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RESHAPE Global Reach, Local Service


The shape and nature of retail is changing like never before. Changes include the: • Development of new channels such as on-line and mobile • Rapid growth of international brands • Shoppers moving more and more from the High Street to the Mall • Increasing pace of supply chains as fast fashion becomes the new model • Growing demand for shoppers globally for immersive retail environments • Need for lower cost retail fixtures and fittings as store returns drop


Today, retailers need a new type of support that reflects this new environment. 3

RESHAPE Global Reach, Local Service

A NEW MODEL • RESHAPE looks to bring you the best in global design thinking, and the best in Chinese manufacture, all in one seamless package. • with offices in Switzerland, U.A.E., India, China, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, it gives you global reach. • while ensuring you receive great local service.




RESHAPE is a Swiss based company. It was formed by bringing the skills of two key organizations together: • basXproject, a highly experienced Swiss based company engaged in the planning and realization of retail interiors. • Suntop Group, one of China’s most respected retail fixture factories, located in Xiamen, China.


RESHAPE is made up of • based in Zug Switzerland • operating through Europe and the Middle East • specialists in retail development - from specification, sourcing and prototyping to on-time opening • deliver some of the worlds best shop fitting systems, mannequins, display systems and lighting solutions to its clients • the company have recently completed highly successful projects for clients in Switzerland, Dubai, and Thailand. 6

RESHAPE is made up of - a large scale Chinese factory that focuses on an international standard of quality and service. • Formed in 1999. • Located in Xiamen, Fujian Province in China, it sits at a key global shipping hub into and from China. • Today it employs over 500 people and maintains a factory of over 40,000 square meters. • Clients include:


• Suntop owns 3 key workshops - wood, metal, and assembly. • Suntop’s plant is modern and fully equipped to meet your requriements. • It’s fully certificated - ISO9000, SEDEX, FSC. • Numerical Control Punch

• CNC Bending Machine

• CNC Wood Carving Machine

• 3 kinds of Robot Welding Machine

• Automatic Electroplating Line

• CNC Laser Carving Machine


• Suntop maintains a fully operational R&D facility on-site.

• Suntop has a certificated test room with a 30-people R&D team and full range testing facilities, to ensure high quality production to clients around the world. • Loading Test

• Scratch Resistance Test for Chrome Finish 9

RESHAPE is designed to be flexible to your needs. • with one point of contact for the client. • only the services needed will be used. • with totally transparent costs for all steps in the process.







Billy Leung

Erich Meier mail: Phone +41 41 741 41 05

Add: basXproject GmbH Riedpark 15 CH-6300 Zug Switzerland


mail: Phone +86 592 5903 516

Add: No.175 Tong’an Park, Tong’an Industrial Concentrated Zone, Xiamen, China

• AUSTRALIA - NEW ZEALAND Jonathan Russell

Clarence Chan mail: Phone +91 9769 8840 38 Phone +65 9839 4608


Add: 20 Brooke Road, #10-03 The Palladium Singapore, 429984

mail: Mobile: +86 138 6047 2352

Add: Suite 9 13-21 Nichols St Surry Hills, Sydney NSW 2010, Australia




PROJECTS WORLDWIDE Fila was founded in 1911 in Italy and the brand has over 100 years old. Fila is recognized as the top of international sportswear brand by their adventurous design, elegant style and unique product function.

Suntop is solely responsible for all shops opening for Fila in China since 2008.

• MANUFACTURE: Suntop • AREA: China


PROJECTS WORLDWIDE Anta (China) Co. was founded in 1991 and has become the number 1 integrated sportswear brand in China. ANTA has extensive sale channel networks in China and has more than 8,000 stores.

Since 2007, Suntop become the cooperative partner of Anta. Suntop provides its storefixture, standard setter and also its major supplier, manufactures and updates fixtures & store fitout for 2000 stores per year.

• MANUFACTURE: Suntop - key supplier in China - appointed sole supplier in Italy


PROJECTS WORLDWIDE The collaboration between renowned Japanese fashion designer Mr Yohji Yamamoto and the authentic sports brand adidas has revolutionized the industry,creating a new category in fashion.

• Suntop is the designated supplier of Y3 for its Asia market • Location of Photos Shown: HK Harbour City Store


PROJECTS WORLDWIDE Part of the Billabong Group of Companies Element targeted fashion conscious youth with a strong skateboard culture present within the store.

The design, developed by Prospace looked to reflect the core earthly elements and create a living, breathing atmosphere. The design has subsequently been rolled out to all Element stores with great results.

