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SMA Family Day 2013 The free local newsletter for Claregalway, Co. Galway An nua��án áı�úıl le ha�aı� Baıle �láı�, Co. na �aıllı�e May 2013

Vol.17 Iss.8

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Giving Gifts & Baking with Móna Wise pages 8–9

Sowing Seeds in May (Tips for Gardeners) pages 12–13

A view of the SMA House from inside the Friary tower. See more photos at

Sunday 2nd June 2013 in the SMA House, Claregalway from 1pm–5pm

Magician, Sports, Dog Show. Stalls Include: Cakes, White Elephant, Novelty Stall, Plants, China Stall, New Item stall etc. Teas and sandwiches, Barbeque and refreshments will all be available,

A Letter to Lily–Mae from her Parents pages 14

Compiled monthly by a team of volunteers in Claregalway Baılíodh �íosúıl ó �oı�eann sao�álaı�e ı mBaıle �láı�

Events Include: Irish Music, Dancing, Bouncing Castle, Face Painting,

There will be a Sack Race, Egg & Spoon Race, 3 Legged Race, and our

local primary school students will be exhibiting some paintings.

How can you help? By baking a cake for the Cake Sale, donating unwanted gifts for the White Elephant Stall or making a donation of any kind. All such items need to be handed in to SMA House, Claregalway by Saturday June 1st.

Admission Free—Proceeds in aid of our Missions in Africa For further information, call 091 798 880.

Family Day Timetable 1pm Events Begin 2–3pm Sports 3–4pm Music and Irish Dancing 1–5pm Bouncing Castles

Dog Show Contact Tom McCann 087 417 9175

Tickets will be on sale all day for a raffle, and the draw will take place at 4.30pm.

In case you missed the news on our facebook page, bottle banks are now available in Claregalway Corporate Park. We need to do all we can to keep this important facility tidy to ensure their future in the locality.


An nua��án áı�úıl le ha�aı� Baıle �láı�, Co. na �aıllı�e



Josette Farrell, Editor The SMa Family day is fast approaching and it is always a guaranteed action and fun packed day. Check out the program on this month’s cover. It is great to see the community coming along to support this popular day every year and thanks to the SMa Fathers for facilitating it. Read Judith and Leighton’s heartbreaking letter to their daughter Lily–Mae on the eve of her fifth birthday on page 14. Lily–Mae continues to have ongoing treatment and she is in our thoughts and prayers. Ronan Scully, a contributor to Nuacht Chláir every month is having a book launch in the Meyrick Hotel, Galway on Thursday, 23rd May at 7pm. If you can, do go along and support on the night and I know this book will be a huge success. Ronan’s inspirational ‘Thought for the Day’ continues to give readers lots of hope and inspiration. See more details on page 25. The ‘Never Too Old’ Charity Shop has proven an overnight success in Claregalway and beyond. Check out the Charity Shop on facebook where pictures are uploaded on a regular basis. It is located in the Cois Chláir Shopping Centre, behind The Arches Hotel. It has attracted people from all over Galway and beyond and the proceeds go directly to the Claregalway & District Day Care Centre which is also a proven success in the area. The new Claregalway Community School is progressing at a steady pace. Check out their website for progress information at Rose Kavanagh continues to do sterling work for ADHD— read her update on page 15. Upcoming dates for your diary—Galway Garden Festival (July 6th and 7th)—this event attracts huge crowds from all over Ireland and credit is due for this great day out to Dr. Eamonn O’Donoghue and his sister Padraigín. We’ll have a big announcement with regards our website in coming months. Keep an eye on our facebook page for up-t0the-minute local news!

You can submit articles or stories by posting them to — ‘Currach Ruadh,’ Creıg Buí, Baıle Chláır, Co. na Gaıllımhe. by emailing them to — or by phoning Josette — 086 391 3852 091 798 430 Don’t forget to like our facebook page — bailechlair

The Nuacht Chláir is an open access publication and we try to include everything that is submitted, subject to the law of the land, and Editorial judgement. This




by the volunteer production team in order to preserve balance in the newsletter. The views & opinions expressed in the articles are those of the contributors and are not necessarily those of the production team.

As always, we greatly appreciate your comments or suggestions.

Until next time, Josette


History of Claregalway Series

Tón Rua or Lydican? To have an address in Tón Rua or Tonroe may not seem so glamorous at first when “Red Bottom/Arse” could be a possible translation of this placename; some people may even prefer to opt for Lydican instead. But in fact the more accurate translation is not only much more earth friendly but it would seem that Tón Rua is in fact but a part of Lydican and those living there could be perfectly justified in claiming a Lydican address.


ll of the standard Irish dictionaries give other mean-

ings to tón/bottom besides the anatomical one as in

able valuation maps of the following years has mention

Neither the census of 1851 nor the ordnance survey rate-

Tón an bhaile, the lower end of the townland, (Niall Ó

of our Tonroe unless I am greatly mistaken but the earlier

Dónaill, 1977, page 1250). Dinneen has ‘remote or lower part,

records of the Tithe collections of the Protestant churches

low-lying ground’ (1927, page 1230), and mentions several

has. These are collected in a volume called “The Applot-

placenames such as ‘Tón le gaoith, a wind-struck, bleak place‘

ment Book”, now in the County library to the rear of Galway

anglicised often as Tonlegee, which was my Great Grandfa-

Cathedral. This gives the names of the landowners or bigger

ther’s village. ‘Rua’ as in sionnach rua or madra rua is the red

tenants in the area with the acreage of their lands whether

russet colour either of the soil or the grass, perhaps an area

of the first, second, third or fourth quality with a tithe levy

of rocky land covered in red fern.

of between one shilling and seven pence for the first quality

down to a penny an acre for the fourth. The Commissioners,

Certainly the Tonroe of Ardrahan has about 100 acres of

red fern grasslands adjacent to it. The Tonroe of Clarinbridge

Samuel Shone and John Mahon, collected £240 for the two

is found in the turlough to the northwest whose grass would

ministers, Rev. James Daly and Rev. Wiliam Beresford, this in

turn reddish in a dry season. Both however are situated next

1827, when oats was ten shillings and sixpence a barrel.

to castles, Castle Taylor and Creggana Castle respectively.

The farmers of our Tonroe should be able to tell us why their

Andrew Lynch’s estate but leased out to John Lynch Esq., as

The 250 acres of Lydacan Demesne is given as part of

land could be called red or russet coloured and then all we

was 89 acres of Caherlea to Thomas Fox, 98 acres of what

need to figure out is whether Tón Rua is the low-lying part of

appears to be Lisscananane to Philip Murphy, 98 acres of

Carnmore or perhaps the rear section of the Lydican Castle

Ballanacuffy to a John Colter (Qualter?) and 187 acres of


Gortatleva to Henry Walsh. John Colter has a further 60

Originally Lydacan Tower House belonged to the

acres on the next line but the townland name is difficult to

O’Flaherty’s of Aughanure Castle but they made a strategic

decipher. Tonroe is mentioned next as being in the hands

withdrawal from the east side of Lough Corrib and were out

of Patrick Fahy (80 acres), James Lynch Esq.(80 acres) and

of Claregalway by the 1235 conquest of Connaught. I can

Daniel Glynn (10 acres). This amounts to a 100 acres more

find little enough information on the house/castle or on the

than the 1850s land survey as being in Lydan/Tonroe but

other Lydacan castle on the Laban-Kinvara road. In the eight-

perhaps the Lisscananane 98 could be excluded. Apart

eenth century Lydecan(as it was then spelt) was a parish of its

from showing that Tonroe was then reckoned as part of the

own under parish priest Fr. Tadhg Murphy until about 1805

Lydican estate, the great wall of which sorrounded Tonroe,

when it was united with the parish of Claregalway under Fr.

it may be the only documentary proof for the Glynns and

Malachy Mannion. Where the thatched church of Lydecan

others named above of the names of their Great Grandfa-

might have been would be interesting to ascertain?

thers! More of the Applotment Books next month.


An nua��án áı�úıl le ha�aı� Baıle �láı�, Co. na �aıllı�e

Lydican Castle

remains unblocked. The original doorway would have prob-

This site is situated in fairly low lying undulating coun-

ably existed in the SW, an area which is taken up by collapsed

tryside. It is just east of a minor road. The site consists of a

stones from the house and original tower house. Original

roughly circular cashel, enclosed mainly of very large stones

stones from the castle may be seen on the ground floor of

and boulders. Very few of these stones appear to be “in situ”,

the house where they exist. They have been raised and not

the NW sector being the notable exception. There is a souter-

only resembled typical tower house construction stones but

rain situated in the E sector of the cashel with its long axex

also can be matched to existing stones which make up the

running WSW/ENE while the entrance faces WSW. There are

stairs. On the ground floor of the house a hanging eye is also

no traces of an entrance feature nor of any other associated

evident. A good external view of the tower house may be had

internal or external features. The interior appears to slope

from this.

slightly from the SW to NE.

