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Claregalway Castle Planning Go Ahead Declan Tierney

The continued renovations of Claregalway Castle can proceed as planned as the go ahead has been given to retain a number of alterations carried out and embark on additional works. This is despite opposition by the Department of the Environment who took the case to An Bord Pleanala and took issue with a roof opening which is used to let in light. The structure, known as a fumeral, caused some consternation within the Department as they said that it was over large and there was no historical or architectural precedent for its design.

However, An Bord Pleanála ruled that the extensive programme of restoration works leading to the reuse of Claregalway Castle would not seriously injure

Claregalway Hotel, Claregalway 091 738 300

amenities of the area or property in the vicinity. The Board said that the scale of the fumeral – once used to allow fumes to escape from fires in the

castle – had been reduced significantly and its visual impact had improved. They said that the completion of the fumeral Continued on page 3

Celebrate your Communion or Confirmation at the Claregalway Hotel

By Corrib, Clare and Cregg Brother Conal Thomas

Throughout history the local storytellers or seanchaí held a place of honour and privilege, for it was from such that our local history and folklore was handed down from glún to glún. Luckily, that tradition is alive and well amongst us in the west of Ireland though the sources are diminishing rapidly. It is said that, with the passing of every member of the older generation in our local community, a library of knowledge and wisdom is lost. For this reason endeavours are being put in place in various communities to ensure that local history accounts are preserved for posterity. One such source is now available in printed form with the publication of By Corrib, Clare and Cregg and Seanchas cois Teallaigh. This double publication comes from the hand of John Murphy, Creggduff, Corrandulla and is published by Annaghdown Heritage Society. It is by the Clare and Cregg rivers and close to the shores of Lough Corrib that John Murphy was born over 2

eighty years ago and where he still lives and works, buíochas le Dia. We are led back to the times when was customary for pupils to walk or cycle to school, enjoy the local game of pitch and toss, work on the farm, walk to the fairs, read about the World War 2 as it unfolded; here too we learn how the author listened to the national news and sporting events on the village radio, attended the Galway races and an air display in Oranmore, and as an adult was employed as a lorry driver at McDonaghs and Roadstone. One of the outstanding merits of the publication is the minute descriptions of the numerous events as they unfolded during his life. The author does not attempt to gloss over the hardships of bygone days in a superficial manner for he informs the reader of the tough times that families endured during World War 2 and the drudgery of farm work done by men and women. As can be gleaned from the content pages alone, there is an abundance of

historical material included in the book to dwell on and discuss. While the actual setting is in the main within the confines of a parish, it may be applied to any rural setting in the west of Ireland without much alteration. This publication is a template for local history studies, especially life in Ireland during World War 2 and the middle of the last century. Students can, without difficulty, become familiar with the lives of people in times past through a knowledge of their homes, the clothes they wore, farming methods, foods and cooking, tools and weapons used, language, culture, art and music, leisure and pastimes. They are led interpret incidents in the past in various ways and can appreciate that, like generations before us, we too have the power to resolve many of the difficult issues facing us today. Is léir gur seanchaí de’n chéad scoth an t-údar Seán Ó Murchadha ó’n méid atá sa dara leabhar anseo Seanchas cois Teallaigh.

Ní h-amháin do dtugann sé scéal a bheatha dúinn i bparóise Eanach Dhúin ach léirionn sé, mar ealaíontóir cleachtaithe, mion-phictiúrí a shaol i gcaoi nach féidir a sharú. Mar shampla, an cursíos ina léirionn sé eachtraí a óige sa bhaile nó ar scoil. Lúim faoi cheann amháin le linn a h-óige ar an maidin a ghlaoigh a uncail ar féin is a dheartháir Tómás teacht amach sa gharraí go bfeicfidís radharc iontach. Céard a bhí ar an mbóthar mór ós a gcómhair ach eilifintí le sorcas Duffy ag siúl bóthar an Churraigh go Gaillimh. Eachtra eile faoi leith atá lúite aige anseo ná ar na maidne ag siúl ar scoil i dteannta le páistí eile. Go h-iomadúil thagadh gandal crosta is a ghéanna amach ar an mbóthar rompu ag chur sceon i gcroíthe na n-ógánach. ‘Siad eachtraí nach bhfuil le feiceál níos mó le n-ár linne. Tugann sé cursíos sa seanchas ar phobal na h-áite idir obair, saoire agus go mór-mhór ar mhuinntearas na ndaoine. Ina theanta sin, feicimid an dlúth-cheangail a ndearna an t-údar le daoine éagsúla suas-síos tré Chonntae na Gaillimhe agus Mhuigheo agus an cineáltas a bhfuair sé uathu. Míle buíochas don údar Seán Ó Murchadha. Go maire sé i bhfad. The publication is available from the Annaghdown Heritage Society, Corrandulla, Co. Galway. Tel. 087 226 9426

