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Most people plateau. Even successful people. It’s actually very common for anyone who is successful to get stuck. Think about some of your favorite singers, artists, and even companies. At one point or another, they usually stop being as creative. We all have that singer we love, whose first couple albums had way more soul. Once they became famous, their music became far less innovative. The same is often true of worldrenowned chefs. Once their restaurant becomes highly successful, they usually stop launching new menu items. When something is working, it’s hard to go back to square one. This is how you get stuck. This is how you get confused and lose the reason you began. Creativity, and always pushing your boundaries, is what you should be about. Just because something is working doesn’t give you permission to stop evolving. So, reinvent yourself. Over and over and over - no matter how hard it is to walk away from something brilliant. A true creator never stops pushing boundaries, never stops reinventing, never tolerates a plateau.

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When did you first realize you wanted to be a designer? My interest in design started when I was about fourteen or fifteen years old. I remember I was taking a graphic design class in high school and became fascinated with mocking up graphics on tshirts. I would go to thrift shops and find weird abstract graphics, cut them apart and resew them onto other t-shirts. I would apply my own graphics on top and create these one-of-a-kind pieces. It wasn’t until I was about twenty-one that I really started to learn what clothing design and construction really looked like. I still have so much to learn. How would you describe your fashion company DEJARDIN? DEJARDIN, which means “of the garden” in French, tells the story of what prevents humans from returning to the garden – the garden being the symbolic Garden of Eden described in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. This garden was an earthly, perfect paradise. Each collection of DEJARDIN – through intriguing and subtle symbolism – spotlights personal challenges such as broken relationships, mental health, and addiction. The brand is not focused on pointing viewers to a final solution, rather, DEJARDIN exposes the many things that prevent humans from returning to the original garden. The aesthetic of DEJARDIN is deeply rooted in punk street style and anti-fashion movements.


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Do you feel like your background with Perspectives Global has helped shape your own brand? Yes. Perspectives Global was my first attempt at entering the fashion realm. My team and I were able to grow Perspectives Global to a national and global level, selling in over fifty stores in the United States and in fourteen different countries. During this time, I was able to learn how to make mistakes, what to look out for in the industry, and how to strategically grow a community through fashion. I feel like Perspectives Global allowed me a platform to discover who I am as an artist. DEJARDIN is the reflection of that self-discovery.

my faith in God) and try to incorporate them into the storyline of the brand to stay connected with everything I create. My mother comes from a strong British bloodline and I often find myself gravitating towards the aesthetic of the British underground. A lot of what you see in DEJARDIN reflects that. If you weren’t designing what would you be doing? Painting. I’ve been fascinated with art ever since I was a child. My whole bloodline is filled with artists, going all the way back to Peter Paul Rubens (who is my 10th great grandfather). There is something about painting that allows me to transcend into a different place and lose touch with reality, providing a sense of therapy for me. I’ve seen art change people and I’ve seen art break people, all without a single word. To me, that’s very powerful.

What’s your dream fashion collaboration? I would have to say Alexander McQueen. I’ve always been fascinated by the company’s distinct style and its intriguing “fantasy-like” presence on the runway. McQueen once said, “People don't want to see clothes, they want to see something that fuels the imagination.” I try to model these words with everything I create.

What are some goals you have for the new year? INNOCENCE, the first collection of DEJARDIN, is releasing exclusively through Fred Segal on December 23, 2017. I want to see this first drop sell out during the first month of the new year. From there, my goal is to have DEJARDIN picked up by a few targeted stores around the United States and Europe. My ultimate goal is to see DEJARDIN picked up by Barneys New York.

Where does your inspiration come from for your designs? Inspiration for my designs can literally come from anywhere– buildings, music, a conversation, etc. I’ve always been an aesthetic person and am extremely particular about details, colors, patterns and architecture. I often find things in everyday life (relationships, struggles, interests,





What inspires you the most when writing your music? When writing my music, I like to go back to my roots, my past, and everything I've experienced; good and bad. What is the creative process you go through when writing? First, I like to figure out my melodies. Once I know the melody, I go back and fill in the words. No writing, ever. What do you think makes you unique as an artist? I think my writing and diverse range of sounds sets me apart. But, everything about me is unique. Of course, I get inspired with what's around me too, like everyone else. Out of all of your songs, which best describes your sound and style as an artist? Man, that's hard to say, but I've always loved “Simple� off my last project. Prove it all.




What surprises you the most about the music industry? It's best to stay on top of everything, so you never get surprised by anything. What's your most memorable career moment so far? I've had several milestones in my career, but if I go back to a single memory I would have to say: my first arena performance. I was on a tour with Usher, and stepped onto the arena stage for the first time. The lights were all in my face and I couldn't see the crowd past the first row, which I wasn't expecting. I got nervous and busted my lip on the mic. My lip was bleeding, but I learned my lesson and killed it at the next show. What are some of your goals for the upcoming year? To release more content. Content is king. I'll be sure to release more projects, visuals, and collaborations. Stay tuned.

