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FROM THE EDITOR LORRAINE ROSALES A young girl from Washington Heights, NY, of Dominican descent, used to always dream of becoming a journalist. Writing was a passion stronger than no other; a form of therapy; an escape from reality; a path to an unknown world. Throughout the years life took over and “the girl from the Heights” came to a fork in the road. The path chosen was one that made sense and worked at that time. As the years went by, the current and past roads merged into one, resulting in a dream made reality. Today “the girl from the heights” is a mother, a professional, a lover of life and now, the CEO and Editor of Nuestra Voz Latina. She reached up for the stars, held on strong and turned her dream into a reality. Life may not always go as WE plan; it sure didn’t for me, but we have the power to overcome any adversity and reach our goal. It may take days, months, even years, but with faith, support and determination your dreams will too become a reality. Nuestra Voz Latina is my proof to myself that I can achieve whatever I set my mind and heart to and overcome the difficulties laid in front of me and so can you! All the artists featured in this issue have overcome soemthing in their lives to be where they are today; jail, moving to a new country, death of a loved one and much more. With determination they kept going and triumphed. Of course, nothing would be possible wihtout the support of others. My family and friends fueled the fire that kept me going to finally complete this project and for this, I am thankful. For all the doors that remained closed, others were opened. Thank you to all the artists, managers, publicists and marketing mangers that opened that door and gave me the chance to shine. A special thank you to Raq-C for giving me positive vibes and encouraging me the day we spoke. If this first issue can serve as a purpose, I hope that it encourages everyone, young and old to never give up. Love always, Lorraine Rosales, Editor






Mr. 305 Inc Presents


Tego Calderon

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Johnny Marines... Behind the Fame & Glamour

A different look at..


Alma Mei; Fashion with a Purpose


Eli Jas; Bachata's Newest Sensation

Q & A With Alex Wayne


New Artists Explode onto Scene

Up Close & Personal with Fito Blanko

Toby Love Opens Up About Fame & Fatherhood

Ambar; A Force to Reckon With

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Mr. 305 Inc By: Lorraine Rosales




nything Pitbull puts his hands on explodes with intensity. ; his music, his videos, his concerts. His record label is no exception to the rule. Mr. 305 Inc., an independent record label found by Mr. Dade County himself, is based in Miami, Florida and represents an array of artists that comprise music of all genres. Mr. 305 Inc.’s current roster consists of (shown below) Sensato Del Patio, Motiff, Vein, David Rush, Sophia Del Carmen, Kris y Angel, Madai and Fito Blanko, who just signed on in February. Mr. 305 Inc. recently took over Calle Ocho 2013 when it presented the United Nations Mega Stage, and attracted the largest crowd out of all of the stages. Sesato Del Patio

Kris y Angel




Sophia Del Carmen

David Rush




adai Hernandez came from Guantanamo Cuba at age eight, a move that changed her destny. Growing up with a mother that loved opera and a dad that loved salsa, merengue and dancing, Madai was destined to be part of the music industry. While both of her parents were doctors, they never stopped instilling a love for music in Madai. “I used to imitate Selena and Celia Cruz all the time. I honestly thought I was them”, confessed Madai to Nuestra Voz Latina. “Celia has such a strong voice and rhythm, so did Selena. I loved it! They were very captivating artists”. While Madai loved singing she never imagined that an internationally known artist would take notice in her abilities. When asked how this unexpected event came about, Madai commented that it all happened because of a fan of hers. “I Met Pitbull through a fan. She used to follow me ever since the My Space days and used to go to all of my shows. This fan worked at a music store where I did a signing on a Saturday. The next day Pitbull goes into the store and sees my posters all over the place. My fan put my demo on and he asked her if it was the new Beyonce track”. That comment alone left Madai speechless. “Beyonce is one of my favorite artists and to be mistaken for her was crazy. I didn’t even believe my fan when she told me that. After learning that the singer with such a strong voice on the track was a local Cuban girl, Pitbull requested to meet with her and her parents. “At the meeting I sang two songs acapella and a month later we signed the papers. It felt great that somebody like him took the time to support me and still does today”. Currently Madai is working on her CD which will be in English, with a re-mix in Spanish and possibly Spanglish. “I love the whole movement that is going on right now. We are becoming really big in the arts department. I would love for that movement to keep growing and I want to be part of it. I am proud to say I am 100% Cuban. There will always be some type of Latin element in my tracks”.







oberto E. Testo, better known as Fito Blanko, knew at age 14 that he wanted to impact the world of music. Born in Panama, raised in Canada, Fito used to spend his days listening to a lot of Reggae and Hip Hop. “I remember listening to a lot of Spanish Reggae from Panama and memorizing the songs. I also would listen to the songs and say to myself ‘you know what, if I jumped on this beat I would have done it this way’. It was like a competition to me. Fito remembers writing four songs to the well-known Method Man song ‘How High’ and three songs to the acclaimed song “No Diggity” by Black Street. “I would get the instrumental version of Hip Hop songs, flip it and write my own rhymes to it reggae style”. This type of “competition” has led to the development of a man that is disciplined and determined to make an impact worldwide. Thinking back to when he first moved to Canada, at age 5, Fito expresses how that move, that seemed so simple then, has turned into a milestone in his life. “It was a blessing to come to Canada, but it was also difficult when it comes to music. If I would have had the opportunity to make music where there were more Latinos, that may have nurtured my career; maybe it would have moved faster but at the same time being from Canada made me hungrier to achieve what wasn’t expected of me”.

making a name for himself in the Latin market. This immediately led to being featured in magazines such as Billboard Magazine. In 2005 he was voted “the newest Latin Sensation” by People en Español and won several awards, including the Canadian Urban Music Award for “Global Rhythms, International Recording Artist”. This only marked the beginning of his career. Fito began recording with international artists such as The Hitman, El Rookie, Trebol Clan, Beenie Man and Canada’s own, Drake. “Canadians are ambitious and strong, and being Latino made other artists that were emerging want to work with me”. “Mambo”, the single produced by Sensei Music, is the only track where one could hear Drake speaking Spanish. “Drake is a Hip-Hop artist that is known all over the world. His challenges have been similar to mine. He had his set of hurdles just like me” shared Fito. Every year, Fito proves more and more that he is here to stay. In 2011 he released “VIP” which features Fuego. “VIP” has catapulted Fito Blanko into the US Market with unbelievable force. With its contagious lyrics and sound, you can hear “VIP” playing on the radio and clubs at an international level.

In 2012 Fito declared as one of the “12 People to Watch in 2012” by the Toronto Star, a Hard work and achievement is something gesture that made Fito feel honored. When Fito is no stranger to. In 2004, at age of 19, he first got the news Fito felt humbled and Fito released his first album, “Higher Level” motivated to continue working harder than





ever. “That’s a lot to live up to! I remember thinking ‘what if something happens this year?’ and something did happen that year; Fito performed at the Latin Grammy street festival with Elvis Crespo, their #1 Billboard hit, Pegadito Suavecito (Remix), composed by Fito Blanko.

derstand our mission and goals. Joining Mr.305 Inc. was something that happened naturally, and I feel very blessed to have a passionate team determined to win.”