in accordance with the revised proposals would be functionally and aesthetically compatible with the character of the castle and would not undermine its integrity as a protected structure and recorded monument. It is one of the focal points on the journey between Tuam and Galway along the N17 and is situated on the River Clare Claregalway Castle is a late 15th century tower house which occupies a prominent feature on the surrounding landscape. Prior to the castle’s restoration the roof, battlements and internal floors were missing. The restoration project is nearing completion and most of the internal works are complete, the slated roof is in place and the battlements and chimney stacks have been reconstructed. The main area of concern relates to the erection of a fumeral structure at roof level which did not form part of the original planning permission but was included when the roof was being re-constructed. Planning permission was refused for the retention of the fumeral for reasons related to its adverse visual and historical impact on the designated status of the castle. Fumerals are medieval chimneys though which

smoke from centrally located fireplaces escape from top floor rooms through a series of timber louvres in the elevations. There are no surviving examples of either roofs or fumerals in late 15th century Irish tower houses although some have been reconstructed in Drimnagh and Bunratty Castles and some original roofs and fumerals exist in late medieval Scottish and European tower houses. The Department of the Environment felt that the provision of a modified fumeral set an undesirable precedent for other tower house restorations.

Josette Farrell, Editor After the rather bleak winter we have had, Spring is most welcome. It is heartening to see the crocus and daffodils appearing in the garden and to see the evenings lengthening. Check out our gardening section on page Compántas Lir is back again with an action packed program of drama. Their own performance on the opening night with I Do Not Like Thee Dr. Fell was splendid and each character was portrayed brilliantly – well done to producer Philip Cribbin for his selection of this superb cast. I believe two firsts have already been won on the Circuit – one more and they are through to the All-Ireland which is unreservedly well deserved. Compántas Lir has given the people of Claregalway and beyond untold memories down through the years and I know it is very much appreciated by the many audiences attending. At last Claregalway Castle has got the go-ahead for the final stages of its development. Dr. O’Donoghue is to be commended for his vision in bringing this wonderful project thus far. It will be a very welcome addition to the historical environs of Claregalway. Read Sean’s article on the progress with the new football field and see his photos depicting same. It’s great to see such voluntary work being undertaken under the management of John Feeney and our footballers can look forward to a new state of the art facility in the near future. The Saw Doctors continue to entertain and we wish them the best of luck in Australia. Until next time, Josette


Chocolate is bad for you?! WRONG! Tom Flanagan

Is chocolate bad for you? Tom Flanagan,a local Claregalway man, says that this is true only of the junk chocolate found on shop shelves. These candy type chocolates use processed cocoa-powder and sugars along with bad fats, fillers, waxes, preservatives, and they contain a high amount of calories. Dark chocolate has been hailed by medical research recently and some clinical trials have been startling. Now the media is getting behind it. Newsweek “Great news! Research shows chocolate to be good for you” (Dark chocolate contains flavonoids) US News “Dark Chocolate has been found to moderate blood pressure and other ingredients elevate mood” Time “New evidence suggests that a moderate amount of dark chocolate, particularly ... cocoa ... may be sweet for the cardiovascular system” The New York News “Eating dark chocolate appears to bring down blood pressure”

lining the wall of blood vessels for at least three hours” CNN “Those with high blood pressure who ate a 3.5oz dark chocolate bar daily for 15 days were rewarded with lower blood pressure, lower LDL (bad cholesterol), and improved sugar metabolism”

BBC News “Chocolate can protect against tooth decay researchers have found”

Enter the worlds first healthy chocolate, a category creator called Xocai (pronounced show-sigh).

USA Today “Eating dark chocolate appears to improve the function of important cells

Xocai products are made with non-alkalised, nonlecithinised cacao powder,


from the tree. Add in the acai berry and blueberries. The combination of these ingredients, in their natural state, provide a product that contains antioxidants. The vital word here is antioxidants. Unprocessed cacao and the acai berry are the #1 and #2 antioxidants on the planet. The World Health Organisation says that 65% of all diseases are preventable through sound nutrition.

Dr. Richard Cutler of the Anti-Ageing Research Dept. of the National Institute Of Health, Washington DC states that the amount of antioxidants that we maintain in our bodies is directly proportional to how long and how healthily we will live. Marina Murphy reports in Chemistry and Industry that the health benefits of epicatechin, a compound found in cocoa, are so striking that it may rival penicillin and anaesthesia

Fograíocht le haghaidh MFG Teo. Debbie De Cnoc

Cócaireacht Cliste Folláin & Eacnamúil Ar mhaith leat ranganna cócaireacht a dhéanamh a bhéas ag diriú isteach ar oideas atá folláin agus eacnamúil? Beidh smointe breá do sneaicanna atá folláin agus blasta, modhanna chun builín baile a dhéanamh, cócaireacht oirthearach, earraí atá riachtanach i do tralaí siopadóireachta, freisin ag déanamh comparáid idir praghasanna earraí agus go leor leor eile! 4 Rang (tráthnóna amháin sa t-seachtaine, ar feadh 4 seachtaine). Beidh €15 táille le n-íoc ar an gcúrsa seo. in terms of importance to public health. Many people have experienced a significant improvement in health since eating a few small pieces of Xocai a day. For further information log onto www.

Cuir glaoch ar Debbie De Cnoc ag (091) 593410 le do áit a chur in áireamh.

Smart Cooking Healthy & Economical Would you like to take part in cookery classes in your area? These classes will demonstrate recipes which are both healthy and economical, home baked breads, oriental cooking, healthy and tasty snacks, essentials for your shopping basket, price comparisons of products and lots, lots more.

