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Galway Garden Festival in Claregalway Castle Galway Garden Festival.pdf




GALWAY GARDEN FESTIVAL at Claregalway Castle Saturday Programme:


11am: About C.B.M. and Prevention of Blindness. 12 Noon: Dr. Cilian Roden: The Wildflowers of Magh Seola 2pm: Gordon D’Arcy MSc: Drawing Birds for children of all ages (bring pencils and pad) 3.30pm: Klaus Laitenberger: ‘Keeping your Garden Healthy’ followed by book launch ‘Vegetables for the Irish Garden’.








Sunday Programme: 11am: Anna Jeffrey Gibson: ‘Two Hens in Your Garden’ 12 Noon: Prof. David Jeffrey, TCD: ‘Understanding the Burren’ 2pm: Tim Robinson, reading from ‘Connemara, A little Gaelic Kingdom’ 3.30pm: Dr. Matthew Jebb, Botanic Gardens, Dublin : ‘In Praise of Plants’.

The Claregalway Castle will open its gates on the 10th and 11th of July from 11am - 6pm for the First Annual Galway Garden Festival. The event is set to be a great day for all ages with guest speakers including Tim Robinson,writer, cartographer, Dr. Cillian Roden, Gorden D’Arcy, Naturalist and Dr.Matthew Jeb, Botanic Gardens. Children will be treated to lots of activities including puppet shows, archery, pony rides to mention just a few. There will be plenty of food and Live music will also feature including Galway Baytones who are

Live Music incl. The Galway ‘Baytones’, St.Patricks Brass Band, Castlebar Brass Band Claregalway & Others



Shopping Centre Tel: 091 799 754

becoming very popular under the direction of renowned Dee Newell. It is expected that between 30 and 40 specialist nurseries will attend and provide and opportunity for visitors to purchase rare, unusual and special plants at reasonable prices. Entry is €5 in aid of the Christian Blind Missions, Ireland, a charity that works in Ireland and abroad to provide health care and education for people with disabilities such as blindness. For more information and a full schedule of events, visit www. galwaygardenfestival. com

Local flood victims share their stories Declan Tierney

The nightmare scenario of 13 neighbouring houses being submerged under water in the Cregmore area are ones that are still recalled by the owners of the properties who will never forget the traumatic experience. The splendid and imposing houses along one of the county’s most famous rat runs suffered the catastrophic effects of the November flooding – and some residents have not yet moved back in. Motorists who turn off the main Oranmore to Claregalway road and head towards Cregmore will be very familiar with the houses on either side of the road in the villages of Caherlea and Lisheenavalla. They were much admired properties. In the property boom period, they would have commanded prices in excess of half a million euro but once the flood waters took over, their value has diminished significantly. 2

Mary O’Rourke Keenan, her husband Michael and their two children aged 10 and six will never forget November 20 last when they had to be evacuated from their Caherlea home by tractor and trailer. That morning at around 7 a.m. following continuous heavy rain, they noticed that water had come into their living room. Four hours later they were forced to abandon their home as the water levels had come up to around two feet. In those intervening hours, they managed to move some items to the upstairs part of the house but their suite of furniture was already destroyed along with other furniture, kitchen and floors. That day, they had to source rented accommodation like others in the immediate area as the full impact of the flooding was yet to be realised. It was not a case of the floods receding the

following day and the longer the water levels remained, the more damage it was doing to houses in the area.

It was really a case for the civil defence to come into. Thirteen houses in one rural area submerged in water was really a crisis situation. We just did not know what to do or where to go”, Mary explained. But Mary insists that her family are one of the lucky ones in the area because they received their insurance settlement within four months of the floods. They carried out extensive renovations to their home with the insurance cheque and are now back living there.

There are others in a much worse situation than that. Some have not been able to return to their homes yet which is a terrible situation for them to endure”, she said.

insurance quote. Their home insurance is due for renewal shortly and she has been making inquiries but without success.

But the fact that her house flooded has militated against her getting an

She tried two brokers that represent several insurance companies between them

Josette Farrell Editor There is palpable excitement in the area also with the upcoming Garden Festival at Claregalway Castle. This will be held in the Castle grounds on the 10th and the 11th July and all profits from the gate entry will be donated to the Christian Blind Mission (CBM) which is a very worthy charity. For more information visit Dr. Eamon O’Donoghue is the visionary behind the renovation of Claregalway Castle and work has been progressing over the past number of years and will continue for some considerable time yet. It is a wonderful historical feature to have in Claregalway and should prove hugely popular with tourists and residents alike. Read Patrick Tobin’s plans for a Secondary School in Claregalway on page 6. It is vital that a Secondary School is secured as there is a need for one. The Primary School is over crowded and this also needs room to expand. Pre-fabs are an interim measure and cost unnecessary money to maintain.

These images were taken during the floods that devastated Claregalway last November. Above are homes in Caherlea, one of the villages worst affected when the River Clare burst its banks after heavy rain.

and neither have been able to get a quotation for her because of where she lives and what happened last November. She and her neighbours have spearheaded a campaign to try and get the

Government to indemnify them against any flooding claims in the future. Turn to page 4 for another story from local flood victims, who had to evacuate their home last November

It is disturbing to read Declan’s report on the flood victims in Carnmore and Caherlea. The trauma and distress these families have to endure is wrong. Something has to be done to help and the pressure has to be kept on our local councillors to follow it through. The wonderful weather we have been enjoying has its downfall alas! A water shortage is in place and we have been advised to be vigilent in its use. However, get out there and enjoy the sunshine and please take care and use appropriate sun factor. Until next time, Josette


Margaret and Edward Keogh, with their children Dylan (8), Jason (5) and Lauren (1), who are still living in rented accommodation since the floods devastated their home. Photo: Joe O’ Shuaghnessy

Declan Tierney

It is almost seven months since the devastation of the winter flooding forced Margaret Keogh, her husband and three young children out of their Carnmore homes – and they have yet to return. Since then the family have been living in rented accommodation in Oranmore and if they had their choice in the matter, they would never return to a house which has been ruined by the floods. And to compound matters, they are still awaiting their insurance claim to be paid out and because of what has happened, they cannot renew their home insurance policy.


No one will touch us”, explained Margaret who added that their mortgage providers are now querying the fact that there is no insurance on their property. It was on November 19th that their lives changed for the worse. The continuous heavy rains flooded the area surrounding their home, which they purchased just nine years ago, and eventually the waters found their way under the doors of the house. It wasn’t long before their home was under several feet of water and by this stage they had evacuated their property and didn’t have

much of an opportunity to salvage any of their major possessions. Most of their furniture was destroyed in the floods and even sentimental possessions like photographs and videos were all lost as the flood waters rose at an alarming rate.