2013 has already started out strong for Fito. In a media statement released in January, Robert Fernandez CEO of Mr. 305 Inc. commented that he is very excited to have Fito on board with Mr.305 Inc. “I have been managing Fito for 2 years now, and we felt it was time to bring him into the Mr. 305 family officially. In my opinion, Fito is an artist that can wordplay in the English & Spanish market in a way that is remarkably similar to the way Pitbull does”. Fito Blanko went on record by saying “We at Crown Loyalty believe teamwork and a strong support system are two integral parts of turning an artist into a brand. The whole Mr. 305 Inc. staff has been very pro-active working side-by-side with us for the last two years and they un-

Una Buena Canción was the first release from his upcoming album “Amor y Dinero”, which is slatedtobereleasedinthefallandpromisesto be one that will not disappoint his fans. “Every CD has been leading up to this moment in my life. I was doing a lot of experimenting. Lyrically I was not where I am now. I was all over the place. I was trying to find myself. Now I can apply all those influences I had growing up. This makes this CD stand out. Although it is tropical it has a North American appeal. It has that edge that makes my sound different”.

In February he released his first official single under Mr. 305 Inc., “Una Buena Canción”. “When I wrote Una Buena Canción I Fito assures that all of the songs he com- was thinking back to when you were growposes have a little bit of him in them. He ing up and you heard that one old song describes his music as driven by real- that will take you back on a time machine. ity. “I really live what I write. The more I want Una Buena Canción to be that one I live, the more I can share my point of song that transports you back in time and views. I paint my music with textures. I makes you feel the same emotions you use words to describe emotions. The felt 15 years ago when you had a crush on most important part of a song is the someone. Like the song says ‘all you need is emotion and feeling behind the music”. a bit of rum and some music to fall in love’”.

At the age of 27, Fito has established a remarkable career and only continues to keep proving over and over again that he is here to stay.

“I take my music very

seriously. I take my time crafting it and putting emotions behind it “





Nelson Pastoriza, better known as Nastacity within the music world, has demonstrated an unstoppable drive to succeed. Surviving on the streets is something he knows too well. “I’ve been through it all but I keep going, especially for my son” comments South Florida bred Puerto Rican. So what does the term Nastasity mean? The adjective form means ‘a raw individual with amusing lyrical antics and an engaging South Florida swagger’. Nastacity the person himself is a dread locked, grill wearing individual that captivates his audience with a unique styling of southern hip hop.


In 2004 Nastasity joined force with local rappers AK47, Rip Van Colione and Producer Suspect from Gotcha Records. This powerful unity led to the production of seven albums. 20,000 CD’s were sold by the underground team, a feat Nastasity was proud of.



Currently Nastasity is working on a solo album, Karma L. Destiny.


G D !!




To learn more about Nastasity you may visit his web lage at: officialnastasity@

! NT !!!


! ! H !!


! CE




in God Born and raised in Colombia, Yahaira Solano, a young singer and composer, overcame many a n d adversities to get to where she is today. At the tender age of 11, Yahaira’s father was shot has showed by an unknown assailant and left for dead. Doctors informed the family that he her the powonly had 24 hours to live. With her soft spoken voice, Yahaira remembered the er of unity, disciday they received the devastating news. “The doctor’s told us that my fapline and the power of ther only had 24 hours to live. We all began to gather together. The day the mind; qualities that she my father got shot I vowed to always represent him in my music”. shows in her musical career. With Yahaira never lost faith and today, after much therapy, her a lot of faith and her guitar strapped to dad is still with them and is able to walk, another obher back, Yahaira left her native Colombia stacle doctor’s never thought he would overcome. and headed for New York. “I believed that one This experience has instilled in Yahaira a strong faith day God would put in my path that one person that will help me achieve my dreams”. That person turned out to be Bruce Moncada, owner of Day Dream Records. Yahaira recently released her second single “Baile De Amor”. “Love is the biggest inspiration we can all have. When you find someone you love you see the world through different eyes. Baile De Amor is a story about a person being in love; their soul dancing to the beat of the love they feel”. Yahaira can be seen in interviews, events and videos sporting her very own fashion line ‘Yahaira Fashions” which is available in Colombia. “I think it is very important for me to involved in all aspects of my music. When I compose and write lyrics I use the inspiration it gives me to design my clothes for that particular song.” Multi-talented and with a strong faith, Yahaira has demonstrated that dreams can always become a reality, regardless of the obstacles in your way.




Q & A with ALEX WAYNE By Lorraine Rosales



At the age of 21, Alex Wayne has swept onto the entertainment scene with a vengeance. Born in San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic, raised in Puerto Rico and currently residing in New York, Alex always knew he wanted to be an artist. In 2011 his first single “Ladron de Amor” (Thief of Hearts) placed #16 in the Latin Billboards – Tropical. That same year, he released his second single “No Me Quiero Enamorar” (I Don’t Want to Fall in Love) which reached the 8th position on the Latin Billboards – Tropical. In 2012 he released his third single “Te Amo” (I Love You) and just like its predecessors, it too made the Latin Billboards- Tropical. Not only did Alex achieve his dream of becoming a renowned composer and singer in a short period of time, he has also been preparing for his debut in the movie industry. Alex has recently finished filming a movie bases on the struggles one faces when trying to make it in the music industry. Alex had the pleasure of working with acclaimed director David Impelluzo of Nia Films Inc. on the highly anticipated film “Dreams”. NVL caught up with the Thief of Hearts himself for a question and answer session. NVL: How did your love for music come about? AW: I think I’ve loved music. Ever since I can remember, I have loved music. As a little kid I used to sing to my mother and father. They loved it when I sang songs by Vicente Fernandez, Christian Castro and Juan Gabriel. These are also songs I interpret on stage today. NVL: What was your childhood like? AW: My childhood was unforgettable. I think I went through all of the necessary stages in life that was needed to make me who I am today. I fell down, I got up, I laughed, I crawled, I cry. I did all the things a child needed to do in their childhood to be what I am today. I thank God and my parents for giving me the education I needed to be where I am today; singing to all my fans. NVL: If you weren’t in the music industry, what other profession do you think you would be practicing? AW: Well, if I didn’t have music in my life I think I would have been a good lawyer. I went to college for law but didn’t finish. I had to put it on hold for a while so that I could dedicate all of my time to my music career and my fans. However, I will return to school to get my law degree. I think that it is something that I truly need to do as a person;

especially to survive in the industry I am in now NVL:Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? AWL: I only ask for one thing; that 10 years from now I continue to be in the hearts of all of my fans who listen to my music, to be in the hearts of all those that live my music, what I write and compose, day to day. I think the best gift would be that those that listen to my music today still do so at that time. NVL: What advice would you give to young people today who are struggling to get ahead? AW: Pursue your dreams; no matter what it is. He who perseveres wins. NVL: What can we expect from Alex Wayne in 2013? AW: In 2013 my career will shift 360 degrees. Everyone will see me as an actor, model, and singer. They will see me dancing and doing many things people do not know that I can do. In 2013 I will be multi-faceted. I hope all of my fans accept all the new things I’m going to bring their way.





