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freshmen and sophomore years had been given to NTU Sports Club, receiving as much as I had contributed. As 19th Management Committee steps down, I am proud to witness the new and capable leaders of 20th Management Committee assuming office. The previous years had seen its success due to the efforts of all our members and support from the school which words alone could not express my gratitude. NTU Sports Club will continue to be as relevant as we can, bringing you the finest of our events in AY10/11.



It’s the start of 2011; a New Year, a new semester, a new set of months for us to procratinate our studies while being ‘busy’ with other ‘important’ tasks., like checking Facebook. I always knew, before I entered NTU, that university was going to be exciting and full of opportunities. Now, a few months after my entry into one of the top 5 universities in Singapore (helped no less by the fact that there are a grand total of 5 universities), I have experienced the wonders - and horrors - of undergraduate life. However, there is no doubt that the undergrad in NTU is never, if ever, lacking of things to do. This issue, we remind you of the awesome events that you attended/ missed in 2010. With the holiday season just over and Chinese New Year approaching, I believe most of us are experiencing the Battle of the Bulge; fear not, as we have offered you a couple (unorthodox) methods of winning the fight, along with ammunition in the form of a myriad of exciting events to keep your body rocking it’s radient glow even after 2 weeks of consecutive Ba Kua during the Chinese New Year week. These awesome events are of course, brought to you by NTU Sports Club, which turns 20 this year. For the active athlete or the recreational sportsman, remember that NTU Sports Club will always be Here! for you.

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CHIEF EDITOR Glen Teoh, Jasmine Chiam SENIOR EDITORS Chua Yini, Caine Ng EDITOR Siti Mariam, Deborah Wong, Darryl Leong, Claire Yeoh WRITERS Goh Yan Hui, Tey Qiao Wei, Marlene Tan, Heng Yih Fang LAYOUT Hong Shuqi, Glenda Tang PHOTOGRAPHY Lennard Chua MARKETING MANAGER: Wong Su Yee CONTRIBUTORS Chen Shao COVER MODEL Muhammad Iswan Bin Ismail COVER PHOTOGRAPHY Lennard Chua MICA (P) 222/10/2009 An NTU Sports Club Publication


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EVENTS Surf n Sweat, NTU Sports Club’s annual beach event, is back for another day of fun and sun! To be held on the 13th of February 2011 at Siloso Beach, Sentosa, Surf n Sweat promises to be even more exciting and exuberant than its predecessors. Now in her 16th iteration, the event will no doubt build on the success of previous years and bring participants an unforgettable day at the beach! Ever participated in a biathlon before? Well, Surf n Sweat promises something similar – with a unique twist. Instead of swimming, Surf n Run will involve participants ’surfing’ along the coast of Sentosa for a distance of about 600m, followed by a short run of 4-5km to complete the race. As an alternative for participants looking for a more fun and less physically challenging race, another main event is the Surf n Hunt. The surfing part of the challenge is similar to Surf n Run, but the running portion has been modified into an exciting treasure hunt around the island resort. Beach sports are not left out either; all-time favourite beach sports such as beach volleyball will be continued in the Side Games and participants and onlookers alike can expect to see exhilarating displays of teamwork and coordination as teams compete against each other to clinch the first place in our friendly competition. Beach events will not feel the same without games, food and music to liven it up. Entertaining stage games, performances and a carnival with food and other interesting amenities will brighten and maintain a boisterous and exuberant atmosphere of fun and enjoyment throughout the day. Participants will never find a moment of boredom in Surf N Sweat 2011 while they await the start of their next event with the myriad of engaging activities that we will be preparing for them. So, what are you waiting for? Get your beachwear and Let’s Get Wet at Sentosa on 13th February 2011! Check out for more information! With the event being held on the eve of Valentine’s Day, grab your partners and participate in our Lover’s Challenge. Prove your capabilities against other couples and win amazing prizes for you and your other half to celebrate during Valentine’s Day! Not feeling the love from your partner? How about joining the all-new Family Challenge? Participate with your family and see sides of your family members you would otherwise not get to see!




This is the first year Singapore was represented in the Contiki International Flowriding League of the World (FLOW) Championships.


Rodeo, scarecrow, front-side 360, hub and backside spin - these are terms frequently used when describing sports like flowboard and bodyboard tricks. But what are they, you might wonder?

Flowboarding and bodyboarding were introduced to Singapore with the opening of the Wave House at Sentosa a year ago. While flowboarding requires the flowboarder to stand and perform tricks on the board, bodyboarders do so by lying down! Despite only having been recently introduced, both sports are gaining fast popularity among Singaporeans; many head to the Wave House to train regularly. Due to their hard work, this is the first year Singapore was represented in the Contiki International Flowriding League of the World

(FLOW) Championships, which took place in Sentosa’s Wave House from the 28th to 31st October. Team Singapore was led by Alfian Affandi and Arthur Kor on the male flowboard, while our fantastic females Ili Lim and Leanne Crowley graced the flowboard and the bodyboard respectively. They were up against strong competitors from teams all over the world, such as Chile, the USA, the UAE and South Africa, not to mention the World FlowRider Championship (WFC)’s Wild Card Team! The flowriders in these teams include world-renowned riders such as Wesley Fischer, who was the overall best male flowboarder at last year’s International FLOW Championship, and Sean Silveira, the champion flowboarder of the WFC. Despite her first time competing against partici-

pants from countries with a strong surf culture, Singapore’s very own Ili Lim took to the the waves with immense focus, grace and agility. Her stunts were executed so perfectly that she impressed the judges and rode her way to top both the Flowrider and the Flowbarrel categories! It was not surprising that the 3rd year Aerospace Technology student did our country proud by clinching the Overall First in the Ladies category. Apart from the four-day competition, there were also various side events. Live acts such as DJs Cheryl Miles, Daniel Ong and Rod Monteiro from the 91.3FM’s “Must Drink Friday” as well as performers from the Raw 2: Floor B-boying Championships got the groove going for the fun loving competitors and spectators. The excitement at the Contiki International FLOW Championships peaked during the finals on Sunday, 31 October. Competitors from all the teams were riding on the Flowbarrel and fighting for the titles of the best male and female strapped flowboarding as well as expert bodyboard. Each competitor was given forty-five seconds to perform their tricks as well as a bonus trick after each turn. Cheered on by a small but enthusiastic crowd which stayed throughout the day despite the scorching sun, the flowriders performed trick after trick. The camaraderie between flowriders not only from the same team, but from different coun-

tries as well was particularly commendable. They helped each other retrieve their boards when they were swept under the waves, and encouraged each other in-between turns. The Men’s Strapped Flowboarding finals turned out to be the most exciting of all, with Wesley Fischer and Matt Lammers from Team South Africa, and Greg Lazarus and Eric Silverman from Team USA strutting their stuff. Taking turns, the flowriders performed trick after trick, which constantly upped the bar for the following competitor. Finally, Eric Silverman, the youngest and most inexperienced of the four, ended the event with a new trick. Riding the wave high up in the air, he managed a series of flips and spins in mid air and landed without losing his balance. This stunned all present, including Eric himself as he landed with his eyes and mouth opened wide. Needless to say, Eric emerged as champion of the category, and came in Overall First in the men’s category as a result of his accumulated scores throughout the Contiki International FLOW Championships. The Contiki International FLOW Championships ended on a high note as the founder and creator of Wave House, Tom Lochtefeld, promised new Wave House locations and improvements to the machines. Flowriders in Singapore can look forward to more sun and fun as we look forward to the next Contiki International FLOW Championships!





Although flowboarding is still a nascent sport in Singapore, our local riders have trained long and hard to compete with skilled contenders all over the world. here! talks to Alfian Affandi, 26, and Ili Lim, 20, of Team Singapore about how it feels like to break barriers and conquer the waves.

Being an instuctor, you have to be better than the others to teach. I think that is the reason why I can get that good within a year.

