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Communications •

Electronic and print communications – Create and send email blasts for events – Create and send print mailings such as newsletters or thank you notes to Alumni that have made donations to the group Social media – @HeyJackNU – Alumni FaceBook Group – Alumni LinkedIn Group

Event Support •

• •

Event planning – Boston and regional areas – Reunions – Networking – Social Coordinate with vendors to approve contracts, purchase tickets, reservations, etc. Create and maintain registration pages for each event Provide staff support while planning and executing events

Fundraising •

Using the special instructions box (see arrow), alumni can designate their annual gift directly to your groups cash account – Alumni donations will not affect the groups SABO funding Directly connect your alumni to the Northeastern online giving page – Via student group website – Email communication – Social media

Relationship Building •

Identify current and past members of student groups allow the group to – Creates networking and mentoring opportunities – Strengthen alumni affinity – Build fundraising network Alumni are more inclined to give back to what they love about Northeastern

Catalyst • Provides an online crowd funding platform for project based fundraising • Allows you to easily showcase your idea and utilize social media to attract donors from your own networks • Allows donors the ability to contribute any amount knowing that the gifts made will go directly to your project • Provides a convenient way to raise funds and get all group members involved in the process

Catalyst Homepage:

How It Works •

Submit an Application: You submit an application outlining your project idea and funding goal. Post a Profile: If selected, we post your project profile to the Catalyst website and set the timer. Promote Your Project: While we spread the word to alumni, you promote your project through your own networks to help drive donors to the site. Collect Your Funds: When time runs out, if you have met your goal, your group receives the funds raised! Share Your Success: You thank the donors, complete your project, and post updates on your progress.

Catalyst Statistics • •

10 Pilot Projects 8 Fully Funded – Successful student groups: • • • • •

Social Enterprise Institute Youth Action Africa Engineers Without Borders NU Baja SAE Net Impact

Total Funds Raised: $22,540



Men’s Club Lacrosse Team

Water For El Carrizalito

Student representative who was a current player, worked with OAR/TNF to engage a core group of former players Together, the group identified over 300 former lacrosse athletes by leveraging their networks Once the information was shared with OAR/TNF, we provided significant resources to the team to communicate to the alums, keeping them engaged and excited. Together they raised over $27,000 from alumni, parents and students to support their efforts.

Engineers Without Borders EWB-NEU believes clean and accessible water is a basic human right for all. They sought support to help us provide water to El Carrizalito, Honduras and succeeded. Their program was fully funded by their efforts through the Catalyst program. Go to the Catalyst Website to view more success stories

Complete the online Student Organization Partnership Application

Application website:

Chelsea Brace

Meaghan Cotter BS ‘09

Associate Director, Young Alumni and Student Participation 617.373.5704

Associate Director, Regional Outreach, Leadership and Affinity Volunteerism 617.373.7283

How Leveraging Your Alumni Community Can Benefit Your Student Organization