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Welcome to the the new-look, new-size Jamaica Blue Escape. Spring is the season for change, so we thought we'd lead by example! This edition we chat to celebrity chef, Ben Donoghue (we even get one of his fantastic brunch recipes), Sarah Wilson about the benefits of quitting sugar, Sarah Megginson about how working from home can work for you and much more. Take a look at our revamped, extended fashion section too, showcasing the best looks this coming season has to offer - day or night. We hope you enjoy the 'new' Jamaica Blue Escape.


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Auckland barista, Susan Lam, has proven that New Zealanders make better coffee than Australians.


jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013

Barista Champion s 4

usan, aged 25 and a barista at Jamaica Blue Auckland Airport, creamed her competition at the Grand Final of the seventh annual Jamaica Blue Barista Championships, held in early June in Sydney. After knocking-out hundreds of competitors to make it to the Grand Final event against five Australian baristas, Susan put

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to use her years of professional coffee-making experience and ultimately proved her ability to easily create 12 cups of aromatic coffee within 15 minutes and before an expert panel of judges. Declared the 2013 Jamaica Blue Barista Champion, Susan impressed the judges with the tactile balance, consistency and colour of the cremà in

her espresso as well as the creaminess of the froth and silkiness of the milk in her cappuccino. However it was Susan’s signature beverage called ‘Cocolicious’ that finally capped-off her prize-winning performance. Containing a double-shot of espresso, condensed milk and coco syrup poured over ice, Susan’s ‘Cocolicious’ signature

7/23/2013 6:17:53 PM


beverage was inspired by her father’s taste for ice-chilled premium-quality coffee. “As a little girl, I’d regularly ask my dad for a sip of his iced coffee but his response was always ‘no, you’re too young for coffee.’ Of course, I’d usually sneak a sip when he wasn’t looking anyway,” said Susan. “I love coffee! I can’t live without it and there really isn’t anything I don’t enjoy about being a barista. I hope to one day open my own café and winning this competition has given me that little bit more confidence to hopefully turn my dream into a reality! “I wasn’t planning to enter the competition because I wasn’t sure my skills were sufficient to even make it to the Grand Final! I’m so pleased my workmates talked me into giving it a go and although I’m still shocked to have won, I am absolutely ecstatic and can’t wait to continue building my career in the coffee industry,” added Susan.

One of eight Grand Final judges and Jamaica Blue Brand Manager, Drew Eide, said the quality of talent displayed by this year’s finalists was exceptional; but none better than Auckland’s Susan Lam. “To even make it to the Grand

Final is an incredible feat and I am truly proud of all six competitors. All Jamaica Blue baristas undergo hours and hours of training on a regular basis so it was really rewarding to see the upshot of all their hard-work put into practice!” said Mr Eide. “As demonstrated by Susan however, essential to being a champion barista is a genuine passion for coffee, creativity and the ability to swiftly serve topquality coffee in-spite of external pressures,” added Mr Eide. In addition to the coveted title of 2013 Jamaica Blue Barista Champion, Susan has won a host of prizes including an Apple mini iPad, a state-of-theart coffee machine and grinder valued at $2,500 (AUD) and ‘money-can’t-buy’ mentorship from qualified industry experts in the lead-up to next year’s prestigious M.I.C.E event in Melbourne.


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Jamaica Blue is now serving at the exclusive L'Avenue Shopping Centre in Shanghai

Now serving coffee and lusive cake in Shanghai's exc ct L'Avenue retail precin

jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013



rom floral designs and animal characters to cheeky smiling faces, our talented baristas know how to bring your coffee to life with latte art! During Jamaica Blue's international latté art competiton, a number of clever entries were submitted from our baristas across the globe. There can only be one winner, and it was Ashwin Medari from Jamaica Blue Ibn Battuta Mall (UAE) who took out the top prize with his beautiful twin bird design.


eed a break after browsing the racks at Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Chanel and Givenchy? Since May this year, shoppers at the exclusive L' Avenue Shopping Centre in Shanghai can do just that, dropping in to our new Jamaica Blue espresso bar in the office tower attached to the luxurious retail destination. Open Monday to Friday, the café serves hot, fresh coffee brewed by a local barista who has just returned from almost a decade working in various cafés throughout Sydney and Melbourne. You can enjoy your beverage with one of our famous cakes, cookies or sweet treats, baked fresh daily.

Ashwin Medari (top left) and the UAE Jamaica Blue team at Ibn Battuta Mall


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andling over 22 million passengers annually, Xi'an International is the largest airport in China's northwest, with recent upgrades bumping the airport's capacity up to more than 33 million people per year. It's the main

airport serving Xi'an, which is home to around eight million people and being one of the oldest cities in all of China, is also a thriving tourism destination. Now, visitors to the region and locals journeying out of Xi'an can enjoy good quality coffee

Whether you're coming or going, you're never far from good coffee at Xi'an Xianyang International Airport and delicious meals when they travel. Two new, modern Jamaica Blue cafés have recently opened – one in departures and another in arrivals – at the busy airport, meaning passengers can refresh and refuel at any stage of their journey.

Owner Mr Wong (far right) celebrates the opening of two new Jamaica Blue cafés at Xi'an Airport



Prime Minister Kevin Rudd dropped into Jamaica Blue Beijing Central Park for a brew


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jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013

S 8

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g n i p p Ste Out TV’s Sonia Kruger is making her mark on both morning and primetime TV, and is crossing a range of boundaries as she does so. By John Burfitt


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on TV. During a chat with Sonia after two hours of hosting live Mornings with co-presenter David Campbell, it emerges there is one title that doesn’t sit comfortably with her: ‘Role model’. “Oh, I don’t think that is something you can ever say about yourself,” she says seriously over a morning coffee. “What I like is that women feel they can relate to me. The average age of the Australian woman is 38, and I think in me, they see a positive reflection of themselves. “Women of all ages want to be represented on television, so I think I am lucky that women


here are many titles Sonia Kruger has worn throughout her career, and by and large, most of those titles have sat comfortably with her. For the past two decades, Sonia has enjoyed a highprofile ride as a dancer, actress, reporter and TV presenter, beginning with a role in the movie classic Strictly Ballroom, to today hosting TV staples Mornings and Big Brother. At age 47, Sonia is in her prime and offers an engaging presence both on and off screen. She is also doing so at an age that only decades ago was considered past the ‘use by’ date for women in hosting roles


7/23/2013 6:02:10 PM

JB SONIA KRUGER of my age find ourselves still employable because we are relatable to the audience. I am lucky as my career has changed and opportunities have arisen as the market has also changed. “Put it down to good timing, but I do think we have grown up and are now more in line with the UK and the US. Most of their newsreaders and TV presenters are not young kids, but established women who are experienced and had long careers. They know what they are doing and the audience like that. That is what I am aiming for.” What has become obvious about Sonia’s success is that she has a wide-ranging appeal. She is like the fast-talking and cheeky friend to the stay-at-

Sonia with her Mornings co-host, David Campbell

JB-p08-11_Cover Feature.indd 10

home parents and retirees watching Mornings, but also has enough street cred and the right style for the Gen Y audience who watch Big Brother. “I like the fact people feel they can come up and have a chat, and they do,” she says. “I have found it interesting that it is women my own age who will talk to me about an outfit I was wearing on TV, but since Big Brother, that’s happening with teenage girls too and that is a whole new audience for me. I hope teenage girls might look at me as someone – and I don’t want to say aspire to – but will give them something of a positive image.” Being disciplined has been a part of Sonia’s life since her childhood in Queensland when she first became involved in competitive ballroom dancing. “Dance training is so strict, and as a result, most dancers are perfectionists and won’t stop until they get it right,” she says. “It is the same in television.” After school, she studied at university in Sydney and then became a corporate trainer with American

7/23/2013 6:02:34 PM

“I like the fact people feel they can come up and have a chat, and they do”

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All Around The World Having previously travelled the world as a reporter, Sonia has a number of favourite locations, and a list of where to next.

