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February 2013

Naples United Church of Christ

Photo by Susan Pratt

Blessing of the Pets, January 19, 2013

God is still speaking,

From the Senior Minister Give Yourself a Gift!!! Elsewhere in this edition of the Steeple Lights you will read about the Living Grace Retreat to be held Friday evening and Saturday, March 1 & 2 here at the church. I want to invite you to join me in taking part in this event because it is a gift I am giving myself and recommending to each of you. Last year several of us spent some time with The Rev. Martie McMane, a talented UCC minister from Boulder, Colorado. Martie is a colleague who leads a congregation very much like NUCC. She is a busy pastor of a very large congregation, but she has a special gift that she freely shares.

Dr. Ron Patterson

I always need to repeat it—call me if you need to talk or if there are ways I can support you on your


She has the ability to help others develop and deepen their faith in ways that are non-threatening and deeply nurturing. Her latest book, Living Grace: Spirituality in the Everyday World is a practical workbook based on the wisdom of Jesus and compelling personal stories that are designed to help us toward more fulfilled and grace-filled lives. Each participant in the retreat will receive a copy of her book and an opportunity to grow as a child of God and seeker!

Let me make three special requests. First, for many reasons, we were unable to schedule a Woman’s retreat this year. If you participated in one of those special events in the last few years, this time with Martie McMane will offer the same sort of opportunity for conversation and connection. Second, if you are not “the retreat type” I urge you to lay aside that stereotype and give this event a chance. I have often stayed away from retreats because I thought I would need to bare my soul or somehow share in a way that might make me uncomfortable. Martie has the ability to put those fears to rest and affirm each person as a child of God. Third, this event promises to be one of those life transforming moments that I think we all need as we journey from stress to stress on the way to God knows where. It will be bread for the journey. I know I need it and I suspect you do too! One final thing—if you find the cost daunting—$85.00 for the entire event— which includes snacks, dinner Friday and lunch on Saturday—(we’ll be done by 3:00 pm), thanks to the generosity of one of you, I can offer a few full and a few partial scholarships—so how can you resist? So far this season has been full of blessing upon blessing! First Borg and now Martie McMane! Life at NUCC is blessed and I am so honored to be sharing the journey with you!


With love, Ron

From the Interim Associate Ash Wednesday and Lent Some of you may have asked about the significance of Ash Wednesday (February 13 this year) or even wondered about the origins and meaning of the season of Lent. So here is some information that might help.

Rev. Beverly Duncan

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent in the Christian world. Lent is then the forty days preceding Easter, a time of penitential and prayerful preparation for the great “feast” of Easter. Why forty days? During the third and fourth centuries, following along on fast days already observed (Fridays, and Good-Friday-to-Easter-Sunday in memory of Jesus’ death), more and more churches adopted a full forty-day fast in imitation of Christ, who fasted for forty days in the desert (Luke 4:2). To clarify the form that fasting should take, Pope Gregory decreed (in 604): “We abstain from flesh meat and from all things that come from flesh, as milk, cheese, eggs,” and of course, butter. This was to be observed by all except those who were excused because of ill health. Fasting, sometimes pretty severe, was intended to promote “pure, holy, and spiritual activity.” “Fat Tuesday,” is the day before Ash Wednesday. It was the day to bake and cook and otherwise feast in order to use up the things one couldn’t eat during Lent (eggs, fats, milk, bacon, etc.) It was also the day of carnival celebrations to have one last day of reveling before the season of abstinence began. Mardi Gras is the French for “Fat Tuesday.” On the first day of Lent, ashes (from the previous Palm Sunday palms) are marked on the forehead in the shape of a cross, and are to reinforce the attitude of sorrow and penance and humility. They were imposed by the priest with the words, “Remember…thou art dust, and to dust thou shalt return.” It was a Roman custom brought over from Jewish tradition and is mentioned in both Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. In modern times, some Protestant churches have taken back the observance of Ash Wednesday, though at the time of the Protestant Reformation and the break from the Catholic Church, the use of ashes was discontinued. Even in the Church of England it was gradually neglected. In our use of ashes today we emphasize more a cleansing of the soul and spirit—a “burning away” to make space for newness in our hearts and lives. The harshness of the old original observances has largely disappeared. Please consider joining us in the Sanctuary on Wednesday, February 13th at 5:00 pm for our own Ash Wednesday service of healing.


NUCC Staff Ministers Rev. Dr. Ronald M. Patterson, Senior Minister

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Rev. Beverly Duncan, Interim Associate Minister Rev. Dr. Kathleen Kircher, Stephen Ministry Rev. Luvvy Kovacik, Assistant Minister

February 2013

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Daniel Brower, Facilities Precious Cargo Academy Mary Jo Welch, Director Leanne Badham, Assistant Director


Bargain Box Thrift Store Sandy Goldstein, Manager (239) 262-3802

One Lenten Journey Focus: Compassion Recently, I was in a conversation with a friend who said: “Lent is really early this year and it messes up Valentine’s Day!” “How so?” I asked. He replied: “I always give my wife a box of chocolates.” That brief conversation reminded me of how I thought about Lent years ago. My earliest understandings about Lent entailed “what to give up” for the 40 days of Lent. Oddly, Lent seemed like an alternative to Weight Watchers – cutting back on habits needing to be curbed, abstaining from meat on Fridays, and fasting between meals.

Rev. Dr. Kathleen Kircher

It took me years to switch my attention to “what to gain” from my Lenten journey. Thanks to the writings of spiritually astute sojourners, I gravitated to what I need to do to strengthen my commitment to live as Christ lived, to bring forth more of the qualities that earmark me as a disciple, to act as St. Paul said, “putting on the mind of Jesus.” This year, I want to intentionally cultivate a higher degree of compassion. It’s tough work according to spiritual mentors because compassion goes beyond empathy, which describes the ability to “feel with another.” Compassion includes empathy, but at an extended level. Compassion means concern for others regardless of the attitude they have toward us! Yes, compassion is directed toward the person of another, and not toward their actions, but that still brings challenges. Perhaps like me, your compassion toward those affected by the wrath of Hurricane Sandy and our brothers and sisters in Newtown was palpable. It was startling for me to discover that in addition to the 26 victims in Newtown, my prayers needed to include the other two victims, mother and son, who seldom were mentioned. True compassion includes all 28 victims. My heart, as well as my prayer, needed to expand. In January, when we started our Stephen Ministry training with a robust class of 20 candidates, half from our church, I returned to the centrality of compassion. I knew that their pastoral leanings and strengths would be heightened by our 50 hours of conversation, but what magnetized my attention was motivating them to become compassionate companions for someone dealing with complex, stressful situations. I want to think of them, as I do of myself and all of us, as becoming more focused on being the possibility of the compassionate Christ for another. Compassion does not demand that we meekly accept injustice but rather, like Jesus, take a strong stand toward justice. The bottom line is that the Jesus we hear about in the gospel stories was killed by Roman authorities because he wanted to do something to alleviate the sufferings of the marginalized and oppressed. He understood that the essence of God was “loving kindness.” Perhaps, the practices of abstinence and fasting are entry-level disciplines that groom our spirit to accelerating qualities of the divine mystery called God. May this season of 40 days challenge each of us to become the presence of compassion for ourselves and others, especially those most unlike us or feared by us. ~ Rev. Dr. Kathy Kircher, Interim Coordinator of Stephen Ministry and Adult Educator


