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The local newsletter for Claregalway & Carnmore Vol. 16 Iss. 4 | December 2011


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Editorial Josette Farrell, Editor

Sponsors The Nuacht Chláir is compiled monthly voluntarily by a small committee and distributed free of charge.

The Nuacht Chláir team would like to

sincerely thank our sponsors and advertisers, without whom this publication would not be For many of us this year, Christmas

joy and make their situation a little

will be very tough. Money is scarce

bit better.

and it’s difficult for parents to explain to children that there is no money

We welcome the Christmas articles

anymore. We are in a deep recession

written by 6th Class in Claregalway

that will take years to come out of

National School and some of them

and we are all asking ourselves what

can be accessed on-line. We hope you

happened. Where did our jobs go,

like our articles and we are thankful

our homes, our marriages and our

to our monthly sponsors for help-

lives? We can hardly explain it to

ing us to keep the Nuacht Chlair in

ourselves never mind our children.

circulation. Without your support,

Christmas is about the birth of Jesus

this newsletter would not survive.

in Bethlehem two millennia ago and

We are grateful also to our regular

if we can keep ourselves focused on

contributors who come up trumps

the real meaning of Christmas, no

every month. Mentioning trumps,

amount of money can surpass this.

a group of us have had a very enjoy-

Do the best you can and give your

able taxing time learning how to play

children good memories to recall of

Bridge with Brian. They say it takes

time spent together in a secure happy

FIVE years to learn, so that’s a bit of

environment. Visit your neighbors

a consolation!! They also say it’s good

and make sure they have heat and

for your memory which cannot be a

food. Remember, there is always

bad thing. Perhaps by this time next

somebody worse off than you. There

year, we’ll have learned the lingo of

is a saying that goes “your health is

the Bridge world!

your wealth” and how true that is.

In the meantime, remember to

There is light at the end of the tunnel

keep your money in your community

and soon the days will be getting

and support local. Together, we will

longer and we can begin to think of

get through these hard times.


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spring! It’s great to see a Vincent de Paul

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group set up in Claregalway. They

bliain úr faoi mhaise daoibh go léir.


do Trojan unseen work and if you can give, please do. Knowing that you



have helped somebody less well off than yourself should give you great | 3

Thought for the Month An Attitude of Gratitude this Christmas

Ronan Scully

For many, the last few years has been a roller coaster.

ing the best Christmas ever, try not to set yourself up by

And some are ready to get off the ride! The economy has

comparing today with the good times. Try hard to develop

impacted everyone, some more than others and indeed the

and encourage a life of gratitude. No matter what your

recent budget has impacted us all. And the impact hasn’t

circumstances, I believe there is a reason to be thankful in

just been financial. Attitudes, emotions, plans and mind-


sets have all been affected. The recession and the recent

Your circumstances may never change, but your attitude

budget have resulted in an increase in stress and anxiety.

towards them can change, and this can make all the differ-

The Christmasseason is a time that is anticipated with


both joy and anxiety.

Sure, we love the celebrations, the family traditions and

Try, if possible, to do something for someone else

we cherish the memories of holidays gone by, but along

One of the ways we can demonstrate that we are grateful is

with them, we add the stresses of preparation, expectations

to help others. Even if this has been a difficult year for you

and the fear of letdowns or family squabbles that we have

and your family, helping others will actually help you too

experienced in the past. And this year, the stress and anxi-

as your focus will move from your own circumstances onto

ety level is likely to be amplified because of the year we just

serving others. So, enrich this Christmas season for your


family by getting involved in serving and helping others.

With this in mind, he are a few tips I believe can be

helpful in getting ready for an enjoyable, meaningful

Enjoy activities that are cheap and free

Christmas season.

There are many good related Christmas related activities that will add to your families enjoyment that are either free

Helpful tips for a meaningful Christmas season

or low cost, such as driving around to look at Christmas

Try to set manageable expectations. Spend some time set-

lights and decorations, baking Christmas cakes or going

ting realistic expectations for your Christmas. Understand

window shopping.

that you can’t do everything and with our current economic realities you might not be able to do everything you’ve

Spend money responsibly

done in the past. So, be realistic about what you can do.

The holiday season brings with it a big temptation to

Remember that Christmas does not eliminate sadness or

spend lots of money especially when it comes to purchas-

loneliness. Problems and difficulties arise even during the

ing Christmas presents for your family. Don’t be afraid to

holiday season. And for some, the Christmas season evokes

say no to this temptation, especially if you’ve been hard hit

painful memories from recent events or the loss of loved

by the recession. Try to carve out some time for yourself!

ones in the past. Give room for yourself and your family to

Don’t take on all of the responsibilities of your family’s

experience these feelings. Make an effort to work through

Christmas celebrations by yourself. Share the load. Create

present challenges and conflicts.

some space during the holidays for you to recharge your own batteries.

Try to acknowledge the past but look toward the future Life brings changes. Each season of life is different. Deter-

A poem about the Attitude of Gratitude might help

mine to enjoy this Christmas for what it is. Acknowledge

the past, whether it was good or bad. But, if you find that

back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you are

this year has been a rough one and you don’t anticipate hav-

richer than 75 per cent of this world.

4 |

If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your

If you have money in the bank, in your wallet and spare

If your parents are still alive and still married, you are

change in a dish someplace, you are among the top eight per

very rare.

cent of the world’s wealthy.

over two billion people in the world that cannot read at all.

If you woke up this morning with the good health you are

If you can read this message you are more blessed than

more fortunate than the million who will not survive this week

Thought for the month

As your thought for the month, look around you this Christ-

If you have never experienced the danger of battle un-

folding all around you, the loneliness of imprisonment, the

mas and truly cherish and be thankful for all that you have

agony of torture, or the pangs of starvation, you are ahead of

and for all the friends and family that are part of your life.

600 million people in the world.

Try hard to nurture a life of gratitude with everyone you


If you can attend a church meeting without fear of perse-

cution, harassment, arrest, torture, or death, you are more blessed than three billion people in the world.

