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HERE MICA (K) 115/02/2011

march - april issue

editor’s note. Ever heard of the ever popular rendition of Chocoboy’s “Hot, hot, that’s very hot”?

Well, this issue of here! is definitely an epitome of that. With Singapore’s sweltering weather and year round Sun, here! offers all Singaporeans a chance to find out why we love Sun-gapore so much! We start off by an appetizer of 5 reasons to love about Sun-gapore, followed by the main course of exhilarating events with participants sweating it out under the hot sun, while finishing off with a delicious concoction of dessert with our secret recipe of how to obtain a delicious tan a la mode. Definitely, a dash of fun, music, mouth-watering spicy food, performances and summerwear have also been specially thrown in to make you, our lovely readers, satisfied! Not to mention, hot looking bods! here! is back, determined to leave you sizzling and thirsting for more! A little shoutout to all readers, if you are interested to be a member of our here!, do contact: Glen @ 91252695 or Jasmine @ 82011353.

here! CHIEF EDITOR Glen Teoh, Jasmine Chiam SUB EDITORS Chua Yini, Caine Ng EDITORS Siti Mariam, Deborah Wong, Darryl Leong, Claire Yeoh WRITERS Goh Yan Hui, Tay Qiao Wei, Marlene Tan, Heng Yih Fang LAYOUT Hong Shuqi, Glenda Tang PHOTOGRAPHY Lennard Chua MARKETING MANAGER Wong Su Yee CONTRIBUTORS Chua Hang Wei, Tessa Tang, Raymond Tan, Zheng Wei Liang COVER MODELS Teo Weilun, Emily Kwek COVER PHOTOGRAPHY Lennard Chua



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S FRA vventura

Where Brawn Meets Brains

TEXT Deborah Wong PHOTOS Courtesy of SAFRA, also by Seah Mei Ying & Lennard Chua



the rest of us were comfortably snoozing away at 7 am on a Sunday morning, 310 participants of Safra AVventura 2011 eagerly did their warm ups. Decked in helmets, gloves, race bibs and harnesses, these sportsmen were all geared up for the largest x-terrain adventure race in Singapore. This year’s race took place in the Northern part of sunny Singapore. Teams were required to pit their wits and speed against time. They had to navigate their way from station to station and endure gravity defying and gruelling challenges- all under the merciless scorching sun. Teams in the Ultra Category went over the edge, covering a total distance of 43km around Yishun, Simpang, Seletar and Punggol regions. It was truly a breaking test of endurance as they splashed through muddy forest terrains and sun scorched gravel with their bikes on their shoulders. The race was not all sweat though! Teams were rewarded with a cooling respite as they paddled and swam in three water segments. True to its name, the Ultra Category ended off in an ultra spectacular manner. Teams had to manage a diagonal abseil across the SAFRA Yishun pool and complete a 25m rope ascend which left even the fittest competitor panting midway up the line. Talk about raising the bar, this race truly brought its Ultra competitors to a whole new level of adventure racing. Sprinting to the finish line, teams in the Sprint Category had to pit their wits, strength and speed against time to complete a total distance of at least 28km. Similar to the Ultra Category, teams had to complete a team biathlon, mystery challenges and a 400m coastal swim across Singapore’s northern region. The Sprinters met their final challenge at SAFRA Yishun’s rock tower where teams had to harness their remaining strength to conquer overhanging rock walls and an ingeniously self- made 15m rope ladder. Not that I’m complaining or anything (since yours truly was happily under the shade, admiring sweaty, muscly sportsmen gasping their way up the rock tower), but the rope challenges really drained the blood from the racers’ faces! “Is that the tree shaking or are your legs shaking?” Masnawi called to his son Hudzaifah. “It’s my legs!” the 11 year old cried as he gingerly picked his way across the Canopy Challenge Walk. The Challenge was one out of the ten stations that the father and son team had to navigate through to get to the finish point. This year, Safra AVventura introduced the Dad’s For Life Challenge, a special category for father and child teams. Hudzaifah and Masnawi were one of the 15 pairs who competed in a biathlon along a 6km race route and cleared mystery challenges such as air pistol shooting and prawning. When asked if it was easy to convince his son to join the race, a bemused Masnawi chuckled, “Not at all! He was the one who suggested that we signed up!” Mr Jispal Singh, Chairman of the Organising Committee for the SAFRA AVventura 2011 commented, “All these activities are planned in such a way to encourage communication, teamwork and trust between father and child. They have to work together to clear each of the mystery challenges. It is a good opportunity for them to bond and have fun at the same time.” Although the gruelling race left the 310 participants massaging their sore calves and eagerly chugging down cups of 100 plus, they would not have traded this experience for anything. The sheer endurance of traversing across terrains, cutting through seawater with heavy harnesses on, racing against an agonizing climb up the ropes made this race a truly memorable experience for them all. Just like how my own sadistic but wise teacher used the say, “Endure and Enjoy”, SAFRA AVventura 2011 gave us another take on the meaning on “fun”, and its participants lapped it all up with a sense of satisfaction.

Teams were required to pit their wits and speed against time. They had to navigate their way from station to station and endure gravity defying and gruelling challengesall under the merciless scorching sun. 5

An avid adventure racer, 22 year old Kenneth Tan studies in Singapore Management University and is also the co-founder of Pure Bikes Asia. here! speaks to the man, one half of Team 144 which topped the Men's Sprint Category with an impressive timing of 3:03:24! here! Hi Kenneth! Congratulations on your win. What motivated you to join adventure racing? K I was in ODAC when I attended Catholic Junior College, and we usually compete in adventure races. I have been taking part in various competitions and X-Physique is one of them. After this race, my partner and I would be training for this year’s X-Physique. h! Was it easy convincing your partner to join this race? K No it wasn’t! My partner, Neo Sze Kai, has always been training with me in other races. We’re a team. He’s also my colleague in Pure Bikes Asia. h! Our readers would love to hear about your winning strategy! How did you train for SAFRA AVventura 2011? K Well basically Neo and I focused more on the strength and stamina training for this race because we had to clock the fastest timing under the Sprint Category to win. We had weekly trainings where we worked on our biking and running transitions. The transition from cycling to running is very important as you’re using a completely different set of muscles and we wanted to minimise time wastage. h! Wow that’s a very smart move. So was there a particular terrain that you honed your biking skills on? K We trained weekly on the Bukit Timah Cycling trail. It is a rather technical trail that is great in preparing you for unexpected drops and turns. h! I notice that most racers ran with their harness on. Considering that it’s added weight may impede your speed, did you try training with them on? K Oh no we didn’t! Firstly, training with the harness by swimming in the sea or biking with it would ruin it in the long term. So to prolong the durability of the equipment, it is best not to subject it to such harsh treatment! To overcome the speed problem, we made sure we trained doubly hard on our stamina and strength. The fundamentals are always important. h! Was there any competition diet you had to adhere by? K Haha well I tried to…but I’m a fast food addict! Competition diet only helps in the long term, but I must say, it does have psychological benefits! I also took Hammer Nutrition products. It is different from other energy packs as it is made from complex carbohydrates, which gives you a stable and sustainable energy source. Others usually give you a crash and burn effect, which we try to avoid. h! You’ve mentioned that you have taken part in quite a number of adventure races, how do you think this race is different from the others? K There were many water segments at different points of the race. The rock wall was also rather tedious to complete as there were many overhanging points. I’m not a strong rock climber so I completed it quite slowly. h! Which would you rate the most memorable station? K Definitely running into the finish point! The sense of satisfaction upon completing a race is indescribable.


To dispel the popular belief that adventure racing is only for the muscly men, here! speaks to the dynamic duo Cindy and Fanny, who are coincidentally NTU alumni. Cindy teaches at Dunearn Secondary while Fanny is a business analyst. These two women warriors who just finished their race, were wiping off glistening sweat of glory at the finish point when here! approached them. here! Hi! Congratulations on completing your race! We’d like to know, what got you ladies interested in adventure racing? C Thanks! Fanny and I belong to a close circle of friends who are adventure racing, outdoors enthusiasts. So we naturally joined after a while. h! How were you introduced to the sport? F Haha! That’s a very interesting question. We used to support our husbands who were very into adventure racing. But after some time, we ventured into a few competitions and have been competing together ever since. We have competed in about 3 races so far. C Yes, actually this race was a Christmas gift from our husbands! h! Wow what a gift!! So how did you prepare for the race? C We didn’t have much time to prepare, considering we only received the gift and signed up for the race on Christmas itself! However, we loaded up on carbohydrates, ran and biked to improve our stamina. h! Did you find the race manageable? F It was pretty similar to the previous races that we did. However, I found that the manoeuvring around the rock wall was rather hard. There were so many overhanging walls! I’m a newbie at rock climbing so I found it challenging. C Yes it was quite manageable! I used to be quite fearful of cycling as I fell before. But it was quite manageable this time even though we had to navigate our way through the forest on bikes! It was a good experience. h!: Would you encourage others to sign up for adventure racing? C Yes definitely, there are many learning experiences one can get from it. However, signing up for it entails quite some effort. Signing up has always been a struggle for us because we have to commit to training regularly. Such races are quite pricey, so we must make our money worth it by training hard for it.


sports expose(d)!