Our furniture was destroyed, our timber floors were destroyed and we lost nearly everything. It was a terrible experience and one that I never want to experience again.

Our home has suffered a lot of damage. So much so that I really don’t want to move back in there but we have no choice. There is no chance of us being relocated”, Margaret

added. She and her husband Edward and their three children Dylan (8), Jason (5) and Lauren (1) are still in rented accommodation and do not believe that they will be back living in their home this side of Christmas.

It could be another month or two before the insurance claim is settled and then we have to start work renovating the house. We are still paying back a mortgage for a house that is now worth nothing”, she added. To make the situation worse, she cannot even get insurance cover for her house and has been turned away by several insurance companies over the past

couple of months. Her insurance cover expired last January the house remains uninsured since then. Both she and Edward are unemployed and receive some rent supplement from the Department of Social and Family Affairs.

If there was anything good to come from this situation it is the wonderful support and assistance we received from the whole community. They were absolutely wonderful and I cannot thank them enough for the help they gave us in the aftermath of the floods”, Margaret added.

Local resident Seán Flanagan honored by IGA Andrew Cromie, President of the Irish Grassland Association (IGA) last week presented a richly deserved Lifetime Merit Award to Seán Flanagan. He was Honorary Secretary and Treasurer for 30 years of the IGA's 60 year existence, and was a council member for 39 years. The award also recognized his outstanding contribution to grassland research. He was the Honorary Secretary and Treasurer for the IGA from 1969-1999, during which he was ably assisted by his wife Madeleine. The citation revealed that he had served with 32 different Presidents, and organized study tours including visits to Germany, Britain (11 visits), France, the Netherlands and the USA. Seán joined the AFT Sheep Research Centre at Creagh, Co. Mayo in 1960, after he graduated with a B. Agr. Sc. (Hon) from UCD.

Claregalway Tidy Towns Volunteers needed for distribution of flyers at mass times this weekend. Contact any member of the committee if you can help

Claregalway tidy towns committee are pleased to announce that they are busy prepaing for another entry into the competetion for 2010.Work has been taking place over the past few months and the community have gotten together to take part in clean ups in there community and in their own estates.We filled skips pulled weeds planted flower and have done great cleaning throughout the village .We are urging all community groups in the area to come out and help even if it for half an hour when we are doing work in their area.Also at this stage we are urging all members of the community to aid in cleaning up Claregalway and keeping it beautiful and we are asking that all signage be kept to a minimum in the area over the coming months as signage creates a bad impression during judging of the tidy towns competition.

Item number

Action item

Action team


Grass on outside wall of community centre

Padraic, Ronan, Mick



Grass and weeds at school

Jim/Malachy to establish how much Council will do



Entrance to church and parish houses




Briars on footpaths from Cregboy to village

Joe and Bernie



Date opened


Area is outside 60kmph speed limit





Josette to talk to Kathleen or Seán


Gleann Mhuiris (area above estate)

Vincent to talk to Liam

Area is outside 60kmph speed limit



Cut grass at green area next to Telecom Exchange


Grass too heavy for lawn mower - needs to be raked and removed


Josette Farrell 086 391 38 52

Date completed


Stephanie Murphy-Penn 085 825 15 55

presented by JCI Galway in aid of CD’s Helping Hands

Michael Hannon 087 674 43 81

We would like to take this oppertunity to thank everyone that has helped us so far including all local businesses and look forward to working with you all in the future. We will also be holding a church gate collection on the weekend of the 26th and 27th June and support would be greatly appreciated , for more information you can contact Stephanie Murphy Penn Or Mona O' Donoghue Concannonon or any committee member ,we are also on facebook so check us out.

Friday 2nd July from 7pm in the Galway Bay Hotel A truly star-studded occasion! Light buffet & drinks reception, fabulous prizes to be won. Tickets on sale now

Email: Call: 086 071 8054 Visit:


Primary School Secondary School Proposed New Second-Level School

A New Second-Level School for Claregalway Paddy Tobin, Claregalway

The Claregalway area has benefitted from significant population growth in recent years. With this growth has come the need for many services including a very urgent necessity for a second-level school. The need for a school in Claregalway was recognised in a report published by the Department of Education in 2007. The Dept identified the requirement for a 600-pupil school in Claregalway circa 2016. The map above shows the Claregalway area, the location of the current primary and second- level schools, and a possible


location for a new school. It is clear from the map that Claregalway (now a significant population centre) is at the heart of region where children journey outwards to reach secondlevel schools some distance away. There are currently 1100 children enrolled in six primary schools within 3-4 miles of Claregalway. There are five more schools with another 800 children within 5-6 miles of Claregalway. Conservative estimates of progression to a new secondlevel school easily surpass the Dept recommendation of a 600-pupil school.

Unfortunately, with a burgeoning primary school population already at 1900 children, the new school is needed immediately, not in six or seven year’s time. To make matters worse, population pressure in recent years on second-level schools in Oranmore, Athenry and Galway City has edged Claregalway out into almost peripheral status, and many families simply cannot get school places for their children. Some quick-thinking and action is needed to diffuse this current crisis in the availability of schools places. Logically, in order for 600 children and their families to take advantage of a state-ofthe-art new school in 2016, enrolment in an interim

school building should really begin in September 2011. This would grow student numbers year-on-year to 600 by 2016 in line with the Dept recommendation. Already some innovative solutions for interim school accommodation have been proposed, and a September 2011 enrolment would begin to ease the pressure on the surrounding second-level schools. Parents of children in primary schools in the Claregalway area, working with Frank Fahey TD and other public representatives, have already brought a proposal to the Minister for Education. They are seeking the immediate commencement of the new school recognition process and establishment of an interim secondary school in Claregalway next year. The group have conducted extensive research and, with the support of the primary school principals, gathered a substantial number of written endorsements from parents throughout the area. They have also held a very well-attended and successful public meeting to discuss the initiative and raise public awareness. Full support for the initiative has been given by all County Councillors, Senators and TD’s associated with the area. A delegation of parents will be meeting with the Minister for Education in the first week of July to present the case and seek agreement on action.