Learn Bridge Commencing Monday 9th January, 2012 10.30 am to 12.30 pm weekly for 8 weeks Venue: Claregalway Study Centre, Cost: €50.00 Beginners and improvers welcome Friendly atmosphere. Mainly playing involved. Contact Brian Place 798857 or Josette Farrell 798430 to reserve a place.

Use your ‘Real Rewards’ Card to Support Lackagh Playground Choose to Shop Locally with your Real Rewards Card at Flynns SuperValu, we will then contribute towards the New Playground here at Lackagh. l Support Local Jobs l Support Local Playground l Sign-Up-Instore Today!


Julien Flynn

SuperValu Real Food, Real People | 5

Drugs for the Medicine Cupboard Minor illness is common, especially in young children. Symptoms often begin when pharmacies are closed. Here is a suggestion of some drugs that are useful to keep in the home for occasional use. You can buy the following from pharmacies without a prescription. Note: before taking a drug, always read the packet label.

which cause less drowsiness and are better for during the

This is for instructions on how to take the drug, who should


not take the drug, and for a list of possible side-effects. Antacids Paracetamol

These help to ease indigestion and heartburn. There are

Paracetamol eases pain. It also reduces fever (high tempera-

various types. For example, sodium bicarbonate, magne-

tures). It comes in tablet form for adults and older children

sium trisilicate, aluminium or magnesium hydroxide. They

and as a liquid for young children and babies. You can also

work by neutralising the acid content of the stomach. You

get soluble tablets. If you have young children, paracetamol

can also buy more powerful drugs which reduce acid in the

is perhaps the most important drug to keep in at all times.

stomach - for example, ranitidine.

Paracetamol is safe at normal doses, but is dangerous in overdose.

Hydrocortisone cream and calamine lotion Hydrocortisone cream is a mild steroid cream. Steroids

Anti-inflammatory painkillers

reduce inflammation. Hydrocortisone can reduce the swell-

These are painkillers which also reduce inflammation.

ing and pain of sunburn, insect stings, and other inflamma-

Most need a prescription but you can buy one called ibupro-

tion of the skin. Calamine lotion is soothing and cooling for

fen from pharmacies. They are helpful for muscular aches

inflamed or itchy skin.

and sprains and are often used to relieve period pain. Like paracetamol, ibuprofen also reduces a fever. Anti-inflam-

Other useful items

matory painkillers should not be used by certain people. For

It is worth keeping a variety of plasters, a crepe bandage, a

example, if you have or have had an ulcer.

triangular bandage, a support stocking bandage, a pair of tweezers, and some antiseptic cream to treat minor cuts,


grazes, and sprains.

These ease the symptoms of hay fever and other allergies. For example: urticaria (hives), itch, sneezing, watering eyes,

John Duffy MPSI. Claregalway Pharmacy is open late Monday

and a running nose. Some antihistamines may cause drowsi-

to Friday until 8pm and 7pm on a Saturday. Tel. 091 799 754

ness - for example, chlorpheniramine (Piriton速). These may be useful for taking at bedtime. There are several types

6 |

Feeling blue? Exercise is the perfect remedy We are coming into the winter months. For some people


that can mean a time of wrapping up warm and enjoying the holiday season with friends and family. But for many others it can be a difficult time. The weather alone in this country can be enough to leave you feeling depressed and down in the dumps. The short evenings and lack of sunlight are proven to deteriorate mood and deepen depression. Depression is so common that many of us have either experienced it ourselves or know more than one person who has.

Many people turn to herbal remedies and medication in

an effort to lift this state of mind. In fact it is proven that participation in regular exercise can be significantly more beneficial in lifting mood and relieving mild to moderate depression than these other attempted remedies. The side affects of regular exercise compared to taking medication

Provides a distraction from any worries

are also a lot more positive.

- Improves your health and body, which can help lift your mood

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that, the last thing

- Helps you get rid of built-up stress and frustration

people want to do when they are depressed is work-out.

- Helps you sleep better, which can often be a problem when

Getting out of bed or away from the television can feel like

you’re depressed

a chore. The great thing about exercise is that it can take many different shapes and forms. If you like being out in the open, go for a walk or a cycle. Even getting out and

doing jobs around the house like gardening or washing the

onto regular exercise participation a far easier process. If

Having an exercise/gym buddy can make the progression

car is regarded as physical activity. If you can join up with

you know someone who maybe needs some help to lift their

an exercise buddy it makes the whole experience a lot more

mood why not get them gym membership for a Christmas


present and enjoy getting healthy together. There are plenty of group exercise classes which are a great weekly social

There are countless studies completed which prove cat-

egorically the many beneficial aspects of exercise on mood:

event as well as a fantastic way to improve your health and lifestyle.

Increases your sense of mastery, which helps if you don’t feel in control of your life.

Why not check out Escape Leisure, Claregalway Hotel for

- Increases your energy

membership and classes details. Contact 091738220.

- Increases self-esteem

Robert Kirwan | 7

Indian Restaurant & Take-Away, Loughgeorge


Every Day Early Bird

Starter + Main Course (served with Basmati Rice) + Glass of House Wine/ Indian Beer/Soft Drink from 5:00pm – 8:00pm only Only €14.95

Tel: 091 739 397 Email: Facebook: khazana claregalway

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Sunday Lunch Special

Starter + Main Course + Dessert Only €9.95


Basmati Rice free with all Main Courses

Lackagh, Turloughmore, Co. Galway

Leading Funeral Undertakers for Claregalway & Lackagh

Telephone / Fax: 091 797 167 Mobile: Frank 085 1266 133 Joe 087 629 2350 Email: | 9


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Village Party Live Music, 2 Course Evening Meal for â‚Ź22, pre booking essential

Sunday 1st January

Ken & Steve


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Ladies & Gents Hair Studio Summereld, Claregalway

083 414 6969 Denise wishes all her customers a Happy Christmas & a prosperous New Year 2012 Gift Vouchers available for a Perfect Christmas gift!

