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Welcome to our Degree Show Book Fashion Communication & Promotion BA Hons 2014 presents 94 degrees... …it all began with 94… …1994 was the year Britpop reignited the British music scene, the PlayStation hit the gaming market and sitcom ‘Friends’ first aired on our television screens. I bet you feel old now, don’t you? We do! Whilst we were taking our first steps towards our creative futures, dressing up at nursery, sketching pictures of our friends, 1994 marked a year of significant cultural progress and dynamic ideas. Twenty years on, it is now time for a new generation of creative talent to channel new thinking into the communication of culture, trends and branding; to lead cultural innovation for the next twenty years, and beyond. As Fashion Communication and Promotion graduates, we are at the forefront of cutting edge ideas and concepts relating to the promotion of fashion and lifestyle codes. Exploring and deciphering the intrinsic connections between brands and consumers, our ‘94’ degree show is a celebration of twenty years of creative development and a showcase of the formation and execution of ideas devised and designed in our final year, through research, implementation and live team projects. We invite you to view the outcomes of our final year work; to preview the names that will be shaping the creative landscape for the next twenty years at least… thank you and enjoy! Jemima Wilson on behalf of FCP 2014

Class of 2014 Caitlin Anderson Hannah Austin Emily Baron Francesca Battista Rebecca Baverstock-Seaman Amy Beadle Matthew Biruls Kaylea Blindell Ashlee Bloom Hannah Boswell Judith Keys Rosie Buckland Rose Kingston Amy Burt Alice Knight Bethany Carpenter Georgina Korrison Jesse Clark Jodie Krage Grace Cooke Hannah Landells Charlotte Cooper Sophie Lawton Celia Dann Rose Lewis Rebecca Davies Romy Litchfield Joshua De Silva Sophie Marjoram Ashley Dean Charlotte Martin Alana Deighan Alexandra Masters Gabriella Dones-Flint Nina McGrath Harriet Dunn Natasha Minter Charlotte Exley Katie Muxworthy Nicola Fairchild Hollie Newsinger Katie Ford Charlotte Nichols Jade Fraser Katie Ottewell Nicole Garsin Abigail Parry Niamh Gordon Eileen Pegg Kristen Guthrie Suzanne Pegington Jessica Haynes Shannon Peter Talilla Henchoz Rebecca Phoenix Rosie Homewood Aimee Robinson Yujia (Viviane) Huang Emily Sanders Rebecca Hunt Bethan Savory Rosie Hurford Natasha Saxton Lucynda Jackson Olivia Sbarra Emma Jennings Kristina Semonella Rebecca Jukes Rakhee Shah

Natasha Stock Jemima Stones Sarah Stothard Megan Tan Jodie Tarleton Emma Tate Chloe Taylor Emily-Beth Thompson Francesca Tomlinson Hannah Walker Ellie Ward Sophia Wareham Nicole Warr Catherine Wells Chloe Wicks Emma Wiles Kathleen Wilkinson Abigail Wilson Jemima Wilson Lauren Wilson Sophie Wright Georgia Wykes Yi (Evelyn) Xiao Siyan (Nica) Zhou

Caitlin Anderson Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Music Festival Marketing / Seventeen Cosmetics Re-brand / Dining and nightlife experience for the 50+. Key Characteristics: Animal lover / Determined / Patient. Dream Job: Wedding planner / music festival organiser. Fun Fact: I have been a vegetarian since the age of seven.

Hannah Austin

Portfolio: Final year projects: The Future of Luxury E-commerce / Everyman: A Report to Explore the Concept and Launch for the First Bespoke Men’s Magazine / Re-branding Seventeen Cosmetics. Key characteristics: Inspired / Determined / Dynamic. Dream job: Editorial Design for The Gentlewoman Magazine. Fun fact: I spend more money on coffee than anything else.

Emily Baron Portfolio: cargocollective/eabaz

Final Year Projects: The Art of Eating / Seventeen: a rejuvenation / Prioritising the millennial male’s growing interest in fashion. Key Characteristics: Thoughtful / Perfectionist / Thrill-seeker. Dream Job: Stylist. Fun Fact: Forever blessed with ‘chronic bitch face’.

