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Cover and current photo Model Courtney Johnson @ LA Models Photographer & stylist Luke Raymond MUAH Bridget O'Donnell


Who are you? Who do you want to be? Let's talk about the humble beginning. The regular person who bit, tore and fought to get where they are - and never lost sight of the end goal. This issue is about those people. Individuals who decided to take their art and make a living off of it. NUDE Magazine grew from one simple notion - there's more than meets the eye. I want to see all of it, and I want to show it to you. So be inspired and never give up. After all, who doesn't love reading NUDE?

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Model Courtney Johnson @ LA Models Photographer & stylist Luke Raymond MUAH Bridget O'Donnell



Fashion at the end of the nineteenth century became ornamental and a testament to status and wealth. High-rise collars and long sleeve blouses kept the wearer modest, but the garment itself was far from bland. Blouses were usually made with silk or cotton and decorated with lace, embroidery, or ru les. The Victorian Era is known for its femininity and romantic aura, filled with satin and tulle. Nowadays, if you showed up to work or school wearing a full-on 1890s 3-piece grey velvet dress with a satin collar and pu fed sleeves, you probably would get a lot of stares. But if you wear a Victorian inspired top such as the high neck, sheer lace top with a nice pair of leather jeans, you can quickly go from costume wearer to “cool girl.” Sometimes we need a little romance in our closets, but don’t want to go too over the top. The key to most fashion trends is mixing and matching. Silk Victorian lace-trimmed blouses pair well with patterns such as checkers or tartan. Collared sheer lace looks beautiful under plain black low cut dresses or even dark overalls. You could even match opposites by wearing a blush pink ru led blouse with some light wash distressed jeans. The possibilities are truly endless, you just have to be a little creative.


Keeping in line with modesty and elongating one’s neck we introduce, the collar. Chokers and neckties seem to have become a staple in everyone’s wardrobes. However, these accessories are not just a homage to the 1990s; in fact, chokers and jeweled collars became popular in the 1880s. When Alexandra, the Princess of Wales made them popular a ter

Article and all calligraphy by Autumn Wilson

wearing these fashions to hide a neck scar. Originally chokers also known as collier du chien (dog collar), came in four basic varieties: 1) a wide band of fabric usually a dark velvet, could be made from lace or silk, 2) multiple strands of small pearls o ten separated by vertical diamond bars, 3) strands of pearls with a square or rectangle piece in the center, and 4) a metal band intricately encrusted with gemstones. These collars were made for the rich, seeing as each one was cra ted to perfectly fit on a lady’s neck and no matter how ornate the collar was, it was never worn alone.


The stretchy tattoo chokers will always have a special place in my 90s grunge heart but there is a way to make this look a bit more sophisticated with your everyday outfits. Simple white button-down top with blue jeans, when worn with a thick dark colored velvet choker instantly elevates your look. A midi skirt, a cold shoulder blouse, and a simple necktie all work together perfectly. When it comes to chokers and collars, they can really give any outfit new life no matter how simple or fancy. 7


The gateway // Sam Gellaitry Drop the game (sweater beats remix) // Flume & Chet Faker Late night t. Masego (falcons remix) // GoldLink Be alright (promnite remix) // Kehlani Bliss // Sober Rob Rain Dance // Sweater Beats Nature nature // Ramzoid Kotokoto // DreamChild Haunted t. Sevdaliza // STWO W2L // TroyBoi & Stooki Sound Lovin U // STWO Co fee // Sylvan Esso You and me // Dre Rodner