Alfian is currently an instructor at the Wave House Sentosa and has been in the sport for a year. Other than flowboarding, he also enjoys skimboarding and has participated in numerous boardsports through the years. The avid flowboarder tells here! all about his passion for flowriding. h!: Hello Alfian! Your first question is, how did you start on Flowriding? A: I first started flowboarding


when I got the job here (at Wave House Sentosa). I applied for the job through the website, and got the job as an instructor. We had to train up on the ride itself to get better. And when I first rode on the Flowrider, I got hooked. I knew about the Flowbarrel since ten years ago, when they first built it. They had a Swatch tour in Europe where all the professional surfers, wakeboarders, kiteboarders and skateboarders got together and did a competition around Europe. So I knew about the Wave House back then. That’s how I got started off flowboarding and working here. h!: So what made you apply for the job? A: I’ve been into board sports and water sports for many years and I’ve been skimboarding for over ten years. It is my passion and hobby, doing all these kind of board sports. So this is the place to be if you want to try some-

thing great like a board sport. It is something new and worth looking out for. h!: Despite only being in the sport for a year, you have won numerous local competitions, as well as came in third in the ALT Games in San Diego. How did you manage that, with your relatively short experience? A: I am not too sure. But skimboarding for ten years does help me get used to the waves and the water. The techniques are almost the same, and the tricks are almost the same. So I think that is the reason why I managed to be up there where the standard is high, pretty fast, within a year. So yeah, I think skimboarding really helped. And also, working here, I have got a lot of time on the waves. Being an instructor, you have to be better than the others to teach. I think that is the reason why I can get that good within a year.

h!: So what are your personal targets in this competition? A: Okay, initially it was getting into the Top Four, or getting into the finals for all three categories, but I am not doing well for the past few categories, so I’m going to try my best for the next one, the last one, which is on the Flowbarrel. Being in the top level right now is going to be a little bit hard, as we have been riding for only a year. The rest have a lot of experience, they have been through a lot of competitions. They don’t have that pressure when they are riding in the contest. For us, when we are up there, that nervous feeling is quite frightening. Maybe later we’ll try to get into the top four, but we will have to work hard on that. Every year they are going to get better, they will practice every single day on the Flowrider, so we will have to work harder on that to be in the top four. h!: How is this competition different from the rest of the competitions you have entered? A: For this competition, they chose the best from all the Wave Houses around the world through the individual Wave Houses’ own competitions. They are the most experienced riders around, currently, and we are against all of them. Our level is not that up there yet. For local competition, it is not that hard, because all of them are still learning and we are still new at it. This competition is really tough, especially if you wanna go to the finals, its really tough. Like, everyone is good and everyone is riding well. So it is different from the local ones. h!: You are also the first rider sponsored by Billabong, any advice for aspiring flowriders trying to start and break into the scene? A: If you want to start off flowboarding you should not be too shy or scared of being laughed at, or that someone will say something about it. Just try it out. Look for a friend or two, bring them here, and just try it out on the Flowrider. That’s how we do it. If you are a first-timer we’ll put you on the Flowrider first to let you get used to the water, even if you have been doing wakeboarding or surfing for a few years. It is a little bit different on this, so you get to learn the basics first, get used to the water, then carry on from there. And one more thing, try to relax, don’t try to hard, and just listen to the instructors. They are the best people to guide you on the waves.

Just go for it because it is not a sport that is just for the guys, girls can do it too. When you fall, don’t be afraid and just get back up.

lli started flowboarding about the same time as Alfian. Despite having to juggle with her internship and studies, she tries to make as much time as possible for flowboarding. Ili is also the first female rider to be sponsored by Rip Curl. here! speaks to Ili to find out how this amazing one year has been for her. h!: Hello! Flowriding is a relatively new sport, so how did you get started on flowriding? I: I got started when I first came down here for an interview to be an instructor here and since then, I got hooked up with the sport. We (Alfian and I) started altogether. h!: Are there a lot of ladies in the sport in Singapore? I: For now, not much. But I can see the number growing, because I see more ladies who come down regularly, for like three, four days a week. They also

have their own boards, so I can tell that they are getting serious about it. h!: The positions in the numerous competitions you have taken part in are impressive. What is your most memorable competition? I: I would say the ALT Games in San Diego. It is a college-aid competition, so even when I didn’t get any placing, it was a memorable one for me because I was against the guys, and also, and it is fun to be competing overseas. It was my first time in the US. h!: Is it normal for girls to be against guys in the competition? I: Not really. In all the competitions I have been through, we have our own divisions, like Men’s category and Ladies’ category. The ALT Games was the first competition where it was mixed up.

h!: How did you prepare for this competition? I: I prepare by making more time for flowboarding. I also keep trying new tricks, smoothen my tricks and just keep healthy. h!: You are a student as well, so how do you manage to juggle your studies and your competition trainings? I: Currently I am an intern right now, so it is a bit hard. I couldn’t really come down everyday to practice. But I try to have enough sleep so that I can come down everyday, because usually after work I will be very, very tired. h!: So, any advice for female flowriders trying to pick up the sport? I: Just go for it because it is not a sport that is just for the guys, girls also can do it too. When you fall, don’t be afraid and just get back up.





Ladies’ Strapless Flowboard on the Flowrider 1 Ili Lim (Singapore) 2 Amanda McCormick (WFC) 3 Claire Reid (UAE) Men’s Strapless Flowboard on the Flowrider 1 Sean Silveiro (WFC) 2 Greg Lazarus (US) 3 Eric Silverman (US) Expert Bodyboard Prone and Drop Knee combined on the Flowrider 1 Nick Nguyen (WFC) 2 Tyler Danek (US) 3 Billy Tennant (South Africa)


Ladies’ Strapless Flowboarding on the Flowbarrel: 1 Ili Lim (Singapore) 2 Marta Jekot (South Africa) 3 Kristen Barney (US) Men’s Strapless Flowboarding on the Flowbarrel: 1 Eric Silverman (US) 2 Wesley Fischer (South Africa) 3 Greg Lazarus (US) Expert Bodyboard Drop Knee on the Flowbarrel: 1 Nick Nguyen (WFC) 2 Billy Tennant (South Africa) 3 Tyler Danek (US)



Ladies’ Strapped Flowboarding on the Flowbarrel: 1 Kristen Barnet (US) 2 Marta Jekot (South Africa) 3 Nicole Buraschi (Chile)

Overall Ladies’ Flowboard Ranking: 1 Ili Lim (Singapore) 2 Marta Jekot (South Africa) 3 Kristen Barney (US)

Men’s Strapped Flowboarding on the Flowbarrel: 1 Eric Silverman (US) 2 Greg Lazarus (US) 3 Matt Lammers (South America)

Overall Men’s Flowboard Ranking: 1 Eric Silverman (US) 2 Greg Lazarus (US) 3 Wesley Fischer (South Africa)

Expert Bodyboard Prone on the Flowbarrel: 1 Billey Tennant (South Africa) 2 Tyler Danek (US) 3 Claudio Calderón Cafati (Chile) Fidelity

Overall Expert Bodyboard Ranking: 1 Nick Nguyen (WFC) 2 Billy Tennant (South Africa) 3 Tyler Danek (US)

NIKE CITY 10K singapore vs kl challenge The friendly competition between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur flagged off two months ago for the Nike City 10K SG vs KL Challenge. From 1st September 2010 to 31st October 2010, the distance covered by runners from both countries were synced to Nike+ and contributed to each city’s standing in the race. TEXT Deborah Wong & Marlene Tan PHOTOS Deborah Wong


A total of 2,763 runners from both cities synced a total of more than 123,000 kilometers. Singapore, which won the challenge, bagged a generous amountof USD30,000 donation from Nike. The donation will go to the Singapore Children’s Society while the top runners walked away with Nike iD shoes and Apple products. Kudos to those who ran for a good cause and in support of their city. Well done, Singapore! More than 10 000 runners ran to the beat of different genres of music such as Dance, Pop, Rock and Hip Hop featured at the four entertainment zones along the scenic race route. Runners and members of the public were also treated to a heart-pumping finale concert with live performances by award-winning DJ Adrian Wee and Sixx, one of Singapore’s best hip hop bands, at the end of the race. Clad in casual wear, armed with a DSLR camera and my trusty notepad, my editor, Deborah and I stood out like sore thumbs in the sea of lime green runners. Compared to them, we looked like we were decked out in our Sunday Best! Some Higher Being must have taken pity on the racers (and the two of us) because the sky was clear that morning, devoid of the dreadful haze that had been plaguing us for the past few days. Running conditions were optimal. But the best was yet to come - after the first wave of runners had been flagged off, we waited in anticipation for the competitive runners to come running in. We didn’t have to wait long! Clocking her personal best timing of 36 minutes and 39 seconds, Miss Anne Date came sprinting in to clinch the champion title for the Woman’s Open category. Crossing the finish line with the fastest timing of 30 minutes 44 seconds was Thomas Kiprotich, who emerged as the winner of the Men’s Open category. Mok Ying Rong topped the Women’s Under 25 category with a timing of 38 minutes 40 seconds, while Aaron Meng finished the race in 34 minutes 16 seconds to win the Men’s Under 25 category. Said Mok Ying Rong, 17, a student from Raffles Junior College, “This is my first time participating in the race, and I am happy to finish it with my personal best time. The weather was great today, and it was nice to run alongside the scenery of Marina Bay while enjoying the entertainment along the race route.”