Board of Mission and Outreach Vacation Time at Ebenezer! Dear members and friends of Naples United Church of Christ, I want to take this opportunity to express my personal THANKS for all that you have done to make our church a “Mission Driven Church”. The other day I ran across these words, “ENTHUSIASM MAKES ORDINARY PEOPLE EXTRAORDINARY”. Your faith driven enthusiasm truly has made NUCC an EXTRA-ORDINARY INSTRUMENT OF GOD’S LOVE FOR ALL OUR SISTERS AND BROTHERS EVERYWHERE. I hope you reviewed the 2013 Annual Report. On pages 16 – 18 is a listing all our Mission Partners. Each of these organizations offer life transforming services and opportunities to countless children, youth, women, men, families, communities both near and far. Most we’ll never get to meet, but God invites us to know in our hearts “…if you have done it unto one of the least of these, you have done unto me.” Mission and outreach did not start with us; we joined pilgrims of all ages and times in God’s call to love and care and serve. Let me give special thanks to those of you who continually challenge us to “become more today than we were yesterday”: our Pastoral, Music and Family Education leadership and volunteers, those who make the Bargain Box such a great mission by volunteering, donating or shopping, our Women’s Fellowship who offer us the opportunity to be part of the fabric that is NUCC, our Endowment and Grant Committee that is inviting us to look into the future with hope and courage, every Special Gift and Offering that takes us beyond our prayers and of course every Board, every Committee, every group that invites us use our time, our talent and our treasure to the Glory of God. Members and friends of NUCC you are EXTRA-ORDINARY! May God’s Blessings ever flow through your living and give joy to your loving. ~ The Rev Gordon J. Svoboda, BoM&O, Chair


Mama Alda’s Cows, Mozambique, and One Great Hour of Sharing Mama Alda is a 42 year-old wife and mother of 7 children. Her husband works far away in South Africa. He can only return to Mozambique one month a year, so Alda functions as the head of their household. Mama Alda makes her living raising cattle. They provide the family with security during drought or flooding. The cattle supply milk year-long for the children to drink, and can be sold for cash to buy food or other items as needed. Alda was introduced to the Foods Resource Bank project that gave her 5 head of cattle (4 heifers and 1 bull) in 2003. After paying back 5 cattle in 2007, she had 19 cows by the fall of 2010. The program continues because the cattle that are paid back are passed on to new participants. Today, with her 19 cattle, Alda uses 2 pair of oxen to prepare her fields for planting. She also hires the oxen out to others and thereby earns about $1,600 per year. Her vegetables feed her family and she sells any extra for income. Life is much more secure for Mama Alda and her family these days. She is considering selling some of her cows in order to provide better opportunities for her children. One Great Hour of Sharing is pleased to support Foods Resource Bank. Here at Naples UCC we will have the opportunity to support One Great Hour of Sharing on February 17. OGHS works around the world addressing Disaster Relief, Refugee Relief, Agricultural Development, Community Development, Education and Training, Healthcare, Human Rights, Micro Finance, and Clean Water. As we give we are helping change lives!

In Memoriam In October a memorial service at the Second Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, in Norway, Maine, celebrated the life of Roberta Doughty, a past member of this church. Robbie was the founder of the Ebenezer School project. She and her husband were missionaries in Guatemala and Honduras when they learned of the suffering in Honduras after the 1998 hurricane. Robbie watched as Lavinia Ochoa gathered the children wandering the streets, alone and frightened, and used her abandoned home as a teaching place. Robbie came to the Missions Committee of the church and asked for help for these children. Today the school teaches approximately 120 children, grades 1 to 8, provides daily lunches, and has 7 trained teachers instructing the children with warm and loving care. In Robbie’s memory, much-needed children’s chairs have been donated to the school from Naples United Church of Christ. A small plaque in her name will be placed in the school. Thank you, Robbie Doughty.

Volunteer Corner! Let’s make 2013 “THE YEAR OF THE VOLUNTEER”! The most amazing people belong to this church! • • • • • •

Many of you volunteer in our community (and I’m still interested in finding out those places YOU volunteer!) Many of you serve in church leadership roles through our boards and committees! Many serve as Bargain Box volunteers! Or at Precious Cargo! Many of you help on Sunday mornings to insure that the worship services go smoothly – ushers, greeters, choir members, Altar Guild! You have helped with the Bazaar, the Angel Tree, the Mission-One food packaging, the youth program, serving dinners, making prayer shawls! And many have worked behind the scenes as a Stephen Minister, or helping to assemble mailings, helping the home-bound, providing receptions, baking cookies – well, the list goes on and on!

FLASH! We need a couple of people who like to take photographs to be on call (as available) for church activity needs! Is that YOU? There are many VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES at NUCC. When you get involved, you meet some wonderful people as well as provide a much needed service. Please complete an interest form ( you can find one in the pew racks labeled as “Opportunities for Involvement”) or contact me to get more information about areas of need in which you might be interested! ~ Pat McGee, Volunteer Coordinator


Music Event at NUCC was Successful! The National Conference for Sacred Music, which was hosted by our NUCC last week and sponsored by three major national publishers of religious music, was a wonderful success. Our entire campus was busy with worship services to showcase new musical literature, educational seminars for Directors of Music, organists, and other interested persons, as well as music-reading sessions, and displays of music. Keynoters included Dr. Ann Howard Jones, Professor of Music at Boston University and an internationally recognized Director of Music, and Organist Aaron David Miller from St. Paul, MN. He has authored many contemporary musical works for organ and is nationally recognized as a performer. Both provided outstanding leadership and inspiration for the attendees. An organ concert by Aaron David Miller on Thursday evening and a concert by the Festival Chorus on Friday evening which was directed by Dr. Ann Howard Jones, were highlights of the Conference. Of the 55 singers in the Festival Chorus 35 were Conference attendees and 30 were members of our NUCC Sanctuary Choir. Approximately 100 attendees from throughout the United States and Canada participated. Dr. Becky Weese oversaw the event from the opening minutes to the closing each day. Thanks to everyone at NUCC who worked to make this event successful. Especially, thank you to Dr. Weese, Dr. Patterson, Kary Sirken, Susan Melick, and our Facilities staff. ~ Lou Fischer, Chair, Music Committee

$20.00 ~ Admission

Sunday, April 7th ~ 3:00 pm Two Friends, Two Pianos, Four Hands Richard Bosworth and Alden Gatt Wednesday, March 13th ~ 7:00 pm


Purdue University Men’s Glee Club Please join us BEFORE the concert at 5:30 p.m.! Wednesday Night Live Dinner! Hosted by our youth group in collaboration with Carrabbas Italian Grill. Our youth will be selling tickets at $10.00 each. All proceeds from the dinner tickets will help fund our California Mission/ Synod Trip.

