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Created and Presented by the African-American Freshman Activities Board as a gift to the Class of 2015. Welcome to Wildcat Country!

The Campus Shuttle

The ‘L’


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Approval Rating

Approval Rating

They  can  be  late  sometimes,  but  they're  super  helpful,  especially   when  you  need  to  get  from  North  Campus  to  South  Campus  or   into  the  city.  –Camielle     I  ride  them  as  much  as  possible.  My  tuition  pays  for  them.  –Dallas       Will  be  your  best  friend  in  the  winter.  Definitely  invest  time   learning  the  schedule.  Keep  the  Davis/Sherman  stop  times  in   your  phone  to  not  take  cabs  back  from  the  keg.  –D-­‐FLo  


You're  a  baby  if  you  can't  walk  from  north  to  south  campus  but  the   shuttle  that  goes  down  to  the  law  school  is  nice,  free,  and  super   close  to  Michigan  Avenue.  –Anonymous    

If  you're  from  the  area  or  become  really   familiar  with  the  area,  the  L  is  no   problem  to  take  alone.  However,  your   first  few  rides  should  be  with  a  few  friends.  Crazier,  funnier  things   tend  to  happen  on  the  L  when  friends  are  around  anyways.     -­‐  Camielle     The  L  is  very  interesting...I  would  always  suggest  to  go  with  a  group   of  people.  Be  warned  there  are  some  weird  people  that  ride  the  L.     The  L  is  a  great  resource,  but  people  who  are  spoiled  will  think   it’s  horrible.  It  ain't  the  fastest,  but  it  might  be  the  cheapest,  and   it  gets  you  from  point  A  to  point  B  on  time  if  you  learn  the   schedules.  –Elena  


Sure  it's  dirty  and  the  people  are  a  little  creepy,  but  it's  the   quickest  and  easiest  way  to  get  to  Chicago  and  the  airports.  

Best  method  to  get  anywhere,  it's  a  small  campus.   It  can  get  tiring  so  shuttles  and  bikes  are  your  best   bet  when  you’re  tired  or  late  to  class.   Great  exercise,  and  you  learn  to  appreciate  how  pretty  the  campus   is.     Don't  walk  at  night  by  yourself!  Call  SafeRide  or  walk  with  a   friend,  but  if  you  must  walk  alone  please  walk  in  well-­‐lit  areas.  

This  takes  you  to  a  different  part  of  the  city.  Using  the  Metra  is   better  if  you're  trying  to  leave  Chicago  via  Union  Station.  For   shopping  and  more  entertainment,  take  the  L.  –Camielle           So  fast,  if  you're  going  downtown  you'll  be  there  in  15  minutes.     –D-­‐Flo     I  don’t  believe  in  $5  train  tickets.  –Dallas      

This  is  the  best  way  to  go  in  September-­‐ November  and  March-­‐June.  Buy  a  good  lock   too.  –Dallas       I  hate  people  on  bikes  because  I  have  had   numerous  near  death  experiences,  but  it   seems  convenient  and  fast.  –Vernon    

  It's  the  fastest  way  to  get  to  class,  but  biking  around  people  on   Sheridan  can  get  really  stressful.     Just  be  careful  with  it  because  they  can  get  stolen.  

I  had  mine  freshman  and  sophomore  year.  It   has  its  perks,  but  $5  gas  isn't  a  good  look.  –Dallas     Very  expensive  and  a  major  hassle  you'll  accumulate  so  much   money  in  tickets.  Permits  are  expensive,  and  there  are  very  few   places  you  can  park.  

Use  them  if  you  have  to  -­‐  they're  usually  on  time  and  simple  to  use.   –Camielle       They  are  cleaner  and  nobody  tries  to  sell  you  anything  on  the   buses  in  Evanston,  so  I  can't  complain.  –Dallas     I  hate  taking  buses.  They  are  so  hard  to  keep  track  of.  Stay  away   unless  you  want  to  end  up  in   Wisconsin.  –Vernon    

They're  rip  offs.  Only  use  them  in  dire  situations.     A  lot  of  people  at  NU  can  afford  to  take  them.  I  am   not  one  of  those  people.  –Dallas     They  can  be  pricey,  but  convenient.  

L ...the people have spoken. Stay AWAY from these classes!