Francesca Battista Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The Foodie Generation / Kiki’s: A New Brand Concept into the Vitamin & Supplement Market / Kiehl’s: Targeting The Male Consumer. Key Characteristics: Dramatic / Caring / Easy-going. Dream Job: Head Brand Manager for Chanel. Special Skill: The ability to make any hair accessory look good.

Rebecca Baverstock-Seaman

Rebecca Baverstock-Seaman Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: ‘OX’ Blurring the lines of masculinity and femininity / ‘Billy’ the younger sibling of Jack - the new bourbon whisky / Making it versatile, making it innovative, making it a story with Pike Textiles. Key Characteristics: Creative / Wild / Enthusiastic. Dream Job: Creative Director. Special Skill: I always seem to get what I want.

Amy Beadle Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Meet the Millennials / Future Lab: Future of Retail / Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Engineers. Key Characteristics: Outgoing / Creative / Bubbly. Dream Job: Creative Director. Special Power: Glow in the dark.

Matthew Biruls

Matthew Biruls Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The Evolution Of Male Grooming In Great Britain / National Trust: Connecting with the modern consumer in a virtual age / The Future Laboratory- The Future of the Retail Landscape. Key Characteristics: Perfectionist / Easy going / Independent. Dream Job: Art Director. Fun Fact: I can play the piano.


Kaylea Blindell

Kaylea Blindell Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Music Festival Technology / Rockabilly Bourbon / Kiehls - A Sensory Brand. Key Characteristics: Cheerful / Cooperative / Curious. Dream Job: Festival Organiser. Fun Fact: I crowd surfed to SlipKnot.

Ashlee Bloom

Ashlee Bloom Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Cosmentotextiles: Grooming meets Technology / Vivi: Can the nightwear market wake from the dead? / Akoya: Re-branding Seventeen. Key Characteristics: Spontaneous / Extrovert / Loyal. Dream Job: CEO of Versace. Fun Fact: I fell of the roof of a castle and survived.

Hannah Boswell

Hannah Boswell Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The Manifold Male / YBD Showcase / Kiehl’s: The Future of History. Key Characteristics: Child at heart. Dream Job: World domination. Fun Fact: Still rockin’ tartan 20 years on.

Charlotte Buckland

Rosie Buckland Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Skin Deep / RAW: Prioritising the millennial male’s growing interest in fashion / Kiehl’s: Engaging a wider male audience. Key Characteristics: Clumsy / Caring / Cheerful. Dream Job: To own the world’s greatest sweet shop. Special Skill: I can fall asleep anywhere.

Amy Burt

Amy Burt Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Thrill of the bill / Rebranding Boots Seventeen / An app that uses peer to peer support to motivate fikatie Key Characteristics: Nap addict / Shopaholic / Crazy cat lady. Dream Job: Selling banana boats on the beach. Fun Fact: One time I ate a whole Jam doughnut with ketchup.

Grace Cooke

Grace Burt Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Waste not want not / CAV | OL |OGY / The future of retail, future lab trend project. Key Characteristics: Pretty damn cool. Dream Job: Tea taster. Special Power: Got twin telepathy.

Bethany Carpenter

Beth Carpenter Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The Makers Lounge / Creativity In the Digital Age / Future Lab - Future of Retail. Key Characteristics: Dynamic / Resourceful / Organised. Dream Job: Trend Forecaster / Brand Consultant Fun Fact: I’m a dark room fanatic.

Jesse Clark

Jesse Clark Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Sense & Profitability / New Life / The Growth Project. Key Characteristics: Small / Positive / Perfectionist. Dream Job: Cheese Taster. Special Skill: I can moonwalk.

Charlotte Cooper

Charlotte Cooper Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Rebranding Boots Seventeen makeup / A look into who the new consumers are on the high street / Rebranding Mulberry into a more contemporary brand for London Fashion Week. Key Characteristics: Fun / Loyal / Outgoing. Dream Job: To be managing director of my own events company. Special Power: Secret Powerpuff girl.