Racing for charity Here! talks to Miss Anne Date, winner of the Women’s Open Category, about her thoughts on the race. Unassuming and friendly, the China-born Miss Date is a freelance personal trainer who has been residing in Singapore for the past 12 years.

h!: Hi Anne, having stayed in Singapore for 12 years, how do you find the people and the place? A: I am a Chinese who has lived in Singapore since 1988. Singapore is a great place to live and work, it’s so safe that I’m not worried if I’m out for a jog at midnight. [There has been] amazing changes in the last 10 years since I first came! Singaporeans are always on the move, really hard working too. Thumbs up! I love my Singaporean friends and I always have a good time with them at work or play. They are friendly but not overwhelmingly so. h!: Why did you decide to take part in this race? A: It’s my favourite distance, I have always love 10K, and it’s good to be part of my marathon training too. And of course, I love Nike too! h!: How did you find the race route as compared to other races? For example the music and the scenic view? A: I enjoyed the race very much. Good turns, good inclines, very smooth race route. I guess I was too focused in the race that I did not notice the views at all. Singapore is very pretty anyway. But I did enjoy the music along the way! I thought the DJ was playing to my strides! It was a very happy running experience. h!: How did you train for the race? A: I did not specially train for this race because it is on the way to my upcoming Singapore Marathon in December. h!: How many marathons have you already taken part in? You’ve clocked an amazing timing of 36 minutes and 39 seconds, is this your Personal Best? A: I’ve taken part in 14. And yes, it is my PB so far and I am happy with the timing but looking forward to be better. h!: What motivates you to complete every marathon? A: Be close to the best I can be in my life. h!: I see that you’ve an ardent supporter during the race! A: Yes, he is my husband, his infinite support and love made me the luckiest runner. h!: How would you encourage the readers to participate in races like these in future? A: Believe in yourself, that you can do it and do it well. Focus on how to be better and enjoy what you have decided to do.


NTU SPIRIT! NTU emerged as overall winner of the University Schools Challenge category for having the most number of students participating in the race while 712 students from Serangoon Junior College helped clinch the award for the Junior College category. What motivated the 384 NTU students to join as one school, and what are the takeaways (besides the goodie bags) for the race? Here! speaks to the president of the NTU Sports Club, Ang Yi Cheng, to find out!

h!: How did you manage to rally 384 fellow students to join the race together? A: We publicised the event through our NTU Sports Club website and emailed our contacts to encourage them to join us in the race. We also provided laptops at the booths that were set up in the school to allow the students greater accessibility in signing up for the race. h!: How did the runners find the race and the route? How was it different from the previous races? A: The runners found the route more challenging compared to last year’s. However, the checkpoints this year are much more interesting where there were different music themes at different zones. There were even people dancing to the mambo moves! h!: Did you guys adopt a training regime to prepare for the race? A: Frankly speaking, we did not have any special regime, as everyone was too busy to train together. But the fact that we wanted to run the race together was a test of our own limits. It also bonded all of us together as students of NTU. h!: How did you guys motivate one another along the way? A: We tried to pace one another and encourage those who felt like giving up. h!: What are the takeaways from the race? A: Definitely team bonding and mental strength! We did not really train for this race as a team, so being able to complete 10k together really bonded us. Additionally, the race had strengthened us not just physically but mentally, as it was not easy to complete a 10k run. But the fact that we ran together motivated us not to give up! We are very honoured to accept the award on behalf of NTU! h!: How would you encourage people to join the race together in the future races? A: Join these races to test your limits. You will never know what you can achieve and conquer!



Wheel You Ride With Me?


Bike Rally is back! Leveraging from its record breaking success of having a convoy of more than 700 cyclists on open roads in 2010, Bike Rally 2011 is in its fifth year running, and will be held on the 27th February 2011! Many thanks to all those who have helped us in one way or another, not forgetting ODAC and the Cycling Team for being part of the safety cyclist convoy. Not only are we bigger in scale this coming 2011, our start point is also moving from East Coast Park to Marina Bay F1 Pit! Having the NTU Spirit within, we are inspired in bringing our success to greater heights. In addition, we’re delved into having different checkpoints this year that include exploring newly constructed greeneries in Singapore where you’ve never been to before! Also expect the thrill as u cycle pass offshore islands in the northern part of Singapore. Bike Rally is a non-competitive round island cycling event that aims to promote cycling and leading a healthy lifestyle among Singaporeans. Regardless of age, gender, race and nationality, cycling is a form of sport that everybody can enjoy. On this day, hundreds of cyclists come together as one to pass on our slogan to the public- Wheel you ride with me! As we cycle the 128/168km route around the circumference of Singapore, we highlight the presence and safety of cyclists on our roads, as well as promoting road safety practices. It does not matter whether you are an avid or a novice cyclist, Bike Rally is catered to you! Do look out for updates of us on Voxsports and Spin Asia Magazine, as well as news reports on us on national newspapers such as Lianhe Zaobao.

Whats New!

Marina Bay F1 Pit will be the new Start Point. Cycling pass offshore islands. New 128/168km routes with new checkpoints! Exhibitions by EARTHlink NTU. Road Safety initiatives, supported by the Traffic Police. Top prize of Lucky Draw- FUJI Triathlon Bike worth up to $2K! Whopping discounts on bicycles for all NTU Students at Monotine Bike.



! S T E E TR


We Present to you Street Challenge 2010 TEXT Deborah Wong PHOTOS Deborah Wong, Lennard Chua

NTU Sports Club proudly presents the annual intra-school sports event of the year, Street- wait for it- Challenge! Yes folks, Street Challenge is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever. This year’s event saw the introduction of an exciting new category captain’s ball - on top of soccer, handball, floorball, basketball and ultimate frisbee.

Now wouldn’t you agree with me that the theme for Street Challenge really ought to be‘Defying Gravity’?

This year saw 469 registered participants this year, a higher number than last year. A peek at the registration counter as early as 7.45 a.m. revealed a snaking queue that spilled from the pavement to the carpark. However, the long queue failed to quench the infectious buzzling excitement in the air that only promised to heat up as the games commenced. While waiting for the matches to start, the participants, who were clad in the yellow event singlets, dribbled soccer balls, threw frisbees and even enthusiastically did warm up runs around the track!

Despite the scorching weather, the Street Floorball participants were spared from the merciless heatwaves of the sun. Held under the thankful shade of the Sports and Recreational centre, the floorball court resounded with a cacophony of sounds- the clashing of the floorball sticks in fierce attempts to possess the ball and the harried encouragements exchanged by team added to the excitement of the match.

As soon as the first set of matches kicked off, the field and the courts went ablaze with the cheers and shouts of adrenaline pumping youths. Tall and nimble in their basketball shoes, the Street Basketball players did gravity defying jump-shots and made swift, forceful passes to two other team mates. Street Basketball was extended to both the Men’s and Women’s categories and was played with three players from each team on court. On the adjacent field, Ultimate Frisbee players raced across trimmed grass to receive the fast flying disc from their team mates. A typical Frisbee match is played on a large field and it can be rather draining, especially if participants are playing under the scorching hot sun. Many of the Frisbee players play in an external league; their fantastic throws, skillful footwork and field positions are an undeniable testament of their rigorous training! Over at the other end of the court, the 5 on 5 Street Handball and 6 on 6 Captain’s Ball games were out in full force. Similar to basketball and Frisbee, these two games also saw flying athletes as participants execute ridiculously high jumps to snatch the ball in mid-air. Now wouldn’t you agree with me that the theme for Street Challenge really ought to be “Defying Gravity”?

The loudest cheers definitely came from the Street Soccer matches. When two teams of five men face off in the street soccer court, an action packed match ensues. This game was by far the most aggressive among the rest as players had no qualms about crashing against each other just to possess the ball. Even though frustrated shouts could be heard now and then, the players still focused on the game and even helped up any opposing player when he fell. Other than the main games, there were also side games to encourage the spirit of fun amidst the heavy competition. This year’s six side games were: Feed the Monster, Floorball Specialist, Hit Them Down, Soccer Juggling and Basketball Shootup. Beneath the competition, Street Challenge 2010 also brought out heart-warming accounts of sportsmanship and newly forged friendships. Sports connect people, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or nationality. A myriad of NTU students from all walks of life gathered for Street Challenge that Sunny saturday, not just to compete, but to revel in the company of friends and just simply have pure good fun.

