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Claregalway Castle Prepares for 3rd Annual Galway Garden Festival

The free local newsletter for Claregalway, Co. Galway An nua�tán áitúil le ha�ai� Baile �lái�, Co. na �ailli�e June 2012

— Vol.16 Iss.8

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Móna’s Rhubarb Mojitos page 7

The Galway Garden Festival is set to take place again this year in Claregalway Castle on Saturday & Sunday, 14th–15th of July. ‘Glorious Gardens’ is the theme of this year’s Festival.


pecialist Nurseries from all over Ireland will attend and provide an opportunity to purchase rare and unusual plants at reasonable prices. Garden furniture, pots, tools, ornaments, botanical art,

sculpture and garden advice from experienced gardeners will be available.

Compiled monthly by a team of volunteers in Claregalway Bailíodh �íosúil ó �oi�eann sao�álai�e i mBaile �lái�

The Festival is open from 11am to 6pm each day. A free courtesy bus

will be available hourly from Galway city centre Rail Station to the Festival from 10.30am each day, with thanks to Bus Éireann.

There will be a great range of music, quality food & drinks, child-

rens’ entertainment and much more available daily. Local craftsmen from Galway to Poland will showcase furniture for kids, adults, for gardening and for entertainment. Continued overleaf�›

Speakers for 2012 include Helen Dillon

Joy Larkcom

Internationally renowned gardener,

Author, plantswoman, broadcaster,

lecturer, author and broadcaster.

lecturer and vegetable expert.

Diarmuid Gavin

Erwan Tymen

Garden Designer, Chelsea Gold

French landscape & garden

Medalist, author and broadcaster.

designer and award–winning writer.

Summer is the time for travelling,

The great forest trees at peace,

No whistling wind to stir them,

The woodland’s cloak fresh green,

Streams vaporizing

And even the ground is warm.

Fó sín sa�ra� si�ais�er, sám fid forard forglide, nach fe� gaí�e glúaiséba, glas clúm caille cli�aige, sói� sro�a sáebuisci, �es i fó�án fó.

From an Early Middle Irish text. Trans. Máirín Ní Dhonnchadha

All gate profits from Galway Garden Festival 2012 are donated to both the Galway Hospice Foundation and Christian Blind Mission ( More details at

These photos were taken at the first annual

Galway Garden Festival, held in the Castle in 2010.

Photos courtesy of Claregalway Castle.


The local newsletter for Claregalway, Co. Galway



Josette Farrell, Editor The weather will always be a topic of conversation with people. When the sun shines, we are naturally optimistic and upbeat — suddenly the barbeques and deck chairs are resurrected. If only it

You can submit articles or stories by posting them to — ‘Currach Ruadh,’ Creig Buí, Baile Chláir, Co. na Gaillimhe.

would stay longer for us to actually get mileage out of our outdoor space. It seems like it’s all over in the blink of an eye. The SMA Family Day was one such day, when the sun refused

by emailing them to —

to shine, but that did not dampen the spirit of all who attended. There was a great atmosphere and lots of activities for people to get involved in. A new addition this year was the woodturning exhibition which was fascinating. I understand that woodturning classes

or by phoning Josette — 086 391 7855 091 798 430

will begin in Autumn in Claregalway. There's a notice on page 19 with more details. The SMA Family Day is embedded in stone at this stage and the amount of locals involved in it’s running smoothly is inspirational. To see some snaps from the day, visit our facebook page

Don’t forget to like our facebook page — bailechlair

Another date written in stone is the Galway Garden Festival to

be held next month in Claregalway Castle, where there are speakers from all corners of Ireland and beyond participating. The famous Galway Baytones will also be performing, as they did last year to a rapturous audience.

The Agricultural Show Queen Dance will be held in the Arches

The Nuacht Chláir is an open access

Hotel on Saturday next, the 9th — a great night guaranteed.

publication and we try to include

It’s disappointing to see the demise of Carnmore Airport (see

everything that is submitted, subject

Declan’s report on page 12). It was mentioned to me that this would

to the law of the land, and Editorial

be a very suitable place for a Secondary School — it has the space


and it would be an ideal location. I’m sure the team behind the





school initiative has explored all options and they will be successful

by the volunteer production team

in finding an appropriate space.

in order to preserve balance in the

This week is the start of the Leaving and Junior Cert examina-

tions and we wish all students well over the next few weeks.

Claregalway & District Day Care Centre, in conjunction with

Corrib Lions Club, are holding a cookery demonstration hosted by

newsletter. The views & opinions expressed in the articles are those of the contributors and are not necessarily those of the production team.

Kevin Dunden, Celebrity Chef, on the 7th of July in the Claregalway Hotel. Kevin will demonstrate preparing a three course meal, which will be served to all, plus wine and ticket prize. Keep an eye out for further details on this, which should be a hugely enjoyable night.