An bhfuil suim agat i Ranganna Gaeilge? Ba mhaith le Meitheal Forbartha na Gaeltachta ranganna Gaeilge a eagrú i do cheantair. Beidh na ranganna Gaeilge seo dírithe ar dhaoine a bhfuil suim acu Gaeilge a f hoghlaim nó a bhfuil ag iarraidh a gcuid Gaeilge a f heabhsú. Ocht rang a bhéas i gceist. Níl aon táille le n-íoc ar an gcúrsa seo. Cuir gloach ar Debbie De Cnoc ag (091) 593410 nó 087 6836685 le do áit a chuir in áireamh.

Are you interested in Irish classes? Meitheal Forbartha na Gaeltachta would like to organise Irish classes in your area. These Irish classes are directed at people who would like to learn Irish or perhaps improve on their Irish. Eight classes in total. There will be no fee for this course. Contact Debbie De Cnoc at (091) 593410 or 087 6836685 to reserve your space.

Four classes (one evening a week for four weeks). There will be cost of €15 for the course. Contact Debbie De Cnoc on (091) 593410 to reserve your space.






The classification of obesity (in adults) is usually based on the measurement of body mass index (BMI). BMI = weight (KG) divided by height (M) squared. < 20





healthy weight




> 30



Obesity and being overweight are the most common nutritional problems in the developed world and are increasing. More the half the Irish population are now either overweight or obese. Human beings abide by the laws of conservation of mass and energy, and when energy intake and 6

energy expenditure are equal, body weight is maintained. Excess intake over expenditure results in weight gain, so either or both must be altered in order to address any imbalance. The consequences of obesity include increased risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, non-insulin dependent diabetes, arthritis and back pain, breathlessness and respiratory disease. The management of obesity is complex involving not just dietary and exercise advice but also cognitive and behavioural techniques are important too. Realistic goals must be set. Obese patients may aim to lose

1 KG per week, reducing calorie intake by 1000 kcal a day, below normal, should achieve this level of weight loss. Keeping a balanced diet is important, so aim to reduce fat intake, consume low calorie nutrient dense foods (e.g. fruits and vegetables), increase fibre rich foods contributes to satiety and helps prevent constipation, increase consumption of low calorie drinks. Increased exercise is a useful part of any weight management plan. If you have not exercised for some time or have any illness the level of increased activity should be discussed with your doctor. Cognitive therapy involves recognising the reasons for the eating patterns that

have led to weight gain. Binge eating after alcohol consumption for example can add significantly to calorie intake. It is helpful to understand possible reasons for weight gain before embarking on a weight loss programme. Healthy eating and a gradual increase in daily activity will help to create the right balance between energy intake and energy expenditure. John Duffy M.P.S.I.

Claregalway Pharmacy is open late Monday to Friday until 8pm and 7pm on a Saturday. Tel. 091-799 754

Protecting the Policyholder when Loss/Damage Occurs to their Property Burst Pipes/Water Damage Floods Burglary

Fire/Chimney Fire Storms Subsidence

Smoke Damage Lightning Explosion or Collision etc.

Our Qualified team of Quantity Surveyors, Engineers and Negotiators are experts in the field of assessing property loss/damage and negotiating insurance claims. We represent the interests of the public – both commercial clients and private individuals in dealing with their insurance companies. For further details contact DM Claim Consultants on 091 739 517

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Carnmore Castles & Slides

C sid astle s es lid com e& e rai with nc ove r

Want to keep the kids amused for a day? Birthdays, christenings, communions, confirmations, bbq’s..etc

Giant slides also available Contact Ronnie on 087

929 94 95


Saw Doctors to tour Australia after 20 years

Image on front cover courtesy of highlandcow on Flickr Main image courtesy of fatsam on Flickr

The Saw Doctors are putting the finishing touches to their new album at the Westmeath recording studios once used by Michael Jackson – and they are making the final preparations for their first Australian tour in 17 years. The band are completing their new studio album, the succinctly titled The Hazard is back in The Cellar and other modern love stories, at Grouse Lodge in Co. Westmeath with producer Phil Tennant – the lads are finalising the tracklisting and mixes 8

for the new Saw Doctors album which has now been fully recorded. Then it’s off Down Under for the March tour of Australia by The Saw Doctors, where the band will play eleven shows, including three performances at the famous Port Fairy Folk Festival in Victoria. On St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, The Saw Doctors will play the Metro venue in Sydney. Other major Australian cities on The Saw Doctors itinerary

include the opening concert in Perth at the Fly by Night Club on March 4th, Melbourne’s Corner Hotel on March 11th, The Gov Club in Adelaide on March 18th and finishing up in Brisbane at the Hi Fi Club on March 19th.

Even getting to this point has been a massive achievement for the band given the lack of infrastructure they have on the other side of the world – and the time difference involved between Ireland and Australia.

The March tour by The Saw Doctors will be the bands first trip Down Under in seventeen years – back in 1993 Guinness invited the Tuam band over to Sydney for the cities Oyster Festival.