Sports events always appeal to and attract a large eclectic

group of people, and team Hall 11 is no exception! Calling themselves Hall 11, most of the participants actually hail from different halls and come from various faculties. Kay Chuan and Leon are 1st and 2nd year Engineering majors respectively. Bi Xuan, year 1and Jeannette, year 2 are from Nanyang Business School while both Sebestian and Leonard are 1st year students from Biological Science. Towering over the other players at an impressive height of 199cm, Leonard and his team of tall people emerged the runners up for Captain’s Ball. Hall 11: H!: Hi guys! Congratulations on your win! Why did you choose to sign up for Captain’s Ball? 11: Well it’s pretty obvious that our height gives us the advantage. We coincidentally know quite a few tall people so we decided to give Captain’s Ball a shot. H!: Oh what interested you to join this event? 11: I guess it’s the huge publicity? The booths were pumping loud music and we were curious to see what that was all about. There were so many posters and flyers everywhere, we thought, why not give it a shot? H!: Did you guys adopt a training regime for this event? Seeing that you are all from different faculties and halls, it must be quite hard finding time to meet up and train. What kind of difficulties did you face? 11: Nope we didn’t train for it! Yeah it was pretty hard finding girls to join our team. We only managed to get Bi Xuan and Jeannette at the eleventh hour! H!: How has this experience been so far? 11: It’s been pretty good. Thankfully the weather’s good today, though it’s a little too sunny! The helpers and the officials were also very helpful and efficient; three of us had to go for a basketball match that clashed with one of our captain’s ball matches, so they were flexible enough to push back the timing for basketball just for us. Generally this event has been very well organized so far! H!: Would you come back to participate next year? 11: Most likely! That actually depends on whether we can find tall freshies to help us win Captain’s Ball. We wouldn’t take part in a sport we’re not confident of winning.

RESULTS Street Basketball (Men): 1st: Team A 2nd: Zhong Hua Pai Kia 3rd: He He Ha Ha MVP: Yap Ching Poh from Zhong Hua Pai Kia

Street Basketball (Women): 1st: Woohoo 2nd: JFF 3rd: Whoosh MVP: Leong Yin Tin from Woohoo

Street Floorball: 1st: Kaimon 2nd: Dynamite 3rd: B2- ROC MVP: Syafizah from Kaiwon

Ultimate Frisbee: 1st: Pancakes 2nd: CHK 3rd: Black Disc Shockers

Street Handball: 1st: The Expendables 2nd: MuHaHa 3rd: Prawn Cracker MVP: Ah Bao from The Expendables

Captain’s Ball: 1st: ! PlayBall 2nd: Hall 11 3rd: Sea-saw MVP: Kang Li Rong from !PlayBall

Street Soccer: 1st: LKC 2nd: Love=football 3rd: Desperados MVP: Raj from Despeardos 21

X-Campus Run


TEXT Grace Lin PHOTOS Grace Lin

X-Campus Run

is an annual race within NTU which is opened to all students and staff of NTU and NIE. The race consists of two categories: the competitive run (6.8km) and leisure run (4.5km). This year, nearly 250 runners signed up for the run, which was held on 6 October. The clear, windy weather on the evening of the event was perfect for a run. At 5pm, participants started streaming into the Sports and Recreation Centre’s carpark for registration. Runners who registered earlier started their stretching and warm up runs around the track, with determination written all over their faces. The mood was high as everyone was excited and looking forward to the start of the muchanticipated race.

At 6:15pm, the race was officially flagged off by the Runners’ Club sports officer, Mr. Chia Chin Yeh. In less than 25 minutes, our first male runner, Leong Chung Chi, came in with an astonishingly fast timing of 24 minutes and 35 seconds. After 10 minutes, our first female runner, Kum Boon, clocked in at an amazing timing of 34 minutes and 10 seconds. All the finishers of X-Campus Run received a finisher tee and goodie bag containing vouchers, magazines, water bottle and samples from our sponsors. Runners were treated to cold 100 Plus isotonic drinks and Ice Mountain mineral water at the water points and at the end of the race.

NTU Runners’ Club would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the runners who turned up, as well as our generous sponsors and volunteers for making this event possible. We would also like to congratulate the winners mentioned above.

The run route around our lovely campus. To all avid runners out there who may or may not have missed X-Campus Run 2010, NTU Runners’ Club organizes weekly runs every Wednesday at 6:45pm, starting outside Sports and Recreation Centre (SRC) under the Re-Kre Programme. The runs aim to build runners up for a range of objectives. Whether you are just a leisure runner seeking to maintain fitness or a regular marathon participant striving to beat your personal best in the next marathon, our runs are tailored for you to train towards your individual goals. The runs are professionally conducted with proper stretching, warm ups and cool downs. The distance covered increases progressively every week and time trials will be held for some of our sessions. This will be a good test for your running skills and a challenge to all running enthusiasts out there! See you at SRC every Wednesday! 23



It’s the first issue of here! of the new semester, and right when the studying season is here! We’ve listened to feedback from our readers and we’re back better than ever, with more sports action to whet your appetite for spills and thrills. While mugging for your various modules, maybe you’re aiming for all As, and dreaming of that ideal CPGA. What better to bring you to greater heights than with the flying trapeze? Our own writer tries that very contraption which is not for the faint of heart, and lives to tell the tale! Maybe it’s the cheesiness from my education modules talking but perhaps your thirst for knowledge as you scurry to memorize theories and equations is akin to the exploration of the deep blue. And who better to bring you to the greatest depths of the ocean blue than NTU’s very own Dive Team! Or maybe you need a little motivation to get off stalking that hot guy from your Marketing class on Facebook, and to hit the books instead. Who better to cheer you on than our very own NTU ACES! With their infectious cheer and exciting stunts, you’re sure to be spurred on to study. Last but not least, here!’s sports focus is including a Sportsman in the Spotlight segment, to highlight and applaud exceptional sportsmen (and women, of course) from the 21 awesome subclubs under NTU Sports Club. For this issue, we bring you Omar Basri, captain and now team manager of the NTU floorball mens’ team, which took home a long-awaited and satisfying first place at the recent SUNIG. So let’s take a break from those notes to run, fly and dive with here!’s sports focus.



SPORTSMAN IN THE SPORTLIGHT Fresh off their first place victory at SUNIG, we catch up and get to know team captain and team manager of the NTU Floorball Men’s Team, Omar Basri. TEXT Mariam Hakeem PHOTOSNTU Floorball Team

Introduce yourself to the here! readers. Hi, I’m Omar, I’m a third year student in NIE and I’ve been playing floorball for the past 3 years in NTU. Describe yourself in three words. (nervous laughter) Can we skip this question? Hmmm, I’m very shy? Haha, that’s one. What hooked you into floorball? Floorball is a fast growing sport - it’s developing very well in our secondary schools and JCs. In the past 5-6 years, it’s been introduced as A, B and C Div sport. And one thing about it is that it’s very easy to pick up and it’s a fast paced game, so it’s great. Tell us more about NTU Floorball. We have our men’s and ladies teams which compete in the IVPs (the Inter-Varsities and Polys), competed by the 4 universities, 5 polytechnics and 1 combined ITE, and we recently took part in the Singapore University Games (SUNIG) which is the first time NTU Men won something in particular. Apart from that we are also active in the sing floorball league, whereby in the last division both NTU teams our alumni and current team were promoted to division 1 which is the premier division - a double promotion for both of us. So it’s been a good year for us boys. NTU Floorball did excellently at SIM Floorball International, clinching first place. What do you have to say to the team? After being in the team for the past 2 years, I strongly believe that one key characteristic of this team is that we are made up of very hardworking players, definitely less skilled as to the teams I’ve played with before since we have a very new and young team, but the passion to play and prove themselves on the court is very high, so to a large extent the passion makes up for the lack of skill and they’re willing to prove themselves. For you to keep up any sport, you must have passion, or you start to slack and everything goes downhill from there... Chances are you’re just gonna stay for a hall place since yeah, we’re all under the IVP scheme. So, yeah, remain passionate, enjoy the sport a lot. Would you credit the team’s victory to your leadership? (adamantly) Oh, no no no. Honestly, no. Like I said, this team is very young because last year half our team graduated… And also because of YOG, our facilities were taken up and our academic year was pushed back, so unlike the other universities, which had a longer preparation time because they had facilities available and because their year started earlier, they would have all their Year 1s training with them for much longer. So the odds were very much stacked against us, because of the lack of facilities and the fact that our tryouts were much later. So, our victory… I strongly believe was due to a team effort.