Philip Cribbin must be congratulated on his sterling work with

PREDA Galway, who organise projects to protect human rights where they are being abused. The recent 5k Run for Freedom raised €1655 for

As always, we greatly appreciate your comments or suggestions.

preda projects. Read the whole story on page 13.

Last but certainly not least, congratulations to Móna Wise on

the launch of her first book — The Chef and I: A Nourishing Narrative — in Cases Wine Warehouse recently. Móna is a regular contributor to Nuacht Chláir. Check out this month's story & recipe on page 7. Until next time, Josette.


Claregalway National School Fun Day

Sunday the 27th of May finally came and the one thing that could not be pre–arranged or booked was the elusive sunny day but we were blessed with a gorgeous day and not a cloud in the sky. Everything was prepared and ready to go, all events and races were marked out. The make–up girls were on standby to start the face painting, nail varnishing and tattoos, and Malachy had all the ducks in a row, ready for the duck racing. The tuck shop was full with cakes, buns & apple tarts, kindly baked by parents. There were plenty of refreshments kept ice cold by the chest freezer generously sponsored for the day by Whiriskey Refrigeration.

Now all that was needed was the children, and to the delight

of all involved, the children arrived in their droves. They were

everyone involved, to all who helped and gave up their day

all excited and buzzing to get going once they saw the set up.

and for all who came and supported us on the day. This would

The kids gathered with their classmates and were led from

not have been possible without you. All proceeds of the

event to event by team leaders. At each event there were

day will go towards upgrading the play area in Claregalway

two event mangers that helped make sure every child had

National School.

a go and enjoyed themselves. We were also set up for pre–

schoolers who came along on the day and enjoyed games

which will be listed here in the Nuacht Chláir,

such as skittles, Krusty the Clown board and the duck race.

or on our website

To the sheer delight of parents, the simple games such as

Personally, I would like to take this chance to thank

Keep an eye out for more great school events,

Claregalway N.S. Parents Association

the three legged race, the sack race, the pizza box race and the clothes race really entertained the kids — they loved it and most went a second time around. There was also an obstacle course which caused great excitement as only two could run it at a time, while the rest of the kids roared and cheered them on.

The penalty shoot out saw kids kicking and hoping for

the best, as well as older kids trying to put the “Beckham curl” on it. The one game that all of kids could do together was dodgeball; they all loved this and were falling over with the laughter and to make sure nobody got knocked out, sponge balls were used. Spud pick–up really got everyone excited—the more spuds they had gathered in their t–shirts, the harder it was to hold on to them, and there were huge laughs each time the spuds spilled out. For all the hurling and camogie fans we had Puc Fada where all sorts of records were broken and we nearly ran out of tape to measure some of them!

The day finished up with a Zumba dancing extravaganza

display by pupils of Korina Duffy Zumba school and a breathtaking solo display of freestyle dancing by Emma Drislane. There was also an exciting raffle with a total of 16 fantastic prizes donated very kindly by local businesses. A big thank you to all who sponsored.

The day was a great success enjoyed by kids, parents

and some grandparents. It was the parents who helped to organise the day and make it all possible. Without them this

Colin Fahy & Ryan Murphy during the wheelbarrow race.

would not have happened, and they found it very rewarding.

For more photos see

For all other adults, it was a great opportunity to mingle, chat

Photo courtesy of Clement Shevlin, Parents Association.

and catch up in a relaxed atmosphere.


An nua�tán áitúil le ha�ai� Baile �lái�, Co. na �ailli�e

Thought for the Month Symbols to True Love & Care I wrote a heartwrenching Thought for the Month around Mothers day a while ago about the love a Japanese mother had for her baby daughter during the terrible earthquake that happened in Japan a few years ago, and the sacrifice of her life to save her daughter. Well as Fathers day is soon approaching, there is another story that I want to tell you that happened very recently that was utterly heartbreaking. It was the real life story of a father and child who died in a house fire here in Ireland.

Hero in action Anthony, his wife Kelly and wee Nadine woke with smoke filling their house, they could not get down the stairs because of the flames, but managed to reach the bedroom window. Anthony sat his daughter on the window sill while he helped his wife out the window doing his best to lower her as far as he could. He then reached for his daughter but she was gone. In the chaos she must have become confused and left the sill. Anthony stumbled and raced through the house and eventually found her, but at that point it was too late to get back to the window, Anthony did his best carefully cradling his daughter in his arms protecting her from the flames. Tragically they both died in the blaze. Nadine was found still cradled in his arms without a mark on her.

“There was just no way he would have left without her,” Nadine’s aunt explained, “He saved his wife and tried to save his daughter... protecting her right to the end.” They were both buried recently in the one coffin wrapped in each others arms.

