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The local newsletter for Claregalway & Carnmore Vol. 16 Iss. 2 | October 2011

Compántas Lir present Annual Autumn Theatre As Autumn has reached us, we turn our attention to the annual hosting of the Autumn Theatre.

This year we are delighted to announce the addition of a Saturday night performance.

As we do every year, we will be presenting two One–Act shows (information on each below). This is our biggest annual fundraising event and your support is greatly appreciated.

Last Tango in Carnmore by David Tristam

Adapted & Directed by Philip Cribbin

Lotto Lunacy

Written & Directed by Clement Shevlin

October 12th – 15th

October 12th – 15th

Last Tango in Carnmore

Lotto Lunacy

This One–Act comedy, originally entitled Last Tango in

Mike, an aging bachelor in a West of Ireland town, has just

Little Grimley, was designed by the author, David Tristam,

won the lottery and is discussing his plans with Fr. James.

to be customised to suit audiences in any locality.

Unbeknown to them, his housekeeper Miss Lally is listening

The local drama group is in trouble. The membership

in on the conversation. By the time she is noticed, she has

has dwindled to four — the audiences aren’t much bigger —

got the gist of the story and is in a flurry to tell the whole

and if they don’t raise the rent money for the use of the local

village the news of Mike’s lotto win.

centre soon, the group will be evicted.

crazy plans and this is where the fun begins…

Gordon, the resourceful chairman, has devised a cunning

It doesn’t take long for the locals to visit Mike with their

plan to rescue the group. “There’s only one thing that sells

tickets these days”, he says. “Sex…”.

show so you are sure to know somebody on the stage!

A massive cast of 12 of our finest take to the stage for this

The Autumn Theatre can be booked by:  085 115 4715 

Or you can purchase from your local Compántas member.

Tickets are €12.50 and sell fast so please book to avoid disappointment.

Local News, Health & Sport

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Editorial Josette Farrell, Editor

Sponsors The Nuacht Chláir is compiled monthly voluntarily by a small committee and distributed free of charge.

The Nuacht Chláir team would like to sincerely

thank our sponsors and advertisers, without whom this publication would not be possible.

When October comes, we auto-

There are now four defibrillator

matically think of long evenings

boxes situated in the community

and snuggling up to cosy fires, etc.

- Carnmore Community Centre,

In Claregalway, however, we are

Claregalway Community Centre,

blessed to have lots of activities to

Claregalway Hotel and Hughes

lure us away from the fires into our

Supermarket. For further infor-

local Community Centre where we

mation, contact Vincent Lyons at

have so many activities to choose

087 638 6432. I would thoroughly

from. The AGM is coming up on

recommend anyone to take part in

the 19th October at 8pm. All are

this course.

welcome to attend – this is a centre

The GAA Fashion Show is also

for everybody in the community

a night to note in your diary. This

and by becoming involved you are

is always a very enjoyable night and

another voice. For further info,

for a very good local cause.

contact Sile at 085 108 2929.

For further info, contact

Another date for your diary is

Anne at 086 157 1135,

the upcoming Compántas Lir Au-

Ailish at 085 159 4569 or

tumn Theatre in Carnmore. This

Geraldine at 087 287 3553.

is without doubt a great night out

and a must to see emerging talent

on the flooded families on pages

perform. Details on cover.

14 & 15. Has progress been made?

Read Michael Brennan’s report

Hughes SuperValu Claregalway Pharmacy Raftery’s Centra Claregalway Hotel Claregalway Dental Surgery JPK Garden Centre Glynn’s Centra, Carnmore MPG Food Ltd.

Claregalway Community

Margaret & Ned Keogh and their

Development is to be commended

children have been through hell

for the Trojan work they are doing

and back – don’t forget what they

with the Defibrillator Courses. I

have suffered.

attended this course in an upstairs

room in Hughes Supermarket last

receive local news via email. See

weekend. It was expertly present- for info.

ed by Vincent Lyons, Chairperson

As always, your suggestions are

of CCDA. Rosaleen Quinn gave

welcome and articles as Gaeilge

excellent instructions through-

greatly appreciated.

Want your business listed here? Visit:

out the four hours and I found it

Until next time,

very informative and invaluable.



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Turloughmore Health Centre Glynn’s Fruit & Veg. | 3

Self Help Africa I am writing now to you to let you know that I recently started working for the Irish charity Self Help Africa (Visit to find out more). Just a short note that I hope finds you well.

quality seed, supporting irrigation, and by a whole host of

other measures that can give people some protection from

For over 25 years Self Help Africa has been working to

alleviate poverty and hunger amongst some of the poorest

the kinds of problems they are facing in parts of East

people on earth. It is challenging work, but it is rewarding

Africa today.

to know that much progress has been made in Africa in the

past decade.

to one of the biggest challenges faced by Africa is in the

As the name suggests, Self Help believes that the solution

hands of the people themselves. Provide African farmers with better access to seeds, with training and with the knowledge that will make them better farmers and you will solve a problem that we have been wrestling with for the best part of half a century. You will read in the enclosed newsletter about the work that we are currently doing with women in Africa. In many respects women are the engine of development. They work in the fields, take care of the young and the old, prepare food, provide clean water, and do much, much more.

One example of how we are helping is by supporting

a women’s savings and credit programme that has provided The entire focus of the work of Self Help Africa is on

small loans to over 32,000 (mainly women) members in

food – helping Africa’s rural poor to grow it, and support-

Ethiopia, to allow them to set up small businesses and

ing households to earn the money that they need to buy it.

earn a living.

Those of you who know me well will know that I have had

I hope that you will enjoy reading about my new organisa-

my own struggles with food in the past. But the weight loss

tion – and will consider lending me your support if I ‘come

challenges I faced taking part in RTE’s Operation Trans-

calling’ on you in the future. Very small amounts can go a

formation’ are absolutely nothing to the ordeal that millions

long way in Africa – so every little bit of help that you can

of Africans face in putting enough food on the table and

give for the work of Self Help will always be deeply appreci-

providing for their families, simply to survive.

ated. Absolutley no hassle if you are not in a position to help

out you have been more than helpful and generous to my

This issues have come into sharp focus with the famine

and drought in East Africa. Although Self Help Africa is not endeavours in the past. Thanks again for everything. directly involved in this emergency, the charity does work to try to ensure that situations like this do not happen in the

With best wishes,

first place – by providing farming communities with good

Ronan Scully

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Pruning & Care of Trees & Shrubs

091 739 958

Now is the right time to prune all shrubs and trees, depending on variety. Good guide is as follows but you can check by phone (091 739 958) if you are in doubt of when to prune. Deciduous tree/shrub which flowers before the end of May e.g. Ribes, Philadelphus, Weigela, Deutzia —Prune as soon as flowering finishes Deciduous tree/shrub which flower after May e.g. Fuschia potentilla and Buddleia —Prune January to March, prior to regrowth Flowering Cherries —Prune late summer


Broad leaved evergreen

Benefits are as follows

—Prune in the month of May

— Keeps down weeds


—Keeps in moisture

—Prune in Autumn.