The Favourites SYDNEY

“It is unique and is still the most beautiful place I think I have ever seen.”

NEW YORK “I love that you can walk all day and never be bored, and then go to the theatre every night.”

LONDON “The undercurrent of that city with all the old pubs is the best way to see it.”

The Bucket List BARCELONA

“I only hear such great things about the beauty of that city and its food.”

MT KILIMANJARO “I’ve been to the Himalayas but I think walking and camping at Kilimanjaro would be achievable.”

TUSCANY “A trip there would be all about the food, the wine and the scenery.”


Express, but continued to dance. It was the offer from director Baz Luhrmann to appear in his 1992 movie Strictly Ballroom as dance floor queen Tina Sparkle that changed everything. “My parents were horrified I was giving up my corporate job for showbiz,” Sonia laughs. “There was a corporate career path for me, but I am so glad I took that leap of faith into showbiz because here I am now.” Sonia tells she recently found a photo of herself from those days, showing her sitting in a suit at her workstation in a city office. It created a striking image for her and a reminder of the passage of the past 20 years. “It was strange to look back on,” Sonia says. “If I could go back in time and offer that girl any advice, it would be to go with the flow and go with whatever the universe presents. “If I had been really sensible, and I am normally quite sensible, I would have stayed

with that corporate job. So I threw caution to the wind and took risks, and have never regretted doing so.” TV reporting roles soon followed, but 10 years ago she stepped into the big time as cohost of Dancing with the Stars and continued with the variety hit for 11 seasons. At its peak 18 months ago, she jumped ship to the Nine Network to host Mornings and to revive Big Brother. “And that was another risk as Big Brother had finished five years before and most people thought it was done with. But the people in charge had such a clear idea of what they wanted to do with Big Brother and that instilled in me such confidence that I knew I wanted to be a part of it. It was one of those moves that has paid dividends.” Sonia was previously married to businessman James Davies, but for the past three years has been romantically involved with TV executive Craig McPherson. Always with one eye on how to improve in the job, Sonia admits TV veteran Craig is one of her most vocal critics, but not the toughest. “I am my toughest critic, and always have been,” she says. “Then comes my mother and Craig would be the third. He is incredibly supportive but isn’t shy when it comes to telling me if I need to improve in certain areas. “Whatever I do, I like to try to be as successful as possible at it. You don’t go out there to become second or third. I am still working at it.” Then with a laugh, she adds, “It must be the dancer in me!”


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Wes Fleming

jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013

author by now mamia d a free ww. ep.




JB-p12-14_Flower Festivals.indd 12

By Thomas Mitchell


hen you ask Wes Fleming his favourite time of year, he answers without skipping a beat. “Spring time, because we leave behind the cold and wet of winter, and are met with seasonal rebirth,” the 50-yearold beams. “That’s why flower shows are a must-see in spring.” You should probably take his word for it, because Wes Fleming knows a little something about flower shows. Earlier this year, Wes became the first Australian to win best in show at Britain’s prestigious Chelsea Flower Show. “We just wanted to represent Australian horticulture on the world stage and we think we did a good job,” the humble horticulturalist says. Following his famous victory, Wes called time on his Chelsea

7/23/2013 5:58:26 PM


JB-p12-14_Flower Festivals.indd 13

whether it’s inspired to go home and revitalise your own garden or simply walk out with your mood lifted.” Parents can also knock off two birds with one stone, by getting the kids out of the house while also making sure they’re learning something! “There is a big focus in Australian flower shows on education, helping children learn what to plant and when, which helps visitors understand the importance of our industry,” Wes says. “Whether it’s the Floriade in Canberra or the Tulip Festival in Tassie, you’ll learn something – it certainly beats a motor show,” he laughs. So what can we expect from flower shows as this season begins to bloom? “Australia has made its name by being creative and unique,” Wes, whose winning garden at

Chelsea included a man-made Aussie billabong, explains. “Typically, our flower shows offer amazing floral displays using native plants.” “There is also a big focus on displaying livable spaces, so visitors can actually recreate what they see in the own backyards.” Wes concedes that his industry faces an uphill battle, but the saving grace may be the continual interest in springtime flower festivals. “I’ve always said that they [flower shows] make greenery sexy,” Wes offers. “The reality is that the traditional gardener is dying off and the understanding of why gardening, flowers and greenery is important, is waning.” “Flower shows are our opportunity to get people excited again.


career, returning home and preparing himself for the festival of flowers that is springtime in Melbourne. However, there is one rather important lady back in England who will miss his presence at future Chelsea Flower Shows. “I’ve met the Queen a few times before and when she left our garden this year, she knew it was my last year at Chelsea,” Wes, whose famous victory came after nine attempts, explains. “As she was leaving, she stopped and told me it was a shame I wouldn’t be back. It blew me away a little bit.” While his monarchal mates may miss him, Wes is excited to be home and gearing up for another season of stunning floral festivals. “You can attend a flower show in your home state and leave feeling genuinely inspired,


7/23/2013 5:58:28 PM


Botanic Buffet

Across Australia and New Zealand, flower shows are in full bloom.

FLORIADE September 14 - October 13 Canberra, ACT This year’s theme is Inspiration – Innovation and over four weeks Floriade will pay tribute to the events that have shaped the nation’s capital. Children’s workshops will entertain the kids, while those seeking to get hip and horticultural can attend Floriade NightFest. www.floriadeaustralia.com

springtime. Visitors can wander through ornamental rose gardens or take a ride on a traditional paddle steamer. www.renmarkroses.com

TESSELAR TULIP FESTIVAL September 12 – October 8 Tesselar, VIC Celebrating its 60th anniversary, the Tesselar Tulip Festival is set on sprawling farm. Visitors are treated to a breathtaking display of more than a million bulbs, to the soundtrack of live jazz music. www.tulipfestival.com.au

TULIP FARM LEURA GARDENS Festival: October 5 –13 Leura, NSW Since 1965, Leura Gardens Festival has been the Blue Mountains most prestigious flower show. A focus on cool climate plants makes for a visual spectacle while gardening experts hold nightly seminars for potential green thumbs. www.leuragardensfestival.com

jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013



September 20 –29 Toowoomba, QLD Toowoomba has long been known as ‘the Garden City’ and it certainly lives up to its nickname during the Carnival of Flowers. www.tcof.com.au

KINGS PARK FESTIVAL September 1 - 30 Kings Park, WA Drawing on native wildflowers, the Kings Park Festival combines fascinating floral displays with live music and art exhibitions. www.bgpa.wa.gov.au

RENMARK ROSE FESTIVAL October 18 – 27 Renmark, SA The Renmark Rose is in full bloom come

September 24 – October 19 Wynyard, TAS Tasmania is home to the Van Diemen Quality Bulb and Tulip Farm takes full advantage, transforming Wynyard into a colorful playground. Learn how to make your own floral arrangements or brush up on your bulb education! www.bloomingtasmania.com

SPRING FESTIVAL WELLINGTON 30th September – 7th October Wellington, New Zealand Wellington Botanical Garden plays host to the Spring Festival, a weeklong celebration of New Zealand flora and fauna. www.wellington.gov.nz

Crafted for baristas using Australian grown whole soy beans.

it’s naturally better





us e conscientio The rise of th in st s seen a boo a h r e m su n co er's markets. rm fa r fo ty populari itchell By Thomas M

author by now mamia d a free ww. ep.