How do you balance training and studies? How do I balance ah? I balance it all by... Having a lack of sleep lah, basically. (laughs nervously) But honestly, it’s just good time management, you can’t waste time doing lots of things. I mean, my training days are fixed on Tuesdays, Saturdays, matches on Sundays... So you just have to be very disciplined about it. Do you think that floorball is not as recognized as other sports? I noticed it’s not in Inter-Hall Games (IHG). Floorball was actually introduced in singapore in 1996 or 1997 but only recently was it recognised by (the Singapore) Sports Council as a sports event in the school calendar... And we do see floorball featured in sports shows like Sports@SG, so yeah.. With regards to why we’re not in IHG, well that’s something we have to ask the hall sports secretaries because they’re the ones to decide which sports to exclude and include. Basically, from what I hear it’s firstly an issue with equipment and secondly, most of them view floorball as a complementary item with regards to hockey, but even though we see some similarities between the two sports, they’re very different. I would love to see floorball as a formal IHG sport. What sports do you play other than floorball? (laughs) Hockey! Interesting, given your previous answer. (chuckles) Yes, yes. What advice would you give a new floorball player? Just be passionate about the sport, and be willing to learn. It’s a pretty easy sport to pick up, so you just need some time, determination, and you’re good to go. Describe Floorball as a sport in three words. Fast-paced. Aggressive, and.... Fun? No lah, fun sounds lame. And... It’s not-hockey? (laughs)


HANGING BY A thread TEXT Emery Lim PHOTOS Joey Chen

Is schoolwork weighing you down and you feel like you need to get the load off and fly away? Well fear not as Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa Resort brings you Singapore’s first ever Flying Trapeze - just like those seen in circus performances!

So you think you can fly Flying Trapeze is a specific form of the trapeze in which a performer jumps from a platform with the trapeze so that gravity makes the trapeze swing. The performance was first invented by a Frenchman named Jules Leotard and the traditional flyer’s costume, the leotard, is actually named after him.

Age Ages 4 and up, not for pregnant women. Admission S$10 per swing S$20 for 3 swings Opening hours Mon - Fri 2.30pm - 6.30pm Sat, Sun & Public Holidays 2.30pm - 7pm Getting there Siloso Beach Tram Nearest carpark Beach Car Park

The Flying Trapeze found here is the first of its kind in Singapore and is located along Siloso Beach at Sentosa. This heart pumping activity gives thrill seekers a first hand experience at being a flying acrobat as you sail through mid-air, swinging from one end to another by gripping on a handle bar. An excellent form of sport and recreation, the Flying Trapeze helps develop one’s mind and body coordination. It also helps conquer one’s fear of heights and for those who are more daring can even learn different stunts like mid air flips or somersaults. The Flying Trapeze is located next to Trapizza, a casual Italian eatery overlooking the South China Sea. It features a no-frills menu ideal for beach-goers that includes pizzas, pasta dishes, snacks, desserts and beverages so you can enjoy a good hearty meal with your friends and family after this energetic work out. Birthday parties and team building activities can also be held here at the Flying Trapeze where you get one hour of endless swinging sessions. Food and beverages by Trapizza can also be included in the birthday package. So drag both your fearful and fearless friends down to The Flying Trapeze for some nerves bearing and flying fun!


FLYING’S HARD WORK, TOO Before going on the trapeze, the guest must first put on a safety harness before being led to a stationary trapeze on the ground. The instructor will then give pointers on how to hang from the bar first by the hands before moving on to try hooking the back of knees on to the handle. Once the basic skills are mastered, the guest is ready to conquer the real thing! The guest would have to climb up a long ladder to reach a ledge where he’ll be hooked up to a cord before the instructor passes him the trapeze handle. The last instructor will be below playing the most important role - controlling the swing and giving cues on what to do when in mid-air. As soon as the guest gets a grip on the trapeze handle, the instructor gives the guest the cue to step off the ledge and start swinging. After a few swings, the guest is encouraged to hook the back of his or her knees on to the handle and hang upside down in the air. Success will usually be greeted with applause from onlookers but those who aren’t as lucky would be cheered on for a second shot. “It is not how strong your arms or leg muscles are, your ear muscles are the most important,” laughs Recreation Manager Alan See, who has been an instructor ever since the start of the Flying Trapeze. “You must remember to listen to instructions on when to hook your legs and when to let go.”

I can fly with no handlebars... not Always wanted to fly in mid-air, only supported by a few wires? Our friend and featured guest, Esther Tan from the School Of Communications and Information, Year 2, did just that and gives an account of her first hand experience at The Flying Trapeze at Sentosa.

here!: Hi Esther! So was it your first time trying this activity? Why don’t you run through with me your emotions from the beginning when you were climbing up the ladder till you were about to step off the platform above? Esther: Yes it was! I never imagined that I’d have the chance to try this ‘ride’ out. Initially I wasn’t feeling much actually! The apparatus didn’t look that far up from where I was standing on the ground. Only until they started strapping us up so tightly around our waists, that was when I started to wonder if this whole thing was safe and then I got a little worried. The apprehension only built up even more when I was climbing up the ladder that seemed never ending. I felt a bit light headed by the time I got to the top and luckily the instructor with me there told me to hold onto this handle at my side when he brought the bar closer to us. I grabbed onto it for my dear life. But shortly later, he told me to let go and hold onto the swinging bar instead. He had to do a lot of convincing and reassuring before I finally trusted him and did what he told me to. Facing out I saw the big open space in front of me and started to panic a little inside and instinctively blanked out. So when he told me to bend my legs and step off at his cue, I just did it without thinking. And I was off! h!: You were successful in hanging your legs after that! Was it easy and how did you feel after that when you were hanging literally upside down! Was it scary? E: When I was swinging mid air, it felt like it was going to be impossible to get my legs up on the bar. But it was surprisingly easy! I think it was the momentum of the swing at the end that helped a lot. It felt like I was kid again, hanging from the monkey bars at the playground. To put it simply, it felt like I was flying. The whole experience was very exhilarating and liberating. I didn’t want it to stop but sadly the momentum eventually wore down and I had to bring myself back upright and begin going back down.

h!: I understand that you take ballet, do you think it’s cause of your background in dance that you were flexible enough to pull off that stunt? E: Not at all! I don’t think the stunt required much flexibility. What I think what was most important was overcoming your initial fear, at least enough to listen to the instructor and then doing what he told me to at every point of time. Then everything became relatively easy! h!: Would you come back again? E: Yes. My body was aching for quite a few days after trying out the trapeze so I think its not only thrilling but also a fun way to work out your core muscles (laughs). h!: Yes I would have to agree with the body aches part! So would you recommend this activity to your friends? E: If they are looking to do something different then yes, I’d recommend them to try this out. It’s a great way to let out some steam and de-stress. The view of the beach from so high up is pretty awesome too! h!: Any advice then to give to anyone giving the flying trapeze a shot? E: Don’t look down! It is natural to feel nervous once you’re up there but just try to listen and do what the instructor tells you to, and enjoy the experience! h!: Finally, to wrap things up, 3 words to describe your overall experience Esther? E: Nerve-wrecking, exhilarating and liberating!



DIVING Mask Allows your eyes to see clearly underwater.



Consists of a dive regulator, tank and buoyancy control device.

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Imagine swimming in the calming stillness of the deep blue, amongst the fishes, playing with sea anemones, light years away from the concrete jungle and all the stress that comes with it. No, I’m not talking about “The Little Mermaid” – I’m talking about diving! Many a diver longs for the ocean, wanting to be part of that world, and if you do too, then perhaps diving is just the thing for you! PADI – has nothing to do with rice.

PADI, or the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, is the world’s leading scuba diving organization. They issue the essential certification needed if you want to dive. Training to get used to the various scuba equipment and apparatus usually takes place either on land or in a swimming pool offshore, and is a necessary procedure before budding divers are allowed to venture out into open water.

Wet Suit Protects from cuts and scrapes and retains heat.

Scuba Equipment 101

Of course, we all wish we could just strip and dive into the ocean just like that, but in real life, some equipment are required. Of course, the kind of equipment you use will depend on what kind of waters you’ll be diving in – temperate or cold water.

Snorkel Allows you to breathe at the surface with your face in the water without wasting air from your scuba unit.



NTU DIVE TEAM Can’t wait to dive? NTU has its very own

Dive Team, and they welcome anyone who’s interested in the sport! We caught up with Shao Xiang, the Vice Chairperson of NTU Dive Team, to find out more about what drives their passion for diving.

here!: Tell us a bit about yourself and NTU Dive Team. Shao Xiang: NTU Dive Team is a group of ocean loving enthusiasts gathered together to promote scuba diving to our fellow NTU schoolmates and also at the same time, raise awareness on the topic of marine conservation. h!: What first got you interested in diving? SX: It was a ‘spur of the moment’ thing actually. My army buddies and I needed a break and we decided picking up scuba diving would be fun and exciting. h!: What about diving makes you passionate about it? SX: Being immersed in an unknown underwater world and discovering an amazing diversity of marine biology is simply fantastic. here!: What are some basic requirements for a Diver? SX: A good measure of water confidence and swimming ability. h!: What are some of the exotic destinations NTU Dive Team has been to? SX: Officially, we have organized trips to Pulau Tioman, Pulau Dayang and Redang, all located in Malaysia. On a private basis, we have been to Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. h!: Share with us one of your high points during your diving career. SX: Seeing the Thresher Shark up close (only 2m apart) at Malapascua Island, Cebu, Philippines. Being able to observe marine life up close is always exciting for me. h!: What would you say to someone who wants to join Dive Team but is apprehensive because of safety fears etc? SX: Don’t worry too much! Scuba Diving is very safe! We have recruited committee members with no experience before. All we want is passion and a good sense of fun from you! h!: Any final words or shoutouts? SX: Our upcoming trip will be held tentatively 11 to 14 March 2011 at Pulau Dayang. Do join us! Visit our website (http://ntudivers. for updates!