Dear Parents/Guardians,  The Department of Education published a report in 2007 recommending the building of a new 600 pupil school for  Claregalway circa 2016. Recent pressure on schools in Oranmore, Athenry and Galway has significantly accelerated  the need for the school in Claregalway. In order for 600 children and their families to take advantage of a new school  in 2016, enrolment in an interim school building should really begin in September 2011 to grow student numbers to  600 by 2016. Such a forward‐thinking action would diffuse the current crisis in the availability of schools places.   Parents of children in primary schools in the Claregalway area, working with Frank Fahey TD and other public  representatives, have already brought a proposal to the Minister for Education for the immediate commencement of  the new school recognition process and establishment of an interim secondary school in Claregalway next year. As  part of the initiative, written endorsements are being sought from parents in Claregalway and the surrounding  primary schools who would like to send their children to a secondary school in Claregalway in 2011 and future years.   Written endorsements are critical to establishing demand for the school and, if you are interested in sending your  children to the school, you should complete the form below and return it to your Primary School Principal or deposit  it in the ‘New School Endorsement’ box in Hughes Supermarket, Claregalway. Your form will only be viewed by the  parents committee and by Dept of Education officials, who may decide to contact you to verify the information. No  personal data will be entered to a database or computer system. Over 1900 letters/forms have already been  distributed to parents through the primary schools. This was followed by a very well‐attended and successful public  meeting to discuss the initiative and establish a committee/project team on Thursday 17th June, in the Claregalway  Hotel. Full support for the initiative has been given by all councillors, senators and TD’s associated with the area. A  delegation of parents will be meeting with the Minister for Education in the first week of July to present our case and  seek agreement on action. Support for the initiative from parents and the community is vital and endorsements  should be returned as soon as possible.  Paddy Tobin, Claregalway, 19th June 2010 

Endorsement of Proposal to Establish a Second‐Level School in Claregalway   I/We fully endorse the proposal to establish a Second‐Level School in Claregalway, with first enrolment in September  2011, and would like to send our child/children to this school. 

Parent’s/ Guardian’s information  Name     

Contact Phone No.     



Primary School           

Children’s information   Name            


If the second‐level school is not established in Claregalway our second and third choice schools would be 

2nd Choice  3rd Choice


safe and environmentally friendly alternative to non green weedkillers, this new product leaves no harmful chemicals behind. As an added benefit, the dying root of the weed acts as a wholly natural fertiliser, enriching and nourishing the soil.

The members of The carnmore Ladies Club would like to thank all those who walked with them on Sunday 16th May in their Annual Sponsored Walk in Aid of Diabetes Care West Fund. A big Thank you to all that Sponsored us and helped us to raise €2,210. We are seen here handing over the cheque to Helen Burke of Diabetes Care West.

Our research shows that high market demand exists among both retailers and end consumers for a 100% natural, environmentally friendly weedkiller. Feedback from product trials has been Continued on page 5 ››

Ireland’s fi rst 100% natural weedkiller launched Visit for more information

Irish Organic Weedkiller

Galway company Irish Organic Weedkiller has developed and launched Ireland’s first 100% natural weedkiller. In early 2009, Turloughmore father and business man Oisin Concannon, conscious of the dangers of chemicals to children and pets, was looking for a non-toxic weedkiller in his local hardware stores. He discovered that no 100% natural weedkiller existed in the Irish market and set about developing a natural, Irish made alternative to chemical weedkillers. Following months of research, development and vigorous product testing in 8

OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) accredited laboratories in Europe, Irish Organic Weedkiller was born. Irish Organic Weedkiller is now the only Irish company licensed to manufacture and market organic weedkiller in Ireland and holds licenses to develop 13 organic weed killer products. Irish Organic Weedkiller contains only natural ingredients and is 100% bio-degradable. Extremely fast acting, the product returns the PH of the soil to normal after two days for quick replanting. A

›› excellent, with our product working quicker and more effectively than market leading petroleum based weedkillers.

I also believe that the product’s performance, safety and ease of use, will appeal to farmers and to local authorities for use in public amenity areas said Oisin Concannon, Founder and Managing Director, Irish Organic Weedkiller. Irish Organic Weedkiller products will be available in Concentrate and Readyto-Use formulations from May 2010 in select independent hardware stores, Garden Centres and Woodies DIY throughout Ireland. The product will launch in the UK later this year where it will be distributed by the market leading Vital Earth Garden Centres and Stores. The product was recently shortlisted for the Best New Green Product Award at The Irish Green Awards 2010. The Awards are designed to commend ecofriendly products proven to be as effective as non-green traditional products.

Holiday Healthcare Checklist

Products you might find Other items considered useful in a travel kit include essentials might include the A diarrhoea remedy camera, film, sunglasses, and batteries. such as Arret or

Imodium plus.

Basic principles of a healthy diet

Travel sickness e.g. Stugeron or Sea legs.

With holiday time upon us, a look at a travel kit of first aid essentials and basic remedies which may prove useful. Holidays are a time to have fun and relax but unfortunately illnesses never take a break. The sudden change in routine and unfamiliar surroundings means your body is more prone to gastrointestinal disorders. To minimise risk of infection or discomfort, be aware of the following when on foreign travel, spicy foods, excess alcohol, shellfish, unwashed salads, unpeeled fruits or vegetables, ice cubes made from tap water and tap water.

John Duffy M.P.S.I.

Claregalway Pharmacy is open late An indigestion Monday to Friday remedy e.g. Pepcid AC until 8pm and or Gaviscon. 7pm on a Saturday. Rehydration therapy Tel. 091-799 754 e.g. Dioralyte important for young children

Insect repellent

An antihistamine cream, e.g. Eurax cream,

Painkillers such as Calpol or Nurofen etc.

Protection against the sun, especially when abroad.

Tanning products

Sun block high protection for children and babies

Lip salves.

After sun creams or lotions,

Cold sore treatment e.g. Zovirax cream.

Irish Organic Weedkiller is one of a handful of Irish businesses awarded funding by The Phoenix Fund, the business investment fund developed by Irish entrepreneur Shane Walsh to identify, nurture and grow indigenous start-up businesses with high potential.


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The Hunt Edward Coppinger


Hard rode the Hunt through Cartymore Baying and howling the hounds went before, With steam from their breath trailing behind, As over Knockroe blew an Easterly wind.

He knew every henhouse, pond and hollow Between Coshla, Grange and Lisheenavalla. ‘Twas a glorious sight, a grand Hunting scene, Towards Coolarne woods all verdant and green.

