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The toning of the legislation of the laws, contained in the breast of the constitutions has begun with the Millennium that the nations at the present time confront. The principle of the human rights has glimpsed in the bottom and to the wide thing the raw violation to the same ones on the part of the government and the traditional constitutions (official) of each nation. The nature and application of the official laws of each country have deviated the course of the truth, of

the establishment of a fair and harmonic social model. The dimension of wing inequality glows in its maximum intensity for the immediate Millennium that has just culminated. " The parents" of the nations they have conformed and executed the philosophy that moves them in the biggest spectrum. The" unsightly son" and direct heir of the political and economic traditional system has been approached in ignorant and precipitate form. The wound of the" I leave" early it is very fresh; the" boy" unsightly and dead is in the precise point of the" resurrection." The pain, the anguish, the impotence has been experienced step to step until completing" the thread"; the consequence of the traditional laws has impacted completely in whole societies.

It has passed the state" reburbujeante" and excited, characteristic of the human natural and moral nature and you restitution the natural and imperceptible surf. The climax of the human lex naturale, expressed in national constitutional treaties of order has arrived at the end; and it is the moment of the rising of the" cadaver" in miraculous form. With the above-mentioned, the politics's superficiality and of their derivations he/she has manifested until the limit their origin conception, of process and of objective, and thanks to it, the society in experimentation state and victim feels the bottom of the social situation. The" social fetus" one can observe in fullness and with all clarity, and the result to wing seen of this corrupt fruit it is at most the injustice, the inequality, the irrespeto elementary of the human dignity.

The community of each nation has been" quartered", and I disperse; the immediate reflection is of solitude, of abandonment, of orphanage. The heart of a town, the reason of some leaders no longer wait to work and to build with ancestral parameters, now it clamors and he/she requests a background change that comes of to the same head or government. That hidden, that hidden comes undone before becoming of the clear thing, of the concrete thing that he/she offers the final change of the last time. The pillars of the previous governments and of their laws, constituted by securities of commercial nature, of ownership and accumulation, they are knocked down before the view of rulers and of having governed, to begin the metamorphosis of the element of the commercial valuation of the resources in the valuation of the

element of social behavior defined by the human behavior. The new essence and system of the Renovated Political Program for the last time demand the new social model's restructuring; the securities have been invested, the intrinsicacquisitive value of the money for the value of the use and of the behavior (the behavior). The foundations of the New Social System begin to be erected, the rising of a society destruĂ­da is visible, it is consequential. Dos societies, cohabiting in each nation, they face to defend each a their conception peculiar of the valuation of the existence and of the mission of the human being. The responsibility of the governments increases, the destination is in game. The redistribution of wealth according to the authentic valuation and mensuration of the human dignity that he/she invites to the

equality, to the unit, to the development of the qualities of the healthy one to live and that they generate the force and the security for the yearned change. Those" new weapons" they should be taken that cultivate the true love, and the government estamentos they should be impacted and guided toward a transformed official Politics, shoddy. The system political and economic debit side to change regarding the qualification of the securities and the human rights. It is hour of understanding the attributes that characterize to the human dignity and of facing the reality with a faithful and practical program to this principles. The rebellion of the wisdom, uncovering" the rotten pot", the discernment based on the authentic securities that they configure the nature and wing function of the human being inside a half social one,

they should get up and to grow to take the leading, to invade the minds, the hearts in all corner. "The unsightly son" he/she has begun to become the favorite, capable son and I mature to undertake all working class that contributes to the New Social Model of the new Millennium. The still and the" social squashing" it should replaced by creativity, for detachment and for a constant integrated proposal of change: I change in the laws and execution of the same ones, I change in the conception (nature) and in the system (function) of the Educational Program, I change the traditional Economic System, I change in the configuration of the Family System to generate the change in the local, national and international Social reordenamiento. The New politics should lean on in the solid principles of the human dignity, the freedom of the good

behavior should be satisfied and of direct behavior, he/she should lean on in the biblical principles in a daily way (the political leaders should follow the biblical reading to newspaper, in the morning and in the afternoon) and to go openly to the town, it should support with working strategies and of health according to a New Social Program the creativity and individual initiative and of group, it should look for the equality, the stimulus, the justice and the social security. The prizes and punishments should not disappear, because the force that produces the recognition and the correction is in them.