Cnoc na Leach

Lydican House/Castle

It is the Irish name for Lydican Hill. It got its name from an

The site comprises of a multi-period house. It seems to have

old custom of building small heaps of stones inside the wall

consisted originally of 2 stories. At present, however, the first

as a corpse was taken to the church.

floor and roof are both non-existent so that the only remains are four ruined walls, one of which has almost completely collapsed. Perhaps the most important feature of the house is the fact that the later buildings were constructed so as to incorporate an earlier Tower House (see below).

Tower House Situated on a natural rise overlooking good quality low lying pasture land to N and W. Site consists of the poor remains of a tower house incorporated into what appears to be a 17th century house. Tower house can be clearly seen attached to

Cnocán Aoibeann It is the name of the field at the back of Dennehy’s Garage and is now owned by J. Fahy.

Geata na gCeann It was the name of the big gate that was in the back entrance to Greateds’ Castle. It was later owned by P. Sheridan and eventually was given to Canon Moran for the old Claregalway church entrance.

Gort na Guailline

the Nw. This consists internally of a spiral staircase running

It is the name of a portion of land between Lydican and

in a clockwise direction with 10 steps still extant. The stairs

Cregboy owned by P. Fahy, R. Fahy and P. Shaughnessy.

were lit by splayed narrow slit windows, four of which are still evident but the original stone is now plastered, while one window is much covered up by ivy. There is also evidence of pointed arched doorways. Only a half portion of

Cathair na Finneoga It is the Irish name for the old fort in the rock road at Lydican.

Páirc an Asail

one still remains comprising of a section of the pointed arch

It is the Irish name for a field near Lydican Castle and now

and one side. The other seems to have been blocked up at one

owned by M. Cormican. It was where the Greateds’ (sic?) kept

stage and plastered while the top, showing the pointed arch,

a few donkeys. Tonroe is an area between Lydican and Carnmore. It runs from the Lydican road to Jimmy Leonards’ land.


Letter to the Editor

The QE2 Sailing to the Falklands by Edward Coppinger

Dear Editor, The word secular comes from the word sæcularis meaning “worldly”, making a distinction between spiritual and worldly issues. When we talk about a “secular society” we mean a society where religious considerations are not paramount over education, medicine and or laws to do with the family. In the Western World most laws which relate to crime, education and marriage have their foundation in Christian values. The laws in many Arab countries are based on the Koran or Muslim faith. Both of these religions have strong connections to the Jewish faith through the Old Testament. Statistics on religion in Europe: Show 35% Catholic, 26.7% Orthodox, Protestant 13.7%, 18.2% No Religion, 5.2% Islam, Others 1.4%. So religion in Europe is far from dead.

So is it possible that both the believer and the non-believer in Government find common ground without major conflict? This is now the dilemma for Irish Politicians as new laws expose conflicts with their core beliefs.

Are we looking at two parallel lines in the sand where never the twain shall meet? Are we ready for a society based purely on rational thinking? Maybe it is time for public debate on this dilemma. “As every divided kingdom falls, so every mind divided between many studies confounds and saps itself” —Leonardo da Vinci Yours Sincerely, Cllr Nuala Nolan Contact 086 407 2622

They came to the Docks in thousands By train, by bus or by car, All wanting to view the great QE2 Sail off to the Falklands and war. Packed was the huge Ocean Terminal On floors roofs and balconies, Well did they applaud our young men to war Going off to fight the ‘Argies’. That fever of war was infectious Loud did they shout and exhale, As that mighty ship her moorings did slip And to the South Atlantic set sail. Oh how they yelled for Argentine blood; And for the soldiers who might have to die, Women did a striptease along the quays That time worn soldiers goodbye. If only these docks could speak All this they had known before, The flower of our youth cheered by the uncouth To die on some faraway shore. Farewell to that great ocean liner To whom the monarch gave name, So many were touched by great sadness, Many also felt a great shame. Strange are our kin in human skin Some people we don’t know at all, The great hysteria for this Galtieri As if it all was a game of football. In that human mass were the top brass Aloof and upright by the rails, What with military bands and upraised hands Was there just a whiff of Seig Heils? Lined up on deck were great Regiments With flags blowing all awry, Odd it’s to say as she sailed away, Some didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Galtieri: President of Argentina. QE2: Commandeered for the Falkland conflict.


An Behaviour nua��án áı�úil described le ha�aı� was by “well Baıle wishers” �láı�, not Co.Forces. na �aıllı�e

Update From Your Local Councillor, Jim Cuddy As always, I can be contacted at 798 136 or 087 636 0242 or you can email me at

Request to Extend Pipes for Sewerage Scheme

Update on Traffic Calming at Claregalway National School

At the April meeting of the Council I had a

TheCouncil have been asked once again to give a definite

motion on the agenda in relation to a request to

date as to when the traffic management works on the N18

extend the sewerage pipes to cover Lakeview, the

outside the National School will be done.

Community Centre, the Corporate Park on the

N18 and also to extend the pipe network out as

outside the school in Claregalway will be completed when

far as the Cregboy Road on the N17 and the imme-

the water services works are done. It is expected the traffic

diate construction of the Treatment Plant. The

calming works will be done in conjunction with the traffic

following is the reply received:

calming works that are proposed as part of the new school

The Department is keenly aware of the urgency of proceeding with the building of the Sewerage

The answer received was the traffic calming works

in the Corporate Park in Claregalway. These works are likely to be done before the end of September 2013.

Treatment Plant in Claregalway and approval of the tender documents is expected in the near future. Houses at Lakeview, the Community Centre and the Corporate Park were included in previous documents but are not approved by the D0ECLG under this phase of the scheme. The council met with a deputation from this area recently who agreed to make a submission to Galway Co. Co. for consideration which has been received and will be assessed and forwarded to the D0ECLG for approval. A submission has been made to the DoECLG dated 21st February 2013 seeking approval for the extension of the sewer on the N17 Galway Road, Claregalway to the Cregboy Junction

Timetable Sought for Dealing with Traffic Issues I have asked the Director of Services Mr. Gilmore to give a timetable for dealing with all the issues already raised with him in relation to road improvements, street markings and sensors on the N17 in Claregalway. The reply was as follows: As issues are raised relating to Claregalway they are dealt with if resources allow. The sensors at the lights in Claregalway have been fixed and roads markings have been replaced where they were removed. Should other issues arise they can be considered and dealt with depending on the issue and the availability of resources.

to serve a number of properties in this area.

Since then I have written again to Mr. Gilmore asking him

We await response. I am aware that Deputy

to deal with the traffic flow problem in the village for the

Grealish has spoken directly to the Minister

short to medium term until the relief road is built and to

about these matters in the past few weeks.

use his position to fast track this relief road.

Keep up-t0-date with local news and events online at and You can also send news to


Giving Gifts

and why you should bake more often This story is by local blogger

Because I am married to a man who loves to bake and cook it is rare that my, eh, culinary skills are required in the kitchen. I am happy to be tipping along beside him in the kitchen, cleaning up the mess, as he makes and bakes. However, over the years, I have learned from osmosis if nothing else, a few handy tricks in the kitchen and am now quite adept at making a few dishes that even the chef himself would not sneer at. Baking on the other hand, is still my foe. I find it technical and temperature dependent.

and author Móna Wise, who regularly contributes to the Nuacht Chláir. For more of her stories and recipes, check out her popular food blog online at


or example—if it is a really cold day the dough will not rise as fast as it needs to for the perfect loaf of bread, or if the water is not cold enough the pie pastry might not be right, or if your

oven is not as hot as it needs to the buns won’t rise. I always feel like I am doomed before I start, so I do my best to steer clear of baking— that way there is less chance of me failing. It’s all well and good saying that isn’t it. But what do you do when the kids start asking for a treat and the Chef has already left forwork? Buy something at the shop? No. Put your purse away. I have the answer right here.

Bake a batch of biscuits. Or cookies. Or whatever you want to

call them. It could not be easier. Start small, find a recipe that can be thrown together and baked in under 30 minutes. We have a few of them now that we use on a regular basis and the one I am sharing today is one of my absolute favourite ‘last minute’ recipes because the biscuits bake up so quickly—and no matter how we vary the recipe, it always works out deliciously in the end.

You will notice that I have included two ingredients you may

not have on hand, but you can get them at Evergreens. Those items are malt extract and extra virgin coconut oil. The malt extract, is an excellent unrefined sweetener and we like to use this on a regular basis; you could also use honey if you wanted to. Extra virgin coconut oil can be found at the health food stores and is a much healthier fat to use when baking—as opposed to margarine. Do not worry about it lending too much of a coconut flavour to your baked goodies; It is not that strong in flavour.

I made these cookies for the first time a couple of years ago. The

first batch might have had a little too much malt extract in them and I deliberately under baked them so they would remain chewy. But holding them in for the full fifteen minutes in the oven produces a snapping tea biscuit—perfect for dunking or can even be sandwiched together for a delicious ice cream sandwich (great for kids birthday parties). I usually make these in less than 30 minutes—prep and baking time. Give them a try. You will be so glad you did.