Beverly Hall ~ Concert Series 2012 ~ 2013

Special Services and Events! Fat Tuesday at NUCC

$30.00 ~ Admission 7:00 pm

On Tuesday, February 12th at 5 p.m. our youth will be serving a pancake dinner in observance of Fat Tuesday. Please join us – tickets can be purchased for a donation toward the California mission/Synod trip this summer.

Ash Wednesday at NUCC

An Evening of Jazz ~ Glenn and Leelo Basham

On Ash Wednesday, February 13, we have a chance to begin the Lenten Season with quiet prayer and reflection and beautiful choral music. Join us in the sanctuary at 5:00 p.m. for this service, which will include the opportunity for you to receive ashes and private prayer from one of our pastors. In addition, the children will attend their own brief service and receive ashes in the chapel at 5:45.

Ash Wednesday Soup Supper at NUCC In response to Ash Wednesday’s historical traditions of fasting, you are invited to NUCC’s Soup Supper. In the years we have served our Soup Supper following the Ash Wednesday Service, the emphasis has always been placed on the cleansing soup stock, the nourishing vegetables, and the sacred gathering of family and friends at table. The act of serving hot bowls of soup is just as significant: the sharing and the nurturing of mind, body, and soul. Please join us in the Gathering Place following the Ash Wednesday service at 5:00. All are welcome to partake; there is no charge and no need to sign up in advance.

Ecumenical Lenten Soup for the Soul Adam Levin ~ Photo by Jesse Weiner

In addition, we have been blessed with the opportunity to host one of the ecumenical Soup for the Soul Wednesdays here at NUCC. This Wednesday series is sponsored by the Naples Theological Center. People have gathered for the last 15 years each Wednesday in Lent, at 6 different host churches for hot soup and a message by a participating pastor or lay leader. NUCC is hosting on February 27 at 12 noon to 1:00 in McSpadden Hall. Please consider being part of this warm and inspiring tradition. The first one will be on February 20, and we will print the schedule in our weekly Sunday bulletin as time approaches. We are looking for volunteers who love to chop, stir, and serve with joy! Please call Susan Pratt in the church office (261-5469) for more information and to sign up for either or both soup-making prep and serving opportunities.


Women’s Fellowship Come to Women’s Fellowship on Monday, February 4th to hear the 18th Street Band with Jack Tallman (NUCC member) on trombone. The band will present a selection of music that will keep your toes tapping and you humming! It will be a fun trip down Memory Lane with a wonderful band! Bring a favorite dish sandwiches, salad, or dessert to share at 11:30 am. on February 4th in McSpadden Hall. Sign up in the Gathering Place. Bring a guest with you.

Wednesday Nite Live A Drawing Dead thriller evening! Come and join us for a story of thrills and chills, as Mr. Bennett Shelfer talks about his amazing life as a U.S. Air Force and commercial pilot, avid poker player, tennis champion, song writer, and author. He is one of a few pilots to have been hijacked twice in his long career, plus piloting the White House press corps for ten years for two U.S. Presidents. Dinner at 5:45 p.m. will be catered by Russell’s Clambakes, and will feature roast beef and chicken, roasted red potatoes, salad, vegetable and chocolate cake. Bring friends and family for a delightful evening out! Tickets are $15, children no charge, and can be purchased after Sunday services on February 10th and February 17th in the Gathering Place, or in the church office weekdays. For further information, call the church office.

Middlers’ Plus Group Sunday Brunch at Imperial Golf Club February 24th at 12:15 pm (Register by February 15) Registration forms are available in the Middlers’ Plus mailbox. $25 pp, includes a Mimosa or a Bloody Mary (juice, coffee or tea also included) Hosted by Millie Cowgill Questions: Call the church office


Directions: Take Rt 41 N Travel one mile north of Immokalee Rd At traffic light, turn right onto Imperial Golf Course Blvd Continue straight one mile to club house

Palette Pals Palette Pals has an exciting season planned for all interested artists. Our brief monthly meetings are always on the 1st Monday of every month at 11 am and are combined with various special art events. In December, we went to the private studio of internationally known Peruvian artist Nacario Jimenez and his textile-artist wife, Flora. Nacario’s amazing sculpture work (clay created from boiled potato mixed with plaster of paris) is the result of a 3rd generation art form created by the Jesuits as a method of teaching Christianity in the new world. His work can be seen in the Smithsonian, Art Institute of Chicago and other first class museums. Palette Pals had the rare opportunity to have a teaching demo as well as hands-on experience in creating new mini-sculptures in his studio.

Palette Pals with Nacario and Flora Jimenez

In January, Palette Pals had their monthly meeting in the private home/studio of Nancy & Darrel Seibert. Her work is prominently displayed in the church library for all to browse and enjoy. Also in January, Palette Pals hosted a 3-day workshop with nationally known watercolorist, Janet Rogers. It was well attended by Palette Pals from NUCC as well as many participants from the Marco Island Art League. On Monday, February 4 at 11 am, we will go to the contemporary studio of Shirley Kelly for a painting demo and tour. Shirley’s paintings and sculptures are an inspiration to all artists. Following that tour, we will go to the gallery of Joel Shatses to see his amazing sculptures in stone and glass.

