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Curriculum Vitae

Name. José Eduardo Sánchez Pérez. Birth date and birthplace. 18/10/1987 México D.F., México. Places of residence.

Mexico city, Guadalajara (current), Quebec city (Canada), Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Languages. Spanish Mother tongue. English TOEFL iBT 106 / 120 French 50% German 10% Study in progress Education. 2002-2005 Instituto de Ciencias High School. 2006-2008 Mechatronics Engineering Universidad de Guadalajara. 2009-present Industrial Design, Universidad de Guadalajara. (In course) 2010 Rhino + Grasshopper Workshop Adittional Formation. 2005 Student Exchange to Quebec, Canada. French language studies. 2009 Best semester student award 2009A and 2009B cycles. 2009 First and Second place in the 2009 AMDA National Automotive Design Contest. 2010 Third place in the 2010 AMDA National Automotive Design Contest. 2010 Finalist in the 2010 DIMUEBLE National Furniture Design Contest. 2010 Winner of the 2010 Economic Encouragement for Outstanding Students scolarship. 2011 TOEFL test Accreditation. 2011 Finalist in Designboom´s Renault 4 Ever competition.

Work Experience. 2007 TSR net. México DF (Web Design). 2007 Illustration of the Physics 2 book for the Universidad de Guadalajara High School. 2007-2008 Web design for the 2008 psychiatric congress at 2008-2010 Teleperformance. Bilingual service representative. 2010 - 2011 Product sketching, 3D modelling and Visualization teacher. 2012 Co-founder at Generative Design Technologies. (Platform oriented to the implementation of design, concept and visualization technologies.) Software.

Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper, Tsplines, Keyshot,Vray Adobe Suite Autodesk Inventor, Showcase, Mudbox, Sketchbook pro, Sketchbook Design, Falcon Project, Alias.

Ferrari concept Wacom sketch.

Jamaica flower Wacom sketch.

Light and shadow excercise sketch.

Lamborghini Concept Wacom Sketch

Tezcatlipoca Aztec God Reinterpretation, Wacom Sketch.



José Eduardo Sánchez Pérez UdG, CUAAD, DIN, DI5

Tezcatlipoca: The Smoking Mirror, allpower god of kings, sorcerers and warriors; of night, death, conflict, temptation and change; He gave and took wealth, and was protector of the slaves. Forever Quetzalcóatl’s nemesis in many miths. Often related to the jaguar, the night, the unknown and te darkness.

Quetzalcóatl: The Serpent of Precious Feathers, creator and King of kings, priests and merchants. Associated with Ehecatl as a divine wind. One of the four sons of the first couple. Creator and one of the four suns. God of the morning star and symbol of death and resurection.

Designer’s toy for Kinder chocolate



José Eduardo Sánchez Pérez UdG, CUAAD, DIN, DI5

Huitzilopochtli: supreme god of Tenochtitlan, patronus of war, fire and sun. Aztec guide, king and protector (To whom he decided to call “Mexicas” from that moment on) since their exit from Aztlan. His name means “Left handed Hummingbird” or “Hummingbird from the South”.

Tláloc: The spring maker, Liquor from the earth, big and ancient provider and God of the rain, fertility and thunderbolt. One of the four sons of the first couple (Ometecuhtli y Omecihuatl). Creator and one of the four suns. One of the oldest gods of all Mesoamérica, he had a twin temple next to Huitzilipochtli’s in Tenochtitlan.

Designer’s toy for Kinder chocolate

Equipal in nahuatl means “Seat of kings� and its a mexican culture heritage that has remained unchanged for hundreds of years, is now time to take it to the 21st century.

Measurements in CM

Grasshopper concept exploration

The MOV or Mobility Optimization Vehicle is a basic shaped, single seater, turbo diesel powered little car created to solve the urban mobilization problems. It´s only 1.70 meters long and only .96 meters wide wich makes it ideal for urban traffic. Fun to drive, easy to park, cheap to feed, great to live with.

The Mov+ is the second model of the Mov range, features a turbo diesel engine powering an electric motor, CVT transmission, fully foldable back seats, and room for four people in a package only 20cm longer than the Smart fortwo.

Big TDI V6 at idle powering four in-wheel electric motors, one energy generator, magnetic regenerative braking, a bank of supercapacitors, solar cell roof and advanced aerodynamics make this bus the most environmentaly friendly of them all.


In Wheel HUB electric motors

Solar Cells

Generator V6 Turbo Diesel

Honeybee. Unipersonal, zero emission transport solution with disabled access optimization

Renault 4 Finalist in Designboom´s 2011 Renault 4 ever competition

Citroen DS BiRotor Concept for the Michelin Challenge Design 2012

JosĂŠ Eduardo SĂĄnchez +52 (01) 33 14 10 89 75

José Eduardo Sánchez  

[Complex Geometry] Chief Design Manager