20 years

of CLUBBING NTU SPORTS CLUB turns 20 this year.

A Brief History

TEXT Glen Teoh IMAGES Sports Club Archives, Google

NTU SPORTS CLUB was established in 1991 with the aim of promoting

all kinds of sports activities in NTU. It was started by a group of passionate sportsmen who wanted to spread the love of sports to the NTU population. Under the guidance of the Sports & Recreational Centre, Sports Club has grown from a small committee to a full-fledged non-academic constituent club of student leaders under the umbrella of the Student Union. NTU Sports Club organises numerous sports programmes and initiatives every year in its mission to promote sports in NTU; this comprises of, but is not limited to, the 4 national events (Surf N Sweat, Bike Rally, X-Physique & National Vertical Marathon), and internal events catered to NTU Students (Street Challenge, Sports Exposé & Sports Unlimited)

Timeline 1984 – Nanyang Technological Institute Sports Club Established. 1991 – NTI is renamed to NTU. 1991 – NTI Sports Club is re-established as NTU Sports Club. 1993 – 1st Orientation Camp (Sports Unlimited) organised. 1995 – 1st Vertical Marathon organised. 1996 – 1st Surf N Sweat organised. 2003 – 1st X-Physique organised. 2003 – 1st Bike Rally organised. 2008 – Formation of NTU Sports Club Alumni Association (SCAA)



If Sports Club were an animal, what would it be? Mr Soon Min Yam “Dragon. It is flexible since it has the ability to fly through air and swim through water. With its many limbs, the dragon is endowed with coordination agility, which also represents my belief in teamwork.”

Sheryl Low “A galloping horse. It is full of energy and enthusiasm!”

Darren Chua “Adult Kangaroo. Wit and Agility are key attributes for the engagement and organisation of sports. In addition, the pouch of the kangaroo provides a safe refuge for it infant which is akin to how Sports Club provides similar support to their Sub-Clubs as they nurture their development.”

Winston Choo “Eagles. They are famous for their farsighted vision to spot their prey from a distance. Without the vision and ambition, NTUSC will never come this far.”


What’s Up with the Club? We ask our advisors and alumni for their impressions of NTU SPORTS CLUB.

Professor Lok Tat Seng Dean of Students “It has long been recognised that sports is a significant contributor to good education, and I fully subscribe to the view that sports is an essential prerequisite to healthy living. The NTU Sports Club promotes activities that are necessary in a university setting, and the Club is therefore a partner of NTU. I am proud to be associated with the healthy living activities of the NTU Sports Club. On behalf of everyone at the Student Affairs Office, I offer our congratulations to the NTU Sports Club on the occasion of their 20th Anniversary.”

Mr Soon Min Yam Director, Alumni Affairs, NTU “As Director of Alumni Affairs, I work towards cultivating a strong relation with students throughout their years in NTU and provide continuous support of student events. After all, students are our future alumni. Personally, I have a strong passion and zest for sports which led to my close working relationship with Sports Club. This year marks the 20th anniversary of NTU Sports Club and I have witnessed the growth of the Club with the increasing sub clubs and the organisation of events, especially the national events that encourage national participation. ” Having “upgraded” the name personally from “NTU Vertical Marathon” to “National Vertical Marathon”, I feel a strong association with this particular event. The Club has also demonstrated much commitment and hard work, which was evident when it was entrusted to co-ordinate the operations of the 68 relay stations of Run Round Singapore 2010, contributing to the success of the event. Personally, I strongly advocate lifelong enjoyment in sports. Sports allow everyone to bond together regardless of “age, language or religion.” Hence, Sports Club is an excellent platform for people from all walks of life to play sports actively via the 21 sub clubs. Moreover, it also creates an opportunity for sports enthusiasts to hone their leadership skills. I look forward to a more active participation in sports by everyone. Sports for all, sports for life!”

Sheryl Low Deputy Director of NTU Sports & Recreation Centre “The Sports Club comes directly under S&R Centre’s supervision and that gives and allows us (the sports officers as well) to build a close working relationship with the management committee members and in supervising over the Club’s activities. We see our supporting roles as mentors to the Club’s leadership, development, harnessing their management and administrative skills and in adding value to their student experience.

20 Y

I joined NTI in 1989 and there was already an active student sports club then. Hence, NTU Sports Club should have more than 20 years of heritage. Besides the increase in size of committee, sub clubs and projects, it has grown in terms of capability & resourcefulness in managing bigger events. Though the Club may has achieved for itself a reputable image in managing events as the years go by, it must conscientiously be aware that it primary role and that more could be done to promote sports vibrancy on campus via internal events with S & R Centre or its sub club and in supporting & in cultivating the potential and capability of its sub clubs. Overall, however, it has brought good repute to NTU’s name and continues to support and be a part of the hosting of events such as Run Round Singapore 2010, YOG flame relay and more.”


Darren Chua Assistant Manager (Sports), NTU Sports & Recreation Centre “I am the assigned advisor for one of Sports Club’s national event annually and I am currently working with the committee for Surf and Sweat 2011. I am also the advisor for Sub-Clubs under Sports Club such as Aikido and Judo. Furthermore, as the officer in charge of the Re’kre-at program, I handle any enquiries and clarifications required by Sports Club or Sub-clubs with regards to implementing the program. Sub-clubs are instrumental in contributing to the continuity and promotion of the respective sports in NTU and their efforts will enhance the overall development of sports in NTU. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of NTU Sports Club. Most pertinently, the success of the National Events organised by the Sports Club is one of their most prominent contributions in terms of publicity. The numerous internal events and programs run by the Sports Club also contribute to the overall development of Sports and Recreation within the University which provides an avenue for students to engage in sports and activities.”

Winston Chow President of th 18th Sports Club Management Committee “Over the years, NTU Sports Club has been actively helping the school to create a more active and healthy lifestyle for the students, and giving them a break from studies and participate in competitive sports. Street Challenge is a good example that exhibits how NTU sports Club helps the school to engage with the students. Over the years, being the ambitious one, NTU Sports Club is constantly thinking of new events for the students, as well as the public. I remembered that my seniors told me that our National Vertical Marathon used to be a school event and the stairs they used to climb was the one beside the swimming pool, connecting to NYH. After a few tryouts, our seniors decided to bring the event to a national level and it was a great success. Not only did NTUSC achieve a new breakthrough in organising sports events, it also brought fame to our school. Nevertheless, events will never exist without the support from the school, sponsors and helpers. NTUSC became part of my life ever since I joined and the memories I had was priceless. The most memorable experience I had when I was the 18th Com President was the time I had with my fellow committee members. Although there were numerous obstacles ahead of us, we managed to pull it through together. Those were the memories that I will never forget for my whole life. Happy 20th Anniversary NTUSC.”

Leonard Lim Vice-president of th 18th Sports Club Management Committee “With 16 committees before me and many more after me that will bear the responsibilities of managing NTU Sports Club, I would have to say that the passion and spirit of sports club is still strong after 20 years. As a student club whose management changes every year, I am proud that our events continue to grow every year as experiences are passed down from one batch to another. Those experiences and bonds within the club are something I will always take with me.”



Top Marks Rather than spend the holidays yet again out at some rowdy party, why not spend this year's Chinese New Year with a few close family and friends, in a quiet and relaxing yet classy environment? This could happen at Singapore's newly opened 1-Altitude, which provides you the opportunity for three whole new experiences, all while enjoying the breathtaking view from two hundred and eighty two me, tres above sea level. TEXT Heng Yih Fang PHOTOS Internet

The three-storey 1 Altitude establishment occupies the top 2 floors

and the roof of the OUB Building at No 1 Raffles Place, overlooking the business district. On the 61st floor, you can find the aptly-named 282 – an interactive sports lifestyle hub that delivers sports entertainment like no other; on the 62nd floor, Stellar – a restaurant that serves modern cuisine in an unpretentious yet provocative menu of the best seasonal produce; and last but definitely not least, on the rooftop, 1-Altitude – the highest al-fresco gastro bar in the world. 282 provides state of the art sports entertainment, where users can watch the latest international sports programmes, sports updates and news on numerous LCD screens. Why not try out a new sport with City Golf, which provides interactive indoor golf simulator offerings where golfers can tee off from up to 65 world championship golf courses atop Singapore’s tallest building. With drinks and tapas as snacks, this is definitely a place to chill out, catch up with friends, and play amateur golf without any worries that your ball will fly out of the golf course.