FAB SAYS: Remember, These are just recommendations! You can still take any of these classes and do great. Don’t be discouraged, just informed! J

Think twice before taking these classes! 1. Spanish 220 with Elisa Marti-Lopez Introduction to textual analysis and to topics such as genre, narratology, prosody, and figurative language, aiming to prepare the student to read, discuss, and write analytically in Spanish about literature and culture.

2. SESP 201 with Professor Chung 3. Religion in the Human Experience This course is an introduction to the study of religion in its many facets. Our study will focus on the many dimensions of religious phenomena, such as myth, ritual, scripture, and contemplative practice. Through this study we will discuss what "religion" means for the individual and for society.

4. Plant-People Interactions with Professor Russin 5. Linguistics 250- Sound Patterns in the Human Language Linguistics 250 is an introduction to the sound structure of language. We will learn to describe speech sounds in the three domains of speech: the articulatory domain (how speech sounds are produced in the human vocal tract), the acoustic domain (their form in the acoustic medium), and the perceptual domain (how listeners process the incoming speech signal).

7. Intro to Psychology Unless this is your major or minor STAY AWAY. It is so stressful!!!

- Vernon Smith 8. Astronomy 101 with Professor Smutko It’s not easy like people say it is!

9. Intro to International Relations with Ian Hurd

Do not be fooled by the "fun" professor the first day of class. He will not be fun ever again. Also, the class is more about old theorists than actual current international relations. -Leslie

10. Intro to Math This course explores the beauty and mystery of mathematics through a study of the patterns and properties of the natural numbers. Topics include counting, probability, prime numbers, Euclidean algorithm, and unique factorization.

11. Our Dynamic Planet: Earth and Planetary Science

J ...take these classes!

FAB SAYS: Remember, these are just recommendations, not guaranteed A’s! You still have to put in the work to get the grades you want! J

Sign up for these classes! 1. Intro to Astrology 2. Kaplan Humanities Scholars Economics 3. ENG 277: Intro to Latino Lit (Dr. John Cutler) 4. Intro to Psychology (Professor Finkel) The purpose of this course is to present an overview of the field of psychology. Among the topics we will cover are: perception, memory, thinking and problem solving, motivation, emotion, social influences on behavior, personality, psychological disorders, and the treatment of psychopathology.

5. Sociology 206: Law and Sociology 6. Poli-Sci 301: Ancient and Medieval Political Thought 7. Af-Am Studies 310: Black and Asian relations with Nitasha Sharma

8. Intro to Sociology with Professor Karrie Snyder It's easy, interesting, and informative! - Vernon Smith 9. Intro to Fiction with Professor Jules Law It’s a challenging class but well worth it. The professor is amazing. - Vernon Smith 10. Intro To Latino History Latino 201

If you're not Latino, [this class] teaches you to think and learn for every discipline.

HINMAN Cleanliness Strictness


Social Loudness Would you recommend this dorm to others? Don't live here! It's too small and really anti-social

What do you wish you would’ve known about this dorm before living here? The size of the room


WILLARD Cleanliness Strictness Social Loudness Would you recommend this dorm to others? Willard is a very social dorm. We have a great variety of people that live here, and living in a Res College makes professors that are faculty fellows very accessible. I have lunch with some of Northwestern's senior lecturers at least once a week. They're really fun to talk to and have great stories to tell. I am all about Willard.


ALLISON Cleanliness Strictness


Social Loudness Would you recommend this dorm to others? Alison is an awesome place to live. The rooms are a really great size; it's generally quiet, but really social. You get to know a lot of people who live there. It's right by downtown Evanston, so the El and CVS are 2 minutes away.

What do you wish you would’ve known about this dorm before living here? I wish I had known that the furniture was so plain. There's everything you need, but when compared to other dorms' furniture with lofting beds and nicer desks, it kind of sucks.


ISRC Cleanliness Strictness


Social Loudness

Would you recommend this dorm to others? I recommend this dorm strictly based on location. If you are in Medill or SOC you should live here because you will be right next to all of your classes, which comes in handy if you ever wake up late.


BOBB Cleanliness Strictness


Social Loudness Would you recommend this dorm to others? Bobb is the best place on campus to live, especially since they just renovated it. You'll meet a lot of people and have a lot of good stories to tell.

What do you wish you would’ve known about this dorm before living here? That somebody would tear the exit sign down in my hallway every single Monday night.