“People want more knowledge about their food and the appeal ick and tired of trolley of a farmers’ market is that you traffic and surly are buying directly from the checkout staff? producer who grew what you’re Well, it’s time to purchasing,” Erena says. join the hoards of agriculture The Victorian Farmers’ Markets vultures who are embracing the Association runs over 50 farmers’ market movement. accredited markets throughout “In the past three years, the Victoria, with more than 2000 popularity of farmers markets farmers involved in the scheme. has really risen,” Erena Norgard, The process of cutting out the of the Victorian Farmers’ Markets middleman and allowing farmers Association, says. to deal directly with customers “More people are wanting to has also contributed to the trend know where their food comes of seasonal eating. from, how it’s made and how it “Seasonality is paramount is grown.” to farmers’ markets because In this day and age of the grower is selling their own grocery guilt, eating ethically product, they’re simply offering is increasingly important to whatever is in season,” Erena consumers and farmers’ markets explains. are an ideal way to clear your “I was at a market recently and conscience. a man turned to a farmer and

jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013



JB-p16-18_Farmers markets.indd 16

said, ‘I want bigger apples,’” she recalls. “The farmer explained that they didn’t have enough water in the growing season, so the apples are slightly smaller. “That kicked off a whole conversation that ended with the man buying far more apples than he ever intended to,” Erena chuckles. “If he didn’t have that access to the farmer, he would’ve never known that!” Coincidentally, it is during spring that farmers’ markets come into their own. “Spring is the most popular time because the produce is at its finest and the markets always seem to be overflowing with people,” Erena says. “Spring means plenty of greens, like asparagus, spinach, peas and particularly broad beans.”

7/23/2013 5:55:21 PM



JB-p16-18_Farmers markets.indd 17

Erena Norgard

“SPRING IS THE MOST POPULAR TIME BECAUSE THE PRODUCE IS AT ITS FINEST AND THE MARKETS ALWAYS SEEM TO BE OVERFLOWING WITH PEOPLE,” markets held in picturesque locations, from Byron Bay to the Barossa Valley. “We are seeing a lot of tourism activity throughout the regional markets, particularly along the Murray River, in towns like Echuca and Mooroopna,” Erena says.


It’s also an ideal time to stock up on fruits as the warm growing season begins. Keep an eye out for cumquats, grapefruits, strawberries, oranges, oh and apples (no matter how big), of course. Aside from appealing to the consumer conscience, farmers’ markets also present a fun way for families to spend a weekend. “It’s such a good environment for families, the markets are always full of events, there’s music, games, animals, it’s very family friendly,” Erena says. “Let’s be honest - it’s way more fun for kids to walk around a market then traipse around a supermarket under halogen lights,” she laughs. If you are planning to make the farmers’ market a family event, then why not make a weekend of it? There are many farmers’

“People love the idea of jumping in the car on a road trip, travelling along and visiting local markets along the way.” If you do decide to pack up the car and treat yourself to a sneaky holiday, you can also be comfortable in the knowledge that good karma is headed your way. “People really don’t understand how important the markets are to the farmers,” Erena implores. “Growers that attend farmers’ markets are blown away by the fact that they’re getting a fair price for their produce.” In a world where supermarkets bidding wars continue to drive prices down, it’s refreshing to know that farmers are getting what they deserve. So, with the promise of the freshest seasonal produce and the knowledge you’re supporting a worthy industry there’s no reason not to frequent your local farmers market.


7/23/2013 5:55:39 PM


t e k r a M r u o y t u o Mapping No matter where

Ararat Seasonal Farmers Market Second Sunday of every month Ararat, VIC Pick up some organic vegetables while the Ararat Jazz Band provides the tunes. www.ararat.vic.gov.au Mudgee Farmers Markets Third Saturday of every month Mudgee, NSW Everything here has been pickled, baked, smoked, brewed and stewed by the storeowners. Don’t forget to sample the wine, it is Mudgee after all! www.mudgeefinefoods.com.au

rs’ market near you! you are, there’s a farme

Farm Gate Market Saturday/Sunday, 9am – 1pm Hobart, TAS Everything sold at Farm Gate Market must be grown and produced in Tasmania, ensuring you’re getting the freshest produce possible. www.farmgatemarket.com.au

Christchurch Farmers Markets Saturdays, 9am – 1pm Christchurch, NZ There are so many reasons to travel to Christchurch but this market is at the top of the list. Visit the Canterbury Cheesemongers for a life changing experience. www.christchurchfarmersmarkets.co.nz

jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013

Glengallan Seasonal Markets First Sunday of each season Glengallan, QLD Held in the stunning surrounds of the Glengallan Homestead, these markets take place only once a season, so you have to be quick! www.glengallan.org.au


Kalamunda Farmers Markets Sundays, 8am – Midday Kalamunda, WA Farmers travel down from the Perth Hills, bringing with them a swag of their best produce. Try the pickled onions; you’ll thank us later. www.kalamunda.wa.gov.au Adelaide Hills Farmers Markets Saturdays, 9am – 1pm Mount Barker, SA Aside from having all the hallmarks of a typical farmers market, the Adelaide Hills Markets also sell homemade ice cream – need we say more? www.adelaidehills-farmersmarkets.org.au

JB-p16-18_Farmers markets.indd 16

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Celebrity chef Ben O’Donoghue is back in the kitchen at his new Brisbane restaurant, where he says the buck stops with him. By John Burfitt

ONE PLATE AT A TIME jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013

T 20

here is a sense of irony as celebrity chef Ben O’Donoghue reveals in his teenage years, he had no intention of entering the food game. Instead, he wanted to be a primary school teacher. “But I didn’t get enough marks for teaching, so I figured the other option I had was to become a chef,” Ben, 43, says. While he may not have spent much time in the classroom since, Ben has played a vital role as educator, teaching the nation about better food options and eating habit through his TV roles on series like Surfing the Menu

JB-p20-21_Ben Donoghue.indd 20

and his various cookbooks, as well as in the kitchens of his own restaurants. “I do think I have ended up where I was meant to be all along and with now being a dad, I am convinced I am much better suited to working in a kitchen and teaching through TV rather than dealing with a classroom of 30 kids going crazy,” he says. “I have a big enough challenge coping with my three, let alone a full classroom as well!” Ben is the father of Ruby, Herb and Cash, all aged under 10. In recent months, Ben has

been preparing for his biggest career venture to date – the opening of his own restaurant, Billy Kart Kitchen, in Brisbane’s Clifton Hill. After years of heading up the South Bank Surf Club restaurant, Ben sold out of the business last year and has been contemplating his next move ever since. When he found the site, Ben said he and his wife Dee Wicks knew what they wanted with Billy Kart Kitchen was to open a place that offers breakfast and lunch seven days a week, opening for dinner on Friday nights.

7/23/2013 5:50:53 PM

BEN’S FAVOURITE BRUNCH INGREDIENTS • 4 free-range eggs • 1 tsp white wine vinegar • 400g asparagus • 100g parmigiano reggiano, or pecorino, finely grated • 1 lemon, juice only • 180ml extra virgin olive oil • 1 head celery, pale inner leaves only, coarsely chopped • 10g mint leaves, coarsely chopped METHOD 1. Crack each egg into a cup. Fill a deep saucepan with water and bring to the boil. Reduce to a simmer and add the vinegar and 1 teaspoon of salt. Stir with a spoon to make a whirlpool and drop an egg into the centre. 2. Cook until the white is firm and the yolk runny, 3–4 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon and transfer to a bowl of cold water. Repeat with the remaining eggs. These can be done in advance, and reheated for serving. 3. Bring a large saucepan of water

JB-p20-21_Ben Donoghue.indd 21

“I am such a big believer in farmers’ markets as you can deal directly with food producers and ask them questions about how the food has been grown and where,” he says. “What I love is if you buy an apple at one of these markets, it has probably been picked off the tree the day before rather than being in frozen storage for a week or so.” Ben has been on the international food stage for almost 20 years, ever since he worked in London alongside Curtis Stone and Jamie Oliver at the likes of The River Café, Monte’s Club and the National Dining Room. It was in 2002 he appeared on

7. To serve, gently lower the eggs into the asparagus cooking water to reheat. Toss the asparagus with half of the dressing, coating well. Place on a serving plate. 8. Using a slotted spoon, remove the eggs from the water and place on top of the asparagus. Drizzle the remaining dressing over the eggs and around the plate, and then sprinkle the celery leaves and mint on top. Season with more black pepper.

the BBC series The Best, which he followed when he returned home to Australia with the Surfing the Menu series, which he co-hosted with Stone. He later made appearances on The Best in Australia and Masterchef Australia. “What I hope people learn from watching me is a curiosity about flavour but also the courage to try something new,” he says. “It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out or look like it does in the cookbook. You learn from the mistakes and move forward. What I am trying to do it take some of that mystery out of it, and show what it is like when it is all done with a sense of fun.”