Local Links Claregalway Church

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To submit to the


Post: ‘Currach Ruadh,’

Nuacht Chláir:


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Co. na Gaillimhe. | 11

Computer Corner Digital Photography

like, and will also

Digital cameras just like computers used to be cumbersome

print photos and post them to you for a small fee!

devices, slow and with questionable quality. However the latest devices are compact, reliable and jam-packed with

What are the most important factors when buying a camera?

technology. The other trend is the inclusion of camera’s into

There are lots of considerations when buying a camera but

a wide variety of other devices, most notably mobile phones,

my top three when buying a digital camera are 1. Picture

and some of them are not just gimmicks but can take pretty

quality, 2. Usability, 3. Price. Picture quality is defined by

good photos. And if you are an enthusiast or fancy yourself

the number of megapixels and anything over 10 is good.

as a photographer the Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) mar-

There are some models on the market today with and

ket is amazing right now.

amazing 16 MegaPixels. The quality is also enhanced with a little zoom capability especially useful for portrait (people)

What are the benefits of going digital?

or landscape shots. Get a camera with 3 or 5 times Optical

With older film-based cameras we were never sure of

zoom for great results (Digital Zoom will reduce picture

that photo until we got it developed. Now, with the advent of digital we have instant access

quality). Usability has many aspects including how easy it is to take and review photos, zoom, set the timer etc. I

to the photo right on the camera via the

consider battery life and the size of the LCD

LCD screen on the back. We can also

screen on the back for reviewing photos

instantly print, share and even “touch-

usability features. Finally price is a

up” our photos to give almost endless

major factor, naturally! There are

possibilities. Once transferred to the

cameras to suit every pocket and in

computer we can pick out the ones we

general the price determines everything

like, print or share those with our friends

else, spend a little more and all the afore-

and disregard the rest.

mentioned features should be improved, at least in theory!

Where can I store my photos?

Which camera should I buy?

All digital cameras now have a memory card to store the

The 6 million dollar question! All of the big camera manu-

images. This little marvel called “flash memory” will store

facturers like Canon, Nikon and Olympus have excellent

images permanently (well good for a couple of years) and can

cameras. The combination of electronics, LCD screen size

then be copied to a computer. There are a few different for-

and lens is what defines a good camera. The other consid-

mats depending on the manufacturer but the most common

eration is compact or SLR (separate lens). Shop around and

is SD or Secure Digital. You will need a card reader on your

research before you buy and that includes asking a friend,

computer (many laptops have an SD card reader built in) or

read reviews of your camera online or in magazines before

connect your camera to the computer directly with the cable

you buy. Personally I have a Canon EOS 450D SLR which

provided (usually a micro-USB cable). Don’t forget to back

takes fabulous photos and for other occasions a compact

them up. Burn them to a DVD and copy to a portable hard

Canon Powershot.

drive (to be sure, to be sure)!!

Eamon Walsh

Where can I print my photos?

Eamon is a director with Command IT, a Galway based IT

There are many options to print with the local chemist still

Services company -

offering a service, dedicated print shops, kiosks and now many online print stores. Many of the online sharing sites

12 |

Mervue • Renmore • Oranmore • Claregalway

Serving our Community since 1963

Where your savings give you a say. New ers Memb e o lc We m

• Secure Savings • Free Savings Protection for qualifying members • No Transaction Fees

• Low Cost Flexible Loans • Open hours to suit you • Online access to your account • Personal, Professional Advice

Clarega (located lway branch in Shoppin Cois Chláir now op g complex) en Sa 10am to turdays 2pm

Galway Branches Mervue 091 755 825 Renmore 091 753 780 Oranmore 091 794 477

Terms & Conditions apply

Claregalway 091 739 614

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all at St. Columba’s Credit Union | 13

Celebrate the Best in You There are times for many of us when we become self critical. Sometimes we miss out on opportunities, we may wish for something which we can’t attain or we may simply make a human error. Sometimes our focus is so attached on an object or outcome

attitude and energy that he had. These facts about Abraham

that we become too hard on ourselves.

Lincoln before he became one of the USA’s favourite presi-

I once had an employer who told me that he never had to

dents may astonish you.

give out to me as I spent so much time beating myself up; he

- In 1831, Abraham Lincoln failed in business

felt it was cruel to add fuel to the fire, so to speak.

- In 1832, Abraham Lincoln was defeated for state legislator - In 1833, Abraham Lincoln tried a new business, and failed

Treat yourself better

- In 1835, Abraham Lincoln’s fiancée died

It’s human nature to want more, to be the best you can be

- In 1836, Abraham Lincoln had a nervous breakdown

and also to make mistakes. Yet it would be comical to think

- In 1843, Abraham Lincoln ran for Congress and was de-

that everything for which we wish or desire would be handed feated to us on a plate. The mere struggle or effort can make suc-

- In 1848, Lincoln ran again, and was defeated. Again

cess, in whatever shape or form it comes, extremely sweet.

- In 1855, Lincoln ran for the Senate, and lost

Wouldn’t life be boring if there was no challenge in it?

- In 1856, Lincoln ran for Vice President, and lost

From personal experience, I used to be particularly hard

- In 1859, Lincoln ran again for the Senate. He was defeated

on myself, until I realised that it was not an effective use of

- Then, in 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected President of

my energy. My attitude these days is to learn from my mis-

the United States

takes and chalk it down to valuable experience. While this may seem a laissez faire approach to life,

What matters most is not how many times you fail, but that you

never stop trying

“Nothing beautiful was ever created without a struggle,

even a butterfly struggles from a cocoon as it emerges.”

For some people, making changes in their lives comes easier due to varying circumstances. Others require some support

Put stuff into perspective

to facilitate change towards success - whatever it is that suc-

A few weeks back I was being particularly severe on myself,

cess means to them.

which I must admit can happen from time to time. I got

three pieces of bad news, one after the other and for some

techniques to get you to the place to where you want to be.

reason I allowed this affect me. As I continued on my day,

I welcome people to join my Facebook page,

I was in a mood best described as sensitive. How lucky was

differentpaths, which is full of quotes, videos and articles on

I when I received three compliments about my business in

personal and business change.

a row. It got me thinking, that if twelve months ago I was

William Corless

In my business practice I offer various methods and

shown all that I would have accomplished in the forthcoming year; I would have snapped the hand off the messenger with excitement.