TEXT Marlene Tan & Deborah Wong PHOTOS Deborah Wong

ALWAYS wanted to know more about a specific sport club yet you are not sure where or who to turn to? Life in NTU isn’t vibrant enough? Sports Exposé is just the right place for you! This year, we saw an even greater scale of the event happening at Canopy K @ North Spine from 9th to 10th February. Aptly themed, “Viva La Vibrante” (vibrant living), sport enthusiasts and avid players of recreational games certainly brought vibrancy to the event as without the crowd, the performances and demonstrations wouldn’t have given way to rousing applause and cheers! Booths were set up to feature the various sub clubs under Sports Club and friendly representatives were also ready to answer all queries. It was a perfect opportunity to sign up for the club activities and sporting events at discounted prices! Our very own NTU Dive club opened registration to all students for a 4 day diving trip to Dayang, Malaysia, while clubs like Floorball and Runner’s Club offered trials for potential members. Sports Expose also showed that brains are as important as brawn! Over at the recreational games booths, challengers faced off with club members from the Chess Club and the Contact Bridge Club. It was one intense battle as players focused with all the concentration of any sportsmen and strategized their gameplay in the battle of wits. There is no sports exhibition without every sportsman’s favourite gears! Scuba People and Timbuk2 were


among the two sponsor companies that sold their products with fantastic discounts! Sports gears such as waterbottles, shoes, sandals were also going at a relatively cheaper rate. The much sorted after Hydrosac bags and water sports accessories were also on sale. On top of that, lucky winners got to walk away with attractive prizes from Timbuk2, New Balance and Butterfactory passes. Acuvue and Citibank cash vouchers were also given away! Day 1 of the event saw a myriad range of demonstrations from fencing, judo, silat and karate. Representatives from the sub clubs flaunted their moves and prowess on stage as they sparred against one another. The crowd was also fortunate to witness performances put up by two very talented local bands. Run Neon Tiger put up an original song piece where their selfcomposed song, “Broken Butterfly” was a hit with the crowd. Band Aid also wowed us with their rendition of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. Thought the event was blasting the radio on Day 2? No, no, no. You weren’t hearing things because yes, The Muttons were in the house! The Muttons gave out prizes from Acuvue, the No. 1 prescribed eye contacts in the U.S. and around the world! The crowd was also in for a treat with popular club mixes by DeeJay Juice from Wave House Productions. Representatives from the sub clubs also showcased their moves. For those unfamiliar to the scene, let us speak to our sportsmen to find out more.

Two Judokas, Thomas from the Arts, Design & Media and Wan Peng from the Nanyang Business School demonstrated a sparring match. It was an action packed performance just watching them spar, as the boys demonstrated some impressive moves and tried their very best to fling each other onto the ground. here! Hi guys! Those were some badass moves! I hope neither of you are bruised! T No, we’re not. Judo teaches us to break our falls very effectively. h! What kind of moves were you demonstrating during the sparring? T I was executing the ippon seoiage. It means shoulder shove in English. So basically, I start off by balancing myself correctly, gain momentum, and then shove my opponent over my shoulder. He will then land squarely on his back when executed effectively. h! It sure does look pretty strenuous, especially if you’re up against someone taller than you! T Well, this particular move IS for opponents who are taller than you! It makes it easier to fling them across your shoulder. (Thomas then kindly went on to explain something about the centre of gravity and other physics related concepts that completely eluded yours truly) W I was demonstrating the leg sweep where I fling my opponent to the ground by sweeping my leg under his. To execute most judo moves correctly, we have to gain the right amount of speed before actually launching the move. h! Wow how many years have you been a Judoka? T I’ve been in judo since secondary school! This year, NTU Judo team clinched two gold and one silver individual medals! h! Congratulations guys! What do the judges look out for in the victor then? W In all judo matches, we are assessed on how well we execute our moves, from the start to the end. This includes the momentum, the move and how cleanly the opponent is flung onto the ground. Having practiced recreational Silat in Asad Singapura for about 2 years, Nazif, from Sports Science & Management, decided to join the sport competitively in NTU. here! Hi Nazif, you had all the strength of a fighter yet was graceful as a Malay dancer on stage. Would you explain to our readers what were you demonstrating just now? N Thank you. Well, Silat is an artistic form of martial art and I was executing some moves I learned from the competitive solo category. h! How has Silat changed over the years? N Well, previously Silat was used in fights. However, over the years as weaponry was invented, we practice Silat as a form of preserving a valuable and rich culture. There is much emphasis on the person and his moves rather than how he will attack. There is also a focus on self-defense skills as opposed to aggressive skills. h! Wow, looks like Silat has helped carry on a much valued tradition. N Yes it has. It has also taught us life lessons; we learn to respect and honour not just our fighters but also our opponents.

After a mind-blowing performance by Run Neon Tiger (RNT), I am sure many of us will want to know even more about this talented band. We are glad to be able to speak to the 4 of them who are really friendly and you are definitely in for a treat in this issue of here! here! Hello RNT, thanks for agreeing on this interview with us! NTU loved your performance during the Sports Expose and many are curious to know more about the band! Can you tell us more about RNT? RNT There are 4 of us in the band, there is Frans who plays the bass, Jude on guitars, Cristian on drums and Paddy on guitars and vocals. Jude, Cristian and Paddy were together in the band since 2007 and Frans is the most recent member, coming in about a month ago! h! Your band name sounds really interesting, how did it come about? RNT The band name is actually a line from a song by The Killers called “Neon Tiger”. We thought it had a nice ring to it and all of us are big fans of The Killers. We hope having our band named after a line in their song will give us a better chance of being the opening act for them when they come to Singapore! Hahaha. h! Since you are from different schools, how do you guys find time to practise? RNT We usually practise on weekends. One of us is still in the army and two of us stay in hall. So, it’s quite a hassle logistically, to practise on weekdays. Sometimes we wish we could have a practice space like the cultural rooms in halls, where we can just jam and play and fool around without worrying whether our time is running out. Jamming studios are pricey! h! Besides playing music, any members with extraordinary talents? RNT Frans plays rugby rather well (or at least he used to) and he is a big fan of poker. Cristian is a closet hardcore party animal. Jude can play a mean game of pool and you may encounter him on Call Of Duty servers. Paddy is a massive Halo fan and has an extraordinary talent of trawling YouTube for Halo videos, as he does not actually have an XBOX 360. h! How about any members with weird habits? RNT Frans has a weird laugh that can put off anyone’s concentration when you play beer pong with him. Paddy makes a “Woooo” sound when he’s drunk. Jude has his repertoire of “illegal” dance moves. Cristian has no such weird tendencies. He is the most normal. h! Where else can fans expect to see RNT in action? RNT We will be performing on the 26th of February at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre for the NOISE Singapore 2011 showcase. On the next day, the 27th we will be performing at the NTU Sports Club’s Bike Rally. And on the 26th of March we will be playing for ResonAID, a charity event organised by students from NUS at TAB. h! Does RNT have any future plans? RNT We are currently working on a full-length album. We have about 6 songs already and are in the process of writing more material, which we are really excited about. We hope we can give you a definitive date on the release of this album but we do not want to compromise the album by rushing something out. Hopefully, we won’t take too long! It should be done within the next year or two.



TEXT Iswan Ismail PHOTOS Zheng Wei Liang

Surf N Sweat 2011 proved to be a real knockout! With registration for games such as ultimate Frisbee, volleyball and touch rugby closing early due to overwhelming response, there was little wonder that the turn out for the event day was spectacular. DROVES of people started queuing as early as 7am to register for their respective events, looking forward to the sun, sand, sea and some adrenaline-pumping fun. Into its 16th year of running, Surf n Sweat has traditionally been a fun filled beach event filled with lots of excitement and zest. With the competitiveness of the main and side events, coupled with the sunshine factor of Sentosa, Surf n Sweat 2011 turned out to be a major success. The main event, Surf n Run, was modified to a more challenging and fun race. With a larger surfing distance of 600m incorporated into the race and a shorter running distance of 4.5km, participants had to make sure that their surfing skills is as good as their running. This year, Surf N Sweat aimed to enhance a sporty family lifestyle as well as in-


