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National Taiwan University Library 國立臺灣大學圖書館 s i n c e

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Brief History




Sites and Floor Plans






Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Resource Center




Vision and Perspectives

簡 史  

Brief History

1928 年臺北帝國大學成立之初,以原臺北高等農林學校校舍為基礎,圖書館亦於同 年 3 月由總督府營繕課負責興建館舍,稱為「臺北帝國大學附屬圖書館」。1945 年

臺灣光復,同年 11 月 15 日政府接收「臺北帝國大學」,更名為「國立臺灣大學」, 圖書館亦同時改隸,溯至本館創設,至今已近 90 年歷史。

圖書館新館自 1986 年 7 月規劃施工以迄落成歷經 12 年,於 1998 年 11 月正式啟用。

新館建築以山牆、拱窗作為舊總圖書館建築語彙的延伸,具有承先啟後的意義;而對 稱穩重的造型亦有傳達知識殿堂的意涵。自此,各式服務邁入新的里程,新館集中校

總區原有 34 所院系圖書館(室),得以有效紓解過去分散式人力配置的窘困,提供 集中典藏空間,並解決讀者以往費時奔波各館(室)間查詢資料之辛勞,進而提供多 元化、專業化與效率化之服務。

自此,圖書館於館藏量、特藏資源、自動化程度、開館時間、服務質量、館際合作方面, 皆領先國內各大學圖書館。且自 2005 年承擔校史館營運、統籌與協調本校博物館群 運作等重任,已成為國內大學圖書館之典範。

National Taiwan University (NTU) was originally established as the Taihoku Imperial University in March 1928 by the Japanese colonial government. The library was built in the same year to support academic research. With the end of World War II in 1945, the university was handed over to the government of the Republic of China and changed to its current name. As a result, the library has become the National Taiwan University Library. The NTU Library as it is today officially opened to the public in November 1998 after 12 years of planning and construction. The building was designed in the spirit of the original building: robust and symmetrical, it retained the arched windows, gables and piazza, providing a sanctuary for study. Most of the university’s previously dispersed departmental libraries have been integrated and the library is now able to provide a comprehensive library service. The NTU Library is currently the nation’s leading university library in terms of its collection size, special collections, degree of automation, operation hours, service quality, and the interlibrary loan services it possesses. Furthermore, since 2005, the library has undertaken the operations at NTU History Gallery, as well as the organization and coordination of the NTU Museums. The library has become an exemplar for other university libraries within the nation.


歷任館長 L i s t 姓 名

of University Librarians





Tyôzaburô Tanaka

昭和 4 年



Masatsugu Ando

昭和 10 年



Tokuichi Shiraki

昭和 15 年



Kazumi Yano

昭和 16 年



Jing-Rang Yu

民國 34 年 11 月 ( 代理 )

Nov. 1945 (Deputy)


Shou-Kang Fan

民國 36 年 10 月

Oct. 1947w


Hsiang-Yu Su

民國 38 年 6 月

Jun. 1949


Zu-Zan Yang

民國 61 年 8 月

Aug. 1972


Chieh-Lin Hsu

民國 70 年 2 月

Feb. 1981


Hsing-Hsia Chen

民國 70 年 8 月

Aug. 1981


Kuang-Mei Lin

民國 82 年 11 月 ( 代理 )

Nov. 1993 (Deputy)


Ming-Der Wu

民國 85 年 2 月

Feb. 1996

項 潔

Jieh Hsiang

民國 91 年 8 月

Aug. 2002


Hsueh-Hua Chen

民國 97 年 8 月

Aug. 2008


Kuang-Hua Chen

民國 105 年 8 月

Aug. 2016



Reader Services Division 辦理閱覽、讀者服務、館際合作 及流通等業務。


This division is responsible for general reader services, including circulation and interlibrary loan services.

館長 University Librarian 承校長之命,主持 全校圖書館業務。

The University Librarian, by order of the principal, presides over the operations of all NTU libraries.

Subject Services Division 辦理參考諮詢、利用指導、支援教師教學研究及 系所聯繫等業務。


This division is responsible for providing reference service, library orientation, faculty teaching and research support, as well as maintaining contact with university departments and institutes.

副館長 Associate University Librarian

Special Collections Division 辦理中外文善本資料、線裝書、地區研究資料、校史資



This division is responsible for the collection, preservation, and reader services for the library’s special collections, digital archives and notable acquisitions.

Collection Services Division 辦理典藏資料管理、自動化高密度書庫籌備與營運、 讀者服務等業務。


The Associate University Librarian assists the University Librarian in handling library operations.


This division oversees the maintenance of all materials in the Main Library except the special collections, and manages the Automated Storage and Retrieval System.

Library Extension Services Division 辦理參訪導覽、推廣活動、文宣與出版品編製等業務。

This division is responsible for providing library tours, publication of library manuals and brochures, and organizes extension activities for the library’s collections.



校史館 營運組



This division artifacts tha

Acquisitions Division


辦理各類型資料之採訪、徵集、交換、贈送、裝訂及館藏採購經 費之管理執行與控制等業務。

This division is responsible for acquiring research materials in all formats for the library. This division is also in charge of donations, exchanges, journal subscriptions, invoice payments and budget control.