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What's one thing people would be most surprised to know about you? Growing up I was a real tomboy and fiendishly good in all contact sports, especially soccer. Even though, with time, I gravitated towards other things, I never lost my passion for sports and fitness.

would ever get the opportunity to see and meet. It’s an adventure that is so dynamic and exciting that it cannot be considered a job. It’s a natural high to be able to share your thoughts and opinions on a public platform, but at the same time, it makes me want to give the right advice. This responsibility has matured me and I hope that every time I enter cyberspace, I impact everyone in some small way through my thoughts and content.

What's the first app you open in the morning? I’m addicted to the CBC news app. I like knowing what’s happening in the world, and being able to choose my favourite sections, which are: health, business, and entertainment. I constantly apply this knowledge in my everyday life, as well as use it to help make important career choices.

What's something that's moved you recently? It’s not something in particular, rather, it’s the unity of many voices coming together in a common cause. The goodness that people display as one united entity gives me goosebumps. What moves me is how people come together when disasters occur whether it be manmade or natural. We all use this social platform and shine light on events, technology, and environmental solutions.

How has being a social media influencer affected your life over the past couple years? Life as an influencer has been a rollercoaster of fun-filled experiences, places, and people I never thought I

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Is there anything that surprises you most about people in this industry? I guess my naivety is that what I read on social magazines and view on tv shows is really a fabrication. People in this industry are just like everyone else. They are not eternally happy, and, yes, they make mistakes too. Just like the rest of us. But they are real. Some you form long term relationships with, and others you avoid. Do you have any hidden talents? I love to dance in private, only because I am so shy. However a good friend of mine, who is a phenomenal dancer, is helping me come out of my shell. So who knows, maybe I’ll be the next Beyoncé. What's your most memorable career moment so far? I like to think that I haven’t attained my career moment yet, even though I have experienced so much these last two years… and that’s what makes my life so interesting, because I know that what’s to come leaves everything that I’ve already done in the dust.






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Why do you tattoo? What does the art of tattooing do for you personally? After I do a tattoo that I really like I get the best feeling. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just feel hyped when the person I gave the tattoo to, loves it. It’s like giving someone a gift. I just get into a really good mood. It’s the best, because it makes me happy, I’m getting paid, and the person is getting a new tattoo and they are excited.




How did you originally get into tattooing? I started tattooing because I was working at American Rag, and it was the most trash job in the world. I wanted to off myself, I was working so much, and my manager was such a bitch. So one day I just left on my break and never went back. I had no plan to tattoo, but I wanted to get a machine to mess around with on my thighs and hands, so I did. Then I really liked it, so I learned how to do everything and started getting better and better. I became more serious about it, then people started hitting me up for tattoos, so I went out and got my BPC (blood-borne pathogens certificate) and started tattooing other people.

roommates. Everything has to be 100% clean and sanitized, and it’s so easy to contaminate. When your working with other people, it’s as if you have to pay attention to everyone else, as well as yourself. Who’s one person dead or alive that you’d love to tattoo? Lil Peep. I would love to tattoo Peep, because I really love his music and I find him very interesting. His music was so different and he was a very unique person. I feel like he was

What type of rituals do you have to get ready to tattoo a client? Sanitize, set up, prep client, then start. I first have to sanitize and make sure all my equipment is cleaned before I do anything. Then, I have to set up my workstation very carefully because it’s very easy to contaminate your equipment. Next, I prep my client which means I clean their skin as much as I can, wherever the tattoo is going to be, and shave that area. Then lay the stencil on them until the customer likes the placement, and lastly wait for the stencil to dry. Once the stencil is dry, we can get started on the tattoo. Do you ever get nervous before you tattoo? Never. I can determine with the piece whether I’m comfortable with doing it or not. If not, I will turn it down and propose to draw something new. If you could only do one thing for the rest of your life, would it be tattooing or something else? For a living yes, only when I start my own shop/studio. I would not want to continue tattooing if I worked with other people in a shop, because I’ve worked at parlors before and I hated it. It’s like having shitty

just a super awesome dude that I would've got along with. I just see a lot of cool aspects in him. He was a scorpio like me, so that’s tight. R.I.P. Peep, he was definitely going to change the music industry.

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How has it been filming Star Season 2? It’s been different. Different than season 1 because we’re all closer, we’ve all learned what works for us and what doesn’t. We’ve all grown within our craft and age. Ha! I was 20 when this process started. The storyline itself has been such a dramatic switch since the girls are signed now and so many new characters have surfaced. It’s really cool, though. I feel like I gained more family members. It’s even more high energy craziness on set! Which I didn’t think was possible. From the show, we know you can sing very well. Was singing your passion before acting? Singing came before acting. My dad is a singer. So, a lot of memories I have as a kid are of him singing all the time. But I like to make it clear to people that acting and singing go hand in hand for me. I can’t choose and I feel I don’t have to. I’ll forever do both... and then some. Do you help produce or put your input in on any of the songs you sing in Star? There is a whole team of writers/producers that start working weeks before we even start filming. We do get to have input and even send in songs we feel would work for a certain scene or episode. With that being said, the storyline is almost more important than the song at times, so Lee Daniels really gets strict about the final pick. They definitely love to hear our input and I don’t hold back from giving it.