crease the awareness of less commonly known sports. Surf N Sweat introduced a brand new sport to its side games, handball, which quickly prove to be one of the most popular sports. In line with the committee’s aim to enhance a sporty family lifestyle, Surf N Hunt introduced a new category, “Family Challenge”, for families to cultivate the passion for sports. Participants of Surf N Hunt had to surf for 600m on a surf board followed by the completion of game stations around Sentosa. A mini amazing race, this segment is a test of both brain and brawn. Surf N Sweat 2011 was even more memorable because we are joined by the Special Olympics participants. Our guest-of-honor, Dr Bervyn Lee, Senior Director Sports Pathways Development Division, Singapore Sports Council flagged off the race. The youngest contestant for this event is 14 year old Michael. The ever enthusiastic boy was handpicked to represent Singapore in the upcoming Special Olympics World Summer Games 2011. Participants and beachgoers were entertained throughout the day by bands from NTU halls of residence such as Quis, Friday and Multiple Organisms with hits that got everyone jamming along under the sunny weather. Kudos to our talented musicians who combated the heatwaves with their very own rock waves! The crowd was also treated to the electrifying dance beats of Soul Funky, a dance group from our very own NTU. During lunchtime, the beach goers were entertained by a myriad of games such as Surf Hunk & Babe contest, the Muscleman contest and the Fruits Eating competition. This time round, they have upped the ante for the Muscleman contest with tougher obstacles that truly differentiate the men from the boys! Our eight strongmen had to squeeze several oranges with their bare hands, bear the weight of two filled jerry cans, slice through the sea, throw a medicine ball for several metres and flip a massive tyre all the way to the finishing line. Slamming his fist on the table soaked with orange juice, Johnathan Edwards Tan claimed the title for 2011 with an impressive timing of below 3 minutes! For the first time in Surf n Sweat’s history, the same person won both the Surf Hunk contest and Muscleman contest. Evidently, the crowd AND the judges can’t get enough of a certain strongman Missed out on Surf N Sweat 2011? Fret not people, Surf N Sweat will be back next year with more adrenalinepumping events. In the mean time, don’t forget to go out in the sun once in awhile to swim, surf and just have some plain good fun!

Dr Bervyn Lee is the Senior Director of Sports Pathways Development Division in Singapore Sports Council. We are honoured to have him grace NTU’s very own Surf N Sweat as our Guest of Honour. Ever the sports enthusiast, Dr Lee also happens to be a former staff of NTU. h! So how do you find the crowd so far? Dr Lee Fabulous, I think it’s just amazing. There are lots of people around and playing so many different games and they are all out to win. h! Do you play any of the sports being contested today? Dr Lee I used to play football, rugby. Not touch rugby, the contact rugby. Of course the rest are things that I dabble with every now and then. h! What attracted you to be our guest of honor? Dr Lee Well, I have been associated with the university for a very long time, I was also a former staff of NTU. So, when I was approached, I thought why not? The Sports Council does work very closely with sporting events in NTU. h! Have you attended our event before? Dr Lee I don’t think I was here last year, but I think I was at Surf N Sweat 3 years ago. h! Have you enjoyed your time at Surf and Sweat 2011 so far? Dr Lee Well, I wished I was in shorts and barefooted or something, but yeah, of course. I am having a great time!


The 20 year old attends Singapore Polytechnic and is an active member of the Lifeguard Corps. A lifeguard who enjoys both swimming and playing the piano, Jonathan Edwards Tan sure is a man of many talents. Its not surprising that he bagged both the Muscleman and Beach Hunk titles! h! What was your strategy for the Muscleman contest? J Basically my strategy was to just go for it. I knew I could beat them! h! How was the contest for you? Was it too easy? J It was ok ah. If I had trained for it, I could have gotten a better timing. (Psst!! : He was the only contestant to have clocked a timing below 3 minutes!) h! You swam really fast, are you a swimmer in school? J I am in life saving CCA in school, so we do a lot of swimming. I guess that was why I was able to swim faster than the other competitors. h! How does it feel like winning both the Muscleman contest and Beach Hunk contest? J I feel selfish, taking both the titles but I’m happy, yeah. h! Did you feel nervous on stage during the Beach Hunk contest? J Not really. I had the support of my life saving CCA friends, cheering for me throughout the contest. They were standing at the front of the stage. h! Alright John. Thank you for your time and congratulations on winning both titles! J Thanks!


Hot Wheels Burn The Roads TEXT Goh Yan Hui PHOTOS Raymond Tan

Wheel you ride with me? A thousand people, male and female, young and old, were happy to do so, as they cycled around the island during Bike Rally 2011, organised by the NTU Sports Club and supported by the Traffic Police. The event, held on the 27 February, aimed to promote cycling as part of a healthy lifestyle. The Guest-Of-Honour, Mr. Seah Kian Peng, MP for Marine Parade GRC, urged cyclists to ‘enjoy the ride and the sights’ before he signaled the start of the race at seven in the morning, as cyclists pushed off from the Marina Bay F1 Pit Building. CYCLISTS made their way around the island before cycling back to the F1 Pit, which was also the finishing point. Multiple checkpoints were situated all over the island, such as NTU, Yishun Stadium and Pasir Ris Park. These checkpoints provided cyclists with suffiient food and drink, aiding them in completing the route. This year’s 128km cycling route was different from last year’s, providing an element of surprise and unpredictability to cyclists who had participated in the previous years’ Bike Rally. In addition to several changes from last year’s route, Bike Rally 2011 also featured a new 168km route, with new checkpoints such as the Woodlands Causeway and Tuas. These new checkpoints allowed cyclists to take in more sights, including offshore islands. This longer route also provided seasoned cyclists with the challenge of riding greater distances. Besides cycling, there are also ongoing activities at the event ground, the F1 Pit, to keep the supporters and cyclists entertained. These include sales of sponsored bicycles, exhibitions by EARTHlink NTU and performances by our very own band from NTU, Run Neon Tiger. Facts about the different types of bicycles and cycling were also displayed, such as 168km cycled is 2800 calories lost.

Cyclists who completed either the 128km or 168km routes were able to take part in the lucky draw, with prizes such as bicycles and gift hampers worth up to $2,000. Out of all the prizes, the most attractive was the grand prize of a FUJI Triathlon Bike and a gift hamper worth close to $3,000. Aside from the lucky draw, cyclists got to put their skills to the test in the Monotine Foldable Bike Competition. Participants competed against time to unfold, manouvere the bicycle and fold it back to its compact size. The fastest competitor clocked an impressive timing of 45.5s and won for himself a Monotine foldable bike while the other mini folding bike competition saw the winner walking away with one Monotine foldable bike and 1 nike team max air medium duffel. Other than cyclists, volunteers also enjoyed Bike Rally 2011. “It was a great experience meeting new people from schools and universities coming together to facilitate the running of an event.” Says Carol Lee, 18, a volunteer from National Junior College. The timing of Bike Rally 2011 is timely, taking place a week before the OCBC Cycle Singapore 2011. With the proximity of these events combined efforts of both events, cycling as an exercise can be better instilled in the minds of Singaporeans.



Joyce Lim, 20, a first-year Communication Studies student comes across as a sports enthusiast. Her CCA in JC, the Outdoor Adventure Club, exposed her to a range of activities, such as trekking, running and camping. Her other interests include rollerblading and swimming. here! What made you want to enter Bike Rally 2011? J As a freshman, I wanted to join multiple events from Sports Club, ODAC and other outdoor-related races, so Bike Rally was one of my choices when I looked at what was available. I like to go on long biking trips with my friends through the park connectors in the East, so this event really appealed to me. h! How did you feel before, while cycling and after Bike Rally 2011? J Before bike rally I felt really excited about going for it because I signed up for 3 other events and was hyped up for them too. But the night before Bike Rally I was slightly hesitant because I realized I just signed away my sunday night to an all-day event and had no guarantee that it was going to be splendid. During cycling I was shagged, exhausted and I could feel my bones and knee caps aching, but my friends and I pushed on by talking to each other and making detours for stopovers at vending machines. After the event, I’d say it was a well-spent $30 all in the name of fun and a good riding experience around Singapore!

During cycling I was shagged, exhausted and I could feel my bones and knee caps aching, but my friends and I pushed on by talking to each other and making detours for stopovers at vending machines. “

h! What was the most memorable part of Bike Rally 2011? J I wouldn’t say there was one isolated moment that’s etched in my memories, but there were collective moments that really made me enjoy Bike Rally, especially the conversations and jokes that were shared. Another happy moment would be when the three of us (friends and I) went past the finishing line and raised our arms in unison, proud that we completed the race without being ferried or ‘swept’ by the lorries. h! What advice would you give aspiring participants of Bike Rally 2011? J Bring a cushioned bike seat cover! This is a must because all my friends who participated complained of aching butts after the event ended. On another note, one should get ample rest and bring along a bottle of coffee to perk you up at 630am. h! What do you think can be improved for Bike Rally 2011 and why? J Perhaps there could have been more deep heat and similar cooling sprays to relieve muscle aches because many cyclists needed it en route towards check points but most first aid safety cyclists had none with them. Apart from that, the event was pretty good and went smoothly without any glitches for my friend and I. h!: How would you summarise your Bike Rally 2011 experience? J Amazing experience. “Wheel you ride with me?” Definitely.


