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If you’re looking for a pet that is fun and cuddly to play with, you came to the right place!!! You should buy a kitten! Kittens are friendly and playful. They are also warm and fluffy.

They are lots of different cat breeds; here are some breeds: Abyssinian

Abyssinians may have been Egyptian Cats long time ago.

American Bobtail

Bobtails are playful, energetic, and friendly.

American Curl

Curls have long furry tail

American Whitehair Wirehairs are people cats that crave human attention and affection.


Balinese cats are smart, playful, and nice to have around.


The Bengal is a friendly cat.


Birmans are affectionate, gentle, and faithful.


The Bombay is not independent cat.

British Shorthair British Shorthair cats will loot your refrigerator and swing dizzily from your chandeliers


Burmese are amusing, smart, and the perfect cats for a nice cozy home.


Chartreux cats may have been taken in by those monks long ago to rid the monastery of vermin.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rexes like to be loved by.

Cats are easier than any other pet including dogs, and fish. All you have to do is change the liter box. You can also leave them by themselves

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Buy a litter box 2. Buy litter box scooper 3. Buy a water bowl 4. Buy cat nip/food. 5. Scratch board/pad (usually cardboard) 6. A soft blanket 7. Buy toys( bells, balls of string, catnip, plastic balls‌e.t.c.) 8. Baking soda (optional for litter odor) 9. And CARE and LOVE!!! So you basically only need to buy the litter box, the baking soda (optional) and the cat food!!!

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Thank You‌

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A pamphlet about why it is fun to have a cat as a pet and makes recommendations about kinds of cats that are good as pets.