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here! Study study study.

Chief Editor: Caine Ng


Managing Editor: Darius Zheng Editors: Ramona Koh, Chua Yini, Wilson Xie, Stella Tan Writers: Geraldine Cheng, Ko Chong Tat, Loo Hui Ping, Mohammad Danial Hanafi, Mariam Hakeem, Rachel Lim, Sean Lai, Valerie Gho, Wong Su Yee Contributors: Ang Yi Cheng, Colin Quek, Daniel Lai, Jocelyn Tan, Zack Teo, Design & Layout: Hong Shu Qi, Wong Su Yee, Zed Tan Cover Photography by: Ivan Tan Cover Model: Lim Xiang Yun Sports Liaison: Zack Teo ( We are looking for contributors to be part of this publication!. If you’re interested, please drop us a mail @ Looking forward to see you MICA (P) 222/10/2009



u ys, it doesn’t hurt to face the truth – this will be what most of us (myself included) will be chanting to our own souls and minds in the weeks to come.

Just for April and May, forget about PTEVD (ParTy EVeryDay) and assume the inherent role of each and every one of us - MUGGER. EatSleepStudyEatSleepStudyEatSleepStudy (and the list goes on) – this should be your daily routine for these 2 months. For starters, stuff your own rooms (or dormitories, for that matter) with nothing but cartons of RedBull, Nestle ‘3 in 1’ Coffee sachets and Pringles potato chips. This should do the job well. For slightly experienced veterans in this field, the articles in this issue’s Feature section might make you start to rethink the whole purpose of your existence in this institution. No worries, you are not alone. For those who seek extreme torturous methods to drive your blues and stress away, we have also lined up water sports such as windsurfing, cable skiing and artificial surfing in this issue. It is in our hope and faith (and definitely yours, I believe) that your worries of Cs and Ds to be swept away into those waves. Of course, we cater to those who have a little more time to spare – by bringing you out to places ranging from malls like ION to an exclusive “Tea Party”. Once your role of MUGGER has been fulfilled, brace your courage then by taking part in our Sports Club events, specially catered to removing those 2-months-old cellulite from your bodies (of course, where this is inexistent, we strive to remove toxins as well). For those who have always been keeping an eye on us, on a sidenote, we will be taking a hiatus till August so do remember to check us out then. Till then, MUGGERS unite! The Studious, Darius Zheng Managing Editor


Sports Club Events


International Events


Sports Focus





An NTU Sports Club Publication





ìRegistration and more details can be found at nvm.ntusportsclub.sgî

by Jocelyn Tan

National Vertical Marathon ‘10 W

h y run a regular marathon when you can run a VERTICAL one?

Organized by NTU Sports Club, National Vertical Marathon will be held on 23 May 2010! This event will be held at the towering OneRafflesPlace, right smack in the middle of the bustling city district. Climb 63 storeys, 282m to the top either individually or in teams! What awaits all participants at the finishing point will not only be certificates, medals and event t-shirts - you can also take a photo at the rooftop with an unforgettable and stunning view of the city landscape! Registration is currently open in 4 different individual categories for Men, Women, Veterans and Youths. Team categories would include participants from Junior Colleges, Corporate Challenge, Lovers’ Challenge, NTU / NIE as well as Open teams. Besides the ascent, there will also be a carnival open to members of the public, keeping you entertained the whole day with our Side Games. Check it out! Registration and more details


With all these, what are you still waiting for? SEE YOU AT THE TOP!




by Ang Yi Cheng


- Ph ysiq ue is back this year on 16 May 2010 with a brand new route and a new event ground, *SCAPE Youth Park!



X-Physique ‘10


X-Physique 2010 is an urban adventure race in which teams participate in various challenges and activities while navigating their way around Singapore. It will be a race promising nothing but fun and excitement. Get geared up to face a series of challenging obstacles, coupled with many sports!

ìVisit us at xphysique. ntusportsclub.sgî

In previous years, the checkpoints included cycling, kayaking, abseiling and more. These activities require both teamwork and individual strengths, bonding the teams tremendously. A short clip of X-Physique 2009 is available online at: Do take a look at it for the highlights of the checkpoints completed by participants last year!

Team Requirement Category

Team Size

Gender Requirement

Special Requirement

Teams of 3

Minimum 1 person of opposite gender

Members must be from the same JC

Teams of 3

Minimum 1 person of opposite gender

Members can be from different varsities

Mixed Open

Teams of 3

Minimum 1 person of opposite gender

Age 16 and above as of 1 Jan 2010

National Service Force Challenge

Teams of 3

All male team members

Members must be in the National Service Force

Lovers’ Challenge

Teams of 2

Of opposite gender

JC Shield

Inter-Varsity Challenge

*Above prices exclude rental of mountain bicycles and helmets. An additional S$13.00 per pax is needed to rent both mountain bicycles and helmets.

Age 16 and above as of 1 Jan 2010

Price Per Pax






This year, we are introducing a NEW category: National Service Force (NSF) Challenge. So for those who are currently in the National Service Force, why not take this chance to sign up in teams of three for this memorable event? Students from any Junior Colleges and Polytechnics, ITEs or Universities are also given a special student rate for signing up under the JC Shield and Inter-Varsity Challenge respectively. Registration closes 20 April 2010, so sign up now! For more information on X-Physique 2010 and registration details, please visit We look forward to seeing you on 16 May 2010!




Surf N Sweat 2010 by Zack Teo


ilos o Beach is usually a crowded place on any Sunday, but even more so on the 7thof February this year. The 15th year of Surf N Sweat was blessed with good weather and good support from its participants. The main attraction was a beach biathlon (better known as Surf n Run), with the swimming segment replaced with a 200m paddle on surfboards. After the surf, the participants carried on with a 5.5km run to and fro the length of the 3 famous beaches in Sentosa, namely, Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach.The event was graced byGuest-of-Honour Mr. ZainudinNordin,Mayor of Central Singapore Community Development Council. Side games have always been a main stay in Surf N Sweat. We have retained crowd favorites such as Beach Volleyball, Beach Captain’s Ball, Beach Touch Rugby, Beach Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee. This event received support beyond the NTU student population, as we see many youths from various other tertiary institutions congregating and aligning their passion for sports, which painted a scene of youthful vibrancy at the beach. For Surf N Sweat 2010, we included a new segment of the main event to open up a new avenue for couples to test themselves in lieu of the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Hence, we have initiated Surf n Hunt – Lover’s Challenge. Another category wasthe Team Challenge, where teams of 4 came together to complete the mission together. The event was a whole day event, starting from 0800hrs in the morning till 1900hrs, creating a record high of 1401 participants! The Surf N Sweat 2010 Organizing Committee would like to thank all participants, helpers and everyone who helped to make the event possible! Hope to see you guys at Surf N Sweat 2011!


ho would have imagined it was possible to complete a total of 128km or even 168km on a bicycle around Singapore?