Julissa, better known as Eli Jas, is the perfect picture of a Latina on the rise. With her Chilean, Panamanian and Dominican roots intertwined in her being, Eli Jas represents young Latina women worldwide. “I am a diversity of different things; music, looks, me in general. I want to portray that in my music” states Eli. Eli gets her musical influence from her Dominican heritage, but her grandparents always made sure that she did not lose awareness of her Panamanian


roots. Her grandfather played a big influence in her upbringing. “He always made me listen to all types of music; R&B, pop, freestyle, merengue, just everything”. This exposure to to a variety of music stylings has given Eli an advantage; the ability to draw detail from all genres and incorporate it into her music. Before submerging herself fully in music, Eli Jas attended John Jay College where she studied Psychology and Criminal Justice for three years. Eli Jas always

put education as her #1 priority until she realized that what she really wanted to do was sing. She recalls that when she told her family that she wanted to sing they supported her 100%. “Even though my mom believed in me, we made a deal that if me singing didn’t work out then I had to return to school within a year”. The faith that her family put in her made all the difference in the world. Today, Eli Jas finds herself on stage doing what she loves.what

she loves.

On On


February 13 of this year, Eli Jas released a free mixtape for her fans as an early Valentine’s day present. “This mixtape is very special to me. There is a song on there that is close to my heart. It is about a past relationship that I had three years ago. A lot of people will be able to identify with it”. The song Eli Jas referred to, “No Podras Olvidar’ tells the story of a person who is being controlled and not allowed to spread their wings. Eli Jas adds that “when the person you love the most does not let you succeed, is jealous and scared to lose you, you do what you need to do to break free. You don’t want to deal with it anymore”. 2013 has started out strong for Eli Jas. Her mixtape exceeded the maximum downloads on Soundcloud within days of its release, she performed in front of 1000’s at Calle Ocho 2013 on March 10th in Miami, and the following weekend she opened for Frank Reyes in Boston. She also sang vocals on Fito Blanko’ song ‘Una Buena Cancion’. If the start of 2013 has any indication as to what the remainder of the year holds, then Eli Jas will soon become a household name.





A DIFFERENT LOOK AT..................


hrough the ups and downs of life, Tego Calderon has always emerged on top. The Puerto Rican rapper, actor and record label owner has used his many experiences to build a reputation as one of the greatest and hardest working men in the entertainment field.

Time in jail is not the only adversity Tego had to face in life. As a senior in high school, Tego was forced to leave Puerto Rico and go with his dad to Miami where he attended Miami Senior High School.

Tego described his move as a difficult adjustment. “My mom stayed in Puerto Rico With five Latin Grammy nominations under and my dad went Miami to work. It was his belt, Tego admits to Nuestra Voz Latina hard moving to a new place, a new school that he has always rebelled against everyone. and not know the language”. “Everything that has happened to me in life has made me who I am. From a young age While Tego didn’t understand, at the time, I was labeled as someone that would never why he had to go through that difficult amount to anything and I wanted to prove process, today he appreciates it and them wrong. I rebelled against teachers, psy- doesn’t wish that any of it was different. “What doesn’t kill you makes you strongchologist, social workers and society”. er. I now appreciate the fact that I moved to Miami for a while and had to struggle”. Refusing to fit the mold that was designed for him, Tego decided to use his run-ins with life to create his own destiny. “Falling down in life, going to jail; it worked for me”.

“Everything that has happened to me in life has made me who I am today. “





mbracing your sense of fashion as well as your sense of purpose is the message behind Alma Mei. This fashion E-Boutique is not your ordinary onli ne shopping site, it is the extension of a beautiful woman, in and out; the 360 women that does it all, but still looks fabulous.

getting their name out there. “We wan t the public to know about their cause. We have been doing a lot of research on differen t organizations and will choose the one s we feel strongly about. We have already begun working with the Stay Safe Foundation ”.

Passion and faith encompass all that Liz Alma Mei, synonymous with soulful bea and uty, Gaby do. “We believe everything hap pens is currently preparing its launch for late r this for a reason” comments Liz. “I feel that is month, beginning of April and will be offerGod puts something in your heart then you ing young women’s contemporary clot hing need to follow it. It was put there for a reaas well as accessories. Currently they are son”. Gaby adds that “if you are passion working with a swimsuit designer out ate of Los about something then go forw ard with it and Angeles to offer exclusive Alma Mei swim don’t be afraid. Even if you fail, there is a wear that will bear Liz’s and Gaby’s des ignlearning process that is going on”. ing input. Their “Indy Corner” will be featuring pieces from up and coming designe rs, Passion, focus, no fear – Liz and Gaby have adding a unique element to the site. definitely demonstrated this in every way.

What makes this E-Boutique different from the rest is that it its creators, Liz De La Cruz-Jean and Gaby Ortega, will be don ating a portion of its quarterly proceeds to various non-profit organizations. As Gab y spoke about her dream project she emp hasized that the non-profit organization s they donate to one that need a helping han d in


You may find more information on Alm a Mei at their website;




in Santo Liz De La Cruz-Jean was born to ile her Wh ic. ubl Domingo, Dominican Rep er ath ndf parents are Dominican, her gra son, Liz is Japanese. Married and with a entrean as self did not always see her Senior k Par preneur. A graduate of Coral where High, Liz continued on to college inal she graduated with a major in Crim . nce Scie al Justice and minor in Politic ool sch Liz was preparing herself for law feswhen she realized that that is a pro rest the for do sion she did not want to , Liz ing rch of her life. After some soul sea decided followed her husband’s lead and decided to become an entrepreneur. She dugra e to team up with fellow colleg most; ate, Gaby, and do what she loved FASHION

GABY ORTEGA , and Originally from Managua, Nicaragua n dish, a fan of the traditional nicaragua mi from Mia to nacatamales, Gaby moved dad. Guatemala after the passing of her field Her passion for the entertainment and ing ast adc drove Gaby to study bro Miami journalism after graduating from internKillian Senior High. Gaby did her and ship year at MTV T3ES in the music re the n talent department and has bee artist for 7 years. Gaby currently books deals interviews for different programs, music h wit rks with artist relations and wo doand talent. While Gaby is already to also ing what she loves, she decided , the sion pas ond dedicate time to her sec art of fashion.



