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in this issue December is here and we meet again. Weird thing is, I noticed that in past issues this space is used to announce the month. It's finally December -like you come here just to figure out what month it is. Well I guess if you do, now you know it's December, oh and it's issue 36. Being the last month of 2018, we at NUDE. have done a little reflection on the past and all the incredible creatives we’ve worked with thus far. More importantly, we have reflected on the amazing support from our fans. As we continue to grow as a publication, we promise to give you our 100% effort in maintaining the quality you expect from us. Sincerely, we thank you for fucking with our vision. This being said as the weather gets colder, our content only gets hotter. In this issue we sat down with Jimmy Q, Ricky Alvarez, Kenneth Medilo and many others to get some interviews. We also featured Plate Date LA in this issue to give you holiday party ideas! P.S. Stay tuned for our 3 year anniversary issue coming out next month!

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bare thoughts


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Save Me From Myself - Louis The Child Monarch - Marley Carroll Your Eyes - Eli Fur Some Things - Verzache Fall Apart - MRKRYL Pitch Black - Skeptical Cling - Corporeal Get To You - Supertask X Saint Sinner 4 Letters (feat. Tzar) - Promnite Back Up - The Seige


sounds NUDE. is a platform to highlight the creativity and artistry of individuals - musicians included. We have created the outlet to showcase your talent that of which cannot be experienced via paper. With each magazine release, there is a carefully selected playlist curated for the issue that is listed. Submit your music now for a chance to be in a future issue.



bare thoughts



When you start exercising at the gym, people

only necessary evidence of its reality. Your

remind you to listen to your body’s signals and

thoughts are valid. Your feelings are valid.

to never push it further than its limits because

Your mental health is valid. You are valid.

overexertion of the muscles could lead to injury. Your mind is its own muscle. But

There is a chain of reciprocity. Our mind’s eye

instead of going to the gym once in a while, it

is the tunnel through which we perceive and

is working constantly. Your mind is always

receive the surrounding world and, in turn,

thinking and feeling because you are a

perceive and receive ourselves. When there is

thinking and feeling being. Of course it’s going

a single kink, the entire chain is compromised.

to reach a point of exhaustion when it’s

In other words, when we don’t take the time to

continuously doing some heavy lifting.

listen to the needs of our mental health and

However, instead of taking a break to

forget to nurture our minds, our entire

recharge, we are told to add some more

wellbeing suffers. That is why it’s important to

weights and keep on lifting. Why is it that we


ignore our mental health as a critical and

conversation with your body and mind. Listen

integral part of our wellbeing?

to its signals and take care of it because we






are only given one. The validity of mental health as a serious concern





We all encounter moments of weakness,

dismissed due to the misconception that it’s

moments of struggle, moments of suffering.

“not real”. There is a common belief that reality

But to admit the feeling of pain does not

is predicated on tangibility, that something is

equate to admittance of defeat. To feel pain is

real if, and only if, we can see, hear, smell,

to be human. Acknowledge the pain, embrace

taste, and touch it. It’s difficult for us

the pain, learn from the pain, grow from the

comprehend the abstract concept of the mind

pain. I’ll admit, it’s not an easy task, and, at

and its consciousness as it is not something

times, it feels isolating. But you are not alone.

that is seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or

We are all connected through our collective

touched. It is something that is felt and

struggle. To share your pain with others is not

experienced. But the lack of physicality doesn’t

an act of cowardice, but an act of courage. By

make the truth of the mind any less real. Your

acknowledging its presence, even if only to

mental health is true to you, and that is the

yourself, you validate its reality and its truth.

- Julia Eunji Choi -


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Welcome to another series with Becky and Ruby! This time they've brought along some new special guests. If you haven't heard, Plate Date LA was created over a year ago with the vision to make simple, delicious food that requires minimal ingredients and steps -- something anyone can follow! For our December issue, the team has prepared a holiday drink, plus a little something you can throw in the oven for your holiday guests. Get all your ingredients together and flip through the pages to recreate! However, if you're more of a visual learner, use the qr code below to watch. Enjoy!