Celia Dann Portfolio:

Final year projects: Tatooing the Future / Seventeen: A rejuvenation / The Bra Boutique: Lingerie for the fashion forward. Key characteristics: Creative / Enthusiastic / Ambitious. Dream job: Creative / Fashion director. Special skill: Killer Smile.

Rebecca Davies

Rebecca Davies Portfolio:

Final year projects: That Deaf, Dumb and Blind Kid- the future of print / Dear Maxreinventing the interior magazine / Future Laboratory. Key characteristics: Colourful / Cat-eyed / Space child. Dream job: Editor of an innovative fashion publication and an internationally acclaimed stylist. Fun fact: I know all the lyrics on Will Smith’s Greatest Hits album.

Joshua De Silva

Joshua De Silva Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Vivienne Westwood brand extension moving away from garments and fashion accessories / Vivienne Westwood - exhibition and bespoke furniture collection / Pike Textiles - What is the future of the pattern book? Key Characteristics: Tenacious, passionate and vivacious Dream Job: Head of PR or MD for a fabulous lifestyle/interior brand. Special Skill: I’m a blagger. Yes, I can definitely blag.

Ashley Dean

Ashley Dean Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Obsolescence / Reformation / Boots Seventeen. Key Characteristics: Happy / Observant / Tolerant. Dream Job: Fashion Director. Fun Fact: I own 100+ pairs of shoes (My feet haven’t grown since year 6).

Alana Deighan

Alana Deighan Portfolio:

Final year projects: Walking the line between print and online within magazine publishing - The middle man / The Hotmess zine / Rebranding seventeen make-up. Key characteristics: Creative / Bubbly / Driven. Dream job: Head Creative Director for a big creative magazine. Special skill: Ability to talk the back legs off a donkey.

Gabriella Dones-Flint

Gabriella Dones-Flint

Final Year Projects: The Future Of The Spa Industry / The National Trust: Reconnecting With The Modern Consumer / Redefining Luxury Within Kiehls. Dream Job: Picture editor in LA. Key Characteristics: Perfectionist / Enthusiastic / Reliable. Special skill: I play the drums

Harriet Dunn

Harriet Dunn Portfolio:

Final year projects: The British High Street; in decline? / Re-branding the UK shapewear market / Evolving the interior design process for an interactive consumer. Key characteristics: Imaginative / Ambitious / Inquisitive. Dream job: President of my own international, hugely successful company! Special power: My sister and I developed an uncanny ability to read each other’s mind from an early age – we’re definitely telepathic.

Exley, Charlotte

Charlotte Exley Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Who’s to Blame / Introspect / Seventeen. Key Characteristics: Happy, honest and organised. Dream Job: Brand Manager at Victoria’s Secret! Fun Fact: Celebrity gossip know it all.

Nicola Fairchild Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Beer & women / Fabric selection: the future / Craft in today’s retail landscape. Key Characteristics: Inventive / determined / perfectionist. Dream Job: Wedding planner. Special Power: Can hypnotise people by staring into their eyes.

Ford, Katie

Katie Ford Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Generation XXXY / The Future Laboratory / Edit: the considered selection. Key Characteristics: Fashion creative / Forward thinker / Innovator Dream Job: Trend Forecasting. Fun Fact: I’m a qualified Salsa teacher.

Fraser, Jade

Jade Fraser Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: What is the alternative to the fast fashion business model adopted by Zara? / How can high street retailers connect with the older consumer both online and offline? / Future Lab. Key Characteristics: Pink / Enthusiastic / Creative. Dream Job: Stylist. Fun Fact: I changed my name by deed poll to Jade Paris Pink Fraser at 16.

Nicole Garsin Portfolio:

Final year projects: Is technical innovation the way forward in creating original fashion? / Refresh: The new way to swap clothes / Pike Textiles and the future of the pattern book. Key characteristics: Creative / Curious / Ambitious. Dream job: To own and create my own chain of vintage clothing shops. Fun fact: I always clap when someone sneezes‌just in case a fairy dies!

Niamh Gordon Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Philanthropy: Is Philanthropic Marketing the Way Forward for Brands to Appeal to Generation Y Consumers / Creating a Movement Through Dance / L’Oreal and Kiehl’s Live Project. Key Characteristics: Creative / Kooky / Fun. Dream Job: Events Manager. Special Skill: Irish dancer, planning to dance around the world!

