

Fondue Zibarita Ingredientes • Queso manchego – 200g. • Queso gruyere – 300g. • Queso emmental – 150g. • Queso camembert – 100g. • Vino blanco – 100g. • Brandy – 50g. • Maicena – 1/2 cda.

Procedimiento Pelar los ajos, aplastarlos y frotarlos por el fondo de la cacerola de barro, dejar durante la cocción. Poner la cacerola a fuego medio, agregar el vino blanco. Luego que hierve agregar los quesos revolviendo e intercalando, dejando el camembert para el final. Bajar el fuego y revolver hasta que quede una mezcla homogénea. Diluir el almidón en el brandy y agregar revolviendo. Dejar que rompa el hervor, retocar el sabor y servir caliente acompañados de trozos de pan y un buen vino.

Ingredientes • Masa hojaldre – 600g. • Mantequilla – 1 cda. grande. • Masa hojaldre – 600g. • Mantequilla – 1 cda. grande. • Higos – ½ kg. • Echalottes – 2 pzas. • Azúcar mascabado – 2 cdas. • Oporto – ½ copa. • Queso brie – 250g. • Queso manchego – 100g. • Semillas de amapola – 1 cda. • Huevos – 1 pza. Higos – ½ kg.

Tarta de higos flambeados y queso brie Procedimiento Estirar el hojaldre de ½ cm. de espesor. Cortar el hojaldre dándole forma redonda y hornear en molde de pastel de 24cm. pinchando con un tenedor para que no se infle con frijoles crudos encima para que conserve la forma. Por otro lado cortar la cáscara del queso brie. Cortar los quesos en cubos. Saltear los higos con una cucharada de mantequilla y agregar los echalottes en juliana. Dejar cocinar unos minutos, agregar el azúcar, flambear con el oporto y dejar reducir. Disponer los quesos sobre la masa cocida, agregar los higos flambeados y tapar con otra capa de masa de hojaldre. Pintar la tapa de hojaldre con el huevo, espolvorear con semillas de amapola y hornear hasta que dore a 180ºC. Servir tibia acompañada de una ensalada.

Procedimiento Cremoso de Alcachofas:

Ingredientes Cremoso de Alcachofas: • Corazones de alcachofas – 200g. • Aceite de oliva – 90g. • Echalottes – 1 mediano. • Ajo – 1 diente. • Crema de leche – 2 cdas. (20g). • Sal y pimienta – c/n Hummus: (Rinde 1 lt.) Garbanzos cocidos – 700g-

(los garbanzos al cocerse duplican su peso).

Ajo – 4 dientes. Tahini – 2 cdas. Jugo de limón – 2 limones. Perejil – 2 cdas. Sal – C/N. Agua de cocción – 300g.

Pimientos Piquillo: • Pimientos de piquillo – 150g. • Aceite de oliva – 150g. • Ajo – 1 diente. • Sal y pimienta – c/n • Azúcar – 1 pizca.

Picar el echalotte y el ajo y saltear con aceite de oliva. Poner en licuadora las alcachofas, el salteado ya frío y licuar agregando el aceite de oliva en forma de hilo. Al final agregar la crema, retocar sabores y licuar para homogeneizar. Servir a temperatura ambiente, conservar en frío.

Procedimiento Hummus:

Cocinamos los garbanzos en abundante agua hasta que estén tiernos. Dejamos enfriar y procesamos agregando ajo, sal, el jugo de limón y la pasta tahini. Agregamos el agua de cocción y procesamos. Luego de procesar agregamos el perejil picado y retocamos sal. Servir a temperatura ambiente, conservar en frío.

Procedimiento Pimientos Piquillo:

Licuar los pimientos de piquillo agregando el aceite en forma de hilo mientras se licúa. Retocar sal, pimienta y azúcar. Servir a temperatura ambiente. Conservar en frío.

Ingredientes • Quinoa • Tomate • Pepino • Perejil • Hierbabuena • Jugo de limón • Sal • Pimienta

TABULE PERUANO Procedimiento Cocer la quínoa en abundante agua hasta que esté tierna, enfriar. Luego que esté fría agregar el tomate y el pepino en cubitos sin semillas, el perejil y la hierbabuena picada y al final aderezar con el jugo de limón y el aceite de oliva a gusto. Rectificar sal y pimienta y servir a temperatura ambiente. Ideal para acompañar pescado y carnes blancas. Fuente alta de proteínas de origen vegetal.

Maracuyá y naranja: Ingredientes Bizcocho base

• Huevos – 5 pzas. • Azúcar – 150g. • Harina – 150g. • Esencia de vainilla – 1 cda.

Curry y coco:

• Chocolate – 50g. • Bizcocho – 150g. • Crema de coco – 60g. • Mantequilla – 1cda. • Malibú – 35g. • Curry – 1 cdita.


• Coco rallado – 100g.

• Bizcocho – 150g. • Chocolate – 50g. • Mantequilla – 1 cda. • Pulpa de maracuyá – 40g. • Leche condensada – 50g.


• Amaranto – 100g. • Cáscara de naranja seca – 2 cdas.

Chocolate y Amaretto: • Bizcocho – 150g. • Chocolate – 50g. • Mantequilla – 1 cda. • Amaretto – 2 cdas. • Dulce de leche – 80g.


• Almendras – 100g. • Chocolate blanco – 50g.

TRUFAS DE CHOCOLATE AROMATIZADAS Procedimiento Para el bizcocho, batir los huevos con el azúcar en batidora hasta que estén bien espumados, agregar la harina previamente tamizada y dejar que se mezcla sin bajar el batido (10 segundos). Disponer un molde de pastel con papel encerado en el fondo, agregar la mezcla del bizcocho y hornear a 180ºC por 10 min. Enfriar. Luego trocearlo y poner en procesadora todo junto con el sabor a elección, el chocolate previamente fundido en microondas. Hacer bolitas del tamaño deseado (10 – 12g.) y encostrar con el sabor deseado. Curry y coco: Encostrar con coco rallado previamente tostado. Maracuyá y naranja: Encostrar con amaranto y cáscara de naranja molida previamente secada en horno bajo. Chocolate y Amaretto: Encostrar con almendras tostadas y molida mezcladas con chocolate blanco rallado. Servir a temperatura ambiente.

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