The local newsletter for Claregalway, Co. Galway

Coconut Tea Biscuits

(makes 2 dozen biscuits)

What you will need —120g flour

—120g desiccated coconut

—2 Tbsp malt extract

—120g whole rolled oat flakes

—70g butter

—1/2 tsp bread soda

—120g raw cane sugar

—70g extra virgin coconut oil (solid)

How to make them Melt the butter, coconut oil and malt

Pre-heat the oven to 180°C. Using

If you would like to make a Gluten

extract on a low heat until it forms

a spoon, make a walnut sized ball

free attempt at this biscuit then

a nice thick syrup. Stir in the bread

of the dough and line them up on a

substitute the regular flour (same

soda and remove from heat. Mix

parchment paper lined baking tray.

amount) for GF flour and use Quinoa

until all the bread soda has dissolved.

You will need two baking trays. Make

flakes (pronounced ‘Keen’wa’) instead

In a large mixing bowl, mix the flour,

sure to leave plenty of room for the

of Oat flakes. We have made this

oat flakes, cane sugar and coconut

biscuits to bake and spread out. If

recipe several times as GF biscuits

together. Make a well in the center

you like your biscuits a bit chewy

and have even included chocolate

of the flour mixture and pour in the

then take them out after 11 minutes.

chips or pieces of cranberry and pistachio. Enjoy!

butter syrup. Mix with a spoon until

After the full fifteen minutes they

it is all mixed in and the mixture

will appear soft but crunch up to a

clumps together in little balls.

delicious crunchy tea biscuit.

Thanks for continuing to read along each month. Feel free to send an email if you have any questions about the recipes or pop over and visit me online at or catch our weekly column in the Sunday section of The Sunday Times (near the Travel section) where we share three recipes each week.


The Late Christy Langan, Rooaunmore


here was deep sadness as the news spread of the death of Christy Langan on Sunday 28th of April. Christy had given a lifetime of service

to Turloughmore Hurling Club and served as secretary of the club over a long period and was actively

involved in the glorious halcyon days of the 60s when Turloughmore captured an unequalled six Galway senior hurling championship titles in a row.

Christy was a dedicated servant to the club at many

levels as was his family, both on and off the field. This year Turloughmore club elected Christy as president of Turloughmore Hurling Club for 2013 and club chairman Eamon McDonagh presented Christy with his award. Christy was one of a few people who went for post-primary education in his day, when he cycled to Tuam to the Brothers every day. That gave Christy the chance to be a leading administrator and he went on to serve many companies during a distinguished career.

He gave loyal and dedicated service to Rabbitte Oil

and later developed an excellent hackney business. Ill health eventually forced Christy into early retirement but he had a network of friends who kept him up to

Scoláireachtaí Printíseachta Tá Údarás na Gaeltachta ag tairiscint Scoláireachtaí Printíseachta gur fiú níos mó ná €2,000 an ceann iad d’iarrthóirí le cáilíocht mar cheardaí a bhaint amach. Ní mór d’iarrthóirí a bheith sé bliana déag d’aois ar a laghad agus na buncháilíochtaí seo a leanas a bheith acu: Teastas Grúpa/ Meánteastas/Teastas Sóisearach, le pas i gcúig ábhar nó a chomhionann. (Tá matamaitic riachtanach i gcás printíseachtaí áirithe), nó réamhchúrsa printíseachta atá aitheanta ag FÁS, nó os cionn 25 bliain d’aois agus taithí aitheanta acu sa cheird le trí bliana. Tuilleadh eolais agus foirm iarratais ar fáil ó nó glaoigh ar 091 503 139 or 091 503 121.

Apprenticeship Scholarships

date on all happenings in the area. In recent years great care was given to him by his devoted wife Margaret, as his illness prevented him from moving much outdoors. Christy will be fondly remembered in the community.

His remains were removed from Lackagh Mortuary

Chapel to the Church of Our Lady of Knock, Lackagh. Following Requiem Mass celebrated by Fr. Des Walsh, P.P. burial took place in Lackagh Cemetery. He is survived by his wife Margaret, daughters Paula and Emma, sons Declan and Kevin, grandchildren, in-laws, brothers, sisters, relatives and many friends.

R.I.P. Christy Langan, died 28th of April 2013 Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dílis


The Gaeltacht Authority are offering Apprenticeship Scholarships worth more than €2,000 each for candidates with fluent Irish to achieve qualifications as craftspeople living in the Claregalway/Carnmore Gaeltacht area. The Gaeltacht Authority are accepting Applications for Training Apprenticeships until 7th June 2013. Group Certificate / Intermediate / Junior Certificate, a pass in five subjects or equivalent. (Mathematics is essential for certain apprenticeships) or introductory apprenticeship recognized by FÁS, or over 25 years old and have recognized experience in the craft for three years. Further information and application form available from or call 091 503 139 or 091 503 121.

An nua��án áı�úıl le ha�aı� Baıle �láı�, Co. na �aıllı�e

Claregalway Dental Surgery Top 10 tips for perfect teeth —Brush with Fluoride Toothpaste every morning after breakfast and before bed. —Spend 2 minutes brushing. —Use floss and mouthwash every day. —Use an egg-timer or a stopwatch to time your brushing. —Avoid snacking on sugary foods like sweets and chocolate. —NEVER drink fizzy drinks and avoid juices like MiWadi. —Drink milk and water. —Try snacking on cheese, rice cakes, popcorn and some fruit. —Visit your local Dentist every 6 months to check your teeth. —Change toothbrush every 8–12 weeks. To avail of special offers for children and parents during school holidays, like our page on facebook.

Local Notices Carnmore National School will be bringing the very exciting “Who wants to be a Thousandaire” gameshow to the Clayton Hotel on Friday June 14th. You will be guaranteed a great night’s entertainment and could also be in with a chance of winning €1000! Carnmore NS are delighted to be partnered with Cancer Care West for this fundraising event. Advertising for the night is almost filled—enquiries to John Reilly on 086 827 6193. Tickets for the night itself are on sale from the school or from John Reilly (number above). The fundraising committee will be going door to door selling tickets this weekend May 16th–19th. We look forward to meeting you all.

Like our facebook page for regular local news, events and updates— bailechlair or see our website


Local Notices

GIY (Grow it Yourself) May 2013 by Michael Kelly, CEO GIY Ireland

The family of the late Micheál and Margaret Hughes (Hughes SuperValu) are organising a commemorative golf outing in Galway Golf club on May 17th with all funds raised going towards Galway Hospice.

Galway Hospice Foundation is a voluntary organisation. It was established in 1986 when

I’m a big fan of any vegetable that you only have to sow once each year and that stores well—carrots, onions, garlic and parsnips are a great example of this. In early May I do my annual sowing of parsnips in the veg patch. Most books (and seed packets) will tell you to sow parsnips in February, which I did for a few years—not surprisingly I had very little success doing it this way. The seeds struggle to germinate in the wet, cold soil and the roots are more susceptible to canker. The key I’ve discovered with parsnips is to sow them much, much later.

a group of local doctors and nurses came together with a view to developing hospice services for the people of Galway city and county, as no such services existed there at the time.

There is no charge to patient or family for

any of the services provided by the Hospice but the running of the services depends on the generosity and goodwill of the public to fund the Home Care Service, Day Care Service, Bereavement Support Service and Educational Facility. Combined, these services cost in excess of €1.5 million per annum to provide and must be raised by the Hospice.

As well as running a golf competition we are also organising a raffle and would be very grateful if anybody would like to support the fundraiser by purchasing raffle tickets which are on sale in Hughes SuperValu. We have some superb prizes on offer with 1st prize sponsored by Corrib Oil for €500 worth of home heating oil and 2nd prize of a €250 voucher from Hughes SuperValu as well as many more prizes.


I grow about 60–70 parsnips—it sounds a lot, but it means we have about three a week to last us from October to next March. I have no interest in eating parsnips in the summer or early autumn months (parsnips are the quintessential winter crop I think), so having a stash of them for the winter does us fine.

They are relatively easy to grow (compared to carrots at

any rate) and are always sown direct in the soil. This means the bed they are being sown in needs a bit of work before you sow. I fork it over to a spade’s depth, breaking up the larger clumps of soil as I go. Then I rake it well to create a nice fine seed bed. I make a shallow furrow about 2cm deep and sow the seeds every 5–7cm. You need to handle the seeds carefully—they are paper thin and liable to blow away in the wind! When they germinate (will take about two weeks) you remove every second one to leave a spacing of about 15cm between plants.

This will produce medium sized roots. Parsnips will be

quite happy in the soil for the winter, but I find in a mild winter they will continue to grow in to massive roots—so I think better to lift them when you are happy with the size and store in sacks. The flavour of parsnips improves with the first frost.