Guthrie, Kristen

Kristen Guthrie Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The Common Collective: The future of community both on and offline and how brands can adapt / 4 - Hort co. : A curated publication featuring student and recent graduate work. Dream Job: Photojournalist. Fun Fact: I was on an episode of Sesame Street as a kid.

Haynes, Jessica

Jess Haynes Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Virtual Manipulation for the Better You / Anything but Shaven / Reinvention of Health and Fitness. Key Characteristics: Smiley / Positive / Chatty. Dream Job: Blue Peter Presenter. Fun Fact: I once ate a cockroach.

Henchoz, Talilla

Talilla Henchoz Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: ‘The Weekend Athlete’- Kiehl’s / Under The Influenceexploring social influence within retail / White Space- luxury experiential travel brand. Key Characteristics: Independent / Optimistic / Sociable. Dream Job: Travel photojournalist. Fun Fact: I went travelling for 2 years with my family when I was 7 (and I didn’t wear shoes).

Rosie Homewood Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The Monetisation of Bloggers / K2: Redefining luxury within Kiehl’s / Mygo: The future of travel documentation. Key Characteristics: Driven / Free-Spririted / Inspired. Dream Job: Creative Marketing within the Travel Industry. Fun Fact: Survived an Emu pecking in Aus!

Huang, Yujia

Yujia Huang Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Wedgwood How to Continue to Move / Intercultural Communication Value with Market--ZARA / The Future Laboratory. Key Characteristics: Positive / Ambitious / Creative. Dream Job: Events Manager. Special Skill: I have unlimited enthusiasm for event planning.

Hunt, Rebecca

Rebecca Hunt Portfolio:

Final year projects: Sustainable Fashion - Perception Vs Reality / Local Independent Retail / Hunter Gatherer for the Future Laboratory. Key characteristics: Imaginative / Competitive / Self-reliant. Dream job: Fashion Director for Self Service magazine.

Hurford, Rosie

Rosie Hurford Portfolio:

Final year projects: EDIT: A considered selection / Seventeen Key characteristics: Visual / Determined / Perceptive. Dream job: Still figuring it out. Fun Fact: When I was a kid I stole flowers from the Queen.

Jackson, Lucynda

Lucynda Jackson Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Do pure-play online brands need an offline presence? / Pinch Punch - A new creative online platform / Seventeen Live project. Key Characteristics: Happy / organised / perfectionist. Dream Job: An event organiser or talent scout. Special Skill: I can burn popcorn!

Jennings, Emma

Emma Jennings Portfolio:

Final year projects: Trending Behaviour / Redefining the travel experience for the new generational nomad / Evolving the Interior Design process for a more digitally enabled future. Key characteristics: Intuitive / Inquisitive / Innovative. Dream job: Founder and CEO of my own company. Fun fact: I lived in Singapore and New Zealand for 9 years.

Rebecca Jukes Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The Cycle of Trust / Rebrand of Seventeen / Launch of Cavology. Key Characteristics: Organised / Daft / Girlie. Dream Job: Beauty Marketing. Fun Fact: My gardening phase quickly passed.

Judith Keys

Portfolio: Final Year Projects: Hybrid Habits / Do it for the Dog: Making the UK more dog friendly / Kiehls Live Project. Key Characteristics: Daydreamer / Animal obsessed / Optimistic. Dream Job: RSPCA inspector. Special Power: I can see leprechauns.

Kingston, Rose

Rosie Kingston Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The Modern Retailer / Claire’s Rebrand and Rejuvenation / Seventeen Rebrand. Key Characteristics: Organised / Methodical / Loyal. Dream Job: I’m yet to discover this. Fun Fact: I own over 500 nail varnishes.

Knight, Alice

Alice Knight Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The Teenage Uniform / Re-branding 17 / Digging Indie Eats. Key Characteristics: Easy-going / Imaginative / Sincere. Dream Job: Creative Marketing & Branding. Fun Fact: I live my life out of a suitcase.