This got me thinking, how well off I was, and how I was

wasting my energy on what might have been. I recalled the story of Abraham Lincoln. While his story didn’t finish well (or start well for that matter), he still made the most of the

14 |

Contact William Corless on 086-6080194 or YellowWood aims to improve business performance and optimise individual potential through NLP, Coaching, Training & Business Solutions.

Come along &

Dan ce

to the music of

Elvis, Beatles, Eagles, Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash and many more at

The Arches Hotel, Claregalway

6th January 2012 9:00pm ‘til late Admission â‚Ź5 All proceeds go to Claregalway & District Day Care Centre | 15

Occupational Therapy Mary Prendergast is an Occupational

bathing equipment, dressing devices,

Therapist in UCHG.

or communication aids is also a core

work closely with psychologists.

role for OT. OT’s work closely with

Examples of assessment and interventions

In the second of two articles, she

other professionals involved in the

an OT might complete:

outlines the work of an Occupationl

child’s care, as well as with the family,

* Rehabilitation – sitting balance,


to provide information and education

strengthening of affected limbs, prac-

Continued from last month.

on the treatment programme so that it

ticing ADL’s (Activity of Daily Living)

can be followed through optimally. Children make up a large part of the

* ADL - Functional transfers (from

population receiving OT services.

OTs play a huge role in mental

chair, bed, bath, toilet, wheelchair),

Conditions and problems seen range

health. In the field of mental health,

bathing, dressing, grooming, toilet-

from birth injuries or birth defects,

occupational therapists specialise in

ing (continence training), feeding,

sensory processing disorders, traumat-

assessing how an individual’s mental

domestic/household and community

ic injuries (brain or spinal cord), learn-

illness impacts on their ability to

(cooking, cleaning, shopping, money

ing disability, autism, developmental disorders,mental health or behavioural problems, spina bifida, traumatic amputations, cancer, hand injuries, cerebral palsy, and other chronic illnesses. OTs might help children work on sensory integration, on fine motor

Occupational therapists play a huge role in mental health

management, organising daily life), work/school, and leisure/recreational activities.e.g Enable people to dress themselves again after a stroke. * Develop adaptive/alternative techniques – teaching other ways of

skills (so they can grasp and release

function in their everyday occupations

completing a task e.g. tie shoe lace one

toys and develop good handwriting

and roles. In this area OTs work with

handed, one-handed dressing.

skills), address hand-eye coordination

people with both acute and longterm

to improve play and self-care skills

mental health difficulties such as

* Adaptive Equipment – Help peo-

(feeding, using a computer, copying

schizophrenia, bipolar affective

ple select equipment and appliances,

from a blackboard).

disorder, depression, anxiety, eating

including wheelchairs, assistive tech-

OT’s also help children with severe

disorders, post traumatic stress disor-

nology and dressing aids, to increase

developmental delays in learning basic

der (PTSD), and obsessive compulsive

their independence.

tasks (such as bathing, getting dressed,

disorder (OCD). Interventions used

brushing their teeth, and feeding

include life skills (how to organise your

* Cognitive or perceptual rehabilita-

themselves) and work with children

day, how to get around town, domestic

tion – working on areas of difficulty

who have behavioural disorders teach-

tasks, budgeting, shopping etc), time

identified by assessment e.g. sequenc-

ing anger-management techniques

management, increasing confidence

ing (can a person get dressed in the

(i.e. instead of hitting others or acting

and self esteem, social skills, coping

correct order?), depth perception (can

out using positive ways to deal with

skills, symptom management and

the individual see the step at the end

anger, such as writing about feelings

identification, stress management,

of the foot path?), planning, organisa-

or participating in a physical activity).

assertiveness training, vocational

tional and memory strategies.

Evaluating the need for specialized

rehab (return to work) and cognitive

equipment such as wheelchairs, splints,

behavioural therapy. OT’s in this area

16 |

* Seating provision/positioning -

Provision of wheelchairs, education

processing deficits. For example, an

around wheelchair mobility, provide

* Working with adults with learning

OT might ask - is the person’s balance

pressure relief and sleep systems, pro-

difficulties to improve their skills for

good enough so he can shower safely

vide advise and education in relation to

living in the community.

on his own? Is the person’s safety and

positioning of the person. * Splinting and casting - to maintain

Occupational therapists*

or improve movement and positiong

today continue to cross

* Home Visit - Visit a disabled or el-

borders and challenge

derly person to make their home easier and safer for them to use e.g. Provide education and advice on equipment and adaptations.

judgement good enough to cook dinner without assistance? Is the person able to organise their day and get to work? Is the child’s attention span long enough to attend at school? Concepts of occupational

boundaries in emerging

therapy initially began to emerge in

areas of practice

until the 1910’s that the notion of occu-

the late 1700’s. However it was not pational therapy as a health profession

* Educational interventions including:

Use activities meaningful to the

was conceived, and in 1917 that the

* energy conservation,

person (such gardening or cooking) to

National Society for the Promotion of

* task simplification,

improve a person’s hand function.

Occupational Therapy (NSPOT) was

* adapting and modifying activities

founded in America. During World

to progress with a client’s changing

* Work with people with mental

War 1 OT’s were called on to develop


health difficulties to assist them in

programs for rehabilitation and treat

* caregiver education and support,

planning and organising a meaningful

injured soldiers. Area’s of speciality

* safety assessment,


began to emerge in the 1960’s in pae-

* social interactions and communica-

diatrics and the area of developmental


Difference between an occupational thera-

disabililty. With de-institutionali-

* memory skills training,

pist and a physiotherapist

sation came an even greater need to

* mobility device assessment and

OTs and Physios work very closely

help those with mentally illness The

training (i.e. scooters, wheelchairs,

together and there is a lot of overlap

emergence of occupational therapy


which can be confusing for the reader

challenged the views of mainstream

* low vision interventions

but also beneficial to the patient. We

scientific medicine. Instead of focus-

* anxiety management

have slightly different approaches

ing on purely physical etiologies, OT’s

* stress management

though. In short, physiotherapy

argued that a complex combination of

* relaxation techniques

is more physical oriented, able to

social, economic, and biological rea-

* pain management

facilitate physical rehabilitation espe-

sons cause dysfunction. Occupational

cially in the area of mobility, balance,

therapists today continue to cross

* Visit work places to assist people

strengthening, pain, joint range of

borders and challenge boundaries in

to modify their jobs and design work

motion, endurance, and gross motor

emerging areas of practice, for example

areas to better suit their needs.

