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National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Office of International Affairs


Major University Events

Dr. Liao, Ching-Jong, an Industrial Engineering expert, was inaugurated as the new president of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology on Feb 1st 2013. President Liao said on his first day as the university's president that one of his objectives as the head of the school is to turn the campus into a happy environment for work and study by enhancing the effectiveness of university administration. President Liao said NTUST will continue to fulfill the public's expectations as a cradle of the young talent needed by local industry. Our commitment to meeting such expectations is evident from our efforts to stay at the forefront of the advancement of science

2013.2.1 NTUST’s New President Inaugurated

and technology. NTUST is among the top universities and model technological universities selected by the Ministry of Education. Therefore, we are obliged to maintain and strengthen our efforts to be one of the best schools in Asia. To enhance the effectiveness of our endeavors, we need the support of students and faculty members who derive great satisfaction from their work. This is the reason why turning the campus into a happy environment for work and study is among the priorities on the agenda of his presidency.

2013 NTUST 38th Anniversary Celebration Every year, NTUST invites alumni back to campus to participate in our founding anniversary celebration. NTUST has around 10,000 students and a faculty of 450. Among the students, over 700 of them come from 50 countries around the world. In addition to the celebration activities, the international students in NTUST also offer the sharing of exotic delicacies and cultural experiences with local students on the anniversary day.

International Visitors Vice Chancellor of Lunds Universitet (Lund University) Visits NTUST

La France à Taiwan Visits NTUST

Prof. Per Eriksson, Vice Chancellor of Lunds Universitet (Lund University), led seven delegates to visit NTUST on March 27th, 2013. They were warmly received by Dr. Liao, Ching-Jong, President of NTUST. San-Liang Lee, Vice President, Cheng-Kang Lee, Dean of International Affairs, and YuChen Ou, Vice Dean of International Affairs, also presented important information on NTUST’s international exchange and scientific development at a discussion forum, which was expected to further enhance bilateral cooperation.

Mr. Olivier Richard, Director of La France à Taiwan, led a delegation, composed of Mrs. Béatrice Chassaing, Deputy Counselor of Cooperation and Cultural Action, Miss Sasha Ting, Attache for Scientific and Academic Cooperation, and Dominic Ruta, Attache of the Scientific and Academic Mission, to visit NTUST on May 14th, 2013. They were cordially received by Dr. Liao, Ching-Jong, President of NTUST. The visit was aimed at signing the Joint Scholarship Program, which is the very first scholarship program co-established by La France à Taiwan and a Taiwan higher education institution. The program ensures that qualified students studying in France receive scholarships granted by NTUST and a free French visa, free tuition, dormitory accommodation and meal allowance provided by France, which are all benefits for students with government grants. By signing the program, NTUST encourages our students to study in France on short-term programs or for academic degrees, thus strengthening bilateral ties.

Zhejiang University Sends Delegation of Taiwan Higher Education Development Program to NTUST Zhejiang University, founded in 1897, was one of the earliest modern institutions of higher learning established in China. As one of our sister universities, Zhejiang University maintains a strong relationship with NTUST. On June 17th, Vice Director of the Office of Policy Research, Li Ming Xia, led fourteen delegates to visit NTUST. The visit aimed to gain a better understanding of the current situation and future development of Taiwan higher education, and also to learn more about the achievement of NTUST students in different professional fields.

Institut Teknologi Bandung Visits NTUST

Prof. Akhmaloka, Ph.D, President of the Institute of Technology Bandung, led four faculty members to visit NTUST on June 7th8 th , 2013. The Department of Industrial Management cooperates with the Faculty of Industrial Technology, ITB, on a Dual Degree Master’s Program in Industrial Engineering and Management for staff from the Ministry of Industry, Republic of Indonesia.

Prof. Alexei Removich KHOKHLOV, Vice Rector of Moscow State University, Visits NTUST

Prof. Alexei Removich Khokhlov, Vice Rector of Moscow State University, visited NTUST on June 7th-8th, 2013. The visit sought to develop deeper understanding about higher education in Taiwan and to further bolster bilateral ties. Prof. Khokhlov also gave a public speech on 「Polymers in the “Nano” Context」, which was enthusiastically attended by students and faculty in NTUST. Prof. Khokhlov is a distinguished scholar in Macromolecular and Material Science and has published many professional books. A scholar and educator of high academic reputation, Prof. Khokhlov was awarded an honorary doctorate at the Graduation Ceremony of NTUST this year.

