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As the rain in Los Angeles continues to fall, a new creation emerges in the form of issue 038. Along with the downpour of rain has come a flood of love and support for our publication. We receive emails all day long but one really stood out to us. The email read “I absolutely love NUDE. Mag and the platform it provides for us creatives. It is a place I can come to discover new artists, grab inspiration and just appreciate others art.” This type of admiration is what keeps us striving to showcase talented and creative individuals all around the world. If you haven’t heard us say it before, we’ll say it again...thank you.

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Cover Ta l e n t | D o m i n i c C i a m b r o n e Photographer | Drew Castaneda Stylist | Katie Qian V i s u a l s | J o n a Te j a d a


NUDE. is a platform to highlight the creativity and artistry of individuals - musicians included. We have created the outlet to showcase your talent that of which cannot be experienced via paper. With each magazine release, there is a carefully selected playlist curated for the issue that is listed. Submit your music now for a chance to be in a future issue.


Moskito - Shiba San Lust - SAINt JHN reelitinn - j.robb Partout - Lunice you should see me in a crown - Billie Eilish i don’t wanna - Luxage On Your Mind - Kaskade Attracting Flies (Baauer Remix) - Aluna George In My Arms - Lane 8 After Hours - Smigonaut

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Relish In What You Cherish Cherish is a verb. It’s less about the object of adoration and more about the act of cherishing itself. Whether it’s a small trinket, a place from your childhood, a loving partner, or even that warm feeling you get when you hear your favorite song. To cherish something is to have a meaningful connection with it. Not only does it have a special place in your heart but it adds color to your life. Others may appreciate the same things as you, but how and why they are precious to you is special and distinct. You bestow value upon the things you hold near and dear, making them both unequivocally timeless and priceless.

How do you cherish something? Let’s be real here, we don’t go walking around, thinking to ourselves, “Oh, I like this! I’m gonna start cherishing it!” At times it’s difficult to explain why you cherish something so deeply because it manifests as a gut feeling that often cannot be translated through words. It happens on the subconscious level where a metaphysical connection is forged and nestled between heartwarming memories. As you grow, that irreplaceable bond continues to evolve and symbolize all the good that’s out there in the world.

A foolproof remedy to a bad day is reminding yourself of what’s important to you. From time to time, we forget about what we cherish. Life gets busy and we start to lose sight of what brings joy into our lives. But all it takes is one tiny little spark to open the floodgates, release the ocean of memories, and revive that deep-seated connection. Appreciating what holds value in your life not only honors the recipients of your affection but also reciprocates into self-love. The memories and emotions attached to what you most treasure are an integral part of who you are. Allowing yourself to relish in what you cherish is a way to cherish yourself in all your unadulterated glory.


bare thoughts Written by Julia Eunji Choi @chuliajoi



e ap ltast e d a t e Third time's a charm! We love our friends at Plate Date so much that we had to collaborate with them again and we're excited to have more of their amazing recipes to add to our kitchen repertoire. For this issue, we have some chocolate deliciousness and a tasty cocktail to prepare for your friends, your valentine or even just yourself because let’s face it, you deserve it! Point your camera at the code below to follow along with everyone’s favorite duo Ruby and Becky.

Photographer | Silas Forest Hosts | Ruby & Becky


Pink Almond Joys (Yields about 16 candies)

Ingredients: 1 Cup Fresh Raspberries 1 Tbsp Sugar or Coconut Sugar 5oz Sweetened Condensed Milk 1/2 Tsp Vanilla Extract 1/4 Tsp Salt 1 Cup Powdered Sugar 14 oz (1 bag) Sweetened Shredded Coconut 1 1/2 Cups Candy Chocolate Chips 1/2 Cup Whole Roasted Almonds