“Three months ago The Saw Doctors had no Australian agent or no Australian record company to distribute their Shamtown CD’s and DVD’s. Following multiple emails to many diverse contacts down under, The Saw Doctors are now

represented in Australia and New Zealand by the leading Melbourne agency, Premier Harbour Agency,� said Saw Doctors manager Ollie Jennings. Using only email and social networking sites (the band have 22,000 friends on their Facebook site), The Saw Doctors and their own Shamtown Records have landed a top Australian music agent to book their eleven shows in March, a leading Australian music promoter to produce their Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane shows,

and they have licensed their Best Of CD to the Australian division of the Multi National Record Company, Universal Music. Universal Australia will release To Win Just Once, the Best of The Saw Doctors throughout Australia on Friday February 26th, ahead of the eleven date Australian tour. The Best of The Saw Doctors CD has recently been awarded Platinum Status in Ireland by the Irish Recorded Music Industry.

Aside from their trip to Australia, the band is also looking forward to their album release here in June, and they have already confirmed major summer

festival appearances in Norway and Switzerland for July and August. For Saw Doctors news and gossip, visit their website


Knockmoy Abbey Edward Coppinger

Don’t forget to check out our new look website, which we update almost daily with local news and events If you have any submissions, you can email them to

Around that ruined house of God Where the dead are buried deep, In blessed and sacred sod Long gone Brothers sleep. Of them nothing is known From where or whence they came, At this great Abbey built of stone – Men who have no name. Did they know a woman’s love, Or earthly pleasures enjoy, Was their reward in heaven above, The Cistercians of Knockmoy? They warn us on limestone grey In words etched with sorrow, “As we are here today You will be tomorrow”. They ask prayers for Martin In Latin or Irish script, For him long departed Below his crumbling crypt. Slumber on royal O’Conor In your lonely tomb, For a name of such honour, Better the ruin and gloom. You Celtic noble of Red Hand Your flag now flies high, A symbol of our divided land, Ireland - Ireland tell us why? Bleak and sad in moonlights gleam, Poignant, under the western sky, By Abberts gentle flowing stream, Lie the dead of Abbeyknockmoy.


New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review Christopher Carton

Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo Rating: 3+ New Super Mario Bros. Wii is Nintendo’s first side-scrolling Mario game for a home console since the Super Nintendo days. Players who indulged in the addictive New Super Mario Bros. for the DS a few years back will know what to expect of this Wii offering. The main addition to the Wii version is the inclusion of a four-player multiplayer mode. This allows one to four players to take on the lengthy main quest as well as battle in coinbased arena games. This was a logical step given Nintendo’s new approach

of making games accessible to everyone, regardless of age or gender. While this addition is certainly welcomed it doesn’t work quite as well as it should. Mario platformers are difficult games at the best of times, but when three more players are thrown into the mix the result is hectic. Precise jumps become frustrating chores as you attempt to avoid landing on each other’s heads and causing chaos. The fact is that most Mario games require such skill and patience that to have to worry and wait for your partners is completely distracting. It can be fun at times but if there is any variance in skill between

players this can lead to confusion and delays as you wait for an inexperienced player to make that dodgy jump. If not taken too seriously the multiplayer mode can provide genuine, boisterous laughter, but these are rarely seen amongst fits frustration. The single player on the other hand, provides that classic Mario experience we all know and love. There are eight worlds overall which makes for a surprisingly long adventure. With the Wii remote held horizontally, players use the directional pad and the 1 and 2 buttons to move their character, to run, and to jump. New suits, like propeller Mario

and penguin Mario allow context sensitive action with a shake of the remote. Throughout the game the remote can be used to tilt and control various ledges. This isn’t revolutionary, but Nintendo chose to play it safe instead of shoehorning in unnecessary motion controls. If you’re looking for a brilliant old-school challenge you could do far worse than New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It’s just a shame that the multiplayer mode couldn’t be more solid. For more game and movie reviews, check out


Don’t worry about future pensions, it’s job creation that matters Nuala Nolan

The Taoiseach says that by 2060 there will be two people at work to support every pensioner. Where did he get this figure? Was it from Astrologist or from some psychic sitting in the Irish Financial Centre. Surly there is no shortage of people from all over the world who want to come to Ireland if we have jobs to offer.

were high rates of unemployment so workers over 55 were allowed apply for a pre-retirement scheme.This is the way to go, let those who want

The problem is not the lack of availability of workers, the problem it is that at present there is not even enough jobs to support today’s pensioners and he wants an excuse to take more money from the PAYE worker. The Pension Reserve has been rifled by the Government to shore up the black hole in our Banking system and to compound the problem Public Servants Pensions are paid from the day to day expenses for running the country. For people who love their jobs and are in good health the pension changes are welcome but what about those whose jobs make them vunerable to repetitive strain and burnout? I can’t see anyone over the age of 65 working on the counter at Supermacs even with a boob job or face lift. In the early 1990s there 12

to retire, retire or cut down on working hours. Then these jobs could be given to younger people who are setting out on their working lives or are

trying to cope with high mortages. Let people who are in the workforce for 40 years have a good time for themselves while they have the health.