Best of all, the new restaurant is his own business. “That has been the most important driving factor – I am doing it for myself,” he tells. “For the first time in my life, I am doing it without partners and the buck stops with me. “I have carte blanche and creative flexibility, so I can change the menu every day if I want to. So that is the exciting part, as well as the terrifying part. It is all up to me if it doesn’t quite work out.” In addition to opening his new business, Ben is also working on his latest cookbook, all about the Farmers Markets movement. He hopes to have the book out by Christmas.

to the boil and add 1 teaspoon of salt. Snap off the base of the asparagus spears where they become naturally tender, or trim and peel the ends. 4. Tie into batches of spears of equal thickness and poach until tender, 2–4 minutes, according to their size. It is better if they are tender rather than crunchy. Discard the string. 5. To make the dressing, place the cheese in a bowl and add half the lemon juice. Mash with a spoon to form a paste. Gradually incorporate more lemon juice to give a smooth paste, without it becoming too sharp. 6. Gradually add the oil in small amounts to give a creamy mayonnaise-like mixture. Season to taste with black pepper. Alternatively, place dressing ingredients in a food processor and whiz to form a smooth paste. The consistency should be runny but not entirely liquid.


7/23/2013 5:51:06 PM


“I eat what I want, not what I’m craving,” I Quit Sugar’s founder, Sarah Wilson proudly declares. Three years ago, the TV star-turned-lifestyle guru changed her life when she turned her back on sugar – and things ever since couldn’t be sweeter.

FootlKoose & S icking the habit due to doctor’s orders – Sarah had a thyroid condition which played havoc with her blood sugar levels – the 39-year-old went cold turkey. “I said to myself, ‘I’m just going to give myself two weeks,’” the former MasterChef host explains. “But I felt better within a few days. My skin went absolutely clear and within three weeks I’d lost a bit of weight. “I’ve now got rid of all the inflammation from my autoimmune disease, which doctors can’t quite believe. I’ve kept the weight off and I now eat three meals a day instead of snacking throughout.’

JB-p22-23_Quiting Sugar.indd 22

7/23/2013 5:38:52 PM

Sharing her knowledge, Sydneybased Sarah is now helping others resist those sugary snacks with the launch of her I Quit Sugar website. Offering readers everything from nutritional advice, to recipes, to an eightweek support program to quit sugar, Sarah says a life without sugar doesn’t have to be boring. “I still eat chocolate most days and I still drink wine,” Sarah says. “I eat 85 per cent cocoa chocolate and I also make my own healthy chocolate. It actually makes you lose weight so anybody who’s thinking that they’re going to miss out on chocolate can download my chocolate eBook via the site.” Detesting the word ‘diet’, Sarah

TOP TIPS TO QUIT SUGAR TODAY 1. Stop drinking fruit juice. A glass of apple juice contains as much sugar as a glass of Coca-Cola - about 10 teaspoons of sugar. 2. Ditch dried fruit. That means, muesli, muesli bars, anything with dates. Dried fruit contains 50-70 per cent sugar. gain), Sarah says that one area of study in particular rang true with her. “Studies that look into brain plasticity say that to overcome the habit, you have to exercise

& Sugar-Free on her new Sarah Wilson gives us the skinny ker Wal y Luc By ve. iati init online health

JB-p22-23_Quiting Sugar.indd 23

the muscle daily,” Sarah says. “You basically re-train your brain not to grab for a muffin or chocolate in the afternoon and that motivated me. I saw my brain as a muscle and I had to keep training it.’ Having received an overwhelmingly positive response to her site, Sarah sees her I Quit Sugar campaign as a gentle ‘invitation’ to a new way of thinking. “I always say, ‘Just see what happens,’” Sarah says. “Just see if your whole metabolism can shift. I’ve showed people what it’s done for me and on the site you’ll see all the testimonies from people who’ve had great results.”

An individual serve of many brands of low fat yoghurt will often contain about six teaspoons of sugar.

4. Avoid tomato-based pasta sauces. Those bottled tomato sauces generally have a lot of sugar in them - even in restaurants. If you eat half a tomato on your sandwich, that’s fantastic, but when you eat tomato sauces, you’re consuming four or five tomatoes at once because it’s all pureed down. Much better to go for oil or cream-based pasta.

5. Swap Thai food for Indian food. Thai food often has a lot of palm sugar in it whereas Indian food is generally sweetened with coconut milk. Coconut milk is fructose free and it’s very healthy. LINK: www.iquitsugar.com


says her campaign is all about eating wholesome foods, rather then restricting yourself. “I go to a café and I have a full cream milk latte,” Sarah says. “I eat haloumi cheese and I eat all the fat on my meat. I eat like my grandmother used to eat; I eat really innocently. When my friends order dessert, I don’t feel like I’m missing out because I’ve eaten extra olive oil on my main course and probably ordered the dish that isn’t low fat.” After years of researching how harmful sugar can be to your body (it’s been linked to affecting fertility, speeding up the ageing process, causing anxiety and rapidly encouraging weight

3. Eat only full fat yoghurt.


7/23/2013 5:49:04 PM



Spring is the final chance to dust off any remaining New Year’s resolutions, and with some added wisdom, achieve what you want in 2013.

jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013

By John Burfitt


“It all comes down to purpose. Simply, what are you really trying to achieve with your resolution, and most importantly, why?” Such are the words of wisdom from Melbourne Life Coach Alex Kingsmill, explaining why most resolutions just as quickly become little more than wellintentioned memories. “Motivation to change something in your life often fails as people either have bad

JB-p24-25_Spring Clean.indd 24

goals, or they have tried so many times before and just don’t believe they can’t do it this time,” she says. “So you have to chose things you are serious about changing and do something about them that will lead to success. As spring is a time of renewal, it is the perfect time to do that.” While resolutions are made with the best of intentions every spring and New Years, studies show most are doomed

to fail. A study from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK claims almost 80 per cent of people fail in achieving goals. Findings from the US are not much better, with a study at the University of Scranton revealing only eight per cent of people achieve their goals. The tough reality is that for all the spring resolutions of ‘getting fitter’, ‘stopping smoking’, ‘finding a new home’ and ‘working smarter, not

7/23/2013 5:34:08 PM

JB-p24-25_Spring Clean.indd 25

to have a glass of water at 11am instead of yet another coffee. It is about signing up for a class rather than sitting through another night of TV. It is about actually applying for a new job rather than keep complaining about the one you have. It is about cutting up the credit card and paying $30 off the balance every week. All the small good things do add up to something greater.” Adapting to the changes might


harder’, only a few will achieve real results. As spring is often seen as the final marker in the year to make a change, Kingsmill insists it never too late to shift gears. “It has to be about having a real reason for making the change, but if you don’t believe in success, it won’t happen,” she says. “It is about making small moves and then building on them. It is things like deciding

require the commitment of a couple of months. According to the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes between 18 and 224 days to make a new behavior an ingrained habit. The study explains that a person has to ‘overwrite’ the ingrained, existing habit with a new habit, and the success in doing so takes commitment and repetition. “Changes can be difficult as we might be so committed to our excuses that giving them up can be difficult,” Joanna Gray of Entrust Business Consulting says. “There can be a fear of success and a fear of failure. “Write a list of the excuses that hold you back and then take a hard look at that list and be really disgusted by it. The truth is, we all have excuses – we don’t have enough time, we don’t have enough money, we are too fat, and they go on and on and hold us back. “It is then you have to be honest with yourself. You need to have a goal and each one of those goals needs to have an action plan that creates a path to improve the situation you are in.” Travels along that path to making the change are not, however, always smooth. It is then both experts offer their favourite philosophies. “I love the old Chinese proverb, ‘A journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step’,” Joanna says. Alex Kingsmill then adds, “Persistence is the indicator of success, not perfection. If you can remind yourself that, you will get you closer to where you want to be.”