Bibliographic Services Division


Library Committee

辦理館藏資料之分類、編目、加工及書目資料維護等業務。 This division is responsible for cataloging, classifying, book processing and the maintenance of the library holdings.

由各學院推派教師及學 生代表組成,每學期召 開一次會議以協助推展 圖書館業務。

Information Technology Services Division


The Library Committee consists of professors from each college as well as student representatives who advise on library operations and developments.



The division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the library’s automation system and network connections.

Administration Division 辦理預算編列、財產管理、館舍安全清潔及公文收發等業務。

This division is responsible for budget planning, facilities management, library building maintenance, and other administrative tasks.

Office of the University Librarian




The Office of the University Librarian assists the University Librarian in planning, overseeing, and directing the execution of various operations.

Social Science Resources Services Division 負責營運社會科學院辜振甫先生紀念圖書館。




This division is responsible for the operations of Koo Chien-Fu Memorial Library.

Medical Library 辦理醫學院圖書分館各項服務。

This division is responsible for a variety of services provided for Medical Campus.

ty History Affairs Division


n is in charge of arranging exhibitions and tours for the Gallery of NTU History, documenting the oral histories of alumni, and collecting memorials and at mark each step of the university’s history. It is also responsible for coordinating campus-wide operations between members of the NTU Museums.




Sites & Floor Plans 館舍

由於校區分散及歷史淵源,目前除總圖書館,尚有社會科學院辜振甫先生紀念圖書館、 醫學院圖書分館,以及數學、物理、化學、海洋、圖書資訊以及法律等 6 個院系所圖

書室。總館提供各項讀者服務,並集中處理各館藏單位之書刊徵集、分類編目等事宜。 Due to its historical background and dispersed campuses, in addition to the Main Library, the University Library system also contains two site libraries: the Koo Chen-Fu Memorial Library, College of Social Sciences and the Medical Library. There are also six departmental libraries for the departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Oceanography, Library & Information Science, and the College of Law. While all the libraries provide circulation services, the processes of acquisition, cataloging, and administration support are conducted from the Main Library.


Floor Plan

總圖 書館

Main Library



Rare Books, Area Studies Collection, Thread-Bound Books, and Miscellaneous Collection


科技圖書、科技參考書、西文社會科學圖書、輿圖區、多媒體 服務中心

Monographic Collection for Science & Technology, Reference Collection for Science & Technology, Western Monographic Collection for Social Sciences, Map Collection and Multimedia Services Center


裝訂期刊區、臺大人文庫 Bound Periodicals and NTU Collected Works


人文圖書區、中日韓文社會科學圖書、藝術資料區、密集書庫、 裝訂報紙區

Monographic Collection for Humanities and Social Sciences, Fine Arts Collection, Music Books Area, Compact Stack and Bound Newspapers



師指定參考書區、一般及人文社會參考書區、東亞經典與文化 研究資料專區

Circulation and Reference Services, Current Periodicals, Daily Newspapers, Course Reserves, Reference Collection for General, Humanities, and Social Sciences, East Asian Classics & Cultures Collection


本校博碩士論文專室、專藏文庫及調閱書庫、一般自習室、24 小時自習室、國際會議廳、學習開放空間、臺灣原住民族圖書 資訊中心

NTU Dissertations, Individual Collections & Closed Stacks, Study Room, Auditorium, Learning Commons and Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Resource Center

全館尚有 64 間研究小間,4 間討論室,各樓層皆備有公用電腦 及影印室,並提供無線上網服務。

The Main Library houses 64 closed study carrels and 4 group discussion rooms. Computers for searching the library’s online catalog, photocopiers, and Wi-Fi are provided on each floor of the library.


臺大人文庫 NTU Collected Works

承蒙川流基金會董事長李華林博士(1957 年藥學系畢業),余舜華博士(1959 年農化

系畢業)及鄭富美女士(1964 年護理系畢業)三位校友慷慨捐款贊助,打造專屬臺大

人典藏空間,收藏豐富多元的臺大人著作,彰顯臺大人整體學術能量。其於 2007 年本 校校慶開幕,迄今已收到 720 餘位校友贈書逾 8,000 件。

The NTU Collected Works room was funded through generous donations from three NTU alumni: Dr. Hwalin Lee, Chairman of the Chuan Lyu Foundation (Class of 1957, School of Pharmacy), Dr. Shun-hwa Yu (Class of 1959, Department of Agricultural Chemistry), and Ms. Fu-mei Zheng (Class of 1964, Department of Nursing). The NTU Collected Works was officially inaugurated on November 15, 2007 on the university’s anniversary. It maintains archives of publications by authors associated with NTU. It highlights the academic achievements of NTU faculty, staff, retirees, alumni, and current students. To date, the archive has received over 8,000 book donations from over 720 alumni.


