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LC Classification for Electrical and Electronic Engineering LC Class Number HD9685- HD9696 9685

9696 HE7601-9721 7601-7631 7645 7700 7761 8660-8688.A-.Z 8689-8700.95

8701-9685 9713-9715 9719-9721

Q325- 402.35 325.5-325.7

Subject Industries – Electrical and Electronics Electric utilities. Electrification Electric Utilities| Power market environment | Market design & Power | Competitive Power Markets | Deregulated Power Markets Electronics industries|Equipments Telecommunication industry General works Government policy Telecommunication policy International communications Radio, see HE8660+| Signaling, see HE9723+ Wireless telegraph. Radiotelegraphy General works By region or country, By company, A-Z Broadcasting. Radio and television broadcasting General works | By region or country| Radio broadcasting|Television broadcasting Telephone industry |General works| Government policy | By region or country Cellular telephone services industry. Wireless telephone industry General works| By region or country, A-Z Artificial satellite telecommunications General works| By region or country, A-Z

402.3 402.35 QA402.37

Cybernetics Machine learning Statistical Classifiers| Kernel Methods Control theory| system analysis Nonlinear control theory Stochastic control theory, Stochastic processes

R856-RC78.7 R856-857 R856 R857 R857.B54 R859.7.A78 R857.T7 R859.7.F89 RC77- 78.7

Biomedical Instrumentation Biomedical engineering. Electronics. Instrumentation Medical instruments and apparatus Biochips Detectors| Biomedical (Biosensors) Machine intelligence - Artificial intelligence Transducers: Biomedical engineering Fuzzy Systems Electro diagnosis

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LC Class Number


TA165-1800 165 1630-1634 1637-1650

Engineering (General) Engineering instruments, meters, etc.| Industrial Instrumentation Optical data processing, Computer vision, Machine Vision Image processing, optical character recognition, optical pattern recognition Acoustics in engineering. Acoustical engineering General works | Anechoic chambers |Ultrasonics in engineering| Ultrasonic testing Nondestructive tests General works | Acoustic emission testing Ultrasonic testing Acoustical properties and tests Applied optics. Photonics Photonics Infrared technology Integrated optics Lasers and laser applications Electron lasers | Gas lasers |Gamma ray lasers Infrared lasers | Semiconductor lasers Solid-state lasers | Tunable lasers | X-ray lasers | Laser ablation Applied electro optics| Electro optical devices |optoelectronics| Applied X-ray optics Fiber Optics


417.2 417.4 418.84 1501-1820 1520 1570 1660 1675 1693 – 1715

1750-1775 1800 TJ 175 210.2-211.47



Robotics Machinery, Kinematics of. Robots Robot vision, Computer Vision|Control systems|Evolutionary robotics| Robots—Motion. Robot dynamics |Error detection and recovery | Calibration |Robot wrists |Computer simulation|Programming Autonomous robots / vehicles Automatic control , Control Engineering systems. Actuators - Control engineering Chattering control |Counters |Digital Control |Electromagnets Equalizers |Level indicators |Magnetic devices |Microprocessors. Microcomputers. Digital Control |Photoelectronic devices. Optoelectronic devices |PID controllers|Programmable controllers Radioactive measurements|Timers|Transducers

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LC Class Number TK 1-213 152 215-255 257 275 301-399

401 435-445 452- 454.4

531 541 1001-1184

1020 1025 1041-1078

1081-1083 1084 1087

Subject Electrical engineering. Electronics Dictionaries and encyclopedias | Directories | Yearbook Safety Measures Electrical Engineering as a profession : Study and Teaching Laws and legislation relating to applications of electricity Patents Electric standards and measurements Electric meters Resistance meters and measurements|Impedance meters and measurements |Potential and voltage meters and measurements | Intensity and current meters and measurements |Quantity meters and measurements (wattmeters) |Capacitance meters and measurements Energy and power meters and measurements Testing of electric machinery and appliances Estimates|Management and superintendence of electrical enterprises Electric apparatus and materials Electric circuits : Analysis Electric networks : Analysis, Synthesis, | Electromagnet Insulation and insulating materials | magnetic materials Microelectromechanical systems Superconductors Current and voltage waveforms Resonance in electrical engineering | Power system harmonics Production of electric energy or power Hydrothermal electric power systems Distributed generation of electric power Electric power systems control Power Flows. Active Power and Frequency Control. Reactive Power and Voltage Control. Electric power system stability (Power System Protection) Transient stability (Power System Transient). Voltage Stability Electric Power System - Reliability Power Quality Emergency power supply | Rotary, static and hybrid uninterruptible power supplies Security measures Production from heat. Cogeneration of electric power and heat Production from steam (Coal) Production from geothermal energy Production from solar thermal energy Production from gas & other fuels Ocean thermal energy conversion Diesel engine electric plants Gas turbine power plants Production from waterpower. Hydroelectric power production