Toasted CocoTay Martini Makes two! 3 shots Vodka 3 Shots Coconut Milk Drop of Vanilla 1/2 Tsp Cinnamon 1/2 Tsp Ginger 1/4 Tsp Nutmeg 1 Tbsp of Agave Mix vodka, coconut milk, spices and ice in a martini shaker. Shake, shake, shake and pour. Top with shaved chocolate and pieces of toasted coconut.






Prosciutto Brie Snowflake 1 Package Pepperidge farm puff pastry dough 1/2 Cup Brie 8 Large slices Prosciutto 2 eggs 1/3 cup water Jam of choice Powdered sugar for garnish Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Thaw puff pastry for 40 min, roll out dough and cut in half to make four large squares. Spread room temperature brie on one square, top with Prosciutto and layer another pastry square on top. Repeat this process three times and top with final square of pastry. Put a cup or wine glass face down in the center of the squares. Cut evenly out towards the edges making eight sections around the center. Twist the sections in towards each other to make a snowflake design. Brush the top with egg wash and bake for 20 min. Top with confectioner’s sugar and serve with blueberry jam! Hooray!


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You’re a professional skateboarder, tattoo artist, and model. If you could only choose one talent, which one would it be? JQ: Well I wouldn’t say I skate at a professional level anymore, but I definitely still kill it on a skateboard!!! If I had to choose one it wouldn’t be an easy choice as I feel that they all go hand-in-hand. I was born a skateboarder and I will die a skateboarder but best believe I’m going to do it stylish as all hell.

How did growing up in Venice shape the type of person you are today? JQ: Growing up in Venice, it wasn’t all beaches and sun. Venice used to be so extremely gentrified so it was quite a rough place to grow up. I have a very big local family though, my mother and father are Venice locals as well as my grandparents, so this is home. It was fast, fun and crazy as a youth, but it made me the strong and confident person I am today. I wouldn’t change it for the world. This is the real DogTown -- the one they didn’t show you in the film.



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You’re featured in a short film titled “Film Noir”. Do you have more plans to act in the future? JQ: Ah yes, the “Film Noir” was a fun little low budget project a photographer from London and I did a few years back. To answer your question, yes, I just signed to AEFH -- an acting agency here in Hollywood. I will be taking a few classes first even though I’ve been going on a lot of auditions lately. Keep an eye out, you never know, I could be the next Joker (hahaha).

Tell us about the skateboard company you’re starting. JQ: Well I can’t get too deep into it just yet but there’s some magic in the works over here at AWOL Skateboards.

How do you practice staying grounded mentally? JQ: I feel I have always been a very humble and grounded individual, but daily affirmations of gratitude and meditation is key to a truly happy life. Stay off social media as much as possible.



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"Believe me when I say that maintaining your integrity will pay off! You don’t just want to be the most “successful” person, you want to be the one with integrity whom people respect and love."

You just released your new single “Overdose” featuring Chris Brown. How did this collaboration come about? AM: It actually started really organically. We started as two artists playing each other’s music in his studio. He asked me to feature on one of his songs for his deluxe album. Then we just kept working on making new songs, not thinking of the business side of it at all. We just wanted to focus on making great music and vibe.

best and the ones who truly believe in you. Gaining new fans who will listen to not just my music, but also my story.

You are a massive star overseas, how

You already have an immense amount of fans and following, why choose to bring your music here? AM: My goal in life is to always learn, challenge myself and to be happy in the process. I think that’s why I want to do this. I want to learn from some of the best musicians, some of which are based in the United States. I think the love for music and

has the transition into making your music more well-known in the U.S. been? AM: It has been amazing. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I really enjoyed it because

the learning process are what brings me here now (in the United States). On top of that, I want to have an even bigger platform where I can share more than just my songs, but my

I really love to learn. It’s even more

story through music. I treat my music (or my

enjoyable when you’re learning from the

art) like it’s my diary.