Zu-Zan Hall

楊日然教授曾任本校法律學系系主任、法研所所長、第四、五屆司法院大法官以及本 館館長達 8 年有餘,深受法界與學界推崇。承蒙受業學生 1977 級法律系校友捐款闢建

展覽專用空間,命名「日然廳」以茲感念,並於 2013 年 12 月 4 日楊教授八十冥誕日 揭牌啟用。對館藏行銷、藝文推展有實際助益。

The late Prof. Zu-Zan Yang was the Dean of NTU’s College of Law, Chair of the Graduate Law Institute, Grand Justice for the fourth and fifth term, and University Librarian for more than 8 years, earning much respect from the academia and the legal community. Donated by the Class of 1977 alumni of NTU College of Law, the “Zu-Zan Hall” was built as a gallery space in memory and honor of Professor Yang. The hall opened on December 4, 2013, Professor Yang’s 80th birth anniversary, and has had substantially benefitted the marketing of library collections and the propagation of the arts and humanities.


學習開放空間 Learning Commons

2006 年由本校教務處教學發展中心與本館共同籌畫,分為諮詢小間、會議室、投影區

與沙發區等區域,是提供學生輕鬆閱讀、上網搜尋資料或進行小型讀書會、課業討論、 語言交換的好地方。

In 2006, the NTU Library, in cooperation with the NTU Center for Teaching and Learning Development, created a Learning Commons on the B1 floor. The Learning Commons is divided into four areas: Discussion Room, Conference Room, Projection Area, and Lounge Area. Students may choose to read in the relaxed environment, browse the internet, or conduct language exchanges. It is also suitable for small study and discussions groups.




Koo Chen-Fu Memorial Library

社會科學院辜振甫先生紀念圖書館於 2014 年 9 月 15 日隨著社會科學院遷回校總區新


館藏整併自城中校區的法律暨社會科學院圖書分館(簡稱法社分館 )、法律政治研究圖

書室及經濟學研究所圖書室等三館舍之館藏資源。行政編制方面,原法社分館組織自 2014 年 9 月 1 日起更名為社會科學資源服務組,負責本館及法律學院圖書館營運。

本館以成為國內社會科學研究重鎮的目標邁進,目前遷入新館實體館藏約 26 萬冊,其

中特色館藏為日治時代法政、經濟與東南亞研究為主的圖書與期刊約 12 萬冊。學科館

員則就近提供服務,針對系所教研需求,加強學科諮詢、教育訓練、展示推廣等活動。 The Koo Chen-Fu Memorial Library opened on September 15, 2014 with the relocation of the College of Social Sciences to a new building located on the main campus. The Library aims to support teaching and research in the College of Social Sciences and to bolster academic achievements. The physical collections are a consolidation of the holdings at the Law and Social Sciences Library, the Law and Political Science Research Library, and the Library of the Graduate Institute of Economics located at the Downtown Campus. The original administrative body of the Law and Social Sciences Library was renamed the Social Sciences Resource Division on September 1, 2014 and is in charge of the operations of Koo Chen-Fu Memorial Library and the College of Law Library. The Library seeks to become the hub of social sciences research in the country. Current library holdings number around 260,000 printed books. Among those are featured collections of over 120,000 publications on law, politics, economics, and Southeast Asian studies of the Japanese colonial period. The subject librarians provide services nearby, such as strengthening reference services, library orientation, and extension services accordingly to meet the faculty’s needs.


Floor Plan 2F


Bound Periodicals, Briefing Room, Discussion Room, Study Room



電子資源檢索、開架閱覽室、多媒體 區、學科諮詢櫃檯

Circulation Service, Newspapers, Current Periodicals, Computer Lab, Open Shelf Area, Mulitimedia Area, Reference Service


閉架書庫 Closed Shelves


二樓中央樓層,使用樓板面積 4,645 平方公尺,提供 450 個閱覽席次,最富設計精髓

的一樓開架閱覽室,由 88 支樹狀柱結構屋頂與 130 座形狀不一的天窗造型,搭配竹集

成材書架及桌椅,打造一座宛如森林般的閱覽空間。社科院遷院計畫歷經 12 年籌備, 再經過 4 年半的興建與搬遷,校友辜振甫學長生前及其家族對大樓興建及圖書館裝修

慷慨捐款,本校特將社科院圖書館空間命名為「辜振甫先生紀念圖書館」,以茲感念。 The new College of Social Sciences building was designed by the famous Japanese architect Toyo ITO. The library is located at the center of the building, from B1 to the second floor, with an area of 4, 645 square meters, and provides 450 seats for readers. The open shelf area on the first floor is one of the most uniquely designed sections—supported by 88 white columns designed to resemble trees with 130 irregularly shaped skylights. Coupled with the stacked bamboo bookshelves and furniture, a forest-like reading space is created. The relocation of the College of Social Sciences took 12 years of planning followed by 4.5 years of construction and moving. The university has specially named the library as “Koo Chen-Fu Memorial Library” in dedication to alumni Chen-Fu Koo for his and his family’s generous donations to the project.