The local newsletter for Claregalway, Co. Galway

Things to do this May To do May is the time to get those outdoor beds ready for early summer transplanting. Fork over and rake. Earth up potatoes as the plants develop. Put protective barrier around your carrots to thwart the dastardly carrot root fly. Regularly hoe weeds and

About GIY GIY is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to create a

mulch.Water plants if required. Support tomato, bean and pea plants with twiggy sticks, pea netting, timber supports with chicken wire, or existing fence or hedge. Pinch out the growing tips of broad beans plants to help prevent Blackfly.

healthier, more sustainable world where people grow their own food. We inspire and support people to grow food more successfully by bringing them together to share advice, tips and ideas. There are approximately 30,000 people involved in the GIY movement in Ireland. For more information check

© GIY Ireland 2013— All rights reserved.



Indoors for planting on later: basil, dill, cori-

May is another tricky “gap”

ander, courgette, cucumber, sweet corn, pump-

month as stores continue to

kins. Outdoors: winter cauliflower, cabbage,




kale, spinach, sprouting broccoli, leeks, beans

asparagus, purple sprouting

(French, Runner, Climbing French), beetroot,


parsnip, turnip, swedes, radish, lettuce, peas,

cabbage, cauliflower, spinach

broccoli, rocket, carrots. Harden off and begin

and chard.

to plant out seedlings you have lovingly raised

see the first real bumper salad



May is likely to

indoors—e.g. tomatoes, cucumber, peppers,

leaves like lettuce and rocket—

brussels sprouts, sprouting broccoli, cabbages,

as well as the first garlic, beet-

sweet corn, leeks.

root and globe artichokes.

Tip of the Month—Sow Seeds May represents a great opportunity to catch up on seed sowing if you have fallen a little behind. With the longer days and (slightly) warmer temperatures, it’s a great month for sowing—many of the crops you sow in May will catch up with seeds sown in earlier months. This week, sow indoors for planting on later: basil, dill, coriander, courgette, cucumber, sweet corn, melon, pumpkins, marrow, summer savory (great companion herb for growing and cooking with Broad Beans).

Outdoors: winter cauliflower, cabbage, kale, spinach, sprouting broccoli,

leeks, beans (French, Runner, Climbing French), beetroot, parsnip, turnip, swedes, radish, lettuce, peas, broccoli, rocket, carrots.

You could also try an extra harvest of early spuds by planting an additional

row wherever you can accommodate them.


Letter to Lily–Mae A letter to Lily–Mae from her parents on the eve of her fifth birthday (17th of April) that she may read when she is cancer free and living the life they have always hoped for her.

Dear Lily–Mae, Tomorrow, you, our beautiful daughter and our Tiny Dancer, will turn five. We will be having a small celebration here in London, the big party will be when we return home. Your little brother, Evan, will turn three in a week and a half, so we’re having a Princess and Knight themed party the weekend after next. We hope you are as excited as we are.

You were diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma six weeks after

your fourth birthday and, just like every day since then, tomorrow will be a mix of happiness and sadness; happy that you have made it this far, and sadness that you have had to suffer so much at such a young age. Tomorrow is also a reminder of our fear, the most difficult emotion to bear, and it’s the fear of how many more birthdays we will get to celebrate with you and, ultimately, the fear that this disease will take you, our beautiful girl, from us.

But you have shown us how to overcome fear, you have taught us the

Bridge Column Both vulnerable, Dealer South North 432 65 A8 A J 10 9 8 7 West 987 Q J 10 9 K43 K54

East A65 K8743 7652 5

South K Q J 10 A2 Q J 10 9 Q32

meaning of the word courage, for you are the embodiment of courage. This year, you have suffered so much, too much; chemotherapy, operations, stem cell transplant, radiotherapy, scans, bone marrow aspirates, injections, cannulas, tubes, central lines, medications, vomiting, pain, diarrhoea and baldness. These are words that are all far too familiar to you now and are words that you understand and accept without question; this is courage. As your parents, hurting you so much, in the attempt to save your life, has been utterly heartbreaking, but your heart is not breaking; this is courage. There is no treatment as aggressive as that for Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, and sometimes the side effects of what we are doing to you are completely overwhelming, but you are not overwhelmed; this is courage.

To date, you have defied the odds; you have, after nine rounds of the

most poisonous chemotherapy, no hearing, sight, heart, liver, kidney or lung damage, but more than that, you have shown us the true meaning of your incredible, fortitude, bravery and resilience; you have taught us how to live with adversity, to endure with dignity, and to hope without fail. We have been enormously proud of you since the day you were born; this year, we have been humbled to call you, our Lily–amazing, our little girl. We have another six months of hard treatment ahead of us and then we wait to see if you will be one of the lucky ones who gets to live without this disease for the rest of a very long and healthy life. We will not know until your ninth birthday if you are free or not.

Happy birthday, beautiful child, may you live to celebrate many,

many more birthdays. The world needs people with your amazing spirit and we need you more than anything.

Both vulnerable, Dealer South E S W N 1NT P 3NT P P P P Lead: HQ Tricky one! South is forced to take the Heart continuation and pauses to take stock. If she plays on Spades, E/W will get in and immediately resume the attack on the Heart suit, defeating the contract. If the CK is right (i.e. in the West hand) she can count on 6 Club tricks, the Heart Ace (which she has already played) and a Diamond; still one short. So South has to play to make an extra Diamond trick first (otherwise, could end up in the wrong hand), therefore presuming that West has the DK and, as a result, before doing anything else, she should play DQ. If West ducks, let the Queen run. Then switch to CQ. If West ducks, let the Queen run, then small Club to the 8 (assuming West ducks again) and then the CA. 9 tricks made.

Love always, Mummy and Daddy.


An nua��án áı�úil le ha�aı� Baıle �láı�, Co. na �aıllı�e

The EU Has Been Urged to Make “The Invisible, Visible” and Increase Public Awareness of ADHD President of the European brain council Mary Baker told, “A lot of people do not believe in [ADHD’s] existence. So therefore, if it does not exist, then people do not understand that there is treatment for it. We need to make this illness visible to society.”

by Ruth Marsden

inal activity, “So an early diagnosis

far less of a priority on the polit-

to make an invisible illness visible is

ical agenda, particularly due to the

World Health Organisation

the way to go.”

current economic crisis, which has

and chair of their working

The term ‘invisible disability’ is

resulted in widespread cutbacks



in resources. “ADHD is one of the

speaking at the launch on Tuesday

because of the lack of knowledge

most neglected and misunderstood

of an expert white paper on ADHD.


psychiatric conditions in Europe,”


aker, also a consultant to the

group on Parkinson’s disease, was




describe social


The white paper aims to provide

surrounding the condition. Among

she warned.

policy solutions to address the soci-

mental health disorders, ADHD

The S&D deputy said, “At member

etal impact, costs and long-term

is one of the most neglected

state level we must begin to share

outcomes in support of individuals



research and information. Some

affected by ADHD.

according to the white paper. ADHD

member states have very sophis-

She added, “There is a lot of support

affects approximately one in 20

ticated support mechanisms for

that can be given to children living

children and adolescents across

ADHD. “It would be a good idea if we



with this disorder, if people start to

Europe, with many cases persisting

looked at that and began to repro-

work together.”

into adulthood, the report says.

duce them in all member states

If ADHD is recognised early and

And currently, due to untreated or

because, quite frankly, it doesn’t

treated appropriately, the child

inappropriately treated ADHD, the

take a lot, only a small amount of

“will get a better education, a better

disorder is creating an excessive

teachers and to parents.”

chance in the workplace, a better

burden and expense to society.



Co-chair of the European parlia-



and making relationships of their

ment’s interest group on mental

own”, said Baker. “It’s an illness

health, wellbeing and brain disor-

which requires good investment


and I think teachers, psychologists,

that work on improving the situa-




criminal justice, all need to come

tion for ADHD sufferers must begin

together and help society face up to

at national level. “We all have to

a challenge that could be consider-

go back to our member states and

ably better managed.”

publicise this situation,” she told

Baker added that it is “very difficult”

this website. The Irish MEP added,

for older people diagnosed with

“As a clinician, I have seen adults

ADHD “because, like anything in life,

who were not diagnosed with ADHD

to be diagnosed with [an illness]

as children and the kind of damage

later is always hard”.

that was done to them. I think advo-

She also warned that it is often

cacy and education is the way [to

something quite major in an adult’s

combat this].” Childers went on to

behaviour that signals the need for

highlight how mental health prob-

help, from driving offences to crim-

lems such as ADHD are becoming

For more local updates, don’t forget to like our facebook page for regular local news, events and updates— bailechlair or see our website 15

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for Emotional and Physical Pain Do you struggle with stress or sleeping difficulties? Have you decided to stop smoking or manage your diet to lose weight, but you just cannot bring yourself to really try? These difficulties might all seem different to each other and different to say, obsessive compulsive cleaning, or neatness, or someone struggling to recover from an accident or sports injury or even struggling from a chronic illness like firbromyalgia, arthritis or chronic fatigue.


edical treatment can do wonderful things to help

When I studied CBT, it became clear to me that it was a very

people in physical and emotional/mental pain.

practical, empowering way to work with people in emotional

What many people do not realise, is that a form of

and physical pain, and seemed to get results far more quickly

counseling called Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, (abbreviated

than psychotherapy. Not only that, but the whole person,

to CBT), is very helpful for managing emotional and mental

their feelings, their beliefs and their behavior are seen as

difficulties, and for chronic physical pain. This is because

important on their road to recovery.”

