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Hydrology. Water

656-857.3 980-992 1001-1199.8 1201-2398 2801-2998 5000-5030

Methodology; Instruments and apparatus; General works; Water transport phenomena; Natural water chemistry Watersheds. Runoff. Drainage Groundwater. Hydrogeology Rivers. Stream measurements; Lakes. Limnology; Ponds; Lagoons Hydrometeorology Natural disasters



83-87.6 96-97.8 100-103 109-182 190-190.5 200-376 377-399 1000-1023 1080-1581

Submarine topography Estuarine oceanography Seawater Chemical and physical oceanography Ocean-atmosphere interaction Dynamics of the ocean; Waves; Ocean circulation; Currents; Water masses; Oceanic mixing; Tides Marine sediments Marine resources. Applied oceanography Marine pollution. Seawater pollution


Environmental sciences

70-90 170-190 195-199 300-350

Environmental education Environmental policy Environmentalism. Green movement Environmental management


Engineering (General)

170-171 197-198

Environmental engineering Engineering meteorology


Hydraulic engineering

1-159 160-181

General works; Waterpower engineering. Hydraulic powerplants Technical hydraulics; Environmental hydraulics; Hydrostatics; Hydrodynamics; Hydraulic structures; Earthquake and hydraulic structures General preliminary operations; Dredging; Submarine building Harbors and coast protective works. Coastal engineering. River, lake, and water-supply engineering Stream channelization. Channel improvement; River protective works. Regulation. Flood control Dams. Barrages; Sluices and gates; Wasteways, spillways, weirs Canals and inland navigation. Waterways Irrigation engineering. Reclamation of wasteland; Drainage

183-201 203-365 401-411 529-537 540-555 744-771 801-975

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Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering

159-168 160-168 169-171.8 172-193.5

Municipal engineering Planning and laying out cities Environmental protection Environmental pollution; Special methods; Chemical treatment; Biological treatment; Bioremediation; Measurement of pollution. Sampling and analysis. Environmental chemistry Environmental effects of industries and plants; Environmental impact statements; Environmental impact analysis; Environmental auditing Water supply for domestic and industrial purposes 365- Water quality management 367- Water quality monitoring 380- Examination and analysis of water 388 Water conservation 430- Water purification. Water treatment and conditioning 478- Saline water conversion 481- Water distribution systems Sewage collection and disposal systems. Sewerage 511 – Periodicals, societies, congresses etc 644 – General works 657 – Urban runoff 658 – Sewerage systems design 673 – Sewers 730 – Sewage 741 – Sewer disposal systems 755 - Biological purification. Bacterial purification 756.5 – Constructed wetlands Municipal refuse. Solid wastes Street cleaning. Litter and its removal Special types of environment; Soil pollution. Soil remediation; Air pollution and its control; Noise and its control Industrial and factory wastes; Industrial waste treatment facilities Hazardous substances and their disposal

194-195 201-500


785-812.5 813-870 878-898.8 895-899 1020-1066

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Division of Environmental & Water Resources Engineering  

Division of Environmental & Water Resources Engineering compiled by Lena Sam of NTU Library.