TOBY LOVE Opens about fame and fatherhood By Lorraine Rosales


ith his smooth and sultry voice Toby Love continues to conquer the hearts of many. Octavio Rivera, better known as Toby Love, always had a love for music. “My father was a musician and my mother a singer. Music was in my blood and just felt natural to me” relayed Toby during an exclusive interview with Nuestra Voz Latina.

is Dominican. I grew up listening to merengue, salsa and bachata, but what you heard most in my house was bachata” said Toby, explaining the love he has developed for this genre. “I categorize bachata as the Spanish rhythm and blues; el amargue. That is my absolute favorite type of music”.

At the young age of 16 Toby was invited to join the group Aventura, which was known as Los Teenagers at the time. While he was raised in a “Those are my brothers. musically inclined fam- While singing with them ily, he truly became pas- my love of bachata got sionate for the art and even stronger”. singing live when he played the candle from In 2006 Toby decided to Beauty and the Beast in start his solo career and a school play. “That is released his self titled dewhen I truly fell in love but album, TOBY LOVE. with singing live” recalls This debut album is the Toby fondly. home to his hit single “Tengo Un Amor”, which Born to Puerto Rican reached the number one parents, Toby was ex- position on the Billboard posed at a young age to Latin charts. the Dominican genre of Bachata. “Many people This album catapulted don’t know that even Toby to the top with four though my parents are nominations in the 2007 Puerto Rican, all of my Billboard Latin Music cousins are half Puerto awards, where three of Rican and half Domini- the nominations resulted can so I was raised in in a win in the catboth cultures. In fact, my mom’s best friend, egory Tropical Song who is like an aunt to me, of the Year, New Art-



I thank God for blessing me ;

with my son



Pray and believe in God and that everything is going to be alright. The United States is a country that sticks together. We need to keep going. It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning”. ist and Latin Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year. Currently, Toby is preparing for the release of his fifth album which is due out in March. “This CD is different from the rest in that it is Toby Love at his finest. I’m with a new record label and Sergio George is now part of my team and he has made a huge difference. Sergio has taken things to the next level”. This






LEJOS, the first single of the new CD, reached number 2 in the tropical charts in a short time and shows the public a different side of Toby. “Lejos is a more traditional bachata as opposed to the Urban Bachata, which is what I started with. Everyone can identify with LEJOS. I’m sure every single person, at one time, has told their man or woman “You know what? Vete. Go far away, far away”.

a clown. “I have so much fun with him. He’s already into music also. A lot of people don’t know this, but he is the one laughing at the beginning of my track ‘Casi Casi’. It was an honor to have him on a track. I thank God for blessing me with my son; it’s the best experience in the world. When I’m not working I just rather be home and chill out with my son”. Being a big fan of sports and movies, Toby also likes to relax by going to the batting cages or staying home and watching movies. Towards the end of 2012, Toby bore witness to some of the most difficult times New Yorkers had to face. In October, Hurricane Sandy pounded New York, leaving a path of destruction in its way.

Toby saw his fellow New Yorkers struggle through this and donated to help those in need. “It was tough seeing that. All I can say is keep your head up and pray. Prayer is very important and a lot of people don’t do that. God hears Toby not only brought his fans a slight- us. Pray and believe in God and that everyly different sound than his usual Urban Ba- thing is going to be alright. The United States is chata, he also brought a unique video. a country that sticks together. We need to keep going. It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning”. Being a huge Michael Jackson and Al Capone fan, Toby used these influences to create a video that his fans would not have expected from him. “This video is different than my usual ones. We tried to make it more old-school. I wanted to bring people something they are not used to, just like with the CD. In the CD I bring in different vocals. I can’t go out of the world in the entire thing because fans expect certain things from me, but I feel that my fans will love it” commented Toby. When not working hard on his music, Toby likes to spend time with his son Timothy and just be 21






ohnny Marines is more than just a manager, he is a brand. A brand that is rarely seen today, a brand that quietly states “I’m here to stay”.

Many know Johnny Marines as the manager of the successful bachata group Aventura and the King of Kings – Romeo Santos, but Johnny is more than just a manager; he is a friend, a mentor and an inspiration. Growing up in New York Johnny always believed that his place was among the finest, the New York City cops. “From early on I was interested in becoming a New York City cop” commented Johnny in an exclusive interview with Nuestra Voz Latina. This interest led him to be accepted and enrolled at John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a major in Police Science. Before he kew it, Johnny’s dream became a reality; he finally became a New York City cop, an honor he carried for almost 16 years. Little did Johnny know that being a NYC cop would lead him to where he is now, a successful manager in the music industry. Johnny initially began to work as security for the rising bachata


group Aventura. “Romeo gave me my first chance. When I met him he gave me the opportunity to become security for the group. Throughout that job I developed a strong relationship with him”. The strong relationship that Johnny built with the group laid the foundation for what was yet to come. He continued to work as the groups security for over a year, leading to a friendship with the four members. During his employment with Aventura, the group began going through contractual disputes which involved lawyers. The outcome of the dispute resulted in the termination of the current management. After interviewing several managerial prospects, the group approached Johnny with a proposition that would change his life. “They didn’t feel comfortable with anyone they interviewed so they asked me to be their manager. I was taken back because I was a NYC cop. I wasn’t sure I had the time the job deserved and required. At the time, they were gaining momentum with ‘We Broke the Rules’ plus I had no experience”. Johnny may have not had experience but he did have the one quality that they were looking for; they trusted him. With no experience and the dedication to learn, Johnny became the manager of the leading bachata group of all time,




changing the route of his future. “I didn’t know it would change my life forever. I kept telling myself ‘What am I going to tell the first person that calls me”? When I finally got that call my response to them was ‘I will call you back’. I wanted to make sure I was going to give them the right answer”. This tenacity and hunger to learn led Johnny to grow alongside with Aventura and to put his all into his new position. Many have asked how could he possibly have transitioned from cop to manager without any experience, to which he answered “I made mistakes and I made sure I wasn’t repeating them”. Becoming a music manager did not supersede his love for the law. Johnny continued to work as a cop in Lower Manhattan before getting promoted to sergeant, which led to a transfer to the Washington Heights 33rd Pct. This dedicated and hardworking man did something extraordinary; he simultaneously worked as a manager and a sergeant. “Being a sergeant is very different from being a cop. It was more managerial” which provided him with more tools and experience in his role as music manager. In 2009, Johnny made a difficult decision and decided to dedicate himself full time to being a manager. “Being a cop was my first passion. I wouldn’t trade the years I had as a cop. It was from the heart. I wanted to try to do both for as long as I can. Just like I had a love for law I also developed a love for the music business. I wanted to conquer it. When ‘The Last’ was released in 2009 I knew it was going to blow up. I knew I couldn’t juggle both careers. This is the best move I could have made”. Being the hands on guy that he is, Johnny takes his career very seriously. “When you want something done right, you do it yourself ” he commented. “The more the artists grow such as Aventura and Romeo as a solo artist has, the more work you have. It literally consumes a big portion of my day. I respond to fans and send emails out to everyone. I like the fans to feel connected to the artists”. Not only does Johnny like his fans to feel connected, he also likes to stay connected to the community he grew up in. At a young age Johnny lost his father and saw the struggles his mother went through to raise three children on her own, while working in a factory. Regardless of the struggles she endured, Johnny’s mother always tried to help others out. He fondly remembers how his mother would never turn away from a