Bike Rally Photos courtesy of STOMP Singapore

Nearly 700 participants came together at East Coast Park for Bike Rally 2010 held on the 21st February 2010 to challenge and push themselves over their limits to complete the biking route set out by the NTU Sports Club. Participants came from within and outside of NTU – including students from other institutions as well as the general members of the public. This event was graced by Guest-of-Honour, Mr. Hri Kumar Nair, Member of Parliament for BishanToa Payoh GRC who also joined in the convoy and cycled the first leg of the event from East Coast Park to Labrador Park. The rest of the route gave the participants a chance to enjoy views of both urban build up and rural scenic Singapore, including our very own Singapore Flyer. Besides possessing determination, this challenging feat would not be possible without the refreshments available, such as bananas and the isotonic drink 7-Up Revive, at the checkpoints to allow the cyclists to replenish themselves with energy to carry on with the journey. Back at the event ground at East Coast Park, lucky draw winners were seen walking away with attractive prizes such as foldable bikes from Monotine and Crumpler bags! Overall, it was indeed an accomplishing day at Bike Rally 2010. Hope to see you at Bike Rally 2011!


by Colin Quek


Bike Rally 2010





Exams are so over-rated!

E by Ko Chong Tat

xams are just around the corner! Big Deal? Haven’t you all heard of the phrase, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? You can’t possibly mug 24/7! You certainly don’t want to suffer a burnout right before your exams right? Why not take a break and enjoy what’s on the TV? After all, watching TV is a form of relaxation. For those football fans out there, the hunt for the English Premier League (EPL) championship is the most exciting ever since it was introduced 1992. With the top three teams having a shot at it, the race could boil down to the very last game of the season!

ìAll work & no play makes Jack a dull boyî Why noy take a break and enjoy what ís on the TV ?

EPL The fight for the last Champions League spot is equally exciting especially with teams like Tottenham Hotspur, money-bags Manchester City, Liverpool and Aston Villa slugging it out for the elusive yet prestigious spot. Players like Carlos Tevez, Fernando Torres and Roman Pavlyuchenko hitting top form for their respective clubs.

Chelsea Leading for more than 2/3 of the campaign. It would be harsh if they were to let slip of the title at the very last moment. In Carlo Ancelotti, they have a manager who is capable of ending United’s dominance in English football.

the underdog.

Manchester United

Few would have expected them to bounce back into contention for the title, especially with backto-back losses to both United and Chelsea. This promises an exciting finish to the campaign. This, I would prefer anytime over the books and notes mounting on my desk. Anytime!

Currently seeking their 19th championship crown as well as an unprecedented fourth consecutive title. Wayne Rooney has been in the form of his life, having scored 34 goals so far in all competitions before sustaining “minor ligament damage”.


here! 11

For the non-football lovers... Tune in to watch the F1! Like the EPL, it is already a very interesting season given that they are only into their third race! The return of F1 great, Michael Schumacher, it promises to be filled with lots of pulsating moments. The tantalising partnership of Ferrari duo, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa as well as Mclaren’s Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button are enough to set the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships on fire. Ferrari has gotten off to a good start, so does team Mclaren. Ferrari is eager to regain their titles having seen a disappointing 2009 season. Surprisingly, Sebastian Vettel and his Red Bull team have failed to live up to its hype. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, “The road is still long.”

May 9th Spanish Grand Prix (Catalunya)

There are more than enough sporting actions on screen that will accompany us through our long and sleepless nights ahead. This is why I admire technology so much these days; they seemed to be able to connect all sporting fans in exciting moments like these. You can be sure that in the midst of your exam preparations, you can be able to share these moments with others as well.

European Scene Europa League Cup

Champion’s league

Liverpool is a strong favourite to win given their relatively stronger squad as compared to the remaining teams left. Also, it would be a consolation for Rafael Benitez to salvage something from a disappointing season. Fulham’s amazing victory over Juventus has surely sent shockwaves to the rest of Europe. They are quite a formidable team especially since they have plundered 3 goals past Manchester United during a league game. With so much football action going on, it is a crime to miss them and exams are definitely not an excuse!

England’s representatives Manchester United and Arsenal are hoping to reach the finals especially when stronger teams like Real Madrid, AC Milan and etc have been knocked out of the competition. Manchester United is hoping to reach the final for the third consecutive time and this time, they hope to achieve it without their talismanic winger Ronaldo who is at Real. As for Arsenal, they hope to appear in the final again since 2004.

Upcoming Games *(Selected) April 17th Manchester City (Home) vs. Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur (H) vs. Chelsea

April 24th Arsenal (H) vs. Manchester City

April 25th Manchester United (H) vs. Tottenham

May 1st Liverpool (H) vs. Chelsea Manchester Aston Villa

May 5th Manchester Tottenham








April 18th Chinese Grand Prix (Shanghai)


xams are a major bummer - we know. The endless stacks of notes waiting to be revised, the chao muggers who show up and finish their paper in half an hour (and still get an A+, what is with that?!), the carpal tunnel you get after writing pages and pages of essays... Sometimes you just want to get away from it all. With an issue theme of “Examination tools and blues”, we figured there wasn’t much we could cover on sports in exams. Running to the exam venue because you woke up late, or getting up because your butt has cramped up from sitting for so long, doesn’t really count as a ‘sport’. So we decided to go the other way and capitalize on the ‘blues’ portion of the theme, with blue, of course, being the prototypical reference to water.


by Mariam Hakeem

Sports Focus


Exam Blues? Make a splash with water sports!

Special thanks to: NTU Windsurfing Club Tan Soon Siang Photographs by: Wong Su Yee and Chua Yini


In this section on Sports Focus at Here!, we thrive on oh-so-cringeworthy puns and bad wordplay, so forgive us if we indulge in getting you to ride the wave of popular water sports like swimming, windsurfing and kayaking, and make a splash with synchronised swimming, water polo and diving. Up for the wind in your hair as you ride the seas at East Coast Park? Windsurfing may be your ticket out of your misery. Or maybe you’d prefer to chill out by acting “seh” and surfing synthetic waves down at Sentosa? We got our writers to try that out too, just so you can get an authentic first-hand experience. So if you’re still feeling like a fish out of water, Here!’s Sports Focus section is here to save the day.

Can you Surf with All The Colours of The Wind? us t watched Lilo and Stitch for the millionth time and wish you could hang it low and surf like a true Hawaiian cuzzin, but too scared of just jumping on a surfboard, which offers virtually no support at all? Why not consider taking up windsurfing?

Windsurfing is like the “bastard child” of surfing and sailing. ‘Invented’ in 1969 by Americans Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer, the new sport was considered simpler than conventional sailing, requiring less time and skill to rig. Since then, windsurfing technology has advanced to become more user-friendly and idiot-proof, with features like widestyle boards, which allow for more water time in less windy areas. Locally, competitive windsurfers cut their teeth at competitions such as the NTU Windsurfing Open held usually in January, and the Inter-Tertiary Windsurfing Competition in February.



Four times the Surf


Formula Windsurfing

The newest of the four, formula windsurfing is one of the most widely raced around the world.

2 Wave and Freestyle

Popular especially amongst the younger crowd, Wave and Freestyle refers to facing the daunting mammoth waves at such places as Hawaii or Europe, and just winging it. Arguably the most aesthetically pleasing form of windsurfing, the world’s best in this area compete at the PWA tour.

3 Super X

Super X, as the name suggests, is not for the faint-hearted. Combining the thrills of downwind slalom racing and freestyle manoeuvers like jumping over obstacles, this style of windsurfing is definitely reserved for the more established, but is the most crowd-pleasing.