In a medium sauce pan, heat the raspberries and sugar on medium heat. Smash the raspberries with a fork and bring to a boil. Turn off the heat and set aside. In a large bowl, mix condensed milk, vanilla and salt. Slowly sift in the powdered sugar to avoid any lumps. Stir mixture until sugar is well incorporated and mixture looks wet. Add the shredded coconut and mix thoroughly. Fold in the raspberry syrup and mix to desired color (we like it marbled). Save the remainder of the syrup for your cocktails! Place a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Spread out the coconut mixture into a rectangular shape about a 1/2 inch thick using another piece of parchment paper on top. You can do this with your hands or with the side of a cup. Put the cookie sheet in the refrigerator for an hour. Once the mixture is chilled, spray a knife with nonstick spray and cut the coconut filling into candy bar size squares. Melt the candy chocolate in the microwave for 30 second increments until completely melted and smooth. You can find this chocolate at most craft stores. Form each square into a fun sized candy bar shape and place an almond on top. Using two forks, roll the coconut square in the chocolate and place on a piece of parchment paper. Move rather quickly so the coconut filling doesn't melt. If the mixture begins to get too soft, pop it back into the fridge for a few minutes. Decorate with sprinkles of your choice. The chocolate will harden within a few mixtures and they are ready to eat!



It's Cocktail Time!

Rasberry Rosé Spritzer (Makes one cocktail)

1 Tbsp Rasberry Syrup 1 Cup Crushed Ice 1 Bottle Brut Rosé Fill a tall glass with crushed ice. Pour in 1 Tbsp Raspberry Syrup. Add Rosé until ice is covered. Mix and enjoy!


take me to


Photographer | Nick Higham M o d e l | Ta y l o r J a d e








Photographer | Sean Martin



ste ph anie angu lo






Photographer | Silas Forest

Ta l e n t | S h a u n R o s s w i t h N E X T L A Stylist | Makenzie McBride



shaun ross


You’re an internationally known model, you’ve given a TED talk, you’ve appeared on numerous tv shows as well as a short film. What are you looking to cross off the list next? SR: I honestly don’t know sometimes. It feels as if I’m continuously going with the flow of life and figuring out what it has to offer. I know that within the next few years I would love to start a company of my own and dip into other companies as well.

Throughout most of your career, you’ve been mostly seen and not heard. What inspired you to transition into music? SR: I’ve always had a love for music, but never knew it was in my wheelhouse to create it. I used to be very insecure when it came to my voice, along with the idea of what the world expected of me. Nonetheless, I threw away the fear that was holding me back and went after it.

You recently released a new song ”Chrysalis”, what does the title mean to you? SR: Chrysalis was written and produced by Rush Davis, Brook D”Leau and Om’Mas Keith. It first started out as an idea of mine that was built upon by Rush. Chrysalis means to shed and be born into who you


were meant to be. Just like a butterfly must

Do you have any advice for up-and-coming

shed its skin before spreading its wings.

models? SR: Don’t focus on followers or numbers because we never needed that shit coming up. Focus on your craft and fuck the haters.

What kind of message are you trying to portray to the listener with your music? SR: My message is always aimed towards the most vulnerable parts of myself including my sexuality, my journey through life and past issues I’ve overcome. I want the listener to feel as if they’re living through me.

What are three things you cherish most in your life? SR: My family, my future and those who’ve loved me before/after.

You’re only 27 and you’ve accomplished so much, what would you say you’re most proud of? SR: I’m mostly proud of opening the doors for many figures in the industry. I remember when I was younger, the conversation used to be “If there was more to follow in my career.” Now we can see that there clearly was.

What does modeling do for you mentally? Does standing in front of a camera come easily to you? SR: Modeling didn’t come easy to me. This is why I chose to start a new way to challenge myself — music. It was and still is great, for I am beyond blessed and thankful but I must say it’s a bit of a fad now. I just want to move on and leave modeling for the young ones.




Model. Musician. Designer.