person in need. “Seeing her do that opened my eyes.” Today, Johnny continues to see his mother as a positive role model. “My mother keeps in touch with a lot of people in the Dominican Republic and is aware of many that have financial difficulties. I evaluate every story and then see how I can help them”. Every Labor Day weekend Johnny does a toy giveaway and basketball tournament in the Lower East Side, where he grew up, as a way to motivate the young men and women to continue with school. At the end of the tournament they give out book bags that contain essentials for school so that the children have one less excuse as to why they cannot go back to school. Knowing that he can make a difference in a family’s life has driven Johnny to begin developing the Johnny Marines Blessings Foundation. “While the difference I make may seem small to me, it is huge to a family in need. I’m glad I can help but the message that I live by daily is that it’s me today helping these families, but any of you who are successful can do the same. Don’t turn your back on your community and don’t forget where you came from” comments Johnny. Johnny continues to manage Romeo Santos and is currently working with Azzad watches in the development of a watch line named after him. The difference between this particular line of watches is that Johnny will not be making a penny from the sales, instead a percentage of the proceeds will be going to his foundation. Despite his success, staying there has not been easy. “A lot of people are not aware of the amount of work it takes to remain in the position we are in. They see you live in a nice place and they want to sign up and do the same thing. One thing people don’t know is that its takes a lot of work to get to the top, then you have to work twice as hard to stay there”. So what is his key to success? Simply “don’t let your guard down. People try to take that success from you. There will always be a line of people that want to knock you down. Stay focused. The minute they feel rejection they give up but you can be the one who made it”.




Article by Lorraine Rosales Photos by Bolivar Feijoo


ith music pulsing through her veins, Ambar has established herself as a force to reckon with. After taking a break to raise her son, Ambar returns to the music scene with a vengeance.

number 1 in the Music Choice tropical charts. Billboard Magazine named the song one of its “Big Movers”.

Ambar first got the news of the success of the song while she was in Las Vegas. “I was with my family that has In 2012 her first single, Tengo always supported me. It was exciting to hear that this song Ganas, made it to the 5th was so well received by the position on the Billboard public. My fans are always Tropical charts and she was writing to me on Twitter tellnominated for Best Female ing me how much they love Tropical Artist in Premio Lo Nuestro 2013. “Being nomi- the song and how they can’t stop dancing. That is the best nated was a very emotional thing for me. I was thrilled to gift one can receive; to hear that the fans love a song that know that I had been nomiyou put your heart into”. nated and welcomed this wonderful opportunity that Ambar collaborated with God has given me” exclaims Reggaeton’s great, Don Omar the Puerto Rican singer. on this single that will make you get up and “not stop This year has been no difdancing”. “It is an urban ferent. Her newest single, “No Pares De Bailar” reached tropical song that speaks 25

about how we must enjoy life because it can pass you by so quickly. Dancing brings so much joy and allows us to relieve stress. I wanted to convey this through this song; that we need to keep dancing in life, enjoying life and being happy”. Ambar is currently dedicating her time to her fashionable watch line that she has recently launched. The watch symbolizes the beauty of a lady and was designed personally by Ambar reflecting her charismatic personality and style. You may find Ambar watches online at






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Ingrid hosts Simply Delicioso on Cooking Channel while her Spanishlanguage show, Delicioso, launched its new season on the top rated Spanish language network, Univision, on Feb. 2012. Currently, DELICIOSO is the only cooking show broadcasted weekly on national television regardless of language. On April 2nd, Ingrid will be releasing her cookbook Latin D’Lite, which may be pre-order through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


SERVES 10 INGREDIENTS 4 cups of heavy cream 14 ounce can of sweetened condensed milk 2 cups of frozen passion fruit pulp, defrosted Mint sprigs for serving Biscotti or other crisp cookies for serving PREPARATION 1. Place 1 tablespoon of passion fruit pulp in the bottom of 10 martini glasses (you’ll use 1/2 cup total passion fruit pulp) or ramekins and set them aside. 2. Using an electric mixer beat the cream until it holds stiff peaks. Whisk 1 1/4 cups of passion fruit pulp with the condensed milk in a large bowl, add 1/4 of the whipped cream, and whisk it in. Fold in the remaining whipped cream and fill the martini glasses or ramekins with some of the mousse. Drizzle some of the remaining passion fruit pulp over the top. Serve immediately or cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for up to 8 hours. Serve cold with a mint sprig and a biscotti.


The Delicate Art of Balancing Motherhood and a Career



hen I first returned to work full time when our twin daughters were 8 weeks old, I knew being a working mother was going to be a balancing act. Though our children are older – our son is now 7 and the girls are now 5 – the balance is still a delicate one and I find myself walking a tightrope between motherhood and career.

Probably like most working moms, I feel guilty when I have to work late and I don’t get to tuck them in at bedtime. The worst is when one of my daughters asks me to please stop working late because she misses me terribly. That’s just enough to break my heart but let’s be realistic – bills have to be paid. Tonight is a prime example of how both these worlds collide on a daily basis. I got home early enough to begin preparing dinner but had to handle a work-related call that came in as I was prepping the tilapia. Ever the prodigious multi-tasker I cooked while working on the computer and fielding phone call after phone call. I took a break only to feed the family and before I knew it was time for the kids’ bedtime. Not wanting to interrupt my workflow, my husband put the kids to bed while I continued working well into the night. Looking back, in total I probably spent ½ hour with my children tonight. I already feel like I’ve missed out on important things in their lives because they were either in day care when they took their first step or I couldn’t make it to that school parade because I had to work. I’ve apologized countless times that they can’t be a “walker” or a “car” because they have to go to aftercare. Because of all this, I try very hard to not let work interfere with spending time with my kids. I cherish putting them down to bed at night when I get to hear the stories of what happened at school, or we get to read a book together. My son and I often have the best conversations in those few moments before he closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep. Though they may not remember these moments as they grow older, I believe what they will remember are the times I wasn’t there. And that makes me work harder to try and be there for as much as I can be present for. I want my children to understand the value of working hard and earning your keep in this world. I had my parents example to follow. My father worked nights as a mechanic at a factory and my mother worked full time in a bank. I never had fresh baked cookies waiting for me when I got home from school until my mother took early retirement when I was in 9th grade. I was far too old to appreciate what I had missed out on. While I wish I could pick my kids up at the end of the school day like all the other moms, I want my daughters to see that they can do both successfully – be a mom and have a career. And just when I think I’m failing miserably at both, my kids remind me they are heeding my example. My daughters informed me recently that they wanted to be a dentist and a teacher AND be a mommy just like me. Hearing this made my guilty little heart light up! So if you are like me, keep your chin up and know that as long as you continue to try and balance both motherhood and your career, you are already ahead of the game.