What is the best part about doing what you do? AM: The best part is that you still surprise yourself everywhere you go. This music

create my own legacy. This #iAM series also has a tagline, “I am me, my own version of me.” I feel like this world only wants to see the fast and glamorous side of an artist.

business is very unpredictable, but if you


learn to enjoy what you know and don’t know, everything becomes easier. To know

Definitions of happiness are defined by the majority of society. For me, legacy is more

what you’re capable of and to know what your weaknesses are, then to learn from them. Another aspect I love is being able to “talk” to millions of people and actually use my platform to make a difference. To make an impact on people who watch and listen to me and to see that my art transcends my skin color and where I’m from.

important than fame. For me, integrity and values are more important than a paycheck. So what is the main message? It is that life is a journey, not a destination. Also to enjoy my journey and embrace every bit of it, both the good and the bad. To embrace my vulnerability and actually find strength in it. To be a better self everyday and to be ME, my own version of me.





Tell us about your new docuseries “iAM”. AM: I consider #iAM as a movement that I created to encourage and inspire people to boldly say what they want in their life; to feel okay not to be okay -- to embrace their vulnerability and keep learning from their mistakes. It’s also to remind people (especially the younger generation) to focus

How do you practice staying grounded mentally? AM: By focusing on the real thing, not the hype. My family respects the effort and the work that I’ve put in. Yes, they’re happy for me when the result is great, but they always focus on HOW I achieve it. They taught me

on the art/craft and not the hype. Be brave to be YOURSELF. On top of that, the most important thing is to remind my fans of their values. Family, loyalty, honesty,

that my work ethic and how I do things are more important than the result. Not a lot of people will appreciate that, especially in this cut-throat business. Believe me when I say

understanding, kindness, love and forgiveness. The #iAM movement is more than a story or a visual diary, it’s a legacy. It’s to share what I do and what I DON’T DO to

that maintaining your integrity will pay off! You don’t just want to be the most “successful” person, you want to be the one with integrity whom people respect and love.


aidan morris Photographer | Joseph Sinclair


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How did your journey into being a

Where do you pull inspiration from

musician start?

to make music?

LP: It started at a very young age, ever


since I can remember; it’s in my blood.

romances, but I also get inspiration

My grandmother, Leila Kasra Afshar,

from friends, family and the industry.

was a renowned poet/songwriter who

Whatever I’m going through, it’s always

passed away a few days before I was

good material for the studio — being

born. Even though we never met,

there is my “therapy”.

music and songwriting was definitely my first love as a child and it meant so much more to me when I learned how talented and loved my grandmother was.

How would you describe your music? LP: My music crosses over through so many genres from pop, r&b, to dance. When I write music, it’s very pop but I love listening to r&b when I’m driving and of course dancing! All these influences impact my music. I love not putting myself in a box and writing what I want.









Tell us about your “lextwerkout” dance fitness routine and why you think it’s important. LP: It’s empowering and a great workout! It’ll work muscles you didn’t know you had and teach your body to move in ways it might have never moved before. It’s so much fun and it’ll also put your body in the best shape of your life!

What advice can you share to the younger generation looking to start their own business? LP: Be consistent, be kind, and be prepared to work long hours! Never take no for an answer and stay motivated even when times are tough.

Tell us about your two personas: Lex Luther and Lexy Lou. LP: I have two alter egos. Lex Luther is badass, fun, and edgy while Lexy Lou is girly, vulnerable, and a hopeless romantic.

How do you practice staying grounded mentally? LP: In between all the work and madness, I make sure to spend time with friends and family who keep me grounded. Doing things like giving back to the less fortunate/community and traveling to new places all help with my perspective on life. They help me realize how grateful I am for everything.


sasha pereira Photographer | Jeremy Gudac Hair | Bradley Leake Mua | Cassandra Paige


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medilo x baker Photographer | Kenneth Medilo Model | Luke Baker


You always seem to be up with the

Interview with

trends! Who are your style icons? KM: Definitely Harry Styles. I need his

Photographer and

closet asap!

