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Education Enterprise Academy (Primary Schools)

Toon Times

Just like the Secondary School programme but tailored for Primary Schools, this programme teaches children the basic principles of business and self employment using Newcastle United Football Club as a real life case study. The programme helps pupils understand the world of work within the context of the football business.

Toon Times brings the past to life through football. The two hour history session takes pupils on a journey through the club’s history from its humble origins in 1881 through to today’s star-studded Premier League team. Toon Times is aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils.

Goal: To prepare young people for the world of work. The Enterprise Academy uses the football club as a real life model to improve students’ perception of business and enterprise in a way they can relate to and understand. Learning Objectives: To develop entrepreneurial skills. To provide an introduction to business functions such as financial management, organisational structures and ethics. To develop presentation, communication and problem solving skills.

Goal: To give learners a fun, engaging and interactive insight in to the history of Newcastle United Football Club. Learning Objectives: To bring the social, economic and cultural heritage of the North East to life as pupils study Newcastle United Football Club through the decades. Provision: • Two hour session delivered in school • Object handling with authentic artefacts


• Focus on chronological order

• Visit to the Stadium on launch day

• Covers over 100 years of history

• Five sessions delivered in school

• Free CD with 13 follow up lessons

• Winning groups attend a final at St. James’ Park • Skills and capabilities covered include literacy, numeracy, independent learning, team work, risk taking, creativity and innovation, confidence, communication, decision making, leadership and financial literacy • Supports the National Curriculum • Feedback and evaluation forms on pupil progress provided Contact information: Andrew Foster T: 0844 372 1892 ext.8424 E:

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