in dya marie



03 Photographer | Sean Martin






sound evolved since your last album? G: I think the easiest way to phrase it without completely discrediting my old music because I love a lot of that stuff too is to say that this feels honest. I took the time with the words and sounds I presented to ensure that I wholeheartedly meant everything and I'm proud of that. Tell us a little bit about the creative process that goes into making an album. G: This project was an emotional journey for me. The oldest song on it "wait", was made in London two years ago. Soon after coming home to LA, I started seeking the mental health help I needed; got a therapist, started meditating daily and taking care of myself first (to put myself in a position to help other people). Making “we” gave me the time to do that properly and somewhere to document the journey, like a music journal. I’m thankful, although I'm not completely where I want to be yet, the album provides me with a standard I can hold myself to. I can't say "I'm proud of who I am" (during “dear insecurity”) on stage every night without really meaning it, because I am now. The cover art for the album displays various types of flowers, how do they symbolize the record? G: Each song has a flower! For example, “dear insecurity” has a dog rose because it's beautiful but a tough subject to approach. “Imagine if" is a dandelion because the song is making a wish. "Feel better" has a sunflower because who doesn't feel better when they see a sunflower? The song "p.s." at the end explains the garden in a lyrical way. By saying "I planted you a garden for your flowers to grow", I mean the album and songs in it are the seeds I'm sharing and everyone who listens can grow their own garden from there.



You just released your new album “we”, how has your


Photographer | Drew Castaneda



"My favorite part of touring is meeting amazing, loving and beautiful people every night. I love bringing people together to join the experience of sharing a song."


You’re about to go on a month long tour, what are the best and worst parts of touring? G: My favorite part of touring is meeting amazing, loving and beautiful people every night. I love bringing people together to join the experience of sharing a song. It feels amazing. In life I want to help people and a show is a great place to do that. The worst part is probably the lack of routine. It's hard to stay consistent with anything when on the road because the setting is always changing and that's not super helpful to my mental health journey. I say in my song, "I drink my coffee in the morning, I brush my teeth before bed". Finding little ways to stay on track are necessary (haha).

How do you manage to take care of yourself physically/mentally while on tour? G: Hey, this stems from the last one nicely. It's the little things! I like taking a nice walk, showering as consistently as possible and meditating daily. There are just things I need to do for myself to recharge my love battery so that I can provide the best energy other people require when at my show. What would you like to tell your fans as they follow you through your artistic evolution? G: I’d like to say get ready for a ride. My music is a rollercoaster of emotions, even for me, but by the end of each project (especially “we”), I’d like to think we’ll feel better, together. What are three things you cherish most in your life? G: Love, trust and gratitude.




Photographer & Stylist | Dylan Perlot Model | Destene Marie at Freedom Models Makeup & Hair | Aryanna E Martin Set Design | Rachel Rosen








D omin ic the shoe surgeon c ia mb r on e Photographer | Drew Castaneda Stylist | Katie Qian

V i s u a l s | J o n a Te j a d a





In a time when YouTube wasn’t around to

making sure everything is perfect. My team and I

watch tutorials, how did you learn to create

are very excited to bring this new line to life and

shoes from scratch? How long did it take to

disrupt the industry with what we are working on.

hone your skill? DC: It’s taken me over 15 years to learn how to

Tell us about the class you teach to individuals

make and reconstruct shoes. My journey began

on how to make custom sneakers.

by doing an apprenticeship with Daryl Fazio for a

DC: I founded Shoe Surgeon Shoe School in 2016

couple of years, who specializes in shoe repair. I

because I’m passionate about sharing the craft of

also took a week long course in Oregon for

shoemaking and I want to give people the guidance

traditional dress shoes. At the time, I couldn’t find

that I didn’t have when I first started. The Shoe

anyone that was making sneakers from scratch,

School gives students the opportunity to learn from

so I had to work hard to find the knowledge

my team and I on how to fully deconstruct and

myself. I pieced together everything I’d learned

reconstruct a sneaker in four day period. What we

from previous experiences and started making

have built is so much more than a school. This is

sneakers by hand.

truly about the experience we provide.

What is it about shoes specifically that has

We’ve hosted our classes all over the country and

motivated you to keep practicing your craft for

internationally. Our students make lifelong friends

so long?

and get the opportunity to network with other

DC: No one gave me the answers, I thought the

creatives. This year we will be teaching in Los

craft didn't really exist. The fact that it was so

Angeles, New York and Paris as well as introducing

challenging is what attracted me to it.

silhouettes that have never been taught before.

You’re known for reconstructing already

The market for sneakers is highly competitive,

existing sneakers. Would you ever consider

do you watch what the competition is doing or

making your own shoe line to sell to the

avoid looking altogether?