Nacario’s work (left) and close up of sculpture (above)

On Friday & Saturday, March 8 & 9, we will have a 2-day workshop presented by Rona Steingart and Louise Freidlander. It will be a mixed media class & promises to be fun and exciting. Cost of $120 includes all materials. For more information and registration, call the church office.

by Janet Rogers Janet Rogers

Janet Rogers Workshop


Youth Christian Education Dear Friends, We have started 2013 with much enthusiasm! Our Palette Pals have begun their art classes with our Junior Disciples; we had our first fund raiser of the year: a “Potato Bake” an event in which we took in over $1000.00 toward our Youth Mission Events and Synod participation; and our first family bowling night of the year where 30 of us gathered to enjoy each other’s company. Events like these make me think about the way in which Jesus spent his last hours on this earth – with his closest friends. This was not an elaborate event – it was a simple meal. In this time, Jesus was able to show his friends how much he cared for them. Jesus knew about the value of spending time with those he cared about and loved. Quality time is a love language that everyone speaks. On this wonderful note: the year has begun with tremendous opportunities to show one another love and support. We look forward in February to serving at St. Matthew’s House; preparing for our Fat Tuesday Pancake Dinner; and Ash Wednesday Family service followed by Soup Dinner in the Gathering Place. We welcome the continued enrichment the Palette Pals provide to our Junior Disciples with their art lessons, and we are so thankful as others in the congregation come forward to share their talents and passions with our children and youth. Please let me know if you would like to share some of your talents with the children and youth. It is a wonderful blessing for them to get to know more of our congregation. As our youth continue to look forward to their mission/Synod trip this summer, keep on your calendar these dates: “FAT TUESDAY” PANCAKE DINNER on Feb. 12 and a CAR WASH Feb. 23rd. I am overwhelmed at the support our youth have received from this congregation. I am privileged to call this my church home. Thank you ever so much. “Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.” —1 Corinthians 13:13 Blessings, Nancy Van Fleet

Save the Dates! Feb 12th, Pancake Dinner and Feb 23rd, Car Wash Please friend us on Facebook!

Youth Ushers on Christmas Eve


Junior Disciples and Palatte Pals Potato Bake Fund raiser Fun Times!

Serving Potatoes Pool Party Christmas Break Get Together

Junior Disciples

Blessing of the Pets

Youth Serving at Cathy’s Reception Family Bowling Night Piggy Back Rides


3 STEWARDSHIP SUNDAY 9:00am Worship Service (S) 10:00am Guest Information Brunch (N104) 10:00am Stephen Ministry Pastoral Care (P) 11:00am Worship Service (S) 12:00pm Stephen Ministry Pastoral Care (P) 12:00pm Guest Information Brunch (N104) 5:00pm Confirmation Class (N101) 6:00pm Youth Group Meeting (N201)


NEW MEMBER SUNDAY 9:00am Worship Service Marcus Borg Preaching (S) 10:00am Stephen Ministry Pastoral Care (P) 11:00am Worship Service Marcus Borg Preaching (S) 12:00pm Stephen Ministry Pastoral Care (P) 12:30pm Tuesday At Twilight Practice (BH) 5:00pm Confirmation Class (N101) 6:00pm Youth Meeting (N201)

17 9:00am 10:00am 11:00am 12:00pm 12:00pm 3:00pm 5:00pm 6:00pm

9:30am 9:30am 11:00am 11:30am 11:30am 2:00pm 5:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm

Monday Morning Workshop (N104) Yoga with Shannon (BH) Palette Pals Meeting (N201) Journey to Discipleship Class (N101) Women’s Fellowship Luncheon 18th Street Band (MH) UCC Class (N101) Baby Basics Diaper Pick-up (WH) VON Practice (S) UCC Class (N101)

9:30am 9:30am 11:30am 2:00pm

Monday Morning Workshop (N104) Yoga with Shannon (MH) Journey to Discipleship Class (N101) Nutrition Myth Busters with Dr. Susan Summerton (N207) 6:30pm NUCC Orientation (N101) 7:00pm Voices of Naples Spring Concert Practice (S)

PRESIDENT’S DAY ~ OFFICE CLOSED 9:30am Monday Morning Workshop (N104) 9:30am Yoga with Shannon (BH) 9:30am Falling Upward with Rev. Kircher (N207) 11:30am Journey to Discipleship Class (N101) 6:00pm Trustees Meeting (N104) 7:00pm VON Practice (S) 7:00pm Italian Cultural Society Play Practice (BH)

25 Worship Service (S) Stephen Ministry Pastoral Care (P) Worship Service (S) Stephen Ministry Pastoral Care (P) Confirmation Class (N101) Youth Group Meeting (N201)

5 9:30am Learning In Retirement (N207)

9:30am Chair Yoga with Shannon (BH) 10:00am Acts Bible Study with Charnley Marsden (N101) 1:00pm Stephen Ministry Training (N207) 1:30pm The Bible Alive with Rev. Bev (N101) 2:00pm “Illuminating Words of Faith” (BH) 3:00pm Prayer Shawl Ministry (P) 6:00pm Yoga with Shannon (Narthex) 6:30pm Board of CE Meeting (N101) 6:30pm Diaconate Meeting (ACR)

119:00am Tuesdays at Twilight Practice (BH) 12 9:30am Learning In Retirement (N207)

18 Worship Service (S) Stephen Ministry Pastoral Care (P) Worship Service (S) Stephen Ministry Pastoral Care (P) Single Senior Lunch (Chrissy’s) VON Spring Concert (S) Confirmation Class (N101) Youth Bowling Night

24 9:00am 10:00am 11:00am 12:00pm 5:00pm 6:00pm

for a Whole World 4 9:30am Ethics with Rev. Kircher (N207)

9:30am Monday Morning Workshop (N104) 9:30am Yoga with Shannon (BH) 9:30am Falling Upward with Rev. Kircher (N207) 11:30am Journey to Discipleship Class (N101) 2:00pm Book Club Meeting (N104) 3:00pm Get Out of Town Travel Event (MH) 7:00pm VON Practice (S)

9:30am Chair Yoga with Shannon (MH) 10:00am Acts Bible Study with Charnley Marsden (N101) 1:00pm Stephen Ministry Training (N207) 1:30pm The Bible Alive with Rev. Bev (N101) 2:00pm “Illuminating Words of Faith” (BH) 3:00pm Precious Cargo Meeting (ACR) 3:00pm Membership & Growth (N104) 3:30pm Venetian Cove Club Meeting (N207) 5:00pm Youth Pancake Dinner (MH) 6:00pm Yoga with Shannon (Narthex) 7:00pm Tuesdays at Twilight - Jazz trio (BH)


9:30am 9:30am 1:00pm 1:00pm 1:30pm 2:00pm 4:00pm 6:00pm 7:00pm

26 9:30am 9:30am 1:00pm 1:30pm 6:00pm 6:30pm 7:00pm

Learning In Retirement (N207) Chair Yoga with Shannon (BH) Stephen Ministry Training (N207) Music Committee Meeting (ACR) The Bible Alive with Rev. Bev (N101) “Illuminating Words of Faith” (BH) Bargain Box Committee Meeting (BB) Yoga with Shannon (Narthex) Life & Treasures in the Heart of India with Drs. Kircher and Vannoy (BH) Learning In Retirement (N207) Chair Yoga with Shannon (BH) Stephen Ministry Training (N207) The Bible Alive with Rev. Bev (N101) Yoga with Shannon (Narthex) Council Meeting (N104) The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan - The Last Shangri-La with Drs. Kircher & Vannoy (BH)