Creative Director,

When you go to a photo shoot with

Kenneth Medilo

someone for the first time, how do you make them feel comfortable with you

As an LA based Photographer and

so you can get the best photos?

Creative Director, how do you make

KM: When I first meet someone I always

your work stand out?

try to crack some jokes. Laughter is

KM: I always make sure to stick with what

always a good ice breaker. Also, getting a

I believe looks good and not change

real laugh on camera is 100 times better

based on trends.

than a fake one.

Do you feel that you’ve found your

How do you practice staying grounded

editing style?


KM: At the moment, I believe I have found

KM: A nice getaway from the city is

my editing style. Over the past two years,

always the best mental cure. I just finished

I’ve learned so much from working with so

a three week trip to Kenya and staying

many creative people. There was a lot of

away from electronics has been such an

trial and error, which pushed me to do tons

amazing feeling. I’d get moments of

of research to fine tune my skills but now I

inspiration out in nature and it made me so

feel like I’m in a good place.

excited to be back on the grind.







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ricky alvarez Photographer | Silas Forest




You have so many creative outlets and ways to

New York are my current options. Don’t get me wrong,

express yourself. What would you say, if you

I’m WE$TCOAST forever but part of me just wants to

could only name one, is most fulfilling?

get out for a bit and see what it’s like to live in NY. I’ve

RA: I mean...I was in a post-hardcore band and

been plenty of times and every time I go, I don’t want

played football in high school -- I loved them equally.

to leave. I like seasons, I like layering clothing and

Each creative outlet provides a different feeling.

different sunsets. Shit here in California looks similar

There’s a time and place for all of it. I don’t think I’ve

year round and I love that shit too, but you have to

ever been the type of person to be held down to one

experience both. I’ll leave it open. I’m actually going to

way of expression. Why limit yourself when you can

New York this Thursday and I’ll go from there.

do it all. In what ways are dancing and photography interrelated for you, if at all? RA: Dance and photography are both forms of art. There’s no right or wrong. You move and shoot with how you feel at the time. You can never hit the exact same move or shot, ever. I don’t really like to “pose” my subject. I want them to move freely (under control) and I’ll do my job and capture accordingly. So if anything, I’ll have them dance. Would you ever go back to dancing all the time and being on tour? RA: I’m not opposed to going back on tour but I miss working out consistently. Going from city to city, you don’t have a lot of time to focus on yourself and if you do, you’re exhausted. But, if it’s with the right artist and the check is right, I’ll go bust a step. Which do you prefer -- LA or NY? What do each of the cities mean to you? RA: It’s funny you ask. I’m in the midst of deciding where the fuck I want to live. Los Angeles (again) and


Explain to us what “All Things Mean” represents. RA: Fuck, this should be the easiest question but it’s not...ALLTHINGSMEAN. To be vague, it’s all things that I fuck with. It’s like a folder for my mind and ideas. It’s more than photography and certainly isn’t a brand. Right now, photography is my lane…it’s like an alter ego or a way of promoting what I’m doing without my name on it. It’s all things “mean”, ”mean”ingful, “me”an. We’re not the same person we were five or ten years ago and we won’t be the same five or ten years from now (at least I hope not). ALLTHINGSMEAN is my platform that has and will constantly grow with me. Nowadays, it’s almost weird if you don’t have a tattoo and not if you do -- you have a ton! What would you say is your favorite one? RA: No favorites. They’re from different parts of my life and what I was going through at the time. I love them all. How do you practice staying grounded mentally? RA: I like to think I’m a pretty grounded person. I definitely don’t focus on negative shit. Take each day for what it is and not what it isn’t. But, if I’m ever feeling down, a nice long run usually makes me feel better or sex.




philippe leblond Photographer | Kevin Roldan









c o m p o u n d d i s t r i c t . c o m

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All Koia flavors are high in protein, low in sugar and taste amazing. Indulgence you can feel good about.



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