On the level above, Stellar adopts an open-kitchen concept instead of a mere open-bar. Wide ranges of different cuisine are available. From sushi and oyster bars, handmade pasta to slow-cooked roasts, Charcuterie platters and the house-cured Wagyu bresaola, the smell wafting out will entice your senses outright. Ideal for couples to spend a romantic night together, or a cosy family dinner, the scenic view captures your attention. Whenever your eyes are not focused on the delightful dishes, that is. Life seems to get better as we get even higher (pun intended), as we proceed on to 1 Altitude Gallery & Bar at the rooftop. Here, an unrestricted 360-degree view of the Singapore landscape greets you along with the gentle night breeze. The vibe channeled here is akin to a Morocco-meets-Manhattan-night; relaxed yet sophisticated. Let yourself soak in the atmosphere as you lounge on day beds and cosy comfortable corners while nibbling on homemade Turkish Flat Breads and Spicy Ground Lamb with Fontina Cheese. With live music and deejays spinning the latest tunes, you can be sure to let loose or even show off your dance moves underneath palm trees at a lowered arena in the center.

No matter which of the three you choose to visit, there will be 3 all new, unforgettable, panoramic-view experiences provided by 1 Altitude. No prizes for guessing what's at the top of your list now. 35

Your Unofficialto Maintain GuideWeight TEXT Leong Kah Ming PHOTOS Internet

The World Health Organization estimates 1 billion overweight adults in the world. And surely YOU (the hot babe or hunk reading this) do not fall into that category. Maybe you are bordering your ideal hot sexy weight category and that, so this article will prove useful. We all have enough of our government and teachers warning us about obesity health risks, so I will spare you that drip drip drip water-torture-like reiteration and instead, provide some wacky yet logical tips on how to maintain your weight during the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Tip 1: Eat Breakfast Nutritionists for years have concluded breakfast as the most important meal of the day. It is as it is, your breaking of fast. It breaks the fast your body had during the night and provides you with fuel to start your day with. It prevents you from overeating during lunch too.


Tip 2: Regular Sleeping Hours Of course, it follows that you have to maintain regular sleeping hours in order to enjoy your breakfast. You certainly cannot have breakfast if you are sleeping at 5 am and waking at 2 pm. Rest sufficiently so your body can naturally maintain its own ideal weight.

Tip 3: Limit Certain Foods Again, it follows that if you are the type who sleeps like that owl as mentioned above, you are always tempted with that “M” delivery or the like. THOSE ARE SUPER UNHEALTHY FOODS!!! Be like me and NEVER NEVER NEVER touch fast food. Firstly, there is the salt and msg, then there is the Trans Fats which clog your arteries for life. Coupled with your lack of sleep, your arteries are clogged even more because your body is not able to process fats away. But it is not just fast food that you should limit, any food that is overly unhealthy should be eaten in moderation. Making small changes can be a good start too. How about eating fries without salt or ketchup? How about eating boiled or grilled meat instead of fried meat?

Tip 4: Snack Healthily Ditch the chips. Ditch the chocolates. Ditch the candies. Ditch everything except for carrots, celeries, broccoli, leeks, zucchinis, parsleys, turnips and beetroots. Can you do that? Even I can’t. So maybe do not ditch that many. Nor pick up that many of the vegies. But have a variety. Or go for alternatives. Have fruit juice or yoghurt drinks in place of a fizzy drink. Have “healthier snack” labelled snacks for snacks. Take an energy bar. Chew on a vitamin C gummy. Yum!

Tip 5: Hydrate Studies have shown that a well hydrated person is less likely to feel hungry. Therefore, ensure you are well hydrated. Oftentimes, your thirst is mistaken to be your hunger. So, drink, and drink up lots every time you get the chance. A good advice is “half full water bottle, let’s drink up!!!”

Tip 6: Keep Moving Lastly, never stop. Always be up to something. So long as you are relaxing one corner and not doing anything, you are lowering your metabolism and you are well on your way to putting on weight. Be it exercising or just simple active stuff like walking, climbing stairs, sweeping, mopping, cleaning, washing clothes, just do it! Exercising 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time is awesome, but at times if it is not possible, do your whole family’s laundry for everyday of the week then. Your parents will definitely appreciate it!


How many Times Was the ping pong table wipeD ? TEXT Leong Kah Ming PHOTOS Google

If I were a sports beat reporter, I would report sports events to the minutest detail. I would not cover how victories were achieved through sweat and tears, nor on the pride deserved in breaking records; instead I would leave that to the mediocre and dumb reporters that our earth has in abundance. If I were covering Diving, I would report the number of oscillations the springboard makes after Tom Daley’s plunge. This figure can be used to determine the rigidity of the board, proving its compliance to Olympic standards or uncovering some tampering to give unfair advantages to certain divers. If I were covering Tennis, I would detail how many times Raphael Nadal adjusts his underwear. That frequency will demonstrate the robustness and vigour he plays with. The more he adjusts, the more likely he will return far flung balls, the more likely he will win the match, or not. Only such data will tell, right? If I were covering Swimming, I would state how many ripples Michael Phelps makes per butterfly stroke. It helps other swimmers learning or perfecting the hardest yet most beautiful stroke in swimming know how they fare in comparison with the world’s best. The more ripples, or splash even, made per stroke could determine one’s proficiency in swimming or splashing. If I were covering Badminton, I would note the number of feathers displaced from the shuttlecock after Lin Dan’s smash. Poor chickens. Need I say more? If I were covering F1 Grand Prix, I would note the car plate number of Louis Hamilton’s crashed car. Not only that, the time of the crash, the date of the crash, even the longitude and latitude of the crash (as seen in my GPS) will all be noted. Failure to do so is disastrous for a chance at luck has vanished, and will yet be catastrophic especially if the next day’s winning lottery numbers compare. I could even engage a strategic collaboration with the luck bestowing authority to help spur economic growth with higher consumer spending on luck. Needless to say, the number of times the Ping Pong table was wiped during Li Jiawei’s match has to be noted. It is of national interest to know how much saline blessings the opponent leaves behind for our players after each change of sides. What great sports reporting will I make! It is not about reporting from a relevant angle, nor covering a broad angle, rather, it is about reporting from the right angle, the one coming from (not the one going off) the tangent. If I were a sports beat reporter, I would do just that and more. But I am not. (The writer is the Features Editor of this magazine, known for his selfishness in not letting others emulate his impeccable reporting style.)






TEXT Claire Yeoh PHOTOS Kandace Lim

What do you get when you mix seven bands, screaming fangirls and crazy fanboys? The most epic k-pop concert. Ever.

FT Island

Okay, so sitting a gazillion meters away from the stage with over-exuberant fanboys jumping in their seats wasn’t my idea of THE k-pop event of the year, but hey, at least I got to see the stars (while you probably had to rely on shaky fancams on YouTube). Teasing aside, the Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 last October was one of the largest kpop concerts to be held in Singapore. A definite crowd-puller, it was a full house of 8,000 concertgoers at the Expo. The show got off to a rousing start with FT Island, but was unfortunately marred by the wonky sound system. So any flaws in lead vocalist Lee Hongki’s singing (what were you thinking, of course there wasn’t any) – blame it on the sound system! Thankfully, things picked up mid-way through and they pleased the crowd with numbers like ‘Love Love Love’. Up next was D.NA, who opted for slower tempo songs to display their strong vocals. It’s no wonder they’re touted the next Dong Bang Shin Ki – think aura and glow. (Ok, no. Scrap that thought. No one can compare to the DBSK!) *Editor’s note: Before I go on and lest you think that I’m just another obsessed k-pop fan, I should assure you that I am writing this piece from a very objective point of view. I try.

Big Bang

Nine-member group ZE:A then took to the stage with their energetic performances of ‘Mazeltov’ and ‘Level Up’, while Infinite wowed the audience with their synchronized, slick dance moves, definitely not something you would expect from a rookie group. And if fans were disappointed at SHINee member Kim Jonghyun’s absence (he was unable to attend due to an ankle injury), they sure didn’t show it. It was pure mayhem as fans surged forward to catch the idol group up close. The next moment was one that ardent fanboys had been dreaming of. Girls’ Generation got fans on a high with their sexy dance moves and cute marine jumpsuits. You might have heard about the fan who fainted, but how about certain fanboys who were seen fighting over a pair of binoculars just to zoom in on who-knows-what? Big Bang, however, was the highlight of the show, performing a total of seven songs. Unlike the previous acts, they didn’t need cool dance moves to captivate the crowd. Their natural stage presence and catchy hip-hop tunes were enough to drive fans wild as they rocked to songs such as ‘Gara Gara Go’ and even quieter numbers like ‘Day by Day’. The massive line-up of idol groups was a major treat for any k-pop lover. But for those of you who missed the concert, don’t fret. They’ll probably be back in no time. In fact, Korean acts have become so common here that local blogs like Tiffany in Kimchiland have constant updates for fans who may want to catch their favorite stars in action. Now please excuse me while I count my savings for the next k-pop escapade.