Kudos to Chen Shao, chairperson for Bike Rally 2011, and his team in bringing cycling enthusiasts together in NTU’s annual cycling marathon. Indeed the day was bright and sunny, clearly reflecting the cheery atmosphere of the committee as they saw their event come to fruition. Here! speaks to the man, an avid cyclist himself, on what went on behind the scenes. here! How do you feel now that the event has ended successfully? CS I feel that the hard work that my committee has put in for the past five months has been fruitful. We have broken many records in terms of number of participants, safety cyclists as well as volunteers for the event. h! What were the main differences between the new 168km and old 128km routes? How about the checkpoints? CS The main differences between the 2 routes are the extensions that the 168route embarks on that deviate from the shorter 128km route. They visit 2 extra checkpoints, Raffles Marina Country Club and Woodlands Waterfront Park. All the other checkpoints are the same between the 2 routes. h! What do you think was the most challenging part of organizing Bike Rally 2011? CS The most challenging part would be getting the numerous permits that were required for the event. Due to the large number of checkpoints as well as the rally being carried out on public roads, it was not easy to organize. Things were made even tougher with the great increase in participants this year. h! Do you have anything to say to future organisers and participants of Bike Rally? CS For the future organisers: Bike Rally will always be an ever-growing event due to the growing cycling scene. Put in hard work to keep up the reputation of Bike Rally as the largest round island cycling event in Singapore, and your efforts will be rewarded with fruits of success. For participants, Bike Rally will always be improving on our shortcomings and come back bigger and better next year!



of Mass Swims and the Swimathon

Why we just can’t stop swimming TEXT Leong Kah Ming PHOTOS Courtesy of NTU Life Guard Corps


At 7am,

the horn sounded. Participants plunged into the pool and swam. At 7pm, the final whistle blew. Participants stopped their laps and wearily climbed out of the pool, relieved, probably for the first time in their lives, to be out of water. This was the Swimathon; 12 hours of non-stop swimming. Even the hydrophilic can get an overdose. NOT! Which is why they keep coming back for more, and in greater numbers too! Swimfest returned this year with a huge splash, seeing a change in concept. It comprises the Mass Swim and Swimathon segment, spanning two days of pure adrenaline, excitement and fun. Perhaps the friendlier of the two, the Mass Swim gave participants a chance for prizes in exchange for the number of laps they swam. The more laps swum, the more attractive the prizes. This segment was open to the public, with the aim of encouraging swimming as a sport, or exercise, for everyone, be it recreational or serious, and saw the likes of Republic Polytechnic’s lifesaving team posing a serious pitch for the grand prize. Indeed they won the unofficial title of “most grand prize winning team”, but that mattered not to the other participants. Each swam their own swim, to the best of their capabilities, prize motivating, or to the limits of what their “mood” allows. As prizes were on a while stocks last basis, those who cashed in their laps at the later part of the Mass Swim had to satisfy themselves with prize substitutes; the grand prizes being fully redeemed in the earlier segments. This sentiment was echoed by NTU’s Chemistry year 3 student, Yossa, who had to “contend [himself] with other prizes and different combinations of prizes because the Finisher Tee (a grand prize item) had run out. But it’s ok as [he] had fun and a good exercise and was still awarded with prizes.” It mattered not how fast one swam, nor what strokes one used, nor one’s age or size or fitness for that matter. Every participant was a winner in their own rights.


The Swimathon, on the other hand, was a gruelling and arduous affair. Eight 5-member teams competed to clock the most number of laps in a 12 hours timeframe for a total of close to $2000 worth of prizes. It meant that participants had to swim non-stop from sunrise to sunset. This modification of the Swimathon is made after careful consideration of the feedback garnered last year. Some opined the Swimathon was not challenging enough, so this year, it returned with more exigencies, lasting longer and exposing participants more to the elements. The teams that took part this year Ngee Ann Poly, SIM, Water Sapiens, Turtle Squad and NTU’s very own lifeguard corps Lao Jiao team. Only the graduating seniors from the club are able to participate because the rest are involved in the organisation of the event, hence the name of the team. In other words, it is an honour bestowed on the privileged few as a reward for their long service and contribution to the club: a 12 hours non-stop laps swim. Team Lao Jiao did not disappoint NTU as they came in top 5 with a total of 720 laps (36000m) swum. According to insider information, which here! managed to attain clandestinely, the result was due to their giving chance and not wanting deny the outside teams the top prizes. When contacted, former club president James Ee of EEE year 4, downplayed the assertion as a “puzzling conspiracy”, citing how “we (the team) fought hard …. if the rest won, it was because they fought harder and more importantly, because they are younger. But our aim was to do our best, see what we can achieve, and at the end of the day, have fun. It was a well organised event and I am proud of my juniors. I appreciate their support every lap of the way and it was a great honour to swim on their behalf.” When asked what advice he had for the juniors who had to take over the baton next year, “better start training endurance now,” were his parting words of wisdom. True enough, 36km is a huge feat to accomplish in the water. Imagine swimming from NTU to Bedok without stopping… And in the hot sun for that matter! The weather for the day was fuelled by a scorching sun, singeing every participant with its heat rays, perhaps reflecting their fiery passion of swimming. In any case, the sunblock coated swimmers employed various methods and strategies to survive and excel in the 12 hour Swimathon. These included taking turns to plunge and swim 100m distances, like a Gatling cannon firing barrages of ricocheting torpedoes, then resting in between distances, having light refreshments, in preparation for the next onslaught. Others took turns to swim for 15 or so minute intervals, allowing each team member to have longer periods of rest. It was a fantastic display of skill and fitness with participants taking the chance to exhibit their finesse in the different swim strokes while resting up their muscles for the main front-crawl. This gave eager photographers opportunities for rare photo moments, much to the delight of team supporters who cheered the swimmers on in their majestic display of Olympic Medley swims. Fortunately, closer to the end of the Swimathon, it showered, giving participants a much needed respite from the enervating heat. Overheard during a conversation between 2 participants who were trying to soak up the cooling showers: “Shiok ar?” “Shiok your head la! My shoulders dropping off le” Despite the intense physical demands, participants kept their spirits up, cheering one another all the way; the deejay’s music keeping tune to their upbeat spirits. One female participant even quipped jovially that she “slipped off the jumpboard and piak-ed into the water so many times that [she] B become A- le.”

Swimfest is an annual swimming event organised by NTU Lifeguard Corps and held at NTU Sports and Recreational Centre swimming pool.

Consequently, the Swimfest was brought to a close with the euphoric end of the Swimathon. It was a close fight to the top three with only 2 laps separating the third and fourth places. Nonetheless, the top teams emerged and were awarded their respective prizes by the guest of honour Associate Professor Lok Tat Seng, Dean of Students, NTU Student Affairs Office. Everyone was a winner at the Swimfest, both at the Mass Swim, and at the Swimathon which saw all participants walking away with an events Finisher Tee and Medal.


1st: Water Sapiens with 844 laps (42200m)

2nd: Turtle Squad with 822 laps (41100m)

3rd: SIMplicated with 776 laps (38800m)

4th: Ngee Ann Poly Team 1 with 774 laps (38700m)


The NTU Lifeguard Corps is a constituent club of NTU Sports Club. It conducts a twice yearly intake of lifesaving course where participants will be awarded the Lifesaving 1, 2, 3, CPR and Bronze Medallion certification upon successful completion of the course. It also has a competition team where members train to compete in lifesaving competitions like the National Still Waters Lifesaving Competition and National Open Waters Lifesaving Competition. For more information, please visit or email



2011 X-PHYSIQUE Xtreme, Xciting, Xperience it! Have you ever caught a glimpse of the episode of the Amazing Race and yearned to be one of the participants racing to solve mind boggling clues and complete numerous stations? You can now! We have an upcoming event on 5TH June 2011, X-Physique, which is an urban adventure race that is bound to keep your heart and adrenaline pumping throughout the entire race. Always a mysterious race year after year, X-Physique incorporates a blend of different elements and disciplines such as biking, kayaking and abseiling. Outlined with a combination of intellectually and physically challenging activities, X-Physique promises a whole plethora of surprises, fun and excitement! Each year, the organising committee strives to improve on the success of the previous years and bring our event to greater heights and this year will mark our seventh consecutive year. Our theme for X-Physique 2011 would be to bring the event back within the heartlands while exploring new ideas to keep X-Physique invigorating and exhilarating. We are also including a new category, Men’s Open. Come join us and be sure to spend a day in ebullience lined with a whole string of exhilarating sporting activities! Sign up for this race of a lifetime and challenge yourself and your team mates to the limit! What are you waiting for? Visit our website for more details




National Vertical Marathon is here again in 2011! It is an opportunity for sports enthusiasts to experience variations to conventional flat road marathons. Participants from all walks of life challenge themselves by climbing one of Singapore’s tallest buildings, One Raffles Place, which scales 63 stories in the shortest time possible! Our event is focused on bringing the best to our participants and hence we aspire to give you a fresh and unforgettable experience each year. Besides, the full day event is complemented with side games for participants to engage in before and after the race. Games include Rodeo Bull, Lucky Dip and customized games relating to the theme each year. Moreover, one of the highlights include a chance for participants to take pleasure in taking photos with our lovable Momokun mascot at the Momokun house, which has become a hotspot for many families, children and even adults. What’s more, a bird eye’s view of the breathtaking scenery awaits you after the completion of our event! Our early bird registration ends on 17thMarch 2011 so hurry, sign up now by visiting our website at www.nvm.ntusportsclub. sg! Are you ready to take up the challenge? See you at the top!