International Student Activities Spring 2013 International Student Orientation At the beginning of every semester, the Office of International Affairs holds an international student orientation to introduce NTUST’s services, procedures, and regulations, as well as inviting some student associations to share their experiences of campus life and Taiwan.

2013 Indonesian Culture Exhibition The Indonesian Culture Exhibition (ICE) is the largest Indonesian on-campus cultural event in Taiwan. It is held annually by the NTUST-ISA (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology – Indonesian Student Association). The NTUST-ISA this year proudly presented the 8th ICE, themed "MahadayaIndonesia: The Chronicles of Indonesian Heritage." The exhibition portion was held over two days, 13 th-14 th March, 2013, and the cultural performance was held on 16th March, 2013.

Study in Germany – Experience Europe」Studying in Germany Syposium 「


in Germany – Experience Europe」 took place on April 17 th , 2013. ChengKang Lee, Dean of International Affairs, invited Dr. Stefanie Eschenlohr of Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst, DAAD, to explain the current situation of higher education in Germany and to provide related information on studying in Germany. The symposium attracted a large audience of students from NTUST. Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst, DAAD, a major driving force in bilateral academic exchange in Taiwan, offers free counseling for students who want to pursue an academic program in Germany. Dr. Stefanie Eschenlohr also indicated that from 2013 onwards, universities in Germany have become tuition-free. Therefore, ChengKang Lee, Dean of International Affairs, also

encouraged students to take advantage of the resources provided by NTUST to enhance their overseas experience and to broaden their horizons, which would in turn help students set their future goals.

2013 Vietnamese Culture Festival The Vietnam Culture Festival is the largest Vietnamese on-campus cultural event in Taiwan. This event has become a unique feature of the Vietnamese Student Association in Taiwan Tech and an exciting attraction for many people. This year’s event was held over 2 days, 3rd and 4th May, 2013, with the title of “The Spirit of Vietnam.”

2013 New Partner Institutions Asia

Indonesia • A Letter of Agreement with Universitas Katolik Widya Mandala Surabaya, Surabaya • Department of Chemical Engineering established an Agreement for Dual Master’s Program with the Department of Chemistry, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya • Department of Industrial Management signed a Memorandum for the Double Master's Program with the Faculty of Industrial Technology, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung

Korea • An Agreement on Cooperation and Student Exchange with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Yuseong • A Memorandum of Understanding with Chung-Ang University, Seoul • College of Engineering and the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science reached an Agreement for Academic Interchange with the College of Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul

Japan • A Memorandum of Understanding with Kyushu Institute of Technology and Ebara Corporation, Fukuoka has been made


India • An Institutional Collaboration Agreement with the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur has been established


Germany • A Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement for Academic Interchange with Ulm University, Ulm • School of Management signed a Memorandum of Agreement and Agreement on Student Exchange with the School of Management, Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule, Aachen University, Aachen

United Kingdom • A Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Nottingham, Nottingham has been established

Italy • College of Design reached an Agreement for Student Exchange with the School of Design, Politecnico di Milano,Lecco

France • A Joint Scholarship Program Convention with the Bureau Francais de Taipei has been established Americas

United States • A Memorandum of Understanding with the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester

Student Performance International Students Awarded the Taiwan Tech Outstanding Youth Award over the years

2012 / Andriana Polisenawati

Department of Materials Science and Engineering (Indonesia)

2010 /

Hening Marlistya Citraningrum Department of Chemical Engineering (Indonesia)

2011 / Hadziq Fabroyir Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (Indonesia)

2009 / Tri Joko Wahyu Adi

Department of Construction Engineering (Indonesia)

2008 /

Sureshkumar M Department of Chemical Engineering (India)

2007 / Ika Bali

Department of Construction Engineering (Indonesia)

International Experience In recent years, Taiwan Tech has especially been emphasizing international academic exchange and cooperation. We provide English- taught programs for master’s and doctoral degrees and also offer an exchange student program for one or two semesters for international students from around the world. Over the 2012-13 academic year, Taiwan Tech enrolled around 611 international degree students, as well as 220 incoming and 173 outgoing exchange students, representing many countries, such as Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Russia, Italy, Korea, Norway, Singapore, Thailand, the Netherlands, China and Sweden, etc… The purposes of both degree and exchange programs are not only to provide opportunities for diverse and multicultural educational experiences, but also to enhance our students’ international perspective and global competitiveness.