Human makeup

Thought for the Month

There is something about a Father or a Mother protecting their child that is just

As your Thought for the Month make

deeply moving. I think Dads and Moms everywhere hope that they would act with

your children feel the most special they

this kind of courage to protect those entrusted to their care.

can be and show them how much they

mean to you by showing true care,

I think every woman hopes that her man and every man hopes that his

woman would show this kind of selfless leadership. I think every child carries the

love and affection.

belief that their Dad and Mom are brave and smart and well able to step in and

solve their problems.

your love for them is not just for today

or tomorrow but for all time.

These kinds of hopes, instincts, and beliefs just seem to be a part of the human

Most of all let them know that

makeup. The ancient stories from every culture attest to the universality of these kinds of traits. Bravery, commitment to duty, and sacrificial love are given a place of honor amongst all peoples.

These kinds of hopes, instincts, and beliefs remind us that life is ultimately

about a mission to complete, a duty to fulfill, a calling to live up to. These kinds of hopes, instincts, and beliefs recognize the marvel of the Gospel story that reveals a God who loves his people with a sacrificial kind of love.

About the Author, Ronan Scully Ronan is the West of Ireland representative for Self Help Africa, who work with rural African communities to help them improve their farms and livelihoods.


Letter to the Editor — EU War of Finance

The River Search It was the sky made our river grow,

Dear Editor,

“We need be at the heart of Europe”

What does this mean? Is it saying is that there is a pot of gold in Brussels and if we want to get our hands on some of it we need to agree with whatever is put before us?

Faster and faster became its flow, From the teeming heavens came A deluge of torrential rain. Higher and higher rose a flood Of water, that brought no good, As high as no one could compare A demon became the river Clare. Its powerful force was hell bent

I have been to Brussels and I did not see a pot of gold; just thou-

In menacing malevolent evil intent —

sands of bureaucrats and politicians flying in from the 4 counters

With angry foaming churning water,

of the EU for meetings. Among them are  lines of school tours,

Took the life of John James’s daughter.

friends and constituents of the 748 MEPs who are taken for tours around the buildings and treated to dinner in the various restaurants. It is one of the perks for MEPs to bring people over. The EU Centre  is like a multi–lingual little town in itself, a modern Tower of Babel. Our 12 MEPs are unnoticeable among the

Older men would often relate About a curse in that rivers spate, And of misfortune bringing tears — Taking life every seven years.

hundreds of suited gents and an odd woman. You’d ask yourself

On the banks wet and wild

do these people really understand how the decisions they make

Vigil was kept for the missing child,

effect the average European Citizen? MEPs are the only elected

A search machine placed on the deep —

people here, they have to think about this, if they don't they won’t

Was a blessed candle on a sheaf!

be re–elected. But they have very little power compared to the Commission. A very impersonal place I thought.

Now the real Heart of Europe is Berlin. At present, Germany

holds the purse strings as she is the only EURO zone country with her head above economic waters, giving her the power to restrict

Prayers and Blessing said and done The ancient ritual then begun, And from the safety of the side The sheaf was launched on the tide.

the flow of money to failing countries, and making her unpopular

Floating fast then slowing down,

with former enemies who suffered during World War ıı. Almost

Beyond Lackagh bridge to Salmontown,

parallel with Germany’s power is the power of the European Finan-

And in the current rapids change,

cial Sector and the large European Banks which also want control

Quickly passed the bridge of Grange.

(or see it as it right). Then there are Big Business lobby groups haunting every corridor insuring that they can get full advantage of any major project which the EU will invest in. They number into the thousands.   The EU  was a social project set up to bring the various Euro-

Drifting beneath Cregmore bridge, Strange and surreal its pilgrimage, At a slow meandering pace To find grim Clare’s hiding place.

pean countries together and heal old wounds, but now old wounds

Thrice the sheaf spun round & round

are being re–opened. This time it is not a war with guns but a war

Over deep and dark Poll Domhain —

of finances with the ordinary people of Europe — again — paying

That God’s hand did guide and steer,

the biggest price for it all.

Her young body was found here.

The situation is now so volatile for the Euro that the Fiscal

Treaty is almost irrelevant. It is like bringing band aids to car accident. There are only two solutions to the Euro Monitory Crisis: pump more money in or total debt forgiveness. Both answers have their detractors. Watch this space!

In a graveyard below the hill By the ruin of Columcille, Once stood a lonely wooden cross Telling the story of her loss. Our old men are no longer there,

Yours Sincerely Cllr. Nuala Nolan 086 407 2622

They sleep now by the Clare, Who knew well our rivers tears, That took life every seven years!


Edward Coppinger The local newsletter for Claregalway, Co. Galway

Móna’s Mojitos Most people like to eat Rhubarb in a tart or crumble. Local blogger & author, Móna Wise, likes to drink hers. This time of year in blogtopia, where I spend a fair amount of my time, food blogs are littered with recipes for whatever is in season. Rhubarb is doing the rounds right now and as much as I love nothing more than a delicious rhubarb crumble or even a tasty tart, I wanted to try something a little different

Rhubarb Mojitos

with this fabulous fruit.