NUDE: Who are you? Chantell: My name is Chantell Pfitzer. I am a photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. My primary focus is fashion, lifestyle and headshots. I graduated with a degree in photography from the Art Institute of Charlotte, NC. I grew up as a bit of a nomad, due to my family’s constant moving to di ferent regions of the country. In result of this, I learned from a very young age to quickly adapt to change and find outlets for inspiration anywhere I was. Luckily, it was consistent everywhere I went - nature. It’s where I’ve found peace, joy, and motivation. Nature is a perfect balance of silence and noise. It holds everything my creative mind wants and needs - texture, color, movement, sound, etc. It can’t be contained or controlled. Its force can be destructive or nourishing. I’ve gained so much from it. Though nature has deeply impacted me, people’s in luence has played the biggest role in my creative process. Moving

collided me into people from every walk of life and pushed me to understand them. I developed compassion, a fascination and an appreciation for people’s stories. To me, they are each di ferent puzzles. Though you collect similar looking pieces, one at a time, a ter putting them together, one looks so di ferent from the next. NUDE: Who do you want to be? Chantell: Photography is an art that I want to continually fine tune as the years go on. In addition to producing imagery itself, my goals consist of traveling, collaborating with other artists and gaining a level of success in my career. Through these things, I hope to use my cra t and give a voice to those who are mute - to share people’s stories through stills. I want to be known for creating an atmosphere that inspires, supports, and encourages people and art that informs and compels.

Photographer // 11



Model Rhett Wellington MUAH Jill Yanov




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NUDE: Who are you? Rene: I am a curious person. I want to see everything, everywhere and speak to everyone. I like to be outside of my security zone, to take risks, to ďŹ ght my fears and create my own way. I am looking for instant beauty, happiness and a peaceful and relaxing environment. I am also fascinated by people, and I want to know more about everyone. I like to speak to strangers because I think everyone has something to teach, or a nice story to tell. NUDE: Who do you want to be? Rene: I have no idea who I want to be, and I don't want to plan my future. I think life is all about the present moment. We should enjoy every instant, without caring about the past or the future. I like to consider myself an adventurer of the world.


Ellie Stuart Hunter

Cody Gilman

"Enjoy every instant,

without caring about the past or the future."

Photographer // 17



Jon Hjelholt




________________________________ ________________________________

NUDE: Who are you? Emerson: I actually never stopped to think about that but let's go...I'm Emerson Miller, originally Emerson Rodrigues da Silva. I moved from Brazil two years ago and I'm celebrating my 2nd year here this month. I fell in love (with my now husband) back in Brazil four years ago. Since the first day I met him, my life completely changed for the best. I found love and I also found a career. I can really say I got the whole happiness package, right? When I first moved to the U.S., I couldn't work because of my papers so instead, I decided to explore the artist inside of me. Back in Brazil I worked with imports and exports for a big company, and I always liked it but never loved it. Since I was a kid, I always wanted to work in art but because of my family and the situation I lived in I had to think about money and not love, so I decided to go to business school. When I first moved here I felt so scared and lonely, but I had love by my side so that was my power. I decided to take a photography class at UCLA and honestly, that was one of the best choices I ever made in my whole life. A ter my first year as a photographer, I was featured in Vogue and six months later, I got a job as a manager at Wilhelmina. So, I believe I am doing okay, right? Honestly, my mom always called me a chameleon - always changing, always searching for freedom. Today I can say I am the happiest man; I have love, I have an emerging career and I have, most of all, peace in my heart.


NUDE: Who do you want to be? Emerson: I can't even decide what I'll have for dinner tonight! The only thing I know about my future is that love is the only key to make anything you want to accomplish become real. I might change my style, my hair, or my favorite brand, but I'm sure that love will always guide me to make the right decisions. I don't want to be famous, I want to be good at what I do. I want people to smile at me when we meet. I want a world full of passion. Who I want to be depends on the person I want to be tomorrow. I wish the best of luck for him, because for now I'm just this happy guy at the happiest state of mind that I know right now. Who do I want to be? Exactly who I am right now, this guy, living the moment.