4 Speed Sailing

Speed sailing is exactly that - sailing at breakneck speeds and praying to come out of it alive.


nfamo us for being hard to learn and even harder to master, windsurfing has nonetheless gained quite the cult in Singapore, with a group of fervent enthusiasts right here in NTU in the form of the NTU Windsurfing Club. Here! had a quick, informal interview with one of them.

here!: Hey, Soon Siang! Thanks for agreeing to this interview. Why don’t you briefly introduce yourself and your position in NTU Windsurfing? SoonSiang: Hi, my name is Soon Siang, a 2nd year Computer Science student. I am currently the secretary of NTU Windsurfing Club. h!: What made you choose NTU Windsurfing over other water sports? SS: I choose NTU Windsurfing as I had the intention of picking up this sport for awhile. I learnt sailing when I was in JC, hence the interest in windsurfing, as both are wind driven sports. h!: Why do you love windsurfing? SS: I love windsurfing for its challenge and SPEED! When the wind gets strong enough, we can reach a ‘planing’ state, where the windsurf board ceases to move through the water and instead ‘planes’ on top of the water, skimming over the surface at much higher speeds. h!: You guys train at East Coast Park. Isn’t that a bit far away from school? SS: For the location, we don’t have other options as ECP is the only place that we can windsurf. We do have club members staying in areas such as Jurong or AMK but they still come down almost weekly. It’s the passion for the sports that counts! h!: Do you have any advice for those who want to take up windsurfing? SS: I have to admit that windsurfing has a rather steep learning curve, and we see some people giving up after a few tries. My advice would be to persevere and not give up so soon! Most of us take about 2-3 months to get the balancing and basic techniques right. After which, you will be able to enjoy windsurfing as much as we do!

Interview by Mariam Hakeem

d l h


Sports Focus

e ?



by Chua Yini

Sports Focus


Surf’s Up!


urfer s can stop laughing at Singapore for those puny, nonexistent swells lapping up our shores that we call waves. Wave House has provided the ultimate solution to our problem. Just like how Singapore imported snow machines in 2000, we have now built the latest stateof-art wave generating machines and brought about a surfing revolution to the sunny shores of Sentosa Island. If you can’t go to the wave, the wave comes to you.

Of the two machines, the Flowbarrel is for more experienced riders, with its challenging six-foot waves that is said to rival the giant waves of Indonesia. Created by 100, 000 gallons of water per minute that flows at a speed of 30 mph, the resulting waves are spectacularly high (and intimidating). On the other hand, the basic Double Flowrider is catered to beginners. It is especially popular among kids and beginners. Surfers can choose to use the bodyboard, which requires them to either lie down on their stomachs or kneel down, or stand on the flowboard, which requires more balance but allows them to carve turns and emulate the maneuvers of other board sports.

Wave House Sentosa is the fourth Wave House to be built in the world, the latest in chain of wave houses that stretches from Durban in South Africa, San Diego in California, to Santiago in Chile. The place is not only equipped with the stimulated wave generating machines, but sports a Unlike most water sports, flowriding is a retail store, restaurant and a beach bar as sport that transcends all ages. Because of well. its stimulated environment, there is less risk of injury. Parents can rest easy knowing Contrary to popular belief, flowboarding that their kids are well looked after. is not the same as surfing. It is in fact a combination of surfing, snowboarding, The Wave House is also a great place for skateboarding and wakeboarding. chilling with friends, with its beach bars However, the most obvious advantage of and live music. It hosts happening events flowboarding over surfing is the consistency and night-long parties, with International of the waves generated by the Flowbarrel DJs and unique acts like dancers and fire and the Double Flowrider. throwers taking the stage on a regular basis. “Wave House is where you get the perfect wave,” explains Marketing Manager Yanie. Be it day or night, Wave House is the place “When you surf in other places like Australia to be in 2010. you have to wait for the wave. In fact, you Visit the website at: spend most of your time waiting.”

Upcoming Events @ WaveHouse Sentosa! Flow Jam 2010 1 May 2010 at 2-6pm Flow Riding competition with divisions for everybody from juniors to masters to body boarders to standup riders. It is a combination of equipment, techniques and styles borrowed from surfing, skateboarding, skimboarding, snowboarding and wakeboarding. Be enthralled with the display of stunts by the experts and amazed at the ladies’ skills. An exciting event not to be missed.

Flea Flow @ WaveHouse 22 & 23 May 2010 at 2pm-8pm Expect a galleria of booths, gathering of hot bods, amazing FlowRiding action and lots of beach fun! It’s going to be a day of non stop exhilarating finds and crazy shopping for vintage, second-hand branded goods, apparels, fashion blogshops, books to various collectibles. Meet the 987FM DJs as they raise money for their adopted charity “Make A Wish Foundation” and support your favourite DJs at their respective booths! So put on your beach gear and get your flea flowing with us at WaveHouse Sentosa!

987FM Life’s A Beach 5 June 2010 at 4pm-10pm Enjoy a massive concert line-up of local acts, crazy games, bevy beauties and a surge of endless energy! Brand new beach party, like nothing our lion city has had before! Concert is set to rumble the sands of Siloso Beach with its electrifying line-up of the crème de la crème of Singapore’s music industry. Trounce work and and books for a day! Pull on the beach gear and for sun, sand, sea and be serenaded at 987FM LIFE’S A BEACH!

here! 15

Sports Focus

When Yini, the Editor of this column, asked if I was interested to experience the most popular water sport that was hitting the shores of Sentosa, I couldn’t have said no. Since the opening of Wave House, I’ve been hearing people rave about it. The opportunity was too good to pass on.

them at that point; I was trying with all my might not to fall into the water looking too clumsy. As for my dearest friend Yi Cheng, on his first try, he looked like Jack holding onto a wooden plank for his dear life. (Although obviously not as suave and handsome).

After several ego bruising moments, we managed to get the hang of it after a few tries and became less self-conscious as we started to enjoy the sport. Being adventurous, we decided to move on to the flowboard, which required us to stand up. Balancing was a great challenge here, and Having no surfing experience, my friend, Ang Yi Cheng and I (psst, Yini managed we both fell several times while attempting to to sneak in for a tryout as well) were stoked when we saw some others riding the stay balanced on the board. waves at the 3-metre high FlowBarrel: the more challenging one of the two flow riding machines. I couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when we were escorted However, fret not about losing your balance and to The Double Flow rider instead, where the waves didn’t curl as much and where getting washed away by the waves. The soft chances of embarrassment were less likely. There was a safety brief given by the padded surface below the waves is designed to absorb the impact of your fall. When we finally instructors before we stepped up the platform, ready to take up the challenge. got the hang of it, we couldn’t get enough of the We started with the body board, where you get to experience the endless flow waves. It was an awesome feeling, being able to of waves lying down, holding onto a board, and shifting your weight in different flowride, with showers of cool water under the directions to balance on the waves and propel yourself back and forth. I felt a little blazing sun. Our first experience riding the waves self-conscious at first when I was hanging onto the board trying to balance, with was definitely one exhilarating experience. a bunch of beach babes and hunks standing around the area watching. I felt like one of those penguins or seals at an animal show. I could really empathize with The ride of the year. Go try it.

by Wong Su Yee


ong Su Yee, 20, NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communications and Information, writes about her maiden experience at the Wave House.