We made a rhubarb compote which consisted of 2 tablespoons

Granted, rhubarb can cause a few problems if not

of sugar-in-the-raw, 2 sticks of rhubarb, a cup full of mint

prepared right as it can lean towards being a bit stringy, so it

leaves and a few tablespoons of frozen blackberries stashed

is important that you prep it properly in order to make sure

from last season. Allowing this to cook low ’n’ slow for an

your concoctions do not end up a bit lumpy. In saying that,

hour resulted in a thick syrup, like jam, which I strained.

there is no need to peel the rhubarb at all. A lot of the nutri-

ents and even more of the colour come from the thick outer

sour add a little more sugar. Drink making is a very personal

peel. I like my drinks to have colour and pink is a bonus!

thing and you need to first make sure you ‘love it’ in order to

Taste as you are going along with this one. If you find it too

make drinks for your friends to love. Also, please note that if Móna’s recently released “The Chef & I: A Nourishing Narrative” is available to pre–order online at

you only have vodka in the house this will work just fine too. Just call it a Rhubarb Cosmo.

Check out her blog at for more tasty recipes.

Ingredients —2 ounces of white rum

—Juice of 1 mandarin orange

—Mint leaves to decorate

—2 ounces of rhubarb syrup

—Juice of 1 lime

—A splash of soda water

Method The thing you need to remember when making any cocktail is not to mistreat the alcohol. Invest in a cocktail shaker, a lemon juicer and a bar strainer. Otherwise you will never amount to much of a bartender. Oh, and you need ice. Lots of ice.

Fill the cocktail shaker to the top with ice and pour in the

rum. Shake it until your fingers start to burn. This is a sure sign that the alcohol is cold enough.

Add the lime juice and the mandarin orange juice and

the rhubarb syrup and shake the entire concoction until your fingers start to burn, again. Taste a little and adjust sweetness if necessary — this just depends on how you like your drinks.

WiseNotes Remember the secret to delicious drinks is fresh juices and homemade sweet syrups unless you are making dirty martinis, then it is the olives that hold the key to perfection.


Even the most

Positive People have Negative Thoughts

It was Friday, I had lost out on three business opportunities in one day & was feeling the pressure.

My confidence was shrinking, my whole body felt different. Why does business have to be so hard? OK, so I started to feel sorry for myself.

It’s funny how things work out — I have been in business for two years, have faced huge challenges and I’ve overcome many difficul-

About the Author, William Corless YellowWood was established by Galway man William Corless to improve the performance of their organisation and optimise individual potential. YellowWood provides clients with a 360° approach through coaching, training and business solutions.

A key benefit of YellowWood’s coaching

and training services is the long term value offered to organisations from more effective time management, improved decision making, clarity on strategic direction and improved dealings with staff & stakeholders.

A lifelong learner, William has a broad

education in a variety of disciplines: Electronic Engineering, Diploma in Business (Specializing in Supply Chain), Counselling, Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Training and Psychometrics (Leadership, Team and Career Development).

William is a mentor for the Executive

MBA in NUI Galway, Coaching Development and Galway Enterprise Board.

William is

currently the Director of Operations and Finance for the National Board of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He is also

ties. Somehow I had let my form dip, which was uncharacteristic of me. For some reason I was overwhelmed with a feeling of negativity. It seemed that over the course of the day I was given one piece of bad news after another. Several waves of negative thinking had begun to affect me.

As I reflected on my situation at lunch time I realised, that what

had just happened was that just like swimming in the sea. I had been hit by three big waves in a row. Using this analogy, what would I do if I got hit by three waves in real life? Would I keep swimming or would I take a break and get my breath back? I knew the answer — time out.

So I took time to reflect upon my day to see how I had managed to

get overwhelmed. While there was nothing I could do about receiving the bad news about my business, I could decide what to do. I figured that I would work harder, be even more determined and I would succeed… Ah yes, then I realised that I needed to eat and step away… So I went for lunch.

Starting from lunchtime and throughout to the end of my day, I

received five compliments about my business. There I was invoking positivity to others without realising the impact I was making to people’s lives. I was driving home late the same night and I began to reflect how lucky I was to be driving a car in the first place, when there were poor souls walking in the rain.

Then I considered as I passed by the hospital how healthy I was.

Soon the compliments from people came flooding back into my consciousness and I realised how lucky I was. For some reasons I started to sing to myself the Nina Simone song, I’ve got life.

a regular contributor to print and broadcast media and has addressed the National Forum on Resilience in Áras an Uachtaráin.

