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engaging isn’t enough.

we captivate.

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We’re a brand response agency with a noticeable difference... won’t hear us banging on about engagement. We believe that, when it comes to building intimate relationships between brands and people engagement just isn’t enough. We don’t engage, we captivate.

we are the captivation agency.

We create captivating relationships between brands and people. We do this through smart insight, devising intelligent strategies and producing compelling creative. We do this because we know that captivation changes the way people see, experience and interact with brands. Data is at the centre of our universe, but we’re no one-trick-pony, in fact we’re quite the opposite. Our greater understanding of data allows us to successfully integrate traditional communications with online, mobile and social media ensuring we achieve the best possible results. With offices in Cardiff and London, our team of talented and experienced analysts, strategists, developers and creatives work with clients across the UK to deliver regional, national and international campaigns that acquire new customers, retain existing customers and win-back lapsed customers.

It’s all about captivation. Because when you captivate you shift from being just a brand to being the only brand.

we help brands create intimate & intuitive relationships that captivate people.


Data is at the core of developing insight. We use data through every aspect of our approach. We explore what data is available and what data will fuel marketing performance.

customer insight

Identifying your customer segments and understanding their behaviour allows us to deploy more effective strategies that have the power to create captivating relationships.


A well-structured CRM puts captivating response at your fingertips, enabling you to react instantly, automate communications and connect on a one-to-one basis.


Captivation requires creativity. Blending enticing visuals with creative campaigns we develop intuitive and intimate customer relationships.

direct marketing

We build enthralling direct marketing campaigns from the ground up, focusing on campaign objectives, customer insight and the most effective channels.

online marketing

captivating people needs the right balance of talent, experience and skill.

SEO, SMM, UX... Our technical experts look beyond the well-worn acronyms and focus on genuine human interaction within the digital marketplace.


Direct marketing has never been so direct. Mobile media provides the perfect opportunity to deliver personal commincations that are not limited by time or location.


Going viral is no accident. We design campaigns to resonate on a human level, making people want to share their experience with others.


We distill complex messages into simple yet memorable TV advertising, leaving your customers with a clear call to action (and humming your theme tune).


Whether ensuring prime placement or exploiting income from advertising sales, a focused media strategy is essential to maximise results.

we are a team of talented & experienced

analysts, strategists & creatives...

When it comes to planning and creating direct and digital brand communications that have the power to create captivating relationships, it requires knowledge, experience and skill. This is where we thrive. Our team has all of the above and more. Our combined experience allows us to deliver confidently across traditional channels such as mail, inserts and outdoor promotion, as well as taking care of online, mobile, social media and DRTV. Better still, we join the dots inbetween, creating truly captivating brand communications.

paul hewett director

Paul is a heavyweight planner with a deep understanding of the convergence of data, technology and creative. He is responsible for devising the creative strategies that keep our clients ahead of the game. Paul is also vice-chair of the DMA and IDM regional councils.

daniel lewis

catherine thomas

Daniel is passionate about expanding ideas into compelling creative. Merging devotion to detail with big picture engagement he ensures that our creative campaigns truly captivate. Daniel is an award-winning designer with over a decade of industry experience.

Catherine has a background in e-commerce marketing and spends her days analysing online performance and crafting effective online campaigns. She is responsible for keeping us ahead of the regular challenges the online world presents.


digital executive

mike longden

claire turnbull

Mike is a seasoned consumer branding expert. Working with some of the most recognised brands in the UK, Mike helps brands flourish. Mike's experience will be immortalised by the winning phrase "calm down dear".

Claire is not a typical agency suit. With a background in fashion promotion, Claire brings a high level of creativity to account management. Her role ensures that our service is always remarkable.

associate brand director the people that captivate.

account executive

acquisition, retention or win-back… regardless of purpose, our work is always inspired.