7/23/2013 5:36:24 PM



ONE GOAL AT A TIME Motivation experts Joanna Gray and Alex Kingsmill offer their top tips on how to spring clean your act and make changes that will actually work.





“If you want to travel and do a cheese-tasting course in France, go online, find a group, read up on what is possible and find other people who share your passion.”

“Wear bright colours, put fresh flowers around the house, read a good book – all small things but they lift the spirits.”

jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013

TURN OFF THE SCREEN LEARN TO HATE THE SOFA “Get up, turn the TV off and it will be amazing how much time you find to achieve the things you want, like planting a garden or doing that Italian language class.”

“Limit the time you spend in front of the computer and on the Smartphone. Get outside and do something. See your granny. Read a book. Do something real.”

ENGAGE WITH PEOPLE HAVE A PLAN “Planning can mean a shift in mindset from ‘I can’t do that’ to ‘How can I do that?’ If the plan is a big one, plot it out and then get going.”


JB-p24-25_Spring Clean.indd 26

“Join a book or movie group, or make an effort to see people you always are intending to catch up with. Make a real connection.” Alex Kingsmill www.upstairs.net.au

7/23/2013 5:36:52 PM






? e c n a Freel

Set your own hours! Choose your ideal workload! Run personal errands whenever you like! On paper, the freelance life sounds like fun and flexibility wrapped into one – but is it really possible to create a strong income when working from home?

jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013


reelancing is able to deliver plenty of flexibility to your life, allowing you to balance earning an income with other priorities including family, health and fitness and hobbies. But with that flexibility comes a serious, sometimes crushing responsibility to make the most of your time. Time is money – and when you work from home, time spent procrastinating is literally money out of your pocket. So how do freelancers make it work? I’ve been successfully working


JB-p28-29_Working from Home.indd 28

7/23/2013 5:29:26 PM

� tips for working from home success

Sally-Anne Blanshard, founder and director of Nourish Coaching (www.nourishcoaching. com.au), helps people to reinvent their careers, businesses and life through structured coaching programs. She offers the following tips:

1. CREATE THE ENVIRONMENT FOR SUCCESS Whether it’s the corner of the living room or the office where you intend to work, have some motivational things around you to help you visualise being in work mode. 2. DRESS THE PART: Getting dressed for work helps you focus on the day ahead, and you never know if you may be called to a meeting or need to jump online on Skype. 3. CHUNK YOUR TIME: Set an alarm and focus on having time where you will not be distracted by the call of the dishwasher. 4. GET OUTSIDE: When possible, head to the beach or your favourite café. Relish in the freedom and flexibility that working from home offers. 5. STAY CONNECTED: It’s a good idea to meet people each week and make new connections, perhaps at your local Jamaica Blue café. Stepping out from

behind your avatar online is key to building trusting relationships. from home as a writer for five years. Back when I was a budding freelancer, I watched Sex and the City and wondered how Carrie could possibly afford $400 Manolos and pricey Prada dresses on a freelance writer’s salary. I still don’t know the answer – my freelance career certainly doesn’t deliver that level of income! But, it does allow me to earn a great living, and I work just three days a week.

People often ask me if working from home is hard to manage financially, as my income is inconsistent and unstable. I actually find it no more difficult than when I worked in a salaried job. The key to success

JB-p28-29_Working from Home.indd 29

Sarah Megginson is the author of How To Make Money By Working From Home, out now as an ebook through Mamamia Publishing. To download a free sample chapter, visit www. workfromhomestepbystep. com.au.



– and this is true whether you’re a freelancer or not – is knowing your absolute bottom line. This is the amount of income you need to earn in any given month, to keep your bills paid and your belly full. Your bottom line is a very different figure to how much you earn. You may bring in $80,000 annually in your job, but that doesn’t mean your life actually costs you that much. In my new book, I explain the process of working out your bottom line, along with strategies for “paying yourself a wage” so you can keep your head above water financially. With this realistic figure to work towards each month, it’s much easier to build your freelance career, without stressing about money.


7/23/2013 5:31:40 PM



d e l y t S


jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013

Home stylists are in hot demand with the success of TV shows like The Block, which has revealed how interior design can make or break a house. By John Burfitt


f Reality TV has left a lasting legacy in our homes over recent years, it is that we are more concerned than ever about interior design. The blockbuster success of shows like The Block and House Rules, along with the cult following of Selling Houses Australia, has revealed the impact and dramatic

difference smart design, good styling and the right colour palette can make in the home. Designer Shaynna Blaze has emerged as a design guru for her ability to know what needs to be placed where, what needs to go with it and what colours should be involved. But the services of Blaze and interior designers like her


JB-p30-31_Interiors.indd 30

7/23/2013 5:20:39 PM

JB-p30-31_Interiors.indd 31

usually results in, says Emma Blomfield of Sydney’s Nest Designs, is nothing being done at all. “Finishing off a room is the most common reason I am called in for,” Emma says. “Staring at the same problem day in and day out can get you stuck in a rut, and another person’s perspective is often all you need to make minor changes that have a major impact on how you actually use the room. “Often the problem is the client has bought the big ticket items and once they place items like the sofa, armchairs and TV units together, they get stuck on how to finish it off.” A Nest Designs consultation within the Sydney area begins from $180, with floor layouts and colour options discussed. “One hundred per cent of my clients are everyday people just looking to add some pizzazz to their homes,” Emma adds. “They are on tight budgets but can appreciate a well designed and styled room and want to achieve that within their own home.”

BRING ON THE HELP Design gurus Belinda and Emma claim most people make the same mistakes when decorating their homes. Follow their tips to prevent letting these problems happen within your four walls.

✽ Don’t purchase furniture that is too big for the space. Use a tape measure before buying. ✽ Don’t try to mix too many different decorating styles. Try for themes to pull the elements together. ✽ Don’t hang art too high, up near the ceiling. Art should be hung at eye level where it can be easily seen. ✽ Don’t use unqualified trades people. Ask around for recommendations who have earned good word of mouth. ✽ Don’t make it up as you go along. Having a master plan of how the room can work will save all kinds of costs later on. Emma Blomfield www.nestdesigns.com.au Belinda Grundy www.bgpropertystyling.com.au

“One hundred per cent of my clients are everyday people just looking to add some pizzazz to their homes” www.jamaicablue.com.au

are not the exclusive domain of those living in properties with multi-million dollar price tags, or home owners who have nothing better to do than arrange cushions and lose sleep over the height of the skirting boards. The business of home styling has seen dramatic growth in recent times, and stylist Belinda Grundy believes the TV exposure has had an enormous flow-on effect. “Absolutely they have had an impact,” Grundy says. “This is reflected in the continued growth of tried and tested businesses like mine, and even through to the increasing popularity of interior design courses. People are hungry to learn more. “What we are seeing is two different kinds of clients. It is either the person who has just purchased a home and now want to ‘move in and makeover’ to make it their own. By asking for our advice, they can get results at a fraction of the time it would take them. “The other kind of client is someone who has been living in their home for a while and want someone who can come in and make the property work in a better way for them. Sometimes, all it takes is a rethink.” The cost of a BG Property Styling consultation begins at $397, which includes a range of suggestions of what the client can do on site. “Having a master plan and using qualified professionals to do the work can make all the difference,” Belinda adds. An often-heard comment about problematic home design is, ‘I will just live with it until I work out what to do’. What that


7/23/2013 5:21:11 PM

Appletiser 750mL Sparkle A1 KV 223x162mm.indd 1

11/07/13 4:24 PM

‘Appletiser’ is a registered trade mark of SABMiller International B.V.

