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London for Kids Author: Nick Watson

There are a few lucky people who get to bring their families and children to London, while they are there for business. The United Kingdom of Britain, is an ideal and exciting place with the center point at London. While you are engrossed in your meetings and conferences in London, the children will definitely not get bored as London has a wide range of wonderful and exciting places and events to keep them entertained all the time. Following is a list of places that are ideal for children as they are based on entertainment as well as educational platform. If you are supposed to be the only one to look after them and also have a meeting to attend, then there is an angel in disguise for you in the form of the tours that take the children on supervised tours.

The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, Kensington The Natural History Museum is located on the Cromwell Road, Kensington. The most fascinating exhibit in the museum is the dinosaurs, that keep the children engrossed in them and the stories and history related to them. Other than that the museum is filled with ancient artifacts and fossils of almost all creatures known to be on earth,especially those that are now extinct plus the volcanoes and the life like exhibits that are the attractions for children. The mammal's display,includes the humungous model of the blue whale and the famous skeleton of Diplodocus is placed in the Central Hall. The Darwin Centre and the Wildlife Garden, have thousands of specimens that would fascinate you as well as the children. The museum has loads of high-tech, exciting and interactive exhibits all under one roof, where it gives hours of educational information. The building of the museum is one of the most breathtaking buildings, which is amongst the city’s landmarks.

V&A Museum of Childhood V&A Museum of Childhood is located on the Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green. Although it is a Museum solely based on children yet it is very likely that it will awaken the inner child within you. The museum offers delicious food and entertainment that are soley made for children. It is a fascinating place that is enjoyed by children and adults alike. They have on-spot activities for children, hands-on displays and workshops for all ages. The V&A Museum of Childhood, promises hours and hours of pure amusement for your family while you stay busy in your work, business or conferences. The British Museum The British Museum is located on the Great Russell Street in Greater London.The British Museum is famous and a most favorite for children as well as adults, as it has the most unique of exhibits, MUMMIES! The British Museum was established in 1753, and has an amazing collection that varies in ages around over 2 million years of history. Protected and exhibited in the museum are unique treasures from all around the world representing their cultures all under one roof.The museum has a gigantic Great Court and ancient artifacts like the Parthenon sculptures, Rosetta Stone and the Egyptian mummies. Adding to the magnificence of the museum are the several exhibitions that are held, the artifacts that are displayed and the events that are all arranged for the visitors to gain and add on more advance knowledge and understanding of the cultures from their collection. Nick Watson is an independent travel writer, blogger and UK destination expert. He covers all the aspects of London City from City Guide to Lodging and events. To learn more click here.

London for Kids  

There are a few lucky people who get to bring their families and children to London, while they are there for business.

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