CBT acknowledges the importance of how we think and how

From that moment on, thirty years ago, Licia began

we think, can either help you recover from those conditions

working with CBT, continually studying tools and techniques

mentioned earlier, or contribute negatively.

and learning from her clients. She has used this method with clients who were acutely, chronically and terminally ill. She

To put it simply, each thought creates a chemical reaction in the brain. The brain nerves then carry the necessary information through the nerves to the hormonal system in the body. The hormones and the nerves work together to get the body to react in certain ways. When we are more aware of how our thoughts, emotions and behavior influence physical and emotional pain, puts us in a better position to change it.

also worked with a sports clinic, helping with people with physical injuries.“I thoroughly enjoyed working with physiotherapists and medical doctors who were open to realizing the importance of emotions, thoughts and psychology to enhance to persons’ recovery or assist them in a more peaceful dying process.”

“The exciting thing is being a part of the client’s healing.

Once the client realizes that they have a choice over what they do with their own thoughts, and they begin to really practice that, they experience a sense of personal power

When we struggle with worry and stress, or with phys-

that changes their lives forever.” Although different clients

ical pain, it is often difficult to sustain feeling positive. We

work at different paces, those that consistently practice the

all naturally feel sorry for ourselves, especially when events

techniques, enjoy the benefits of taking charge of their own

occur that are out of our control, like sports injuries, motor

thoughts and recovery. They are then able to utilize the tools

vehicle accidents and loss of employment. A certain amount

with less support from the therapist over time.

of these thoughts and feelings are healthy, but overtime,

anxiety related negative thoughts, such as “I will never get

ence in working with children and adolescents and their

CBT works for people of all ages, and Licia has experi-

better” or “I must be a real loser for this to happen to me” for

families. “The sooner you learn CBT the better. So if you

example, add to a person’s existing difficulties by flooding

have been diagnosed recently with these conditions, taking

the brain with more stress-related chemicals. So if you are

charge of your thoughts now, and becoming practiced at it,

suffering from a physical injury, and you are thinking very

will help you now and in the future.”

negatively, you are likely to suffer more physicaly pain and

heal at a slower rate.

Licia, who is currently studying for a PhD in the School

Local resident Licia Karp (pictured above) is a Clinical

of Psychology at NUIG, has consulting rooms in Kiltrogue

Social Worker who came across CBT when she studied her

outside Claregalway and is soon opening consulting rooms

Masters Degree in South Africa. “It was a revelation to me.

in Triskell in Salthill, Galway. For further information or to

Earlier in my studies, I really wanted to be a psychotherapist,

book an appointment; email or call

which I saw as the most successful way of helping people.

087 141 0118. Her website is:


An nua��án áı�úıl le ha�aı� Baıle �láı�, Co. na �aıllı�e

Claregalway Community Development Association (CCDA) meeting 20th May The following agenda for CCDA’s next meeting is focussed on four issues which will allow time for discussuion and follow up. It reflects only a number of key issues which are of concern to the people of Claregalway and at the meeting we will of course be planning a follow up meeting with other issues for discussion. All are welcome to attend and join CCDA. See overleaf for the latest report or email with your contact information and we will circulate you some more details.

Date: 20th May 2013 Time: 8:30pm Venue: Claregalway Hotel

Agenda LEADER Funding

Local Notices Mature, reliable childminder available in Claregalway with lots of experience. I offer a home from home environment and am presently minding a very friendly 20 month old child three days per week. Excellent references available. Telephone 091 799 848.

Claregalway Cemetery Mass Annual Cemetery Mass. This year the Annual Mass in Claregalway Cemetery will take place on Monday, 3rd June at 7.30pm instead of the August bank holiday.

Due to the demise of MFG and time delay in appointing Comhar na nOileán,Claregalway has missed out on a considerable time window, almost 2 years in limbo, to apply for LEADER funding. We have advanced plans for a number of projects, including improving road access to the Community Centre and extending the Community Centre, seeking up to €900k in funding from LEADER and believe that we have been unfairly disadvantaged.

What can be done to hold a portion of the fund open for us? What

Lawnmower Service & Repair Call out service also available. Phone Francis 087 631 7858.

advice can you give us in terms of our options to challenge the unfair treatment?

Village Infrastructure Sewage project—provision of the treatment plant, foot and cycle paths etc.

Traffic Calming on N18 Completion of roadworks—many roads including Riveroaks left in poor condition by the contractor

Housing Estates Unfinished Estate Cúirt na hAbhainn—unfinished houses, major antisocial behaviour etc

General Issues in all Estates Galway Co Council need to expediate the ‘takeover’ of these estates

Bypass/Relief Road

Like our facebook page for regular local news, events and updates— bailechlair or see our website

Funding by EIB in relation to motorway. Time frame for construction of motorway and how it will impact on providing Claregalway Bypass. Time frame for construction of Claregalway bypass.


Community Development in Claregalway Did you know? There are currently over fifty different voluntary organisations or groups in the parish of Claregalway. They include sports clubs, societies, special interest groups, residents associations, parents associations, parish committees and project specific committees. All of these groups and organisations contribute in one way or another to the improvement of the quality of life in our area. One of these groups is the Claregalway Community Development Association (CCDA), and it has some interesting plans for new facilities and amenities.

The CCDA mission is “To promote improvement in the

together to achieve common goals and particularly to gain

community life and infrastructure facilities for the people

access to funding. In these difficult times the opportunity

of Claregalway and the surrounding areas”. The CCDA was

for co-funding and resource sharing is significant. Through

founded as a voluntary organisation in 2007, however there

involvement in the CCDA, clubs and groups can develop plans

is a long history of community development in Claregalway.

in-sync with other initiatives, and link with local authori-

For example, we had the Community Council in the 1970s

ties, government departments and other funding providers

and 80s, and the Claregalway Amenity Group and the Clar-

to achieve efficiency and economies across projects. This

egalway Community Action Group in the 1990s and early

can reduce the costs and increase the benefits to all groups.

2000s. Also many committees and sub-committees have

Projects with broader community objectives and benefits

been established for specific projects.

have much better chances of receiving funding than projects

The CCDA has a long term vision for Claregalway

with a narrower focus.

as a community with:

The CCDA are currently engaged in the development

—Comprehensive educational resources, facilities and opportunities. —An infrastructure that performs in terms of traffic flow, foot & cycle path network, drainage & waste management.

of significant applications for funding for amenities and improvements. These applications directly involve several other organisations. Over the coming months the CCDA will provide more information and updates on its activities

—A diverse and high-quality range of community services.

through the Nuacht Chláir in order to help the community

—Sports and social facilities to cater for a broad range

become more aware of the work and progress going on in the

of interests and ages


—Respect for our heritage and a vibrant cultural engagement.

The CCDA was recently re-constituted as a limited

A discussion document entitled ‘Community Development—

company (limited by guarantee). There is a management

Strategy and Action’ was widely circulated to clubs and

committee of fourteen people, including seven directors,

organisations, and to public representatives and county

that meets once a month. Everyone in Claregalway Parish

council officials in January 2012. It identified many potential

are regarded as members of the community the CCDA

projects, but particularly advocated an integrated approach

covers. Thus anyone in the parish is welcome to officially

to development, or ‘joined-up-thinking’. It also positioned

join as a member of the CCDA. Being a member includes

the CCDA as an organisation that assists the other organisa-

you in the circulation of information, and gives you the

tions through its broad community agenda.

opportunity to get involved in specific projects or commit-

Several clubs, societies and other organisations are repre-

tees if you wish. If you wish to get involved please email

sented in the membership of the CCDA. This involves these with your contact infor-

groups in a broader discussion of resources and community

mation and we will circulate you with details of the next

activities. It provides wonderful opportunities for working



An nua��án áı�úıl le ha�aı� Baıle �láı�, Co. na �aıllı�e

Examples of recent/current CCDA involvement in community projects and activities Defibrillation The defibrillator project is 2 years on the go now with over 50 volunteers trained. We have 4 defibrillators in the parish— 1 in Claregalway Hotel, 1 Outside the front entrance to

Community Facilities Feasibility Study The CCDA has been working with the Community Centre to secure funding for a feasibility study that will establish plans and budgets for a range of projects in and around the community centre. It is currently the subject of an application for LEADER funding.

Hughes Supermarket, 1 outside the Community Centre and

Community Centre Upgrade and Extension

1 in the Carnmore Community Centre. Training is ongoing

This is a major project and incorporates plans for a library,

and we are always looking for volunteers to train up.