JBLifestyle Fitness | Fashion | Books | Nutrition | Food |Fitness | Fashion | Books | Nutrition | Food

Asher Keddie images: Snapper Media

JBSpring 2013

e m o c l We


CTION TYLE SE S E F I L h life, NEW ! ting wit s r TO OUR u b & to bloom re e d h e e s i n g u n Spri ng yo everythi e v a h e w



Health Fitness




JB-p33_Lifestyle contents.indd 33



7/23/2013 5:12:19 PM




There are only five steps to turn your new fitness regime into a winner this spring. jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013

By John Burfitt



hen starting a new fitness regime after the long months of winter, the job ahead can appear all too hard. For some people, the fear is so stifling, it prevents them from even taking the first step out the front door. That is the attitude fitness instructor Leanne Sklavenitis admits she encounters with new clients at this time every year. “For many people, winter is months of not doing anything at all and so the thought of taking up a fitness plan to get back into shape once spring

JB-p34-35_Fitness.indd 38

arrives seems too difficult,” Leanne of online training site fitnesstips.com.au says. “The first thing is to take a deep breath. If people have that fear before they start, they must take a first step. Once that is done, then take the next, and so on.” One of the best ways to get started is to enlist the help of a professional. Making an investment or booking even three sessions with a personal trainer might be the best way to kick start a routine that will then be able to run on its own. “If you are starting from scratch, it is more than likely you are going to need some help to get you moving the right way,” personal trainer Jacquie Sharples of Carpe Diem Well Being adds. “Making sure you’re doing the exercises correctly

7/23/2013 5:02:55 PM


walking into that event being five kilos lighter,” Leanne says. “Then think of all the things you can do to get moving towards being in the best possible shape when that day comes.” Jacquie

friend to come along on your journey instantly gives you accountability and more reasons to turn up to your training sessions. It also helps get you excited about it.” Leanne adds, “Make sure your exercise routine is something you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t keep to it.”

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY Letting the body adjust to the new routine can take time. “When you’re starting out your body needs time to get used to the new stress it is being put under,” Jacquie says. “If you try to do too much too soon you’re likely to end up injured. When you have niggles or pain, don’t suggests putting training ignore them. It may be that you sessions in your diary. “Make it a need another rest day, you need priority so it doesn’t get pushed to stretch more or may need to aside,” she says. see a physio to work it out.”




There’s nothing like having a target to aim for to help keep a plan on track. “Find an upcoming event like a birthday, wedding or work party, and think of how good you will feel

Deciding on a new fitness routine is one thing, but sticking to it is another. “So be sure what you do decide is fun,” Jacquie says. “Choosing something you enjoy and roping in a

JB-p34-35_Fitness.indd 39

HIDE THE SCALES After weighing in at the start of a new regime, Leanne says the next move should be to hide the scales “Some women I deal with are shockers and want to check numbers all the time, but that is an easy way to get disillusioned as the numbers can vary,” Leanne says, before adding what really counts is the way clothes fit. “Muscle can weigh far more than fat so while you may have slimmed down, it may not show on the scales. Clothes are always the best guide.”

PERSONAL TRAINERS Jacquie Sharples www.carpediemwellbeing.com.au Leanne Sklavenitis www.fitnesstips.com.au


“Take baby steps,” Leanne says. “You didn’t add the extra kilos and using the right muscle in one day, so don’t expect to groups is so important to avoid take them off in a week. Start injuries and ensure that you’re small, like dropping one thing getting the most out of your time from your regular diet. Once that exercising.” is under control, drop another To break down all the rules thing.” She suggests adopting the into an easy to follow program, same rule with exercise. “On the Leanne and Jacquie offered first day, you might walk around their top five tips on how to the block. The next day, make it get up from the sofa today and two blocks. Don’t start by trying get moving towards a healthier a marathon – that won’t work,” tomorrow. she laughs.


7/23/2013 5:03:19 PM



Dress Zara $139 02 9376 7600



Dress Marc Cain $912 02 8332 1900

eal, try on From luxe to a total st dresses ite some of our favour ring sp r fo and accessories


Heels Witchery $149.95 witchery.com.au

jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013


Dress Mix $25 mixapparel.com.au

Lo3ok Heels Kookai $160 03 9804 7906

Earrings Stylop $12 stylop.com Necklace 8 Other Reasons $49.95 8otherreasons.com

Clutch Nine West $79.95 ninewest.com.au

Flats Nine West $99.95 ninewest.com.au


JB-p36-37_Spring Fashion-REV.indd 36

7/23/2013 5:00:20 PM

Watch Sekonda $59 sekonda.com.au Bangle Lovisa $14.99 lovisa.com.au



Dress Ebony Eve $210 ebonyeve.com.au

Lo5ok Heels Kookai $160 03 9804 7906 Dress Staple $89.95 staplethelabel.com

Dress Levis $129.95 1800 625 603

Wedges Steve Madden $119.95 stevemaden.com.au

Wedges Steve Madden $99.95 stevemadden.com.au

Wallet Nine West $49.95 ninewest.com.au

JB-p36-37_Spring Fashion-REV.indd 37

7/23/2013 5:00:48 PM


$14.95 Cotton On cottonon.com.au

$40 Kookai 03 9804 7906

$19.95 Cotton On cottonon.com.au


$29.95 Unity Eyeware



Look fresh this spring with the latest accessories

$39.95 Minkpink minkpink.com.au

$60 Kookai 03 9804 7906

$99.95 Witchery

jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013


$69 Sekonda


$139 Sekonda by

$29.99 Lovisa lovisa.com.au

$14.99 Lovisa lovisa.com.au



$59.95 Metallicus JB-p38-39_Spring Fashion.indd 38

7/23/2013 4:54:48 PM


The Offspring star, Asher Keddie always glows on the red carpet. Get her look!