Delicious home-cooked food suitable for all your party needs Communions, Confirmations, Christenings, Birthday Parties, Etc. whatever that special occasion is we deliver to your home

Conneely Carpentry /Builders C2 Registered Builders Available For: New Extensions Home Insulations Dry Lining Attic Conversations/Attic Insulation New Ensuite’s- Plumbing, Carpentry, Electrical, Tiling etc. • Revamp an existing room with Timber floors, New doors etc • Renovations-We carry out work on Flood damaged or Fire damaged homes • All General repairs catered for

• • • • •

Qualified Irish Carpenter by trade working with other fully qualified tradesmen. All jobs regardless of size, will be dealt with in the same manner, quickly and professionally

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Claregalway hosts members of IGG and Scouting Ireland for World Thinking Day Martina Fox

Sunday February 28th proved to be an eventful day for the Ladybirds, Brownies, Guides, Senior Branch (older Guides), Guiders( leaders) and Trefoil Guild (retired members) of Galway Area. They all came together to celebrate World Thinking Day. World Thinking Day is a day common to all members of the Guiding and Scouting organisations being the joint birthday of the founders, Lord and Lady Baden – Powell. 14

Members of IGG (Irish Girl Guides) were joined by members of all sectors of the Claregalway members of Scouting Ireland, Jim Cuddy local politician, as well as the Very Rev’d Martin Drennan (Bishop of Galway), Archdeacon Rev’d Gary Hastings (Rector of St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church), Rev’d Clodagh Yambasu ( United Methodist Presbyterian Minister) and Fr. Ritchie Higgins (of Claregalway who officiated)

The service started with a welcome from Fr Ritchie and was followed by singing as the colour parties brought forward their flags. The Brownies from the host pack (Carnmore) lit eight candles and read different prayers to celebrate the differences in us all reminding us that while each of the candles were completely different on the outside the flame they all produced was the same, just as we are different and yet the same.

The readings included a responsorial reading for which the responses were the ten Guide laws. This was followed by a song during which the children brought non-perishable food to the altar. (This food was later distributed by the Galway Lions club to various shelters around Galway). This was our members’ way of helping to prevent hunger. Helen Concannon, (a Galway girl who has come up through the ranks of guiding and

Bus Timetable for Claregalway These times are for Bus Éireann buses passing through the village

has herself set up a charity to help the poor in Kenya) gave a wonderful address reminding us of what difference even one of us can make whether that is as one in ten million Guiding members or as one little girl throwing a starfish back in. The local Brownies and Guides provided cheerful and tuneful singing and were helped along by the Claregalway Folk Choir (Thank you!!). Much to their delight each young member was given a little parcel sealed with a thank you sticker – lovingly packed by Trefoil Guild (retired Guiders) and donated by a local shopkeeper (Thanks Liam!) The local Brownie Pack is now well established but unfortunately the Guide company is closed due to the relocation of Leaders. We have a huge waiting list for the Brownies and approximately thirty girls waiting to re-join Guides if there is anyone out there over the age of seventeen who would like to help us make these girls’ hope of re- establishing the Guide Company come true please contact us we would love to hear from you.

Claregalway to Galway Monday to Saturday Dep. Claregalway

Sunday Services

Arr. in Galway

08:03 09:05 10:30 10:35 11:17 11:30 12:15 13:30 14:25 15:15 [FRIDAY ONLY] 15:55 17:10 17:30 [FRIDAY ONLY] 19:05 [FRIDAY ONLY] 19:31 [EXCEPT SATURDAY] 21:15 22:15

08:30 09:20 10:45 11:05 11:40 11:50 12:30 13:45 14:40 15:35 16:10 17:30 17:45 19:20 19:50 21:30 22:30

Dep. Claregalway

Arr. in Galway

10:35 13:30 16:10 16:30 17:10 19:05 19:35 22:15

10:50 13:45 16:25 16:45 17:25 19:20 19:50 22:30

The bus stop in Claregalway is situated beside the Nine Arches. Please note these times are approximate only. Nuacht Chláir will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions in this timetable.

Galway to Claregalway Monday to Saturday Dep. Galway

09:00 10:30 12:00 14:00 15:00 [FRIDAY ONLY] 15:45 16:00 17:45 18:15 20:15 [FRIDAY ONLY]

Sunday Services

Arr. in Claregalway

09:20 10:50 12:20 14:20 15:20 15:55 16:20 18:05 18:35 20:35

Dep. Galway

Arr. in Claregalway

10:00 12:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:15 20:10 20:15 21:00 21:10

10:20 12:20 14:20 15:20 16:20 17:20 18:35 20:30 20:35 21:20 21:30

For other timetables or for updates on changing schedules, visit


March 2010 update from your Local Councillor, Jim Cuddy Jim Cuddy

Litter Community groups throughout the county are expressing serious concern at the ever increasing incidents of litter throughout the county. The approach roads to Oranmore and Claregalway are particularly bad as is the road from Carnmore Cross to the Western Motors roundabout. Cregmore is becoming another black spot as well and the situation has got so bad there that the local residents have requested the council to take away the bottle banks in order to reduce the amount of litter being dumped in that area. Over the past five weeks I have contacted the Local Area Office, the Community Warden, the Environment Section, the County Secretary and the Director of Services for the Environment with a view to having the matter dealt with. This is the time of the year when many community groups start making preparations for the Tidy Towns Competition. The general public also have a role to play in keeping the area free of litter. I will be keeping this issue on the agenda for the council.