醫學院 圖書分館

Medical Library

國立臺灣大學醫學院圖書分館(簡稱醫分館)是國內歷史最悠久且館藏最豐富之醫學 圖書館,其發軔可追溯到 1899 年 4 月,時稱「臺灣總督府醫學校圖書室」,1936 年 改稱「臺北帝國大學附屬圖書館醫學部分室」,1945 年臺灣光復,更名為「國立臺灣

大學醫學院圖書分館」,並沿用至今。1989 年 4 月遷至現址;1991 年 2 月臺大醫院圖

書室與醫分館合併;1992 年 11 月及 1994 年 7 月護理系及公共衛生學院先後將其圖書 資料移至醫分館。自此,醫分館擔負提供醫學校區醫學資訊與服務之責,主要服務對

象為本校醫學院、公衛學院之教職員工生及臺大醫院之醫護人員,服務人數逾 1 萬人,



(Health Sciences)相關資料為主要蒐藏範圍,蒐藏之資料類型包括圖書、期刊、視

聽資料及電子資源等,目前館藏量已達 25 萬冊以上,並設有 RFID 自助借還書機,增

加讀者借還書之便利性。另外,為提昇校區同仁之人文素養,培養學生的人文關懷, 醫分館特設置醫學人文區,專架陳列臺灣醫療史、臺灣醫界人物傳記、醫學校區發展

歷史、醫學與人文等主題之相關資料。醫分館亦定期舉辦各項活動,以推廣館藏與服 務。

National Taiwan University’s Medical Library is the oldest medical library with the largest medical collection in Taiwan. Founded in 1899 along with the Medical School of Taiwan Governor-General’s Office, it was merged with the Taihoku Imperial University in 1936, and was renamed the Medical Branch of Taihoku Imperial University Library. Its present name was adapted after World War II with the renaming of National Taiwan University. The library moved to its current location in April 1989. After combining collections with the Medical School Affiliated Hospital Library in 1991, the Department of Nursing in 1992 and the College of Public Health in 1994, the Medical Library became the medical information service center for the Medical campus. In addition to serving NTU faculties and students, the library is also open to the general public. The Medical Library aims to support the teaching, research, and healthcare services of the university’s medical and health care faculties, staffs and students, thus the library’s collection focuses on health sciences and its related subjects, including biology, chemistry, and psychology. Currently, the library holds more than 250,000 items, including books, journals, audiovisual materials and electronic resources. RFID SelfCheck systems are equipped in the library to enhance its circulation services. In order to advance humanism and humanities in medical education and healthcare services, a Medical Humanities Area has been established to display resources in related fields, such as books about Taiwan’s medical history. Library tours, orientations, and many other activities are held at the Medical Library to promote its collections and services.


Floor Plan 4F


電子資源檢索區、教材製作區、 多媒體播放區、視聽室、 簡報室、會議室


Multimedia Learning Center Electronic Resources Retrieval Area, Instructional Material Production Area, Multimedia Broadcasting Area, Audiovisual Room, Briefing Room, Conference Room Carrels



核心館藏、教師指定參考書、 學位論文、討論室

新書展示區 開架圖書室


Reference Room Core Collections, Course Reserves, Dissertations, Seminar Rooms New Acquisitions Display Area Open Stacks Monographs, Bound Chinese Periodical



Current Periodical Room


Medical Humanities Area, Student Printing Service


Bound Periodical Room


Collaborative Room



師長推薦圖書資料區 RFID 自助還書機 閱報休憩區



Circulation Desk Recommended Books Area RFID Self-Check Machine Newspapers and Rest Area Leisure Books Area (Stairway between 1st and 2nd floors ) Computers for searching the library’s online catalog and photocopiers are also provided on each floor of the library





均予收藏。截至 2015 年 12 月底止全校庋藏圖書已逾 420 萬冊 / 件、期刊 19,000 餘種、

資料庫 560 餘種、電子書 2,899,000 餘種、電子期刊 52,000 餘種、報紙 27 種、多媒體 資源逾 39 萬件,為國內收藏資料最多的大學圖書館。

本館自 2004 年起開始有系統地徵集網路上免費且具學術價值之資訊,並建置本校機構

典藏(NTU Institutional Repository)系統提供全國研究人員多元且豐富的研究資料。

目前徵集具體成效有:公開取用電子書 226,000 餘種、公開取用電子期刊 12,800 餘種、 學術資源網超過 58,000 個、臺灣網站典藏庫超過 6,700 個網站及臺大機構典藏系統 209,000 餘筆資料。

本館經指定為我國政府出版品寄存圖書館之一,並與 60 餘個國家地區共 8,000 餘個學 術及研究機構維持出版品之交換贈送關係,達到促進校際、國際間學術交流之目的。

圖書館收藏中外文古籍善本資料 25 餘萬件,為國內各大學之最,如淡新檔案、明版線 裝書、琉球歷代寶案、西洋搖籃期刊本等均至為珍貴。



The mission of the library is to fulfill the teaching, learning, and research needs of students and professors at the university. The library collection includes books, periodicals, and audiovisual materials in a wide range of disciplines, including the humanities, the sciences, law, medicine, engineering, agriculture, management, public health, electrical engineering, and social sciences. The NTU Library currently houses more than 4,200,000 volumes and subscribes to more than 19,000 journals, 560 databases, 2,899,000 e-books, 52,000 e-journals, 27 newspapers and nearly 390,000 audiovisual materials, making it the largest academic library in Taiwan. In 2004, the NTU Library began systematically collecting free online academic information resources, and has established the NTU Institutional Repository for the use of researchers in Taiwan. At present, the library has collected 226,000 electronic books and 12,800 electronic journals, in addition to the 58,000 academic information resource networks on the NTU Scholars Gateway, over 6,700 websites on the NTU Web Archive System and more than 209,000 entries of research material on the NTU Institutional Repository. The NTU Library is an officially designated repository for government publications. The library also has agreements with more than 8,000 academic and research institutes in over 60 countries/regions regarding publications, donations, and exchanges. In addition, the NTU Library holds over 250,000 volumes of rare books in Chinese and other languages, the largest of such holdings of any academic library in Taiwan. Particularly valuable are the Tan-Hsin Archive (1776-1895) (judiciary archive of Tamsui and Hsin-chu area), Ming editions of thread-bound books (from the 15th to 16th century), the Rekidai Hoan (1424-1867) (diplomatic archive of the Ryûkyû Kingdom), and the collection of 15th century European incunabula.