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LC Class Number 1111-1121 1141-1168

1191-1193 A-Z 1221-1327 1421-1527 1541 1545 1560 1751 1811 1841 2000-2799


2896 2931-2941 2950 2965 2970 2975 2890 2895 3001-3521

Subject Production from wind power Photovoltaic power generation. Photovoltaic power systems Production from atomic power Direct-current engineering Alternating-current engineering Single-phase,Two-phase, Three-phase currents Polyphase currents Electric power plants Special regions or countries : Asia Power plants utilizing heat energy Power plants utilizing water power Power plants utilizing wind Power plants utilizing solar energy Power plants utilizing other power Substations Central station management Electric power rates Dynamoelectric machinery (Electric Machine or Electric Machinery) and auxiliaries Direct & alternating-current generators & motors Testing, Design and construction Standards | Monitoring | Specification Types of Generators (D.C and A.C., low voltage generators, constant-potential) A.C. synchronous or induction motors |wound-rotor induction Transformers or compensators Micro turbine Electric controllers Electric motors Inverters | Dynamotors Converters. Rotaries Condensers Apparatus auxiliary to dynamoelectric machinery (Electric Machine or Electric Machinery) Electric Power Utilization Switches |Switching circuits | Circuit breakers and fuses |Switch boards Rheostats | Regulators | Controllers | Starters Relays (Protective Relaying)| Accumulators Production of electricity by direct energy conversion Devices for production of electricity by direct energy conversion Fuel cells | Storage batteries Thermoelectricity Isotopic power generators Magnetohydrodynamic generators Electrohydrodynamic generators Electric energy storage Magnetic energy storage Distribution or transmission of electric power

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LC Class Number

4001 - 4102 4058 4125-4399 4601-4661

5101.A1-.6 5102.7-.8.Z 5102.9


5105.15 5103.2-.4882

5103.5 5103.52 5103.7-.78



5105.5-.9 6540-6571.5.M6

Subject Testing of distribution systems Earthquake effects | Lightning protection Transformation of electricity Direct & Alternating-current systems Low,medium, high tension A.C. systems Single-phase, Two-phase, Polyphase current systems Flexible AC transmission systems Flexible Transmission-Distribution Systems (FTDS) Electric power distribution Electric lines, Electric networks, Transients (Electricity) Power line modem, channel modeling Condition Monitoring | Unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) Applications of electric power Electric Driving |Electric Drives | Speed drives Electric lighting| Distribution in electric lighting Direct-current systems Alternating-current Systems Electric Heating Telecommunication|General works Studying and teaching. Research General works| By region or country, A-Z Signal processing Digital signal processing, DSP | Audio signal processing Image processing| Speech signal processing| Digital video processing Coding theory General works| Cryptographic techniques| Error correction Echo suppression Apparatus and supplies General works| Wiring| Telecommunication lines| Modems Wireless communication systems General works | Bluetooth| Broadband communication systems CDMA|CDPD (Standard)|General Packet Radio Service| Global system for mobile communications |Personal communication service systems| TDMA| Broadcast data systems|Software radio|Trunked radio, TETRA Universal Mobile Information display systems Acoustic telecommunication systems Digital communications General works | Synchronous data transmission | Systems, see TK5105.4+ | Integrated services digital networks | Digital subscriber lines Artificial satellites in telecommunication General works