Are you working on any of your own music currently? I am. It’s such a self journey. I’ve been working on it for the past year. Making sure your first official project truly reflects who you are is what I think is the biggest challenge. I have so many different sounds I love doing, but my first project titled “On One’s Own”, will for sure have an r&b base. It’s coming. Who are your influences in music? My influences range from Lauryn Hill to Freddie Mercury. That’s because I give so much respect to singers but also true entertainers. Aaliyah, Prince, Brandy, M.J, India Arie, my dad. The list goes on. What do you want people to feel when they hear your music? I want people to feel confident. Independent. Also, vulnerable and okay with feeling vulnerable. I want them to feel like they want to dance a little bit, too. What’s next for you? What happens next is all up to God. This life is crazy. Set plans don’t really exist. All I know is, more entertaining. In a few different ways, a few different outlets. This year is already an amazing one. I’m not stopping.





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Photographer Sam Dameshek

What motivated you to start your jewelry company? I have always made my own jewelry, since I was in high school. I had a bead shop near my house when I was growing up, and this is where my creativity blossomed. All my friends would always ask me where I got my necklaces and rings, and I would say I made them! Finding little pendants, crystals, and charms that meant something to me, and then designing them into something I could wear felt like a unique way to express myself. I notice a lot of people don’t style up their outfits with unique chains that make a creative personal statement. This is what motivated me to create the company Rømes Cøllection. I feel happy and proud that I have an outlet for my creativity and am able to design these for anyone who wants to select a cool piece that is perfect and symbolic of something special for them. Are all the designs your very own? Every design is my very own. We draw inspiration from so many things in the world and from our impressions and personal experiences. Finding the style and touch that is one of a kind and unique for your brand is why people buy your product. We know you do a lot of traveling! What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to? Yes, I love to travel, especially with my baby girl, Sierra! So many beautiful places it’s hard to pinpoint just one! I have to say I feel deeply connected to the Hawaiian culture. I’m a very mellow guy, so that traditional culture flows well with me and the beauty of the islands hits home for me. I've been fortunate to visit many of the islands multiple times, and have some really awesome Hawaiian friends! The simplicity of the culture and way of life is very grounding and rejuvenating.






What’s something most people don’t know about you? A lot of people see everyone through the lens of Instagram and other social media sites. So many people get ideas of who they think a particular person is, but in actuality they're much different. I’m an optimistic person that tends to see the glass half full versus empty. I get excited and positive about the endless possibilities that life has to offer. If you know me, you know I’m a character. I like to motivate people and cultivate friendships and relationships. I’m deeply passionate about connecting with like minded souls and enjoy every precious moment that beautiful life has to offer me. I'm grateful each day for my life and for the positive reflection it gives back to me. What’s your biggest vice? What’s my biggest vice? Well, we all have different vices, I can tell you that much! One vice that comes to mind immediately, is if I stop working out, and go without cardio and weights, then my mood starts to shift. Staying consistent in the gym every day supports my positive mentality. Waking up, having coffee, and exercising is my favorite way to start the day! What’s next in the life of Roman Palumbo? I will be greatly expanding my Rømes Cøllection! I am finishing my bachelors degree in 2018. Sierra and I are off to Maui to build content in January for three weeks. I also have plans to invest some time and effort back into my passion for acting - you never know where I may show up!


Tell us about your role at your clothing company, Kollar. I am David, the founder and head designer at Kollar Clothing. When did Kollar originally start? Did you have anyone you worked with in the beginning that you’re still with now? Kollar originally started in 2011, I started the company using capital I raised from a previous web design business I owned. I took that money to make samples and fund my first trip to a tradeshow. The only person that I worked with in the beginning, that I still work with now, is Jimmy Lin. He worked alongside the brand as a photographer, and he is now our Creative Director. Is there meaning behind the company name? Is there any other name that you considered? I chose the name Kollar, because it's my last name. When brainstorming ideas for the brand's name I initially wanted to use the Slovakian word 'naparovania', which translates to 'swagger', but I decided to go with my last name, since it seemed more timeless and has its Slovakian roots. In retrospect, I'm glad I went with my last name.





Where do your design inspirations come from for new pieces? Honestly, I can't credit one particular source for my design inspiration. I get inspiration from a variety of different sources, mostly from street style I see in person and online. I get inspiration from my experiences traveling to different countries. Also, I sometimes find interesting fabrics and work backwards in my head to see what I can make with them. What can we expect from your brand this upcoming year? We had a tricky 2017. This year was definitely a transitional phase for the brand. There were some obstacles but we kept our head down, worked hard and got through it all. I'm happy to say that the brand is the strongest it’s ever been, and I'm excited to move forward into 2018. We've expanded the team and are planning some big moves for the coming years. Let's just say that Fall/Winter 2018 is going to surprise a lot of people.





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ION Collection x Jen Selter is an athleisure jewelry line that commemorates life’s special moments, milestones and achievements. The inaugural collection features bracelets with location coordinates or a personal message engraved and each piece is finished with unique colors and textures. i o n c o l l e c t i o n . c o m @ i o n c o l l e c t i o n 95




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