I got my hair, I got my head

I got my eyes, I got my nose

I got my brains, I got my ears

I got my mouth, I got my smile

I don’t know what’s in store tomorrow, but I do know that I will take time out, breathe, look out for the positives when life’s daily challenges are dragging me down.�›


The local newsletter for Claregalway, Co. Galway

Recognise it By recognising that you are having bad thoughts you can stop the vicious circle that can impact upon you. This vicious circle can go from having negative thoughts, to feeling negative emotions (sad, angry, vulnerable), to physical symptoms (physical tension, anxiety, breathing) all the way to changes in your behaviour (snapping at people, heavy drinking or over eating). By becoming aware of this negative pattern you can be empowered to do something.

Where positive focus goes, positive energy flows Negative thoughts start the negative pattern. Remember you are in control. Negative thoughts thrive on attention, so to change the pattern focus on something else. Give your attention to something that is more helpful for you in that situation. Maybe say to yourself, are these thoughts helping me, are they making life easier for me?

Knowing what’s behind the negative thoughts Negative thoughts are like bullies, and bullies are weak underneath. By knowing that, you can address the issue and stand up to the bully inside your head. Sometimes these thoughts are trying to protect us in some way, but not a helpful way.

Cut yourself some slack

What would you do if you were hit by three waves in real life? Would you keep swimming or would you take a break and

What would someone you really trusted say? What would my

get your breath back? The answer — take some time out.

best friend say? If I spoke to my friends the way I talk to myself would I have many friends?

When I am struggling I sometimes think what my grand-

mother would say to me in a situation like this. You may think of someone you know that is really good in these types of situation and consider how would they handle this situation and what would they say to you?

Change the way you look at the situation Ask yourself will this matter in a few month’s time? Are you assuming what others will think of you?

People can sometimes think they have special powers

such as reading other people’s minds and assume people are thinking poorly about them or feel worried about what people are thinking. Ask yourself, “Is this based on how I am feeling, or is it based on facts?”

Some tips to

Break Out of a negative

Thinking Pattern 9

Claregalway Ladies GAa U14 Gold Team played St. Gabriels in Aughrim on Saturday and

Teenage Football Camp

came away with a single point win 4–2 to 2–7 after a cracker of a game. Then on Monday they played St. Michaels in their last league game and recorded their seventh win of the campaign on a final score of 8–11 to 8–3. U12 Green played Tuam Cortoon in what was a thrilling Shield Final last Wednesday in Monivea. Claregalway enjoyed most of the possession in the 1st half, but very strong defence from the opposition denied them many scoring opportunities. Claregalway continued to battle on and lead at the break. Playing against the wind in the second half, Claregalway had to keep

The annual Teenage Football Camp will be held next week on Tuesday 12th & Wednesday 13th of June from 4–7pm. This is open to all 6th Class, 1st & 2nd years and new girls most welcome — just come along on the evening. There will be guest coaches both evenings for futher details contact Jimmy 087 283 5847.

up the momentum and they continued to create and convert every opportunity. A number of points from frees narrowed the gap but a late point and a cracker of a goal from Clar-

Kellogg's GAA Cúl Camp

egalway brought them a deserved win on a final scoreline of 4–4 to 0–8. Mike Lynott presented the Shield to winning captain Ellen Conneally.

Panel: Lauren Coen, Ellen Coyle, Ellen Conneally (C),

Aoife Lyons, Amy Walsh, Shauna Flaherty, Jayne Conlon, Maeve Moran, Gemma Coll, Kaitlin Kearney, Sinead Donovan, Andrea Trill, Jillian O’ Gorman, Isobel Moran, Kaitlin Quinn,

The Kellogg's GAA Cúl Camp will be held in Claregalway this year from the 9th to the 13th of July.

Amy O’ Connell, Caitlín Roche, Emily Duggan, Emma Coakley.

Gaelic for Mothers & Others continues each Tuesday at 8pm at the pitch in Lakeview.

All (especially new members) welcome.

A great way of meeting new people, getting fit & above all, great fun. For more information contact Asumpta at 087 405 1600.

It aims to provide boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 13 with an action–packed & fun–filled week of activity during the summer holidays which revolves around maximising enjoyment and sustaining participant involvement in Gaelic Games. Bookings can be made online at www. or contact Alan Moran 086 668 1556.

Best wishes to all our members doing exams over the coming weeks.

Congratulations to Deirdre Brennan who was part of the Connaught Panel for the MMI Group Football Interprovincial Tournament held in Mullingar on the 2nd of June. 10

An nua�tán áitúil le ha�ai� Baile �lái�, Co. na �ailli�e

GIY Claregalway Tips for June —

Plant a Herb Garden Herbs are really easy to grow, and can be potted into any type of container, though the smaller the container, the more you’ll have to water them. They like a sunny place to stand, good quality compost and drainage. The John Innes Multipurpose recommended has reduced peat and contains grit which will aid drainage. Herbs, such as thyme and oregano prefer not to be fussed about, and tolerate quite a lot of neglect.