DIFFERENT FORMS OF LOVE Article by Laly J. Rodriguez


t is a fact that males and females are extremely different, not so only for obvious reasons, but also in their form of love and feelings. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to borrow the expression of Dr. Grey, author of the successful books Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars. I totally agree with his theory, men are Martians and females are Venusians... The Venusians mostly want: affection, tenderness, mimes, understanding, feel heard, verbal expressions of love, surprises and details. The majority of the Martians want or need: to feel valued and successful in all aspects of life, abundant sexual relations (be the best lover), reaffirmation of their selfesteem, and feel important to their partner. Venusians need to feel valued and appreciated while the Martians want and need to be useful. It is their way of expressing love and feel loved. In their mutual incomprehension, both feel that they give more than they receive. Let’s look at this example, if a Venusian does not praise what he does for her and tells what he has not done or if she criticizes everything he does, he will feel lost. On the other hand, if he does not praise her appearance, nor recognizes its merits or what she does for it, she will feel lost and not valued by him...

unequal, for example the fact that he is pending and is friendly with her, sometimes is not enough to give a Venusian emotional security and it is then when it happens the” bright idea” to ask about the future of the relationship...For the Martians, why spoil it with a conversation about where the relationship going? According to them, too many words spoil the moment. Why talk of the future? The future is built and you can enjoy in the present. For them, it is important to live in the moment and not tarnish the relationship by trying to live the facts that will come in the future. For the Venusians it is important the security and the future of the relationship, some Venusians want to hear phrases like “I love you”, “when we live together”, “when we buy our home” etc., however for the Martians those are phrases that deviate them from their present, which is the only thing true for them at that time.

The majority of couples “fail” because it’s two components; expect the other to cover all your needs. It is important to have realistic expectations with one another and try to complement each other as a couple; with respect that everyone has their identity and different personalities, you don’t have to share everything. If both have disparate and conflicting interests, everyone can enjoy them with your friends without disturbing When the relationship is beginning, they the other and leaving that space to develop think different and give importance to things as individuals to assess the relationship.



MARTIANS & VENUSIANS The Martians need sometimes to withdraw in silence (entering their Cave) to deal with their problems and process them, the Venusians need to talk about the problems at the time.

reach an agreement fair to both. It is crucial to revisit the topic and not put a temporary band age, conflicts must be processed them, they will not go away alone. If they discover there is much rage to talk about even, it means that The midpoint is give him a time to isolate it- they need more time to process and are not yet self but agreed that more late is going to discuss ready to talk about...Falling in love is hyperbolthe situation. If he withdraws or does not want ic, compulsive and fills us with joy and anguish. to talk about, doesn’t mean that it does not already love your partner. If she expresses that he When the Venusians do not get all that they feels bad and he moves away to give him space want, they tend to give more to compenor minimizes your feelings or continually in- sate for the lack of they need. They sacriterrupts it to tell him that he has no reason to fice themselves while they wait in silence feel so, she feels lost. And little loved... To ar- (sometimes believe that they can guess his rive at a “happy medium” it is important to let thought), that he realizes and appreciates them. them take their space, but in a way that shows It is important to learn to set limits and to exrespect and consideration by the relationship. press exactly what they want without thinking that they are going to be rejected. The world (or My recommendation is that they are specific a relationship) was not built in one day or in an and tell you that they need time and that in instant...So you do not “assume”, talk clear and several hours; they re-visit the topic, but that precise about the expectations of the relationat the moment you need space. When you feel ship, but all in due time, when the Martian and ready, you must keep your word and discuss is- the Venusian are in a stable relationship...I hope sues, in one more objective since the courage that this article helps you to improve your relamust have fallen and they must therefore be tionship. It is important to understand that we are more willing to discuss in a constructive man- different and we must respect the perspective of ner. During that space, the Venusian should the other person...For questions on the subject, use that time to do any exercises that will help please write to! you reduce the anger and lower levels of stress and anxiety. This exercise could be talking to a person you trust write their feelings, exercising, listening to music, finally find it relaxing to also be more prepared to re visit the issue and


Premio Lo



Nuestro 2013


Photos by Jose Mesid贸r


Premio Lo



Nuestro 2013


Photos by Jose Mesid贸r


Premio Lo



Nuestro 2013


Photos by Jose Mesid贸r





manuelle smoothed the invisible wrinkles in her sundress and gave herself a final once-over in the full-length mirror of her bedroom.

Not too shabby, she thought with admiration. Though she was pushing forty-five, she’d managed to keep her appearance in tip-top shape and now that her youngest had finally left the nest for college, she was looking forward to the alone time with Jeravishus. Looking around the Victorian-inspired room, Emanuelle noted the door of her wide walk- in closet open partly. Strange, she thought to herself. Jeravishus rarely ventured into the room that had always been her private sanctuary, ever since she’d first discovered the joy of shopping at the tender age of eight, when her favorite aunt gave her twenty dollars and told her to spend it on whatever she wished. Stepping silently on the plush carpet beneath her bare feet, she reached the door and pulled it open swiftly, half expecting a crazed machete-wielding lunatic to attack her. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, she turned away, but her peripheral vision picked up on a discrepancy. Flicking on the overheard bulb and basking the large space with light, Emanuelle immediately made a mental inventory of her shoe collection and noted the missing pair barely noticeable after a half-ass attempt at secrecy by the perpetrator. Shaking her head, she turned around and shut off the light, closing the closet door behind her, reminding herself to give her eldest, Brietta, a phonecall. Brietta had long since developed the bad habit of borrowing her mother’s belongings in private, often masking the act by pushing together other shoes on the closet floor, trying to fill the void that her thievery left. But her wily ways were no match for her Virgo mother’s memory and Emanuelle always caught her red-handed. Bouncing down the stairs in the sensual manner that had become her trademark and had in the end, won her a husband, Emanuelle trotted into her airy kitchen and gathered the rest of her groceries off of the table. Quickly she placed each item in its proper location and closed the cupboard, eager to leave. Looking around, she contemplated her dinner plans and finally elected on lasagna. After lunch, she decided, she’d come straight home and get started on it. Well, maybe not right after lunch, she thought, considering stopping at Victoria’s Secret for something special. She shut off the kitchen light and moved to the foyer, gathering her clutch and inspecting her reflection in the large mahogany-framed mirror adorning the camel-colored wall. Mary-Kay Time Wise Moisturizer had helped keep the wrinkles at bay so far and having a mother that had always nagged about forehead creases had certainly helped. Her skin was still tight and young, her face still showing the healthy pallor of a young woman. All in all she was satisfied with her looks and grateful that Mother Nature had been on her side thus far. The drive to Jeravishus’ office was short and sweet. The afternoon traffic hadn’t yet started so she’d escaped it just barely, arriving at the suite of Manning, Felipe & McNabb, LLC shortly after twelve. Making her way up the floors in the elevator, she left a message on Brietta’s voicemail, requesting the immediate surrender of her stolen burgundy snake-skin stilettos. Walking down the carpeted hallway, Emanuelle tried to remember the last time she’d visited her husband at his office. It had to have been more than a year, she recollected. The décor was different. Instead of the cold and impersonal steel that had filled the reception area, a large cherry-wood desk had been placed there, with several knickknacks and homey touches that added a more comfortable feel. A large potted plant was seated directly to the left of a large suede couch for clients and an over-sized cobalt blue vase holding a lovely arrangement of exotic lilies had been placed on a coffee table full of TIME magazines and Albany newspapers.