—Prevents frost penetrating the root

Autumn is the ideal time to prune DDD branches

Winter Protection

in all shrubs and trees:

Newly planted plants and trees will benefit from frost

D = dead, D= diseased, D= damaged

protection fleece especially if it is evergreen or tender eg

Also prune out any weak branches and branches that cross.

Camellias Wrap shrubs in garden fleece to protect them. In

Pruning of these branches will add to the appearance of the

the event of heavy snow, wrap favoured evergreen branches

tree/shrub and will improve its vigor and appearance.

with twine and then cover with fleece.

It is also very important at this time of year to remove

and prune out suckers. You will find that grafted trees and

Hardwood Cuttings

shrubs are very prone to send up suckers (eg Willow trees/

November the time of year to take hard wood cuttings.

grafted bay / grafted standard roses) and these will weaken

Plants which are very successful grown from such cuttings

the shrub/tree and will in time if left unchecked will com-

are as follows.

pletely take over the plant.

If there is a shrub /tree which over hangs a wall/path,

suckle, Jasminum, Laburnum, Privet Spirea and Weigela to

these should be pruned each Autumn so that trouble is

mention just a few.

Aucuba, Buddleja, Buxus, Cornus, Forsythia, Honey-

avoided in time to come.

Pruning is done with sharp secateurs, ¼ in above

an outward pointing dormant bud.

Happy Gardening! Josette Horkan’s Lifestyle & Garden Centre, Lydican, Claregalway. | 5

Warts & Verrucas John Duffy of Claregalway Pharmacy (091 799 754) explains warts are usually harmless, but may be unsightly. Warts on the feet are called verrucas and are sometimes painful. Warts and verrucas usually clear in time without treatment. If required, they can often be

Who gets warts and verrucas

or nearby nails, or if you suck fingers

cleared more quickly with treat-

and are they harmful?

with warts on. If you have a poor im-

ment. For example, by applying

Most people develop one or more

mune system you may develop lots of

salicylic acid, or by freezing with

warts at some time in their life,

warts which are difficult to clear. (For

liquid nitrogen or a cold spray, or by usually before the age of 20.

example, if you have AIDS, if you are

covering with tape.

on chemotherapy, etc.)

About 1 in 10 people in the UK has warts at any one time. They are not

What are warts and verrucas?

usually harmful.

To reduce the chance of

Warts are small rough lumps on

passing on warts to others:

the skin. They are caused by a

if they press on a sensitive part of

—Don’t share towels.

virus (human papillomavirus) which

the foot. Some people find their

—When swimming, cover any

causes a reaction in the skin.

warts unsightly. Warts at the

end of fingers may interfere with

waterproof plaster.

Warts can occur anywhere on

Sometimes verrucas are painful

wart or verruca with a

the body but occur most commonly fine tasks.

—If you have a verruca, wear

on hands and feet.

flip-flops in communal shower

They range in size from 1 mm to

Are warts contagious?

rooms and don’t share shoes

over 1 cm. Sometimes only one

Yes, but the risk of passing them

or socks.

or two warts develop.

on to others is low. You need close

To reduce the chance of warts spreading

Sometimes several occur in the

skin-to-skin contact. You are more

to other areas of your body:

same area of skin.

at risk of being infected if your

—Don’t scratch warts.

skin is damaged, or if it is wet and

—Don’t bite nails or suck fingers

vary, and they are sometimes

The shape and size of warts

macerated, and in contact with

classed by how they look.

roughened surfaces. For example,

—If you have a verruca,

For example: common warts,

in swimming pools and communal

plane (flat) warts, filiform (finger-

washing areas.

like) warts, mosaic warts, etc.

Verrucas are warts that occur

You can also spread the wart vi-

that have warts. change your socks daily.

To treat or not to treat?

rus to other areas of your body. For

There is no need to treat warts if they

on the soles of the feet. They are

example, warts may spread round

are not causing you any problems.

the same as warts on any other part

the nails, lips and surrounding skin

Without treatment, about 3 in 10

of the body.

if you bite warts on your fingers,

warts have gone within 10 weeks, and

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most warts will have gone within 1-2 years, and leave no scar.

If the surrounding skin does become sore, stop the treat-

The chance that a wart will go is greatest in children and

ment for a few days until it settles. Then re-start treatment.

young people. Sometimes warts last longer. In particular,

There is also a small risk that you may get a skin allergy to

warts in older people are sometimes more persistent and may the treatment. If this occurs, the surrounding skin becomes last for several years.

red and itchy.

Treatment can often clear warts more quickly. However,

treatments are time-consuming and some can be painful.

It may take two weeks or more before you notice any im-

provement. It can take up to three months of daily applica-

Parents often want treatment for their children, but children tions for warts to go completely. Treatment may work better are often not bothered by warts. In most cases, simply wait-

if you put a plaster on the wart after applying the acid.

ing for them to go is usually the best thing to do. What are the treatment options? The three most commonly used treatments are: —Salicylic acid. —Freezing treatment.

Freezing warts is a popular treatment. Many GPs & Practice Nurses

—Covering with duct tape.

are skilled at this.

Salicylic acid

Freezing treatment (cryotherapy)

There are various lotions, paints and special plasters that

Liquid nitrogen is commonly used. The nitrogen is sprayed

contain salicylic acid. You can buy these at pharmacies, or

on or applied to the wart. Liquid nitrogen is very cold and

your doctor may prescribe one. Read the instructions in the

the freezing and thawing destroys the wart tissue. To clear

packet on how to use the brand you buy or are prescribed, or

the wart fully it can need up to 4-6 treatment sessions, some-

ask your pharmacist for advice.

times more.

Usually you need to apply each day for up to three

Each treatment session is a couple of weeks or so apart.

months. This acid burns off the top layer.

Some studies show that the chance of clearing a wart with

Every few days rub off the dead tissue from the top of the

freezing treatment is about the same as acid treatment.

wart, with emery paper (or similar). Gradually the wart is

However, one recent research study reported that freezing

burnt off and rubbed away.

treatment was more likely to be successful at clearing warts

compared with acid treatment. Also, freezing treatment

It is best if you soak the wart in water for 5-10 minutes

before applying acid. You should not apply acid to the face

tends to be quicker to get results.

because of the risk of skin irritation which may cause scar-

ring. If you have diabetes or poor circulation, you should use

blister develops for a day or so on the nearby skin after treat-

salicylic acid only on the advice of a doctor.

ment. Also, there is a slight risk of scarring the nearby skin

or nail, or damaging underlying tissues such as tendons or

If you put the acid on correctly each day you have a good

Freezing treatment can be painful. Sometimes a small

chance of clearing the warts within 3 months. Studies report

nerves. It is not suitable for younger children or for people

that about 7-8 in 10 warts are cleared within 3 months with

with poor circulation.

daily use of salicylic acid.

Tips for success include: Try not to get the acid on the

Combined treatment

skin next to the wart, as it may become irritated. You can

One review of treatments concluded that treatment with

protect the nearby skin by putting some Vaseline® on the

salicylic acid plus cryotherapy had a higher cure rate than

normal skin beforehand, or by putting on a plaster with a

either salicylic acid or cryotherapy alone.

hole in it which just exposes the wart for treatment.