Outgoing Students Yu-Meng Chen Exchange School: Graz University of Technology I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity my home university and TU Graz gave me. In my exchange stay, I experienced the most authentic student life there. I gained not only academic profit but also the experience of living like an Austrian. The people are friendly, the environment is clean and the buildings are old and beautiful. I can never forget what I've experienced there, Aufsteiren, Weinachten, Ball der Technik und Fasching. Good times! Ich werde bald zurück sein!

Daniel Hsieh (Kang-Lin Hsieh) Exchange School: Czech Technical University The exchange program really gave me lots of priceless treasures and made my life brighter and more promising. I’ve seen many new things and explored plenty of areas in the trips. Making a lot of foreign friends, we hung out together, had parties and most importantly supported each other when needed. We shared our stories, cultures and experiences about traveling or studying. I feel so much pleasure and so satisfied. It is definitely the best experience ever in my life and I’m so glad that I made this decision. Even now, we still keep in touch with each other on Facebook.

Incoming Students Hadziq Fabroyir NTUST- Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering NTUST is a top-rank technical university in Taiwan, yet the best one in carrying out its internationalization mission. The university so much cares about foreign students. There are a lot of beneficial information and helpful assistance that we can get. This university's support really makes our living in Taiwan easier. Specifically, we can tell that NTUST is the most ready university in supporting international Muslim students. So far, NTUST is the only university in Taiwan that provides Halal food in canteen. Moreover, this university has also built a dedicated room for Muslim students for regular prayer times. So much convenient. :)

Marek Otahal Exchange student - Czech Technical University I fell in love with the region and the culture. Since then, I decided I'd like to go on an exchange once more and after thoughtfully evaluating all the possibilities my university has to offer Taiwan was my #1 choice. I really like the culture, architecture and the spirit many places in this country have. As a lover of nature and sport activities, Taiwan is a great place to go to. Furthermore, NTUST is a great university offering English program for my major, also I am here to learn Chinese-it's tough but the teacher is great, the classes are fun and we make big progress! Last but not least to my decision was the people here, who are truly kind, helpful and very friendly :) The younger generation speaks English and even the older, who don't, are often keen to welcome us among them.

Halal Canteen at NTUST By Budhi Sholeh Wibow, Master’s Student of the Industrial Management Department NTUST has the largest Muslim student population in Taiwan. Currently, there are more than 100 Muslim students that come from many different countries living and studying at NTUST. According to their religion, a Muslim has to eat a special diet called Halal food. In general, Halal food can be defined as any food that does not contain: pork, blood, alcohol and meat which was not slaughtered according to Muslim standards. Understanding that this special diet has become one of the main concerns of the Muslim students, in March 2011, NTUST agreed to provide Halal Food in the cafeteria. This becomes great news for every Muslim student at NTUST. We are very happy knowing that our campus has a high concern for us and high respect for cultural differences. NTUST has become the first and the only campus in Taiwan that provides Halal food for the students. What a great step to make NTUST an international-friendly campus for everyone.

Coming Events for Fall 2013 2013 2 nd Taiwan-Indonesia Higher Education Summit and Exhibition In recent years, international cooperation has become significant for enhancing educational competitiveness. Since 2011 both Taiwan and Indonesia have agreed to alternate the hosting of the Taiwan-Indonesia Higher Education Summit. This year, the 2 nd 「 Taiwan-Indonesia Higher Education Summit 」will be held over 2 days on 26th27 th September in Bali, and the Exhibition will be held over 5 days on 28th September1st October 2013 in Surabaya, Jakarta and Medan. Supporting these efforts is the Taiwan Education Center (TEC) in Indonesia, a non-profit organization funded by the Taiwan Ministry of Education to promote higher education in Taiwan and strengthen bilateral academic exchange between Taiwan and Indonesia. Situated in the International Village at the University of Surabaya, the TEC has been under the management of Taiwan Tech since 2011.

2 0 1 3 Ta i w a n - A u s t ra l i a H i g h e r Education Forum The 1st「Taiwan-Australia Higher Education Forum 」 will be held in October 2013 at Taiwan Tech; 100 participants from Taiwan and Australia are expected. The Forum will focus on strategies for enhancing bilateral cooperation and sharing of experience i n i n t e r n a t i o n a l re s e a rc h l i n k a g e a n d industrial cooperation in the areas of green technology, climate change and energy and environmental science.

Office of International Affairs

OIA 2013 Fall Report  
OIA 2013 Fall Report