Most herbs grow well together and don’t mind being crowded together but, as

with most plants, try to leave space around them to encourage air circulation.

How to do it? 1. Ensure your container is scrubbed clean and that there are drainage holes. If there aren’t any you will have to

make a few holes, 1/2mm wide (use an electric drill, scissors, heated metal skewer — adult supervision required).

2. Put a layer of gravel in the bottom of the container to cover the holes then half fill it with compost. 3. Holding the herb plant in its pot in one hand, with your other hand place the V of your index and middle finger

either side of the base of the stem, turn the plant upside down and gently ease it from its container upside down

into the palm of that hand.

4. Once out of its original pot, pop the plant, complete with most of its original compost into the new container,

repeating with the other two plants. Once they are all in place fill in any gaps with remaining compost ensuring

there is a gap at the top of 15mm. This will ensure that compost does not overflow when you water it.

5. Water the compost with the spout of a watering can, avoiding the leaves until the water runs through the holes. 6. Either keep your herb garden on a windowsill or outside; close to the kitchen door so you can grab your

favourite herbs as you need them.

Aftercare & Harvesting To harvest herbs, pinch or snip the leaves from the tops which will encourage them to bush out and produce more stems — the more you pick the more they’ll

More tips online at: giyclaregalway

grow. You can start doing this with basil when it has four to six leaves on, but always ensure you leave four to six leaves or it will die!

Either use your herbs fresh or hang them to dry in small bunches. Always

hang them upside down as their oils will seep downwards giving them more

Useful tips

flavour. If you have lots you can chop them up, fill up ice cube containers with

When you’re deciding which

them, add water and freeze. They can then be thrown straight into casseroles and

herbs to buy, choose one’s you’ll

pasta dishes without the need to defrost.

use in the kitchen. You might

like the look of feverfew but

Be careful not to overwater herbs as generally they don’t thrive. You can do the

finger test to see if they need water by poking your finger deep into the compost —

unless you plan on using it, it will

depending upon how damp the soil is depends how much you’ll need to water.

be taking up valuable space.

Try and pick different leaf shapes,

And for the Kids If you have lavender in your garden (or a friend’s with permission), take a few sprigs, remove the leaves from the stem and place into little squares of cotton fabric or muslin, tie with a ribbon. These can be placed into clothes drawers or given away as gifts.

colours and textures too when you’re grouping them together. Outside, the best time of day to harvest them is in the morning.


Last Ditch Effort to Save Galway Airport

Bridge Column Fun Hand for June

Last ditch efforts to save Galway Airport in Carnmore by sourcing a new airline have failed and it is expected that the operation will shut down permanently in July.

While Galway Chamber of Commerce, the main shareholder in the airport, were trying to retain it as a viable transport hub for the city, it now appears that the gates will finally close on the Carnmore airport. It is now understood that the IDA and Enterprise Ireland will be approached over the coming weeks with a view to locating an industry at the 115 acre site. It is also understood that the airport board are also considering the possibility of using it as a park and ride facility for the city.

Galway West TD Noel Grealish, who is also a member of

the board at Galway Airport, explained that consultants had been engaged to try and source another carrier. Airlines in both Ireland and Britain were approached but none of them expressed an interest in operating out of Galway. Last Autumn Aer Arann pulled the plug on its Galway service — some of its Dublin flights only contained two and three passengers.

“I understand that the airport will remain open until after the

Both vulnerable, Dealer North North (James Bond) — — Q8765432 AQ1084 West (Hugo Drax) AKQ3 AKQJ AK KJ9

East 65432 109872 J109 —

South 10987 6543 — 76532

Volvo Ocean Race and after that we will have to seriously look at what to do with the facility.” “It has the space and the location for a large industry and we will be meeting with the IDA and Enterprise Ireland over the coming weeks in the hope that they can lure a large employer to this site”, Deputy Grealish added.

Currently the airport is being used by the air corps, some

small commercial carriers and the local flying club. At its peak in the early 2000s, 300,000 passengers annually passed through Galway Airport with up to 200 scheduled flights per week.

Last January, Bank of Ireland controversially seized €1.1m from the Airport’s deposit account but subsequently an agreement was reached involving the return of some that money which helped to pay out statutory redundancies to about 40 employees. It has been

Bidding: N E S W 7c P P Dbl Rdbl P P P Lead: H10

This hand was played by James Bond in Moonraker.

learned that airport has borrowings in the region of €5m from Bank of Ireland and Bank of Scotland.

“I am very disappointed that this has not happened and the

airport cannot operate in its current form. Unfortunately it will cease to be an airport so we have to look at alternatives”, Deputy Grealish added. Thirteen years ago Galway Airport announced a £5 million expansion plan which involved the complete redevelopment of the terminal building at Carnmore.

At the time, Gaeltacht Minister Eamon Ó Cuív made an impassioned plea for the airport to scrap these plans and embark on a £20 million initiative to provide a totally new airport that could take 737 jets but this never happened.