Korrison, Georgina

Georgina Korrison Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The Dining Dilemma / The Future of the Pattern Book / Share the Secret: Rejuvenating Purdey’s. Key Characteristics: Conscientious / Perfectionist / Determined. Dream Job: Brand manager. Fun Fact: I can flip a pancake with my eyes closed.

Krage, Jodie

Jodie Krage Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Seventeen / Bra sizing in the UK / Daily Bread. Key Characteristics: An ever learning fool. Dream Job: To be a creative director Special Skill: I am a dog whisperer

Landells, Hannah

Hannah Landells Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The evolution of online advertising, the revolution of native / The Future of Retail: Future Laboratory / Purdey’s Rejuvenate. Key Characteristics: Assertive / Imaginative / Goofy. Dream Job: Photographer for cat calendars. Special Skill: Cat impressionist.

Lawton, Sophie

Sophie Lawton Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Due to Technology Takeover, are Travel Agents Dying Out? / Promoting Independent Bakeries on the UK High Street by Improving In - Store Environments / Seventeen; Re-brand. Key Characteristics: Northern / Bubbly / Motivated. Dream Job: Marketing Director. Fun Fact: I have green, blue and brown eyes.

Lewis, Rose

Rose Lewis Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: New Realism & the Search for Authenticity / Scout Magazine / Kiehl’s; L’Oreal Brandstorm. Key Characteristics: Scrupulous / Resourceful / Balanced. Dream Job: Fashion Writer/ Art Director. Special Power: My superior tea making skills!

Litchfield, Romy

Romy Litchfield Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Blogged: an insight into the future of fashion blogging / The growth project / Slice: the reinvention of the women’s health and fitness publication. Key Characteristics: Ambitious / Easy going / Creative. Dream Job: A professional shopper. Fun Fact: When I younger I was once on an Andrex advert. Yes my bum was on TV.

Sophie Marjoram Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Generation I / And The Big Issue Is? / Kiehl’s - Prime Line. Key Characteristics: Intuitive / Creative / Dreamer. Dream Job: Working in a creative agency in Berlin. Fun Fact: I once stared down a bear.

Charlotte Martin

Portfolio: Final Year Projects: Rebranding 17 / Independent Anarchy / News is Boring. Key Characteristics: Grounded / Curious / Honest. Dream Job: I’m still defining it. Fun Fact: You could revive the dead with my daily caffeine intake.

Masters, Alexandra

Alexandra Masters Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Space Osmosis / A Story Of News / PIKE Textiles. Key Characteristics: Thinker / Creative / Focused. Dream Job: Advertising - something creative with words and images. Fun Fact: I eat cheese more than I drink water.

Nina McGrath Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Wake up Retail! / Cavology / Future Lab: Luxury Trends. Key Characteristics: Composed / Indecisive / Optimistic. Dream Job: Cattery in Barbados. Special Power: Dolphin Impression.

Natasha Minter

Portfolio: Final Year Projects: Russia & The UK: E-Commerce & Social Media / Rockabilly Bourbon / Re-Educated: Future Laboratory, Predicting The Future of Retail. Key Characteristics: Unstoppable / Determined / Creative. Dream Job: Trend forecasting for 100 years into the future. Special Skill: The ability to talk at 100mph.

Muxworthy, Katie

Katie Muxworthy Portfolio:

Final year projects: The Future Laboratory: Team Instinct / TITS: Feminism-The Next Generation / Flesh & Bone. Key characteristics: Destined Cat Lady. Dream job: A Dolphin Trainer. Fun fact: When I was younger it was my greatest ambition to be the lady at the post office who announced “cashier number one please�. The day I found out that it was actually a recording, the world never looked the same again.

Hollie Newsinger Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The Drab Lab / This exhibition will open your mind / Pretty Polly. Key Characteristics: Energetic / Optimistic / Sociable. Dream Job: A career that allows me to travel the world. Special Skill: Awarded Saxophonist & Clarinettist!

Nichols, Charlotte

Charlotte Nichols Portfolio:

Final year projects: Is the future mobile? / The Bespoke Look / The Future Laboratory. Key characteristics: Sassy / Funny / Confident. Dream job: Anything digital at Burberry/ CEO of Burberry (Dream big). Fun fact: I will buy any dress, top or jumper that has a detailed/open back.