Sweating IT OUT IN THE SUN TEXT Mariam Hakeem GRAPHIC Google

Given that all of us have been having to put up with the sweltering heat of late (with the promise of even more heat and humidity to come, oh joy) the theme of “fun in the sun” is only appropriate and fitting - since we’re stuck with the heat, why not make the most of it, right? here!’s Sports Focus suggests some cool sports that are definitely worth checking out:

Serve Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be the next Sharapova or Rafael Nadal? Check out our feature on tennis! The demanding sport is just the ticket if you want to sweat it out but have fun at the same time. As an added bonus, your hot new slamming bod you get from swinging a racket around and wiping sweat sexily off your forehead is sure to get the ladies.

Spirit Fingers Mention hot weather and girls in short skirts is sure to be the first thing that comes to mind for most guys - and how much shorter can you get than cheerleading skirts? While that may be so, the good lads over at NTU ACES crushed any misconceptions I used to have of cheerleading being all twirling skirts and Spirit Fingers à la “Bring It On” - it’s so much more. Want to know too? Flip on over our exclusive interview with Graham Lim.


Speaking of getting the ladies, perhaps another sport to consider is golf - although it may work a bit too well, if you’re too much of a tiger on the green. Tiger Woods jabs aside, maybe you’re looking to be the next big thing in the business world? Golf is definitely the sport you want to pick up, as it’s common knowledge that many a business deal has been sealed over several rounds of the very game. Luckily, NTU has its very own Golf Club - and they offer lessons at very reasonable rates to boot! Interested? Check out our feature on NTU Golf.

Sportsgirl in the Sportlight I’m glad so many of you liked the interview with Omar Basri last issue. I thought we’d shake things up for the Inter Hall Games special of ‘Sportsman in the Sportlight’ (no, that’s not a typo, it’s really spoRtlight - due credit to our witty chief editors, I didn’t even think of it) and interview a sportsgirl instead! Our sportsgirl this time round was the lovely Huang Huijing from Hall 11’s award-winning Volleyball team, who gamely shared with us her experiences and opinions on this year’s IHG.

So seek solace from the searing heat with some of your favourite bubble tea and chill out with here!’s Sports Focus. (I apologize for all the sibilance.) 26


eeded n t n e m p Equi A RACQUET or RACKET, if you’re American and too lazy to spell an extra letter. Whichever way works – no need to make a, well, racket about it.) Apparently, a tennis racquet must meet the following requirements: ▲ The hitting area, composed of the strings, must be flat and generally uniform. ▲ The frame of the hitting area may not be more than 29 inches in length and 12.5 inches in width. ▲ The entire racquet must be of a fixed shape, size, weight, and weight distribution. There may not be any energy source built into the racquet. ▲ The racquet must not provide any kind of communication, instruction or advice to the player during the match. I find this last requirement extremely funny – you can just see a tennis player talking to his racquet through some hidden patch and getting instructions from his coach… Hilarious. Standard Issue TENNIS BALLS. They’re yellow – specifically Optic Yellow. Made from hollow rubber, they also come with a felt coating, which gives them their fuzzy feel. A COURT (usually comes with Net). Can either be hard, clay or grass. Measures about 24m long, and 8m wide for singles matches and 11m for doubles matches.

Always wanted to start learning tennis but intimidated by what seems to be a really ‘cheem’ sport? No worries! here! is here with all the information you need to kickstart your tennis journey. S SHOT A SERVE in tennis is a shot to start a point. The serve is initiated by tossing the ball into the air and hitting it. GRIPS are basically, well, grips. You grip the racquet. No other word for it. A FOREHAND is a stroke that begins on the right side of the body, continues across the body as contact is made with the ball, and ends on the left side of the body – but this applies only for right-handed players. A Backhand is the opposite, starting at the left side of the body and ending on the right. And, of course logically, the opposite of both applies for lefthanded players.


S SIC RULE A B & M E SYST SCORING In order to win, one must get the following: ▲ 4 points to win a game ▲ 6 games to win a set ▲ and 2 sets to win a match. By winning a coin toss, you then get to choose to take one of the following actions: ▲ serve ▲ receive serve ▲ choose an end of the court ▲ have the other party choose You gain points when your opponent misses the ball or commits a mistake. Somehow points go by multiples of 15 then 10 for some odd reason – specifically 15, then 30 then 40. When the referee announces scores, don’t be surprised to hear the words “love” and “all”. Love means 0 points, while All = Tie.

NATIONAL R E T N I N I MA ENTTS TOURNAM There are 4 main international tournaments to look out for in a year: ▲ January – Australian Open (Melbourne) ▲ May/June – French Open (Paris) ▲ June/July – Wimbledon (London) ▲ August – US Open (New York) Each tournament has its own court surface specialty and quirky aspect. For example, players at Wimbledon specifically wear predominantly white.


Why not try NTU Tennis? NTU Tennis Club was founded in 2004 by a group of tennis enthusiasts who share the same passion for Tennis. Basically, it serves as a platform for all students and staff from NTU and NIE, allowing them to share their passion for tennis. Members get to interact during rallying sessions, it helps them to improve their game and broaden their social circle simultaneously. Furthermore, there is a Tennis league open to club members is held throughout the year in order to increase the intensity of the usual rallying sessions. They also organize various tennis-related activities. This includes two tennis tournaments held in each semester, a tennis camp during the December break, Demo Day, overseas trips and live-matches screening. If you’re already an avid recreational tennis player, perhaps you’d like to consider taking part in the upcoming Novice Open where only players outside of IVP levels get to compete! Held from 27th March to 9th April, it’s sure to be one exciting tournament – the novice NTU version of Wimbledon, how cool is that! Interested? Register NOW at Hurry! Registration closes 20th March 2011 Thanks to: NTU Tennis Club ( Jeff Cooper, Tennis - Wikipedia



Golf – not only for the Old Guard Think that Golf is an outdated sport only for old men? Think again! Golf can be a great sport, whether played competitively or as a hobby.

Why play golf?

It’s relaxing. You’re swinging at a ball amidst lush greenery. How much more relaxing and stress-relieving can you get? It’s great exercise. If you walk the whole golf course, that is. No joke, that. It’s great for all you upcoming Suits. According to the U.S. Golf Foundation, more than 10% of new Golfers get into Golf for business purposes since the Golf Course is a great place to shake that all important hand on a business deal or new business partnership.

NTU Golf Club!

The NTU Golf Club is a relatively young club with less than ten years of history, which aims to bring the game of golf to everyone. And they’re back with their ever-popular Prodigy Golf Programme! The programme provides lessons at your convenience with flexible timings at multiple timeslots! Conducted at Warren Golf Country Club, participants need not worry about transport as a free shuttle service is available from Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange – convenient or what? For Beginners, why not consider the Beginners Package? At $230, you enjoy ten hours on the basics of golf. Not only you will learn the basics, you can also get your very own proficiency card at the end of the course which will allow you to play on some greens in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia! Worried about the high cost of golf clubs? Then you’ll be thrilled to find out that usage of golf clubs is absolutely free! For those who already have the basics of Golf down pat, NTU Golf Club also offers an Intermediate package, which includes professional coaching and video analysis of techniques! For further enquiries, please contact either Winson at 90909272 or Arriffadly at 81577227, or you can simply email them at! Hurry! Slots are limited!


CHEERLEADING? bring it on

TEXT Mariam Hakeem PHOTOS NTU Aces & Kong Ping on Flickr

Dispel the stereotype of stuck up or airhead cheerleaders you’ve developed from countless high school dramas and movies – they’re not all Queen Bee Quinn Fabrays or Santanas or Brittanys. On the contrary, they’re some of the most approachable and humble people on campus, who simply genuinely love and work hard at their sport. NTU is proud to be home to NTU ACES, Singapore’s top and most prestigious cheerleading squad as proven by their stellar track record and numerous accolades – they even have their own Wiki page! While this honour is by no doubt something to be proud of, it is also a heavy responsibility to uphold the name and standard of NTU ACES, something we found out when here! spoke to Graham Lim, the current President of the ACES.


here! Tell us a bit about yourself and NTU ACES. G I am a Year 2 undergraduate currently pursuing a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE). I assumed the position of President of NTU ACES Cheerleading squad in June 2010, with a 4-year cheerleading experience to back me up. Here are some of ACES’ awards and recognitions to date: 2004 Cheerobics Open Category 2nd Position 2005 Cheerobics Open Category 2nd Position 2005 Cheer Rock 2nd Position 2006 Cheerobics Open Category 1st Position 2007 Cheerobics Open Category 1st Position 2007 Cheerleading Asia International Open, International Category 3rd Position 2008 Cheerobics Team Open Category 1st, 3rd Position, Co-ed grp stunts 1st, 3rd Position 2008 Cheerleading Asia International Open, International Category 4th Position 2009 Cheerobics Open Category 1st, 2nd Position 2009 Asian Thailand Cheerleading Invitational International Open Category 3rd Position 2010 Singapore National Cheerleading Championships Open Category 1st & 3rd Position h! Why did you decide to go into cheerleading? G My passion for cheerleading was ignited in my third year as a Ngee Ann Polytechnic student. I studied very hard to make my way into NTU, with the desire to join the number 1 cheerleading team in Singapore. It was a tough but fulfilling journey because there is no other sport that has the capacity to contain such a vast set of skills, strength and technique, while encompassing creativity. Every routine in cheerleading showcases such a wide variety of stunts, every year with new ones that have never been attempted before. There is really no limitation to improvement in this sport. h! Is it true that cheerleading is typically female-dominated? G No. A typical team comprises of 6-7 females and 9-10 males.