Continued Overleaf | 7

Continued from page 7 Covering with Duct Tape

people prefer to wear a special sock which you can buy from

One research study found that covering a wart with strong

pharmacies. It is also a good idea to wear flip-flops when

adhesive tape seemed to give a good chance of clearing warts

using communal showers, as this may reduce the chance of

within a month or two. (Duct tape was used in the study.)

catching or passing on virus particles from verrucas.

In this study, about 7 in 10 warts had cleared within 2 months with using duct tape. The method described in the study was: —The wart was covered with duct tape for 6 days. —If the tape fell off during this time, a fresh piece

of tape was put on.

—After 6 days, the tape was removed and the

wart soaked in warm water for 5 minutes.

After drying, it was then gently rubbed with an emery board or pumice stone to get rid of dead tissue

Parish Notices Claregalway Parish Mass Diary is now available for 2012.

from the top of the wart.

—The wart was then left uncovered overnight

1st Anniversary Masses need to be booked immediately.

Please contact the Parish Office (091-798741).

and duct tape put on again the next day.

Treatment was continued for up to two months. (Note: most

warts that cleared with duct tape did so within 28 days.)

be shared next year. It is the responsibility of families of the

deceased to book Masses.

However, two subsequent studies using tape (cited at the

The situation may arise that weekend Masses may have to

end) failed to demonstrate the good response of the first study. So, the evidence for tape treatment is mixed. But, it

Senior Choir practice Monday night at 8.15 p.m. Hope to

may be worth a try, as you are unlikely to do any harm and it

see all existing members there and new members are very

may work. Some experts advise that you should not use duct

welcome. For further information Tel: 798125. Folk Choir resumed on Wednesday 14th September at

tape on the face as in some people it can irritate the skin.

8.30 p.m. New members always welcome. Other treatment options A podiatrist or chiropodist can pare or rub down a verruca.

Dates for your Diary:

This is often enough to ease any pain, even though part of

the verruca may still remain.

will take place on Saturday 5th Mary 2012.

If the above treatment options do not clear warts then other

The Sacrament of Confirmation The Sacrament of First Holy Communion

will take place on Saturday, 19th May 2012.

methods may be tried. There are various ways that can cut out or burn warts, but they are usually only done by special-

Aoife Dempsey, T.C.R.G. Corrib School of Irish Dancing Classes:

ists if other treatments have failed. Some treatments (such as

Wed. in Carnmore Community Centre from 5pm – 6:30pm.

laser treatment) are not available on the NHS to treat warts

Thurs. in SMA Hall, Claregalway from 6pm – 8pm.

and verrucas.

Fri. in Turloughmore Centre from 6pm – 8pm. Contact 087-6950457

What about swimming? A child with warts or verrucas should go swimming as nor-

Claregalway /Carnmore Active Retirement Meeting Friday,

mal. Warts can be covered with waterproof plasters. A ver-

16th September at 10.30 a.m. in the Parish Meeting Room.

ruca can also be covered with a waterproof plaster but some

All welcome.

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Make It Happen I was reading a paper recently

and I saw that Owen Hargreaves

business failure is tough. There

TV. He called into the studios in RTE

was due to line out for Manchester

are many reasons why things don’t

repeatedly, six or seven times he recalls,

City. It got me thinking, here was

work out. Owen Hargreaves went

each time leaving a bucket. He did not

a guy whose career was written off

out and proved his weakness (in-

allow rejection to stop him. Eventually

due to the ravages of injury and

jury) was not as weak as Ferguson

the buckets started to clutter the place

who was only being considered for

had surmised and that he did

and the staff at RTE realised he wasn`t

the lower leagues, most notably

indeed have something to offer.

going to give up, so he was given a one

Leicester City.

He scored the winning goal.

minute slot. That was the start of his

success story.

What struck me was his

Being made redundant and

Another person who had some-

he got his big break on the biggest gig on

determination, like all winners

thing to offer and who stood out

Some people want it to happen,

he had a self belief coupled with

from the crowd was “Jobless Paddy”.

some wish it would happen,

steely determination. I distinctly

You may remember this guy who

others make it happen

remember Owen Hargreaves mak-

paid for a billboard and made it

—Michael Jordan

ing a YouTube video of a personal

happen for himself by advertising

The legendary Jordan himself was

trainer putting him through his

himself for employment with what

dropped from a team. He used that

paces. The video was an unusual

little money he had left. He found

episode to drive him for the rest of his

one for a professional footballer to

himself in the middle of a media

basketball career, one of the greatest

do. But by producing the

storm, and also landed himself

careers in the history of the game.

YouTube video, he effectively re-

as job with Paddy Power, who

moved all doubt that he was injury

admired his brave move. This is

ordinary person - who did something

free, thus leading to his surprise

another great way of standing out

extra. This in turn made them extraordi-

move from Manchester United to

from the crowd and getting people


Manchester City.

to take a chance on you. People

So what can we learn from this?

Every one of these examples is an

What will you do to achieve your

love ingenuity.

goals? What business would you like to

Here is a great example of how

start? What is the job you want to get?

rejection should be handled. Sir

people’s attention is John Concan-

Are you extraordinary, do you need sup-

Alex Ferguson let him go and said

non of JFC. You may remember

port realising your potential?

he was not part of his plans. It’s

John from his role in “The Secret

William Corless

a bit like being made redundant,

Millionaire” aired recently in RTE.

someone decides your role in the

I had the pleasure of meeting John

company no longer exists and you

several times and he likes to tell the contact William Corless on

are suddenly without a job. Does

story of how his Late Late break

086-6080194 or

that mean that you are redundant

was the making of him.

or that the role is redundant? Owen

A man who definitely got

John did not have a marketing

If you want to follow through,

YellowWood aims to improve

Hargreaves pretty much answered

person or PR expert to get him

business performance and optimise indi-

Sir Alex by getting a contract with

a job interview. By being deter-

vidual potential through NLP, Coach-

Man City, Utd’s greatest rivals.

mined, persistent and ingenious,

ing, Training & Business Solutions. | 9

Caring for Gums & Teeth During Pregnancy Pregnant women must take special care in order to prevent gum disease. It is essential to eat a well balanced diet during pregnancy. You are What You Eat

Questions often asked by women during pregnancy

It is untrue when you are pregnant

Q: Do I need to visit my dentist during pregnancy?

your teeth are weakened because

A: Yes. Due to hormone changes during pregnancy, some women’s dental health

the calcium from them goes to

needs closer attention during this time. This may include appointments to

build the baby’s teeth.

have a thorough cleaning, and advice on caring for your teeth at home.

Your baby’s teeth begin to form

after the first three months of

Q: Why are my gums bleeding?

pregnancy and it is your diet which

A: This is due to hormone changes in the body. This means that you must keep

affects their formation.

a high standard of oral hygiene brushing your teeth twice a day & flossing

once a day.