Thirsting for blood, the chase and thrill, Under the Master of Hounds, ‘Bold Pickersgill’, A thundering of hooves made the earth shake By Molly O’Rourke, the Blyths and the Blakes.

This Reynard was cute – he had many tricks And would outsmart they who hunted for kicks; Smarter than them – smarter by far Than the likes of Bowes-Daly, or Major Carr.

Like legendry horses of ancient Greece They jumped stone walls with wings on their feet, Great horsemen they were and famous Hellraisers, The cream of their class – them old Galway Blazers.

Crafty he was hiding under a Stack And when they had passed, fast doubled back, Twisting and turning through Haggard and garden Well did he know every inch of Coolarne!

Their panting Beagles loudly gave tongue As from the Huntmaster a “Tally ho” rung; The pack ‘Whipper in’ won’t let them stray Seeking the scent around Calereenlea.

He reached his ‘Bolt hole’ bizarre and strange High in the sky at the castle of Grange, Clawing himself up between ivy and stone, Through a sanitary shaft that nobody had known.

They have risen a fox, he’s running for life The villainous creature away in full flight! Again shrills the horn “Fox in sight” A chilling sound that filled him with fright.

On top of the greenery thirty feet high Watched in amusement his tormentors go by, The Blazers dashed past all still hell bent, But at Grange Castle at last lost his scent.

The great hunting Blazers all wanted him dead, The denizens of Lackagh had a price on his head, Galloping full chase – headlong their rush All wanting his blood, his hide and his brush.

Off in the distance near the Clare’s flow, The dispersing call saying ‘homeward we go’; Safe and snug it was where the ivy did creep And Reynard just yawned and went off to sleep!

The quarry of the ‘meet’ was a fox of renown Oh beautiful he was so handsome and brown, His eyes were the colour of liquid gold, He was cunning and clever as he was bold.

Some people say when the moon is down low And cold is the wind from over Knockroe, Strange hoof-beats are heard across the night sky, ‘Tis them old Galway Blazers fox hunting on high!

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            



           


  

   


                        

                   


    


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Mac GRUBER REVIEW Christopher Carton, Gortatleva

U-14A Boys Win County League Final Claregalway defeated Mountbellew-Moylough in the County League U14A final last friday evening. Mountbellew-Moylough led by two points at half time playing with a strong breeze with Ryan Manning and Mark Rohan putting over points for Claregalway to leave the half time score four points to two.

Director: Jorma Taccone Starring: Will Forte, Kristen Wiig, Ryan Phillipe, Val Kilmer

assemble a team to try and stop him. What follows is a very strange rollercoaster ride of jokes that had me clutching my stomach with laughter.

Rating: 16

Granted, the often infantile

MacGruber is the bigscreen debut of the popular Saturday Night Live character. Will Forte brings this ridiculous action hero to the mainstream with a frankly hilarious movie. Leave your brain at the door and be prepared for copious amounts of laughter. Helmed and co-written by ‘The Lonely Island’ member Jorma Taccone, MacGruber will either make you laugh uncontrollably or shrug and grimace and just not get it. The story follows the enigmatic legend MacGruber, who has served in an impossible amount of wars and conflicts and is known for his deadly throat rippings. When the man who killed his wife, the aptly named Dieter Von Cunth, takes control of a deadly X-5 nuclear warhead, it’s up to MacGruber to




humour isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a fan of unnecessary repetition of jokes which for some reason get funnier each time they happen, then you know what to expect. Forte tears the screen up as MacGruber. His cheesy dialogue and even cheesier acting really gives the feel of an 80’s drama like MacGuyver. This man really believes in his own abilities, to the point where he keeps track of the amount of throats he rips when fighting the bad guys. He proves to be a very enjoyable and ludicrously self-centred hero for the audience to follow. The supporters like Kristen Wiig and Ryan Phillipe

serve their roles well, with Wiig’s character being the pawn in several terrible plans to infiltrate Cunth’s strongholds. Much like Tom Cruise’s Les Grossman in ‘Tropic Thunder’, I think people will look at Val Kilmer in a different way after his portrayal of Dieter Von Cunth. Kilmer clearly loves the role of the overly evil villain, and his back and forths with Forte are priceless. While sure to be a polarising film, I loved MacGruber. Others in the cinema chuckled occasionally, while my group of friends could hardly stop laughing, so take from that what you will. I dislike the thought that you are of a lesser intelligence if you find a film like this funny, so take no heed of people who think that. Plus, if you don’t like nonsensical and random humour or films that are just flat out funny with no hidden meaning or artistic merit, why on earth would you go and see MacGruber?

Playing with the breeze in the second half and our attack getting a good supply of ball. Andrew Connolly scored a goal to give Claregalway the lead for the first time. Then Kevin Ruane hit the back of the net with points from Ryan Manning Conor Shaughnessy Sean Lenane and Andrew Connolly. Final score Claregalway 2-8 Mountbellew-Moylough 1-4. The team did very well in the first half only conceeding four points playing against the breeze with Liam Egan bringing off a brilliant save

from Colm Manning just before half time. The full back line of Sean Loftus, Keith Herwood and Padraic Kearney did a great job on the Mountbellew-Moylough fast full forard line with our half backs Peter O' Connor, Jamie Holland and Paddy Griffin and midfielders Sean Lenane and Chris Carroll doing a lot of the hard work. Our attack of Conor Shaughnessy, Ryan Manning, Andrew Connolly, Mark Rohan, Richard Doyle, Kyle Concannon and Kevin Ruane also did very well in the second half. The subs also played their part when introduced including Kevin Ruane, Damien Dolan, Eoin Whelan, Darragh Nash, Raymond Heneghan, Paul Maher, Eoin Concannon and Killian Byrne.

Below: Tadhg O' Conghaile, Chairman Colaiste Peil na nÓg presents the cup to Ryan Manning, Captain of Claregalway team. Below Right: The U-14 Boys County football final Team, who played in Tuam stadium on Friday 11th June

Statik 4.0 left the judges of an An Taisce song competition ecstatic when they took top prize with their song Real to Me. The competition was run by An Taisce as part of a national GreenSchools Travel Competition. Entrants had to write a song, poem or short story promoting the use of alternative modes of travel to using the car, such as cycling, walking etc. The band members, tomas O’Dwyer, Jordan Connolly, Tomas Coyle and Cian McAndrew are all 12 and in sixth class, Claregalway N.S. They wrote the winning song themselves and recorded it at The Forge Studio, New Road. The teacher coordinating the Green Schools Project in Claregalway is Ms. Maggie Walsh. The school has been heavily involved with An Taisce in the Green-Schools project for a number of years, and the ethos of the school is very supportive of the Green-Schools. The song came joint first place in the Senior National Schools category and the prizes were presented by the Minister of State for Planning, Sustainable Transport and Horticulture, Ciaran Cuffe at an awards cereemony held on May 28th at the An Taisce premises at Tailor’s Hall, Black Lane, Dublin 8. The prizes consisted of a bicycle and safety equipment for each of the winners, and a cash prize of €750 for the school. Members: Tomás O’Dwyer (rhythm guitar), Jordan Connolly (lead guitar), Tomás Coyle (lead singer) and Cian McAndrew (drums) with Saw Doctor Davy Carton.