Here!: Hi Jessica, so how long have you been working here at Wavehouse?


Jessica: I’ve been working for about five months, so it’s been since the opening of wavehouse.

Sports Focus


h!: What do you think of this sport in general? J: Basically I think it is very interesting cause it is brand new, and you can’t really find new waves in Singapore. It’s absolutely different from surfing itself; it’s more like wakeboarding and snowboarding, because the motion that you use is actually very very different. h!: I didn’t know flowboarding is actually quite different from surfing. So how different are these two sports? J: Yes, it’s all different, cause for this [flowboarding] the water is constant, so it pushes you up at a very constant speed. For surfing you can’t predict what’s going to happen cause the water might crash down anytime, but the speed and everything are pretty much constant for this. h!: Is that the only difference? J: Well, the control is different, so the movements too. You actually have to use both toes, both heels, and the board is way smaller as compared to the actual surfboards. h!: Right. So which sport do you prefer more – surfing or flowboarding? J: I personally haven’t tried surfing yet, but I reckon that comparing that, and other sports like wakeboarding with this [flowboarding], this is definitely better. More fun. h!: When did you pick up this sport?

Interview by Chua Yini

J: I started when I started working here – about four or five months ago. h!: Do experience in other sports, like say wakeboarding or skateboarding, help when you first started? The heel and toe movements seem to be quite similar to that of wakeboarding. J: Nope, I started all fresh. No experience at all. h!: So how was it like when you first started? Jessica, 22, Wavehouse Instructor


t intervals you might see some real action as the instructors strut their stuff. Here! talks to Jessica, a cheery instructor with a genial and friendly disposition towards flowboarding as a sport, and her personal experiences.

J: When I first started I was kind of scared, cause it was a totally brand new thing, and when I first came, Wavehouse wasn’t even open yet. It was during some kind of trials. I used to work at Sentosa as well, so I just came by and tried it out with my friend. h!: So any funny experiences or anything? J: First time round I was quite scared, but I managed to stand, so one of the instructors recommended me to come work here. h!: You were a fast learner huh. J: Yes, I guess so. (laughs) h!: Any advice for beginners? People like us who keep falling into the water. J: I would say if you fall, keep on trying. It’s a motto right? In life it’s the same thing – even if you fall, don’t give up, keep on trying. And most importantly, relax and enjoy!



Singapore’s first cable ski park!


Sports Focus

As my “guinea pigs” (Raphael, Adeline and Angeline) and I approached the lagoon, the first sight that greeted me was the image of cool-looking riders whizzing past with practiced ease. Some even had only one arm hooked in the handles.

by Chua Yini


estled in the middle of ECP between the Lagoon Food Centre and Seafood Centre, Singapore’s first cable ski park Ski360 is conveniently in reach of avid water sports fans. Huge overhead cables frame the lagoon, with impressive obstacles such as the kicker, funbox, tabletop and wallride positioned strategically in the water to allow riders to display sick tricks and amaze the hell out of passers-by, young and old alike. motor that can maintain speeds between 24-58 kilometres per hour. Other advantages include the reduction in cost for the riders as well as the variety of activities available to them. Riders are not simply limited to wakeboarding – they can opt for activities with varying degrees of difficulty. Beginners are advised to start with the kneeboard, followed by the slalom ski and finally the wakeboard.

Cable skiing or cable wakeboarding differs from its conventional counterparts as the former relies on the overhead cables to pull riders around the lake, as compared to the use of boats for the latter. The cable system runs counter-clockwise around the lake, All in all, cable-skiing is great sport to and is powered by a variable speed electric indulge in. Take care of your aching arms the next day though.

What to expect 1 Pay up and receive a tyvek band. 2 Sign an indemnity form. 3 Proceed to the equipment corner to collect your life vest and helmet. 4 You will be briefed with regards to the layout of the cable-ski park and the different types of equipment available to riders (i.e. kneeboard, slalom ski and wakeboard). 5 After you select your equipment, a short tutorial will be provided for beginners. 6 Carry your equipment to the starting dock and refer to the cable operator for instructions. 7 After you receive the handle that is connected to the overhead cable, grip it tight and anticipate the pull. 8 Fall into the water. 9 Swim to the side of the lagoon, climb onto the ledge and make your way back to the starting dock. 10 Depending on how talented you are, the cycle either repeats itself from steps 6-9 or you whiz your way around the lagoon. 11 Have fun!


Sports Focus


Learning from the masters

ìIt is amazing how much I learnt today just by watching.î

Lesson 1: Girls have more humility than boys


aphael , who ostensibly had his manpride, refused to start with the beginner kneeboard and opted for the harder wakeboard. The results were understandably disastrous. The girls who followed the straight road had considerably bigger success. Angeline made it across the halfway mark at her first try while Adeline was right behind her. I wish the same could be said for Raphael.

Lesson 2: If you have it, flaunt it!


able skiers are the most diverse bunch of people around, ranging from a spectrum of the bad to the fantastic, the comical to There was a guy who, when he passed me, obligingly the suave, and the not-so-good-looking to the jumped over the buoy for me to capture on camera. gorgeous. Thrice, to boot. There was an eccentric Indian man who did And the tried and ‘Indian-dance’ pumping movements to keep his smile at the camera! balance. I gave him points for effort though. The dude managed to make it halfway at his first try. After a while of photo taking, it dawned on me that wakeboarding is quite an exhibitionist sport. The riders in had action quickly realized that it was a golden chance for them to strut their stuff.




Watch and learn indeed.

Lesson 3: Exorbitant board shorts from Ripcurl are absolutely worth it.


his is a deathly serious matter. Guys, do not ever wear swimming trunks for wakeboarding. Go for boardshorts Knowing that his photos would grace the pages instead. Although the price is admittedly steeper, it of some sports magazine, Yellow-Boardshorts pays to look cool even when you fall into the water. You do utilized the change in tension of the pull to do not want to look like this: impressive stunts. He displayed his skill for three straight rounds right where I was standing, Watch and learn. camera on the ready. The way it should be done.

by Valerie Gho


BONCHON Crispy Chicken


#B4-06A / $7.95 (Small) / Rating:

Perhaps the sole outlet in Singapore, BONCHON Crispy Chicken has made its name among those who frequent ION. Located near Food Opera, this shop sells a variety of Korean finger food ranging from battered shrimps and wraps all the way to chicken wings (all-time favourite!). Known for its special flavoring, the soy-garlic chicken wing is a MUST TRY! Though a tad salty after the first taste, the crispy yet sauced skin of the wings made up for it, bringing the taste up to a whole new level and making it simply irresistible. Similarly, there are alternatives to the flavours! The ‘hot & spicy’ wings and teriyaki wings are also worth the try as it gives you a burning sensation and a familiar taste respectively! With an extra amount of serviettes, these wings are a “MUST BUY” and “MUST BRING” to the movies!