Ottewell, Katie

Katie Ottewell Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Redefining Flow / Seventeen: one to seven / Unhooked Key Characteristics: Practical / Smiley / Curious. Dream Job: Account Planner at an Ad Adgency. Special Skill: Having Ideas in Inappropriate Places.

Parry, Abigail

Abigail Parry Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The Food Shop / The new generation of bourbon- Rockabilly style / The future of the Pattern book for Pike Textiles. Key Characteristics: Creative / Problem solver / Interested. Dream Job: Alcohol Brander & Promoter. Special Power: Dragon taming.

Pegg, Eileen

Eileen Pegg Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Tables are turning / Absorbed / Future Laboratory Team Instinct. Key Characteristics: Northern but nice. Dream Job: Own a record label. Special Skill: I have a certificate in cabin crew.

Pegington, Suzanne

Suzanne Pegington Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Re-defining Craft via Technology / Social Visual Trend driven Language App / Seventeen : Onetoseven. Key Characteristics: Congenial / Patient / Contemplative. Dream Job: Working for an international lifestyle brand or with a charity. Special Power: Lightning Fast.

Peter, Shannon

Shannon Peter Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Above the Stench / Gospel: The honest guide for the modern beauty consumer / Kiehl’s: The Weekend Athlete. Key Characteristics: Driven / Passionate / Multi-tasker. Dream Job: Beauty Editor. Fun Fact: I own over 100 different lipsticks.

Phoenix, Rebecca

Rebecca Phoenix Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Going Local / Kiehl’s Male Skincare / Lending Ever After. Key Characteristics: Creative / Conscientious / Enthusiastic. Dream Job: Fashion Buyer. Special Skill: Buying experience at Next and Tu Sainsburys.

Robinson, Aimee

Aimee Robinson Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Technology: Freedom of Creation / Seventeen Rebrand / Sabira Silcock enters the UK Jewellery Market. Key Characteristics: Enthusiastic / Bubbly / Driven. Dream Job: Creative Director of a Fashion Brand. Fun Fact: I tell people I am Marlene Dietrich reincarnated.

Savory, Bethan

Bethan Savory Portfolio: cargocollective/bethansavory

Final Year Projects: The iGeneration / The Future of the Pattern Book / Gluten Free- From Niche to Mainstream. Key Characteristics: Optimistic / Creative / Perfectionist. Dream Job: Digital Marketing. Fun Fact: I LOVE the smell of books.

Saxton, Natasha

Natasha Saxton Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The future of ballet / Future Lab: New Thread / The future of retail, Blacks ‘owning the terrain of the next generation’. Key Characteristics: Whirl wind / Determined / Over-organised. Dream Job: Teach and travel. Fun Fact: I have porridge for breakfast everyday!

Sbarra, Olivia

Olivia Sbarra Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Boys vs School / Happytite / Re-defining luxury for Kiehl’s. Key Characteristics: Enthusiastic / Optimistic / Smiley. Dream Job: Making people happy, one creative idea at a time. Special Skill: The ability to turn spaghetti hoops into a conceptual art piece.

Semonella, Kristina

Kristina Semonella Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Time to Talk / Kiehl’s: The Future of History / #ntuwasted: Changing Student’s Attitudes Towards the Environment. Key Characteristics: Loyal / Feisty / Passionate Dream Job: A position within the Marketing & Communications Sector. Fun Fact: I had to once temporarily take over Vivienne Westwood’s personal assistants position.

Shah, Rakhee

Rakhee Shah Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: PIKE Textiles / Schools of the Future / Shifting Attitudes: Exploring what it means to be a Modern Day Woman in society today. Key Characteristics: Creative / Conceptual / Curious. Dream Job: Creative Director / CEO of my own brand. Special Power: I can read people’s minds.

Sarah Stothard Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Artisan; A fashion brand extension into food / The Curious Traveller; A travel magazine for the modern explorer / Kiehl’s Live Project. Key Characteristics: Imaginative / Curious / Creative. Dream Job: Writer/Editor for an independent magazine. Fun Fact: I dropped out of med school aged 3.