It is important to eat foods

that are rich in calcium e.g. milk, cheese, fish etc., all of which will

Q: Is dental treatment safe during pregnancy?

help your baby’s teeth and bones to

A: Yes routine dental treatment is safe.

grow strong & healthy.

During pregnancy you may tend

Q: Does pregnancy cause damage to teeth?

to eat more than usual but try to

A: There is no truth in the rumours about calcium deficiency due to pregnancy

keep sugar intake to a minimum.

causing tooth problems or that you will loose one tooth for each child.

Oral Hygiene Due to fluctuating hormone levels, you may be more susceptible or bleed from flossing & brushing.

Your gums may be red and

swollen or bleed from brushing. They will recover after delivery. This article is courtesy of Claregalway Dental Surgery, Summerfield, Claregalway. 091 798 333 | Mon,Thurs,Fri: 9am–5pm; Tues, Wed: 8am–7pm

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Claregalway GAA Fashion Extravaganza Claregalway GAA Club are holding their second Fashion Extravaganza on Thursday, October 20th 2011 at 8.00pm in the Clayton Hotel, Briarhill. This event is to support the ongoing development of the Claregalway GAA Club. Two training pitches are now in use (see pictures) but there is still a long way to go and the club has embarked on a five year development plan to raise the funds to enable completion of this project. Club membership is constantly increasing so these facilities are greatly needed.

The Fashion Extravaganza will be a fully professional

show hosted by an experienced team of specialists including Mandy Maher and her team from the Catwalk Modelling Agency who will be modelling outfits from shops in and around Galway city and county including Anthony Ryans (sponsors of the best dressed lady), Standúns of Spiddal, Brown Thomas, Sugar Pink, Hidden Closet, Colette Latchford, Enjoi (Tuam), Squisito, Beverly Hills, Kiss (Dublin Road, Tuam) and Reidys Menswear. Hats will be provided by Susie Mahony and CARA Diamonds will be showing some of their pieces.

On the night there will be various stands to visit includ-

ing Mike Ryan Jewellery, Bella Make-Over Studio, Michelle McDonagh Beauty Rooms, Quiff Hair Studio, Richard Hughes Opticians and Flanaghan Shoes.

During the evening there will be entertainment and

raffles with some amazing prizes to be won. There will also be a presentation made to the Claregalway & District Day Care Centre, a cause that the Fashion Show committee have chosen to support this year.

Further information can be obtained through the

Claregalway GAA Website,

Tickets are priced at €20 and are available by phoning

Margaret on 087 204 4158.

Tickets are selling fast so don’t miss out. | 11

The Claregalway Hotel Wedding Exposé Save the Date! 16th October 2011, Claregalway Hotel, multi award winning wedding venue, will host its 7th annual “ Wedding Exposé” on Sunday 16th of October from 1pm to 6pm. The Claregalway Hotel, one of the country’s most popular

fashion tips & advice on how to create your dream wedding

wedding venues, will host its annual Wedding Exposé on

look. The Wedding Fair will also be the perfect opportunity

Sunday 16th October 2011 from 1pm to 6pm. The award

to explore what the Claregalway Hotel can offer you. We

winning hotel has long since established itself as a leading

will showcase the ‘4 Themes of the Wedding Season’ exhibi-

wedding venue in Galway and we proudly proclaim that

tion, covering a wedding style from Valentines, summer,

providing Brides & Grooms with a perfect wedding day is

autumn and Christmas.

a specialty. For those planning a wedding, or dreaming of one, there’s no other place to experience the vast range of products and services available from the West of Ireland’s biggest wedding suppliers. In just a few hours a couple can

The Claregalway Hotel is a renowned wedding venue in the West and has established itself with a reputation for exquisite food & excellent service.

meet with a varied mix of exhibitors, showcasing their range

of wedding services and products, with many ‘on the day’

Partnerships we can also cater for all civil ceremonies and

discounts available.

civil partnerships. Over 500 couples have chosen to celebrate

Our wedding team, led by wedding planner Nora Gill, will

their nuptials with The Claregalway Hotel since it opened in

be at your service to discuss any queries you may have and

July 2004 and dates are being snapped up fast for the coming

offer you exclusive suggestions and tips. Head Chef, Ralph

months from eager brides and grooms from all over Ireland.

McNally, will also be present to discuss any menu-related

Our hard work and dedication has been recognised with the

enquiries and he will be providing canapés for guests and

Optimus Mark of Best Practice Award 2011 and two recent

samples from a selection of his most popular wedding

nominations for Best Wedding Venue in Connaught 2011 by


two of Ireland’s leading online wedding websites.

A popular highlight of the days’ activities includes the

As a HSE approved Venue for Civil Ceremonies and

The Claregalway Hotel and Leisure Centre promise to ca-

Wedding Exposé Fashion Show, by Catwalk Model Agency,

ter for no more than one wedding per day so you can be guar-

that will offer brides to be, grooms, mums, dads and

anteed a personalised service with standards of excellence

bridesmaids, the opportunity of viewing the latest styles

and a venue second to none. We can cater for the smaller

and trends from the very best in bridal fashion. Tara King,

more intimate weddings in the Cregmore Suite. For the

beauty and fashion enthusiast will be at hand to offer you

elegant & traditional wedding our Waterdale Banquet Suite.

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Flood Victims Finally Receive Compensation Around 20 families who were forced out by severe

flooding two years ago are expected to get up to €200,000 each to buy new homes. Michael Brennan

due to the risk of flooding. They have to show that it is

Deputy Political Correspondant, Irish Independent

impossible to get flood insurance.

And the OPW also has to find that re-location is a

They were among the worst affected by the floods,

cheaper option than carrying out flood protection works.

which damaged the homes of thousands of people

In many cases, families have moved back to their

around the country.

homes because such works have either been carried

out or commissioned.

They are set to get compensation to buy or build new

homes because the risk of their old homes flooding again is

considered too great – and it would be too expensive to carry

in contact with some of the families hoping to get re-located,

Fine Gael Galway West TD Brian Walsh, who has been

out flood prevention works.

said it had been a huge ordeal for them.

Some of the families have young children & have been living in rented accommodation since the severe flooding in November ’09.

But the 32 families in Galway, Roscommon, Offaly and

Tipperary are facing an anxious wait before the Department of Social Protection confirms who is receiving the relocation grants from the €4m fund.

The Government has only approved the relocation of up

“But I am hopeful that there is now light at the end of the tunnel for many of these in the form of the prospect of relocation. There isn’t any other option for these people. It’s too risky to move back into their homes,” he said.

The families will be given funds to buy or build new

homes – depending on their personal circumstances. But

the amount of money they receive from the €4m fund will be capped in accordance with an estimate from their local authority –such as Galway County Council- about the cost

to 20 families – meaning that 12 other families are likely to

of providing a reasonable home in the area.

miss out on the funds. The overwhelming majority are from

Galway (27), with three from Roscommon and one each

their own site to build on – and any compensation payments

from Offaly and Tipperary.

from their insurance company for the flood damage will also

In order to qualify for re-location, the families have

be discounted. The Department of Social Protection said its

had to get an assessment from the Office of Public Works

officials had visited each of the 32 families and carried out an

(OPW) that it is unsustainable to move back to their houses

assessment of their situation.