functioning. Physiotherapist’s do not

working with the homeless, asyulm

usually work with people with mental

seekers, childhood obseity, and aging

* Assess the driving ability of some-

health difficulties. OT however is


one with a disability.

more ADL (acitivity of daily living) and function based in the assessment

* Use sensory integration to improve

of a person and works from there. OT

the play and movement skills of a baby

also emcompassess cognitive skills,

or child with a disability

visual-perceptual skills and sensory- | 17

Claregalway NS Christmas Stories

See more Christmas Stories online at 18 |

Visit Santa at Chois Chláir Shopping Centre (beside) Arches Hotel Claregalway

Family Christmas Event Sat 17th December 2 pm – 5.30 pm Sun18TH December 1 pm —6.00 pm Admission €15.00 per Child Don’t forget to bring your camara !!!


Santa Arriving at 2.30 pm (gift) VISIT TO SANTA WITH GIFT









(90 Min per Child)

Text 087 1719807 OR Email

PAYMENTS BY CREDIT CARD or cash on entry

Thank you for your support

Wishing all Families a Happy Christmas & Prosperous New Year | 19

We Are Thankful to live on this island Móna Wise is a local blogger & author.

This Christmas mind your Left-overs Christmas falls on the heels of Thanksgiving here in our house. With the Chef and the kids being

Check out her blog at

American, we make serious efforts to celebrate the traditional American holiday and this year we


were thrilled to have some of our American friends visit us to celebrate the day. Turkey is the main

focus of the day of course, and truth be told it is not unlike your typical Irish Christmas dinner. There is the Turkey, the mashed potatoes, a bit of gravy and some vegetables.

Our friends, wanting to share some real American flavour made a dish of sweet potatoes topped

with marshmallows and baked in the oven; this went down a huge treat needless to say. When it comes to the bird we are firm believers that less is more. Although it is nice to have a large bird, if you are feeding a huge family they can get very pricy so we tend to look for one less than 12 kilos.

This is enough meat for our family and there will even be a bit left over for some wonderful

Turkey Crêpes the next morning.

Crêpe Recipe

(makes about 20 nice size crepes)

—200g plain flour —2 eggs —Pinch of salt

—100g butter

—2 large egg yolk —750 ml milk


—First, melt the butter in a small pan and leave it to cool. —Sift the flour in a large mixing bowl and add the pinch of salt. —Make a hole in the middle of the flour and add in the eggs and egg yolks. —Pour in the milk and whisk softly. Do not try to add too much air to the mix.

Just mix until lump free.

It is best if you can leave the batter to rest now for at least a half hour in a cool spot. We have been known to make ours the night before too and this works out very well.

When ready to make your crêpes, melt a little butter for frying. Heat a heavy bottomed pan and

brush with the melted butter. Now get your batter and mix it up a little. It should be like a heavy cream consistency. Pour a ladle full into your pan and tilt the pan so the batter coats the entire surface. The pan should be covered in batter but not so thin where you can see the base of the pan.

On a medium heat the crêpe will only take a minute to cook. You will notice the edges turning

a rich golden colour and it will start moving around on the pan when you shake it a little. Lift up

20 |

Cranberry Sauce —1 bag of cranberries —1 cup of sugar —Rind & juice of one whole orange Cook for one hour on medium heat

one edge with a flat (palette) knife and flip it over to cook the other side. Slide it onto a plate and brush the pan with butter and carry on with the rest of them. Keep them separate by putting a little sheet of greaseproof paper in between each crêpe. You can make these ahead of time and then stuff them and eat them later in the day.

Once our crêpes were ready, we stuffed them with the leftover turkey, a spoonful of cranberry

sauce (recipe above) and the Chef made a rich hollandaise sauce (recipe below) to pour over them and put them in the oven for ten minutes (190˚C). If you do not want to go to the trouble of making a hollandaise sauce I would suggest a soft poached egg on top for a similar and delicious effect. A side of rashers rounds it out too with the sweet and savoury flavours all coming together nicely.

My Dad (Gerry Dempsey) was buried on

Christmas Eve 2001. Many of you will remember him; big Gerry. I do not think that I dealt

Hollandaise Sauce

with the loss all that well until I moved back

—3 egg yolks

home. Sometimes, when you live so far away

—200g melted butter —A pinch of salt

from home it is easier to put of things, even

—Juice of half a lemon —A few drops of Franks Red Hot sauce

—A splash of water

grieving, until the grief itself confronts you and you are forced to face it head on.

Put a pot of water on to boil and find a glass bowl (heatproof ) that will fit

into the pot without actually touching the water.

Since moving back home to Claregalway,

a little over three years now, I spend a lot of

Add in the egg yolks and a drop or two of cold water. Begin whisking and

time thinking about him and wishing he had

have your assistant pour in the melted butter very slowly. Once the sauce

not been taken at such a young age. But life is

starts to thicken, they can pour the butter in a little faster.

good to us. Our family is strong and healthy

Once it is rich and creamy, add a squeeze of lemon juice, the hot sauce

and growing. We have no illness of note to

and a pinch of salt. Now it is ready to pour and eat.

burden us and my Mother keeps us all in line;

teaching us and reminding us to be good and

you should know that this is a sauce that will curdle very easily. You will

kind to each other today and every day.

need to have a shallow sink of cold water ready to go as well. In addition

to that, you should have an assistant on hand to help with the process.

