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Be inspired By the global design and sustainability communities who are leading a new era of retail design. These projects show an exciting new creative age where the twin goals of environmental responsibility and human experience are generating rich new ideas. LED lighting technology is at the heart of this new age and we at Nualight are proud to be part of it.

Enjoy The Nualight Innovation Team

A.R.E. 2013 Grand Prize Longo's Leaside Leaside Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada In keeping with the motto of this family-run market, “a fresh tradition,” specialty fresh service areas the retailer is known for (deli, cheese, meat and seafood, fresh roasted coffee, bakery, etc.) are distributed throughout the floor plan and augmented by new offerings, including a fresh-cut fruit and vegetable bar, coffee roaster and tea bar, chocolatier, and more. Corks, a new craft beer and wine bar, is perched above the store in a loft and provides a view out expansive, clerestory windows. Signage and graphics—stylistically informed by the landmark building’s era—tie into the theme of fresh ideas and family roots. Specialized fixture inserts identify feature categories.

A.R.E. 2013 Outstanding Merit Woolworths Nicolway, SA To create a shopping experience that is both modern and artisanal is this large supermarket’s goal. Energy-efficient lighting and refrigeration systems, as well as natural and sustainable materials including brick, concrete, recycled and sustainable woods, and mild steel, make this the greenest store in the retailer’s chain. To ensure a comfortable shopping experience, aisles are wide with tables and outposting equipment creating “hot spots” throughout the store. Crisp, clear signage directs shoppers through the store.

Progressive Grocer Store Design 2013 Best Sky's the Limit Remodel Fresh St. Market, Toronto Leading Canadian grocer H.Y. Louie tasked KRS with developing a unique brand persona for its new chain of high end fresh groceries. KRS knew this was an opportunity to redefine the cutting edge of grocery when the client came to us saying, "The middle of the road is the road to nowhere." KRS designed the store to resemble an energetic public market in the fresh department, with boutique-within-store destinations like the 13 Bakers, Chop House for meats, Howe Sound Seafood Company and 16th St. Deli. Fresh St. Market is anything but middle of the road. Large and airy, this store's specialty spaces are a food lovers dream come true.

Retail Week 2013 Shortlisted Shanghai First Foodhall, Shanghai, China.

Retail Week 2013 Shortlisted Allgood, Singapore

FITCH developed a new strategy for allgood, singapore that is driven by quality, freshness and flavour. A new name, identity and store design scheme was created. As the name suggests, ‘Allgood’ is designed to provide customers with healthy, mouthwatering products that have been specially sourced to ensure the highest standards of safety and freshness at the best price.

A.R.E. 2013 Grand Prize Pusateri’s Gourmet Store Toronto This Italian imported food emporium provides a modern approach to gourmet food shopping. Clean architectural lines and sophisticated materials guide the design approach, as does the concept of “Food as Fashion.” The textures, colors, and beauty of the food are the center of attraction in this space, with a fashion look expressed through the type of highly reflective surfaces found in high-end retailers.

Euroshop Design Award 2013 Hieber’s Frische Center, Germany The food markets owned by the Hieber family have long been standard setters in German food retailing. The store that opened in Bad Krozingen in October 2011 introduced a new design concept and its unusual architecture, with matte black paintwork and an exterior wall inclined at a conspicuous 15 degrees, offers striking contrasts in the interior as well. The biggest innovation is the creation of merchandise worlds. Although the individual departments contrast in materials, floor coverings and lighting, they still form a harmonious whole.

A.R.E. 2013 Design Awards

Ole' Supermarket MixC, Cheng Hua District, Chengdu, China

A.R.E. 2013 Grand Prize blt* supermarket, Shenzhen Working in more than 34,000 square feet, designers created an extraordinary space targeted at young, time-pressured consumers while keeping a consistent brand and marketing strategy. The result is a crisp and dramatic store that presents merchandise categories in easy-to-find placement with effective layout and simple wayfinding communication. A linear ribbon design motif is translated throughout the store in the architectural facade and interior graphics, and a contemporary and narrow palette of colors and materials keeps the attention on the merchandise.

World Architecture Awards 2013 Loblaws,Toronto

Part of the “10 of the best” series by the LED food retail lighting specialists


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