Claregalway Relief Road In the 2010 Regional and Local Roads Grant Allocation the sum of 228,148 euro has been allocated towards the road design of the Claregalway relief road. The council are still working on the finishing of the EIS study for which money was allocated last year. Funds allocated for road works in the Oranmore Electoral Area In the 2010 allocations the sum of 300,000 euro is to be spent on the Carnmore /Monivea Road. 30,000 euro is to be spent on traffic lights at Cregmore Bridge, 75,000 euro is to be spent on junction and alignment East of Peggys’ bar. Recent meeting with Council Senior Engineer At the request of the Chairman of the Claregalway Development Association I recently arranged a meeting with a council senior engineer to discuss the many traffic problems in the Claregalway area. The meeting took place on February 19th and was attended by Vincent Lyons as Chairman of the Claregalway Development Association, Cllr. Liam O Carroll, Malachy Noone and Jim Cuddy. The

various problems with the Claregalway traffic were discussed . Among the points raised were the operation of the Traffic lights, the road markings through the village, the danger of the entrance to the Lakeview estate, the junction of the Claregalway Hotel, the condition of the road at the end of the bus corridor at Cregboy and the bus shelter. The senior engineer undertook to look into the various issues raised. We were told that the question of the Bus Corridor going through Claregalway village is off the agenda. Drama Festival It is that time of year again when Claregalway plays host to the annual drama festival at the community centre and a great lot of credit is due to the festival committee and I would like to wish them well. I would also like to wish every success to our local Drama group Compantas Lir who this year open the festival.

Feel free to contact me anytime at

091 798 136 or mobile

087 636 0242 or you can e-mail me at jcuddy@cllr.

Gardening Tips for Spring Josette Farrell, Horkan’s Lifestyle and Garden Centre

Jobs for Spring Prepare the soil for early planting – Spring is a good time to replenish the soil. Clear up perennial weeds, then dig in organic fertilizer such as farmyard manure or chicken pellets. Control moss in lawns Moss is prevalent in wet, shady areas and in underfed grass. Treat it with lawn sand in spring, then rake out the dead moss. Or use Renovator which controls moss, feeds and greens the lawn. If the problem recurs, aerate the soil to improve drainage and feed regularly for strong growth. Trees and Shrubs Prepare sites for rhododendrons – you will need to fill planting holes with ericaceous (acid) compost to give the shrubs

a good start. Plant them before late May. Plant bare-rooted deciduous trees – make sure the roots don’t dry out before planting by soaking them in a bucket of water. Hard-prune dogwoods – cut the stem to stems to 5cm from the base Protect new shrubs – erect temporary windbreaks, such as netting or sacking. Prune miniature roses – reduce the main stems by half and cut out ant dead and frost damaged shoots. Plant a new hedge – for a new hedge, plan out the area and dig a trench. Fill it with well-rotted manure or compost and plant the new shrubs at the end of the month when the

soil is not waterlogged.

of doors.

It’s seed sowing time in the garden – vegetable, herb and flower seed can be sown now both indoors and out of doors to add both colour and edible crops to your garden. Thompson & Morgan have a wide selection of top seed varieties available for sowing now.

A great idea for planting up your seeds outdoors is to use raised beds. Raised beds are a great way to grow your vegetables etc. Below is a picture of raised beds made by local carpenter Greg Conneely.

Remember to use Westland seed compost when sowing seeds in seed trays or pots. Cover your newly sawn seeds with a layer of cling film and place in a warm bright location in your home. Flower and vegetable seeds sown indoors will germinate very quickly and can be grown on indoors until weather conditions are favourable for planting out

Plant Rhubarb now – rhubarb is so easy to grow yet so rewarding, producing an abundance of sweet tasting red stickled rhubarb from mid march onwards. The best variety to grow is called Timberely early. It produces long straight red stickled rhubarb from March to mid July in abundance. Rhubarb will crop year after year if given a little care. That’s it for now. Until next time, happy gardening, Josette.


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Claregalway GAA Club Planning for the Future

Phase 1 The pictures below illustrate the development works that are on-going at the Club’s new Grounds at Knockdoemore and being overseen by Senior Club Chairman John Feeney.

Lakeview: (1) Erect additional lighting- complete

Seán Flanagan

Planning For The Future: Update on Development Programme

Special Notices

(3) Lay down roadway through the Grounds- in progress

Phase 1 of the Club’s Plan consists of :Knockdoemore: (1) Lay down temporary car park and an area for underage football practicethis is complete (2) Develop, cultivate and grass seed the first pitch- in progress

Congratulations to Sinéad Kenny, Carnmore and Joe O’Shaughnessy, Annaghdown who were married on Friday the 12th March.

(2) Move goalposts and erect new nettings behindin progress Target- Phase 1 of the Plan is to be complete by the end of April. Date for your Diary: Thursday October 21st, 2010 Annual Fashion Show Extravaganza, Clayton Hotel, Ballybrit

Congratulations to Declan and Stella Concannon, Montiagh, on the birth of their baby Lucy. Congratulations to Tomasz and Urszula Ociepka, The Friary, on the birth of their baby Julia. Congratulations to Niall and Mairead Rogers, Montiagh, on the birth of their baby Ailbhe. Congratulations to Niall and Mairead Rogers, Montiagh, on the birth of their baby Ailbhe. Congratulations to Shane and Mary Qualter, Cloon, on the birth of their baby Megan. Congratulations to Martin and Maureen O’ Hara, Gortatleva, on the birth of their baby Seán. Congratulations to Martin and Olivia O’ Donovan, on the birth of their baby Ava. R.I.P. Pat Reilly, Oranmore (father of Frances Fox McDonagh, School Road, Carnmore).