Real charity begins at home Nuala Nolan In these times of recession people are trying to hold on to their money as best as they can. At the same time Irish people are as generous as ever but do they deserve to be harassed every day by phone or on the city streets by charities as they go about their daily business? Nowadays Charity is big business and the various charities compete with each other to get well known Celebrities on board. There is nothing wrong with this if the charity involved does “what it says on the tin”. Most large Charities are national but not all national charities cater for the nation. Some would give the impression that Dublin is Ireland. They collect nationally but only provide full services within the greater Dublin area. Even in the years of the Celtic Tiger Boom the growth of charities was unbelievable. It is now a big business that need more scrutiny. Large charities collecting over €150,000 should have to publish pubicly their annual expenditure. We should know who gets what etc., and what percentage of the money collected is used to fund TV advertising,


chief executives salaries and office staff. We should know what funding they get from the Lotto, Local Authorities and Government Agencies like HSE to carry out services.  Calling such charities NGO’s (Non Government Organisations) is confusing. Should they not be registered as Lobby Groups as they have more influence over Government decisions than your average elected TD of City Councillor. At present small local voluntary groups like sports clubs, residents associations and real volunteer services are short of funds. They have to compete with charities who can bring in bus loads of people while they only get one weekend in the year to do a street collection. Some national professional street collectors are rude and pushy following shy people till they are too embarrassed to walk away. More times than not they know very little about the charity they are collecting for or exaggerate the works it does. Real charity begins at home and small volunteer charities should be given priority on our streets when fundraising.

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Senior Citizen Outing

Pictured above are 6th class Graduates of Claregalway Educate Together National School Nada, Colm, Cian and Aidan. Every year Claregalway Educate Together N.S. holds a graduation for all of our sixth class pupils. This year’s graduation was held in the hall in the S.M.A. House on June 21st. This was the first graduation held in the S.M.A. House next to our school because of space issues in our school (so many people were coming that they were falling out of the prefab!) Loads of people were there, including some of the Fathers from the S.M.A., local councillors and politicians and our neighbours. Everyone had a great time. Guests were entertained by two dances performed by 3rd – 6th classes. Our principal ,Terri Claffey, and Bern Butler, chairperson of the Board of Management, each gave speeches about the sixth class pupils. After that, the sixth class got up on stage and each gave a small speech of their own, mentioning their favourite memories, their hopes and dreams for the future and some advice for the younger students. Each student had a decorated shoebox filled with some memories that they also spoke about. The sixth class made a movie with Terri and this was shown to everybody in the hall. There were refreshments after (including a delicious cake especially made for the sixth class!) and a free raffle. Another great night for CETNS!

Carnmore Castles & Slides

C sid astle s es lid com e& e rai with nc ove r

Want to keep the kids amused for a day? Birthdays, christenings, communions, confirmations, bbq’s..etc

Giant slides also available Contact Ronnie on 087 18

929 94 95

This year’s annual outing for the senior citizens of Carnmore/Claregalway took place on Saturday May 29th. The day started with morning tea break in the Shannon Oaks Hotel in Portumna. We had lunch and a walk around in Nenagh. On the return trip we attended mass in Kilrickle church and then on to O Dea’s in Loughrea for tea and sandwiches. The weather was beautiful and a good day was had by all. Monday nights at the meeting room with cards and bingo at 8 p.m. will continue for the summer and we would like to welcome new members. A free bus service is available to and from the meeting room. The get together is from 8p.m. to 10 p.m.

Don’t forget to check out our website, which we update almost daily with local news and events If you have any submissions, you can email them to

Perfect for busy mums



Eminence Organic Skincare / Facials Vani-T Organic Spray Tan Tinting, Waxing, Make Up Holistic Massage Pedicures, Manicures    Call Ailbhe on Opening Hours 087 311 3109 Mon-Sun 10am-9pm

May Special Offers

• • • • • •

FREE Eye Lash Tint with File/Polish FREE File/French (fingers) with Pedicure FREE Upper Back Massage with any Facial FREE Under Arm Wax with Full Leg Wax FREE Eye lashes with Make Up FREE Eye lash Tint with Spray Tan

Confirmation/Communion Offer Treat your little lady on her Special Day with a File/Polish with Nail art all fo and for mum - Full Body €40 r Vani T spray tan, File/French polish

Phone Ailbhe: 087 311 3109 Free file and french polish with this copy of Nuacht Chlair. Offer applies until the end of May

Join us on Facebook for more monthly offers


Fea Clare turing th ga e Novic lw ay Hote e Cha l se

Live Music

Galway Mile Handicap First Race 5:10pm | Last Race 8:40pm

What’s On

Bus departs 4:00pm, 4:30pm & 5:00pm Bus returns 8:50pm & 9:20pm

Live viewing of all the Races on one of our many Plasma televisions.

Race Link

Live viewing of all the Races on one of our many Plasma televisions.

Weightless Astronauts

Bus departs 1:30pm, 2:00pm & 2:30pm Bus returns 7:20pm, 7:50pm & 8:10pm


Live Music What’s On

Galway’s Best Hotels Race Day First Race 5:10pm Last Race 8:40pm


Race Link

Race Link

Bus departs 4:00pm, 4:30pm & 5:00pm Bus returns 8:50pm & 9:20pm


It’s the Hotel’s 6th birthday… Join in the celebrations with a free glass of champagne.

Wednesday 28th July

Tuesday 27th July


All Star Night

with Special Guests featuring Elvis, Neil Diamond, James Brown & many many more famous guests...

What’s On

Live Music

Monday 26th July

The Galway Plate

Guest DJ Lisa Brady of i102-104

First Race 3:00pm Last Race 7:15pm

5 mins.