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LC Class Number 6573-6600



7867 7868 A-Z




7871.6 7871.67 7871.67.M53

Subject Special systems and projects, A-Z Data transmission systems General works | Wireless communication systems | Synchronous transfer systems |TMN Computer networks Radio General works Study and teaching. Research Special applications of radio, A-Z Radar General works Resonators Special types, A-Z Special applications of radar, A-Z Television General works Conventional television system Community antenna television Master antenna television Direct broadcast satellite television Digital television High definition television Interactive television Underwater television Teletext systems Closed-circuit television Video telephones, see TK6505 Digital video | signal | audio | Multimedia Advanced Television system Electronics Dictionaries and encyclopedias | Directories | Yearbook |Handbooks Patents |Study and Teaching |Research Electronic circuits Electromagnetic interference and compatibility|Noise|Shielding Special circuits Asynchronous | Synchronous |Bridge | Digital | Interface circuits Logic circuits|Microwave circuits|Molded interconnect devices Power Supply |Printed circuits|Pulse |Switching / Timing / Trigger Switched capacitor circuits Apparatus and materials Electronic Packaging |Ball grid array technology | Chip scale processing Maintenance and repair. Electronic troubleshooting | Reliability. Failures | Cooling. Thermal properties |Contamination and decontamination |Corrosion Specific semiconductor materials Crystals| alloys| ceramic| Diamonds| Ferrites|Films Gallium arsenide| Gallium nitride| Glass

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LC Class Number 7871.72-.79

7871.85 7871.86-.89 7871.9 7871.99

7872. A-Z

7874 -7874.9

7875 7876 7877 7878 7880-7881.15 7881.2 7882 7885 7895.A-Z 7895.E96 7895.S65 8300-8360

Subject Silicon | Polymer |Titanium Amplifiers (including vacuum-tubes & transistors) Dielectric | Magnetic | Parametric |Rotating Lasers |Audio | Broadband| Operational amplifiers | Power amplifiers CMOS amplifier | bipolar amplifier Distributed | Feedback |Pulse |Tuned | Video amplifiers Antennas and waveguides Special antennas (Adaptive, Cylindrical, Dipole, Lens) Microwave antennas, Microstrip antenna (NT), Microwave Devices Electroluminescent devices Vacuum tubes: Electronics Cathode-ray tubes | Klystrons | Magnetrons Storage tubes | traveling-wave tubes Gyrotrons | Kenotrons | Pentodes|Trochotrons Semiconductors Semiconductors--Failures. |Semiconductors- Wafers Diodes |Tunnel diodes | Varactors |Avalanche diodes |Gun Diodes|Light Emitting Diodes| Zener diodes Transistors Bipolar | Microwave | Thin film|Thermistors |Thryistors|Varistors Amorphous semiconductors |Charged coupled devices |Compound semiconductor |Metal insulator semiconductor |Metal oxide semiconductors Capacitors |Current converters & regulators |Decoders | delay lines Detectors. Sensors|Dielectric devices |Electron gun | Equalizers Inductors | Inverters|Ferrite devices Ferroelectric devices Filters (Electric) |Frequency changers | Frequency synthesizers Frequency-voltage converters|Gunn effect devices | Gyrators | Heat sink Logic devices|Liquid crystal display|Membrane switches Mixers | Modulators | Multiplexers|Oscillators | Phase-locked loops |Phase shifters|Piezoelectric devices, Rectifiers|Potentiometer | Pulse generators|Signal generator|Superconductor|Transducers | Transformer | Transmission lines |Thin film devices |Relays |Voltage divider & regulator Digital integrated circuits |Linear integrated circuits |Analog integrated circuits |Mixed-signal Integrated design |ASIC Low voltage integrated circuits |Very high speed integrated circuits |Very large scale integrated circuits |Ultra large scale integrated circuits |Radio frequency integrated circuits | Integrated circuit package antenna |System-on-chip | Lab-on-chip| Application specific integrated circuits Microelectronics |Thin-film circuits, Thick-film circuits Bioelectronics| Nanotechnology | System-on-chip | Lab-on-chip Quantum electronics| Spintronics Microelectromechanical systems Microwave circuits

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LC Class Number

Subject Millimeter waves Electronic Measurements Applications of Electronics |Industrial electronics |Power electronics Electronic controllers Special applications – Biometric identification, Pattern recognition systems, Image processing systems, Speech processing systems Computer Engineering Special components and auxiliary equipment. Embedded Computer Systems Speech recognition systems Optoelectronic devices. Photoelectronic devices Imaging systems – Image converters & intensifiers Semiconductor devices Photovoltaic cells | Photoconductive cells Photoresistors | Phototransistors Solid-state image intensifiers Light modulators Optical detectors Photopotentiometer System-in-package Optical MEMS

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LC Classification for Electrical and Electronic Engineering  
LC Classification for Electrical and Electronic Engineering  

LC Classification for Electrical and Electronic Engineering compiled by Padmaja Muralidharan of NTU Library.