ELDER Cleanliness Strictness


Social Loudness Would you recommend this dorm to others? Yes, since it's all freshman, it's really easy to get to know people in the beginning and everyone is going through the same thing.

What do you wish you would’ve known about this dorm before living here? That I should open up instead of being afraid of people and their stereotypes or what they appear to be.


SLIVKA Cleanliness Strictness Social Loudness Would you recommend this dorm to others? I would definitely recommend living in this dorm if you want to experience the fabulous side of living in a suite-style dorm. Slivka is hands-down the best dorm on campus. 1. The people are very friendly 2. The inside looks like you're in a hotel 3. The cleaning staff is friendly 4. It's actually one of the few dorms that you can walk around barefoot in and not get some gross infection 5. Rooms are a nice size and some are very spacious if you keep the beds bunked

What do you wish you would’ve known about this dorm before living here? How expensive it is


PLEX Cleanliness Strictness Social Loudness Would you recommend this dorm to others? Living in Plex is great if you live with your friends.

What do you wish you would’ve known about this dorm before living here? Which rooms the CA lived in. Check the layout online before picking your room. First floor doors are closed between 8pm and 8am; so you have to go to the lobby up to the 2nd floor and back down to get to your hall. 2nd floor is best.


HOBART Cleanliness Strictness


Social Loudness

Would you recommend this dorm to others? I would definitely recommend this dorm. If you want a sorority, homey feel without the stigma or stereotypes, this is the place to be. So much fun and so many amazing people!


FO-HO Cleanliness Strictness


Social Loudness Would you recommend this dorm to others? Yes, because it is a no stress living situation and a great time for your experience on campus.

What do you wish you would’ve known about this dorm before living here? That we only had one CA, major pro Comments:

This is the all m ale dorm in the Fraternity Quads on North Cam pus. One word to describe it: party. Everyone gets along up here and we all are very sociable people who like to party. On the weekend you are guaranteed to hear m usic banging on alm ost every floor and people getting ready to go out for the night.

ROGERS Cleanliness Strictness


Social Loudness Would you recommend this dorm to others? YES, because the rooms are big, very nice, and there’s no CSO. Comments: Great dorm! It’s recently been renovated so everything is new inside. It’s only 40 people.




Cleanliness Strictness Social Loudness

Would you recommend this dorm to others? Bonus #1: No CSO Bonus #2: There's a lounge, a sunroom, and a basement for entertaining or studying space. Bonus #3: You still can have a meal plan if you still don't have the time to make trips to the grocery store. Bonus #4: Though the lack of people is saddening at times, its great that you don't have to deal with a bunch noise and craziness. Bonus #5: Your room may be bigger than one in Slivka/Kemper and you'll pay less.

What do you wish you would’ve known about this dorm before living here? So few people live in this dorm! Not all rooms are created equal! Find a floor plan to know which small rooms to avoid.


Hit  ‘em  with  the  Plex:   Foster-­‐Walker  West  Side   It’s delicious, open almost all day, and never very busy (except on burrito night). Plex’s burritos, pasta, stir fry, and grill are off the chain plus there is always going to be someone you know eating at Plex.

Allison   It’s bright and clean and the lady who swipes cards is a legend. There are tons of options, it’s not too crowded and you always run into people you know.

Sargent   1. Coco works there ;) 2. Blake - he makes the best cheeseburgers 3. Good stir fry 4. Great variety of food 5. They have the BEST french fries 6. Sunday Brunch: It’s delicious. You MUST GO if you’re craving an omelet 7. The workers are very nice. Joyce is the realest and you can give them CDs to play, and the dessert bar is good.

Hinman   Great Cookie Bar and they have long hours. The best food staples and vegetarian options.

  Elder   It’s too far North and doesn’t have a great variety. There aren’t that many options and you see the exact same people every single time.

Hit  ‘em  with  the  Plex:   Foster-­‐Walker  East  Side   There’s not that much to choose from.

FOODS TO STAY AWAY FROM If it looks weird, it tends to taste weird Chips, candy, french fries and ice cream – they will send you straight towards the FRESHMAN 15. Be careful, every dining hall has ice cream; you will be tempted to eat ice cream everyday! Hungarian Goulash Things you’re allergic to and suspicious brown-looking things.