Interior Design Hints and Tips Decorating Hall / Stairs / Landing The hallway is the first impression you get of your home, so it’s important to take time to plan and decorate it so as to make it warm and welcoming for your family and visitors. It also sets the tone for the rest of the house. The hall, stairs and landing are the connecting spaces, through which you view all the other rooms therefore they require careful attention. Before you start consider what style you like - contemporary look or a more traditional one e.g. a country cottage. The period in which the house was built should be taken into consideration, but shouldn’t limit you. Your likes and dislikes as well as the practicalities, such as a farm house or will children be using it, need to be considered.

Highlight features which are good and disguise the bad. A floor with a regular outline, could be emphasised by using a border in a contrasting colour on the flooring covering, If the ceiling height is right, a cornice or a border could be used to enhance the line where the ceiling meets the wall. Or a well placed window could be treated to a bold curtain/ blind treatment and become the focus point of the space. An interesting shaped window on the stairs can often be shown-off to its best by fixing the curtain or blind within the reveal. A single curtain draped to one side looks better than a pair of curtains hanging half-way down a wall on the stairway. If you have a beautiful shaped staircase show it off to it’s advantage and try not to lose it’s impact by over-decorating the space around it. You can

use stair rods as a decorative feature and also to insure your carpet is well attached to the stairs. You can disguise features by fading them into the background e.g. painting pipes the same colour as the wall. But remember this same pipe in a contemporary setting could be highlighted in a contrasting colour and become part of the decor. If the area lacks features (which is often the case), you may have to create some e.g. with pictures, mirrors, furnishings, etc. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in this space, you can give it ‘star’ treatment e.g. with well thought-out lighting. When it comes to colour remember the hall, stairs and landing lead off each other and need to be linked e.g. having the same carpet or the walls painted the same colour. Also you don’t want the colours to clash with colourschemes of the other rooms. But this should not stop you going with bold colourschemes as long as you link it.

Where there is a lack of light you can use light colours, mirrors and reflective surfaces (e.g. glass-top table) or instead use the darkness - paint rich dark colours and use lighting effects etc. Surfaces - Wall and Floor covering: Floor and wall covering need to be hard wearing as they deal with a lot of traffic and if there are children or pets the surfaces need to be extra robust. So leave the delicate wallpaper treatment you always wanted to do, until they are older or consider installing a dado-rail and use a paint finish below the rail. A tongue and grove wall panelling to dado height and with a striped or geometric patterned wallpaper on the upper part of the wall will give a period look to a hall. If you are splitting the wall into two different colours with a dado rail use the darker colour on the lower level. If you use the lighter one on the lower level it should be repeated again above the picture rail and ceiling to give a balanced effect.

KEARNEY FUNERAL DIRECTORS P�rs�n�� A��n�i�� - 24 H��� S���i�� .

- Coffins - Embalming - Grave Digging

- Caskets - Cremation - Repatriation

Lackagh, Turloughmore, Co Galway Telephone / Fax: 091 797167 Mobile: Frank 085 1266133 / Joe: 087 6292350 Email:


If the walls have attractive angles and shapes, paint all the one colour or tones of the same colour to enhance the effect rather than using patterned wallpaper which can confuse and distract the eye. Bear in mind that silk and satin finish paints reflect more light than matt ones and are a good idea if there is a lack of light. Wood, stone, marble, terracotta and vinyl are all good choices and look stunning in a hallway. Both stone and terracotta tiles are warmer than ceramic tiles. If using a carpet, use a heavy domestic type and with twist and loop pile instead of cut pile. Have a doormat at the entrance, which is within a well and flush with the rest of the carpet to stop dirt being trampled all over it. Also natural floor covering such as sisal, coir and seagrass are popular in the last few years. Rugs add that extra touch and can introduce colour but keep safety in mind. A wooden floor can be painted in a variety of patterns and also stencilled and part of the pattern used on the walls. Furnishings: You are often limited when choosing a piece of furniture for these areas, because of lack of space, also they will stand-out, so choose wisely. You don’t want a piece too big and will take from the overall decor. Remember it will be seen from different angles depending on where it’s placed and must not get in the way of human traffic. If space permits you could place a round table in the centre of the hall and use it as a focal point. Place books,

selection of photographs, flowers etc. on it. Radiator covers help to conceal the radiator and provide a surface for placing decorative objects. You can buy a ready made cover or have it made to your requirements (more expensive) some can be painted, which gives more scope. Storage: One never has enough storage space, (see October ’00 issue). There can be a lot of wasted space in halls and landings. Books only require a narrow shelving and can be accommodated easily. There also add colour and interest to an area. By placing a chair, table and light beside them you have your own reading space. Space under the stairs is often neglected and instead could be used to store wine using racks which can be stacked in different shapes. You may need space to keep outdoor clothing or baby’s buggy etc. so a door could be added to a recess which in turn can be painted the same colour as the wall and so improving the overall look of the hall or landing. The hall often acts as an unofficial nerve centre, it is useful to organise a place where you can leave messages, mail, keys etc. Lighting: Lighting is an important part of interior design (see December ‘00 issue) and particularly in the decoration of hall / stairs / landings as it will help set the mood as you enter the house. Use it to highlight items such as a stencilled floor, a favourite ornament or a large bunch of flowers in a glass vase. Table