What’s Happening This Month at Naples United Church of Christ




10:00am WNL Meeting (N101) 9:30am 10:00am Disastor Releif Meeting (N104) 9:30am 10:00am Spiritual Issues and the End of Life 10:00am NUCC Clergy (N207) 2:00pm 1:00pm Stephen Ministry (N207) 3:30pm Junior Disciples (N207) 6:00pm 4:00pm Children’s Choir: K-2nd Grade (BH) 4:30pm Children’s Choir: Grades 3-5 (BH) 6:30pm Early Learning Coalition Training (N207) 7:00pm Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal (BH/S) 7:00pm Dr. Patterson’s Borg Book Study (N104)


ASH WEDNESDAY Junior Disciples (N207) Children’s Choir: K-2nd Grade (BH) Children’s Choir: Grades 3-5 (BH) Ash Wednesday Service and Soup Dinner (S/GP/MH/NH) 5:45pm Children’s Ash Wednesday Service (GC) 7:00pm Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal (BH/S)

3:30pm 4:00pm 4:30pm 5:00pm

20 9:00am Writing the Winds of Change with Rev. Dr. George Bell (N207) 3:30pm Junior Disciples (N207) 4:00pm Children’s Choir: K-2nd Grade (BH) 4:30pm Children’s Choir: Grades 3-5 (BH) 5:45pm WNL Dinner (MH) 7:00pm Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal (BH/S)

27 12:00pm 3:30pm 4:00pm 4:30pm 7:00pm 7:00pm

Precious Cargo Chapel (S) Gentle Yoga with Shannon (BH) Commodore Club Meeting (N207) Dr. Patterson’s Class - Dr. Marcus Borg’s book (N104) Yoga Lite and Meditation (N)


VALENTINE’S DAY 9:30am Precious Cargo Chapel (S) 9:30am Gentle Yoga with Shannon (BH) 10:00am Bordeaux Club Condo Association (N207) 6:00pm Yoga Lite and Meditation (N)

9:30am Precious Cargo Chapel (S) 21 9:30am Gentle Yoga with Shannon (BH)

10:00am Women’s Coffee and Conversation (N101) 1:00pm Board of Missions and Outreach Meeting (N101) 4:00pm Goldoni Play Reading by the Italian Cultural Society & Reception (BH/GP) 5:45pm Precious Cargo Staff Meeting (N207) 6:00pm Yoga Lite and Meditation (N) 7:00pm PFLAG Meeting (N104) 7:00pm The Future Church w/Dr. Greg Smith(N101)


Soup for the Soul Lunch (MH) 9:30am Precious Cargo Chapel (S) Junior Disciples (N207) 9:30am Gentle Yoga with Shannon (BH) Children’s Choir: K-2nd Grade (BH) 10:00am Men’s Coffee and Conversation Children’s Choir: Grades 3-5 (BH) (N104) Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal (BH/S) 2:00pm Dr. Patterson’s Book Study Dr. Patterson’s Book Study Diana Butler Bass’s Book (N104) Diana Butler Bass’s Book (N104) 6:00pm Yoga Lite and Meditation (N)


9:30am Perky Patchers (N103)

9:00am Stephen Minister Training (N207/104)



9:30am Perky Patchers (N103) 10:00am Parking Lot Meeting (ACR) 7:00pm Dr. Marcus Borg Lecture “Two Visions of Christianity Today” (S)

9:00am Dr. Marcus Borg Lecture “Two Visions of Christianity Today” “Being Christian in the 21st Century” (S)



9:30am Perky Patchers (N103)

22 9:30am Perky Patchers (N103)

23 9:00 - 11:00 am Youth Car Wash Fund raiser (Portico)

Adult Enrichment Opportunities Yoga

Single Seniors

Shannon Danford, Yoga Instructor Yoga is the practice of stilling the body and quieting the mind in preparation for meditation. While it may sound foreign, meditation is the other half of prayer. Cost: $8 per session or $5.00 per session for chair yoga Dates: Yoga: Monday and Thursdays - 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. and Tuesday and Thursdays - 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Chair Yoga: Tuesdays - 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. Registration: not required, all are welcome

The Single Seniors will meet after the second service on Feb. 17 at Chrissy’s Restaurant on Tamiami Trail. The March 10 lunch will be at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club at 896 Riverpoint Dr. in Naples. Nancy Wyckoff is our host, and a check or $18.55 cash shall be given to her for the buffet lunch. The sign-up sheets are available in the Gathering Place on Sunday or call the church office for reservations.

The Bible Alive!

Rev. Dr. Kathleen Kircher, Stephen Ministry Coordinator & Adult Educator Description: Father Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest and internationally known speaker & author, shares his own aging process in ways that can awaken us, as we grow older, to what he calls the “further journey” into the mystery and beauty of healthy spiritual maturity. Guided by Father Rohr, our discussions will offer ways of thinking about the heartbreaks, disappointments, and first loves of life as stepping stones to the spiritual joys that the second half of life has in store for us. Dates: Mondays (Feb. 18 – Mar. 11) - 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Nelson Hall Rm 207 Cost: $15 per book / available in the church office Registration: not required, all are welcome

Rev. Bev Duncan, Interim Associate Minister In this Bible study we are bringing Scripture alive for us today— seeking God’s leading for us personally and communally in each of 8 passages from the Old and New Testaments. We will use a variety of Bible study “tools” to help us mine and share thoughts on one Scripture passage each session. New Revised Standard Version Bibles and other materials are provided. We meet in Nelson Hall, Room 101. Dates: First Series: Tuesdays, January 8 until February 26, 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. Series Repeated: Wednesdays, March 6 until April 24, 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. Registration: not required; all are welcome

Common End of Life Issues An exploration of the common issues we all face at the end of life: “Spiritual Matters” led by Rev. Dr. Ron Patterson, Senior Minister. No cost, all are welcome. Date: Wednesday, Feb. 6 from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Nelson Hall Rm 207

Nutrition Myth-Busters Dr. Susan Summerton, Nutrition Expert This session explores nutrition claims from news headlines and other popular sources. Do fats make you fat? What’s all the fuss about high fructose corn syrup? Can we just drink milk for our vitamin D intake? Are you tired of the “fishy burps” from fish oil, and, if so what should you do? Bio: Susan earned her Doctorate in Optometry at Nova Southeastern University. She is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and is enrolled in the American Clinical Board of Nutrition Diplomat program, where she serves as ACBN liaison for all optometrists. Dr. Summerton teaches nutrition at Hodges University as an adjunct professor. Date: Monday, Feb. 11 - 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Nelson Hall Rm 207 Cost: N/A Registration: not required, all are welcome


Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life

Life and Treasures in the Heart of India You’re invited, along with your friends, to join Rev. Dr. Kathy Kircher and Dr. Dana Vannoy on Tuesday, February 19, from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. in Beverly Hall for an amazing adventure into northern India. Dana’s spectacular digital image program will transport you to Delhi, Jaipur, Ranthambore National Park (safari), Agra, Khajuraho, and Varanasi. Kathy, the non-photographer, will jump in with her “Cliff Note” commentary on the people, places, history, religions and challenges of India. All are welcome!