Model Annie Marie @ Freedom Models Stylist Ton Aguilar MUAH Luna Mariposa



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Photographer // 27

NUDE: Who do you want to be? Alex: Does happy count? I aspire to find the utmost happiness in life. I want to pursue my photography career and continue traveling the world, living a life doing what I love. That includes experimenting, refining my taste, setting new goals and achieving them. Ultimately, I want to be a photographer known for his distinct style, who is able to continuously shoot for editorial and advertising clients. I want to evolve and become the best version of myself. 28

NUDE: Who are you? Alex: This is one of the most important questions in my life. Staying true to self, daily, especially in my profession, is essential to me. On the surface, I am Alex Jackson, a 21-year-old photographer from Barbados with a love for travel, music and the finer things in life. Beyond being a photographer, model manager (OMEGA Model Management), traveler and so much more, one thing I do know is that I’m a creative in every sense of the word. It’s impossible for a song to play, or the weather to change without envisioning some type of image that can be created in that moment of time. Cue Rihanna’s “Desperado” and I fantasize my favorite artist rocking custom Balmain as she enters a Western saloon with her squad. When the rain falls, I get the urge to shoot a vintage car exploding with a model walking away from the wreckage in nothing but black leather. My brain is constantly working, constantly cranking out new creative ideas. On a deeper, more personal level, I am that person who tries to light up the room with a smile. I am that person who tries to pick people up when they are down, laugh when they want to cry, and is there when they want to talk. I don’t just tell people what they want to hear, but the truth. I’m all about keeping it real.

Photographer Alex Jackson @ KeDrew Stylist Alex Jackson Model Breno @ TWO Management LA Grooming Julie Brooks Wardrobe: Suit Calvin Klein Shoes Tom Ford 29 Jeans Diesel Leather Jacket Rag & Bone



Photographer // 31



Models Sydney & Giselle


NUDE: Who are you? Michael: Tough question! I feel like I'm a person that is learning to let go of the control I o ten think I need. Sometimes life is about letting go of certain things and going with the low, ya know?! I'm trying to be less connected to my phone these days and more connected to other beautiful things around me. Also, I'm always trying to ďŹ nd ways to love my neighbors on this planet and I'm stoked when photography can help me do that!

"Stay encouraged y'all and keep doing what you love!"


NUDE: Who do you want to be? Michael: I want to be someone that doesn't always have to be so serious and can slow down, laugh and smell the roses! One goal for myself is to let go a little with photography as well. I've been hung up too many times in needing the perfect plan, the right equipment, etc., which can o ten prevent me from getting out and trying to make art. Planning and equipment are great, but they are just tools and should be treated as such. I'm also super grateful for the family and friends I've been given and I want to be just as loving, encouraging and supportive to them as they've been to me! Stay encouraged y'all and keep doing what you love! 35

Christopher Mason



Models Katie Joy & Christopher Mason



Photographer // 39

Model Camila Romero MUA Jenny


NUDE: Who are you? Darius: I am everything I've struggled for as an artist of many mediums. Photography has taken me to new heights as an artist and has allowed me to reach many. From working in retail ďŹ ve years ago, to letting go of everything and moving to NYC in search of a better me. Life in that moment was confusing - a struggle that became real every day. I kept going, no matter the situation. I was writing my story and as I faced daily struggles, my art continued to lourish. I am motivation. I've been able to motivate many artists and people who want to achieve something greater than what's expected of them.

"Art gave me a

reason, a

purpose, and a reason to love myself."

NUDE: Who do you want to be? Darius: As I continue to write my story, I want to be someone that has made a di ference through art. I want to be someone the world acknowledges as an artist who took it beyond any idea of fame or fortune. Art gave me a reason, a purpose, and a reason to love myself. So ultimately, I want to be the best I can be for those who need someone to turn to when they need to feel loved or guided. It's okay to live outside the box society feels you need to be apart of.

Photographer // 41







NUDE: Who are you? Courtney: Well, I think this is something any person in their early 20’s is trying to find the answer to, but if I had to describe myself in three words I would say I’m independent, funny, and very compassionate. I think I have been a very independent person since I was a child. I never really wanted other people’s help and I’ve always liked to do things my own way. Modeling has made me even more independent because I’ve had to travel and live on my own since age 18. I like to think I’m a pretty funny person; I have a really sarcastic sense of humor and I’m always trying to make people laugh. Finally, I would say I’m compassionate because I’m the type of person that will put others before myself and go to the ends of the earth for those I love. NUDE: Who do you want to be? Courtney: I don't know what I will be doing five years from now, where I will be, what career I will be pursing, but at the end of the day I just always want to be myself. I think today, especially in this industry, it is easy to lose sight of who you are and let others pressure you to be something you’re not. So I just always want to stay true to myself, stay humble, and be kind. If I could be an inspiration to others in any way that would be pretty awesome too.