Bond ruffed the Heart Ace with the Club C4, led D2 and ruffed with C2, led C3, capturing C9 with C10, led D3, ruffed with C5, led C6, capturing CJ with CQ. Bond then played CA, felling CK. Since his Diamonds were all established, he proceeded to make all 13 tricks. Despite West’s 31 high card points, not a single trick can be made!

by Declan Tierney, Connacht Tribune


An nua�tán áitúil le ha�ai� Baile �lái�, Co. na �ailli�e

PREDA Galway's “Run for Freedom” PREDA Galway recently organised a charity 5k Run for Freedom in the Phoenix Park in Dublin with the event being supported by Damien Dempsey, Catherina Mc Kiernan and Ray D’Arcy. The event was a huge success with Galway Community College, The Western Hotel, Prospect Hill, Carambola Kidz and Galway based online book company all coming together to make this event happen and spread the message of PREDA to Dublin.

300 people ran, jogged and walked on April the 28th in the

receive regular newsletters about our work simply email

Phoenix Park to show their solidarity with the children and we will include you in

being rescued on a continuous basis by the team at PREDA.

our database.

Athletics legend Catherina McKiernan and long

standing PREDA supporter — musician Damien Dempsey

Claregalway Community Centre for a ChiRunning work-

— helped promote the run and were joined by Today FM DJ

shop on Saturday the 30th of June. Spaces on the work-

Ray D’Arcy who helped publicise the event on his popular

shop are limited and it starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm.

radio show.

reduce impact on the body and to prevent or clear up

The run made a profit of €1655 which will be used to

In addition Catherina Mc Kiernan will be coming to

The day is all about learning to run efficiently, to

support the children at the PREDA centre and in promoting

running related injuries. It is suitable for anyone who

the work of the organisation.

wishes to learn to run with an easy efficient relaxed style

and with less impact on their body.

A special thanks to all those who travelled to partici-

pate in such a memorable event and to our sponsors and

supporters who made it all possible.

the parish. Further information about the course can

We are always looking for support and fresh ideas to

It is great that an athlete of her stature is visiting

be found on or by

help us with our work so feel free to email at any stage. If

emailing Catherina at

you want to be included in the PREDA email listings and

See for more information on PREDA.


Holiday Healthcare Checklist With holiday time upon us, it's useful to pack a travel kit of first aid essentials and basic remedies which may come in handy. Holidays are a time to have fun & relax but unfortunately illnesses never take a break. The sudden change in routine and unfamiliar surroundings means your body is more prone to gastrointestinal disorders. To minimise risk of infection or discomfort, be aware of the following when on foreign travel — Spicy foods, excess alcohol, shellfish, unwashed salads, unpeeled fruits or vegetables, ice cubes made from tap water, and tap water. Products you might find useful in a travel kit include — A diarrhoea remedy — Arret or Imodium Plus Travel sickness — Stugeron or Sea Legs An indigestion remedy — Pepcid AC or Gaviscon Rehydration therapy — Dioralyte *Important for young children — Insect repellent, an antihistamine cream such as Eurax cream, painkillers such as Calpol or Nurofen. Protection against the sun, especially when abroad Tanning products, sun–block (high protection for children and babies), lip salves, aftersun creams or lotions, cold sore treatment e.g. Zovirax cream. Other items considered essentials might include — the camera, film, sunglasses, and batteries.

Claregalway Pharmacy is open late Monday to Friday until 8pm and every Saturday until 7pm — 091 799 754 14

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13 16



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22 23


25 28






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34 36


Name Contact Number


Across 1 Reverberations (6) Down 5 Kidnap (6) 10 Vacation (7) 2 State of exalted delight (7) 11 Inhabitant of Cyprus (7) 312 Pneumatic Feeble (4) car part (4) 413 Stoat's Plural ofcoat that (5) (6) 15 kg (abb.) (4) 5 Kill (6) 17 Optical organ (3) 619 Aquatic Was deficient birdinof(6)Anatidae family 21 Descend a rock face (6) 7 Wash (7) 22 Electromotive force (7) (6) (6) 823 Passionate Small application 925 Stubby Accompany (6) (6) 28 Poke your nose in (3) 1430 Temporarily Gratuities (4) blinded (7) 1631 Walk Criminal ignition noisily (5)(5) 32 At (from) a distance (4) 18 Rage (5) 35 Swearing (7) of currentrulers (3) (7) 2036 Measure Cruel and oppressive 37 The spirit or soul (6) 21 Finish (3) 38 Group of six (6)

23 24 26 27 28 29 16 33 34


Stabbing knife (6) Travesty (7) Ground oats (7) Most senior (6) Groundnut (6) Constantly scolded (6) Structure built over water (4) Rim (4)