When you’re trying to save meals you should��� Use points or stop eating lol. Scope out all the events that are giving free food and hoard it. Order pizzas with roommates/take sandwiches from the dining halls lol. Bring some Tupperware with you into the dining hall to smuggle some food out with you so it’s like you’re getting two meals for the price of one. Buy cereal and Ramen Noodles. Get your friends to bring you food. Find a friend with an unlimited meal plan!

The Best Place To Eat Off Campus Downtown Evanston (formerly Evmark), created in 1987, provides marketing and management services to the downtown Evanston, Illinois district. - Cached - Similar

Who Throws the Best Parties? Planning a party? I'll teach you how to throw a great party that no one will forget. ... Do they like good conversation? Do they like to drink a lot? - Cached - Similar

The Keg? Good Idea or Bad? The Keg 810 Grove • Evanston, IL 60201. Telephone (847) 869 9987. Hours Mon-Fri: 3 pm- 1 am. Sat: 3 pm- 2 am. Sun: Closed 11 am - 1 am Show map of 810 Grove St, Evanston, IL 60201 - Cached - Similar

The Best Place To Eat Off Campus Joy-Yees Noodle Kitchen: cheap and delicious Asian food. (They Deliver! (847) 733-1900) - Cached - Similar Flat Top Grill: Delicious, healthy, and they give a wildcard discount (enough said). - Cached - Similar Noodles and Company: Their pasta is bomb! Not to expensive and the food heats up well. - Cached - Similar Le Peep: Best Breakfat ever! Plus they give a wildcard discount! - Cached - Similar Dixie Kitchen: Amazing! Delicious creole food. - Cached - Similar Chicken Shack: Self explanatory. - Cached - Similar

The Best Place To Eat Off Campus Mt. Everest: they have a great lunch buffet! Cached - Similar Philly’s Best: they have awesome milkshakes! - Cached - Similar Merle's BBQ: they are amazing!!! It’s a great BBQ place. Every time I go there I get the ITIS and sleep for hours. Get the pulled pork!!! - Cached - Similar Five Guys Burgers and Fries: It's not too expensive where going once a week will break a broke college student's bank. - Cached - Similar Bravo!: Great Italian food. - Cached - Similar Taco Bell: it’s cheap but great! - Cached - Similar Burger King: It’s the cheapest. - Cached - Similar

Who Throws the Best Parties? The NUPEs (Kappa Alpha Psi): Kappa Alpha Psi was founded on the campus of Indiana University on January 5, 1911. The Fraternity's fundamental purpose is achievement. - Cached - Similar ZBT (Zeta Beta Tau): Founded in 1898 as the first Jewish Fraternity in North America. - Cached - Similar House Party: It all depends on what you're looking for in a party. House parties serve their purpose and are fun...until the cops show up :-/ - Cached - Similar ???: first question... who throws parties? - Cached - Similar The Lodge (Chi Psi): Chi Psi Fraternity is the 8th fraternity to be founded in the USA. - Cached - Similar

Who Throws the Best Parties? Anyone: As of right now, the best parties are thrown by, well really it's anybody's game as of right now. The Kappas will throw a good party one weekend, then the Alphas, then the Ques, and sometimes an occasional football party. The way that our Black party scene is set up is that there is usually a good amount of variety when it comes to the party scene. Also, don't forget about Chicago parties which always go hard. - Cached - Similar Sig Ep (Sigma Phi Epsilon): There are over 150 chapters of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Building Balanced Men. - Cached - Similar

The Keg? Good Idea or Bad? Camielle Says: If you don't have many classes on Tuesday, go for it! But watch out for the creepy old men. If you have a lot of classes on Tuesday, maybe not.... lol - Cached - Similar Dallas Says: Good idea, but no more than twice a quarter. Maybe the only place at NU where one-night stands are possible. - Cached - Similar Vernon Says: Never been. I've heard mixed reviews but when I passed it, it looked like a place for old, creepy local men. - Cached - Similar Anonymous Says: The Keg is a good idea if you know what you're getting yourself into. The keg will not play music that you'll hear at a Black House party, they don't cater to that demographic. But it will be packed with lots of tipsy to majority drunk people looking to have a great time. If you go in ready for that, then the Keg can be a great idea. - Cached - Similar

The Keg? Good Idea or Bad? Alexandra Says: The Keg is a good idea if you like to dance. It can be hit or miss, which is why a love of dancing is key to have a good time regardless of crowd and "condition." - Cached - Similar Anonymous Says: You have to try it at least once. Then you can make the decision. - Cached - Similar Anonymous Says: It was never appealing to me, but if you can grab a couple of friends, do it to cross it off the list. - Cached - Similar


p i T l a v i v Sur e h t e z i l Uti e! s u o H k c a l B


al Tip # 2 Journ ey int o Chica go!