Model Courtney Johnson @ LA Models Photographer & stylist Luke Raymond MUAH Bridget O'Donnell


Model //


NUDE: Who are you? Wesley: I'm Wesley Wheeler, know as @wesleh on most social platforms. I like to call myself a well-rounded creative, but I'd rather other people label me by the work and projects I put out rather than label myself. I've always expressed myself in creative ways through various outlets and ventures - my most current venture being my jewelry brand, Worn On. NUDE: Who do you want to be? Wesley: I want to be myself and continue sharing my creativity through honest expression, which isn't the easiest thing to do in this day and age. There's so much creativity being displayed right at our ďŹ ngertips every day. It's so easy to get caught up in what's cool at the time and ďŹ nd yourself capitalizing o f of a quick trend. It seems like a much safer route than expressing your creativity in an honest way that's true to you, because you never know if other people will like it or not. The point is, take risks and stay true to yourself. Unless you're completely business minded, then by all means keep making those aesthetic pink dad hats. NUDE: What do you want your brand to represent? Wesley: I want my brand to represent exactly what I look for in a creative type product, which I think is what everyone should be looking for in those type of products. I really favor unique products, something I haven't seen before. Who wants to see the same recycled product over and over? I also like to receive a product that looks like a lot of time, research, and care went into it. All of my jewelry is handmade right now, with various custom components that I had manufactured for me. I'm also a sucker for nice packaging and branding. When you receive a package from my brand, I want you to be impressed and excited to open it, and hopefully even keep the packaging. I also took a lot of time and design care with my promotional content, like the campaign photos. Over all, I just want my brand to represent a product that anyone would be excited to receive.



Designer // 55


Models Joseph Pinney, Morgan Vickery & Markel Williams Photographer Vika Petlakh

Designer // 57




NUDE: Who are you? David: First thought that comes to mind would be my name, but then that seems like a boring answer. Something like “I still don’t know” would probably come o f pretentious or vague as all hell. My love for life is truly sparked from cinema, photography, places I’ve never seen and probably never will again, leeting moment’s (so poetic) and chunky monkey ice cream. In all actuality, my name is David Kalani Bonderer, I was born in Honolulu, Hi, alongside my twin sister Danielle. Growing up between Hawaii and Florida, I have always felt the physical/mental need to be near the ocean and have incorporated di ferent themes of water for many of my concepts. Water and/or the ocean are some of the most essential and powerful aspects of my being. I tell jokes o ten, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, but I’m telling them either way. As long as I’m entertained, at least one person is for sure having a good time. NUDE: Who do you want to be? David: I want to be a person who is satisfied with what I have seen or felt. Satisfied with what I have accomplished in life and am leaving behind. I want to be a person who regrets little, and fondly re lects upon a life where I was happy.





Photographer // 63


Model Oona Oglesby


NUDE: Who are you? H: We are a community of in luencers, for in luencers. We stick together – to shoot, to travel, and to socialize – because creating is more fun and inspiring when you’re surrounded by other passionate, like-minded people. As a group, we shoot lifestyle photos for brands that fit our vibe. It’s our belief that by being selective about the brands we work with and by shooting for them together, we maintain our integrity and create more authentic and meaningful content.

"We stick together – to shoot, to travel, and to socialize."

NUDE: Who do you want to be? H: We want to grow our family bigger and bigger such that anyone can join our ranks – to travel the country, to grow as a creator, and to make a new group of friends. As a creator, it’s not always clear where to shoot, or with whom or on behalf of which brands. By sticking together and strengthening our community, we hope to make it easier for everyone to create in an inspiring and authentic way.

"We hope to make it easier for everyone to create in an inspiring and authentic way." 66

Photo by Derrick Freske



Photos Le t top: Nesrin Nanan Le t bottom: Alivia Latimer Right: Ron Dadon


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