h! Share with us one of your high points during your stint with NTU ACES. G Bearing the name of being 5-time consecutive national champions means that there is always constant pressure to improve the team’s standards amidst growing competition year after year. This keeps everybody motivated; lacking behind is not tolerable and this is one thing that will never fail to keep us going. What I enjoyed the most was the surge of emotions that came after the release of the results that ACES was once again crowned champions during nationals this year. After having put in so much effort into our 7-day week training, that was definitely one of the biggest achievements that I’ve gained so far from ACES. h! What do you think of the local cheerleading scene? G The local cheerleading scene has been growing bigger and bigger with the emergence of open teams especially in the CCs (Community Clubs). But it is still a relatively small community, albeit a very close knit one as almost everyone is able to roughly distinguish the members of the different squads. This tight bond is advantageous as constant interaction can strive to increase the skillsets and stunting know-hows of cheerleaders in the local scene

h! Would you consider cheerleaders more of performers or athletes? G Definitely athletes. One cannot be in a sport without the proper set of strength, discipline, stamina and dedication. Likewise, you need to have all of these to be a cheerleader. Many tend to overlook the fact that ACES’ members go through tough physical conditioning in order to make the things we do look simple and flawless.

h! What would you say to someone, especially a guy, interested in joining ACES but is too shy perhaps because they’re self-conscious? G To be able to lift weights in a gym is something anyone can do and it only improves the amount of strength you have. To be able to lift and toss a girl up in the air and protect her from injury due to a miss not only requires great strength, technique, and guts to execute. Be it guy or girl, you have to initiate your first step into the sport to fully experience what cheerleading has to offer.

h! Describe a typical training session for ACES. G ACES’ trainings are separated into different stages of training. First physical strength, then gymnastics, and lastly stunt techniques. Cheerleading is a sport filled with loads of techniques to be mastered. Progressive training is catered for players to train and improve before selections are held for the 16 slots in the following year’s competing team.

h! Is the stereotype portrayed by Hollywood that cheerleaders are stuck up true? G Who came up with this stereotype? Cheerleaders take pride in their sport all athletes take pride in their own respective sports - and I don’t see why we shouldn’t. On the contrary I believe that some of the nicest people I’ve met were the very cheerleaders who introduced me to this sport.


SPORTSMANwoman IN THE SPORTLIGHT Inter Hall Games (IHG) Special: Huang Huijing, Hall 11,Volleyball TEXT Mariam Hakeem PHOTOS Yong Quan Lee

It’s IHG season and all of us here at here! have had the best time ever, going down for matches, cheering for our hallmates and neighbours and just soaking up the atmosphere at various IHG events. So we thought it would be only appropriate that an IHG player was featured this time for Sportsman in the Spotlight. here! sat down at the NIE canteen one sweltering afternoon for a nice, casual conversation with IHG player from Hall 11, Huang Huijing. The Sports Science and Management major shares with us some high points and takeaways from her personal IHG experience. here! Hello there! Do introduce yourself. HJ Hi, I’m Huang Huijing, Sports Science and Management (SSM) Year 2. h! What sport do you play for IHG for which hall? HJ I play for Hall 11, a variety of sports - hockey, netball, basketball and volleyball. My team from Hall 11 managed to qualify to the semis in Volleyball. h! Is it very common for SSM or NIE PE students to take part in so many IHG sports? HJ I think yes, quite a number of friends are also playing multiple sports for IHG. Like, at least 2 or 3. Because the girls in hall not very active so just take part lah, it’s harder to find girls to play sports than guys because we have much difficulty especially for this year. h! So in forming your volleyball team was it very difficult to find player? HJ Oh we had volleyball players from before - some seniors who stayed second year and we also had some new freshies who wanted to play as well. So it was quite okay lah. h! How do you find the IHG experience? HJ For certain sports, I think we try to put up a good fight as much as we can, but sometimes if really cannot, like against the stronger halls, we just take it in our stride. (Grins impishly) h! Like which halls, for example, would you say? HJ (Hesistates) Hall 6? They’re quite strong in a number of sports. (Laughs) h!: How about in your niche, volleyball? Who are the ones to beat? HJ In volleyball ah... Volleyball the top 4 this year, there’s Hall 2, Hall 14, Hall 6 and my own Hall 11. Our next match is against Hall 14, next week. h! What do you think will be the outcome? HJ (Nervous laughter) I have no idea! Hope for the best ah. Because I mean like


a lot of things will be beyond our control - like it will depend if we are on form and if they are on form. h! How were trainings like? HJ I think for most of us we already had our basics, so it was more like getting the feeling back, like how to play the ball and stuff. Like maybe once a week? We try to book courts either in NIE or SRC for more than 2 hours a week. Since last semester. Like nearing the end of last year. h!: So do you enjoy playing for IHG? HJ Yah, I think it’s quite a good experience. I get to meet a lot of people and get to learn a lot as well. Not bad in that sense lah. h!: Do you think people will play just for the points? HJ I think it would be difficult to sustain interest if you’re in it just for the points. If you’re just going just for the points maybe you won’t turn up for training but only turn up for the game - it doesn’t really make sense, right? So, we try to make it a point to turn up for training, especially if we are not specialized in that particular sport. h! To wrap things up, what is the most important takeaway you got from taking part in IHG this year? HJ Hmm, I think that while you can learn and try to improve, in the end you just hope for the best. And I suppose that applies to all tournaments.




TEXT Leong Kah Ming PHOTOS Guan Da & Google

OUTDOOR TANNING Perhaps the most common and popular method to tan outdoors is to lie at a poolside or at the beach. This is certainly inexpensive and the accessibility of pools and beaches make this option highly viable. It costs only $1 and $3 to enter a public pool and Sentosa respectively. For the shy ones who are apprehensive about showing off skin, you could always tan at your balcony, if you have one, or at the roof-top of a multi-story HDB carpark, if you like to take risks. Then again, just lying immobile for hours at a go may seem like a waste of time. Why not make full use of that time by exercising too? If you spend half that time swimming, you probably can achieve just about the same amount of tan since pool water attracts more sunlight than air. Or you could be playing beach games with your friends, all the while getting a tan.

INDOOR TANNING There are two methods to getting a tan indoors. One method that is gaining much popularity in a time-starved society like ours is by using a Tanning Bed and the other is the spray on or rub on Indoor Tanning Lotion. The former uses light bulbs to emulate the sun’s UV A and B rays to give users a “real” tan, that is, the tan stays and does not wash off after a shower. There are various options to using the tanning bed, one can use it lying down or standing up. While the lying option saves users the trouble of standing for the entirety of the session, users will have to move about often to ensure an even tan. The spray on method requires users to spray a special lotion on the skin, wait for a certain amount of time and have it washed off. The skin will absorb the tanning “dye” and look as if a real tan was achieved. Personally, I would not recommend this method unless you like being covered in “mud” or the feeling of being itcky yucky for hours on end. Try walking around your house looking like a swamp monster. Heading to the pool isn’t such a chore after all, eh?


Wear Protection

Be sure to wear goggles to protect your eyes from all that UV rays which can damage your eyes.

Wear Swimwear (or whatever clothes you like)

Some areas of your body were never meant to be exposed to that much of sunlight, so be sure to cover them up. You never know what damage that high amount of UV rays can do to them!


TIPS TO GETTING AND MAINTAINING THE TAN EXFOLIATE this involves removing the dead top layer of your skin which can,

to some degree, being meant to, block the sun from reaching your skin. Scrub, but do not scrub too hard as you don’t want to damage your good skin beneath. Use a body scrub while showering. Even better, use exfoliating gels or salts for added benefits like moisturising and skin repair.

APPLYING SUNTAN LOTION/OIL be sure to apply such lotions when

out under the sun for extended periods of time. This is to protect your skin, all the while helping you get your desired tan faster. Go for lotions with high moisturising effect. Remember to apply the lotion 15 to 30 minutes before the tan or outdoor activity as the lotion does not do anything for this period of time. Your skin needs to absorb it first for it to do its job.

EVEN OUT spread out the lotion all over your body. If you are engaging the lazy lie down tan method, be sure to shift your position every 20 – 30 minutes. This is to ensure your tan is evenly spread out. Imaging having a tanned front but a fair posterior CARE WHILE SHOWERING shower, but do not over shower, after a tan. It is essential to remove the remaining lotion but take care when using soap. Certain soap can dry your skin and make it peel. Use soap with moisturising effect if need be.