此外,本校教授與校友不乏近代名家,本館主動蒐集手稿真跡,提供優質保存環境, 以落實本校研究資源重鎮之譽,目前已有王文興、林文月、臺靜農、白先勇、葉維廉、

王禎和、楊雲萍、殷海光、鄭騫、潘貫、慎芝與關華石、桂文亞、姚朋、裴溥言、齊邦 媛、夏德儀等名家手稿入藏。

本校前身為日治時期之臺北帝國大學,建校初期便建立極具地域特色之講座與研究所, 從事臺灣、中國大陸及南洋等亞洲地區有關歷史、自然、產業、資源等各方面之調查 和研究。本館因臺灣資料館藏之豐富多元,為臺灣資料重要的典藏機構。目前仍持續


本館自 1997 年起推動館藏數位化工作,近 20 年來已有相當成績。藉由前國科會國家

型科技計畫,已完成淡新檔案、臺灣古碑拓本、伊能嘉矩手稿、田代安定手稿、歌仔冊、 狄寶賽文庫等臺灣研究資源數位化;其他中日西文善本、檔案手稿等館藏,亦逐步透

過數位化,兼顧保存與推廣利用之效。臺灣舊照片資料庫與日治時期統計資料庫,是 從日治時期舊籍中摘取元素,創造新的特色館藏。本館亦積極與校外典藏單位與私人

收藏家合作數位化,包含國民黨黨史資料、慈林教育基金會典藏臺灣社會運動史料等 都有豐碩成果。


先勇之手稿、小川文庫及大鳥文庫之特色圖書等,整合於「國立臺灣大學圖書館數位 典藏館」系統平台提供使用。除了實體數位化外,原生數位資源亦在關注之列,臺灣



The NTU Library has also actively acquired the manuscripts of the university’s scholars and alumni, whose work continues to be a valuable research resource. Currently, the manuscripts of Wen-hsing Wang, Wen-yueh Lin, Ching-nung Tai, Hsien-yung Pai, Wai-lim Yip, Chen-ho Wang, Yun-ping Yang, Hai-kuang Yin, Ch’ien Cheng, Kuan Pan, Chih Shen & Hua-shih Kuan, Wen-ya Kuei, Peng Yao, Pu-yen Pei, Pang-yuan Chi, Te-i Hsia, and many others, have all been among the Library’s collection. NTU’s predecessor, the Taihoku Imperial University was a pioneer institution for the study of Taiwan, Mainland China and Southeast Asia. Chair system were established for historical, natural, industrial, and resource research on area studies. The rich and diverse collections on Taiwan have especially made the library an important archival institution for Taiwan-related research materials. In hopes of enriching the library’s Taiwan related research materials, the library continues to focus on acquiring books, journals, archives, manuscripts, and multimedia materials in the field actively. Since 1997, the library has been endorsing digitalization of its collections and has completed much progress in the last 20 years. Through the National Science Council’s (now the Ministry of Science and Technology) National Technology Program, Taiwanese research materials such the Tan-Hsin Archives, the Monumental Stone Rubbings, Manuscripts of Kanori Ino, the Tashiro Antei Manuscripts, the V. S. de Beausset Collection, Kua-a-tsheh (Lyric Books of Taiwanese Opera), and others have been completely digitalized. In hopes of better preservation, promotion and use, the library is currently digitizing its rare book and manuscript collections. Furthermore, by extracting and reorganizing photos and statistics from books published during Japanese Era (1895-1945), the library is able to create new subject collections and add values to the original materials. The Database of Taiwanese Old Photos and the Taiwan Colonial Statistics Database showcase the library’s efforts in such aspects. The library also actively seeks collaborations with other institutions and private collectors. Prominent examples of these efforts include the KMT Party History Database and the Taiwan Democracy Archives held by the Chilin Foundation. In recent years, the focus of digitalization has shifted to special collection archives, such as the manuscripts of Eikichi Iso, Yun-ping Yang, Naoichi Kokubu, Chia-ying Yeh, Wen-yueh Lin, and Hsien-yung Pai, as well as rare books from the Ogawa Collection and the Otori Collection. These are compiled in the network platform—NTU Library Digital Archives—for access. In addition to digitizing physical collections, the library is also concerned with born-digital materials. The establishment of the NTU Web Archiving System and the NTU Institutional Repository are notable examples of the library’s focus on research and Taiwan related studies.