MARCH/APRIL 2013 Meeting eyes with the quaint receptionist lost behind the giant desk, Emanuelle smiled pleasantly and introduced herself. “Good afternoon. I’m here to meet my husband for lunch. My name is Emanuelle Felipe.” “Good afternoon,” replied the receptionist, her wide smile clearly a product of Crest White-Strips. “And your husband is...?” Smiling patiently, Emanuelle answered, “Mr. Felipe.” The receptionist furrowed her eyebrows and glanced down at a large binder open before her. Scanning the pages she flipped through several, unconsciously repeating the name over and over again. “Mr. Felipe, Mr. Felipe....” Crossing her hands on the counter of the desk, Emanuelle maintained her composure, reminding herself that like the furniture and office makeover, this receptionist was new and unfamiliar, thus her confusion with the obvious reference. “Sweetie, my husband is Jeravishus Felipe. Partner of ‘Manning, Felipe & McNabb, LLC’.” Looking miserable, the receptionist considered her next question carefully before finally asking, “Who’s ‘Manning, Felipe & McNabb, LLC’?” How could someone not know the name of the company for which they? Unsure if the woman was an idiot or simply mentally disturbed, Emanuelle was at a loss of words. Opting for the latter, she leaned over the desk and plastered on her most sincere smile, usually reserved for small children and those with special needs. “Darling, ‘Manning, Felipe & McNabb, LLC’ is the company for which you work, and Jeravishus Felipe is a founding partner, also my husband, and I would assume, your boss. Can you please let him know I’m here?” Shaking her head, the receptionist replied. “No, ma’am. This here is ‘Manning, McNabb & Donovan, LLC’. There’s no one here named ‘Felipe’.” Caught off guard, Emanuelle huffed and crossed her arms defensively. “You are severely mistaken. My husband is partner of this firm. His name is still on the building.” “Uh, actually, no it’s not. The sign reads ‘Manning, McNabb & Donovan, LLC’.” Emanuelle shut her eyes for a second and reevaluated the scenario. She had taken a left at the stop sign, a right on Miller Drive. She’d parked in the same space she’d always used in the past, right in front of the bakery on 5th. And this was 2008 Interbay Boulevard. Could she be in the wrong suite? Looking down at loose letterhead floating on the receptionist’s desk, she put her question to rest, noting the suite number on the sheet of paper- 16F. No, she thought. She was definitely in the right place. But something was definitely wrong. “Please buzz Mr. McNabb for me.” “Mr. McNabb is in a meeting and he asked that he not be-” “Now.” Without another word, the receptionist picked up her phone, dialed an extension and whispered inaudibly into the mouthpiece.



Emanuelle waited with crossed arms, her mind running over with rampant ideas, her logical brain unable to grasp just one and form it into a normal thought. “Emanuelle,” she heard behind her. Turning to face the voice she saw Phillip McNabb, a friend of the family and the other attorney Jeravishus had established the firm with twenty years ago. Grateful for the familiar face that would put an end to the confusion, Emanuelle walked quickly to him, her hands outstretched.

“Phillip! Oh, thank God, there seems to be some sort of confusion here! Kindly tell this young lady who Jeravishus is. She seems to have never met him.” Holding her hands in his gingerly, Phillip took a step backward, pulling Emanuelle with him. “Maybe we should go into my office, Emanuelle. Come, follow me, please.” Frowning slightly, Emanuelle clutched her purse and turned back to the receptionist, offering a steely “Thank you,” before disappearing around the corridor with Phillip. Inside his office, Phillip offered her a chair and shut the door behind him, maneuvering his bulky frame into his own large leather chair and turning to face her. Crossing both hands on his desktop, he looked her square in her face and began. “What are you doing here?” Taken aback, Emanuelle frowned. “What do you mean what am I doing here? I’m here to see Jeravishus. Where is he?” Shaking his head, Phillip scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Is this some sort of joke, Emanuelle? You know he’s not here.” Licking her lips and finding herself wringing her hands in her lap, she shook her head and with added bass in her voice, replied, “No, Phillip. This is not a joke. Would you please tell me where my husband is?” Suddenly pensive, Phillip shot back in his chair and ran a pudgy hand through his thinning hair. “You mean to tell me he never told you?” “Told me what?” “He never told you anything? Anything at all?” Finally losing her patience and composure, Emanuelle replied angrily. “No, goddammit! No one’s told me anything, but someone had better start or I swear to God...” “Okay, okay,” replied Phillip, his intimidated eyes darting to and fro for eavesdroppers.


MARCH/APRIL 2013 “Jeravishus left, Emanuelle. He hasn’t been with us ever since... ever since what happened.” “What the hell are you talking about? Ever since what happened?” “Jesus,” he muttered, shaking his head. “I shouldn’t be the one to be telling you this.” “Well, you are, so out with it,” she countered with a raised eyebrow. “Fine. He left when he was caught in a... compromising position.” Laughing almost despite herself, Emanuelle sat back in her chair and feeling the world crumple around her, pressed further. “What kind of compromising position?” Finally resigning, Phillip let the words flow loosely. “He was caught, Emanuelle. With an employee. They were caught in the middle of... well, let’s just say they got caught one evening. I found out all about it the next day after I’d read his letter of resignation.” Soaking it in, Emanuelle allowed herself five seconds of turmoil, where she felt her heart being ripped to shreds, before continuing. With a leveled voice, she asked, “When was this?” After a short pause, Phillip answered flatly. “Last March.” Quick math- Fourteen months. Fourteen months ago her husband had had an affair and resigned from his position. Fourteen months of lying every day when he would put his suit on, pick up his briefcase, kiss her goodbye and head to work. Every single day. Thirty days in a month times fourteen months, give or take a day or two, equaled four hundred-twenty days of lies. Emanuelle nodded politely and rose from her chair. Across from her Phillip rose also, out of compassion for a woman who’d just had the rug of her life pulled out from under her. Turning and walking away, Emanuelle stopped just before Phillip’s door and turned to face him. “Do you know what firm he’s with now, Phillip?” Sensing an imminent explosion, but unable to prevent it, Phillip conceded and divulged the one piece of information he knew would blow Jeravishus’ life wide open. “Hamilton & Pierce on Eureka,” he answered, referring to the firm of their mutual law school acquaintance, Miguel Rosa Pierce. “Thank you,” she whispered. “Oh, and Phillip?” “Yes?” he asked. “What did he do with his shares of the firm?” “Um… nothing. They are still attached.”