MOISTURISE AND DRINK LOTS OF WATER be sure to moisturise your skin at night and at the start of the day after the tan. This is to help make your skin radiant and keep the tan longer. Drinking lots of water ensures that your body is well hydrated and prevents early peeling of your skin.

MOST IMPORTANTLY PATIENCE you should tan for consecutive days and only for a few hours each time. Maintain that frequency for the tan to stay. Do not over tan as it can lead to a sun burn. Even when using a tanning bed, do not tan longer than the prescribed amount of time. Depending of the type of tanning bed, a tanning session can range from 2 – 15 minutes. Stick to it. And continue with it regularly. You will see excellent results in about a month’s time. BEWARE THE SUN BURN – this occurs when your blood vessels are damaged, causing your blood to dis-

perse beneath your skin, hence the reddish hue. You do not want this to happen as your blood vessels are needed to bring essential nutrients to your skin. When your skin does not get them, when you get a sun burn, your skin will die off and peel. Your outer tanned layer will peel off to reveal the inner un-tanned area. This area is also highly sensitive to touch as it is new and rather thin. The areas of sunburn will also feel hot because of the lack of blood vessels to help dissipate your bodily heat. You don’t want to waste your effect in tanning don’t you? Much less damage your blood vessels… So be patient. All good things come in time. Now that you know more tips and tricks to getting an awesome tan, what with the summer being the season, head on out for awesome times under the sun! Happy holidays!!!



With Total Defence Day just passed and Racial Harmony Day just around the corner, HERE! writer Qiao Wei writes about 5 things to love about our sunny little island!


1. Multi-Cultural Environment

One of the best things about Singapore is that we are a melting pot of cultures, where people can co-exist with other people of different races and appreciate one another’s differences. With such mutual understanding between different cultural groups, we get to experience the culture of other races, learn their language and enjoy their festivals (and public holidays too!).

2. Food

Our little island’s cosmopolitan mix of cultures spills over to food as well, and we get to enjoy the best cuisines from each of the different ethnic groups. From Chilli Crab to Murtabak, Hokkien Mee to Mee Goreng and Chicken Rice to Satay, we are practically spoiled for choice when it comes to food. It’s definitely no wonder that eating is our national past time!

3. Convenience

An extensive public transport system, 24/7 coffee shops, shopping till 10pm and reliable water and electricity supply. These are just a few examples of the convenience we experience in Singapore that we often take for granted. It might not seem like a big factor but we often forget that in some parts of the world, people do not even get a stable electricity supply, let alone a fast Internet connection!

4. Stability & Safeness

The general social, economic and political stability we experience gives our country the reputation as a place where you can walk along the streets at any time of the day and feel safe. Granted, this is made possible by our strict laws and regulations, but don’t you find it great that we don’t have to worry about violent riots, angry protests and the like?

5. Weather & Climate

Writer’s little note: Okay, please hear me out before you think that I am utterly out of my mind for including our humid and often rainy weather in this list! Yes, our sunny little island is often hot, humid and rainy. However, one thing to appreciate is that there are no extreme weather conditions or natural disasters such as typhoons and hurricanes. Furthermore, we get to enjoy the sunny weather all year round and this comes with associated benefits such as the tropical flora and fauna and sunny beaches for sun tanning. (And there’s always air-con when it gets too hot!) Also, aren’t you glad that we do not need to pile on clothing during certain months just to stay alive or shovel snow off our roads?



“The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year.”- Mark Twain

If you started to read this article thinking that this was supposed to be about something solemn, here’s wishing you a HAPPY APRIL FOOLS’! “Your shoelace is untied.” This has got to be one of the oldest April Fools’ jokes ever, when one tries to trick a friend to look down to check whether his laces are really untied, before taunting him with a “Gotcha!” We all play pranks on each other on the 1st of April, but have you ever wondered how the day came about?

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The closest point in time that can be identified as the beginning of this tradition was in 1582, in France. Prior to that year, the New Year was celebrated for eight days, beginning on March 25. The celebration culminated on April 1. With the reform of the calendar under Charles IX, the Gregorian Calendar was introductetd, and New Year’s Day was moved to January 1. However, communications being what they were in the days when news traveled by foot, many people did not receive the news for several years. Others, the more obstinate crowd, refused to accept the new calendar and continued to celebrate the New Year on April 1. The general populace labeled these backward folk as “fools”. They were subject to some ridicule, and were often sent on “fools errands” or were made the butt of other practical jokes.


SOME HARMLESS PRANKS Prank #1: Early/Late Bird Ideal for: Your roomie


WHAT TO DO: Grab a bunch of alarm clocks, set them to alarm at very early/very late times in the morning, one minute after each other, and hide them all around different places in your room! How not to make yourself a fool instead: Make sure that you are either awake to watch your roomie’s demise instead of also being rudely awaken by the alarm clocks. Also, do not set the alarms late if you know that your roomie has something important like a test.

Prank #2: Unclickable desktop Ideal for: Blur schoolmates WHAT TO DO: Freak out your schoolmate by faking out their Windows desktop with an unclickable facade: Take a screenshot of their current desktop, then set it as the desktop wallpaper. Hide the actual taskbar and disable desktop icons (right-click the desktop and choose “Arrange Icons By” and uncheck “Show Desktop Icons.”) When your victim returns to the computer, watch the futile clicking begin. HOW NOT TO MAKE YOURSELF A FOOL INSTEAD: If your friend is one who attracts a lot of attention by shrieking, try not to do this in lectures or tutorials, for if the tutor/lecturer sees it, it may land you and/or your schoolmate in trouble.

Prank #4: Bad aim Ideal for: Friends of the same gender

WHAT TO DO: Add some yellow food coloring to water, and sprinkle it liberally all over the toilet seat and on the floor around the toilet. The victim will think someone has terrible aim!

Prank #3: Beer trick Ideal for: Gullible friends WHAT TO DO: Tell a friend that you know a great trick. Put your hand palm-down on the table and balance a full glass of beer (or any liquid) on the back of your hand. Bet your friend that they can’t balance a glass on both hands at once (with your help to put them in place). As soon as you have the glasses balanced, stand up and walk out. They will be trapped and will have to spill the beers to escape. HOW NOT TO MAKE YOURSELF A FOOL INSTEAD: Make sure your friend can take a joke, and return after awhile to get the glasses off him. He may not appreciate looking like a fool in the middle of the canteen while others laugh at him non-stop.

HOW NOT TO MAKE YOURSELF A FOOL INSTEAD: Play this trick when you know that your friend is going to enter the cubicle right after you come out. If not, the stranger would just be grossed out and don’t be surprised if people start giving you weird stares along the corridors.

Prank #5: I see it, do you? Ideal for: Strangers/Passers-by WHAT TO DO: Switch the “Pull” and “Push” signs on a set of doors with high traffic flow. Watch as people get confused trying to open the doors. HOW NOT TO MAKE YOURSELF A FOOL INSTEAD: Don’t do this on fire escapes, or emergency exits!




What do you think of when warmer seasons approach? Hot weather and warm sunshine, no doubt. But take this chance to bask in the natural glow from the sun, or get a tan if you’re going for the bronzed goddess look. Meanwhile, here are a few ideas you can draw from to look picture perfect this Spring/Summer 2011. TEXT Heng Yih Fang PHOTOS Google

SHEER MAXI DRESS Every season encounters a blend of two trends; this time we see a merging of sheer clothing and the popular maxi dress from last season. Maxi dresses take on a whole new feel with lighter fabric that does not make you break out in sweat in the humid weather, yet still ensures that you look classy and sultry

TAIL DRESSES Every girl dreams of donning a white wedding dress with a long billowy train. But while we’re not encouraging anyone to get married right now, the attraction of a long tail hem at the back has certainly become part of this season’s design. With longer tail hems at the back, ladies can now flaunt their shapely gems with style. Style tip: A plain solid colour top/dress best accompanies the longer tail hem to give a clean, polished look.


TASSEL Accessorising is always important, and with spring/summer, tassels found on bags, shoes or clothes add a distinct flavour to your entire outfit. Choose tassels of different materials, e.g metal or velvet to add a new dimension to the usual brown leather ones.

Equipped with these style tips, get ready to wow those around you while you watch them sweat it out!

FLORAL PRINTS What is Spring without flowers? Floral prints are diverse this season and this gives you more range to play around with your wardrobe. Don larger flowers for a more mature look, or choose dainty, delicate petals for a sweet and innocent yet flirty look.

FULL SKIRTS Depending on your body proportions, choose from varying lengths of a full skirt. Ranging from mid-thigh to ankle length, you can pull off looks that are sophisticated and regal, or fun and flirty. Full skirts are also easy to match – just throw on a plain tank or tube top, and you’re good to go! For the chilly lecture halls, try a sheer and/or lightweight sweater in nude shades to keep the outfit neutral.