書刊流通 Circulation Services






跨校區圖書資料,圖書館亦提供校內圖書代借服務,專任教師可申請代借校內圖書及 複印期刊資料,更可選擇到館取件或傳送至系所辦公室。

The NTU Library collection maintains open stacks in most areas (apart from the 5th floor of the Main Library). Although books can be borrowed, other items such as journals, newspapers, reference collection materials, special collections, and public presentation editions of audiovisual materials are for library use only. The library delivers free e-mail alerts to its users when their borrowed items are due for return. Users may reserve items that are currently on loan and they will be informed by e-mail when the item is ready for pickup. Furthermore, books borrowed from any site / departmental library can be returned at any of the libraries. The library also provides an Intercampus Loan Service. Users may request books located in the Main Library, or the Medical Library. Moreover, full-time faculty may request copies of journal articles from the above libraries and collect the documents either at the library or at the office.



館際合作 Interlibrary loan services

凡本校未收藏之資料,可透過館際合作服務向國內外圖書館申請複印或借閱。本館 加入國內館際合作系統—「全國文獻傳遞服務系統(Nationwide Document Delivery

Service,簡稱 NDDS)」,以協助讀者向國內其他單位申請;另亦透過 OCLC、Rapid


與國內 100 餘所大專院校簽訂圖書互借協議,讀者可向本館洽借該單位核發之借書證

前往借書。多年來,圖書館受理國內外機構向本館提出館際複印與借書之申請案件, 年服務量常居國內各館之冠。

Books and documents not held at the NTU libraries can be borrowed from other libraries in Taiwan through the Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS). The NTU Library is also a member of OCLC, Rapid ILL, and the British Library interlibrary loan services, so that materials held abroad could be obtained. In addition, the library has interlibrary loan agreements with over 100 academic libraries in Taiwan. Users may borrow books from those libraries by applying for a library card at the circulation desk or via the online interlibrary loan system.


參考諮詢服務 Reference services

本館設有參考諮詢服務台,回覆各項有關圖書館服務與資源使用問題的諮詢,並指導 讀者查找與蒐集研究相關資料。讀者亦可預約「與館員有約」深度諮詢服務,以獲得




The reference services answer all questions regarding library services and resource and to teach readers how to search and collect research-related materials. Readers can also make appointments for “Ask a Librarian” for in depth consultation and learning. Apart from face-toface services, the staff also answer questions or provide help to readers through phone-calls and emails. Further guidance is provided on the use of various reference tools, and can be found on the “Reference Service Blog.” They also deal with queries and aid users in learning and research.


學科服務 Subject Services


的 HELP 服務信念,提供教師與學生教學支援、研究和學習協助等各項學科服務。學


究計畫用書與專業書刊推薦,瞭解師生需求以協助教師研提相關研辦計畫,並提供 客製化的學科主題利用指導講習。近年來亦嘗試結合新科技,推出線上即時教學課程

(Webinar)以及融入新的教學策略,以「翻轉教室」理念結合遊戲的利用指導講習活 動,使傳統的圖書館利用教育發展更多的可能性。2015 年起協助建置與推展臺大學術

庫(NTU Academic Hub),提供學者檔案服務,協助本校教師申請 ORCID id 及建立 個人雲端履歷表,以提升教師與及學術產出的能見度,促進國際交流合作機會,並展


Upholding the four core beliefs of service, HELP (Handy, Enthusiastic, Learning, and Professional), to provide faculty and students support for teaching, research, and learning through various subject services, subject librarians act as liaisons between the departments and the library. They assist teachers to reserve materials for their courses as well as recommending books and professional journals for their research projects. Also by understanding the research needs and academic themes of the faculty and students, the subject librarians can provide customized seminars on user instruction. In recent years, through the use of new developed technology, like the online teaching platform Webinar, and new teaching strategies, such as the “flipped classroom,” user instruction seminars can be programmed like games, which open the door to more possibilities in the field of library instruction and information literacy education development. In 2015, subject librarians assisted in the establishment and promotion of NTU Academic Hub, helped researchers with filing services, and assisted NTU faculty to apply their ORCID id and create their personal resumes on cloud. This has greatly increased the visibility of professors and their work, facilitating more opportunities for international correspondence and research collaborations, and at the same time presenting NTU’s overall research achievements.


多媒體服務 Multimedia Services

因應跨平台多媒體時代的來臨,本館主動蒐集整理具教育性與教學相關的多媒體視聽 資料,提供讀者教學、研究、自學及休閒娛樂。配合課程所需,蒐集相關教材,輔助 教師教學,提高學生學習效益,館藏類型涵蓋 DVD、BD、CD、黑膠唱片、錄影帶、錄


淺出的方式為讀者提供不同角度的欣賞觀點。服務內容包括:影音 @Online 系統、音

樂頻道聆賞服務、有線電視選播服務、影音 Focus 部落格、主題影片選介、數位學習網、 視聽資料借閱服務及大小團體使用室借用服務等。因應科技趨勢的發展,本館近期導 入 AR 擴增實境技術提升服務,並增加讀者資訊體驗。

NTU Library collects a wide range of educational and course related multimedia materials for education, research, studying, and recreational purposes. The Multimedia Services Center often consults academic departments on the selection of multimedia items to accommodate their lessons; this includes DVD, BD, CD, gramophone records, VHS, cassette tapes etc. In addition to general circulation, the center also provide patrons with Information on Demand system, music listening station, cable TV, e-learning program, and group room reservation services. The center also maintains a blog with movie reviews and music recommendations written by staff and critics using the library’s collection to provide users with varied perspective on the materials. Along with the advancement of technology, the library has also begun implementing AR technology to enhance the delivery of information to the patrons of the library.