Tan, Megan

Megan Tan Portfolio:

Final year projects: The Future of luxury fashion online / Weekday - An expansion into the UK market / Pass Cosmetics - A rebrand of Seventeen. Key characteristics: Passionate / Impulsive / Persistent. Dream job: Editor of a major fashion publication travelling the world. Fun fact: I have a severe phobia of ketchup.

Tarleton, Jodie

Jodie Tarleton

Portfolio: Final Year Projects: Retail Reaction to The Active Wear Shift / Pass Cosmetics Seventeen Re-Brand / 24Ten The New Wave of Luxury Retailing. Key Characteristics: Explorer At Heart. Dream Job: Freelancing creative from my Venice Beach apartment. Special Power: I can hold my breath under water for 3 hours!

Tate, Emma

Emma Tate Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Kiehl’s Brandstorm Live / A Research into Reviews and the Effect They Have / Pinterest - An Offline Venture. Key Characteristics: Honest / Ambitious / Inquisitive. Dream Job: Director or Professional Traveller. Fun Fact: Flew on Concorde.

Taylor, Chloe

Chloe Taylor Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The Rise Of The Digital Age / Bring Fashion Back Down To Earth / The Future Of Decorating. Key Characteristics: Fiesty / Motivated / Energetic. Dream Job: Marketing Director. Special Skill: Pro Beer Drinker.

Thompson, Emily-Beth

Emily Thompson Portfolio:

Final year projects: Millennial Disruption / The Equation of Escapology / Kiehls: The Future of History. Key characteristics: Self-motivated / Organised / Reliable. Dream job: Experiential Marketing Manager. Special Power: Best hamster cheek impression ‘94.

Tomlinson, Francesca

Francesca Tomlinson Portfolio:

Final year projects: Info+graphic / The Future Laboratory: Retail futures, Team instinct / AllSaints: The Phygital revolution. Key characteristics: Eclectic / Maverick / Conscientious. Dream Job: If I could have anybody’s job, it would have to be David Attenborough’s! Fun fact: When I was younger I thought I could fly. I believed it so much my parents had to put bars on my bedroom window. I can also lick my elbow.

Hannah Walker Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The Value of Music in the Digital Age / The Local Music Scene / The Future of Independent Retail. Key Characteristics: Tech-savvy / Creative / Optimistic. Dream Job: Head of an independent record label. Key Skill: Speaks fluent InDesign.

Ward, Ellie

Ellie Ward Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The Unisex Offer / Memory Making Over Image Taking / Future Of Decorating. Key Characteristics: Thoughtful / Determined / Excitable. Dream Job: Visual Merchandiser for a Interior & Lifestyle Brand. Fun Fact: “I’ve always felt it necessary to carry a handbag”.

Wareham, Sophia

Sophia Wareham Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Visual Puffery & Fashionable Perfume / Signature Scents / Kiehl’s: L’Oreal Brandstorm Competition. Key Characteristics: Passionate / Loyal / Honest. Dream Job: Creative Director. Fun Fact: Massive fan of Despicable Me minions!

Nicole Warr

Portfolio: Final year projects: Seventeen / The future of the Tattooed Woman / Flesh and Bone. Key characteristics: Wear Black Always. Dream job: Creative Director. Fun fact: Up until I was thirteen I thought baked beans were just tiny potatoes.

Wells, Catherine

Catherine Wells Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The Fashion Conundrum: Our Obsession with Speed / How to Save a Life: Motivating Generation Y to Donate Blood / Pike Textiles Ltd: The Future of the Fabric Pattern Book. Key Characteristics: Perfectionist / Zany / Dependable. Dream Job: Professional Tea Drinker. Special Skill: I can turn my tongue around 180 degrees!

Wicks, Chloe

Chloe Wicks Portfolio:

Final year projects: #Fitspiration / FAD: Healthy fast food restaurant / Seventeen: a rejuvenation. Key characteristics: Outgoing / Ambitious / Creative. Dream job: To own my own fashion PR company. Fun fact: Weekend Mermaid.

Emma Wiles Portfolio:

Final year projects: The New Digital Tourist / Stuff - student marketplace / Pass Cosmetics - Seventeen Rebrand. Key characteristics: Practical / Mellow / Considerate. Dream job: To work for a charity. Special skill: I can shake my eyes to a funky beat.