DC: I don’t believe in competition. I am hyper-

DC: For the past eight years I’ve been working on

focused on my own craft and building my business

developing original sneakers as well as working

so I don’t worry about what other people are doing.

on my own line that will be introduced to the public

In the industry there is enough room for everyone as

this year. High-end sneakers and boots, for men

long as you are authentic and dedicated to your art.

and women. Starting this journey has been an eye

My goal is to always lead and not ever worry about

opening experience and I’m putting my all into

anyone or anything else.






"The most rewarding aspect to my craft is the ability to grow a platform where I can connect with people on a larger level. What I've created isn't just about shoes, it’s about changing lives."

What would you say is the most rewarding aspect about your craft? DC: The most rewarding aspect to my craft is the ability to grow a platform where I can connect with people on a larger level. What I've created isn't just about shoes, it’s about changing lives. What are three things you cherish most in your life? DC: Number 1 - My family. My wife was someone who always helped me with the business and the chaos I created. My son, Emil and daughter, Celine help keep me grounded -everything I do is for them. Number 2 - The ability to create. I cherish that I can use my creativity to do something I love every day. Number 3 - Soccer, when I play it's the only time I’m truly free from everything. It's like a true escape.



d e mi gibs o n


Photographer | Sean Martin Stylist | Andro Jonas Makeup | Krisi Vaughn






08 Photographer | Drew Castaneda Stylist | Debbie Gonzales Makeup | Anton Khachaturian for Exclusive Artists Hair | Bradley Leake



kira kosarin



Both of your parents are performers and you

dad’s favorite artist James Taylor, which is where

grew up singing, dancing, and acting. Would

a lot of the finger-picked guitar patterns in my

you say performing is in your blood?

music comes from. Corinne Bailey Rae and Tori

KK: Absolutely, no question. My whole childhood

Kelly were my introduction to the world of

was scored by my father playing piano and

acoustic R&B. As a teenager, I was introduced to

singing in the living room, while my mother sang

the modern world of R&B, hip hop, and trap

along in harmony. I grew up backstage at the

music. Atists like Kehlani, SZA, Frank Ocean,

Lunt-Fontanne Theater where my mom was in

Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, HER,

the cast of Beauty and the Beast until I was six. I

Bryson Tiller, and Daniel Caesar have been my

was captivated by the magic of performing in any

biggest consistent inspirations for the last few

capacity since I was a tiny little toddler. I don’t

years. They all were big influences on me while

think I ever stood a chance to be as happy as I

creating my upcoming album.

am doing anything else. When you’re writing songs or singing, do you Now






inhabit a different creative mindset than when

Thundermans” you’re starting to focus on

you’re acting?

your music. How would you describe your

KK: Absolutely. Acting requires me to inhabit

relationship with music and songwriting?

another person’s experience, whereas writing

KK: Music has always been my first love.

and singing requires me to tap deeply into myself

Working for Nickelodeon for six years was

and into my own creative voice.

incredible, but most people don’t know I spent every spare moment of those years on set in my dressing room with my guitar, turning my diary into R&B and writing two albums worth of material. Growing up, songwriting was the only way I could articulate or even understand my experience. It was always something deeply personal and special to me. Now as an adult, the added layer of sharing my work with the world in hopes that someone will relate to my lyrics and feel a little less alone makes it even more special. Songwriting is an art form I deeply respect and am so grateful I get to do professionally. I always say I’m a music fan who got lucky enough to be able to create music. I feel very lucky that my career and my greatest passion align so well. Who are your musical inspirations? KK: I have a huge variety of influences that I feel all show up in one way or another in my work. My earliest musical memories are listening to my




" I always say I’m a music fan who got lucky enough to be able to create music. I feel very lucky that my career and my greatest passion align so well." Being a woman of many talents, do you have any secret skills that not many people know about? KK: Oh gosh, I think most of them were exploited at some point or another during my Nickelodeon days. I think a lot of people are surprised that in my personal time, I actually rap almost as much as I sing. Also, I am a pretty experienced hiker. I can slide down a slippery, rocky, and perilous mountain in no time flat and have the best time doing it. You grew up in front of the camera on “The Thundermans” across nearly five years. What was one of the most important lessons you learned from that experience? KK: It would be impossible to narrow it down to just one, especially since I went from a 14-year-old child to a 20year-old woman through the show’s run. I guess the biggest and most wonderful learning experiences were probably the international trips that Nickelodeon sent me and my co-star on once a year to do press. Seeing the world like that completely changed my perspective on life in a beautiful way. What are three things you cherish most in your life? KK: My family, my friends, and music.