PLATFORM SANDALS Remember the platform heels that were so fashionable last season? Well, don’t throw them out just yet, because they are still cute this spring/summer! What is best about these platform sandals is that they add extra inches to your height without compromising on comfort. However, instead of the chunky platform booties, opt for strappier platforms that show more feet for a more airy and summery feel! Also look toward lighter colours and quirkier designs to add that extra oomph to your outfit.

HIGH-WASITED WIDE PANTS High-waisted pants are the most forgiving for those of us not blessed with 3:7 body proportions (with the former being the body and the latter being the legs), as they help to elongate the legs. This season, wide pants make a comeback from the retro era by including a recent trend – the highwaist. Pair it with a light chiffon top for a casual chic day out. Heading for an interview? Add on a wellstructured blazer and prepare to impress.


SUNSUNSUN With the sun being the centre of our solar system, it is no wonder there are so many songs related to the sun. We bring you the few we think will make your day in the sun an awesome one! TEXT Tay Qiao Wei PHOTOS Google

THE BEATLES (1969) Here Comes the Sun

Here comes the sun, do do do do Here comes the sun, and I say It’s all right Arguably one of the best Beatles songs written by George Harrison, Here Comes the Sun is a song that encapsulates hope. Though the lyrics might be simple, they convey that no matter how dark or bleak a situation seems to be, the sun will eventually arrive and everything will be all right. The tight harmonies, bright guitar melodies and optimism of the song will bring a smile to anyone’s face (just like it does for this writer!).

NOAH & THE WHALE (2007) 5 Years Time

And there’ll be sun sun sun, all over our body And there’ll be sun sun sun all down our necks And there’ll be sun sun sun all over our faces And sun sun sun, so what the heck Head to the beach with your ukulele, flip-flops and this summer sing-along song! Noah & The Whale explores what could possibly happen in five years’ time through a song that sounds as cute and cheery as its band name. Although the sun is not mentioned in the song title, it makes an appearance in the first two verses, which are set in a zoo. On first impression, this ukulele–led song with carefree, innocent lyrics might sound childish. However, beneath all that is a sense of maturity about the uncertainties we face in life, with lyrics such as “In five years’ time, I might not know you. In five years’ time, we might not speak.”

BELLE & SEBASTIAN (2006) Another Sunny Day

Another sunny day, I met you up in the garden You were digging plants, I dug you, beg your pardon I took a photograph of you in the herbaceous border It broke the heart of men and flowers and girls and trees Okay so this song doesn’t have much connection with the sun other than its first verse. However, that should be enough because it is such a catchy and enjoyable song (in this writer’s humble opinion). Descriptive lyrics paint the story of the protagonist and his love, which, unfortunately, does not end well. Nevertheless, the poetic lyrics work almost magically with the catchy melody to create a naive, beautiful and touching song.


PANIC AT THE DISCO (2008) When the Day Met the Night

When the moon fell in love with the sun All was golden in the sky All was golden when the day met the night Many songs are written about love, and this one is no exception. However, the love story in When the Day Met the Night is quite an unconventional one, between the sun and the moon. With lead singer Brendon Urie’s powerful but sensitive vocals, an interesting storyline and elaborate instrumentals, this track from their sophomore album Pretty. Odd. might just make you look at the sun and moon in a whole new light.

SHE & HIM (2010) In the Sun

Well alright (well alright) It’s okay (it’s okay) We all get the slip sometimes every day I’d just keep it to myself in the sun, in the sun This upbeat, summer friendly tune comes from American indie folk duo She & Him, which is made up of actress-singer Zooey Deschanel and guitarist-singer M. Ward. The cheery piano riff, the catchy echo chorus and Deschanel’s special voice all work together to make this song a delightful listen for whenever you’re out in the sun! (or anywhere else, for that matter)

MUSE (1999) Sunburn

She burns like the sun and I can’t look away And she’ll burn our horizons Make no mistake Not all songs about the sun are upbeat and cheery, as this song by Muse shows. In fact, we should remember that the sun might even harm us if we are not careful! Matthew Bellamy’s emotional vocals and flowy piano parts make the song one of the more memorable tracks from Muse’s debut album Showbiz, released back in 1999. That aside, this song (or at least its title) serves as an apt reminder for sunscreen before a trip to the beach!



(The writer apologises for her fixation on all things Korean and promises to cover a non-Korean concert in the next issue. Or so she claims.)


It was a Super end to the month of January for some 10,000 fans when Super Junior staged its first full-length concert here. Despite missing three of its original members (Kibum is on hiatus to pursue an acting career; Kangin is away on military duty; and Chinese member Hankyung recently split from the group), the ten-member band still managed to attract a sell-out crowd for their two-day concert. The rainy weather did nothing to dampen the mood, with queues forming outside the Singapore Indoor Stadium hours before the show started. But any grouses due to the long wait and late start was soon forgotten as the lights dimmed and fans anxiously anticipated the appearance of their idols. The three hour long concert was jam-packed with pyrotechnics, well-produced video transitions, and even aerial stunts. But the singers kept the show theirs, and impressed the audience with slick dance moves and smooth vocals. The concert opened with “Sorry Sorry”, the song that shot Super Junior to fame here. Dressed in white and exuding their manly charm, the boys mesmerised the crowd with their signature hand rub dance. Other performances included their latest hit “Bonamana” and older songs like “Don’t Don” and “U”. Fangirls were treated to an eye feast when Siwon, notably one of the more well built members, showed off his abs and six packs not once, but twice! Kyuhyun, Yesung and Ryeowook of sub-group K.R.Y performed a solo song each, while Super Junior-T brought comic relief with their trot songs. Other highlights included dance performances by Donghae and Eunhyuk, and a sentimental tribute to absent member Kangin. But the best special performance was reserved for the “Ladies” of the night. Heechul appeared dressed up as Lady Gaga, or Lady HeeHee as he’d rather be called, while Shindong, Eunhyuk and Donghae danced to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” in mini dresses. Their sexy, butt-shaking performance was definitely a crowd favourite. Another surprising performance was by Henry from Super Junior M, who exceeded expectations with his rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. Other guest performer Zhou Mi, however, seemed to lack the X-factor despite his strong dance performance. The super boys, well known for their comic entertainment factor, even brought their humourous antics on stage. It was fun to see them joke around and even pretend to kiss each other. There was plenty of fan service, with members shaking hands with the fans and taking selcas with fans’ cameras. The super songs, dance and even super hot abs made this a definite Super Show. An apt name indeed for a concert that not only impressed, but left fans thirsting for more.


Pining for Penang

Batu Ferringhi Beach


Can’t do without the sun, sand and sea? Stay at one of the beach hotels, take part in the water sports, or just walk along the coast and enjoy the scenery. It may not be one of the cleanest beaches nor have the bluest waters around, but neither do Singapore’s, right?

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Penang’s only seafront retail Marina, this new establishment boasts a modern shopping experience with old rustic charm. Once fully opened, the colonial style buildings will house a performing arts centre, Royal Selangor Visitor Centre, and Malaysia’s first Charlie Brown Café among other quirky shops and eateries. Visitors can even enjoy a picturesque view of Penang’s coastline on the Water Limousine.


Housed in a quaint coffee shop where the original Kim Guan coffee roaster used to operate, the cozy café library still retains the coffeemaking equipment. Grab a coffee and some light bites at the adjacent Kopi Cine. A great hangout if you want to escape the sun.

Kek Lok Si Temple WHERE: AIR ITAM

For those in search of something more iconic and don’t mind a long trek in the sun, be sure to drop by the Goddess of Mercy statue at Kek Lok Si temple. Scour the numerous souvenir shops for knick-knacks while ascending the stairs to reach the temple grounds. Visit during the Chinese New Year and you will be able to view the magnificent temple light up. Heard of all the good food but still wondering where to begin your gastronomical journey? Forget Gurney Drive, and eat as the Penangites eat. Here! gives you its verdict on some typical spicy Penang hawker fare and compares them to their Singapore counterparts.


Hokkien Mee


Don’t let the name deceive you. A different dish altogether from Singapore’s fried noodle version, Penang’s Hokkien Mee is more similar to the prawn noodle soup we have here. Add chilli paste to the spicy, flavourful broth for that extra punch.


One of Penang’s most signature dishes. Lighter in colour with a slight burnt taste, versus the Singapore version which is darker, sweeter and comes with yellow mee.




No coconut, no tau pok, no ham. Instead, enjoy Penang’s assam laksa, boiled with lemongrass, chilli and tamarind to give its unique sour taste. Comes with shredded lettuce, cucumber, onions and pineapple with a thick serving of hae ko (shrimp paste).

Apom Manis


A Must-Try snack not found in Singapore. This Indian version of the Western crepe is lighter than the Chinese apom balik minus the banana and coconut.

Tee Nya Kueh EAT HERE! DESSERT STALL AT NEW WORLD PARK, JALAN BURMA A hard-to-find Chinese delicacy. Made from green bean flour, this chunky, springy and jelly-like kueh is best served chilled, and tastes great with a generous sprinkling of Gula Melaka. An ideal dessert for a hot afternoon.


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