Galway City




Evening Buffet serving dishes from around the world serving ‘til late every night

€25 per person (all you can eat)

find us on

Friday 30th July Live Music

The Annual Best Dressed Lady Competition in the Hotel

What’s On


Guest DJ Lisa Brady of i102-104 Live viewing of all the Races on one of our many Plasma televisions.

Race Link

Live Entertainment Programme

Guest DJ Lisa Brady of i102-104

Bus departs 4:00pm, 4:30pm & 5:00pm Bus returns 8:50 & 9:10pm


What’s On

Live Music

Thursday 29th July

Arthur’s Day Handicap First Race 3:00pm | Last Race 7:15pm

Teaming up with Center Jewellers and other businesses to offer prizes worth more than

Saturday 31st July & Sunday 1st August

Arthur Guinness Galway Handicap Hurdle First Race 5:10pm Last Race 8:40pm


Shebeen Pulse

What’s On

Race Link

Bus departs 12:40pm, 1:10pm, 1:40pm & 2:00pm Bus returns 6:30pm, 7:00pm & 9:20pm


Terms & Conditions Apply


Live viewing of all the Races on one of our many Plasma televisions.

Race Link

€2,000 and many many more prizes!

sponsored by Center Jewellers

Bus departs 1:30pm, 2:00pm & 2:30pm Bus returns 5:40pm & 6:10pm


An 18k Gold Pendant worth ust 1st 2010 - Aug 6th 2 y Jul

Live Music

€5,000 including:

Saturday Freshways Handicap Hurdle Saturday Connacht Tribune Handicap First Race 5:10pm | Last Race 8:40pm

Race Week

at the Claregalway Hotel

Claregalway Village, Galway Tel: +353 91 738 300 Email:



All You Can Eat World Buffet per person served every night

Where the craic is 90

Essential Contact Details Claregalway Garda Station 091 798 122 086 857 80 32

Galway Garda Station 091 563 161

Galway Fire Station 091 565 555

Turloughmore Medical Centre 091 797 187 / 797 106

Parish Office 091 798 741

University College Hospital 091 524 222

Merlin Park Hospital 091 775 775

Claregalway Pharmacy 091 799 754

Galway County Council 091 509 000

Parish News Baptisms Ailbhe Beirne Parents: Des & Caroline 30 River Oaks Eleanor McKavanagh Parents: Brian & Gillian 13 Slí an Bhradain Jack Ward Parents: Michael & Eileen 101 River Oaks Aaron Madden Parents: Declan & Caitriona, Kiniska Weddings Thursday, 3rd June Bridget Moran, Cloon & Cormac Kerrigan, Drogheda �

Friday, 25th June Miriam Casserly, Kiniska & Brian Fitzpatrick, Cork Funerals Teresa Kavanagh, Cloon Richard Mellotte, Knockdoemore Birthday Mrs Mary Moran, Lakeview (90th Birthday)

Claregalway Post Office 091 798 101

Vet - Philip McManus 087 274 91 09

Nuacht Chláir 091 798 430 086 391 38 52

Céilí Mór in Carnmore Community Centre on Friday 25 June 2010

Keeping the Faith on Galway Bay FM Getting your Sunday Morning off to a start with ‘A little bit of Faith’

8.00 am. – 9.00 am. with Fr. Sean McHugh Gospel and musical reflections and more! Claregalway/Carnmore Active Retirement Association Meeting Every Friday at 10.30 am. in the Parish Meeting Room. All are welcome. Claregalway/Carnmore Senior Citizens Every Monday night at 8.00 pm. in the Parish Meeting Room. Mother and Toddler Group Meet every Wednesday morning in Claregalway Community Centre from 10.00 – 12 noon Contact: Teresa at 087 944 67 18. Junior Choir Practice every Monday night in the Church at 7pm. Senior Choir

Music by Carousel

Practice every Monday night in the Church at 8.15pm.

All are welcome.

Folk Choir

Tickets available at the door.

Practice every Wednesday night in the Church at 8pm.


Claregalway Basketball Club 2009-2010 Hannah Coen

Claregalway basketball had a very successful season this year with many teams and players receiving top awards. The past season has been very eventful and hopefully the season to come (2010-2011) will be just as good. The season started well with Claregalway hosting the U18 Women’s Basketball National Cup Playoffs in September. The Claregalway girls came out on top and secured a home venue for the quarter-final in November, which they won, beating Waterford Wildcats. From here the girls represented Claregalway at the National Cup Semi-Finals on the 16th of January, which were all held in County Cork.

centre. A great day was had by all who attended. There was plenty basketball, food, face painting, balloons, fun games and of course the piñata. During the year many teams travelled to various counties to play against different clubs and teams from around the country. This was an unbelievable experience for all the children who got to travel with their teams. All year long teams were competing in the local Galway league from U12 boys and girls up to Senior Men and Women. When it came to the Juvenile finals day in NUIG in March Claregalway were represented by five teams; U12 Girls, U13 Girls, U15

The U18 girls were beaten by the eventual winners, Glanmire from Cork. This is the highest level the club has competed in at national level and hopefully they will contend it again next season, with the U18 boys to follow the next season. At Christmas the Basketball Club held a Family Fun Day at the community 22

Boys, U16 Girls, U16 Boys. All of these teams were successful except for the U13 Girls who lost a hard fought battle with Bearna. It was a great day for the club to come home with four out of five wins. In the Galway Cup U14 Boys/ Girls and U16 Boys/ Girls, the U14 Boys made it to the Cup Final and lost out to Maree by 11points which was a hard fought game by the Claregalway boys. The U14 Girls lost to Ennistymon and the U16 Girls to Oughterard. The senior men’s and women`s

teams made club history this year with the Senior Women winning the Galway Division 1 League and also the Galway Cup, the Senior Men won the Division 2 league and the Galway Shield. All four finals were thrilling games and hopefully next season the teams can retain their crowns. The club finished up the season with their first ever Claregalway Basketball Club All-Stars Awards Night in April. The awards were attended by special guests Terry and

Trinee Kennedy, Anthony Flores and Fr. Barry. The Claregalway Hotel function room was filled with people of all ages which was brilliant to see. Everybody had a fantastic night and we hope to repeat this again next year, even better and bigger. Finally, Community Games; Claregalway was well represented in Calasanctius College Oranmore on the 31st of May 2010. First game of the night was the U11 mixed (Boys/Girls) who lost out to a strong Maree team. Second game was the U13 girls. This was by far the most thrilling game of the night and possibly the season. The game went into double over time and unfortunately the girls lost by 1 point to Moycullen. The U16 Boys were unfortunate to lose to Maree later in the evening. We would like to thank everyone who helped with the club this year, parents who supported their children, drove to games, referees, bus drivers, table officials to name a few. We look forward to seeing you all in September for the next season and finally we hope you`ll join us for our camp in August this year. Check out claregalway for further information.