shanese diana


P h o t o g r a p h e r | Ya e m i M a t i a s Set Assistant | Mikal with SPAL







Drole de Monsieur ^


Model | Erwan Filidori


In 2014, Drôle de Monsieur was founded; a French clothing label

First and foremost introduce yourselves and how

making waves in the fashion industry,

you guys met. Dany: Drôle de Monsieur was developed by Dany Dos Santos (28) and Maxime Schwab (32). We are both the founders/creative directors of the brand and have known each other since our youth. Both captivated by

created by two friends with no real background in the field of design. Their

how to dress, we naturally wanted to create something with our own hands and share our common vision for fashion. How would you describe the overall aesthetic of Drôle de Monsieur? Dany: Comfortable clothing with simple lines and a modern look that is attentive to detail.

motto, "Not From

What was the inspiration behind creating DDM? Dany: When we created the brand, the only thing we had in mind was to spread a message. Particularly the

Paris Madame" is seen on the clothing

message behind our slogan “Not From Paris Madame”. We wanted to tell individuals that whoever you are or wherever you come from, you can become whatever you aspire to be.

and has been since the start. Read our interview with one of the brand's creative

For us as designers, this slogan is a reference to our personal background and our interest in the law of attraction, which says humans are able to manifest anything into their lives that they choose to focus on.

directors, Dany Dos Santos. 82


Both of us come from a small city and neither had any background in fashion. We didn’t have any connections to give us advice or a budget to build a collection. By creating our first collection based on our slogan, we wanted to attract people’s attention and help share this important message. Ultimately, we want our consumers to be proud of their city and share their style with confidence. You’re currently releasing your seventh collection due for its second drop at the beginning of February, how has the style of DDM changed over the various collections? Dany: Since the beginning, we built collections based on our main inspiration — a contemporary visual aspect with a retro aesthetic. However, the way we are building our collection now is a little different. As we get older, the nostalgia of our youthful fashion has had a bigger part in our inspiration today. Therefore, our newer collections are influenced more by our reminiscence of these times. We can feel it in the style, the fabric choice and our communication with each other. Your Instagram is flooded with throwback photos, are some of your pieces inspired by these looks? Dany: Definitely. All of those photos are based on our personal taste, so it definitely impacts the way we are designing. Those images describe simple ideas and life moments. That is all we truly want to communicate through our clothing.



"Not From


Paris Madame� 87

11 Photographer | Edward Black Model | Amber Celestine Reohorn with Nevs Models



ambe r re o h o rn






Photographer | Drew Castaneda Ta l e n t | C o d y S a i n t g n u e w i t h N E X T L A Clothing | Lush Network V i s u a l s | J o n a Te j a d a



co dy s ain tgn u e


You are an actor and a model, both of which require embodying different characters. What is your creative process for transforming into these characters on set? CS: A major part of my creative process requires the understanding of where the heart of the project lies and how my character uses their six senses on a daily basis.

Instead of posting a flurry of selfies, like many other celebrities, your Instagram has been a bit of a haven for motivational quotes and social messages. What do you hope your followers take away from these particular posts? CS: We aren’t tied to what we know. We need to focus on curiosity and where that feeling can take us. We make our own rules, life is our playground.

How has your personal experience as a child of adoption shaped your philanthropy in helping and empowering youth in the foster care system? CS: I never want children to experience what I did. There are worse stories than mine and that breaks my heart. The system needs others like myself to help improve its process.

With an impressive track record on the silver screen, what has been one of your favorite moments in your acting career? CS: Playing my character “Stephen” in my new SciFi drama show FraXture.

What are three things you cherish most in your life? CS: God. My mom. My joy.




t he p l at f or m for c r eat i v es

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