Image by Dana Vannoy

Writing the Winds of Change Rev. Dr. George Bell, Retired Presbyterian Pastor Description: Nothing ever remains the same in the wind, in a stream, or in life. Adjustment and growth are a part of the human experience. Writing helps to clarify and objectify what is happening, and making thoughts and feelings for only the writer to read gives an advantage for the writer. It makes the invisible visible! It enables a person to know the self and thus opens the way for understanding another. This workshop focuses on changes in a person’s life that affect the natural maturing process. No cost. Bio: George is a Certified Poetry Therapist and Presbyterian Minister who served in the same parish for thirty-eight years. He was the only minister in a group of counselors who founded the National Association for Poetry Therapy. Date: Wednesday, Feb. 20 - 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Nelson Hall Rm 207 Registration Deadline: Feb. 13

Women’s Coffee and Conversation Rev. Bev Duncan, Interim Associate Minister Women now have their own Coffee and Conversation! We meet at the same time as the men (good for couples), Thursdays (once a month), 10-11:30, in Nelson Hall Room 101. For this month only we will gather on the usual Thursday, February 21, even though the men will meet the next Thursday, due to Dr. Patterson’s unavailability on the 21st. The topic will be “Evolutionary Biology: Is It Nurture or Nature that Makes Us Who We Are As Spiritual and Political Beings?” Please take advantage of the fascinating background articles that are in the church office for you to pick up any time after worship or during the week. Free. Registration not required. All women are welcome!

The Future Church Dr. Greg Smith, Director of Adult Education Description: America is a very religious nation. During the last several decades our nation has experienced significant shifts in religious believing, behaving, and belonging. Based on a realistic appraisal of these trends and other cultural changes, what will the church of the future look like? This presentation explores the ten most likely changes in American Christianity over the next ten years. For more of Greg’s thoughts on matters of faith that matter, visit his blog: No cost, all are welcome. Date: Thursday, Feb. 21 - 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Nelson Hall Rm 101

NUCC Book Club Candy Nordland, Book Club Coordinator Explore a new book each month alongside other book lovers. Each session is led by a different member of the group. We will review our 2012-13 book list, share our favorite summer reads, and gladly welcome any new members. All sessions start at 2:00 p.m in Nelson Hall Rm 104. No cost, all are welcome. Feb. 25: Rules of Civility by Amor Towles. Discussion led by Susan Enlow.

The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan: The Last Shangri-la The travelers are back for a second “show.” On Tuesday, February 26, from 7:00 8:30 p.m. in Beverly Hall, Rev. Dr. Kathy Kircher and Dr. Dana Vannoy will return to share highlights of their recent trip to Bhutan. Join us for a second evening of great photography capturing the winter beauty of Paro, Tiger’s Nest, Punakha and Image by Dana Vannoy Thimphu. Learn more about the people, historic dzongs (fortresses), monasteries and stunning mountain scenery of this little-known part of the world. All are welcome!

What’s Next for the Church? Rev. Dr. Ronald Patterson, Senior Minister Description: What’s next for the Church? Times are changing and the future of organized Christianity is uncertain. Join Dr. Patterson for a discussion of Diana Butler Bass’s cutting edge book: Christianity After Religion—the End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening. No registration, all are welcome. Meeting in Nelson Hall Rm 104. Dates: Wednesdays (Feb. 27 – Mar. 27) - 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. OR Thursdays (Feb. 28 – Mar. 28) - 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Cost: $15 per book / available in the church office

Men’s Coffee and Conversation Rev. Dr. Ronald Patterson, Senior Minister Men are invited to meet for coffee and conversation with Dr. Patterson on topics of current interest. Conversation is often lively, sometimes heated, but always modulated by the intersection of fact, opinion and the insights of the Christian faith. Participants are invited to share lunch together following the meeting. Nelson Hall Rm 104, Thursdays (once a month), 10-11:30 am. The February meeting will be the fourth Thursday, February 28. The topic will be “Evolutionary Biology: Is It Nurture or Nature that Makes Us Who We Are As Spiritual and Political Beings?” Please take advantage of the fascinating background articles that are in the church office for you to pick up any time after worship or during the week. Free. Registration not required. All men are welcome!

Philippians: How to Have Joy Ron Thompson, Seminarian Description: Facing execution, Paul writes one of his most endearing yet challenging letters from a prison cell. He engages the church leaders to have joy in the midst of suffering. We will explore keys to a more joyous Christian life – even in the midst of conflict, strife, and illness – as we study the book of Philippians. No cost, all are welcome. Dates: Tuesdays (Mar. 5 – 26) - 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Nelson Hall Rm 104


Tickets are still available! Tickets are available through the church office.

Friday, Feb. 8 ~ 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. ~ $25 Two Visions of Christianity Today Christians and churches today are deeply divided by two very different visions of Christianity, including ways of seeing the Bible, the Christian tradition, the Christian life, and what it means to be Christian. Dr. Borg’s lecture on these two visions will clarify the differences and seek points of commonality.

Saturday, Feb. 9 ~ 9:00 a.m - 3:00 p.m. ~ $75 Being Christian in the 21st Century Saturday includes three lectures and lunch; the day is all about moving beyond. Dr. Borg’s lectures invite participants to move (1) Beyond Literalism to Reclaim Christian Language, (2) Beyond Christian Convention to Intention and Practice, and (3) Beyond Cultural Convention to Alternative Values and Community.

Friday (Feb. 8) + Saturday (Feb. 9) ~ $90

Two Visions of Christianity Today and Being Christian in the 21st Century

Sunday, Feb. 10 Dr. Borg will preach “What Is Lent?” at the 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. services. No Charge.