Down 2 Relating to the colon (7) 3 Probability expressed as ratio (4) 4 Grass cutting implement (6) 5 Charge with a wrongdoing (6) 6 Addictive narcotic (4) 7 Characteristic style of food preparation (7) 8 Small place of worship (6) 9 Go for leisurely walk (6) 14 Bivalve molluscs (7) 16 Abnormally high body temperature (5) 18 Grossly overweight (5) 20 Tiny round mark (3) 21 Duration of life (3) 23 Members of central Mexican civilization (6) 24 Writing material made from sedge (7) 26 Breach of a law (7) 27 To defeat utterly (6) 28 Capital of Czech Republic (6) 29 Young people (6) 33 Metal for galvanizing (4) 34 The basic point (4)


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Badminton for Adults

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every Tuesday from

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10–11.30am in Claregalway Community Centre. All welcome.


All ages and levels.

Meeting every Friday morning in Cairdeas. If you are retired why not come along? New members always welcome.

Lawnmower Service Contact Francis O’Connell, Cloonbiggeen on 091 739 596

Claregalway/Carnmore Senior Citizens Committee Cards and bingo held every Monday night at 8pm in Cairdeas (Parish Meeting Room). Come along and join in. Bus service available.

The local newsletter for Claregalway, Co. Galway

Woodturning Classes —

Woodturning is one form of the art known as woodworking. Essentially, woodturning involves using a lathe to create objects from some type of wood (pictured right at the SMA Family Day). As the lathe turns, the wood remains in the same position and slowly is shaped by the operation of the lathe. Using this process, it is possible to create many different objects from wood, including intricately designed pieces.

For information, contact Mairtín on 087 699 8369

“Never Too Old” Charity Shop All proceeds to the Claregalway & District Day Care Centre Cois Chláir Shopping Centre, Claregalway (Behind The Arches Hotel) Come along and visit, you can donate good, clean clothes & shoes for ladies, gents and children, books and bric-a-brac

(No electrical goods please)

Come along and browse, you just might pick up a bargain! Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 4pm If you have some free time on your hands, Why not call in & sign up as a Volunteer?


Date Diarur y for yo

Claregalway Agricultural Show Queen Dance The Arches Hotel Saturday 9th of June 2012 10pm ’til late

Music by Country Cousins Great Raffle Prizes — Food will be served Admission: €5

Summer Music Classes Monday 16th July–Friday 20th July Monday 23rd July–Friday 27th July Class Times: 10am–2pm Venue: Claregalway Study Centre Favourable Rates

Instruments covered: Tin Whistle/Button Accordion/Keyboards/ Bodhrán/Céilí Drums/Guitar

For further info contact Padraig on 086 316 6972 or Coman on 086 865 9617.

Quality food for any occasion Delicious home cooked food suitable for all your

party needs: Communions, Confirmations, Christenings, Birthdays etc. whatever that special occasion is, we deliver to your home

MPG Foods LTD., Cregboy, Claregalway, Co. Galway Producing top quality food for over 20 years

Tel: 086 81 82 628


Cottage Pie

Beef Lasagne

Chicken Curry

Beef Stroganoff

Chicken à la King

Vegetarian Lasagne

Chicken and Mushroom Vol-au-Vent

Garlic and Cheese Potatoes Cooked Rice

Call Pa

draic on 086 81 82 628

“ A Taste of Home”

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Celebrity Chef Demonstration in Aid of Claregalway Day Care Centre The Corrib Lions Club, in conjunction with the Claregalway & District Day Care Centre are holding a major fundraiser on Saturday 7th July 2012 in the Claregalway Hotel.

Celebrity Chef, Kevin Dunden, will be at the Claregalway Hotel to demonstrate his very popular cooking skills and not only will he be demonstrating but the meal he cooks will be served to all ticket holders. The event is being sponsored by local businesses and promises to be a very good evening. Tickets are â‚Ź50 each which will include a four course meal, wine, dancing & some spectacular raffle prizes including a weekend away! Tickets will be available shortly so make sure you put the date in your diary. Posters will be going up very soon so keep a look out, full details on how to get your tickets will be on the posters.

Remember, Saturday 7th of July 2012, Claregalway Hotel — Don't Miss it!


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’t on

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We have everything you need for the bbq. From Meats to Burger Buns... and Charcoal to the Barbecue!

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LUNCH From €6.95

DINNER From €9.95


Loughgeorge, Claregalway, Co. Galway. 23 Tel: 091 798202 Email:

RAFTERY group s, ine s, W er Be irits Sp

it Fru . sh eg Fre d V an

sh Fre ed ew Br ffee Co

sh Fre ed k Ba ad e Br

al it on Na otto L


li, De ood tF o H

d an s s w zine e N ga a M

ile ob e M on Ph -Up p To






OPEN EVERY DAY 8am - 10pm

Raftery’s Centra, Claregalway

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