Lau Dai Hua Minced Pork Noodles


Food Opera #B4-03/04 / $5 (Small) /Rating:

Craving for a bowl of Ba Chor Mee while shopping in town, but don’t know where to find one which can spice up your taste buds and fill your stomach? Lau Dai Hua Minced Pork Noodles, located in Food Opera will definitely meet your crave! Previously located at Hill Street Food Centre in the 1930s, this Ba Chor Mee stall has definitely gained its reputation along the years (Wow! It has been 70 years since the day it opened!) Only at $5, you can request for more chili and vinegar to be added to your bowl of delicious treat! But BEWARE of the amount of chili you request! Should you add more than you can take, be sure to have a packet of tissue by your side and be prepared for your shirt to turn wet when you are halfway through your meal! Well, for non-chili eaters, fret not! The tomato based Ba Chor Mee is an alternative to suit your taste! With an additional portion of crispy pork lard, it’s definitely on par with the spicy other! So, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

Sticky Date and Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


Marmalade Pantry #03-22 $12 / Rating:

One of Marmalade Pantry’s signature desserts, the Sticky Date & Toffee Pudding has definitely lived up to its name. Glazed with caramel sauce, a tinge of bizarre sweetness adds to the taste of the warm pudding, which infuses a kind of fuzzy feeling with just one bite. The addition of a scoop of specially made vanilla bean ice cream has definitely drawn an extreme towards the overall taste. How often do you get to have a dessert which both extreme ends of the temperature scale complement each other? One would be the Warm Chocolate Cake from Bakerzin but if compared, the sponginess of the pudding could retain more caramel sauce to give the whole dessert a tantalizing sensation.




$4.20 each / Bananarama / Rating:

One might relate to an all-time favorite 80s band upon seeing this name. However, even if you have not heard of the band before, trust us - you will not view the cupcake differently! Do not get freaked out with the amount of frosting on the cupcake - because you will never get tired of this caramel

cream cheese frosting mixed with walnut, unlike the other cupcakes which have only a pretty facet but an awful taste! A right combination of banana mixed with walnut makes heaven seem surreal as the light batter makes the strong taste of the bananas seem soft. A light-flavoured tea will certainly bring out the taste of







the cupcake so enjoy it over tea, with a couple of friends or a book as your companion!


Chocolate Deluxe / Rating:

Don’t belittle this little cupcake if you’re looking for something chocolaty! Though a little dry, the overwhelming chocolate taste will make you gulp down a few mouthfuls of water every 3 bites! Fret not, the peanut butter on the cupcake will make the texture of the cupcake a little nutty yet chewy, making the cupcake seem more interesting to eat!

by Danial Hanafi


$7.80 for a slice / Rating:

A word of caution before you start savouring this slice of chocolaty chocolate cake - “Never eat this alone!” The size of the cake is mouthgapping but definitely worth the price. Great to share this slice of cake with a few friends over tea!

L eft: B anana R ama R i g ht: C hocolate D elu x e

With its warm lighting and modest décor, the two-story Tea Party café sets the ambience for a homely yet sophisticated feel.


Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge Cake

A c s s

Oh yes, before I forget, a hell lot of water is needed for hydration because this slice of cake is more than chocolaty, more than any chocolate lover (like me) could take. The fudge in between the layers of the chocolate sponge cake makes the cake seem even richer in taste. Coupled with the thick chocolate sponge cake and an overwhelming portion of chocolate flakes (for decoration purposes and to add taste to the cake), it is almost unbearable to not hydrate yourself! Though sinful, but it’s a “MUST TRY” for all chocolate lovers.

Tea Party

T o i u o S h M t t f

N a b a r t w M o

The café doesn’t ask for much. Just sit down, relax and knock yourselves sillywith whatever games you fancy.

C a a a q n b


ocated along the very much atasified Sixth Avenue, tea party has the potential to be the next twinkie hang out. A quaint little café stuck in a quaint little building, the atmosphere surrounding the tea house is almost vintagelike. But once you break past the seemingly ordinary entrance, it feels as though you’ve been transported into a condominium showroom. With its posh furnishing and stylistic lighting, you’re immediately absorbed into the Sixth Avenue culture. Tea Party, as the name goes, specializes in serving a myriad variety of teas. From Chinese to Earl Grey to Melon Rock, the tea menu itself spans across an impressive 4 pages. To top off this flamboyant shrub fest, tea party boasts the best chocolate chip scones in Singapore, as voted by readers of The Straits Times in 2007. What better dinkies could you ask for? One feature of the café that gets the customers excited has got to be the board games section where customers need only a minimum purchase of one drink before they are allowed to loan these games under no extra charge. This gives for a casual and fun dining experience that the younger crowd would most definitely appreciate. Scrabble, Risk, Taboo and Monopoly Deal are just some of the staple plays found in the games section guaranteed to coax you into having a riotously good time. On top of the board games, the café also provides a wide array of magazines such as FHM, August and Men’s Health, for customers to bury their noses in while enjoying a piping hot cuppa. When asked if the cafe has been compared to other gaming cafes such as Minds Café and Settlers Café, Tea Party owner Pauline quips, “ We’re just here to do our own thing and provide the best for our customers. So far we have been having many happy returning customers so we must be doing some things right.” A highly western menu which boasts pasta, milkshakes, a variety of tea and of course, Singapore’s best chocolate chip scones.

(Photos and description by courtesy of Public Utilities Board, Singapore)



T d B w o a s e B t D

S o ( p c


The infusion of romance and practicality

vividly remember the first time I was brought to Marina Barrage; it was during my “Secret Pal Night” of Sports Unlimited 16 in August 2009, the annual sports camp organized by NTU Sports Club.

Apart from the romantic settings deliberately created for the ambience of the event, what struck me back then was something more – the scenery and the architecture of the buildings.

To many, Marina Barrage holds the impression of a venue for family gatherings and activities, including kite flying and picnics. Yet many are unaware of the practicality behind this piece of magnificent architecture – it is actually Singapore’s 15th reservoir, and the first in the heart of the city. This too came as a result of Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s vision nearly two decades ago when he envisaged damming the mouth of the Marina Channel to create a freshwater reservoir. Needless to say, the practicality part of this architecture did not (and still hasn’t) concern me back then. I am, personally, a pursuer of ambience and experience; I opt for more expensive restaurants offering a better ambience rather than those cheaper ones with aunts’ gossips and whispers behind our seats. It is no surprise that Marina Barrage left a particularly deep impression on me.

(Photos and description by courtesy of Public Utilities Board, Singapore)

Climb up to the upper decks of the main building, and not only will you find yourself rewarded with a breathtaking view of the bay, they also provide a good venue for couples to spend some quality quiet time with each other, whispering sweetnothings that will probably shock and rattle the brittle bones of the older generation. The day and night sceneries of Marina Barrage differ by a whole lot – in the day, Marina Barrage might seem a better place to engage in wholesome family activities that will include lots of physical movement. The night scenery imbues a more romantic outlook on Singapore’s night skyline, allowing the admiration of the romantic element amidst the deadly silence at Marina Barrage, not discounting the fact that it would be the ideal venue to view fireworks during National Day and other festivals alike. So, the next time you want to bring your loved one(s) out to somewhere romantic and unique (or when you are just VERY sick of the limited places in Singapore we can go to), why not consider bringing them to Marina Barrage? I would want to, too.

here! 21


Marina Barrage I

by Darius Zheng




Mugging Music

by Loo Hui Ping


an y would agree that having your iPod plugged in and your books laid out are mutual actions. The music played by the dodgy DJs at Canteen B is definitely not the material for mind simulation. As if you do not have enough trouble memorising those formulas or processing heaps of readings, you had to get lines from Bad Romance stubbornly taking up unnecessary space in your brain. What you need while studying is not music that would distract, nor is it boring classical music (well, of course you can stick to your guns if you believe that you won’t skip the track in frustration waiting for the crescendo and diminuendo of the 20-minute piece). Here are some albums that I hope would work for you as it had for me.