On this note, I would like to wish you all a

If you have not attempted making a hollandaise sauce before, then

very happy and safe Christmas. It is a privilege

The heat (for the water in the pot) should never be too hot. If your sauce

writing for the Nuacht Chláir and I hope that

looks like it is going to separate then drop the bowl in the cool water and

some of you will give the Turkey Crêpes a try

and whisk very hard until it comes back to a cream thick consistency. If it

on St. Stephens’ morning!

does not, start all over again and you can add the curdled mixture to the

new batch. Waste not want not!

Wishing you a Wise and Merry Christmas,

Móna Wise & Family | 21


MONDAY, 26th December - SATURDAY, 31st December



Weekday Mass at 10.00 a.m.

Sunday, 1st January 2012 PENITENTIAL SERVICE:

Masses at 7.30 p.m. (Vigil) 9.00 a.m. & 11.00 a.m.

Tuesday, 20th December at 7.30 p.m.

Those who were married in Claregalway church during the


year will be remembered in the Mass.

Saturday, 17th December 6.45 p.m to 7.15 p.m. Saturday, 24th December (Christmas Eve)


11.00 a.m. to 12 noon & 3.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m

Friday, 6th January 2012 Masses at 7.30 p.m. (Vigil) & 11.00 a.m.

MASSES: CHRISTMAS EVE, Saturday, 24th December


Children’s Mass at 6.00 p.m.

Sunday, 8th January 2012

Vigil Mass at 9.00 p.m.

All the babies baptised in the parish during 2011will be remembered by name in Masses.

CHRISTMAS DAY, Sunday, 25th December Masses at

9.00 a.m., 10.00 a.m. & 11.00 a.m. Those who died in the parish during the year will be remembered in all Christmas Masses.

Kundalini Yoga Classes Claregalway, January 2012 “Be the light that you are and realise your true potential!”

tions and Children’s Healing Circles. Mags holds workshops in a complete training system of

Mags Corcoran is a qualified Reiki/Seichem Master and

energy healing up to Master Levels.

teacher, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a qualified Homeopath

She also facilitates outreach complementary therapies pro-

from the Burren School of Homeopathy with over 15 years

grammes to community groups, with workshops designed

experience working as a transformative healer. She has

and facilitated to reflect the needs of the participants e.g.

helped many people to find peace and direction in their

Women’s Wellness Programmes, Kundalini Yoga, Medita-

lives together with emotional and spiritual well being and

tion etc.


Kundalini Yoga Classes commencing in Claregalway in

Mags offers the following complementary therapies: Reiki,

January for details and enquiries, contact Mags on 087

Seichem, Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.),Kundalini


Yoga, Nutritional Education, Homeopathy, Group Medita-

22 |

The Story of Santa Claus and where he comes from Most children know Santa Claus as a big, round, red-cheeked, joyous, old gentleman who delivers Christmas gifts clad in black boots and a red and white suit. But really, who is Santa Claus and where does he come from? The legend of Santa Claus dates all the way back to the

fourth century when a child named Nicholas was born.

kind, old man who brings Christmas gifts to the children.

At that time, nobody knew that he was to become world

Santa Claus has been widely used as a commercial eye

renowned as Santa Claus, but Nicholas soon showed signs of

catcher, in particular after 1930, when Coca Cola used him

special abilities.

in their advertisements for the first time. Here he had a big,

white beard, black boots, a big red coat, and an infectious

As a grown-up he became bishop of Myra in Lycia, a

Today, Santa Claus is famous all around the world as the

province of the Byzantine Anatolia, now in Turkey, where,

laughter - exactly like we know and love him today.

according to legend, he only did good deeds.

Nicholas came from Asia, but today he is associated with

One of the deeds later associated with Nicholas as Santa

However, discussions about his origins continue. St.

Claus or gift donor took place when he saved a family from

snow and Christmas; therefore, countries like Canada,

poverty one night by throwing money through their win-

Finland, Greenland, Norway, and Sweden are fighting for

dow. But Nicholas was capable of much more than that.

the right to house the old gift giver.

He could, by the power of God, bring the dead back to life

and save sailors from storms. Therefore, Nicholas (later

days of the year - once he makes sure he turns up in Ireland

known as Santa Claus) was beatified and initially, was

with a sleigh-full of toys for the sleeping boys and girls every

mostly honoured by the sailors.

December 24!

We don’t care where he wants to spend the other 364

At first, Nicholas became a Catholic saint, but during

the Reformation hagiolatry was abandoned by the Protestants. However, it was difficult to just drop St. Nicholas due to his popularity; thus, he was portrayed without a bishop’s mitre and was named Santa Claus.

Coincindentally, Nicolas had died in December,

thus, it was now easy to associate him as Santa Claus with Christmas and gift-giving.

That’s how St. Nicholas became known under the

name Santa Claus in Europe and later on, also in the U.S.A. His story was spread by the Dutch sailors berthing in New York. They called St. Nicholas “Sinterklaas”, and through translations to American English, he became the American “Santa Claus”. | 23

November Update from Local Cllr., Jim Cuddy Traffic calming and footpaths

let go and there is an embargo on recruitment.

On November 24th in reply to my letter to Mr. Gilmore, Director of Services for Roads and Transportation I received a

OPW Flooding Relief works Consultations

phone call to the effect that early in the new year the council

On November 30th, representatives of the OPW and the

will put in traffic calming measures on the N 18 coming

consultants made themselves available in the Claregalway

down towards the Claregalway National School and he also

Hotel to discuss the works proposed. To date the only works

said that following repeated representations which I have

carried out in the Claregalway Area was the extra eye in the

made that he will link up the foot path the whole way along

Claregalway Bridge and work has started on the replacement

the Sli an Breadan/Church View Estate. This is something

of the Crusheen Bridge. The consultations were for the pur-

that the parents and residents of the area have been looking

pose of letting the people know what was nest to be done.

for and should improve safety for all. Cllr. Noone and myself

The river is to be widened at various locations on different

will keep the pressure on to have these works carried out at

sides of the river. Consultations have to take place between

the earliest possible date

the OPW, National Parks and Wildlife and the Fisheries Board. An EIS study has also to be carried out. From speak-