Film 2011 Preview TEXT Tay Qiao Hui PHOTOS Google

2011 is a New Year with a new range of films waiting for you; we bring you the run-down on what to expect in 2011.

Science Fiction

Blockbuster Sequels

Super 8

9 June

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

14 July

In typical J.J. Abrams fashion, little information is available about the movie, just like for his previous monster movie Cloverfield. Although there were initial Internet speculations that Super 8 will be a sequel or prequel to Cloverfield, Abrams has clarified that the two are unrelated. So, what exactly will Super 8 be about? From the teaser trailer, it can be gathered that it is a sci-fi thriller set in 1979 America, with probable alien intervention. If you are interested to know more, you could log on to their viral site,, and interact with an old-school computer terminal to gain little tidbits of information. Trivia: The title is a reference to old Super 8 film cameras that Abrams and producer Steven Spielberg reportedly used as kids.

For one last time, join Harry, Ron and Hermione on their adventures in the wizarding world. Horcruxes will be destroyed, Hallows will be gathered and questions will be answered. Part 2 will centre around the much-anticipated final battle at Hogwarts, with Harry and friends making a final stand against the evil Voldemort and his gang of death eaters. As the grand finale for the decade-long magical film franchise, HP7 looks to be the summer blockbuster of the year.

Other Sci-fi flicks to look out for: I am Number Four (24 Feb) Apollo 18 (3 Mar) Paul (12 May) Cowboys and Aliens (11 Aug) The Thing (13 Oct)

Trivia: For the very first time, the entire film will be presented in 3D! Other Sequels to look out for: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (19 May) Transformers: Dark of the Moon (30 June) The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (24 Nov) Sherlock Holmes 2 (15 Dec)


Note: Release dates are subject to change.

Animation The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn

10 Nov

This motion-capture film by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson brings to life the popular comic book series by Belgian artist Hergé. Based on the books The Crab with the Golden Claws, The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham’s Treasure, the movie revolves around Belgian reporter Tintin and his adventures with his faithful dog Snowy. Fans of the series will also recognise other characters such as the badtempered alcoholic Captain Haddock, the hilarious detective twins Thomson and Thompson and the villain pirate Red Rackham. Other Animationed Films for the whole family:

Rango (10 March) Rio (7 April) Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom (26 May) Happy Feet 2 (17 Nov) The Smurfs (1 Sep)

Romance Gnomeo & Juliet

28 April

Superheroes Thor

28 April Thor tells the story of Thor Odinson, the arrogant God of Thunder (based on Norse mythology) who is banished to Earth for starting a war. During his time on Earth, he not only finds love (in the form of a beautiful scientist) but also understands what being a hero really entails. Thor will be the fourth film released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a shared fictional universe for films based on Marvel Comics and released by Marvel Studios. The previous films were Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk, while Captain America will be the next in the series. Trivia: Rather than film in an existing town, an entire town was constructed in Galisteo, New Mexico for the film.

Other Superheroes coming your way: Captain America: The First Avenger (4 Aug) The Green Lantern (16 June) The Green Hornet (2 Feb) X- Men: First Class (2 June)

An unconventional romantic comedy, Gnomeo and Juliet is classic Shakespeare with an unexpected twist: Romeo and Juliet are now little garden gnomes. With forbidden love between the titular characters and obstacles such as a feud between their families (the Red and Blue Gnomes), this adaptation captures the essence of the original. However, it will be interesting to see how the original tragic ending will play out in this family-friendly love story. Trivia: The movie will also feature the music of Elton John, Lady Gaga and Nelly Furtado, just to name a few.

Other upcoming Romance Films: No Strings Attached (17 Feb) Jane Eyre (11 Mar) Water for Elephants (7 Jul) The Zookeeper (11 Aug) New Years’ Eve (8 Dec)



It’s time for fall again. This fall is unsurprising, as fashion trends incorporate the usual fall colours such as grey and black, which certainly makes things easier for the unadventurous to appear chic. How then can the rest of us conscious fashionistas stand out? Let’s break down some of the more outstanding runway trends this fall and find out how to make them work. TEXT Heng Yih Fang PHOTOS Google

ANIMAL PRINTS Yes, animal prints are still around, but in order not to look ‘shingz’, opt for a statement piece with other staples so you won’t look like you just escaped from a zoo. Match prints with safe fall colours such as grey, muted pink and cream to unleash your wild side without going overboard.

TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS wear them the right way With the cooler climate approaching (imaginatively, since we are in Singapore, afterall), pair your tunics with leggings or tights to create a different look for fall. Though fall definitely brings to mind dreary colours, inject some liveliness into your outfit by jazzing it up with printed or coloured tights. Just make sure that they are opaque or in block colours as these would work best with fall outfits. Keep the top simple if you are intending to wear printed tights, and try white this season to show off your legs. Most importantly, TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS, so make sure your top covers your bum! Style tip: White leggings are HOT this season!

SHAKE YOUR BOOTIE The choice of footwear leans towards booties this fall, in materials such as suede and leather. Safer colour options include tan and grey, and choose booties with chunkier heels for a more stylistic image. A lace-up bootie would give off a more preppy feel, whereas a slip on bootie exudes an androgynous feel which would work best in an all black outfit, and perhaps adding a biker jacket for the additional punch.


LEATHER Singapore might not experience the chilly fall, but we have our cold lecture halls to make up for it. Stock up in outerwear suitable for fall by cutting down the layers and choosing the right fabric. A full leather outfit is impossible in sweltering Singapore but we can channel the same feel with a leather skirt. However, pick a leather skirt that is longer in length and be sure to keep the rest of your outfit sleek and sophisticated. Else, a totally undesirable image may transpire. Defy the norms expected of black leather and choose brown or tan for a refreshing look that is not too harsh.

Turnheadsthisfallbyweavingthesetrendsintoyoureverydayoutfits.Do not,however,attempttocombineallthestylesfeatured,ifnotyoumayjust attract attention for all the wrong reasons. AND LACE... If leather is too hot (pun intended) for you, cardigans and sweaters are the next safest bet. Throw on cardigans of different colours to spice up your normal outfit, or opt for cropped cute cardigans this season. Lace inserts or overlays add a feminine touch to the dull fall colours. A structured cropped jacket in tweed transcends the feeling of fall while staying cool!) The details on this cropped sweater are oh-so-cute and reminds us so much of fall!) Style tip: Use a belt when wearing a loose-fitting cardigan to create a shapelier silhouette!

BRING ON THE BLINK Accessories continue to steal the show this season. Jewels and feathers adorn our crowning glory. Be bold and add not just the bling, but the colour as well. Such necklaces compliment plain tops best, and gives an edge to your existing outfit. Dramatic feather hairpieces draw attention to your delicate features, and look great with either updos or long flowy tresses, adding on to the romantic feel of fall.



What you can look out for!



Sports Exposé

Contract Bridge (National Bridge League’11)

Surf N Sweat Bike Rally Surfing (National Novices)

Bowling (NTU-NUS Showdown) Lifeguard Corps (Swimfest 2011)

Windsurfing (NTU Open)

Cheerleading (Singapore National Cheerleading Championships)

Contract Bridge (NTU Open Pairs)

Floorball (Novice Open)

Judo (Martial Arts Workshop)

Tennis (NTU Novice)

Tennis (Tennis League)

Taekwondo (NTU TOC)

Bowling (NTU invitationals)

NTU Handball Carnival

Judo (Inter-Tertiary Judo Championship)








is indeed an honour to be elected President of the 20th Sports Club Main Committee. NTU Sports Club is a non-profit organisation consisting of fun-loving individuals who are sports enthusiasts. We aim to encourage not just the NTU population, but the general public to adopt a healthy lifestyle in an enjoyable way via sportings events. This year is no exception. There will definitely be exciting and challenging events like Surf and Sweat, National Vertical Marathorn, X-Physique and Bike Rally that are much awaited for coming up!




HERE Feb Mar 2011  

NTU Sports Club's HERE Magazine

HERE Feb Mar 2011  

NTU Sports Club's HERE Magazine