14 |

Their re-location grant will be also cut if they have

“The department expects to be

in a position to make a decision on these cases in the coming weeks,” a spokeswoman said.

Although the relocation scheme

only covers people in four counties, the Government has given pay-

ments worth €1.65m to 1,310 other people to help them move back into their flood-damaged homes – an average of €1,200 each.

But according to TDs, many

people are still finding it impossi-

Photo: Andrew Downes Photography

ble to get flood insurance. One family is anxiously waiting for a grant to move to a new home — after being forced to live in rented accommodation for the past two years. Margaret Keogh and her husband Ned lost almost all of their furniture when their bungalow in Carnmore in Galway was covered by a foot of water for three weeks.

They and their three children have been living in rented accommodation while they wait for a decision

from the Government on re-locating them to a new home. They had previously lived in their home for ten years and never had any problem with flooding during that time.

Mrs Keogh said the site around the house had been flooded four times since –

and that there was no guarantee this wouldn’t happen again if they moved back.

“I just really couldn’t put the kids back there. I would prefer to live in the side of the street rather than go

back with them,” she said. The couple bought their home – which was around 25 years old at the time – back in 2001 for €194,000. Mrs Keogh said it was now “worth nothing” but they are still paying the mortgage for it.

Mrs Keogh said she and her husband had kept going for the sake of their three children Lauren (3), James

(6) and Dillon (9). “If I didn’t have the kids, I think I’d be in a mental hospital because it’s been horrendous on myself and Ned. I don’t even know how our marriage has got through it. We’ve lost everything,” she said.

She and her family are now waiting for the announcement by the Department of Social Protection about

who will be re-located under its €4m scheme to help flooded families. Their rent payments are being covered by an emergency flood relief fund in the meantime.

“We’re hearing that 20 families are going to get relocated but we don’t know if we’re one of them,” she said.

Both Mrs Keogh and her husband have lost jobs due to the business slowdown caused by the recession – she previously worked with the Executive Helicopters company and her husband worked as a carpenter. And they had to dump six skip-loads of furniture and personal possessions which had been damaged by the flooding.

“The water was in our house for three weeks. And in the country, you have septic tanks so picture the

scene,” she said. Mrs Keogh said the family is willing to keep repaying has previously travelled up to the Dail to highlight her family’s plight– and has been seeking a meeting with Social Protection Minister Joan Burton.

“It would be just to talk to her and show her we’re not gangsters. We’re just a normal couple and we’re not

trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. We owned our own home. We worked to buy all our own stuff. We’ve never been on social welfare until this happened,” she said. | 15

Some snaps from a recent stroll in the sun around the village.

16 | | 17

Falling for Autumn Móna Wise is a local

We naturally turn to comfort foods

blogger & author.

this time of year. With all the belt

Wise Turkey Chilli

tightening that has been going on

—900g ground turkey (Tesco stocks this)

Check out her blog at

all over the country, many of us

—3 onions (medium)


have had to be creative in resourc-

—4 cloves of garlic

ing our food. Trying to maintain

—1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper

a healthy diet and eat quality food

—2 tablespoons mild chili powder

can sometimes pose as a challenge.

—1 tablespoon hot chili powder

But how do you feel about beans?

—1 tablespoon brown sugar

And I am not talking about the tin

—1 teaspoon salt

can of baked beans either.

—1 teaspoon black pepper

—4 cans of chopped tomatoes

Affordable and available at

most local shops, beans come in

—1.5 litres of water

many shapes, sizes and colours.

—3 tin cans of beans (kidney, chick pea, etc.

We have gotten in to the habit of

adding dried green lentils and pearl

If you buy the dried beans soak them overnight

barley to our brown basmati rice

in a large bowl of water. Boil them slowly for

blend. This gives the kids an added

an hour and a half to make sure they are cooked

protein boost to their dinner and

prior to adding them to the mix. The ones in the

there is always the added benefit

can are already cooked).

you decide)

of lowering cholesterol levels and helping fight heart disease for the grown ups in the house.

One of our favourite ways to

One pot wonder

use beans has got to be a good old

Peel and chop finely the onions and garlic. In a large pot

fashioned pot of turkey chili.

sauté the onions and garlic gently for a few minutes until they become translucent. Add the ground turkey, the chili powder, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper and sugar. Mix well and enjoy the smells of all those spices mixing with the meat.

Add in the tinned tomatoes and keep mixing. Add in the

water, slowly. Keep stirring the chili. Add in the beans. Mix well and add a little more water if seems too thick. Cover with lid, reduce the heat and leave to simmer for 2 hours.

The kids favourite way to eat them is on a hot dog with

grated cheddar and raw onion relish. This will keep for a few days in the fridge and freezes very well. Give it a try!

18 |

Winter Warmers Hot Buttered Rum I know you already know how to make a hot whiskey. But have you ever tried a hot buttered rum? Buy yourself a bottle of Captain Morgans Spiced Rum and the next time the weather takes a nose dive settle in for the evening with one of these in your mug. Spiced Butter —225g (8 oz) brown sugar —110g (40z) soft unsalted butter —2 tsp of cinnamon —2 tsp nutmeg —1/2 tsp all spice —2 tsp vanilla essence

Mix it up Beat all the ingredients together until they are well mixed. This will keep in the fridge for up to a month and goes well on a slice of toast too.

In your glass pour in a nice measure of rum, then top it up

with boiling water and add in your butter mix at the end. You can add as much or as little as you like.

This is one of our favourite winter warmers along with

hot ports and warm apple cider. Móna

Mobile Library Schedule Galway County Council’s Mobile Library will be at the Church entrance, inside Lakeview Estate at the following dates between 3:50pm—4:15pm:

October 18th 2011; November 1st, 15th & 29th 2011; December 13th 2011 Membership Charges: Adult: €5 | Unemployed/Students: €1

| OAP/Juvenile: Free | 19

Claregalway Ladies GAA On Saturday last 24th September, Claregalway Junior Ladies took part in the Tesco All Ireland Sevens At Naomh Mearnog G.A.A. club. Having played 4 games in their group, they came out on top and played a quarter final against Mungrets St.Paul’s which they won well. They played St.Sylvester’s in the semi-final and again the Claregalway girls were successful. They met Thomas Davis of Dublin in the final, which was a very tight tough game.

Unfortunately , the Claregalway girls lost out by 2-7 to 1-6. It was a most enjoyable day where the girls gave a won-

derful display of football. Great credit to the team which are Siobhan Cullen, Fabian Cooney, Deirdre Brennan, Tara Hession, Lorraine Keane, Emer O’Connell, Georgina Healy, Hannah Coen, Nicola Conlon, Charlotte Cooney,Aislinn Newell and Helen Moran. Manager; Barry Cooney, Michael Kirwan, Mick O’Connell . Special thanks to Rita Healy and to the parents who travelled.