d v ic e y o u a t s e b e h t What’s nt at NU? e d u t s y n a e c a n g iv

thwestern r o N r u o Y ! urself . Don't limit yo d no one else n a u o y o t p u experience is going to get t o n ’m I h ay, "O Don't just s f you want I " ! n a m h s e r only a f involved I’m its up to s u p m a c is h pact on t to make an im lved! –Phyllis vo in t e g o t yo u adventurou d n a d e d in m Be open– D a ll a s


hould always s it l o o h c s re for You came he priority. t s ir f r u o y e b

ver grades. o t u o lf e s s your D o n 't s t r e s 't e x p e c t n o d o s l o ig h s c h o T h is is n 't h tudy but S . g in h t y r e on ev t o g e t A 's Vernon have fun! – t n. Study...bu io t a u it s y r t of eve Make the bes it Chicago! is V ! ! N U F er to HAVE . also rememb ang out spot h ly n o r u o y he Keg Don't make t keep your r e v e N ! p l k he A lw a y s s e e y o u r s e lf ! doubts to

d have l u o w u o y g h in What’s one t u could? o y if y l t n e r e d o n e d if f anted to do w I t a h w t F ig u r e d o u e a r l ie r . k side the blac t u o e r o m t Hung ou community.

d ture plans an u f y m d e n n pla I would have t to look at s e b is t I . r bette courses out or during in m / r jo a m r for you your options an idea of ve a h u o y o s arter your fall qu ok. –Vernon lo l il w s r a e y how your 4 a ll so much f m r o d y m in Not stayed lena quarter! –E em and Calc h C d e p p o r D gs! y So many thin and hurting m m e h t g in il a instead of f GPA. Marathon. Done Dance

– D a ll a s

Before you graduate‌ 1. Paint the Rock! 2. Do Dance Marathon 3. Have as much fun as possible 4. Go to a crush party 5. Blow off work and hang with friends! 6. Make goals that’ll take more than 4 years to accomplish 7. Go to Bonfires & BBQs 8. DILLO DAY!

FAB SAYS o. u want to d Do what yo ’s e ls e meone Don’t let so rsonality e dream or p r a t y o u do o h w e l determin fu s s e c c u . Be s re a u o y o h t w bu etermined and stay d n fu e v a to h remember ps u f o ll fu is because life and downs.

, take advantage of Be prepared to work ce sources, and balan all of NU’s many re try n, fu life. Have social and academic importantly, don’t t os m t new things, bu lose all that is you! ats! Welcome new Wildc

Advisor Tip! Study abroad nationally or internationally, secure an internship at least once during your 4 yrs., discover what you're passionate about, be yourself and step outside of your comfort zone.

This is YOUR college experience and everyone’s experience is different. Make the most of the time you have here. Don’t be static! Keep working, keep moving, and keep growing. This is your time, but it won’t last forever.

ea rs o u r y e! f e v ha hom only o r g o t a ke d Yo u r a h to so go be afraid llenge t ' h n c a re Do n d t o t i m e h e s. a s k r u m r is o e Y e self. s it s h e your s long a ft o ta tage n t a is n o v ad s tha Take ortunitie ves to opp themsel r, but eve en t pres now or n must It's g s you you! ll t h i a t h a v in a h t h t wi ! r ! mb e ke y ! reme ANCE is L BA

t take time college bu in rd a h e ride. Work nd enjoy th a x la re st ssful to ju a non-stre ve a h n ca u Yo still get erience and p x e e g e ll co es. good grad

The Class of 2014 African-American Freshman Activities Board (AA-FAB) April Bowman – Advisor Phyllis Dugan – President Deontae Moore – Vice President Vernon Smith – Secretary Rebecca Abara – Treasurer Jacqueline Maize – Historian Samiera Caldwell – Social Chair Geoyia Nightengale – Community Service Chair Jessica Gaddis – Outreach and Activism Chair

A special thanks to everyone who contributed the experiences, tips and stories that fill this book. We truly appreciate you all sharing your knowledge. It’s been an amazing year. Class of 2015, now it’s your turn to do great things. Good Luck!

The Northwestern Burn Book