$90.95 Missguided missguidedau.com

$79.95 Roc roceyewear.com.au


$16.99 Lovisa lovisa.com.au


$119 Windsor Smith windsorsmith.com.au

NIGHT $149.95 Mavi mavi.net

$139 Sekonda by Thomas Sabo

$59.95 Roc Boots rocboots.com.au

$39.95 Co by Cotton On cobycottonon.com.au

$59.95 Metallicus metalicus.com

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$12.99 Lovisa lovisa.com.au

95 Metallicus JB-p38-39_Spring Fashion.indd 39

7/23/2013 4:56:32 PM


jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013

e u g o V n i p Dee 40



he front row at the world fashion shows has seen a frantic swapping of seats in recent years to accommodate the latest breed of players in the market. While the Vogue stars and fashion royalty like Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington don’t have to worry too much about giving up their seats at any runway shows, the new breed of fashion bloggers are making inroads into what was once

JB-p40-41_Fashion Blogger.indd 40

an exclusive domain. Rather than just watching the shows to observe and then to comment on and analyse later, fashion bloggers are often more conspicuously shooting images on their smartphones at the same time as balancing laptops and pads, ready to upload straight to the internet from runway ringside. The ability of bloggers to connect directly with the audience has opened up new channels of communication for fashion designers and retailers to connect directly to their market. Such US fashion blogs as Bryanboy and Scott Schuman’s The Sartorialist are said to be have become essential reading for all fashionistas. “I read blogs daily and think it's great anyone with an interest in fashion now has a global stage to express their own style,” says Elle Halliwell, fashion writer for The Sunday Telegraph newspaper. One local blogger making her mark is Perth’s

7/23/2013 4:49:21 PM


Adelle Cousins

Adelle Cousins, who began her blog Where The Styled Things Are as a photography project in 2010, only to later shift her focus to fashion. Where the Styled Things Are, which Adelle estimates has over 3000 followers, has been nominated for Vogue’s ‘Voices of 2013’ and was also a finalist in woman.com.au’s ‘Gen Y Founders Diary’. Adelle has also since become involved in


JB-p40-41_Fashion Blogger.indd 41

LINKS Adelle Cousins www.wherethestyledthingsare.com James Banham – www.the-f.com.au Elle Halliwell – www.news.com.au


the Perth Fashion Festival Restyle campaign. “I think businesses and companies take bloggers really seriously now as they have this loyal fan base who are constantly waiting for, ‘what’s next?’” she says. “We give our honest opinion at the same time, so our readers can trust us. “The personal opinions and different ways to style clothing can be beneficial to the fashion world. I think it just brings a little more fun to

fashion rather than the seriousness of runway and fashion week.” Melbourne’s James Banham of fashion blog The-F recalls his early days in 2010 when his blog had a following of 50 people. Today, he estimates The-F has 4000 readers a week. “I like to play the role of the exposer,” he says. “I like bringing attention to something that is worthy of it either because of what they're doing or how they're doing it. I enjoy working with people that either offer some unique talent or unique thing or try to better something in some way.” Banham believes bloggers play an important role in offering immediate access to the latest trends in the world of fashion. “Fashion blogging is almost instantaneous,” he says. “Short of there not needing to edit photos that accompany anything you post - which can be updated with something as simple as a smartphone - fashion bloggers have an instant means of engagement with their readers. “This has revolutionised the way front row fashion parades are reported on, designers are profiled and interviews are conducted, really making fashion bloggers citizen reporters.” While bloggers do have their dedicated followers, they are still a long way behind the audiences of such traditional fashion media players like Vogue Australia and Harper’s Bazaar, both of which enjoy circulations well in excess of 50, 000 per month. But The Sunday Telegraph’s Elle Halliwell, whose publication attracts over half a million readers every weekend, believes the ever-changing landscape of fashion allows the new breed of bloggers to fulfill an important niche. “The fashion landscape has changed so much in recent years, so it's only natural that the way we engage with the industry has moved with it,” Elle says. “The emergence of street style blogs and modelbloggers has made fashion more attainable and offers a unique view on an industry which in the past was sometimes considered elitist and exclusive.”


7/23/2013 4:49:41 PM



Catch these new and inspiring stories at a book shop near you!

What’s for dinner?

Heart Like Mine

Raising Angels

By Curtis Stone Publisher: Random House/Ebury Australia

By Amy Hatvany Publisher: Allen & Unwin

By Paul Morris Segal Publisher: Rockpool Publishing

In her mid-30s, Grace has no desire to have kids. But when she falls in love with Victor – a father of two young teens, Max and Ava – she decides that she could handle the idea of becoming a part-time step-mum. Then without warning, Victor’s ex-wife Kelli mysteriously dies, leaving Grace and Ava to search for answers in the past… With a page-turning plot that will keep you reading until the early hours of the morning, it’s easy to see why author Amy Hatvany is fast gaining a reputation as ‘the next Jodi Picoult’.

No, this is not a parenting guide filled with tips and advice to help you raise wellbehaved tots. Rather, Raising Angels is a piece of part-fiction, part self-help prose that invites us along on the travels of Raphael, who finds a dead angel by the side of the road, and embarks on a life-altering journey to bring it back to life. He tries to keep his quest under wraps, but his family soon joins him and through many twists and turns, the story gently unfolds into a tale of love, loss and hope.

jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013

As the host of Arena's hugely popular reality series Top Chef Masters, Aussie chef Curtis Stone offers up 130 effortless, tasty and most importantly, fail-proof recipes, in his newest cookbook What’s for dinner? Curtis believes that the first step to ensuring a successful meal is to achieve confidence in the kitchen, so he also provide home cooks of all levels with notes on techniques, tricks and shortcuts that will make home cooking a fun and flavoursome experience for the whole family.


JB-p42-43_Books.indd 42

Revenge Wears Prada By Lauren Weisberger Publisher: Harper Collins

The Devil Wears Prada told the deliciously bitchy tale of the real goings on in the magazine industry and now, 10 years later, Lauren Weisberger fans are being treated to the follow up. Having just celebrated her 30th birthday,

Andy is a successful magazine editor working closely with her best friend (and fellow Runway magazine survivor) Emily. She’s been careful to stay clear of her hideous first boss Miranda Priestly, but Miranda Priestly isn’t the kind of woman to hide in the background… She’s back, and more devilish than ever.

7/23/2013 4:47:11 PM

All The Way Round By Stuart Trueman Publisher: MacMillan Australia

In 2010, Stuart Trueman left behind his wife and two young daughters to set out on a 17,000km journey that involved circumnavigating Australia by kayak. An epic feat that had been achieved only twice before, the trip took 16 months and he faced countless challenges, from huge seas and dangerous surf, to inquisitive sharks, to bouts of heatstroke and hypothermia – and it was all achieved on a shoestring budget, with no support team. All the Way Round is Stuart’s gripping, vivid and wry account of his voyage that brings to life the coasts of our incredible country.

All I Know In her intimate and touching memoir All I Know, Mary ‘Effie’ Coustas shares a side of herself that few are familiar with. During her heart-wrenching, at times hilarious, and ultimately uplifting book, Mary discusses three deaths that changed

JB-p42-43_Books.indd 43

her life forever: her father, her grandmother and her daughter, Stevie. As actress Naomi Watts explains, “Mary's book is a reminder that we don't have to be alone with grief. Her heartbreaking and inspiring story is a lesson to all of us on how to live life to the fullest, even in our most difficult moments. I loved it.”


By Mary Coustas Publisher: Allen & Unwin


7/23/2013 4:47:45 PM



INTO A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Accredited Practising Dietitian and Director of Food & Nutrition Australia

Food & Nutrition Australia www.foodnut.com.au

After a period of winter hibernation, spring is the time of year when motivation to take on new healthy eating and exercise habits can be at its highest. Now is a great time to take advantage of this increased motivation and make plans to adopt and maintain new healthy lifestyle habits. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1 jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013



JB-p44-45_Nutrition.indd 44

We all know exercise is important for weight and heart health, however extra benefits can be reaped from exercising outdoors. Spending time outdoors increases your connection with nature (as long as you’re around greenery!) and this can help manage stress and increase feelings of wellbeing. This means if you’ve been exercising indoors during winter,

7/23/2013 4:45:03 PM


such as attending the gym or riding a stationary exercise bike at home, aim to take advantage of the warmer spring weather by including activities such as walking outdoors, hiking or cycling. You’ll notice how good you feel once you’re out and how positive you’ll feel at the end.




Everyone can benefit from healthy eating and exercise so to make it easier to get your healthy lifestyle habits underway encourage friends and family members to make dietary changes too or to join in on your daily exercise activities. If you are choosing an exercise partner, make sure they are at least as motivated as you are to ensure they continue to participate in your exercise routine over the longer term.