Flooding on the N 17 outside Centra Supermarket and Cois Chlair

ing to the OPW representatives they expect to have a report

Again this is an ongoing problem and the council have been

with the Minister by May for decision as to what works will

made aware of it for some time. The situation outside the

be done. I have been told that it will take a number of years

Centra Supermarket is at a critical point and unless the

before the works reach Carnmore as a lot of the work along

council deal with the problem lives could be at stake. The

the river will be seasonal. This is poor comfort to the people

council have said that they have surveyed the area and are

at the end of the line. The pressure will have to be kept on

aware that there is a blockage in the pipe system leading the

the OPW to have these works carried out in the shortest

water to the river. They have undertaken in the past to bring

time possible.

a pipe all the way from the church car park as far as the river. This particular issue was raised by me in the council cham-

Claregalway Relief Road

ber at the November monthly meeting of the council and I

On November 23rd. a consultation meeting took place at the

was assured that it would be dealt with as soon as possible but no date was given. Neglect of country roads Due to the shortage of both staff and resources the council have decided to deal with the main roads as a priority. Many of the country roads around Claregalway are in a terrible state and some of them have be notified to the council for nearly two months and still nothing has happened because they have not got the manpower to do the work due to the fact that those who were on temporary contracts have been

24 |

Claregalway Hotel between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m in relation to

to provide the extra funding to take the next steps of EIS

the preferred route of the relief road. Council engineers and

study, design and CPO.

Consultants attended. A large number of local people turned up to view the maps setting out the route that is being pro-

As we approach Xmas can I wish you and yours a

posed. For the information of those who could not make the

healthy and enjoyable time and all the best the new

consultation process on the date the preferred route is the

year can bring .

one coming off the N 17 near the Kinniska Rd junction and coming across the N 18 beside the Corporate Park and then

As always I am always available day or evening at

going across the road and coming out on the N 17 at Creg-

091 798 136 or

boy. When all the consultations works are done and minor

087 6360 242

changes made to the route. It will be up to the Government

or you can e-mail me at

Le Grá Craft Studio and Gallery Le Grá Craft Studio and Gallery opened on the 10th of October at the Claregalway Shopping Centre (behind Hughes’ Supervalu). I love Irish craft and design.” says owner Ester Kiely. “I’m

makers. The workshop area allows up to ten participants

very lucky to have met so many creative people in Galway

in classes such as felt-making, print-making, patchwork,

whose work is beautiful, well made and inspiring. Galway

sewing skills, creative journalling, soft-toy-making and

also has a great source of new, emerging talent graduating


from GMIT and GTI every year. I wanted to provide all

of these artisans with an outlet for their work and also to

Le Grá Craft Studio and Gallery. Every Tuesday morning

invite the community to learn new craft-skills in a friendly

from 10.30 to 12.30 locals are invited to participate in ‘All

environment.” “Galway boasts a wealth of artisans who are

Stitched Up’, a free drop-in event for up to ten people to

passionate about what they do. They are breathing new

share ideas and tips, be inspired by the work in the gallery

life into traditional crafts and combining these skills with

orjust chat about their own projects over a cuppa.

experimentation to create contemporary, desirable, one-off


contact Le Grá Craft Studio and Gallery to book time to

use the workshop for group projects.

Le Grá Craft Studio and Gallery is a bright, spacious

Community involvement is also an important factor at

Local groups (of up to ten people) are also invited to

unit at the Claregalway Shopping Centre. There is ample

parking with the fabulous Treat Café nearby for those

process, Ester, a textile artist, can be seen working at her

who decide to have lunch after a morning of crafting or

sewing machine in the light-filled corner studio space. Here

gift-shopping. The gallery has a range of ceramics, tex-

she creates stitched wall-art based on heritage, traditions

tiles, jewellery, prints, soaps and lots more for sale. With

and every-day stories. Her current series of work is based on

Christmas fast approaching it is the ideal place to find local,

the legends surrounding the local landmark of Knockma in

handmade, quality gifts.


Le Grá Craft Studio and Gallery is more than just a shop.

It is also a place to learn craft skills from professional craft-

For those interested in learning more about the creative

For photographs, news and information about upcoming

workshops see | 25

Chief Fuels Claregalway Fuels for: Open Fires, Stoves, Ranges

Grade A Superior Polish Coal Magiflame Smokeless Ecobrite (Stoves) Banking, Singles, Briquettes Free Delivery

December Special 10 bags of Magiflame Smokeless â‚Ź165

Contact Kenny Murphy 087 670 7297 Great deals on 5+ bags 26 |

Local Christmas Gift Ideas Cases Wine 091-764701

Horkan’s Garden Centre 091-739958

JPK Garden Centre 091-799103

Organic Gardener, Galway 087-2679852

Local Beauty Salons, Photographers, Hairdressers, Hotels and Restaurants

Support Local this Christmas

Find Nuacht Chláir online | 27

Poet’s Corner Bridge Into the deep end we plunged, nine weeks before Christmas Nine women afloat - sink or swim, eyes wide open No boat, no merry men, no gold or francincense No jingle bells to warn us Just a feel good factor for Michael above in the Aras So mná na h-Eireann are taking a break from puddings and cakes, concoctions to bake. We’ve seen it all down days of yore now Monday mornings we’re out that door. Our troubles packed in a giant case first names only in our own space - We lay our cards, feel the pain one no trump, work sluggish brain, We strive to learn a little faster, memorise old rules from our new master So here we gather - the game is Bridge, no time to waste or defrost the fridge But we might have jumped in yonder river or made paté from lumps of liver, Had we known how hard the task to make that move and then deliver. So Brian we thank you, you show us the way You moved our Mondays to a brand new place! Nollaig Shona díbh go léir and peaceful waters in River Clare Maura Kavanagh, Cregboy

Pause for Pebbles All he wanted was to rest in a

All she wanted was a friend

bed, have food to eat

The human kind had failed her

Too many days roaming the streets

The liquid kind had nearly killed her

Scavenging through dustbins for survival

She was tired, lonely, lost, done

His skin itchy, legs tired, stomach hungry

And then she saw him, flea ridden and desperate

No let up from this ever ending cycle

she stopped the car, called out to him

He was tired, sick, done but just as

and under the dark sky with winter rain

He was about to lie down under a tree

two lonely creatures found a common bond

To shelter from the rain and close his eyes

he saved her, she saved him

Hoping for the last time, a car stopped A woman got out, called him, saved him

28 |

Fiona Place

The Ghost of Bodmin Moor When day has gone and falls the night,

Where mighty gales and cold winds howl

Over Bodmin Moor the owl’s in flight,

The Hairy Hand abroad will prowl,

Lonely his call that haunting hoot,

And Cornish maidens demure and chaste,

As rabbits into their burrows scoot.