If you’re thinking of half measures or ‘that’ll do’, you’ve come to the wrong place. Every project receives our full attention and as a result we are very proud of what we achieve for our clients. Take a look at some of our recent captivating work…

broadband choices


st john wales



brand & drtv

strategy, brand, web, direct mail

brand & web

brand, campaign

direct mail

direct mail ,digital

Our team has worked with the following brands: Great teams all have to head in one direction, but that doesn’t mean we all take the same journey. Our team has a track record of working with some of most recognised brands in the world - experiences we are rightfully proud of. These are just a handful of brands we have worked with in the past:

case study:

northmace & hendon the challenge

the solution

the results

Northmace & Hendon are established designers and manufacturers of hotel products, with a long and celebrated history.

Rather than focusing on simply presenting a series of products we took the customer on a journey, re-introducing the pioneering heritage of Northmace & Hendon and emphasising the importance of guest experience.

The brand positioning was applied to a flagship portfolio, a focused online presence, targeted direct mail and advertising and supporting branded materials.

Northmace & Hendon are considered industry pioneers, having invented a succession of innovative products that subsequently became the industry standard. Despite their rich heritage, and the fact that they supply some of the world’s most prestigious hotels, the perception of Northmace had become ‘just another product company’. This was reflected in a basic product catalogue and unimaginative advertising.

A visual language involving both luxurious and technical patterns representing the brand and product was introduced to define specific concepts, and a series of aspirational images were used to develop a desire to become associated with the Northmace brand.

This resulted in a major shift in brand perception, both internally by Northmace themselves, and by key influencers and hotels in over 110 countries worldwide. By placing themselves in the aspirational bracket, Northmace are now viewed as a brand rather than simply a product company, increasing market share over non-branded products.

case study:

lead wales

the challenge

the solution

the results

Affiliated to both Swansea and Bangor Universities, and supported by the Welsh Government, LEAD Wales is a leadership development programme aimed at owners of small to medium sized businesses based in the convergence areas in Wales.

We put together a cross-channel campaign based on the concept of re-enforcing good leadership decisions, and when to take opportunities as they present themselves.

Importantly, the campaign resulted in increased participation in the regional course in Swansea and, crucially, raised awareness of the importance of leadership among small to medium sized businesses in Swansea and the surrounding regions.

As part of their schedule for attracting delegates a series of cohorts, breakfast seminars introducing the course to potential students were organised. We were required to attract small business owners to attend the cohort, with the ultimate aim of enrolling on the course.

The primary concept was emphasised with quotes from business people who have previously undertaken the course. The campaign involved managing a campaign CRM, a series of emails, a direct mail letter and a poster campaign. We followed the initial channels with a session of telephone calls as a final touchpoint to ensure maximum exposure.

LEAD Wales now intend to advance the cohort acquisition campaign in other convergence areas across Wales, with a more significant awareness campaign supporting it.

the challenge

the solution

the results

A registered charity with around 17,000 members in the UK, the NHS Retirement Fellowship is an organisation aimed at bringing retired NHS staff and their families together to enjoy discounts, activities, make new friends and make the most of their retirement.

We undertook a significant period of campaign planning including data analysis to understand the lifetime value of each member, channel planning and distribution analysis to enable us to interact with every retired NHS employee in the UK and, ultimately, creating a campaign forecast to measure ROI.

As we offered a range of communication options in order to make responding to the campaign more flexible and to maximise engagement, we received responses by phone, email and post.

The fellowship offers two types of membership, both branch and postal, and the Fellowship required that both were targeted in a campaign for attracting new members.

case study:

The analysis enabled us to copywrite and design an appropriately branded trifold leaflet that focused on the benefits of membership along with a range of calls to action.

nhs retirement fellowship

Having managed print production and distribution of over 750,000 leaflets, the campaign generated over 400% ROI, with 7,000 responses resulting in ÂŁ130,000 of revenue.

based in cardiff & london our work is national, it’s global,

but it’s always one-to-one cardiff 5 Schooner Way, Cardiff, CF10 4DZ

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