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Board Members are needed for the KSY2, please submit your CV/Resume via email. THE FOUNDERS:

Franchou (Chouchou) Namegabe Nabintu, a young radio reporter from the Democratic Republic of Congo, honored in March 2009 by the Washington DC- based Vital Voices Global Partnership for bringing the voices of survivors of sexual violence to the air.

The co-founders of KSY2, Karama Sadaka and Monica Young are both writers, poets, anti-abuse activist, survivors of physical abuse and sexual abuse. We launched the Tell Somebody, Anybody Campaign to lend our voices to the quiet crisis traumatizing innocent children. By the end of April, National Child Abuse Prevention Month, we had spoke out via radio, internet radio and newspapers. We are hoping to meet survivors to learn, share, heal and turn our past history of sexual and/or physical abuse, into positive experiences. Nubianations, a nonprofit organization that operates KYS2.

Our motto is clear, no child deserves to be a victim of sexual abuse. No child or adult survivor will be denied services regardless of their race, creed and color. We accept in-kind and monetary donations.



Karama Sadaka Foundation KSY2

Helping the Future Leaders of Tomorrow, Today.

Everyone has a voice to help KSY2 eradicate this silent epidemic .

Karama Sadaka Foundation

Sexual Abuse

Tell Somebody,

Affects Millions of Children


Around the World Annually


To enhance communication in our society, end the shroud of silence, lift the veil of secrecy and eradicate the epidemic of child sexual abuse, one household at a time.

We address this quiet crisis in schools, churches and the community at large, communicating via print media, internet, and the radio to plead for innocent victims.

Millions of children and adults suffer secretly, never report the crime to the proper authorities due to fear, shame and/or unfounded guilt.

In the United States there are over 39 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse but three times more incident occur than are reported to the proper authorities. Did you know child abuse cost 109 billion dollars per year in the US alone?

KSY2 empowers future leaders of tomorrow, today. Survivors turn their bad memories into hope and positivity through support groups. Adult survivors understand awareness, prevention and healing equal growth.

We All Have A Voice !!!

Communication brings youngsters from the darkness into the light. We accept online monetary and in-kind donations by mail, which will catapult this campaign into a 501 (3) (c) organization. Thank you for your generous contribution.


We have an online support group for survivors of emotional, physical and sexual abuse and face to face sessions in Colorado. KSY2 breathes new life into victims through the therapeutic performing arts of dance, spoken word, and the vanishing craft of poetry.

Karama Sadaka Foundation (KSY2  

Awareness, prevention and healing equal growth. We bring awareness to the Colorado community and the World.

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