Selected Ambient Works 85-92 - Aphex Twin

If You Are Feeling Sinister - Belle & Sebastian Twee is generally not my cup of tea but having music that is pleasant and not too overpowering certainly makes getting through those readings more enjoyable. With tender fragile songs that detail adolescent love and struggles with faith, the Scottish pop outfit delivers a classic coming-of-age album that almost whispers into its existence. Despite its soft delivery, there is not a single boring song nor a moment wasted on its 41 minutes, which is what makes it a great album to wind down to while studying. It does not grab your attention but there is a soft touch in every instant that slips itself into your mind. With tracks that reflect your sentiments like “Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying”, it’s hard not to fall in love with the lyrical genius of Belle & Sebastian in this one.

Easily the most accessible compilation of Richard D. James’ earlier ambient works, this album is a great companion to burn the midnight oil with its combination of danceable electronic beats and relaxing ambient synth riffs. This compilation includes his more traditional DJ materials that are beat-oriented and rhythmic. Notable tracks like “Xtal” and “Ageispolis” delivers a steady soothing yet energetic beat that is reminiscent of Brian Eno’s works. I find myself concentrating on my work (especially when designing) better when I have this album on spin. In fact, I’m on it right now!

The Essential - Nina Simone

The Eraser - Thom Yorke I admit I am a biased fan. Thom Yorke can never fail me with his wry sense of humour and witty song arrangements. Recently touring with his side project band Atoms For Peace which includes interesting personals like Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on bass and Beck, Yorke has had many live different arrangements of the songs from The Eraser. I still prefer the minimalist beats of his electronic ballads on the album. The structure is tighter than in Radiohead songs and vocal-centric. This album is like the calm before the storm, slipping in and out of your consciousness like silent warnings of apocalypse.

I have been in the mood for Jazz lately and what is jazz without some classic Nina Simone? While this compilation is nowhere near complete in my opinion (there are just too many ‘essential’ songs of Nina Simone!), it features most of the all-time favourites like the uplifting “Ain’t Got No/I Got Life” and the snazzy “Turn Me On”. This compilation scores in the easy-listening factor. For new listeners, this is a great compilation of songs to be introduced to the soul jazz legend Nina Simone. The relaxing slow jam of jazz fused with the soothing low pitch vocals of Nina Simone make some great company for night time studying.

Not to Watch During The Exam Period by Rachel Lim


The Machinist


The Shining


Donnie Darko


The Exorcism of Emily Rose


High School Musical

Insomniac Trevor Raznik, played by an anorexic Christian Bale, hasn’t been able to sleep in a year. As a result, he begins to question his sanity and the reality he exists in. The storyline of this movie draws you in hook, line and sinker right from the beginning and the performance Bale puts in is nothing less than spectacular, if not downright creepy. Employing flashbacks as its primary way of telling its story, the movie is unsettling and truth be told, kept us up for hours after watching it. We know every student goes a wee bit insane during the exam period, but clock your much-needed 8 hours of sleep by staying away from this movie.

Jack Nicholson is the complete star in this 1980 adaptation of the novel by Stephen King. Jack Torrance’s family becomes the caretakers of an isolated hotel in the middle of winter. Stranded and trapped, Nicholson proceeds to demonstrate exactly what cabin fever means by gradually descending into outright madness. His son, Danny, has visions and talks to his finger, while his wife, who would easily scare anyone based on her looks, screams so disturbing you will cringe uncontrollably. This film is timeless in the horror genre because of the disturbing cinematographic effects, unmatched thus far. Shifting rapidly between long rolling shots to staccato cuts, frightened as we were, we could hardly take our eyes off the screen. Imagine a talking finger prancing around on your table during your paper.

Yeah, the ability to travel through time would really help you right now as you’re preparing for your exams. Just ask Donnie Darko. Played wonderfully by Jake Gyllenhaal in this movie, Darko meets a man dressed up in a (very) creepy rabbit suti in his hallucinations and is warned that the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. Under Bunnyman’s instructions, he goes on a hedonistic streak. The plot enigmatically unfolds from there and develops themes of time travel and the existence of alternate universes. Is Donnie really cognizant of the difference between dreams and reality, or are we the mad ones? The film bends our expectations of genres in the sense that it is an eerie mix of classic 80s horror, fantasy and romance and even thriller. There is a creepy sense that something big is going to happen, but exactly what? Jake Gyllenhaal is cute in this movie, but we’re not really digging the idea of time travelling anymore.

Loosely based on a true story which happened back in 1976, this movie tracks the life of Emily Rose as an undergraduate who comes under the possession of 6 different demons. An initially sceptical lawyer takes on the case of Emily Rose and is thoroughly shaken by what she witnesses. What was so brilliant about this film was the juxtaposition between the horror of reality and the lucidity of the courtroom drama. Flashbacks reveal what happened to Rose and the scenes completely rob you of your breath. While you’re struggling for your equilibrium, the courtroom suddenly reappears and the deafening silence is shared by everyone who is also watching. For the religious out there, this movie will leave you speechless, shaken and will inadvertently question your faith in God. Nothing we would like to experience, not right now. A little tidbit: Jennifer Carpenter (Emily Rose) often achieved her bodily contortions without the use of visual aids.

Seriously, don’t. You’ve been warned.



Top 5 Movies




Exam Wear

by Stella Tan


In this issue, here! Fashion brings you the top 10 fashion essentials youíll need for the tough times ahead. You can choose to ignore them but Iíll get Peter Jackson to give you a call.


he time of the semester has arrived, the one to keep you trembling in your sleep, cringing in your dreams and shuddering when you eat. I’m not even talking about rumors of a new Transformers sequel; it’s the dreaded examinations. Come April, NTU canteens, seminar rooms and examination halls will be slotted with zombies fit for a Left for Dead movie casting, or the Cranberries music video. The sullen, sunken eyes and eye bags with flaps deep enough to fit Moses Lim in his prime… it sure is not easy on the eyes. Why do we have to live like that? The answer is, we don’t.

The Plain Tee

The Lined Outerwear

If you’re like 99% of NTU students who will be mugging until 2 or 3 hours before the paper (the other 1% pretends not to but they are), you probably wouldn’t delegate more time to choosing a perfect layered outfit, finding the suede vest to match your silk tank to match your leather skirt. Be simple, the basic essential T that cuts well and flatters your shape is the way to go. Do not be stingy with your Ts, they will be the best investment in your closet. One Alexander Wang T will serve you better than 10 Bossini ones.