Secondary School The CCDA were asked to get involved in this project by the Parents Action Committee. The CCDA worked behind the scenes supporting the committee in their proactive moves to secure progress on the school. This included organising and attending many meetings with council officials and public

learning centre, active retirement facilities, youth cafe and activity space, improved catering facility, and arts workshop or exhibition space. It also includes plans to install theatre systems such as mobile retractable seating, and plans to improve the existing performance area and changing facilities. The CCDA and the Community Centre are working to finalise plans and secure funding.

representatives, and organising contingency funding for

Lakeview Road Widening and Footpath


This project is of interest to all the groups that use the

Notice Board The Notice board at the front of the chemists opposite the church was provided by the CCDA and is available to use by any community organisation to promote their activities.

Area Development Plan The CCDA have engaged with the Council regarding the new area development plan. The new Claregalway plan is overdue and consultation meetings with the community are expected in the near future.

Tidy Towns Tidy Towns was set up by the CCDA and is now in its 4th year of existence. They have increased their marks each year in the competition. Their aim is to make Claregalway a more attractive place to visit and live in. Any help you can give them will be most appreciated.

Youth Hangout

community facilities and pitches in Lakeview. The CCDA is working on securing funding and securing agreement from landowners and stakeholders regarding the best solution.

Training Resources The CCDA is completing an application for funding to acquire a suite of equipment suitable for delivering a variety of Information Technology courses at a number of locations in the community. If successful, some courses will be delivered free by highly qualified community volunteers, as well as some fee-paying commercial courses.

Public Representatives The CCDA frequently contacts TDs and Councillors for assistance in pushing local interests. It also organises an annual group meeting with the five Galway West TDs and four local County Councillors to examine progress and options. Persistent issues include the village waste network and treatment plant, flooding relief actions and the bypass.

The CCDA is working with the local foroige club and interested parents to establish a safe youth hangout area, on a temporary basis, this summer. The project requires volun-

Keep up-to-date with CCDA’s progress at

teer supervisors, a suitable space, and some resources for ‘activities’.


Council to Progress €13.5m Investment for Claregalway & Milltown Sewerage Scheme

alway County Council will be able to advance the Claregalway and Milltown Sewerage Scheme following the approval granted by Minister for the Environment,


eadaíonn an tAire cuireadh chun tairisceana don chonradh Dear Tóg Feidhmigh (DTF) le haghaidh Scéim Séarachais

Bhaile Chláir & Bhaile an Mhuilinn. D’fhógair

Community and Local Government, Phil Hogan

Phil Hogan, TD an tAire Comhshaoil, Pobail agus

TD, to proceed to tender stage.

Rialtais Áitiúil, ar 7ú Bealtaine, gur cheadaigh sé

In a letter to Galway West Deputy, Seán Kyne,

cuireadh chun tairisceana don chonradh Dear Tóg

Minister Hogan confirmed the approval of the

Feidhmigh (DFO) le haghaidh Scéim Séarachais

project which totals over €13.5m–€10.68m for the

Bhaile Cláir & Bhaile an Mhuilinn.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Build Operate

contract and €2.87m for the network contact. “It

iniú faoi Chlár Infheistíochta Seirbhísí Uisce 2010–

will greatly expand the quality and scale of the

2013 mo Roinne mar chonarthaí chun tús a chur le

wastewater infrastructure in the county and will

tógáil le linn thréimhse an chláir ag costas measta

provide capacity to support economic growth

de €10.68 milliún le haghaidh Conartha Dear Tóg

and to facilitate new development, while also

Feidhmigh d’Ionad Cóireála Fuíolluisce agus €2.87

“Tá an tionscadal ríthábhachtach seo á mhao-

preserving environmental and water quality

milliún do Chonradh Líonra,” a deir an tAire.

standards,” the Minister added.

an bhonneagair fuíolluisce sa tír agus cuirfidh

Deputy Kyne commented that “The recent

“Cuirfidh sé go mór le cáilíocht agus le scála

bathing water figures for our beaches indicates

acmhainneacht ar fáil chun tacú leis an bhfás

how vital it is that we have proper environmen-

eacnamaíochta agus chun éascú a dhéanamh ar

tally secure processes in place for the treatment

fhorbairt nua, agus caomhnóidh sé freisin caigh-

of sewage. This latest funding for Galway is part of

deáin cháilíochta chomhshaoil agus uisce,” arsa

the Department of Environment’s Water Services

an tAire.

Investment Programme which is essential in

“Tá an obair ar bun cheana féin ar an gConradh

ensuring that we have the highest standard of

Líonra, ar cheadaigh mé maoiniú dó de bhreis

water supply and waste-water treatment facili-

is €1.33 milliún i mí Lúnasa anuraidh agus tá dul

ties. I know this is an important issue for both the

chun cinn gasta á dhéanamh air.’’

City and County Councils and I hope the latter will

be able to proceed with the tendering process so

an tiomantas againn i leith infheistiú leanúnach

“Léiríonn an tacaíocht airgeadais ó mo Roinn

that the works may be complete without delay,”

inár scéimeanna fuíolluisce chun a chinntiú

concluded Deputy Kyne.

go mbeadh an doirteadh a dhéantar isteach

Independent Deputy for Galway West, Noel

inár n-aibhneacha, inár lochanna agus inár

Grealish has also welcomed the announcement

n-uiscí ar an gcósta ag an gcaighdeán is airde go

by Minister Hogan. “In the case of the Claregalway


& Milltown Sewerage Schemes, it will now be a

matter for Galway County Council to advance the

Bhaile an Mhuilinn, is ar Chomhairle Contae na

Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Build Operate

Gaillimhe a bheidh an fhreagracht an conradh

(DBO) contract to construction as quickly as

Dear Tóg Feidhmigh don Ionad Cóireála Fuíollu-

possible”, the Minister said. “This announcement

isce a bhrú ar aghaidh chuig céim na tógála chomh

will mean that the Claregalway Sewerage system

luath agus is féidir é. ”

“I gcás Scéimeanna Séarachais Bhaile Cláir &

can be decommissioned when the Claregalway & Milltown Sewerage Scheme is fully operational”, said Deputy Grealish.


An nua��án áı�úıl le ha�aı� Baıle �láı�, Co. na �aıllı�e

Varicose Veins About 3 in 10 adults develop varicose veins at some time in their life. Most people with varicose veins do not have an underlying disease and they usually occur for no apparent reason. Varicose veins do not cause symptoms or complications in most cases, although some people find them unsightly. If treatment is advised, or wanted for cosmetic reasons, an operation to strip the varicose veins is a common treatment. Newer techniques to remove the veins have recently been introduced.

Understanding normal leg veins

What causes varicose veins?

Veins are blood vessels which take blood back to the

It is thought that the wall of the vein becomes weak in

heart. Blood flows up the leg veins, into larger veins,

some sections. These sections then widen and become

and towards the heart.

more prominent.

There are three types of veins in the legs Superficial veins are the ones just below the skin surface. You can often see or feel the larger superficial veins. The superficial leg veins are the ones that may develop into varicose veins.

Deep leg veins pass through the muscles. You

If this occurs near a valve then the valve may

become leaky and blood may flow backwards. Once this happens at one valve there is extra pressure on the vein, which can cause more widening and more leaky valves. Blood then pools (collects) in the enlarged vein and makes it stand out.

cannot see or feel these.

Are there any complications of varicose veins?

Most people with varicose veins do not develop compli-

Many small communicating (perforator) veins take

blood from the superficial veins into the deep veins.

cations. Complications develop in a small number of

cases. Complications are due to the higher pressure in

There are one-way valves at intervals inside the

larger veins. These valves prevent blood flowing back

the varicose veins causing changes to the small blood

in the wrong direction. When we stand there is quite

vessels in nearby skin.

a height of blood between the heart and legs. Gravity

tends to pull the blood back down, but is prevented

years after the varicose veins first appear. However, it is

from doing so by the vein valves, and by the normal

impossible to predict who will develop complications.

flow of blood towards the heart.

The visible size of the varicose veins is not related to

What are varicose veins?

If complications do develop, it is typically several

whether complications will develop.

Varicose veins are dilated (enlarged) sections of veins

Possible complications include:

which are located just under the surface of the skin—

Inflammation of the vein (thrombophlebitis).

usually on the leg. They are often easy to see, as they

Swelling of the foot or lower leg.

look thick and knobbly. They may be less obvious if you


are overweight, as they are hidden by fatty tissue under

The possible skin changes are: discolouration, eczema,

the skin.

skin ulcers, or lipodermatosclerosis (hardening of the

Other, smaller types of veins, which can be notice-

red skin).

of small veins; and thread veins or spider veins, which

leg. These are not true varicose veins.





fat layer under the skin, causing areas of thickened,

able, are: reticular veins - a closely grouped network look like a kind of starburst pattern on an area of the


Rarely, varicose veins may bleed.

Continued overleaf

This articles appears courtesy of John in Claregalway Pharmacy (beside Hughes). Like their facebook page for more tips and advice. Claregalway Pharmacy (091 799 754) is open late Monday–Friday until 8pm & Saturday until 7pm.