Kathleen Wilkinson Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Kiehl’s: Prime Line / How effective is the UK festival market as a location for brands and charities to engage with and appeal to their target market? / Choreographing the Fashion Image. Key Characteristics: Committed / Dynamic / Expressive. Dream Job: To be part of Burberry’s Event Team. Special Power: I am addicted to soy sauce.

Wilson, Abigail

Abby Wilson Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Youth Online / Future Laboratory / Black Daisy Sisterhood. Key Characteristics: Oh God really? Dream Job: Art Director. Special Skill: Telepathic.

Wilson, Jemima

Jemima Wilson Portfolio:

Final year projects: Tailored to the Future - The Future of Luxury Tailoring for the Next Generation Consumer / Bespoke Tailoring Mobile App / Pike Textiles Innovating the Traditional Pattern Book. Key characteristics: Ambitious / Enthusiastic / Perfectionist. Dream job: Director of creative agency. Super power: According to my parents, my main super-power has always been an extra-sensory, perceptive ability to get what I want!

Lauren Wilson Portfolio:

Final year projects: The Mantaineers / CHEEKYLUCK / The Weekend Athletes L’oreal Brainstorm Competition 2014. Key characteristics: Sociable / Diligent / Cheerful. Dream job: PR Manager at YSL. Fun fact: Since starting the FCP course in 2011, I have taken over 10,000 snaps !

Sophie Wright

Portfolio: Final year projects: A Royal Investment / Do You See What I See? - The Changing Face Of The Charity Shop / The Future Of Decorating. Key characteristics: Fun / Enthusiastic / Tenacious. Dream job: Fashion Buyer. Fun fact: ‘Obviously I started the jumpsuit trend!!’


Wykes, Georgia

Gee Wykes Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Modified Reality: Consumerism & The Digital Age / Black Daisy Sisterhood / The Future Laboratory. Key Characteristics: Rebellious / Imaginative / Open-minded. Dream Job: Creative Director. Special Power: I’m the next supreme.

Xiao, Yi

Evelyn Xiao Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: Kiehl’s / Transform / Lion’s Tea. Key Characteristics: Energetic / Humor / Honesty. Dream Job: Fashion buyer after I have started my own business. Special Skill: I can do Chinese calligraphy.

Zhou, Siyan

Siyan Zhou Portfolio:

Final Year Projects: The Future of StarBucks / Chrome Hearts Born again and again / The Future Laboratory. Key Characteristics: Lively / Stylish / Ambitious. Dream Job: Stylist. Special Skill: Many people see trends and see what they want to do with them. I see trends and I see how to mold them.

Special thankyou to: The Student Degree Show Team: Amy Beadle Sophie Marjoram Rose Lewis Beth Carpenter Rebecca Davies Natasha Minter Chloe Taylor Jess Haynes Shannon Peter Amy Beadle & Sophie Marjoram - Degree Show Book Design Lidia Lewis - FCP Course Website. Jemima Wilson - Welcome Intro Writing. FCP Lecturing Staff Team: Tim Rundle Matt Gill Claire Phipps Michelle Hughes Chris MacDonald Sarah Stapleton Sarah Lewington Angi Fletcher Jon Hannan Si Beales Eleanor Clayton - FCP Course Administrator Sue Pike and NTU Technical Staff Steve Seddon - Hickling & Squires Printers Ian Robinson Design - Vinyl Signage James McMillan & Craig Harper - Events Drinks Provider All Guest Lecturers, Industry Visitors and friends of the course - a special thankyou for your support and input over the last three years. A very special thank you to this year’s industry clients involved in the final year live team projects: The Future Laboratory - Jo Thompson L’Oreal Brandstorm / Kiehl’s - Elizabeth North No.17 - Laura Birch Pike Textiles - Jon Allen Finally a huge thankyou to all family and friends for all their support over the last three years here’s to the next 94!

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FCP 94 Degrees  
FCP 94 Degrees  

2014 Degree Show Book for Fashion Communication and Promotion, Nottingham Trent University.