資訊服務 Information Services

本館於 2013 年升級圖書館自動化系統為 Sierra,提供讀者隨時隨地透過網際網路查詢



索引、摘要與全文資料,讀者在校區內可透過網路全天候查詢,部份電子資源亦提供 本校師生自校外連線查詢使用,以充分配合教學研究之需。2013 年,本館引進「資源

探索服務系統(Discovery & Delivery Services)」,以整合平台快速查檢各類可用的 資源,提供更有效率之檢索服務。

本館提供 RSS(Really Simple Syndication)服務,包括本館最新消息、新書目錄等, 讀者可依個人需求訂閱。因應行動裝置日漸普及,本館自 2011 年推出行動版網頁以及

免費應用程式(App)「臺大圖書館 NTULIB」下載安裝。讀者使用行動裝置即可查詢



The library’s automation system, Sierra, provide users with access to the library’s catalogue and personal circulation record as well as making renewals and book requests. Users can also access these feature on their iOS and Android devices through the newly developed NTU Library app. NTU Library provides a substantial number of domestic and international academic journals that can be accessed remotely online or through the campus network (varies from material) across various disciplines. In 2013, Discovery & Delivery Services was introduced which integrated multiple search platforms together for a more efficient search experience. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is also available for subscribed users to stay up-to-date with the latest NTU Library news and arrivals.


推廣服務 Extension Services


常舉辦各種推廣活動,如展覽、參觀導覽、演講座談、互動遊戲、資源利用課程等, 期望讀者善用本館資源,並培養獨立研究與自我學習能力。除了編製各式文宣簡介與

出版品,本館亦透過圖書館網頁、館訊、電子新聞服務、社群媒體等多種傳播管道, 發布圖書館最新消息、動態及服務概況等資訊,使讀者能獲得最即時的訊息。

The NTU Library organizes exhibitions, tours, lectures and talks, interactive games that are designed to help readers to make the best use of the library and its resources. Apart from making various booklets and publications, the library also updates the latest information about library services and activities through the library website, social network and e-mail.


校史館 / 博物館群

NTU History Gallery /NTU Museums 校史館展示廳座落於舊總圖書館二樓中央閱覽室,於 2005 年 6 月 22 日揭幕;舊總圖 於 1998 年由臺北市政府指定為古蹟。校史館設立後,廣泛徵集校史文物、老照片,並



為展示本校自 1928 年創校以來的豐厚學術標本,自 2007 年 11 月起啟動「臺大博物

館群」,由圖書館負責規劃整合全校 10 個標本室或小型博物館(人類、動物、植物、

昆蟲、地質、醫學、物理、農業、校史、檔案)的推廣活動,以善盡臺大對社會大眾的 教育責任。

NTU History Gallery was formally established in June 2005. The gallery is located on the second floor of NTU’s old main library, at the site of the original central reading room. The building itself has been listed as a historic monument under protection of the Taipei city government in 1998. The gallery began collecting various landmarks in the school history and oral history from distinguished alumni. The gallery also organizes various activities and exhibitions showcasing of NTU’s history. The aim of the gallery is to preserve NTU’s memories, introduce visitors to the university spirit, and form a common sense of identity among members of the school. To showcase the unique and prestigious materials, specimens, and documents collected since 1928, NTU launched the “NTU Museums Cooperation and Development Plan” in 2007. The library is in charge of planning, coordinating, promoting and managing common affairs between the ten members within the NTU Museums Group, which includes the Gallery of NTU History, the Museum of Anthropology, the Geology Museum, the Heritage Hall of Physics, the Insect Museum, the Agricultural Exhibition Hall, the TAI Herbarium, the Zoology Museum, the Museum of Archives, and the Museum of Medical Humanities.


Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Resource Center 臺灣原住民族 圖書資訊中心

本館受原住民族委員會之委託,自 2006 年起建置並營運「臺灣原住民族圖書資訊中

心」,中心位於圖書館地下一樓,廣泛蒐集臺灣原住民族相關資料,加以組織整理、 典藏保存並提供閱覽使用,透過建立與部落互動的機制,服務原住民族,並豐富原住

民族研究資源。目前臺灣原住民族相關主題館藏涵括中西文圖書、期刊、多媒體視聽 資料、電子資料庫達 36,000 餘冊 / 件。

In 2006, as part of a project commissioned by the Council of Indigenous Peoples, the NTU Library established the Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Resource Center on B1 of the Main Library. The center has collected, classified, cataloged, archived, and made accessible to library users a wide range of resources related to the indigenous peoples of Taiwan. The center has also organized various events and activities in promotion of indigenous culture and literature. At present, the center has a collection of more than 36,000 books, journals, periodicals, multimedia items, and electronic databases.