Claim they felt its touch about the waist!

While the moon and stars are down

Betwixt themselves these maidens say,

And sleeps the righteous of Bodmin town,

“We know what ‘twas - “it’s one of they”.

Over this timeless and hallowed land

Mornings light stops ghostly games,

Stalks the ghost with a Hairy Hand.

And the Hairy Hand goes back to flames!

Between sunset and break of day,

Come tourist folk in new track suits

Around this Moor bleak and grey,

In jolly joggers running Boots,

The restless soul of the Hairy Hand –

And when they’ve seen the hand that’s hairy –

Comes from a place of lost and damned!

Boast they’ve seen a hairy fairy!

It grabbed the steering wheel of motor cars, And on motorcycles - ‘twas the handlebars;

Edward Coppinger

On lonely tracks where cyclists ride, At their backsides it sat astride! Men of Cornwall have courage galore,

One of they ………Gay.

Brave they are - but shun the Moor; And when they’ve seen it - so they tell,

Widely reported in British National newspapers

They cross themselves and run like hell!

during the autumn of 2008, following many reports of incidents on Bodmin Moor area, Cornwall, concerning a phantom hairy hand.

Edward Coppinger

JPK Garden Centre

Tuam Road, Claregalway - 091 799103 Christmas trees, fresh flower swags, table arrangements at fantastic value. Bare rooted hedging from .99c per plant while stocks lasts Specials on fuel Specials on compost Specials in winter flowering heathers / Cyclemens We wish Tranquil Gardens every success on their new business venture and welcome his business to Claregalway and to JPK. We wish Brendan and his team every success and look forward to their launch in the New Year. We wish all our customers a happy & holy Christmas | 29

Local Notices Are you finding it hard to make ends meet ?

Post Local Notices to:

Are you worried about household bills ?

Nuacht Chláir,

We are here to listen and to help ...

Creig Buí,

Contact St Vincent de Paul Society in confidence ... Phone: 091 563233

Baile Chláir, Co. na Gaillimhe Phone: 086 391 3852 or

Irish Grinds

French Grinds:

Certificate students.


Teacher available for Junior/Leaving

Aline O’Connell 087 743 88 10 Contact Niamh at 0876293315

Badminton for adults

Art Classes

091 798 430 Email:

Local Directory To enter your business listing or details of a group or society

Art Classes in water colour, pastels and

in the locality in the 2012

drawing commencing in Claregalway Jan

Claregalway & District Directory

Every Tuesday from 10am to 12noon

2012 with Barbara C Kavanagh. Contact

(free of charge), please visit:

in Claregalway Community Centre.

086-8059881 for further details. All levels

Do come along — all levels welcome!


SMA Fathers

On behalf of the SMA Fathers, at year’s end, I wish to express deep appreciation for all the support of the local community for our missionary work during 2011, especially through our Family Day in June.


Nuacht Chláir — Last Month’s Solution Congratulations to winner

I wish each person and family a very happy Christmas, full of love and peace. May 2012 be a blessed and safe one for all. Seamus Nohilly SMA

Guitar Lessons in

Keep up-to-date with

Claregalway area

local news & events:

—Experienced teacher

Find Nuacht Chláir on Facebook,

—Friendly atmosphere

—All ages and levels Contact Ger on 087 217 0930

30 |

or visit

Mike Herwod of Cloonacauneen.

Nuacht Chláir Crossword December 2011 Crossword Editor

First Correct Cross-

Brian Place

word opened wins: A Meal for Two in the Claregalway Hotel Name:

Contact Number: Send completed Crosswords to: B.D. Place, Woodleigh,

Across 1 Express disapproval (6) 5 Unhappy in love (6) 10 Sisterly (7) 11 Marine molluscs (7) 12 Inhabitant of Finland (4) 13 Mixture for fixing panes of glass (5) 15 Human jointed appendage (4) 17 Substance for colouring (3) 19 Deadly (6) 21 Gentle breeze (6) 22 Series of acts at night club (7) 23 Use (6) 25 Capital of Bahamas (6) 28 Single (3) 30 Metal, At. No. 26 (4) 31 Bottomless pit (5) 32 Inactive Sicilian volcano (4) 35 Wife of Tsar (7) 36 Senior naval rank (7) 37 Pendant spear of ice (6) 38 Of greatest age (6)

Creig Buí,

Last month’s winner:

Baile Chláir,

Mike Herwood,

Co. na Gaillimhe.


Down 2 Aristocrat (below baron) (7) 3 Organs of hearing (4) 4 Rabbinical writings on Jewish law (6) 5 Three literary sisters (6) 6 Ascend (4) 7 Language of Flanders (7) 8 Of use (6) 9 Line linking points of equal pressure (6) 14 Cruel government (7) 16 Ingredient of breakfast fry (5) 18 Elements that conduct heat (5) 20 Of the laity (3) 21 Form of Buddhism (3) 23 Has an existence (6) 24 Humdrum or monotonous (7) 26 Surgical stitches (7) 27 Not capable (6) 28 Flattened at the poles (6) 29 Run away from confinement (6) 33 Element (At.No.30) (4) 34 In the middle of (4) | 31


DRAW WILL TAKE PLACE ON 19TH DECEMBER. Terms and Conditions apply. Ask in store for full details.

Profile for Nuacht Chláir

Nuacht Chláir December 2011  

Nuacht Chláir, the local newsletter for Claregalway and Carnmore, December 2011 edition.

Nuacht Chláir December 2011  

Nuacht Chláir, the local newsletter for Claregalway and Carnmore, December 2011 edition.


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