The U-14 Girls travelled up to Bewleys Hotel on Friday evening to take part in the Kilmacud Crokes Sevens. Clar-

egalway were drawn in a strong group with FoxrockCabinteely,Naomh Conaill and Dungarvan. In Saturdays opening game at 10am Claregalway defeated FoxrockCabinteely on a score of 9-3 to 1-3. The second game was much closer against Dungarvan who had recorded a big win in the opening round. A converted penalty by Emma Connolly secured a 2-4 to 1-3 win. In the last group game Claregalway defeated Naomh Conaill 9-2 to 1-1 to setup a Fourth round knockout game with Shean Ui Neill. This game produced 18 goals shared evenly between the Teams but it was the Claregalway points that won the game on a score of 9-5 to 9 goals. Claregalway defeated Div 3 Feile Champions Lurgan by 8-7 to 1-2 in quarter Final and strong Cork representatives Fermoy in the semi by 7-5 to 2-3.

The Banner Ladies from Clare had defeated Sarsfields of Kildare in the other semi-final to setup a Clare v Galway

final. The final was 15 minutes a half and with both Teams having already played six games it was a real test of a team’s fitness and character. Only two points separated the Teams at the break. With the wind at their backs in the second half the Claregalway Girls drove for victory with well taken goals and secured the Title for the Club on a score of 10-8 to 4-9. Claregalway have become the first Club to win this Competition twice in its eight year history having won it previously in 2007. Captain Orla Murphy received the Cup on behalf of her Team and Ciara Burke was a deserving winner of the player of the Tournament.

We wish Roisin Holland a speedy recovery from a hand injury picked up in the opening Game. Panel Natasha

Hynes Ellie Glynn Megan Glynn Karen Dowd Orla Murphy Ciara Burke Ciara Campbell Emma Connolly Stephanie O’Connell Roisin Holland Lauren Coen Aisling Murphy. Many thanks to all who travelled up and helped make this a special day for this Team. The U-14 County A Championship final against Moycullen is due to take place next Sunday Morning. Details of time and venue will be posted on Club website during week. Training for all U-14’s on Friday at 6:30 and for U-13’s on Mondays at 6:30.

U10 League. The U10 League Finals take place this Saturday 1st October in Tuam Stars Pitch and begins at 3pm

sharp. These players are the young stars of the future and club support would be very much welcomed on the day. There are eight teams participating on the day including; Claregalway, Annaghdown, Kilkerrin/Clonberne, Corofin, Tuam/ Cortoon, Dunmore, Caltra & St Gabriels or Naomh Mhuire.

Claregalway Junior Ladies travel to Leitrim on Saturday 8th October to take on Bornacoola in the Connacht Semi

Final. A big well done to our U10 Girls who played in their end of year League at Tuam Stars on Saturday and following a thrilling final against Kilkerrin Clonberne emerged winners for the second year running. Congratulations to the Management team and the girls for all their hard work throughout the year.

20 |

What has happened this year for the Claregalway U14 ladies has never happened before. The team has won every competition it has entered encompassing three national and three domestic titles. The victory parade started with winning the Ballyboden tournament in Dublin for the first time. This was an invite only tournament comprising the best teams from Dublin, Cork and Kildare. This was followed up by winning the Galway Féile title against Corofin in Belclare. This opened the gateway to defend the national Féile title in July in Cork. Next was the league final which was annexed at the expense of neighbours Corofin.

With three titles already secured the team made way for Cork. Over the course of the weekend the girls defeated the

champions of Dublin, Clare and Cork, the never previously defeated Cork Champions St Vals in the final. The comprehensive nature of the 3-3- to 0-3 point victory added further to the achievement. The team didn’t get long to rest on their laurels and as well as qualifying for the championship final with a 7-14 to 4 goal win against Corofin they won the All-Ireland sevens tournament held in Kilmacud Crokes. The players won seven games in six hours scoring 54-34 in the process to become the first club to win the title twice in its history. The Championship Final took place last Sunday morning 2nd October in Pearse Stadium. Playing into the town end the Claregalway Girls lead at half time 1-6 to nil and maintained their dominance in the 2nd half to run out clear winners on a score of 3-14 to Moycullen 0-0.

This Teams achievement have never been achieved by a Galway club with National victories on Dublin (twice) and

Cork soil in the same year heretofore unheard of. Having beaten all comers as well as the county champions of every county encountered this Claregalway has gone to a large end to further the name of Galway Ladies football nationally Pictured above: Panel and Mentors after the Final in Pearse Stadium Galway. Back Row. Jimmy & Joan Gavin Joe Glynn Laura King Michael O’Connell Andrea Glynn Eva Gilmore Sky Nash Stephine O’Connell Rebecca Hansberry Laurie Moran Roisin Conlon Ciara Campbell Orla Murphy Roisin Holland Laura Field Keeva Gallagher Ellen Connolly Chleo Donnellan Gwen Horkan Darragh Leonard Asumpta Gallagher Elaine Goldrick. Front Row: Tim Hynes Moya Dunleavey Morgan Conroy-Broderick Deirdre Keane Elle Glynn Samantha Burke Karen Dowd Natasha Hynes Ciara Burke Megan Glynn Emma Connolly Lauren Coen Shauna King Michelle Coyle Aislinn Murphy Leah Fleming Aoife Gavin | 21

Special News Baptisms Zoe Hynes

Eoin Moylan

Ava Ginan

of Shane & Algelina

of Declan & Teresa

of Derek & Marie




Jack O’ Connor

Jamie Sammon

of Jonathan & Louise

of Austin & Sheila



Weddings Charlene Ward & John P. Ward



Funerals Michael Hanley, Carnmore

The Somme Widow I call your name to a distant sky,

When to the land beyond the sky

You don’t answer - there’s No reply,

I sometimes talk, and often cry,

Oh my Bonnie lad in youthful bloom,

And think of times short years ago,

On bloody Somme met your doom.

When we were together here below.

I curse the day that you perished –

Days of love, laughter and fun,

A soldiers’ death with the Tyneside Irish;

That went forever, on the Somme,

Into ‘no mans land’s’ thundering guns

The Bairns and I now on our own,

Went men of Tyne and Erin’s sons.

And you Pet - a Name on Thiepval stone.

As ‘over the top’ you went in style,

Edward Coppinger

Were your thoughts of the Emerald Isle, Or on Shipyard, shop or Mine, Wherein you toiled by Wear and Tyne?

Footnote: The 24th Tyneside Irish were part of the Northum-

Had you died by Shannon’s wave, Then we would have ‘known your grave’ – Instead you lie on foreign Sod, Of whom they say - Only known to God.

22 |

berland Fusiliers formed after the outbreak of WWI. They were Irish or descendants, and first ‘over the top’ at the Somme 1st July 1916; and were decimated. Thiepval Memorial Records their names.