JB-p44-45_Nutrition.indd 45

One of the risks to staying on track with a healthy eating plan can be letting yourself get too hungry. If this happens, it’s likely you’ll eat too much at your next meal, or eat the wrong types of foods because they’re easy to access. Carry healthy snacks with you to help manage your hunger and therefore the total amount you eat over the day. Examples include fresh or dried fruit, nuts, seeds, wholegrain crackers or healthy muesli bars.



Making lifestyle changes is challenging, so it can be reassuring to know that everyone slips up occasionally. If you fall off the bandwagon, look at it as a learning experience. Reflect on what happened, what were the triggers that pushed you off track, what were the barriers you faced and then ask yourself what you could do next time to prevent this from happening again. ll experiences provide an opportunity to learn and to practice new behaviours that, once adopted in the long term, will help you achieve and sustain your results.



You’ll notice more information available these days on the kilojoule value of foods. Use this information to make informed choices about what, and how much you eat. This in turn will assist you maintain a healthy weight, which in turn will help

with energy levels, as well as maintaining good health.



As you progress with achieving your Spring eating and exercise goals you’ll benefit from reviewing them and setting yourself new challenges in order to maintain your motivation. For example, if one outdoor walking session a week has become a new healthy habit, further challenge yourself by aiming to do a half day hike in the bush. Another way to maintain motivation, if relevant to you, is through regular health checks with your GP. Seeing your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels improve with your new healthy habits helps maintain motivation by providing regular positive feedback on how your efforts make a real difference to your health. Ultimately, better health can mean you’ll experience a longer and more enjoyable life!

HEALTHY HABITS FOR SPRING INCLUDE ✽ Exercising outdoors ✽ Setting goals that involve family and friends ✽ Get cooking – try one new, healthy recipe a week to increase your repertoire ✽ Carry healthy snacks with you to manage your hunger ✽ Plan to manage set-backs to ensure you stay on track ✽ Read labels and select foods according to your energy needs ✽ Maintain your motivation by setting new goals as new habits are established


We’ve seen in Australia recently is a greater interest in cooking at home. Cooking your own food provides a great sense of satisfaction, as well as greater control over what goes into your food. If you rely on unhealthy takeaways more than twice a week, consider setting yourself a goal of swapping at least one of these meals for a home cooked meal. Cook dishes you love to eat, serve them with plenty of vegetables or salad on the side, and the rewards, and health benefits, will be worth it..




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Keep these recipe cards to bring spring to your kitchen

BAKED RICOTTA INGREDIENTS:  500 grams ricotta  1/2 large leek  50 grams fetta METHOD: 1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Finely chop the leek, then wash well to remove dirt. Heat 1 tbs of oil in a medium sized frying pan on moderate heat. Add the leek and cook until softened but not browned. 2. Combine leek, ricotta, fetta, eggs, salt and mixed herbs in a large bowl. Mix until smooth. 3. Spray a large muffin tin with cooking oil.

1 egg 1/2 tsp salt  1 tsp mixed dry herbs  

Fill the muffin tin with ricotta mix so the mix is level with the top of the tin. Depending on the size of your muffin tin. 4. Bake for 30-40 minutes or until set. Allow to cool before removing from the pan. 5. Serve with sourdough, tomato chutney, chargrilled eggplant and red capsicum. SERVES 6


jamaicablueescape | Spring 2013

INGREDIENTS:  4 continental rolls  2 chicken breasts  2 tomatoes sliced  2 cups rocket


METHOD: 1. Slice each chicken breast in half 2. Coat each chicken portion in 1 tbs of peri peri marinade. 3. Cook each side for 3 minutes on a preheated grill on medium heat or until cooked through. 4. Combine mayonnaise and remaining

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2 avocados sliced 4 tbs mayonnaise  8 tbs peri peri marinade  

marinade 5. Toast roll under grill and top with lettuce, tomato, cooked chicken and avocado. 6. Spoon combined marinade and mayonnaise on top of avocado and place top half of roll on the side. SERVES 4

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INGREDIENTS: 180 gm barramundi fillet (deboned)  250 gm polenta  4 cups water  1 tsp salt  70 gm butter  3 sprigs rosemary  1 cup aioli  12 vine cherry tomatoes  4 tbs vegetable oil  1 lemon zest and juice  Lemon to serve 

METHOD: 1. In a large pan bring the water to the boil. Add butter and salt. Slowly pour in polenta whilst whisking continuously. Turn the heat down to medium and whisk for 3 minutes or until thick. Remove from heat. 2. Line a baking tray with non-stick baking paper. Pour hot polenta into tray and smooth the top with a spatula. Allow to cool to room temperature then cover with plastic wrap. Place in the fridge for a least an hour to set. 3. Remove polenta from the fridge and place on a chopping board. Cut into 3 lengthways, then into 1.5cm strips (to look like a chip). Place in a sealed container and keep refrigerated until needed. 4. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Drizzle cherry tomatoes with olive

oil and roast for 10 minutes. 5. Combine aioli with lemon zest and juice. Set aside. 6. Heat the vegetable oil in a large non-stick frying pan. Add the polenta chips into the pan. Turn the polenta chips to each side so they are golden. Remove from the pan and place on paper towel. Season chips with salt. 7. Heat a small pan on high heat with 1 tsp of olive oil. Add rosemary and fish, skin side down. Season the fish with salt and pepper. Cook skin side down for approximately 3 minutes before turning over with a fish flip. Cook for a further 2-3 minutes depending on the thickness of fish. 8. Serve fish with chips, tomatoes, aioli and a lemon wedge. SERVES 1

VEGETARIAN BREAKFAST 2 cups baby spinach 1 tbs basil pesto  1 large slice sourdough  1 pinch of salt

INGREDIENTS:  60 gm Haloumi cheese  3 medium tomatoes  1/4 cup button mushrooms

METHOD: 1. Lightly spray a medium size frying pan with cooking oil. 2. Cut the mushrooms and tomatoes in half. When the pan is hot, add in the mushrooms and place the tomatoes in skin side up. 3. Sautee the mushrooms until they are golden brown, turning over the tomatoes after they start to brown. Add a pinch of salt to both the mushrooms and tomatoes. 4. Cut the Haloumi into 2 pieces, lengthways. When the

mushrooms and tomatoes are finished, place the haloumi into the pan for 30 seconds on each side or until golden brown. Finally add baby spinach and allow to slight wilt. 5. When all items cooked, lightly toast the sourdough and spread with pesto. Place the spinach onto the sourdough, followed by the mushrooms, tomatoes and finish by arranging the grilled haloumi on top. SERVES 1


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Xi’an Airport Departures Departure Gate H51 Terminal 3


NANTONG BM Tower Store Lobby, 218 Wusong Road Hongkou District Shanghai +86 21 6357 6066 Chevalier Shop 82 Urumuqi Road Shanghai, 200052 +86 21 5404 7610 Corporate Avenue 222 Hubin Road Shanghai, 200052 +86 21 6340 6877 Shanghai KIC 102A Shop,NO,33 Songhu Road, Shanghai

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Zhong Shan Avenue Shop 1616 Zhong Shan Avenue, Wuhan, Hubei, 430010 +86 27 8270 8301

Battuta Mall Tunesian Court Sheikh Zayed Road +971 43685615


Medcare Hospital Garden Medcare Outlet Medcare Hospital Jumeirah +9714 407 9153

Metro Plaza Shop Shop 32, South Lane South Street Metro Plaza The new city, Xi’an Xi’an Airport Arrivals Exit 214 Terminal 3

ABU DHABI Aldar Headquarters Building Unit K2 - CL, HQ Al Raha, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Medcare Orthopaedics and Spine Hospital (MOSH) Matloob Building #3 Ground Floor, Street 9-B, Sheikh Zayed Road, after 2nd interchange, Exit 47

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