Bus Timetable for Claregalway These times are for Bus Éireann buses passing through the village

Adult Fare to Galway City €3.50


Child (under 16) Fare to Galway City €1.80

Claregalway to Galway Monday to Saturday Dep. Claregalway

Arr. in Galway

08:03 08:30 09:05 09:20 10:30 10:45 10:35 11:05 11:17 11:40 11:30 11:50 12:15 12:30 13:30 13:45 14:25 14:40 15:15 [FRIDAY ONLY] 15:35 15:55 16:10 17:10 17:30 17:30 [FRIDAY ONLY] 17:45 19:05 [FRIDAY ONLY] 19:20 19:31 [EXCEPT SATURDAY] 19:50 21:15 21:30 22:15 22:30

Sunday Services Dep. Claregalway

Arr. in Galway

10:35 10:50 13:30 13:45 16:10 16:25 16:30 16:45 17:10 17:25 19:05 19:20 19:35 19:50 22:15 22:30 The bus stop in Claregalway is situated beside the Nine Arches. Please note these times are approximate only. Nuacht Chláir will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions in this timetable.

Galway to Claregalway Monday to Saturday Dep. Galway

Arr. in Claregalway

09:00 09:20 10:30 10:50 12:00 12:20 14:00 14:20 15:00 [FRIDAY ONLY] 15:20 15:45 15:55 16:00 16:20 17:45 18:05 18:15 18:35 20:15 [FRIDAY ONLY] 20:35

Sunday Services Dep. Galway

Arr. in Claregalway

10:00 10:20 12:00 12:20 14:00 14:20 15:00 15:20 16:00 16:20 17:00 17:20 18:15 18:35 20:10 20:30 20:15 20:35 21:00 21:20 21:10 21:30

For other timetables or for updates on changing schedules, visit


Claregalway GAA Update Asumpta Gallagher, Claregalway GAA Club PRO

Club News Well done to the Senior Panel in their championship win over Cortoon Shamrocks at the Weekend - Full report on match below. The U14 Boys and Girls continue in their preparation for the National Peil na nÓg Finals in Derry in July and the various leagues are in full swing in the Juvenille and Ladies Clubs. The Clubs new Development has never been more needed with a huge demand being placed on existing facilities in Lakeview.

Seniors Two championship wins made it a good week-end for results. In a low scoring game, Seniors overcame the challenge of Cortoon Shamrocks in the County championship qualifiers by 1-7 to 1-3 at Tuam Stadium on Sunday. Claregalway recovered well from an early Cortoon goal and point when Martin Kelly burst through for a fine goal in the fifth minute from a good pass by James Nallen. Stephen Cunniffe then made a run up the right wing and sent over a soaring point from way out, followed by points from Danny Cummins who collected from Paul McGuinness, a free from Martin Kelly 24

and another point from Danny Cummins to leave Claregalway in front at the break by 1-4 to 1-1. The lead could have been greater as there were a couple of chances for goals. After the resumption Claregalway were quickly into their stride with points by Martin Kelly and then Danny Cummins whose fly-kick at a breaking ball sailed over the bar. Cortoon did’nt score until 10 minutes into the half, a point followed by a converted free, to leave it 1-6 to 1-3 at the threequarter stage. Stalemate then followed and scores were hard to come by until Danny Cummins work rate completed Claregalway’s tally with a point from a difficult angle on the right. Joe Kearney did well on his championship debut. David Heaney featured at centre-half back and made a number of vital interventions when Cortoon looked like scoring. Barry Cullinane and James Nallen controlled the centre, Anthony Watson manned the full back position well and Brian O’Donoghue was as secure as ever in goal. Team: B. O’Donoghue, J. Garrett, A. Watson,  B.

O’Loughlin, J. Kearney, D. Heaney, S. Cunniffe (capt), B. Cullinane, J. Nallen, R. O’Flynn, P. McGuinness, A. Faherty, M. Kelly, C. Glynn, D. Cummins. Subs. used: F. McEvoy, E. O’Connell.

Juniors Junior A’s returned to winning ways with a comfortable win over Dunmore MacHales by 1-13 to 1-8 in this North Board Championship Group 1 game played in Tuam Stadium on Friday last. This was a good display that featured a series of excellent points kicked over from distance. Another feature of the game was Robert Moran’s display in goal with many fine saves from close range. After a slow start Claregalway were 1-1 to no score in arrears after five minutes, the goal came from a needless penalty. Robert Moran’s seventh minute save stirred Claregalway to raise the pace. A series of points from Peter Divilly, Paddy Moran - four, including one from 40 yards, Gerry Cheevers, Brian Day from 40 yards, a fisted effort by Peter Divilly from a quickly taken Brian Day free and a rattling goal from Colin O’Grady on 20 minutes left Claregalway in

front at half-time by 1-8 to 1-2. Claregalway resumed the second half in lively fashion with a point each by Eoin Commins from 50 yards after collecting from Kevin Hansberry, a free by Paddy Moran after Eoin Commins was fouled, Eoin Feeney from 40 yards and another free converted by Paddy Moran. This resulted in a lead of 1-12 to 1-4 mid way in the half. Dunmore piled on the pressure in search of goals but were denied by Claregalway’s reargaurd, most notably Dara Moran, Sean Kinsella, Gerry Moran and Michael Evans in particular. Claregalway rounded off with a fine run by Colin O’Grady who delivered to Paddy Moran for the final score of the game. Team: R. Moran, G. Moran, D. Moran, D. Gavin, M. Evans, S. Kinsella, S. Monaghan, B. Day (0-1), K. Hansberry, C. O’Grady (1-0), E. Feeney (0-2), P. Divilly (02), G. Cheevers (0-1), E. Commins (0-1), P. Moran (0-3, 3 frees). Subs. used: H. Newell, N. Clarke.