Quality food for any occasion Delicious home cooked food suitable for all your party needs: Communions, Confirmations, Christenings, Birthdays etc. whatever that special occasion is, we deliver to your home

MPG Foods LTD., Cregboy, Claregalway, Co. Galway Producing top quality food for over 20 years

Tel: 086 81 82 628

Cottage Pie

Beef Lasagne

Chicken Curry

Beef Stroganoff

Call Pa

Chicken à la King


Vegetarian Lasagne

Chicken and Mushroom Vol-au-Vent

Garlic and Cheese Potatoes Cooked Rice

on 086 81 82 628

“ A Taste of Home”

Lackagh, Turloughmore, Co. Galway

Leading Funeral Undertakers for Claregalway & Lackagh

Telephone / Fax: 091 797 167 Mobile: Frank 085 1266 133 Joe 087 629 2350 Email: | 23

October Update from Local Cllr., Jim Cuddy Galway Radon Week 8th–15th October

Work on N 18

The Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland will hold

I am glad to be able to say that work has now started on road

a public meeting in the Radisson Blu Hotel Galway on

safety improvement works between the Claregalway N.S.

October 12th. at 2 p.m. The purpose of this meeting is to

and the road leading to the community centre.

provide information on radon testing and measures to deal

The council have 130,000 euro to spend on these works

with it. There will also be a similar type meeting at the Ard

which include footpaths and additional street lighting. This

Ri Hotel Tuam on the same date at 7.30 p.m.

will certainly improve the safety for people walking along

the N 18 from Claregalway village towards the road leading

Galway has one of the highest incidences of radon in

homes in the country where more than one in five homes

to the community centre.

have levels in excess of the acceptable levels.

Exposure to radon gas is a leading cause of lung cancer

Flooding survey

after smoking. Radon testing followed by remediation

The O≈ce of Public Works have engaged consultants to

of housing with high levels, will save lives and it is for this

carry out a flooding study between Claregalway Bridge

reason that these meetings are being held and I urge as many

and the River Corrib. I know that many in that area were

people as possible to attend.

concerned that this was not done in the original study of flooding in the Claregalway Area. This particular study is

Claregalway Relief Road

going to take some time so I will be3 in contact with the

In order to be in a position to select a preferred route

OPW to have it carried out as soon as possible.

for this road Galway Co. Co. engineers along with the


consultants who are engaged by them will be doing traffic counts in the Claregalway area along with surveys of those

You can email me at

passing though the area.

or feel free to contact me any day or evening at

It is expected that the preferred route will become

known before the end of the year and this will be open

091 798 136 or

to public consultations then. After that process is gone

087 636 0242

through we hope that all public representatives both local and national will ensure that the funding is provided for this project. Collection of Old Electrical Goods. On September 29th Galway Co. Co. organised a collection for old electrical goods and it was regarded as being a success.

Many thanks to the committee of the Claregalway

Community Centre for allowing the grounds of the complex to be used for the collection.

24 |

Chief Fuels Claregalway Fuels for: Open Fires, Stoves, Ranges 40kg Bags From â‚Ź17 Grade A Superior Polish Coal, Magiflame Smokeless, Ecobrite (Stoves) Banking, Singles, Briquettes

Free Delivery Contact Kenny Murphy 087 670 7297 Great deals on 5+ bags | 25

Delve into Your Family History The Western Family History Association (WFHA) in conjunction with Galway County Council recently held a workshop on Family History for Heritage Week 2011. This also included the launch of

tled Sources for Tracing your Family Tree. By Bríd Higgins, WFHA Secretary,

the Association’s new website

who spoke on Administrative Divisions and the different sources for Tracing by the Deputy

Ancestry – Census, Church, Civil, and Land records including the Repositories

Mayor of County Galway Cllr.

where they are located.

Bridie Willers.

on Tracing Ancestry through a Galway’s Genealogy Centre. She examined

Huge numbers turned out for

Then Siobhan McGuiness of Galway Family History Society West spoke

this free Heritage Week event.

the history of the county genealogy centres, sources available at their centre,

The audience spanned all ages and

parishes covered and researching at the centre both commissioned research

included existing members of the

an online research.

Western Family History Asso-

ciation with lots of new faces and

WFHA Committee

newcomers to family history. It

member spoke on as-

was great to see such an interest in

sembling your Family

tracing your ancestors, a topic that

Tree together, the

is definitely gaining interest due to

importance of writ-

the genealogy programmes on our

ing down details and

national airwaves.

web records available.

Both Michael Connaughton,

Gerard Naughton,

Event organisers

WFHA Chairperson and Marie

were delighted with

Mannion, Galway County Herit-

the attendance and

age Officer welcomed everyone on

hope to see some of

the night. A brief description of

the new members and

the Western Family History As-

the wider audience again at the public meetings throughout the year. By attend-

sociation website was given by Tim

ing and participating in the meetings one gets to benefit from the experience and


expertise of members ranging from beginners to those who have several years

experience in tracing their family history.

This was followed by the launch

of website by Deputy Mayor Cllr.

Bridie Willers. The night of talks

to access family records, census data, emigrant data and the latest developments

then began with the first talk enti-

in genealogy, such as, the digitisation of family records, births, marriages, deaths

26 |

Access to the latest information presented by expert speakers including how

and information on how genetics can be used to help trace ancestry.

The Western Family History

Association is a genealogy association based in Galway. It is a self-help group for its members and does not carry out research.

The Association typically holds

five to six meetings during the year, together with a number of other activities throughout the year. Meetings are open to the general public.

In addition to these activities

it provides a continually expanding library of genealogical and

Looking for Relatives Below are emails Nuacht Chláir has received this month from readers trying to trace their family trees, which may have roots in Claregalway. Michael Long (born c. 1865–1870)

historical books for members’

My great grandfather was Michael Long born in Galway, Ireland. I am not

usage. Western Family History

exactly sure where or when but potentially in the 1865-1870 range. His

Association regular meetings are

wife’s name was Catherine Walsh, also from Galway but it is not clear if

held on the second Wednesday of

they were married before he emigrated to Boston, MA. He had 2 sisters, Mary

the month (alternating months).

and Katherine (Kate or Katie) and 3 brothers, John, Patrick and Thomas. We also know that Katie Long emigrated to Boston as well and was married to a

The next meeting takes

man with the surname of Foley, again, not sure if they were married in

place at the Claregalway Hotel

Galway or Boston. Their father, my great-great grandfather was named Thomas

on Wednesday 9th November

Long and his wife’s surname may have been Whalen. That is about all I know.

at 8.15pm.

I did some research using the 1901 and 1911 census, and the majority of

Long’s that match the first names and estimated ages, were concentrated in

There will be a talk by Michael

Claregalway, specifically in the Kiniska area. When I looked up information

Carroll on his experience research-

on Claregalway, it states that the surnames Long and Walsh were amongst the

ing his two recently published

most popular in the mid 1800’s. Anyway, I though I would e-mail you and see

family/local/school history books

if maybe you could put this in your newsletter and if anybody sees a

entitled Of Beauty Rarest which

potential relation or has information, they could contact me.

celebrates 150 years of history of

Thank you

Clydagh National School, Head-

Stephen Long

ford and Valley of The Milk, a

history of the Carroll family of Luggawannia, Headford. For further information on

John Glennon (born 1866)

the Western Family History

Dear readers,

Association look up

I was moved by Stephen Long’s post asking for help on locating his kin.

