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Evaluating web resources Authority Always check who is the author and his background. Is he a qualified expert in the field or an amateur with a strong interest in the subject? This will determines the quality and level of information. If there is a sponsor for the website, is the sponsor reputable? Sometimes, bais in content or arguments could happen due to the stand of the sponsor. Look for the author information at the header or footer, or from the url or domain itself. Accuracy Is the information reliable and error-free? It will even be better if there is an editor who verifies the information posted. Never trust the information entirely, and always try to cross check it with other sources whenever possible. Websites which stated clearly their original sources of information allow users to refer to the original sources for further verification as well. Currency Always check whether the website is still being updated and it’s last date of update. Certain information may be obsolete if the owner have not maintained his website for years. For example, a project may already have been completed, but is still in the future tense in the website.

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Evaluating web resources  
Evaluating web resources  

Evaluating web resources created by Lee Meiyu of NTU Library.