You have been warned, the examination halls (especially the one at SBS) are disturbingly chilly. I once made the mistake of going in merely shorts &teesonly to have my essays look like they were written with Shaker Pens. Leaving the freezing hell ASAP was my main concern halfway through the paper, not because I don’t have anything else to write due to my memory failure of conveniently forgetting everything I’ve read. Trust me on this, do not simply grab a flimsy cardigan; stock up on some fully-lined outerwear to sustain you for that three hours.

Silk Shirt

ACNE Rolled Sleeved Long T

by under.


Obesity & Speed Shredded Cobweb T

ACNE Striped Loose-fit T

Obesity & Speed Even Death Can Die T

Helmut Lang Scoop Neck Basic

Bassike Oversized T

Donna Karan Open-weave Cardigan

Jasmine Di Milo Layered Silk Topper

Elizabeth & James Yoshimoto Crepe-Jersey & Leather Jacket

Alexander Wang Denim & Leather Jacket

DKNY Linenblend



The Large Tote ProenzaSchouler PS1 Large Camel Brown Satchel

ProenzaSchouler PS1 Large Python Satchel

Alexander McQueen Faithful Large Tote

Prada Large Tote

Forever21 Expandable Zippered Tote

Thus far, I have not known a course which does not require tedious amount of readings and research (yes, that includes ADM). We all need that big sack to lug our intellectual properties around but still not quite willing to settle for that basic JanSport. It should be moderately spacious, enough to fit the books, stationery and files but not humongous to the extent of fitting the entire cast of GLEE in it. Black is the new black, nothing much can go wrong with that.

I do love a pair of sexy, skin-tight leather pants as much as the next girl, but I do not envision myself squirming in uncomforting postures during my paper. Worse come to worst, I do not desire a pair of split pants if I get too excited writing my original, indie, pun-filled thesis. Shorts are a no-no as I prefer to prevent my legs from freezing into popsicles. The easy solution, so easy you don’t have to read this to know, is a pair of comfortable pants; loose enough for comfort but yet structured enough for style points. Also, if I see anyone misspelling “harem pants” again, I will kill a kitten. (Disclaimer: I do not kill kittens, that’s a joke laced with sarcasm. Don’t sue.)

here! 27


s d d s t , t e g

The Easy Pants

Stella McCartney Linen-piquet Pants

Vionnet Sculptural Silk Pants

Matthew Williamson Palm-print Harem

LagarConne R13 The Paper Waist

The Delusional Sunnies

The Hair Tamer

This is a true biological fact. When puny humans like ourselves do not get enough sleep, we get dark eye rings and look like hell. On guys, perhaps it serves to enhance their rugged charms and “I’ve been up all night doing sexy things” appeal. For the rest of us, I’m afraid not. Instead, we look as though we forgot to wipe off the makeup from the last orientation Fright Night. Instead of spending a bomb on top notch concealer, why not fake it with Lady Gaga-worthy sunglasses? Sure, you have to take them out sooner or later in the examination hall but chances are the goodlooking people will be too engrossed in their papers to notice your horrific face.

Personally, I despise any shenanigans in my mane except the only times I allow my big brush to weave through. Yet, I know countless girls who enjoy sticking pins and slotting bands into their hair, so this point should be essential by default. So here they are, things to keep your hair in place when you have no time to shampoo and the glisten on your hair is not healthy shine but grease.

Linda Farrow Zip Detail Sunglasses

Victoria Beckham Cat-eyeframe Acetate Sunglasses

Maison Martin Margiela Sunglasses

RayBan RB2156

Alexander Wang AW4 C1 Matt Black

Monsoon 3x Maritime Grip Set

Forever21 Pyramid Leatherette Headband

Jennifer Bear Nautical Rope Headband

EDDERA Greek Leaf Headband

Just Kidding.

Happy Tools

here! 28


“Other than nice you need nice -Caine Ng, 2010

Solid Gold Pen Set

Taco Cosmetics Pouch

Pixel Colored Pencils

Un-capped Pen Cup

Drumstick Pencil

Staple-free Stapler

Thongs for Your Feet A large part of me used to belong to the skeptical anti-Havaianas crowd; I wondered why would any decent being pay so much for so little. So little, I was wrong. Stubbornly, I went ahead with a basic black pair from Old Navy (USD2.99!!) but changed my mind when I almost slipped and plummeted to my death. After switching to the reliable Havaianas, I have since remain accident-free and this is why, it should be THE choice for your feet (and safety). Plus, they come in so many designs & colors (metallic, jelly, slim, print, logo, flag etc) you’ll be spoilt for choice. If the price range still bothers you, get your friends in Australia (lots of Singaporeans there) to buy you some; you can possibly save SGD 40 per pair.

pants, pens.”

Nothing puts you in a happier mood than surrounding yourself with quirky stationery. I have been with my Fredflare Taco pouch-disguised-as-pencil-case for years and it does a pretty awesome job at brightening up my mugging mood or adding to my cute appeal. Old school might be coming back, but metal pencil-cases with hidden slots and silly games just do not cut it anymore (or so I would like to think). Established in 1998, Fredflare has been importing unconventional gadgets worldwide and with a slogan like “stay cute!”, the girls just cannot keep away. All items shown available at

Note This Book

Doodling, you do it. Admit it, amidst all the mind-f***ing your notes are thrusting at you, we all tend to drift off for a little mental break and doodle emotional poetry or cutesy stick figures all over whatever canvas available. Thing is, doodling has been slowly making rounds the Internet, notably with Boyhood’s Moleskine doodles getting thousands of hits on Tumblr. We might not all be as talented as Boyhood (who’s actually a girl) but surely we need a channel of release for our heartfelt angst and struggles. The notebook is inherently multifunctional, no more excuses or Girls, save the 6-inches wedges (I do not care how requests for essay extension when you “comfortable” you claim they are) for Wednesday have all your deadlines scribbled down in nights. It doesn’t mean the higher your heels, the your stylish pad. Pretending to ignore your deadline is an entirely different issue. higher your GPA. Tried, tested, did not work.

Lucky Underwear I have, of c o u r s e , saved the best for last. Do not question the rationality of Deborah this option, Marquit French Lace just do it. Set Statistics* have shown that students in red undergarments achieve an average of 0.5 grade average higher than those in dull colors.

“harem pants” again, I will kill a kitten. I recommend nothing but the Moleskine, * I made that up. (Disclaimer: I do not kill kittens, that’s a joke laced with which is all you need really. sarcasm. Don’t sue.)

Fortified by our same signature revision pattern, we navigate towards our desired echelon of the ladder made of you and me. I take it that most of us are unwilling radicals in modifying our revision pattern, given that we must have mastered our Self through the previous trials during the A/O levels or at the Polytechnics. We know that procrastination and examination works like Milo powder on a Milo Dinosaur: extremely pleasurable but extremely, extremely sinful. What is annoying about the examinations though, is not only its rape on our usual demeanour. The patron of its mischief is the ability to take away the fun of each subject we study. Most of us disguise our interest for a module by griping on the gushes of readings, assignments and quizzes. But the epiphany of finally knowing a concept, a theory, or a formula is as good as releasing a month’s worth of bowels. What the examinations do is to subject this act of knowing based on a grading system, and then further based on a stipulated date and timing. Students may arguably have the same stature with regards to learning, but with regards to the pace of learning surely we are all not the same. Some fumble on the eve of the examinations with the previously joy-littered path of knowing substituting a nerve-ridden mind pushing for more information. (Of which, some information becomes mere gambling chips to the sanctity of the random examination questions) And some manage an obscene amount of sleep the night before and ease through the examinations like fibre to bowels. Is this time management that the ministry is examining? Is this a character development experiment to streamline the country’s progress? What are we studying for? Is it for passion of the subject or to survive the chopping board of the examinations? Why do we pay our time and money to masturbate our ego by the grading system?