Living Grace Retreat with Rev. Martie McMane Rev. Martie McMane, UCC Pastor & Workshop Leader Martie McMane will lead us in a retreat based on her book: Living Grace: Spirituality in the Everyday World. In her book, Martie uses the wisdom of Jesus, passages from the Bible, and compelling stories to offer twelve personal covenants that can lead to a more fulfilling and grace-filled life. If you are a seeker desiring a closer relationship with God; if you are a fellow traveler yearning to have “the life abundant” of which Jesus speaks; if you just sometimes wish you knew how to make life more meaningful and relationships more fulfilling, this retreat will provide you with tools for the journey and offer you spiritual encouragement on the way. Friday March 1 and Saturday March 2 ~ Cost: $85 ~ Registration Deadline: Feb. 24

Living Grace Retreat Registration Form

Friday 5:15 pm - 9:00 pm ~ Dinner Provided Saturday 8:15 am - 3:00 pm ~ Light Breakfast and Box Lunch Provided Questions: Call the church office


If you are attending as a couple please use one Registration form. Name:__________________________________________________________________________ Name:__________________________________________________________________________ Phone:________________________________ Email: __________________________________ Amount Due:___________________________ Cost = $85/person Please pay by check made payable to NUCC and mail to Naples United Church of Christ, 5200 Crayton Road, Naples, FL 34103

Hospital Notes As you all know, one of the most important jobs the ministerial staff has, is to be available for visitation to any and all who are ill or hospitalized. Our congregation is so large, that our ministers have the assistance from a loving group of Stephen Ministers who are assigned a day of the week and are on call to visit as well. NCH and North NCH have a chaplaincy program that allows them to call us if you are hospitalized. But the information they get from Admitting and the ER is only as good as what you, the patient, gives them. If they ask you what church you belong to, you MUST give the entire name of the church “Naples United Church of Christ”. Even if they ask your “denomination”, the United Church of Christ IS a denomination, so your answer would be the same: “Naples United Church of Christ”. Giving the answer: “protestant” will not give them enough information to call us. So PLEASE, PLEASE let them know you are part of our church family. PHYSICIANS REGIONAL HOSPITAL does not have a chaplaincy program. No matter what you tell them, they do not have the staff in place to call us. If you are hospitalized there, the ONLY way we will know is if you or a family member or friend calls us. Upon admittance, when you are asked the question of faith, you are also given a choice of “OPTING OUT.” This will safeguard your right to privacy and no one will be called. You need to understand that “opting out” also means that you are shielded from receiving any and all visitors, cards, flowers, etc. Even if they are there for you, the hospital no longer has the right to bring them to you. It is similar to being “wiped out of the system.” You are there for medical purposes, and no one or nothing will be attending to you from outside the medical staff. If that is what you truly want, we honor those decisions. When we, as the pastoral staff, are told two weeks after the fact that you were hospitalized for 10 days and no one visited, we feel horrible: not only for you, but for the fact that we were not allowed to give to you the attention that is so part of our ministry to give. Your pastors are there for you. You need not to be shy about asking for a visit and a prayer. That is why we are here: for each and every one of our church family and friends! IF you do hear of someone who needs a visit, chances are we have not heard, and we urge you to let us know. Blessings and good health for the new year from the NUCC pastoral staff!


Bargain Box News We are looking forward to another fruitful year at the store. We pray our performance can match 2012’s abundance! The new year always brings new faces and new friends! We had a very successful and rewarding day with our Grace Place event. Our next event will be for The Children’s Advocacy Center on March 9th. Our day’s proceeds will go to the center. We will feature special offers and raffle. We hope you will support us by volunteering, shopping or donating. On a different note ,we would like to share a couple of thank-you notes we recently received from customers. This first was sent to one of our volunteers: “I must tell you that your kindness was a Godsend to me, and it was such a pleasure to meet you. You are a lovely lady and are aglow with God’s loving Spirit. I had a rough morning at home and, as I often do, I came to the Bargain Box as a “therapy” on my break from work. I know your church organization does many wonderful things to help people, but I want to add that just coming into your store does people good. Sandy and all of her volunteers are so friendly and helpful, I always get a “lift” going there and just browsing. The store has a very peaceful, welcoming atmosphere.” The second directed to Sandy: “.... I didn’t want another day to go by without telling you how wonderful the experience was donating to the Bargain Box ...the movers were wonderful, the mattresses that we thought were not going to be used went to three very deserving children ... and we pray that all the items from Mom’s house will go to good homes ... to support the mission of the Bargain Box! Most importantly, thank you for your professionalism, your help, smiles and loving heart as we dismantled Mom’s home. We all know the emotions that are connected with giving up beloved items, but you made the donation painless, and we left knowing that we had done the “right thing” ... thanks, to you and the very well-trained and lovely volunteers who took every item with no judgment but with love and a smile.” We will always do our best to help you! Come shop, volunteer or donate!!! ~ Sandy, Your Bargain Box Manager


Membership and Growth New Members ~ January 13, 2013 Updates

Not pictured: Bill Hyde Joan and Kenneth Wright

In collaboration with our pastoral and lay leaders, the Membership and Growth Committee has expanded the opportunities for members of our congregation and new members to learn more about NUCC

Marian and David Carlyle

Robin Dee

Gail DiMaggio

Lori Hyde

These sessions are called: “NUCC 101” – Who we are…What we do…How we do it”, and are scheduled twice this season: February 11, 2013 and April 8, 2013. They will cover a wide range of topics important to the workings and activities of the church. They will be led by our moderators, along with chairpersons of a number of boards and committees. The number of opportunities to participate in the life of this church and its outreach will be explained in an open discussion. It is our hope that many of you, members, friends, and visitors will take the opportunity to attend one of these sessions. The times will be posted in our weekly bulletins.

BRUNCH, HISTORY, and MEMBERSHIP in the new season Eleanor Doe- Matheson

Joan Prest

Visitor Information Brunch: Feb. 3rd and Mar. 3rd following both services

UCC 101- “Who we are…What we believe” Feb. 4th and Mar. 4th - 2:00pm or 7:00pm

New-Member Sundays: February 10th and March 10th Judith and Dale Simonson

Carolyn Slaats

Linda and Douglas Stather

King and Dee Webster


21st Annual Progressive Dinner What better way to meet new friends and renew old acquaintances? Saturday, March 9th This special occasion is planned for church members and friends to become better acquainted with one another in small groups. Everyone attending will be asked to contribute, either by serving as a host or bringing an appetizer, salad, or dessert.


Social hour hosts will welcome 25-30 guests and begins at 5:30 pm.


Dinner hosts 6-12 guests according to accommodations, and begins at 7:00 pm.


One home will be needed for Dessert Buffet at 9:00 pm.

If you have not previously hosted, please consider opening your home this year. Host homes west of US 41 are most desired, but not required. Sign up in the Gathering Place after Sunday Services.

Get Out of Town Travel Show Where: McSpadden Hall When: Monday, February 25, 2013 from 3-6pm Grand Prizes: Win a 3 Night Vacation for Two at Club Med Win a Weekend at The Breakers Plus lots of Door Prizes!

Companies Attending: Abercrombie & Kent; AMA Waterways; Avalon Waterways; Celebrity Cruises; Central Holidays; Clipper Cruises; Club Med; Globus; Holland America; MSC Cruises; Oceania Cruises; Pacific Delight Tours; Regent Seven Seas Cruises; Royal Caribbean; Silversea Cruises; Tauck Tours; The Breakers; Uniworld; Viking River; Yachts of Seabourn. BIG BONUS!

Up to $500 and more off, per Booking on above select Cruises & Tours, if deposited at our show or within two weeks of our show.

