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Jorge Barco

¨Experimenting and performing in the listening century¨ Artistic practices associated with noise as a field of research and creation, with aesthetic and ontological nature, as well as critical reflection about technologies. Sound objects, projects and live performances. JORGE BARCO. Medellín-Col. 1981. Develops his body of work around electronic arts, sound art and experimental laboratories. Constructs objects, installations and projects oriented by the notions of low tech and mestizo. He has done exhibitions, live acts and workshops in different museums and festivals dedicated to the wide circulation of electronics arts in Latin America and Europe. Currently he is one the artists with the most impact in the field of electronic arts connected to sound in Colombia, mixing object-oriented construction, theoretical and curatorial production and the active promotion of the experimental scene.

As a curator he has done part of the expansion process of the Museum of Modern Art of Medellín, developing important initiatives that converge art, science and technology such as LabSurLab [international gathering of media laboratories], Lab3 –the first space dedicated to sound art / electronic arts in Colombia-, among others. Currently works as a special projects curator in this museum where he directs sound art and electronic arts program. His academic background includes a bachelor's degree in social sciences from the UDFJC [Bogotá], a postgraduate degree in cultural affairs from the Ortega y Gasset Foundation [Buenos Aires, Argentina], various courses related to art and digital culture, as well as education through workshops to a renowned group of pioneer artists in the field of electronic arts in Latin America. Nowadays he is pursuing a major in Sound Art from the University of Barcelona.


Paraphernalia – sound art collective exhibition – Casa Hoffmann- Bogotá 2018. International Image Festival- Media Art display –Tiempo de Ruido installation- Manizales Col- 2018. BOILER ROOM [Off Camera] Nótt. Women in electronic music - Medellín 2018 [workshop +live Act] MINKALAB. 2013-2018 Tecnochamanismo [Sound Performance] VOLTAJE. Art and Technology Room. Los Andes University- Centro Textura. Bogotá 2017 [expo] ISEA. Manizales. 2017 [Lecture] Trans Piksel: Manizales 2017 [live Act] FESTIVAL NRMAL / FORO MUTANTE / MÉXICO 2017 [workshop + live Act] 44 SALÓN NACIONAL DE ARTISTAS / PEREIRA 2016 [live Act] Reudo. Medellín 2016 APARATO. CASA HOFFMAN / Bogotá 2016 [expo] MUSEO LA TERTULIA / LUGAR A DUDAS / VIDEOSONICA 2016 [live Act] Transitio _06 Electronic Arts Festival. [Centro Nacional de las Artes-México DF] [Workshop + live Act + Lecture] Summerlab [La Coruña - España] 2014 [workshop + live Act] MediaLab Prado - Arco 2015 [Madrid-España] [Residence + workshop] MUSAC. Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla y León [León- España] 2014. [Live Act + Lecture] Mexican Center for Music and Sound Arts [Morelia-México] 2015 [live Act + Lecture] Digital Culture Festival [Modern Art Museum- Río de Janeiro] 2012 [Lecture] Festival de Música Experimental en Tiempo Real [Odeón- Bogotá] 2014 [Expo] International Image Festival [Manizales Col] 2013. [Live act] Salón Nacional de Artistas [La Heladería /Ruido y Capitalismo. Medellín-Col] [Live act] 2013 Salón Regional de Artistas [Odeón-Escuela de Garaje - La Agencia. Bogotá- Col] [workshop] 2014 El Suiche [Independent Music concerts Cycle. Medellín Col]. 2014 [Live act] Time-Bag Art Project [Old railway station- Medellín Col] 2014 [Live act] Espacio Fundación Telefónica [Madrid-España] 2015 [Lecture] Galería Julieta Álvarez [Medellín-Col] 2016 [Live act] Museo del Juguete [México DF] 2015 [Live act] Universidad de Oporto [Portugal] 2014 [Lecture]

Tiempos de Ruido Times of Sound A strong and mysterious sound from an unknown object shook the Santafé village in Bogotá the night of March 9th 1687. Throughout history there have been different hypothesis about the causes of this fact. From the first apocalyptic perspectives ¨as a demonic manifestation from the end of times¨ to the scientific explanations surrounding volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and telluric movements. Nowadays the most documented version dates its origin to a meteorite entering the terrestrial atmosphere with its subsequent sound wave crash. ¨Tiempos de Ruido¨ is a project that explores the materiality of sound and fictionalises sound imaginaries of this event, from the construction of sound objects that combine collision and friction between meteorite fragments with soles of pirita, electromagnetic processes, amplification and analogue synthesis. It encourages to reflect upon the human interaction with machines, mineral thought, spatial imaginaries and the connection between spiritual and physical universes through sound. The first version of this exhibit was presented in VOLTAJE in 2017 at the ¨Salón de Arte y tecnología¨ organized by Los Andes University during the art Week in Bogotá. In 2018 at the Annual Show of Media Art, organized by the International Image Festival in Manizales, Colombia. and in the same year at the Criatek Festival in Oporto, Portugal. During the creation process, new objects related to ¨Tiempos de Ruido¨ universe have developed, such as objeto-maleta exhibited at the collective show ¨Paraphernalia¨ at the Galera Casa Hoffmann in Bogotá.