lamps will give soft light while an uplighter behind a large plant will cast shadows of the leaves on the wall. To move through the house safely requires good lighting. Make sure any change of level is highlighted e.g. the stairway. Two-way switching allows you to switch a light from different positions e.g. top and bottom of stairs. External light at the front door gives a warm welcome to visitors and lights knocker, doorbell and letterbox. Exchange a solid door for a glazed one to give more light or install a fanlight above the door. Accessories: If lighting is important in the decor so is accessories. A picture gallery can be created along a stairway, while a wallhanging can form a major part of the decoration. Mirrors amplify any natural light entering an area, they can be used to back recesses / niches by being cut to shape or framed sections can be hung at intervals. Attention should be paid to such items as door handles, panelling, architrave and cornices, light switches and socket plates as part of the decor. Often by just changing door handles a lift can be given to the overall effect. Decorating a hall / stairs / landing should be like decorating any other room, it should be personal, reflecting individual tastes and choices and look like it has grown over a period of time and not put together during an afternoon in a department store. Mary D. Kelly Decorating Options 091 798 224.

Keeping the Faith on Galway Bay FM Getting your Sunday Morning off to a start with ‘A little bit of Faith’

8.00 am. – 9.00 am. with Fr. Sean McHugh Gospel and musical reflections and more! Claregalway/Carnmore Active Retirement Association Meeting Every Friday at 10.30 am. in the Parish Meeting Room. All are welcome. Claregalway/Carnmore Senior Citizens Every Monday night at 8.00 pm. in the Parish Meeting Room. Mother and Toddler Group Meet every Wednesday morning in Claregalway Community Centre from 10.00 – 12 noon Contact: Teresa at 087 944 67 18. Junior Choir Practice every Monday night in the Church at 7pm. Senior Choir Practice every Monday night in the Church at 8.15pm. Folk Choir Practice every Wednesday night in the Church at 8pm.


WVVMC launches first static show Tom Spellman

The Western Veteran and Vintage Motor Club have announced a great new event; the club will hold a static show on Saturday the 10th of April 2010. This is an all-new event on the club’s calendar, and will be held in the Claregalway Corporate Park, just outside Claregalway village. This venue will provide hard-surface parking for all, and having been at the venue myself for a local market this looks to have great potential. The event will be open to cars, tractors, motorbikes and all types of vehicles, and the club are also inviting autojumblers to come along. For more details, contact Tom Spellman on 085 154 2099.

Vintage Display, Autojumble and Auction Claregalway Corporate Park Saturday 10th of April 2010 Vintage Cars


Classic Cars

Vintage Machinery




Stationary Engines

Family Attractions


“Something for Everyone” All proceeds from this event will go to charity

Nuacht Chláir March 2010 Crossword Brian Place, Crossword Editor

Congratulations to Stefania Spada, Knocknacarra, Co. Galway, who was last month’s crossword winner. 1








9 11



13 16







First correct crossword opened wins: A Meal For Two at The Claregalway Hotel



22 23


25 28







Contact number:





Send completed crosswords to:

B.D. Place, Woodleigh, Cregboy, Claregalway. 1 5 10 11 12 13 15 17 19 21 22 23 25 28 30 31 32 35 36 37 38


Across Gain entry to (6) Small projectile (6) Extreme (7) Broken (7) Container for coal etc. (4) US mountain range (5) Soft French cheese (4) Consume (3) Liquid secreted by mouth glands (6) Ingredient of 19. across (6) Deeds (7) Live (6) European capital (6) Perform (3) Inhabitant of Isle of Man (4) To whirl (5) Inhabitant of ‘Caledonia’ (4) Scandinavian country (7) Nourish, care for (7) Pleasant facial expressions (6)) Neighbour of 35. across (6)


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 14 16 18 20 21 23 24 26 27 28 29 33 34

Down Addition to a will (7) Design with acid (4) Salt solution (6) Estimate of income and expenditure (6) Young sheep (4) Keenly (7) Has faith in (6) Stick (6) Renaissance polymath (2,5) Avoid (5) Follow on (5) Expert (3) Finish (3) Treatment (6) Word with same meaning (7) Address, talk (7) Seed of Myristica fragrans fruit (6) Shrugs off sleep (6) Tree stems (6) Horny plate on finger (4) Encourage (4)

Down 2 State of exalted delight (7) 3 Pneumatic car part (4) 4 Stoat's coat (6) 5 Kill (6) 6 Aquatic bird of Anatidae family (4) 7 Wash (7) 8 Passionate (6)

RAFTERY group s, ine s, W er Be irits Sp

it Fru . sh eg Fre d V an

sh Fre ed ew Br ffee Co

sh Fre ed k Ba ad e Br

al it on Na otto L


li, De ood tF o H

d an s s w zine e N ga a M

ile ob e M on Ph -Up p To






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