NUESTRA VOZ LATINA Emanuelle nodded and opened the door. She walked through it, calling nonchalantly over her shoulder, “Phillip, I’m also a partner, so as for his shares- you’ll be hearing from my lawyer.” She exited the suite quickly, careful to avoid eye contact with the receptionist who’d tried to tell her about her husband’s absence. Walking through the swinging doors, she glanced back once last time at the large sign in front of the suite, noticing the obvious change in company name and cursing herself for missing it upon her entrance. Emanuelle walked to her car and numbly got in, starting the ignition and pulling out of the parking space without so much as a second thought on her actions. Like a woman lost in her own conscious, she made her way down Interbay Boulevard and before long, found herself weaving and ducking through back streets, emerging on Eureka Drive. Without a concrete address, she was driving blindly, but something more than hurt and pain led her on, and before she knew it, a large window-covered skyscraper rose before her and she instinctively glanced to her right, her eyes immediately landing on her husband’s precious Land Rover. She was in the right place. Double-parked and seriously considering making a spectacle of herself, Emanuelle was stopped short when she saw her husband rush out of the swinging doors of the building and race across the street, passing right in front of her without so much as a second glance. Before she knew what she was doing, she put the car in gear and sped off after him. Like a mad woman she followed him, but never too closely. Through city streets that gave way to lush countryside, and rolling green hills that gave way to speeding freeways, she drove on, her eyes never fully peeling from his jeep. After several turns and twists and moments of hesitation where she questioned her actions and tried to talk herself out of confrontation only to have the anger re-boil and fester into pure unadulterated hatred, Emanuelle found herself pulling into a motel parking lot. The ‘Lucky Shamrock Hotel’. Lucky, my ass, she whispered and shut off her ignition, her fingers loosely grasping the door handle. Watching him closely she saw her husband get out of his jeep, and race across the parking lot, ducking directly into a room for which he’d already had the key. Shaking her head, Emanuelle cursed herself for being so stupid. Fourteen months. Her husband had been having an affair for fourteen months and she was only now finding out about it, watching him meet his lover for their daily tryst, canceling meetings and leaving work early for their pre-arranged rendezvous. What an idiot she’d been. For twenty-eight excruciating minutes she blamed herself for her life falling apart, hating herself for relying solely on her husband’s love and her trust of him to build their marriage. Well, no more, she thought. Opening the car door she stepped out into the parking lot and slammed the door behind her. With the sound of determination echoing the click of her heels on the pavement she made her way to Room 184 and knocked softly. Hearing rustling and giggling through the wooden door and careful to hold herself back from hurling her body through the door and on top of Jeravishus’ lying and cheating ass, Emanuelle was slapped into reality when the buzzing of her cell phone’s vibrator interrupted her thoughts. She flipped open the cover without so much as a glance at the


MARCH/APRIL 2013 Caller ID and answered, “What?” “Mami? It’s me, Brietta.” Sighing with impatience at her daughter’s poorly timed call, Emanuelle began in a hushed voice, “Brietta, I can’t talk right now. I-“ “Mami, before you say anything,” interrupted Brietta, “I didn’t take your shoes. I swear. The last time I borrowed that pair they pinched my heels so bad I took them off halfway through the day. I don’t have them.” Just then, the door opened. Emanuelle couldn’t remember if she had ended the call, or closed the phone. For all she knew, her daughter could have stayed on the line and heard everything that happened next. She’d never know, however, because everything that happened after the motel room door opened was a complete and total blur. When Jeravishus opened the door, he was dressed in only silk boxer shorts and a matching robe. Emanuelle didn’t recognize them as anything he’d ever purchased and knew immediately he’d bought them especially for his lover. When their eyes met, the color drained from his handsome face and the 6’4 frame he’d always bore so haughtily was suddenly deflated. His shoulders stooped, his neck bent and he gripped the door for physical support. Emanuelle, on the other hand, had never stood so proud, and the look on her face upon catching her husband in the middle of an affair was nothing short of pity. She pitied him for having just lost her as a wife, and she pitied him for having had lost the love and trust of their three beautiful children. And when Jeravishus’ lover- clad in nothing but an open silk robe, identical to the one draped over her husband’s own sweaty skin, and Emanuelle’s missing burgundy snake-skin stilettos- appeared in the open doorway, unaware of what was happening, her face remained set like a stone statue, without one shred of emotion. The only indication of human feeling that escaped her was the barely inaudible gasp she emitted from her body upon the realization that her husband’s lover was Miguel Rosa Pierce. Later that night, as Emanuelle sat in her car and drove home to the house that she was going to enter alone for the first time in over two decades, she recapped the events that led her there. The altercation that ensued after her discovery of her husband’s affair was not pretty, nor was it without verbal sparring. But it was quick, and to the point. She said what she had to say in the most effective and emotion-less manner she could concoct and left immediately thereafter, eager to erase the vision of what her life had become out of her pounding head. Unlocking the door of her marital home, Emanuelle proceeded directly upstairs and into her bedroom. Without even turning on the light, she expertly made her way through the dark past her king-sized bed that she’d no longer share, past the master bathroom in which she’d no longer make love to her husband, and past the large balcony on which she’d no longer have company. Instead she moved straight to the closet. There, she opened the closet door, turned on the light and bent over, replacing her burgundy snake-skin stilettos in the empty space where they belonged. Her marriage may have fallen apart, but at least she’d gotten her shoes back.


CREDITS Lorraine Rosales, CEO & Editor


Laly J. Rodriguez, Contributor

Aimee Nu帽ez-Keegan, Contributor Yokairy Tavarez, Contributor Jose Mesid贸r, Photographer Bolivar Feijoo, Photographer CONTACT INFO

Nuestra Voz Latina March/April 2013  
Nuestra Voz Latina March/April 2013  

Nuestra Voz Latina is an online magazine dedicated to bringing exclusive interviews with some of the hottest Latin entertainers.