U10 Boys Under 10’s played the final of the city league against Salthill on Friday night in Westside. In a well contested game, Salthill were the better team & Claregalway came out on the wrong side of the result. This was a 11 a side competition, in order to facilitate all players who had played throughout the campaign, Salthill agreed to play two matches. Thanks to Salthill for facilitating the two games & congratulations on winning the final. Well done to the Panel who played throughout the league: Ronan Murphy, Adam Forde, Kevin Keane, Daniel Prior, Robert Dunleavy, Mark Slevin, Jack Glynn, Maurice O’Brien, Ryan O’Sullivan, Ronan Manning, Dylan Buckley, Jason Reilly, Jarlath Cummins, Paul Culkeen, Joey Mulqueen, Conor Flaherty, Kieran

Spellman, Phillip Dolan, Diarmaid Mullin, Jack Hession, Dara Whelan, Harry O’Gorman, Cian Heery & Niall McDermott.

Ladies Well done to the Galway u14 Ladies who defeated Cork in the All Ireland Semi Final in Limerick at the weekend. They will meet Dublin in the All Ireland Final to be played in Kiltoom on Saturday 12th June. Claregalway U-14 Lions played Moycullen in round 4 of the League in Moycullen on Monday 31st may. The Claregalway Girls were on top from the start and ran out comfortable winners with the full forward line of Roisin Holland, Rachel O’Brien and Anna Goldrick taking some fine scores. County panelists Megan Glynn and Karen Dowd were were outstanding in defence. Team: Deirdre Cullina, Emma Connell,Ruth

Congratulations to the seven girls who represent our Club on the County Panel. Megan Glynn, Ciara Burke, Roisin Holland, Siobhan Gavin, Karen Dowd, Eimile Gavin and Louise Brennan

Horkan, Emily Keane, Megan Glynn, Karen Dowd, Caoimhe Connaughton, Siobhan Gavin, Lorna Hannon, Ciara Cummins, Niamh Fahy, Ciara Campbell, Anna Goldrick, (Captain), Roisin Holland, Rachel O Brien, Rachel Fahy, Eimilie Gavin, Ciara Burke, Louise Brennan, Ellie Glynn, Orla Murphy Karen Healy, Shauna Hurney, Samanta Burke, Amy Fahy, Shauna King, Morgan ConroyBroderick. U12 Girls had two games last week with the Lions playing away to Bearna and coming away with a strong win and the Tigers played St Mary’s Killererin in Claregalway.  Both panels play in the final round of the qualifiers this Wednesday the 2nd June in Claregalway with the Lions playing Naomh Mhuire with throw in scheduled for 6.30pm Sharp and the Tigers play Corofin with throw in at 7.00pm.

Special Notices Best Wishes to Tom and Julie McKenna on their retirement from the Summerfield Bar on the 14th of May last. Tom and Julie gave valuable service to the people of Claregalway for over 14 years. Best Wishes to John Coyle and family, who have taken over the running of the Summerfield Bar. Welcome to baby Kayla May O’ Connor, born on the 6th of May to Lorraine and Brian, a sister for Dean. R.I.P. Margaret Finnerty, School Road, Carnmore. R.I.P. Maureen Glynn, Mullacuttra. R.I.P. Anne Farrell, Rooaunmore. Claregalway/Carnmore Flood Committee The Claregalway/ Carnmore Flood Committee wish to thank everyone who contributed a total sum of €12,621 to their collection. The money has been distributed to the families in the area who had to leave their homes due to the flooding. We wish them all the luck in the world as they rebuild their lives again.


              

           



Quality food for any occasion Delicious home cooked food suitable for all your party needs: Communions, Confirmations, Christenings, Birthdays etc. whatever that special occasion is, we deliver to your home

MPG Foods LTD., Cregboy, Claregalway, Co. Galway Producing top quality food for over 20 years

Tel: 086 81 82 628


Cottage Pie

Beef Lasagne

Chicken Curry

Beef Stroganoff

Chicken à la King

Vegetarian Lasagne

Chicken and Mushroom Vol-au-Vent

Garlic and Cheese Potatoes Cooked Rice

Call Pa

draic on 086 81 82 628

“ A Taste of Home”

Nuacht Chláir June/July 2010 Crossword Brian Place, Crossword Editor

Congratulations to Michael Canavan, Claregalway, who was last month’s crossword winner 1








9 11



13 16



18 21

22 23


25 28





First correct crossword opened wins: A Meal For Two at The Claregalway Hotel







Contact number:





Send completed crosswords to:

B.D. Place, Woodleigh, Cregboy, Claregalway. 1 5 10 11 12 13 15 17 19 21 22 23 25 28 30 31 32 35 36 37 38


Across Attract (6) Stimulate (6) Stomach remedy (7) Open cart used with guillotine (7) Land measure (4) Core group (5) Structure built over water (4) Rodent (3) Attraction (6) Semi-precious stones (6) Develops gradually (7) Force, compel (6) Snoozing (6) Plant fluid (3) Fruit (4) Sometimes called buffalo (5) Equitable (4) Force through nozzle (7) Speaking (7) Road around town (6) Gaped (6)


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 14 16 18 20 21 23 24 26 27 28 29 33 34

Down Normal (7) South American Indian race (4) Make beloved (6) Extract money with threats (6) State of unconsciousness (4) Frighten severely (7) Tropical fruit (6) Frightens (6) Flowers (7) Residue of a damaged vessel (5) Type of broom (5) Girl’s name (3) Sleeping platform (3) Method of secret writing (6) Precisely (7) Dream up (7) Storage for car (6) Alarm devices (6) Rhythmical composition (6) Large fish (4) Incandescence (4)

Down 2 State of exalted delight (7) 3 Pneumatic car part (4) 4 Stoat's coat (6) 5 Kill (6) 6 Aquatic bird of Anatidae family (4) 7 Wash (7) 8 Passionate (6) 9 Stubby (6)


RAFTERY group s, ine s, W er Be irits Sp

it Fru . sh eg Fre d V an

sh Fre ed ew Br ffee Co

sh Fre ed k Ba ad e Br

al it on Na otto L


li, De ood tF o H

d an s s w zine e N ga a M

ile ob e M on Ph -Up p To






OPEN EVERY DAY 8am - 10pm

Raftery’s Centra, Claregalway 28

Tel: (091) 798 805 Fax: (091) 799 031 Email: Web:

Profile for Nuacht Chláir

Nuacht Chláir June/July 2010  

Nuacht Chláir, the local newsletter for Claregalway and Carnmore, June/July 2010 edition.

Nuacht Chláir June/July 2010  

Nuacht Chláir, the local newsletter for Claregalway and Carnmore, June/July 2010 edition.


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