FREE ADMISSION: Please bring a bag, box, or can of dog, cat or people food for Local Animal Rescue Shelters and Harry Chapin Food Bank. No person or animal should be hungry! Exclusive Escorted Tours & Cruises:

Cruise on Celebrity’s new Reflection on April 6; London & Beyond with Theatre Zone June 21, 2013; Puccini Festival with Opera Naples; and Australia & New Zealand with Holland America and Bora Bora Oct. 27, 2013.



Nancy Reyelt, President, Get Out of Town Travel, (This is not an official NUCC event, but will still be a fun event to go to!)

Endowment Committee IRA Charitable Donation Provision Extended A number of our members were watching to see if this highly popular provision that had expired at the end of 2011 would be extended retroactively in the “fiscal cliff ” legislation. Indeed, it was extended in a way that covers both 2012 (complicated) and 2013 (simple). The short time window and complicated elections necessary to reach back retroactively and have this provision apply to 2012 were far too complex to cover in this article. It called for actions in January, before you would have a chance to read this article. We hope those of you following it will have had the chance to talk with your tax advisors and see if it made sense for you.

Preserving Our Future Tax advisors and estate attorneys will point out that IRA assets that end up being subjected to estate taxes can end up being taxed twice resulting in tax costs of 70% or more. You can check with your advisors to see if this might be apply in your situation. Consider this tool as you think about your overall 2013 contribution plans This can be used for any of your current cash donations - to include your 2013 stewardship pledge, current year personal support for mission partners of special importance or any other charities that are your giving priorities.

What is the opportunity?

Although we are covering this tool in an endowment article, isn’t necessarily focused on your endowment giving plans. Some might decide to use it to make an advance on your estate gift to the endowment fund. However, it is still effective to designate a specific amount or a percentage of your IRA to the NUCC Endowment Fund (or specific fund) and let it come to the fund as part of your estate plan, after you have passed on.

Quite simply taxpayers over age 70 ½ can donate up to $100,000 of their individual retirement account assets directly to a charity. This direct donation counts against the taxpayers required withdrawals (that kick in after age 70 1/2).

Your endowment committee is here to help members and friends contemplating an endowment gift. Please call the church office (261-5469) and arrange for us to help you consider how best to make your own gift or future commitment.

Fortunately, the IRA Charitable Donation Provision will be in effect for all of 2013 allowing plenty of time for members to see if it might be of interest to them and discuss it on a more comfortable timetable with their tax advisors.

While the donor can’t take a deduction for this contribution, neither does the gift count as income to him or her. So this (IRA direct to charity) donation can help reduce adjusted gross income and help reduce Part B Medicare premiums and taxes on Social security benefits.

Scholarships Your Gail and Norman Thomson Scholarship Committee is receiving applications for the 2013 scholarships. The scholarships are for any type of education: college, junior college, vocational school or others. They are available to anyone who belongs to a church or synagogue, has financial needs, has graduated from a high school or equivalent and lives in Collier County. Please contact the church office for applications. Applications must be submitted no later than March 4, 2013.


Profiles in Good Age ~ by the Rev. Bev Duncan, Interim Associate Minister

Another in a series of occasional profiles of NUCC members and friends I have been privileged to meet in my ministry. Mickie (Mildred) Tappan Please see printed booklet to read this story.


Book Recommendations “The God I Don’t Believe In” Charting a New Course for Christianity by Gary Wilburn The author leads us on a spiritual journey from the comfort of conventional Christianity into a world of religious inclusiveness where those of all faiths and lifestyles are welcome. This is a wonderful book for any individual who is trying to figure out why they are no longer comfortable with the Christianity of their youth, and are searching for a new way to think, and talk about their faith.

“The Power of Serving Others” by Gary Morsch and Dean Nelson The authors stress three important principles throughout: 1. Everyone has something to give. 2. Most people are willing to give when they see the need and have the opportunity. 3. Everyone can do something for someone right now. This is a book for learning how to serve others right now right where we are in life.

“Emergence Christianity” What It Is Where It’s Going and Why It Matters by Phyllis Tickle The author offers us a dispatch from the field to keep us informed of where Emergence Christianity now stands, where it may be going, and how it is aligning itself with other parts of God’s church. Through her careful study and culture-watching, she invites us to join this investigation and conversation as open-minded explorers rather than fearful opponents.

~ Don Snyder

In Service to Our Country: Please see the printed booklet for this information


February Lectionary Our music and worship resources each Sunday are based on the lectionary readings. The lectionary is a three-year cycle, which takes the reader through all the major themes in the Bible. Use these readings to prepare for Sunday and for your private devotions. February 3rd Jer 1:4-10 Ps 71:1-6 1 Cor 13:1-13 Luke 4:21-30

February 10th Ex 34:29-35 Ps 99 2 Cor 3:12-4:2 Luke 9:28-36 (37-43)

February 17th Deut 26:1-11 Ps 91:1-2, 9-16 Rom 10:8b-13 Luke 4:1-13

February 24th Gen 15:1-12, 17-18 Ps 27 Phil 3:17-4:1 Luke 13:31-35 or Luke 9:28-36 (37-43)

Let Us Build A House Let us build a house where Love can dwell And all can safely live. A place where saints and children tell How the heart learns to forgive. Build it of hopes, dreams and visions; A rock of faith and vault of grace. Here the Love of Christ shall end divisions. All are welcome in this place! Let us build a house where Prophets speak And words are strong and true. Where All God’s Children dare to seek; To dream God’s reign anew. Here the Cross shall stand as a witness And a symbol of God’s Grace. Here as One we claim the Faith of Jesus. All are welcome in this place! Let us build a house where all are Named; Then taught and guided by The Word. Each Believer’s soul treasured and proclaimed In prayers of joy to the Risen Lord. Built it with hope and sounds of laughter, Hymns of praise and songs of Grace. Let His House shout from floor to rafter “Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place.” All are welcome… ALL are welcome… ALL ARE WELCOME IN THIS PLACE. Poem by Marty Haugen Adaptation for Disciple I Bible Study by Norma Peltz


Birthdays and Anniversaries February Birthdays Please see the printed booklet for this information

February Anniversaries Please see the printed booklet for this information


Naples United Church of Christ

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Naples FLA 34103 Permit #15

5200 Crayton Road Naples, FL 34103 (239) 261-5469 O Fax: (239) 261-2475 O email:

Place Label Here

Please Note: Please send address updates to the church office. The next issue will be a single issue for March. March’s Issue Submission Deadline: February 12th

Don’t Forget! Go Green! Go Paperless! Take Steeplelights with you! You can now have Steeplelights sent to your email. Contact the church office (239) 261-5469 if you would like to receive Steeplelights electronically instead of through the mail.

God is still speaking,

NUCC Feb13 Steeplelights  

Newsletter, Naples United Church of Christ

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