Continued from page 21 Which tests might I have? If varicose veins are problematic, you will usually be referred

cases. One to three weeks off work may be needed afterwards,

for a specialist assessment. You may have a type of ultra-

depending on your job.

sound scan called a Doppler or a duplex scan. This helps to

show how the blood is flowing in the veins, and can show

can sclerose (close and seal) the vein. It is mainly used for

Sclerotheray—This injects the vein with a chemical that

whether any of the valves are damaged—which is useful to

smaller veins. The vein needs to be compressed afterwards,

know when planning treatment. Occasionally, other tests

which involves wearing bandaging or compression stock-

are needed if the veins are complex.

ings for a few days or weeks.

If you have arterial disease (poor circulation, or periph-

Other techniques have also been developed to treat

eral vascular disease) in your legs, or if arterial disease is

varicose veins. Their aim is to reduce the need for tradi-

suspected, then the arterial circulation needs to be meas-

tional stripping of the veins, and to reduce bruising or other

ured before you have treatment which puts pressure on the

possible complications of surgery. They may not always be

leg, such as compression stockings. The arterial circula-

available on the NHS. These treatments include:

tion is normally measured by using an ultrasound machine

called a Doppler ultrasound, which is used to give a meas-

These methods involve passing a probe into one of the longer

urement called the ankle brachial pressure index. This test

varicose veins, using ultrasound to guide the position. The

Radiofrequency ablation and endovenous laser ablation—

can be done in specialist clinics, and also by some nurses

laser or radiofrequency energy makes the vein heat up,

and GPs.

which seals it.

What are the treatment options for varicose veins? There are several different options, plus a number of newer treatments. The treatments mentioned first are those that tend to be offered by the NHS. 60% of NHS consultants will offer ligation and stripping.

Self-help methods Avoid prolonged standing or sitting

still. Try to put your feet up frequently (sit or lie down and raise the feet above the level of your hips - for example, use extra pillows under your feet on a bed or footrest). This helps to reduce blood pooling in the veins. Use a moisturising cream or ointment to protect the skin if it is dry, flaky or itchy.

Support tights and compression stockings These counter

the extra pressure in the veins. They may help to ease symptoms such as ache, though there is little proof as to how well they work. Support tights and compression stockings may also help to prevent early complications from getting worse. To work properly, they need to be correctly fitted. They come in different strengths and sizes. Most people find that the type of compression stockings called below-knee class 1

Foam sclerotherapy—This uses a chemical mixed with air

to make foam. The foam is injected into the veins, pushing the blood away and making the veins go into spasm. After treatment, compression stockings are needed, and the veins will be hard and swollen for a while before they shrink down. More than one treatment may be needed.

Which treatment? All types of surgery or injection for varicose veins have a small risk of complications—for example, damage to nearby nerves or skin. Also, it is quite common to have side-effects such as pain and bruising for a while afterwards. There is also a chance that the varicose veins can recur (come back). Ask your surgeon about the pros and cons of different treatments in relation to your own particular veins.

The newer methods have not yet become routine or

standard practice. They need to be further evaluated before we know their long-term success rates. Currently, they are not always available on the NHS, but may become more popular in the future.

(light) or class 2 (medium) are suitable. Ideally, they should be put on first thing in the morning, before you get out of bed, and taken off when going to bed at night. Compression stockings are available on prescription or you can buy them.

Note: if you have arterial disease in the legs, you will

need a medical assessment of your circulation to decide if compression stockings are suitable (see above).

Different techniques can be used to remove the veins,

depending on their site and severity. A surgeon will advise.

For more information, talk to John in Claregalway Pharmacy, located in Hughes Shopping Centre, or phone 091 799 754.

Usually, the communicating veins (explained above) are tied off (ligated). Then the large varicose veins are removed or stripped from the leg. Many people can be treated as day


An nua��án áı�úıl le ha�aı� Baıle �láı�, Co. na �aıllı�e

Summer Music in Galway 20th Anniversary Gathering in Claregalway Ireland’s internationally renowned summer music school and festival for music students and musicians of all ages, from beginners to professionals, has planned a week of events at Claregalway Castle for its 20th Anniversary Gathering season in Galway, August 5th–August 11th.


imilar to a number of successful classical music festivals

home at the extraordinarily beautiful location of

for music students in North America, one of the prin-

Claregalway Castle—scheduling a range of activi-

cipal objectives of SMG is to provide access for young

ties for each individual student, including private

music students to musicians from many countries, working

and class lessons, small and large ensembles, the

with local teachers and musicians at a time of the year when

opportunity to perform with professional musi-

most students discontinue their lessons and rehearsals for a

cians in the Festival Orchestra and a number of

period, usually in excess of three months. The personal advan-

options (depending upon numbers) including

tages derived from the continuous development of music

Viola for Violinists (introductory viola lessons,

performance skills in young people have been proven beyond

instruments provided), master classes with

question, not only for those aspiring to be future professional

visiting musicians, Preparing for Music Exams

or amateur musicians, but also for young adults and seniors in

(answers to FAQ’s), Performance Practices and

every career.

Conducting. For those students wishing to stay in residence with other students, all of these activities will be programmed for each of the two weeks, in Ennis and in Claregalway. SMG








of Mendelssohn’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’— were held at Claregalway Castle for the first time in 2012, along with performances in Galway City.

Since it was first established in Ennis and Limerick twenty

years ago (Summer Music on the Shannon) SMG has been unique among international music festivals in that its mission includes a commitment to provide access to the programme with no barriers to admission based on age, level of ability or financial disadvantage. Thousands of students have come from over twenty countries and the professional faculty has included musicians from eighteen of the world’s leading symphony orchestras. Also unique in Ireland has been the annual production of a children’s opera, with no audition requirement. Working Orchestra,

in SMG

partnership is


with to





Youth main-

tain this kind of programme on a permanent basis in Claregalway Castle for young Galway musicians. Following the first week of classes in Ennis, we are now—in our new summer

Five evening and two afternoon matinée performances—most of which will include students and faculty performing together—and a series of free ‘Lunchtime Concerts’ have been planned for the week of August 5th to August 11th, 2013. A highlight for this year will be SMG’s 20th Anniversary ‘Gathering’ event on Monday, August 5th, on the grounds of Claregalway Castle, which will include a picnic barbecue preceded by a concert of light classics for the family to be followed by an evening performance of favourite symphonic classics, including Beethoven’s Symphony No.6, the ‘Pastoral’ Symphony. For more information see


Results of Cregmore– Claregalway Family Night at the Dogs €700 prize for correct sequence Mary O'Neill, Athlone

Congratulations to the Cregmore-Claregalway FC girls who featured in the Connacht U14 girls Inter League victory on the 28th and 29th of April in Drom and Terryland Park. Wins over Sligo in the semi-final (4–3) and Mayo in the final (3–1) secured the title for the Galway girls. Emma Connolly, Gemma Coll, Maeve O’Connell and Grace Gilmore were the girls who represented the Club. Aoife Phillips (injured) is also a member of the squad.

€100 Lucky Dip winners were —Emma Cullinane, Cregmore —Sandra Moran, Claregalway —Joe Flaherty, Turloughmore —Maureen O’Dea, Kilrush —Tom O’Keeffe, Claregalway —James Fahy, Turloughmore —Adam Heneghan, Claregalway —E & P Howley, Dublin Rd. Weekend Away in Westport —Mary Flaherty, Turloughmore.

Community Games Updates Claregalway/Lackagh participated in the ‘Winter’ Community Games events which culminate in National Finals on 26th/27th May. We registered 127 children in various County events ranging from Art, Model Making, Handwriting, Indoor Soccer, Handball, Table Tennis, Quiz, Chess, Cross Country, Swimming & Music. The following teams reached the Connacht qualifiers on the 6th April— —Table Tennis U13 Boys: (see photo). —Handball U13 Girls: Aoibhinn Fox, Niamh Heffernan, Ciara McHugh, Chellene Trill. —Indoor Soccer U13 Girls: Niamh McGrath, Andrea Trill, Sinead Donovan, Aoife Lyons, Niamh Moran, Rhiann Heery, Katelynn Roche, Amy Walsh. The Indoor Soccer team won the Connacht competition and are proceeding to National Competitions. The following won County & go straight to National competition— —Group Music U14: Daniel Knoop, Amy Murphy, Eimear Higgins, Isabel Moran, Rachel Hughes, Éadaoin Ní Neachtain.


Claregalway/Lackagh U13 Boys Table Tennis team, who competed in the Connacht Qualifiers on the 6th of April (L–R): Mark Melody, Niall Tarmey, Paul Culkeen, Paul Costello, Adam Lally.