Publications 出版品


版文庫書目、全文校勘等圖書,以促進館藏資源之瞭解與利用。近年(2012-2016)出 版概況如下:

In addition to providing a wide variety of publications to introduce its resources and services to readers and the general public, the NTU library also collaborates with scholars of various fields to publish collection catalogues and full-text collations. The recent publications (2012-2016) are listed below: ◆ 標註者提供可線上閱覽之電子檔/電子書 This blue mark means e-version available


Library News and Statistics



NTU Library Newsletter (Monthly)

NTU Library Annual Report (Annual)


Academic Publications


e-Research 學術圖書館創新服務(2012)

University Library Journal (Semi-annual) (1997-2016)

New Services in Academic Library: e-Research (2012)

圖書館使用手冊 ◆

Library User’s Guide for Faculty or Students

學生版使用手冊係配合本校各年度新生入門書院圖書館課程主題所出版之同名手 冊─魔幻奇遇圖書館(2016)、圖書館的盛夏記事(2015)、青春校園圖書館與 你同行(2014)、知識島的夏日冒險(2013)

The student version user’s guide coordinates with the themes of each year’s NTU Library User’s Guide for new students: “Adventures in Wonder Library” (2016), “Library's Note in Summer”(2015), “A Fresh Start with the Library” (2014), “Summer Adventure in Knowledge Island”(2013)


英文版使用手冊《NTU Library User’s Guide》(每年更新)


NTU Library User’s Guide: English Version (Annual)

It’s Your Library: for Faculty (Annual)

特藏資源─專藏書目 Special Collections: Bibliography 國立臺灣大學圖書館典藏「長澤文庫」解題目錄(2013) Annotative Catalog of the Nagasawa Collection of National Taiwan University Library (2013)


A Classified Catalog of Chinese Books of the Kubo Collection at National Taiwan University Library (2012)

特藏資源─全文影像或校勘 Special Collections: Full text/

Facsimile/Reprint/Textual Criticism ◆

國立臺灣大學圖書館典藏琉球關係史料集成 第一卷─第三卷(2013-2016) Historical Archives of the Ryukyu Kingdom Housed at National Taiwan University Library: A Transcription, Vol. 1-3(2013-2016)


Unkinoo-kashu: A Collection of Waka Poems by Kamono Suetaka, Housed at National Taiwan University Library: Facsimile and Transcription (2014)

國立臺灣大學圖書館典藏長澤伴雄自筆日記 第一卷(2013)

Diary of Nagasawa Tomoo Housed at National Taiwan University Library: A Transcription, Vol. 1(2013)


Musical Recollection in Formosa: The Legend of Zhou Lan-Ping and Four Seas Records (2013)


Annotations of the Selected Topographic Maps in Colonial Taiwan (2013)

國立臺灣大學圖書館典藏日本書紀影印 ‧ 校勘本一 圓威本(2012)

The Facsimile Reprint with Textual Criticism of Nihonsyoki (The Chronicles of Japan) transcribed by En-i in Rare Book Collection of National Taiwan University Library(2012)

校史館 / 博物館群出版品

NTU Campus Publications

國立臺灣大學博物館群工作成果概覽(年刊) NTU Museums Annual Report (Annual)

標本.文物.我們的歷史:臺大博物館群與藏品精選(2014,2015 增訂版) Stories and Selections from the National Taiwan University Museums (2014, 2015Updated Version)

書寫生命記錄校史:臺大學生日記 365 天(2013)

Written Life Record, Recording School History: NTU Students’ 365 Day Diary (2013)


Report on the NTU Philosophy Department Incident (2013)

有人要我寫一首關於臺大的詩:校園、生活、社團以及其他(2012) Someone Asked Me to Write a Poem about NTU: Campus, Life, Student Clubs and Others (2012)


Vision & Persp 未來展望




資源、建築空間、館際合作等 6 項營運重點,提供師生卓越的資訊服務與優質的學習 研究環境,期許本館在重點學術領域之研究資源與服務,居亞洲領先地位。


pectives The NTU Library staff members are committed to the development of the library collection and enhancement of its services. It is a world-class academic library which specializes in a wide range of subjects, and continually strives to meet the study, research, and development needs of the university. Taiwan-related studies are currently a priority in terms of collection development and services provided. NTU Library aspires to be the world’s leading information center for Chinese language resources. In line with the university’s research development, the library hopes to further increase its holdings, diversify its services, and develop its information technology, human resources, space, and interlibrary cooperation as to provide the faculty and student body with excellent information services and a high quality environment for learning and research. It is expected that the NTU library collection will continue to play a leading role within the Asia Pacific region.



Main Library 10617 臺北市羅斯福路4段1號 No.1, Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei city 10617, Taiwan, R.O.C.


社會科學院辜振甫先生紀念圖書館 Koo Chen-Fu Memorial Library 10617 臺北市羅斯福路4段1號 No.1, Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei city 10617, Taiwan, R.O.C.

+886-2-3366-8300 ext.55600, 55601

醫學院圖書分館 Medical Library 10051 臺北市仁愛路1段1號 No.1, Section 1, Jen Ai Road, Taipei city 10051, Taiwan, R.O.C

+886-2-2356-2207, 2356-2208


圖書館簡介 (中英文)  

Library Introduction (in English&Chinese)

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