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When it’s all about love

What love do you?

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…February 2009…

what love do you today? could be something with the great heart full of real meanings. i am sitting here after a real tough week, thinking about all things and love. there is the pain from seeing someone we love are in deep pain and facing difficult time. i don't genuinely want to post think like love is not feasible option for me at the moment, or my priorities are all set, but not to the love like last time. precisely it doesn't matter whether it is or not. it's not like they are not important or anything. but it's just doesn't really matter to me anymore. i still believe in love and still want to have a great love of all time.

but love to me today is about doing anyhow, any ways to keep them safe, it is just about loving and giving. their laughs and smiles are mine. i see it.

things for whom you love, doing anything, warm and happy. and it's not about myself. I'll be just happy to see they are happy. will regret if i would not be able to do and

and real love is about being there too may be. you know that i know you need me and i am there for you. and that's about it. love is about being right there, showing how you love them. not every time we can be there, not everyone can make it. but i am glad this time i can be there.

…and i will be there, holding your hands tight. and most importantly i want you to know that i love you and you have me as always. to all the lovers in this february love - nuan

...How love does?‌

Series of connection

Series of communications

…when it’s all about love?…

When you are looking for love. when you find the love. when you are not looking for love. when love finds you. when you love being in love. when love cherishes you when you are in love. when you smile to love, and love smiles to you. when you and love are having a good time. when love is just love.

For awhile.. when you and love find more quietly there are complications and simplifications. When love and love know there are something. When the change is there. When it looks like love doesn’t care enough. When love and you let the the quietness stay. When you and love do not mean to hurt each other.

When love and you hesitate. When you know sometime you don’t like love and you know it could be sign making you not being able to love the “love” like the way the love is. When you don’t agree with love. When you no longer love. When you avoid to confront. When you do not mean to hurt love and when doesn’t mean to hurt you. When love is blue, and you are sad. When you and love decide to space.

when you want to talk to love, but your hand doesn’t even want to touch the phone. When it wasn’t good that you and love don’t really communicate. When it’s actually nothing towards the blue frustration.

when you find that you don’t like love in some parts. When love thinks you may not be right. When you have questions. When love seemed to have no answers. When you have more questions. Then when you and love feel something are really wrong. When you know you like love at the beginning, but later you are not sure. May be when love starts to feel that way too.

when you start thinking of another ideal love. When you let another love in. May be it’s the same when love starts to take another call more seriously. Then you and love think things are not really right. When love and you decide to do nothing when there is a big string pull you and love apart.

so when you and love can talk again. You will find you and love feel better. The situation is better, you feel good and love feels good. But again it doesn’t mean it’s going to be the you and love you love to see. It’s turn out differently. Love and you will not be the same. Things are changed positively. You and love will just feel better and be able to move one. Would it be nice to have another good friend?

And when you look back and do the rewind. You will understand and love will understand ..that… it’s actually all about us. It’s actually all about love. It’s because we love. It’s because we love to have love. We were so happy, having beautiful days with butterflies. Wasn’t it beautiful?

And now if you are ready, Love will find you again. And you will be able to be in love again.. ..When it’s all about love.


…to the two woman we love…


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when it's all about love