Undoubtedly, the height of your academic career is meant to match the height of your future job career. This could solve the mystery to why students fist through the tyranny of the examinations. It’s simple: an ideal job prospect is synonymous to a rewarding life with luxurious salaries married with a gratifying expertise over the field. Or so we thought. Taking a break from my routine readings (more like giving up), I flicked the TV remote for a surge of distraction. I was watching Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader, and obviously, the rhetoric title of the game show has its purpose. The top prize of the show is a million US dollars for simply being smarter than a fifth grader, an equivalent to our kids in primary school. Simple as it may sound, but no one won during my span of viewing. What is more astounding is the realization that the contestants were not intellectually challenged or scripted by reality TV; they are in fact degree holders. None could outsmart their pseudo helperclassmates within the classroom set on stage. What does this prove? The only day we learn for the keenness of the subject is on our very first day in Primary School, while we were not yet contaminated by the narrowly construed desire of winning the examinations. The concept of today’s examinations is one epic fail. We don’t need examinations as a yardstick to guess our sense of knowledge.

by Caine Ng

Come examinations, our previous episode of start-semester enthusiasm would again vanish with the relentless melt of time. The conventional upright posture that we sit and walk with would give way to a cringed body shouldered with Academic Units. As a finale, examinations morphed its takers from spontaneous beings with a repertoire of animalistic mimics to beings that are just.... beings. By the time your tutor releases the examination tips, you become mere furniture to the classroom, to the school, to the canteen, to the library. Like a sofa sitting in a living room, day by day.



Exams Yesterday Forget Today





he examinations are looming. The air is made up with heavier fabric, clouds aren’t as lofty anymore, and thunderstorms seem to wage more often now on the previously sunny island of NTU. Indeed, festive is to Chinese New Year, what dread is to the examinations. Nothing is feared nor loathed more that the exams. If Hitler ruled the Third Reich with an iron fist, the examinations torment our souls with unceasing kill-joy. “A night’s out at Wala’s?” “Wait a minute, exams’ are in a week’s time.” “How about catching Green Zone tomorrow?” “Hell no, I haven’t revised for the paper yet!” Examinations do not only limit their crippling capabilities to the specific duration of the papers. If I may use a metaphor, the examinations function like a doomsday prophecy, heralding widespread chaos to what were once perfectly normal lives. As depicted accurately in Hollywood blockbusters, one can certainly expect massive reactions from the masses, from the stoic to the panicky; everybody will muster counter measures against the pandemic sweeping across NTU. Some pockets of the student population will flock towards the grocery store (library) to stock up on necessities (books! gotta catch em’ all!) needed to tide them through a period of stowaway (intensive revision). Others will secretly pray for divine intervention (still divine intervention), while others will physically enhance themselves with bionic modifications (supplements like gingko nuts for memory). The duration of the apocalyptic event (exams obviously) will inevitably reveal one’s true colours (some students share notes, while others hide them). Some find security in company (study buddies) while some summon unprecedented self belief and inner courage (private mugger) to overcome adversities. At this point in time, famine will consequently occur (students go hungry late into the night while study), and a great thirst descends upon the survivors due to lack of potable liquids (only RedBull and coffee are potable during examinations). Trials and tribulation make or break many a times. While some emerge into the twilight aftermath of the catastrophic event unscathed (maintain one’s GPA), and others emerge as heroic figures (improved GPA), a sad few suffer the wrath of cataclysmic proportions (GPA degradation). Like a storm, the examinations are not discriminatory. It spares no one. Seared into the collective memory of the student population is the horror of the somehow, always impending exams. Yet, there is the promise of clear blue skies after the smoky-sooty veil of destruction-wielded fog, maybe the 4 months holidays will make all this just worthwhile.

by Wilson Xie


Paper Cut


hen you’ve spent more than 3 quarters of your time on earth being a student, there are some things you quickly come to learn. Like for example, the time in between examinations will never be sufficiently long enough for you to recover till the next one comes along.

It is 4 months into 2010 already, and I haven’t fully recovered from last semester, or from the shock of being hurled headlong into this current one. By the time you read this, I’ll probably be midway through my second Uni examinations and worrying more than ever about that dreaded thing called GPA. Just how did I get tricked into thinking that JC would be the toughest part of my student life? The next time I go back to visit my alma mater I need to find out just how that myth ever perpetuated. I’m thinking that JC teachers probably have to repeat that lie to their students every year to provide them with some sort of motivation, but even for someone who has made it past the hurdle with only minor bruising, I have to say I’m absolutely disgusted and disappointed with everyone who hid the necessary truth from me. Fortunately enough, I do love what I’m majoring in, and that perhaps makes studying slightly easier and much more interesting, though it doesn’t mean that the workload gets any lighter. Getting graded for something you do with more passion than anything else in the world works in 2 directions. There’s a higher chance to excel in your work, and it’s alright and fine if you do so, but when you get less than exemplary grades, nothing else will make you despair so much while feeling like the most worthless thing that ever lived. It’s easy for everyone to say that GPA isn’t everything – but is that really true? What else would you be in Uni for if it’s not to graduate with first class honours plus internships and exchange programmes all tucked under your belt, sealed with a ‘Meant for Success’ stamp defined by the Association of Singaporean Standards for Students (ASSS)? (I know there’s that joke going around saying that some people are really just here to look for their future spouses, but I really don’t know what to say about that, or if I even want to.) It isn’t that I’m bitter about being here, though I know it sounds like I am. I’m learning something new in lectures and seminars every day, and as an English Literature major, that means knowledge and wisdom to keep for life, and to use whenever. That’s the best possible education I think anybody can ever have – learning something in school not just for practical reasons, finding a job and the likes. And then of course there’re the people I’ve come to know over the past semesters. What exactly would I do without friends. I’m having a hard time convincing myself so, but maybe, just maybe, it really isn’t all about the GPA. I mean, it doesn’t make sense that you end up just solely constantly hankering after those 2 or 3 digits on your degree audit at the end of every semester. Yes, getting your first-class honours is tres important, but what would it matter if you come out of it all as the person who has no memorable Uni life to speak of? Just that week I was sitting at the benches of The Cathay waiting for my friend to arrive when a bunch of kids from the nearby School of the Arts started running along the aisle in front of me, chasing and teasing each other, and while I don’t usually have a high threshold for noisy childish behaviour in public places, I was suddenly reminded of how old I am. I don’t have much time left, and neither do you. In 3 or fewer years we’ll probably all be out there in the workforce after this final lap of our education, and I think it’s only right that I remind you not to waste your youth. Don’t waste these years just chasing after a perfect GPA, I know I won’t.


by Geraldine Cheng


Not in it for The Education





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