—Solo Music U13: Rachel Hughes (Off to All-Irelands!) —U12 Swimming: Laura Flynn —Cross Country: Sinead Duggan, Chellene Trill, Mary Duggan, Kate Slevin qualifying for County Galway U12 Girls relay team at Nationals. —Kristian Flaherty qualified for U12 Boys county team & Laura Nally for U14 Girls county relay. More detailed results are available on our website

The local newsletter for Claregalway, Co. Galway

Loving Action

by Ronan Scully

When we allow ourselves to understand the impact our actions have on ourselves and also on the world we live in, we realise the necessity to take loving action and to give time to love and care for one another. We each have the power to make good the conditions within us as well as to affect the world we live in. Forgiveness is the easiest and most powerful act of love and care you can make. Both for you and for others, this activity promotes unity, harmony and oneness that transforms the old into the new. Our beautiful world is filled with opportunities to experience love, tolerance, peace and joy. When we, as individuals, realise our potential to love unconditionally, we transform ourselves and our world at the same time. The choice is ours to create a world of love, care and goodwill. Every moment of every day is a new beginning. Let go of yesterday and tomorrow and embrace the power of the present moment, which in itself is a form of prayer and of thanksgiving.

I read lately by Bob Moorehead that talked to me about the paradoxes that now face us in our daily living. We have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider roads

either to share this insight, or ignore it. But you can change all this by remembering a few things: —Remember, to say, “I love you” to your partner and your

but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less,

loved ones, but most of all mean it. A kiss and an embrace

we buy more but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and

will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside of you.

smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We

—Remember, to hold hands and cherish the moment

have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but

for someday that person will not be there again.

less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more

—Give time to love, give time to speak, and give time

medicine, but less wellness. We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too

to share the precious thoughts in your mind. We suddenly have time, give it quality!

little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often. We’ve learned how to make a living, but not a life. We’ve added years to life not life to years. We’ve been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbour. We conquered outer space. We’ve done larger things. We’ve cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul. We’ve conquered the atom, but not our prejudice. We write more, but learn less. We plan more, but accomplish less. We’ve leared to rush, but not to wait. We build more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies than ever, but we communicate less and less.

These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion,

big men and small characters, steep profits and shallow relationships. These are the days of two incomes but more divorce, fancier houses but broken homes.

These are the days of quick trips, disposable diapers,

throw away morality, one night stands, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer to quiet to kill. It is a time when there is much in the show room window and nothing in the stock room. A time when technology can bring an e-mail to you and a time when you can choose

Ronan Scully will be launching his new book, Time Out, for charity at three venues shortly: Thursday the 23rd of May at 7pm Meyrick Hotel, Eyre Square, Galway Friday the 24th of May at 6pm Tullamore Court Hotel Saturday the 25th of May at 2pm DOC’s Bar in Clara, Co. Offaly The book is a book of everyday reflections, spiritual thoughts and stories carrying messages of extraordinary power and positivity for all our lives. It would be my great privilege if you could attend the book launches at either of the venues. Photography is by Andrew Downes, award winning photographer and one of my best friends in life. This is our second venture for charity together and proceeds will go to various charities. Please feel free to bring along family, friends and colleagues to any of the launches. Thank you for all your help and support in the past.



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Cards and Bingo held every Monday night at 8pm in Cairdeas Parish Meeting Room.

Lackagh Bridge Club in Claregalway Hotel Monday nights at 7.30pm All grades welcome.

Youth Choir

with Gina takes place every Wednesday from 7:30–8:15pm in Claregalway Church.

Walking Club Meets every Sunday at the Arches Hotel at 10am and on Wednesdays meet at Claregalway Church at 7.30pm. All are welcome. For information contact Edel on 085 102 0611.

Claregalway/Carnmore Active Retirement Group meeting every Friday morning at 10:30 in Cairdeas Parish Meeting Room. New members most welcome.

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Diary Date— Galway Garden Festival 6th–7th July in Claregalway Castle.

Claregalway Cemetery Mass

Hession School of Dance

Cemetery Mass in Claregalway Cemetery will take place on Monday 3rd June at 7.30pm instead of August bank holiday.

Classes every Saturday morning at 10am in the SMA House. New beginners welcome. For more information contact Vanessa on 087 938 4433.

Folk Choir

Never Too Old Charity Shop

Folk Choir practice Wednesday nights at 8.30 p.m. in the Church. For information please contact Anne at 091 798 113. 

Supporting the Claregalway & District Day Care Centre. Open Monday–Saturday 10am–6pm. The shop is located at Cois Chláir Shopping Centre, beside the Arches Hotel. The local newsletter for Claregalway, Co. Galway

ate DIArur y for yo

Claregalway Agricultural Show Queen Dance

Music by Country Cousins The Arches Hotel Saturday 9th of June 2012 Great Raffle Prizes — Food will be served 3–5 years, 10pm ’til late Catering for childrenAdmission: €5 in the Claregalway, Carnmore, Cregmore areas. E.C.C.E. Scheme available. Drop Off service available. Full time or part time places.

Summer Music Classes

Monday 16th July–Friday 20th July Monday 23rd July–Friday 27th July For information contact Mary at 091 798 Instruments 123 or 087 933 2928 Class Times: 10am–2pm covered: Venue: Claregalway Study Centre Favourable Rates

Tin Whistle/Button Accordion/Keyboards/ Est. 1995 Bodhrán/Céilí Drums/Guitar

For further info contact Padraig on 086 316 6972 or Coman on 086 865 9617.

Quality food for any occasion Delicious home cooked food suitable for all your party needs: Communions, Confirmations, Christenings, Birthdays etc. whatever that special occasion is, we deliver to your home

MPG Foods LTD., Cregboy, Claregalway, Co. Galway Producing top quality food for over 20 years

Tel: 086 81 82 628


Cottage Pie

Beef Lasagne

Chicken Curry

Beef Stroganoff

Chicken à la King

Vegetarian Lasagne

Chicken and Mushroom Vol-au-Vent

Garlic and Cheese Potatoes Cooked Rice

Call Pa


on 086 81 82 628

“ A Taste of Home”

The local newsletter for Claregalway, Co. Galway 29

For more local photos see

Lackagh, Turloughmore, Co. Galway

Leading Funeral Undertakers for Claregalway and Lackagh


Telephone / Fax: 091 797 167 Mobile: Frank 085 1266 133 Joe 087 629 2350 Email:

The local newsletter for Claregalway, Co. Galway

May 2013 Crossword 1








Brian Place—Crossword Editor 9










Send completed Crosswords to: B.D. Place, Woodleigh, Creig Buí, Baile Chláir, Co. na Gaillimhe.



First correct Crossword opened wins: A Meal for 2 in Khazana Indian Restaurant, Cois Chláir, Claregalway.


22 23


25 28





Last month’s winner: Elaine Heenan, Turloughmore.







Name Contact Number


Across 1 Primary colour (6) 5 Out and out (6) Down Steeped (7) 210 State of exalted delight (7) 11 Income (7) 312 Pneumatic Slippery fish car (4) part (4) 13 Incus (5) 4 Stoat's coat (6) 15 Carry (4) 517 Kill (6)(3) Obtain Descend by rope 619 Aquatic bird of(6)Anatidae family 21 Victor (6) 722 Wash (7) Firefighters (7) 823 Passionate Observe (6) (6) Put under strain (6) 925 Stubby (6) 28 Headgear (3) 1430 Temporarily Organised (4) blinded (7) Stimulant (5) (5) 1631 Walk noisily 32 Obstacle or hazard (4) 1835 Rage Violent(5) attack (7) Newborn (7) 2036 Measure of current (3) Achieve (6) 2137 Finish (3) 38 Follower of Marquis de Sade (6)


23 Stabbing knife (6) 24 Travesty (7) 26 Ground oats (7) 27 Most senior (6) 28 Groundnut (6) 29 Constantly scolded (6) Last month’s solution 33 Structure built over water (4) 34 Rim (4) 1

































































































































































































Down 2 Enwraps (7) 3 Desire (4) 4 Walking through water (6) 5 Dexterous (6) 6 Utter incoherently (4) 7 Buff coloured cotton fabric (7) 8 Location for exhibiting films (6) 9 Great fear (6) 14 Long service individual (7) 16 Firearm (5) 18 One who eats out (5) 20 Cover (3) 21 Moistened (3) 23 Small but aggressive person (6) 24 Headphones with microphone (7) 26 Slang for clothes (7) 27 Trim (6) 28 Fabric (6) 29 Musical instruments (6) 33 Similar to euphonium (4) 34 Pool (4)

Scribble 31

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Monday–Saturday: 8am–9pm Sunday & Bank Hols: 9am–7pm

Monday–Friday: 9am–5:30pm Saturday: 9am–1pm

Tel: 091 798 138

Tel: 091 798 101

With Communion Day fast approaching, don’t forget we offer a wide selection of foods at reasonable prices from our Catering Menu. For more info, pick up a leaflet in-store or ask for details at the Deli counter. Treat your pet to this great offer SuperValu Dog Food 10kg bag

Gardening Essentials and Outdoor Furniture now available Fantastic Prices in Hughes SuperValu and Hughes Bargain Den...


Available in our Special Offers area

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Nuacht Chláir May 2013  

Nuacht Chláir, the local newsletter for Claregalway and Carnmore, May 2013 edition.

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