PARAPHERNALIA Objeto 4- de la seria Tiempos de Ruido Exposiciรณn Colectiva Casa Hoffmann - Bogotรก- 2018

TIEMPOS DE RUIDO instalaciรณn 2018 Muestra de Media Art Festival internacional de la Imagen

TIEMPOS DE RUIDO Instalaciรณn 2018 Muestra de Media Art Festival internacional de la Imagen qG


Aparato [Exposición Colectiva] Casa Hoffmann / Bogotá 2016 Curador: Andrés Burbano

Machine Wilderness Oscillator + Secuencer Objeto Sonoro 2013

Mรกquina Acusmatica #1 Objeto Sonoro 2013


Encuentro de Música experimental Juventud [ES]Ruidista Acción Sonora Platohedro 2015

Acciรณn Sonora Minkalab 2018 https://www.youtub WOp9LqbeTw


Conferencia Acusmática Acción Sonora Salón Regional de Artista Curaduría Escuela de Garaje / La Agencia Espacio Odeón 2015

Encuentro de Música Experimental Acción Sonora Museo del Juguete México DF 2015

MATERIA Performance Sonoro Festival Visiones Sonoras Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras CMMAS. Morelia MX- 2015

SONIDO RUPTURA Performance Sonoro TIME- BAG Antigua Estaciรณn del Ferrocarril de Antioquia/ Bello. 2014.

“Desde hace veinticinco siglos el saber occidental intenta ver el mundo. Todavía no ha comprendido que el mundo no se mira, se oye. No se lee, se escucha”. Jacques Attali / Ruidos, Economía política de la música.

Minkalab Acción Sonora 2013

Active promoter of experimental laboratories, electronic arts and sound art, in both independent and institutional fields. He has done academic contributions and artistic projects in different locations of Latin America and Europe: Medialab Prado, Universidad Complutense, Sumerlab la Coruña (Spain), Centro Nacional de las Artes / Centro Multimedia y CMMAS (México), Festival de Cultura Digital (Río de Janeiro), Universidad de Oporto (Portugal), Festival de Música Experimental Tiempo Real (Bta), Salón Nacional de Artistas, Videosonica 2016 (Colombia), among others. He has a Cultural Affairs specialization from Ortega y Gasset Foundation (Buenos Aires), a Graduate Degree in Social Sciences from UDFJC (Bogotá), and various certification courses in Art and Museology.

las Яesistencias (live performance)

TECNOCHAMANISMO Performance Sonoro Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de León MUSAC [en colaboración con Pedro Soler y Fabi Borges] España 2014

SONIDO RUPTURA Performance Sonoro TIME BAG Medellín

Laboratorio y Acción Sonora SumerLab La Coruña - España 2014



Centro Nacional de las ArtesFestival TRANSITIO -O6 Taller Redes Derivas y Circuitos México DF 2015

TALLER FESTIVAL NRMAL CIUDAD DE MÉXICO MARZO 2017 mutante-arte-sonoro-y-te cnologias-mestizas/

Co fundador de Edunoise; una red de aprendizaje activa en Madrid, Medellín y Murcia que investiga las conexiones entre educación, experimentos sonoros y escucha activa.


era] Nótt. M [Off Cam . a BOILER ROO Electrónic la Música Act] Mujeres en hop +live 018 [works Medellín 2

cassette Producido por el sello Castle Bravo Tapes Lafayette IN USA 2017 m/album/m-quinas-mestizas

PROYECTOS CURATORIALES Y PUBLICACIONES EN TORNO A LAS ARTES ELECTRÓNICAS Y EL ARTE SONORO ◙ LabSurLab, Encuentro Internacional de Laboratorios de Medios. MAMM 2011. Trabajo colaborativo.

◙ COOPERACIONES/ libro de Memorias del encuentro LabSurLab Medellín 2011 y Quito 2012. Trabajo colaborativo. ◙ MEDELAB, laboratorios Creativos en Red. MAMM. 2017/ Festival y libro. Trabajo colaborativo. ◙ CARTILLA DE ELECTRÓNICA CREATIVA- Aportes de Cristiano Rosa Panettone al circuito experimental. ◙ CURADURÍA DE EXPOSICIONES: TERRITORIO TÁCTIL/ CARLOS GÓMEZ 2015/, JAGÜEY/ LEONEL VASQUEZ, CAPILLA ROTHKO/ MORTON FELDMAN, MICRORITMOS / INTESPECIFICS, DARIÉN/ DAVID ESCALLÓN 2016, DE DIENTES PARA AFUERA/ CARLOS BONIL 2017. RARAE AVES/ ALEJANDRO DUQUE 2017, 4X10.

Contacto @nuevonomada Tel: 4442622 ext ◙ 125 ͞҉◙͞◙Mde ͞҉ ░ Cel: 3003172748

Jorge barco portfolio 2018 electronic arts sound art  

Experimenting and performing in the listening century. Artistic practices associated with no...

Jorge barco portfolio 2018 electronic arts sound art  

Experimenting and performing in the listening century. Artistic practices associated with no...