• DESIGN: Prospace • MANUFACTURE: Suntop • AREA: Australia


PROJECTS WORLDWIDE O’Neill is an American surfboard, surf wear and equipment brand started in 1952 in San Francisco, California. He developed the world’s first wetsuit in California, inspired by U.S. Navy diving suits. As of 2012 the company employed 130 people, and had a 60% market share of wetsuits sold worldwide. Suntop is the supplier of O’Neill since 2013 for Asia, with Prospace acting as project leader.

• MANUFACTURE: Suntop • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Prospace • AREA: Asian Pacific


PROJECTS WORLDWIDE Billabong is one of the world leading board sports brands, specialized in apparel and accessories for surfing, skating, snowboarding and wakeboarding. Billabong is sold globally through the companies own retail network, along with many independent retailers.

Having worked with Billabong for over a decade Prospace welcomed the opportunity to create fresh new look for the brands flagship Sydney Arcade store. Suntop have been a key supplier of Billabong fixtures.

• DESIGN: Prospace • MANUFACTURE: Suntop • AREA: Australia


PROJECTS WORLDWIDE The Apparel Group is a global fashion and lifestyle brand. Today the group caters to thousands of eager shoppers through its 850 & more stores, employing over 8000 multi cultural staff in over 4 continents. In 2013, Apparel group launched R&B. R&B is Apparel Group’s most popular upcoming fashion retailer. Suntop is solely responsible for providing all shop fittings of R&B since 2013.

• PROJECT MANAGEMENT: basXproject • MANUFACTURE: Suntop • AREA: Middle East


PROJECTS WORLDWIDE INTERSPORT International Corporation was founded since 1968 and headquarter is located at Switzerland. It is the multi-brand sport retail management company.

With retail turnover of over EUR 10 billion and more than 5,400 associated retailers in 42 countries, INTERSPORT in the worldwide is leading position in the sporting goods retail market. Intersport is not only the biggest distributor of Adidas and Puma, it is also the main sale channel for Nike.

• Suntop is the designated supplier of Intersport since 2013 for its China market.


PROJECTS WORLDWIDE Septwolves is founded in 1990, annual turnover is over $3 billions and become 1st market share in China jacket section for continuous 13 years. Septwolves devoted oneself to become the pioneer of modern fashion lifestyle.

Suntop became a partner of Septwolves Group since 2009 and participate in the development of its new generation fixture. In 2013 Suntop works with Prospace & SIS to design a new store format for Septwolves’s Subbrand named ‘Septwolves’ Club. This format has now rolled out to over 20 stores.

• DESIGN: Prospace + S.I.S. • MANUFACTURE: Suntop • AREA: China


PROJECTS WORLDWIDE Australia’s leading female footwear retail chain, Tony Bianco focus on a fashion forward approach and looks to bring alive the attitude of High street London and the spirit of Soho NY. It represents the perfect harmony of creative, cultural and on-trend infusions.

Prospace looked to bring the luxury of the materials and the style of the range alive with a simple, striking design. This design was introduced in 2013 and is currently being rolled out to all Tony Bianco stores. This has been manufactured in conjunction with Suntop.

• DESIGN: Prospace • MANUFACTURE: Suntop • AREA: Australia


PROJECTS WORLDWIDE Miranda Kerr’s favourite swimwear brand and a true Australian success story. Formed in the mid 1970’s, Seafolly now exports to over 40 countries and is the market leading brand in Australia. It has stores throughout Australia and in Singapore.

Prospace was asked to deliver a fresh new look to the brand in 2012 and produced a look that brought the product alive and sales climbing. Fixtures and fittings were produced with Suntop Group.

• DESIGN: Prospace • MANUFACTURE: Suntop • AREA: Australia


PROJECTS WORLDWIDE Future Group is India’s first and largest independent homegrown pure-play retail group. Their stores cover around 16 million square feet of retail space and attract around 300 million customers each year.

Starting from2007, Suntop became a designated fixture supplier of Future Group. Suntop is fully responsible for the design of the fixture and provide shop fittings for 7 brands.


PROJECTS WORLDWIDE Jony is a new Chinese kids apparel retail brand, fully manufactured by Suntop with its design partner Prospace & SIS. The store opened in mid December 2012 and is already being praised for its innovative approach to a crowded category.

• DESIGN: Prospace & SIS • MANUFACTURE: Suntop • AREA: Asia



RESHAPE Global Reach, Local Service

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