I have never considered of using this newsletter as a channel for finding

or email

Continued Overleaf | 27

Continued from page 27 relatives -- the moment of eureka on doing so must have passed me by -albeit I would like to do the same. Please consider posting this in your newsletter as well. My gratitude would be beyond words if you post this.

My great-great grandfather’s name was John Glennon. He was born in 1866 in

the Leana Clocha area of Waterdale. He emigrated to the Boston, MA area around 1893 and settled in Woburn, MA -- a city twelve miles north of Boston. He passed away in 1950 in Woburn, MA. He married my great-great grandmother Kate Glennon (née Tolan) in 1893 in Woburn, MA.

On his birth certificate (I have a copy of an official certificate from Certified

How Dare You

Copies of Birth in Oifig An Ard-Chláraitheora), his surname was spelled Glinnane.

Why could you not wait, be patient

Hold out for just a while longer

Further, on his birth certificate, his father’s name was Thomas Glinnane

and mother’s name was Mary Glinnane (née Fannon).

The fog would have lifted

The sun would have shone

I can see my great-great-great grandparents — Thomas and Mary — in the 1901

and 1911 census records. My great-great-great grandfather must have passed away

If you had just let me get what

sometime between 1901 and 1911 since I don’t see his name in the 1911 census.

I needed done

He was around 70 years of age in 1901 according to census records.

My great–great grandfather, John Glennon, had siblings. I have ascertained

Now everything is thrown into

this from multiple sources, one being the 1901 census. He had a brother Patrick —

disarray; I wake up feeling angry,

about 35 years of age in 1901 according to the census record, and a sister Bridget,

sorry, guilty; And I have no anaes-

aged 23 in 1901 according to the census record. The Glennon surname was spelled

thetic for this

Glennone in the 1901 census.

If anyone has any information on my where I can find relatives or

I tried to help you, to show you

information about my ancestors, please email me.

the way; And I just can’t get what

Best regards,

I need today

Michael Reynolds

Time will not heal my wounds Time did not heal yours

Margaret Clancy (born 1884)

You lie there in your oblivious

I am trying to get information on my wife’s Grand Mother Margaret Clancy

all; How dare you make me feel

who we are led to believe was born in Claregalway in 1884.

this small

world; While I am here feeling it

Her father was John Clancy & mother Catherine Joyce. Her older sister was

Winifred (Mary) & older brothers John & Michael. Family hearsay is that Catherine

We used to laugh, we used to kiss

died in childbirth & John the father came to Australia in 1890 on board the Port Phil-

The roses we planted are now

lip ex London. I’m not sure if you have anywhere in Claregalway that can help me or

blooming; The life we dreamt of

whether you can point me in the right direct or not?

is not; I look down on your grave

with woe;

We have employed the Clare Heritage Centre Corofin to do some searching

for us but if they came from Claregalway they won’t have the records.

Leave you one rose and let go

Regards, Mal McFarlane (Western Australia)

Fiona Place


28 |

Cookery Classes for Children & Adults Kids Courses Adult Courses School Breaks Short Courses Halloween Demo

Christmas Cooking

for kids aged 6+


Boys & Girls welcome

Suzie O’ Connor Chef Instructor, Kiniska, Claregalway.

Men & Women welcome

Part–Tim e Catering Service Available

t: 091 799 138 086 163 6540 | 29

Local Notices The Credit Union in the Cois Chláir Shopping Centre reopened on Saturday the 24th September and will be open every Saturday from 10am to 2pm.

Post Local Notices to: Nuacht Chláir, Creig Buí, Baile Chláir, Co. na Gaillimhe Phone: 086 391 3852 or 091 798 430 Email:

Local Directory To enter your business listing or details of a group or society

Badminton for adults

Bridge for Beginners

Every Tuesday from 10am to 12noon

Starting in Claregalway on

(free of charge), please visit:

in Claregalway Community Centre.

Mondays from 10am to 12noon.

Do come along — all levels welcome!

For further info contact 086 391 3852.


Contractor wanted

Contact Vincent Lyons 087 638 6432

for Riverwalk construction project in Claregalway on behalf of Claregalway Community Development Association. Works will consist of

in the locality in the 2012 Claregalway & District Directory

Nuacht Chláir — Last Month’s Solution

erection of approx. 1Km. of concrete post fencing, installation of pre-cast

Congratulations to winner

concrete footbridge and construction of boundary walls with associated gates.

Maureen Lennon of Renmore.

Guitar Lessons in

Keep up-to-date with

Claregalway area

local news & events:

—Experienced teacher

Find Nuacht Chláir on Facebook,

—Friendly atmosphere

—All ages and levels Contact Ger on 087 217 0930

30 |

or visit







Nuacht Chláir Crossword



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October 2011 Crossword Editor

First Correct Cross-

Brian Place

word opened wins: A Meal for Two in the



Claregalway Hotel



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Contact Number:



33 35

34 36



Across 1 Interstellar gas cloud (6) 5 Pressing (6) Down 10 Very widely used language (7) 11 Inert gas (7) 2 State12of exalted delight (7) Anger (4) 3 Pneumatic car part (4) 13 Salt water (5) 15 Very light brown colour (4) 4 Stoat's coat (6) 17 Finish (3) 5 Kill 19 (6) Unexpectedly fast (6) 21 Seclusion women fromfamily men (6) (4) 6 Aquatic bird ofofAnatidae 22 South American country (7) 7 Wash 23 (7) Astonished (6) 25 Czech capital (6) 8 Passionate (6) 28 Male offspring (3) 9 Stubby (6) 30 Makes mistakes (4) 14 Temporarily (7)(5) 31 Removeblinded all clothing Metallic(5) element (4) 16 Walk32 noisily 35 Unsettle (7) 18 Rage36(5) Have faith in (7) 37 Recessed space (6) 20 Measure of current (3) 38 Surfeit (6)

21 23 24 26 27 28 29 33


Finish (3) Stabbing knife (6) Travesty (7) Ground oats (7) Most senior (6) Groundnut (6) Constantly scolded (6) Structure built over water (4)

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Last month’s winner:

Baile Chláir,

Maureen Lennon,

Co. na Gaillimhe.


Down 2 Betrothed (7) 3 Single entity (4) 4 Stick to (6) 5 Severe (6) 6 Spanish painter (4) 7 Observed (7) 8 Aragonite bead found in molluscs (6) 9 Sufficient (6) 14 Type of tooth (7) 16 Person who resists authority (5) 18 Liquid measure (5) 20 Incline head (3) 21 Spot on dice, domino etc. (3) 23 Order of business (6) 24 Colloidal particles dispersed in a gas (7) 26 Old UK coins (worth 21 shillings) (7) 27 Corroded with acid (6) 28 Housing for horse (6) 29 Agile (6) 33 Current coinage (4) 34 Group of nations with common interest (4) | 31

RAFTERY group s, ine s, W er Be irits Sp

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sh Fre ed ew Br ffee Co

sh Fre ed k Ba ad e Br

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